nasty ass slobs

i have cleaned houses for a living now for 14 years.yes, i am self employed. it sucks too. how can i clean when people leave their crap all over the place,every inch piled with clothes,papers books food,you name it. i move the junk from point point B and its piled up too. crap strown all over,junk sits for months on end, the same damn shit in the same place can i clean when miss prissy says, i am going to the store ,i am leaving the kids her ,just for 5 minutes,bullshit,it ends up being 3 hours. do i look like a free babysitter to her. brats mess with all my work stuff, make messes where i just me crazy. i am not there to spend the fuckin day either,they cant just let me do my work and go,oh no, its can u do this , and can u do that?.. and NEVER ANY EXTRA MONEY,, i must work for free,,hmm. their fucking horny husbands try and flirt and put the make on me too. nasty old farts,stinkin bastards,i wouldnt give them a sniff for $500.00.they must think just because i clean houses i am trash or something and just because they have lots of money i am supposed to be impressed and put out the kat too? .yuck ,maybe i should just tell wifey how they act. i could ruin alot of peoples lives if i told all the shit they tell me. divorces, jail, family crap, i dont want to hear all their shit,i dont care who they screwed last week,but they follow me around and run off at the mouth.and their damn animals,i love animals, dont get me wrong but 6 fn cats, hair ,cat crap, litter, food,stinks like the underside of a pigs ass. they think i should clean up all the animal crap too. its their pets,they need to take care of their own pets. i take damn good care of my pets,no one does it for me. rich fat ass fuckers.i wash their sheets and towels too. nasty asses have bootie juice all over the dark colored sheets,ok , now i am informed that they got some last night, or they had a 5 finger hand job.good god, cant they strip the bed?,and used condoms, dont even get me started on that one. they think they own me, i dont see their name branded on my ass . could they shit in the toilet,not on the toilet? and flush it.hell no. leave it for the housekeeper.. thats her job. no its not, if i wanted to stick my nose in shit all day i would change diapers for a fucking job .people ARE SO FUCKING NASTY,,more people are nasty than you think. ok, i am done for now

passerby 2

I live in a town in northern Illinois. In this town, I live in a townhouse, which is like a big house but we only own part of it (upper floor). Anyway, one of the perks of living in a townhouse is having a large (but shared) lawn. What gets me is that when I'm coming home from school I constantly have to pick up beer cans, bottles, cigarettes, etc. off the lawn because nobody else will. What I can't understand is where they're all coming from. Do people just walk by and throw shit on our lawn? Does it fall out of a garbage truck? Is there wild parties in the middle of the night, despite the fact that there are no teenagers (besides me) on our whole block? If I see someone littering on our lawn, they're getting a nice kick to the face.

Nasty People 3

What the HELL is the world coming to from People walking Barefoot in public Bathrooms, to Women changing their babies' diapers on a restaurant table but nothing compares to this. A Burger King employee was fired for video taping himself TAKING A BATH in a Burger King Kitchen Sink; that's just disgusting I would never eat at Burger King again if it happened HERE i'm surprised the health dept didn't close down the place. Who the hell would want to take a bath in a restaurant sink where dishes get washed that's completely disease ridden and video taping himself talk about a publicity stunt.

Just this morning on the Today Show 3 girls lost their jobs at KFC for taking a bath in their Kitchen Sink. I like to see women bathe but in a RESTAURANT KITCHEN SINK and videotaping and posting photos of it I think i'm gonna vomit and I love to eat at KFC but these stupid bitches have all changed that. Seriously if stupid people can walk barefoot in public bathrooms, change diapers in restaurants, and bathe in restaurant sinks; THAN ANYTHING ELSE IS POSSIBLE!

Dirty People! 4

I'll tell you what makes me want to HEAVE! Dirty filthy people who use the bathroom at work and leave something disgusting on the seat! They come in both genders and they are all nasty stinkpots! Will you slobs kindly turn the hell around and check the damn seat before you leave!? I am NOT the poop-maid around here!

I'm afraid that I'm on a blood pressure med and it makes me have to pee a lot, and when I have to go I have to go NOW, not an hour from now, and to have to stop and clean a disgusting mess on the toilet seat first is totally awful! It makes me so mad I'm sure it pretty much negates the effect of my blood pressure med. I just HATE to go in there! Of course I know that there isn't anything I can do; it's not like I can go 8 hours without taking a piddle break like I used to in my younger days, and it's not like one can put a sign on the bathroom wall that says: Hey, you dirty filthy person, if you get shit on the toilet seat please clean it the fuck up so I don't hafta do it!!! It ain't my job to clean up after disgusting slobs! This means YOU!

People who can't put shit back where it belongs! 5

I get up to fucking work out to my tapes and someone has lost the god damn fucking remote again !

It has like evaporated off the face of the earth and when I ask these good for nothing fuckers around here where it is I get "I don't know"


Theatre Goers 6

Why cant the bastards eat with their mouth closed. How hard is it to chew popcorn with your mouth closed.... and anyone who has a cell phone on in a theatre let alone answers a call should have their fingers snapped off.

Nose Pickers 7

I can't stand this current trend that it's ok to made rude, crude, physical gestures including farting, burping, serious head scratching, and most of all - NOSE PICKING!!! In public!!!

Why the hell do people have to do this shit? Is is some kind of compulsion or auto-response deal? Whatever the hell it is, why do they have to do it right in front of everyone?

Last week I was eating my lunch at work. This asshole at the next table in the company lunchroom starts sticking his finger in his ear and really rubbing it around. Then he starts picking his fucking nose. Disgusting!!! And worse he flicked his boogers across the table. Lucky for him he didn't flick any my way or I would have given him what for! As it is, it made me sick.

I wish these dirty bastards would keep their effluvia to themselves. What's next, public masturbation? God I am so piss off angry!!

Bathrooms 8

Why the fuck do people have to be so goddamn disgusting when they go to use the toilet? It's simple. You go in the stall, do what you gotta do, flush, walk out, wash your hands, and go out the door. Very simple, not a complicated process for most people. But yet some people, in the year 2010, are still fucking apes who don't know how to properly use a lavatory. I walked into a public restroom the other day, and the fucking place was a disaster area. There was water and piss allover the floor, paper towels and toilet papers shredded and tossed allover the I thought to myself, alright, whatever. I open the first of three stalls. This stall, I look inside and there is piss everywhere. Toilet seat, the toilet itself, the floor, the wall. Everywhere. I open the second stall. There's shit in the toilet, which is half overflowed, and nobody bothered to unclog it. I go in the last stall, and there's a fucking pair of shitty briefs and some shit-stained blue jeans stuffed in the toilet. WHAT THE FUCK?! If you shit yourself, fair enough, shit happens...quite literally. Call somebody and have them bring you a fucking pair of pants. It makes me wonder, who was walking around in this restaurant not wearing any pants?

And of course the urinals were somewhat cleaner, but I found a fucking sneaker in one of them.

Bottom line, it's not that fucking complicated to go and use the toilet. It's not required to fling paper or rip paper, it's not required to piss everywhere, it's not required to leave personal items in the toilets. It IS, however required, to fucking flush the toilet and pick up your mess. Nobody else wants to fucking see your anal waste floating in the toilet, and nobody wants to step in/sit in your urine. Fucking slobs, clean up after yourselves.

Squallerers 9

Alright so there are neat freaks like me then there are those who enjoy living in filth. What sucks is when a slob gets upset after you clean up after them. They get mad cause they have to live in their own garbage but if you clean it up for their lazy asses, they get mad cause you threw out some of their treasured crap.

They say they are tired, depressed, or my favorite, "I just haven't felt like doing ANYthing". Well no wonder they feel like hell, they are living in a place fit for a roach. I got one relative who will sit there yelling at the animals cause they crowd her when she is trying to eat.

THEN, as if having a nsty house were not good enough for them, their cars are just as bad. You try to get in the passenger side and you have to throw a bunch of shit in the back seat, but trying not to put too much cause then the seat won't move back.

And these nasty squallerers KNOW they are pigs, they do care, but are too lazy to clean anything. You try to help them but never to avail cause given a week, or maybe two days, it is right back to the grossness it was before.

It has nothing to do with how rich or poor they are either. I am poor as a mouse but I keep my car and living space immaculate.

Disgusting People 10

A group of my friends and I are hanging out.

Me (a girl) driving, a guy friend in the passenger seat, and 3 friends (2 guys 1 girl) in the back, boy 1 girl 1 boy 2. Everything was fine, until 2 days later when boy 1 told me that girl 1 gave boy 2 a hand job. In my car. Under my blanket. I have jizz stains now on my blanket. I didn't ask for help with gas money even though I was driving them around. I didn't ask for help with tolls. I didn't ask for help when I bout THEM food. And this is how I'm treated. I've got jizz stains on my blanket and a back seat that has jizz on the upholstery that I have to clean because I have no money to have someone else clean it.


Have you no shame? 11

Look I know I'm not the prettiest person in the world but I was brought up in a way where you should at least make yourself look decent before you go walking outside to interact with others.

I'm just sick and tired of going to a store, or going to a gas station and seeing people dressed as slobs. Their hair in a greasy mess, stains on their clothes, wearing whatever they want even if it doesn't look good on them or it's four sizes to small.

What makes you get up in the morning and walk outside looking like crap? I know you people don't wake up and go 'Well today is a good day to look terrible!'

It won't kill you to take a shower, comb your hair and wear clean clothes. Even for one damn minute and you'll be surprise at the looks you might get. AND you'll feel loads better about yourself.

Slobs - Bathroom Pigs 12

I work for a major Fortune 500 company, so you would THINK that in a professional office setting where people have numerous degrees, many of them post-graduate, that you would have some expectation of civilized behavior, even in the bathrooms, right? That people would at least be better than, say, wild animals, right? Not a chance!

I cannot tell you how many times I've walked into a bathroom and nearly fallen over from the absolutely ridiculous stink. Why, you ask? Mainly because there are certain people (seems to mainly be Indians) who literally wallow in their own shit. I'm not kidding, these people sit there after they've filled a bowl and just hover over it for about 30 or 40 minutes, letting it fill the entire bathroom with their pungent, vile stink. A few times I've sworn it was an animal that took a shit, because it was literally like walking into a uncleaned stable.

There are other people who leave their mark long after they're gone, too. You walk in, push open the stall door and you find shit. Not just in the bowl floating around, that's the tame stuff. The real assholes are the ones who somehow manage to splatter shit on the walls behind the toilet, on the floor beside the toilet and on the wall, three feet to the right of the toilet. I know some people sit down and blow ass like nothing else, but how the fuck do you project your shit three feet out the side of the toilet and onto the wall? Fucking A!

There's also this bizarre phenomenon I've seen where people have shit streaks on top of the seat. It's almost as if they had something dangling that refused to break off and so they scooted themselves across the toilet seat to save it off. No, I'm not kidding, this is literally what it looks like they've been doing. And they leave the shit there on the seat for everyone to see, every single time.

It should go without saying that we also have the grown men who can't aim their dicks worth of shit and end up pissing all over the seats and the floor around the toilet. Naturally they don't clean it up, hell most of them don't even lift the damn lid. Nothing like having your feet stick to the floor because some 'professional' with a six figure salary and multiple degrees couldn't figure out how to get his piss into the bowl.

Then there's the people who you run into while they're still doing their business, and this is always a trip. Some of this gross fucks will sit down and literally explode into the damn toilet, louder than anything I've ever heard in a bathroom in my life. It's like they're trying to destroy the bowl on purpose, and I'm sure it's people like this who end up blowing shit out the sides and onto the wall.

Then you've got the assholes who grunt and moan as if they're in labor, panting and gasping like crazy. It's really, really uncomfortable having to sit down and take a shit next to some fat fucking slob who can't pass a turd without having an aneurism in the next stall.

Another lovely habit that some people have, apparently everyone on my floor, is that they have to pick their fucking nose and then flick the boogers all over the stall. The door, the walls, you name it, I've seen boogers on it. Lovely huh?

Oh and back to those lovely Indian folks that they keep filling our company with, these assholes have the lovely habit of puking in the sink rather than a freely available stall. No shit, on more than one occasion, I've been washing my hands and one of these fuckers just walks up to the sink beside me and starts puking his guts out. It's absolutely revolting and makes me want to gag. And no, they don't clean it up when they're done either, they just walk off and leave it. What a class act.

The worst thing I've ever seen though? I am not making this up, I've seen shit paper wadded up on the floor, along with a giant magic marker that someone, no lie, had been shoving up their own fucking ass. They left this shit covered marker on the floor with the paper when they were done. Can you fucking believe that? What the hell kind of disgusting crap is that?

In our building, they clean out the bathrooms every hour or two and even so, no matter when I go in there, it's always a complete and utter mess. People are just such absolutely disgusting fucking slobs that it defies all reason. Not even wild animals behave like this.

I really have a loathing for people who can't just use a bathroom and leave it the way they would in their own house. Most people despise public bathrooms and people like this are the poster child for why. I never in my wildest dreams imagined that the professional people I work beside could be so fucking disgusting, but it seems like bathroom pigs are fucking everywhere.

non-flushers 13

Geez. People are disgusting creatures. What the HELL is wrong with people. Today I walk into a PetSmart bathroom and a dog poop bag is half flushed down the toilet. If that is not bad enough some creatures shit is floating all around it. So I get an employee, what does he do? He picks it up in his BARE HANDS and drops it in the toilet , walks out without washing his hands and returns to work. Geez

slobs 14

I hate bathroom pigs so much! What the heck is wrong with people leaving a disgusting mess in a bathroom. From tampons to poopy sneakers I have seen it all! 99 percent of the time I have to clean up a mess that some idiot made. The other day I walked into a stall and poopy toilet paper was flung everywhere! Poop and pee all over the seat and the wall. I look on the wall and it looked like someone had shoved their finger up their poopey, uncleaned buttcrack and smeared it all over the wall!

Slobs 15

I cannot stand when I walk into someone's fucking nasty house and nearly pass out because of the stink. A relative has a teenager, two wild little kids, two dead guinea pigs, some dead fish, 1 neglected dog, some starving fish and 1 abused cat. They never really clean the house, because it permantley smells like a wet dog. I love animals, it's just that they need to (1) wash the dog and (2) clean the fucking house. The dog is obese, has overgrown nails and STINKS like a fucking cow barn on a 100 degree day. Their cat is skinny, and gets left outside to fend for itself. The don't even feed it or give the poor thing water. Their guinea pigs have been dead for 5 years and they STILL haven't removed them from the cage. They have a small fish tank (5 gallons) with over 20 fish crammed in there. The fish aren't really checked in too much so they practically CANNIBALIZE each other. The teenager is fine, he just doesn't get much attention. The kids on the other hand, aren't wonderful. They scream at each other, have no manners and refuse to clean themselves. I babysitter them one time for two weeks and they refused to take a bath. Fucking slobs.

Neckbeards 16

I can't stand these types of guys who have long ass hair, acne all over their ugly faces, unsightly beards, and are fat too. These nasty losers are so revolting and make me sick just looking at them. Most of these losers spend their tame playing their Xbox, spewing hate and misogynist shit towards women and make youtube videos showing their fat, ugly neckbeareded faces believing anybody would watch them. Really you make videos talking about how much you hate women, and that women are ruining your precious world, and that we are stupid because of what we took in College. Let me tell you this you fat slob. I graduated with a Degree while you dropped out of High School in Sophmore Year and yet you are bitter and resentful towards women because no real woman would ever touch you slobs with a 12 Foot Pole.

Here's a helpful thought if you losers ever want someone like me sucking your dick how about you get a haircut, shave your disgusting beards and lose some fucking weight. At least it will make you look at least descent in the real world and maybe then you might actually get laid for once in your life.

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