Skinny People

Well where to begin. I am angry at the fact that society feels the need to deem skinny people beautiful. I honestly cannot say that in my lifetime I have ever found a skinny woman attractive I have always been attracted to big girls and for a lot of good reasons and those reasons being:

  1. Big girls make better lovers. They are not timid or shy about sex and know how to please a man

  2. Big girls are way more friendly and caring. They are always there for you and believe in friendship

  3. Skinny girls want things. Buy me this get me that oooh I want I want I want and you should give cause society says I'm exceptional cause i weigh 90 pounds

  4. Skinny girls know they don't need you. A skinny girl can have any man she wants and she knows it. So why should she care about you or your feelings

  5. This is last but not least, Big girls are so much sexier than a skinny woman because they think they are all that and that everyone should buy their way into their pants.

Fat Critics 2

I'm so fucking sick of these damn sheeple who are so hell bent on the 'calories in, calories out' idea. Newsflash dink, no one wants to be fat. No one wants to take up two seats on a bus. No one wants to have some dipshit who just got out of 10th grade health class bleet endlessly about their moral failing. Unless you're an endocrinologist/nutrionist/kinesiologist who's making break throughs about the overtly complex system that's the human metabolism then you have every right to STFU. I know it's easy for you fuckers to stuff your faces all day and not see the consequences of your gluttony but some people do starve and work hard and never see the fruits of their labor. It's called yo-yo dieting, you idiots.

Fatties are so oppressed by you barbarous boneheads nowadays that they will do anything to lose weight short of having their insides mutilated (Oh Wait.) It fails to register that this quick fix shit doesn't work and they have to take it slowly. But who can blame them? The more time that it takes to lose weight means more time that you're being subjected to the redundant chant of douche bags everywhere who can't think outside the 'eat less, exercise more' meme.
I'm fucking sick of the exaggerations that are being made about fat people too. Heaven forbid should a fat person actually eat a salad in public, because people will start hallucinating said salad being a pile of burgers and fries. Like a fat person could eat anything that hasn't been fried, right? You delusional fucks. I hope you pretentious losers enjoy walking around fatties on the sidewalk, a step to the side shouldn't be too much work for you now should it? I mean if you're not overweight, you're not lazy right? Morons.

skinny idiots 3

I'm ANGRY AT FUCKING SKINNY PEOPLE. They walk around thinking that God and everyone else OWES THEM THE FUCKING SUN just because they've chosen a healthier lifestyle. Yes, I'm overweight. Yes, I'm taking measures to correct it. BUT THAT DOESN'T GIVE YOU THE MOTHER FUCKING RIGHT TO LOOK DOWN UPON ME JUST BECAUSE I MANAGED TO QUIT THROWING UP EVERYTHING I EAT FOR FIVE GODFORSAKEN MINUTE.

All you skinny fucks are alike. You either take it for granted that you're skinny or you've gotten skinny and are now a slut because you weren't sure of how to react to the new attention you received. TRY BEING A SMART INTELLIGENT FUCKHEAD FOR JUST ONE GODBLESSED MINUTE and...are you reading this skinny idiots? GROW THE FUCK UP. I don't care if you weight 95 pounds and are 5 feet tall. I dont' care if you weight 400 pounds and are 4 feet tall. YOU ARE JUST AS FUCKING IGNORANT.

Skinny people are just as stupid as fat people. Get a fucking life and realize that everyone is a person, no matter how stuffed inside the fat or bared upon the bones they are. GET A FUCKING LIFE. Fat people, get out and be a real person instead of hiding behind your addiction to food. Skinny people, quit trying to hide behind all the skanky sex you have. I hate you just as much as anyone else. GROW THE FUCK UP AND EAT A REAL MEAL.

skinny people 4

I get mad at skinny people who run around and wear a piece of damn sting around ther ass and try 2 pass it off as clothing. I feel like a god damned eskimo around these skanks. I am a teen and it pisses me off when dumb ass girls take their ugly selves to stores and the mall and get all pissed off when the smallest size there is a double zero. Who the fuck wants to be a non-existent 00? Give us all a break and wear an outfit that DOESN'T look painted on, you boney stick people.

fatness 5

i am angry at all of the people who are skinny who make fun of fat people. i mean, i am fat my self, but my fattyness is genetic, and maybe from food. dont u ever think that god created us all differently and that it is hard for some people to lose weight and to have a healthier lifestyle. u skinny people who make fun of us r so mean.

skinny people 6

I'm damn angry at skinny people because they think they're God. I'm angry because they think that because they're skinny, they can make fun of, demean, degrade, and detriment whoever they like. I'm angry because they think they own the world, the fashion, the men/women, and EVERYONE only because they are skinny.

Most of all, I'm angry at STUPID skinny people who think they have even the slightest understanding of the grammatical system and the English language to even BEGIN to understand how to write it properly. So skinny people? Guess what. Grow up, eat up, and write up. You're just as idiotic as anyone else I've ever known. You're just as FAT as anyone else I've ever known. Skinny people are just as FAT as the next FAT person is, and it's because they're IDIOTS and they seem to THINK they know anything.

So bite my big fat hairy ass. Burgers are tasty. So are fries. And you skinny fucks seem to wonder WHY people kill themselves. GO LOOK IN THE FUCKING MIRROR AND ASK THAT DUMBASS QUESTION AGAIN. Feel free to spell-check my rant, you dumb fucks. The day one of you skinny asswipes decides to quit being the corn of a bigger shit is the day I'll bow down to you like you expect me to.

FUCK YOU, YOU GODDAMN SKINNY/FAT IDIOT FUCKS. I don't distinguish between fat/skinny people. YOU ALL SUCK ANYWAY, so it doesn't MATTER. GO KILL YOURSELF and PLEASE LET ME KNOW so I can take a little more breathing space.

Stupid anorexic Chicks 7

I'm so fucking sick of anorexic bitches. They are so fucking fake everything about them is trying to be something they are not.If someone weighs the same as them the person could be only 98 pounds and the bitch will still say the girls ass is big.Why the fuck do you even care you stupid anorexic bitches.I had a baby four months ago and i have bitches telling me to go on Jenny Craig and I only have 20 freakin pounds to lose. What the fuck I look good and probably looked like an anorexic bitch pre-pregnancy.Stop acting like a bitch because you want to eat. Just eat then you would not act like a bitch. I'd rather have an ass then not.Anorexic bitches have heart attacks by the time there 40 years old. So go ahead starve yourself bitch because I won't have to deal worth your worthless weak ass when your six feet under.

skinny&people 8

i am angry at everyone! skinny and fat people are soo imature! i am only 14, and i was reading about all the pople who are angry at skinny people, annnd all the poeple who were angry at fat people! alll of you should get a life! you all seem to think that everyone is out to spite you. the word 'skinny' should not be acssociated with the word 'pretty' and the word 'fat' should not be asociated with the word 'ugly'. there are girls at my skool who litterally starve themselves to DEATH so that all you people will think that they're beautiful. you all should be ashamed of yourselves. the sterotypes in todays society cause soo many suiceds! do any of you realise what you are doing. fat people should most definatley not call skinny people anorexic! skinny people are healthy. fat people should all make a lifestyle change, its not just your lifes that your ruining by being over weight, its your familys too. if you have children then you are teaching them to lead an un-healthy lifestlye, and if you have relatives, imagine the greif you will cause them by having heart attaks and dieing at a young age. all of you should stop being so damn selfish!! for gods sake, fat poeple often give up on diets because they think its much to hard, well lets put it this way, would you rather get healthir slowly, or get fatter and fatter?!?! and all you fat people who call thin girls anorexic, should shut your mouths! thin people are not anorexic they are healthy, fat people should look at them with admiration, because if they can do it so can you! thin people chose a healthy life stlye, they think about other people, not just themselves, they give good examples to society. fat people do the opposite, there is an epedemic with obesity! poeple are getting more and more un-healthy, we all neeed to change our ways, does anyone ever think of the examples they set for their children?? i think that all of the people who posted anrgry letters against fat people are soo ignorant! you should all grow up, we are all the same, we are all people, no matter what coulor or shape we are! i am probably half your age, yet i see much more clearly then all of you! because its my genoration who now suffers from obesity and anorexia! and its YOUR genoration that caused it!

The skinny people rant page 9

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fat haters 10

I am angry at fat people not. I'm angry at the ugly fucks who seem to think that they hate all fat people. Just because you dislike one person you terrorize the whole group. I hope these assholes feel so much better for posting this shit because guess what, none of u will ever say any of this to their faces. Oh, and "healthy" men and women, you have just as many addictions and self-obsessions so stop fucking criticizing everyone else because ur obviously unhappy with yourself!!!

Pencil necks (skinny people)  11

I'm angered by people (usually high school kids and early college kids) who think cause they're "ripped" or "toned" whatever they say that it equates to being strong. Seeing muscle is not HAVING muscle. Its lack of body fat. I myself am 5'8" and 250lbs. All of you uninformed BMI importance spouters (the ones who think that the body mass index is accurate or even useful) are all saying right away Im out of shape, eh? Well, by some standards I am. I'm 27% body fat. I've got a gut. I look fat. But Ive also got a 450lbs bench press, 700lbs squat and a 575lbs dead lift. You gym junkie pencil necks will know how impressive that is next time you're in the gym and brag about how you finally got a 200lbs bench press. "I benched 20 pounds over body weight! WHOA YA, BABY! Cover of men's fitness, here I come!" (sad part is, you could probably make the cover lol. Pussies, all around. Mainstream strength training is a joke in north America) I've also had some success in Brazilian ju-jitsu and boxing, although power lifting is my focus. This was brought on after reading "Fatties who think they're tough" post #47 in the fat peoples page.

Why? Simple. Most fat people probably are tougher than your skinny ass. Size is power, and you may think your "wind" will carry you, but truth is, you'd be smashed if you weren't stepping off the sidewalk for these fat people. So STFU and move aside. The strong shall survive.

Judging people by their weight 12

I'm angry at all the people who are judgmental towards people of a different weight. Plain and simple. I think most skinny don't like fat people because society says it is unhealthy and not pretty. I think fat people are angry at skinny people because skinny people are considered more attractive and often take advantage of their looks.

I'm a skinny 18 year old guy. And it kills me to read the horrible things people are posting about how they hate skinny people with a passion because they are sluts or treat fat people badly... well don't you think your grouping all of us into a category too? Some of you are judging up, just like you say we judge you. Its time for all this hating and slandering to stop.

I think big girls are actually beautiful. They are so much more feminine and womanly to me rather than 100 pound models. I myself am an aspiring male model, so when I tell people I think big girls are sexy they are shocked. But I'm just one example that not everyone is the same.

So big, skinny, tall, short, black, white, or Asian... we all have beautiful qualities and we need to stop picking out the bad in each other and judging each other and just learn to accept that there is always going to be differences.

Self righteous slim people 13

I am angry that slim people are so judgmental of fat people a.k.a. obese people. What makes you think that you are the gift to the world? You aint nowhere perfect even in your slenderness. I don't envy you. So what I gained weight. Slender people have more venereal diseases because of their whoring around. I don't cuss so I refuse to go there. Your mentality is no better than what the Nazis did to the Jews because they felt and still feel they are superior. If you are so perfect get off the planet and go to a perfect world. Its not only fat people who eat alot. Alot of you bag of bones could actually use some of the excess weight I got. I seen many slim people wolf down alot of food. So before you feel like you are better than us, I hope every last one of you get fat. Body odor is not limited to fat people. Soap and perfume is a billion dollar enterprise, so if you dont stink why do you take a bath? Next time you eat, serve yourself up your plate of self-righteous b.s. and shove it up your a--! By the way I will go one better than you; I don't hate slender people, you just need to stop hating us cause we're fat and love yourself so you can love others even if they dont meet your criteria. Get the picture. Continue to dislike us fat people I won't lose no sleep over it.

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self righteous thin people 14

I'm so sick and tired of thin people who see it fit to treat the overweight like trash. I see plenty of people who are thin eat nothing but junk, and they are also some of the laziest people I know!! So.... just because the effects of their lifestyle don't present physically, they are still better than overweight people who live the same kind of lifestyle? I don't think so! Some people do in fact have a naturally higher metabolism which allows them to live the lifestyle of these "fat slobs" thin people are always ranting about. Then there are other people like myself who have to work A LOT harder to keep weight off and I am an active person, not an overeater, etc..... yet I still lean towards the "solid" or "chunky" side.

Skinny People (Who Are Angry With Fat People) 15

Skinny people who are angry at fat people. If they exercise regularly and eat like health-wizards, then good for them! They are working hard to maintain a good healthy body, that also looks great, too.

What pisses me off, are the skinny people who bitch about fat people, when often enough, the only difference is that the skinny people have a naturally higher metabolism.

Ok, so I wish I had a better body, and I am more active than you, you eat more than me, and you are skinny. I'm sad because my metabolism can't do what yours is doing!

First off, at this point, if I ever want to look like you, I have to exercise vigorously everyday, at least to shed off pounds and eat very conservatively. I may even need to take a few supplements in pill form to aide me to weight loss.

Next, I will have to have an expensive surgery done to remove all of my excess skin and flab, possibly some extra fat along the way, too.

To maintain that body, I'll have to keep up the prior routine (at a lower pace).

To put it bluntly, if you are skinny and bitching about us "fat people," we are well aware of all of our self-defeating problems, but if you are naturally skinny, then take a look.

Could you change your entire lifestyle that you have grown accustomed to so easily? Unless you've been there and done that, don't forget that in anywhere from a few to ten years from now, you ain't gonna look like what you look like now.

being skinny 16

I'm fucking sick of my high metabolism. I eat like a horse but I still look like a fucking holocaust survivor. Why was I cursed with thin, frail bones that can't keep any meat on them? Everything I stuff into me, my body just goes "FUCK YOU, I DON'T WANT IT AND YOU'RE GONNA STAY SKINNY!" Heck, I have to eat 4,000 calories just to stay alive. I can't keep eating so much, its making me sick, but I have no choice.

skinny people 17

arrgh i'm so fucking sick of seeing these anorexic skinny bitches at my school walking around thinking they are the hot shit. Well watch out when the wind blows coz you'll be blown away like a fucken kite. What really pisses me off is when these bitchees rant on about how they could eat maccas all night, every night and not gain a pound. Well fuck you and quit bragging about it!!!

Gain some weight will you?!!!
FUCK!! :@

skinny people 18

I am angry at skinny people because they can call fat people names and put them down but when a fat person says a single thing wrong, or even looks at them they fly off the handle. I think its absolutely ridiculous.

Skinny people 19

One thing that really pisses me off is how people go on and on about "I hate skinny people!". Has it ever occurred to you that some of us skinny people can't gain weight even if we tried? I'm 6'0" and only weigh like 145lbs. I eat the fattiest foods I can find, I only eat one meal a day, the rest is junk food throughout the day. I ate McDonald's for like three fucking weeks straight and nothing else. If any at all, I only gained maybe 10lbs if I was lucky. I have to eat and eat and eat in order to maintain my current weight, and if i don't eat like that, i drop 10lbs within a week, no lie. Before you go around saying you hate skinny people, maybe you should realize that not all of us can control our weight. I would love to gain more weight than what i'm at now, and believe me, i've tried. But it's all been to no fucking avail. My friend is the same way. He's older than me and skinnier than me, and it's the same with him. No matter what he eats, no matter how he changes his lifestyle, he CANNOT gain weight. I can't get proof that it's a medical condition because unlike the people that stuff their face and complain about weight problems, i can't afford to go eat anything and everything i want.

People hating on skinny girls 20

YES, I can eat a whole bag of freaking french fries and a cheeseburger everyday, and not gain one pound! So, especially fat people who LOVE to criticise the so-called "skinny bitches" GUESS WHAT, It's not fun AT ALL! Do you think I like looking like an anemic stick and weighing 90 pounds?? I probably eat more than most of the fat people out there, and just have a crazy metabolism, and I'm TIRED of people looking down on me and tell me to go eat a cheeseburger! WELL, I'M SORRY for Nature creating me like this! (note the sarcasm). But I'm just so freaking tired of not having confidence in myself and looking like a bag of bones, and being freaking stereotyped like an anorexic bitch all my life. I've had ENOUGH at all the people who are judgmental towards people with a different weight, just grow up!

People Who Hate Ugly Fat People 21

I am angry at people who hate ugly fat people!!!!!! Who the hell gives ANYONE the right to think they are better than someone else.. just because that other person doesn't look the same as them????!!!!! This SUX! Yes I s'pose I am ugly and fat. BUT SO WHAT?????!!! How does it hurt anyone else for me to be this way? The last time I checked, we were all here for a reason... and I'm sure as hell the reason that I'm here is NOT so that I can be ridiculed by someone who looks thin and attractive. How dare anyone measure someone else's worth by their looks. I am a good person on the inside. I've never EVER set out to purposely hurt another human being with this kind of abuse. I don't look at others and think I'm better than them. I just see people, and nothing more. I believe we are all good, deep down, and that those who are poking fun at someone else because of their looks must be the unhappiest, loneliest, saddest people of all. They probably need our pity more than anything. I do pity them. Whenever they meet their maker, the should hope like hell that the nasty way they behaved towards other people IS NOT going to be brought up as a reason for not being able to get into wherever they end up.

anorexic people 22

i'm sick of all you fucking anorexics thinking that anorexia is the way to go. well guess what. IT'S NOT THE WAY TO GO. eat a hamburger, stop throwing up after you eat a single fry and do something to stop looking like a fucking crackhead. and to all you fat people that whine about how you can't lose weight, it's either your damn fault or it's genetics, so get on the treadmill or just be proud of who you are. it's that simple.

Skinny People 23

I am sooo pissed off with skinny people, they don't seem to understand how some people are different and aren't skinny bitches like them. I have some friends who are actually anorexic looking but, of course, they're "fatty's" because they eat crisps, chocolates and cakes. It fuckin does my head in when they go on about how fat they are cause they're eating a packet of crisps. FUCK OFF. Seriously. And if anyone dares to eat something unhealthy they're fat too. And if a "fat" person (who's still underweight) dares to eat a salad they get laughed at cause it's funny to see a fat person eat a salad. Right? It fuckin angers me cause i'm overweight and i hate going out in public with them or going into clothes shops cause they're problem is that clothes are too big for them whereas i can't fuckin get clothes that fit me. They also try and make double chins which they can't do but i'm an expert at seeing as i already have one. FUCK RIGHT OFF! It's fuckin screwed up how they're so thin anyway cause they do NO exercise and all they eat is actually junk food and they're not anorexic or bulimic but i eat healthy foods and hardly ever have any fattening snacks. I also do A LOT of exercise like running and ran about 20 miles in just over 2 hours one day and they can't even run for 5 minutes. Fuckin skinny ass bitches. Fuck this, i'm done.

skinny people 24

im angry because i discovered people angry at skinne people. I am SKINNY and proud of it you fuckin losers. There is a reason why i am skinny and you are not. You may think women who are whales are better lovers, nicer etc. THATS obviously an opinion, and yes god gave you good personalities, becuase that is all he gave you. I bet any of u tubbies would trade it all to be hot and fit, ya ya. We all know you see beyonce, and megan fox in the media and wish u were them. Well ive got news for you, the gym is open as u read this :O, r u shocked!!!! its prob too late for you now tho eh, scared to walk in shorts, fearful of how ppl will percieve you at the gym? Well its true, but its not our fault that u r scared. We are all given the chance to go to the gym, it just depends if ud rather be eating then working out OHHHHH and we know u dont eat much, as most fat ppl say.....but if u eat well, and sit around all day ur gonna get the same result!

Stereotypes about skinny people 25

Ten years ago I lost 60 pounds, not because I was trying to, but due to the onset of a digestive disorder.

I'm pissed off because people assume I am body-obsessed and anorexic. I'm pissed off that I'm forced to eat like a rabbit to avoid severe pain, and then to add insult to injury, people who are self-conscious about their own weight feel the need to insult mine.

Skinny is as hurtful a word as fat, particularly to someone who would love nothing better than to snarf down an entire bag of potato chips at one sitting, and would do so daily if it weren't for the excruciating pain that starts 5 minutes after she swallows her first bite of food.

Yes, there are some skinny people in the world that are that way because they are body-obsessed. There are also plenty of fat people that are that way because of poor eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle. Expecting people not to comment on your weight while you feel fully justified criticizing theirs is outright hypocrisy.

skinny people 26

im really tired of these fat fucks and theyre bickering, they dont just complain about their weight they complain about everything they come in contact with, someone doing only 30 mph on the block nd they get mad,these fat fucks must love cars because it allows their trans fat fuck asses to move quickly, all at the expense of pushing their foot down,they love technology too which allows them do achieve more things while on their pig asses, they drink alcohol nd smoke weed , nd it temporarily makes them forget about their lazy handicapp, nd when it wears off their more depressed than ever, than they give us active skinny nd muscular people a look like " you know your the reason i am wat i am" ... nd then i give them a look back like " nd ur the reason why im happy that fat people die young. still somehow these fat fucks have an ego sometimes i dont know why, maybe they read in a magazine that if u dont act fat u wont look fat , i dont know. everywhere i walk, i see a fat bitch they dont move out of the way, nd i call them fat cunts , nd sometimes they look at me like their gonna say something nd realize that they cant even make it to the gym ,how do they plan on beating up a person who does . they always have a miserable face what ever their doing, nd by the way if it makes u feel better calling us anorexic then please do, but realize that ur comparing us to yourself nd you would die to have what we have but then again all the unhealthy fats that ur stuffing down ur hog esophagus are going to help u die quicker. fuck all you fat miserable retards reading this, nd by the way im not miserable, im just fed up, oh wait so r u. . nd whos the fat bitch taht wrote rant 23 annoying whore fuck this im done the only thing u should be done with is eating ok fuck u bitch

Skinny People 27

I am so angry at skinny people because all you skinny ass-holes don't realize how hard it is to be fat. I was diagnosed with Morbid obeseity 3 years ago. I am only 17 so fuck you people. Most of my friends are skinny and they all LOVE ME! They give me hugs and kisses everyday. SO FUCK YOU GUY'S THAT HATE SKINNY PEOPLE!

skinny people 28

i'm really angry with skinny people, they always think WE (the fat people) eat mcdonald's every FUCKING day, do nothing but lie around watch tv. well FUCK YOU that's not true. i'm actually a VEGAN and i'm fat. only because i like vegan muffins and pancakes -_- and that's not entirely true..

i'm an EMOTIONAL eater suffering from depression and several other things but skinny people always judge on the appearance. and you think youre so fucking awesome, just because you can wear absolutely anything..
I HATE IT I HATE IT, when i come to the store and see this really awesome pants and they only got size WTF. i can NEVER find any pants anywhere..

and the worst thing is my "best friend" is soooo skinny..she used to be anorexic and i HATE her. she used to be so cool and not judging..but now that she's skinny she's so fucking confident..always making fun of other people..possibly even me. when i'm not around. i HATE her. but i stay her friend for the sake of our memories..

meh fuck it, i'm gonna just go and kill myself or something. i can't stand being fat. :(

Thin People 28

I'm angry that naturally thin people with fast metabolisms will sit around and say "Don't hate me fatties. I eat and eat and can't gain weight, it's not my fault!" then they turn around and say "If only you ate less and got off your lazy ass you wouldn't be fat"... Wait so you stuff your face and do nothing and you are thin... But because i'm NOT thin it must mean I'm eating like you and lazy like you? You can have a "fast metabolism" but it's not possible for a "fatty" to have a "slow metabolism"?

Get over yourself. I work out and eat very little and only healthy food. I have seen doctors, nutritionists, etc. All which are dumbfounded at my weight gain. I have tried weight watchers, Atkins, low cal, veggie, south beach, and I belong to a gym.. What happen during my 3 years of following my doctors orders to the T in trying these different methods? I gained 100 lbs!!! That pisses me off!!!

I am working my ass off and I GAIN weight?! Then everyone else sits around and calls me lazy, a slob and says things like "have you ever tried just eating a salad for lunch?" I had 2 strawberries, an orange, 3 mushrooms, 2 flatbread low cal crackers and a Laughing Cow light cheese wedge for lunch today.. Total calorie count for my lunch? 110 calories... Why I think that's even less then your half a sandwich with the 75 cal bread, 50 cal mayo, 80 cal cheese, and 100 cal meat. So shut up before you judge me!

While you stand there and make fun of my weight as you wait for the elevator I'm heading to take the stairs.

So people that state that we are all lieing, and that anyone fat and saying they don't eat much, is just lieing to themselves and everyone else. That's BS. Sure there are a TON of overweight people that got there by being lazy and over eating, just like there are a LOT of thin people that got there by starving themselves and forcing themselves to vomit.

But you know what?! For every thin person who struggles to gain even a single pound no matter how much they eat, there is a "fat" person who struggles to lose weight, even a single pound no matter how little they eat.

So people just need to get over themselves and quit judging everyone. Fat or thin, you don't know the person, you don't know what they are doing, why they look they way they do, or how they got there. Frankly, why do you care unless you are so down about yourself that you just HAVE to think that everyone just yurns to be just like you. Oh I want to be so thin like "Megan Fox", just to note, she is one of the ugliest people I have ever seen on TV or in interviews, inside and out, she is the definition of ugly. So no, I would rather be "fat" then EVER be or look like her.

Now time to go make love with my amazing husband who is fit and handsome and loves me whether I'm thin or fat, because he understands there is more attractive features in a person besides weight.

Fat/Skinny people 29

What makes me angry is the generalisation of skinny girls is anorexic.


And the idea that skinny people think they are better than others, not all do. Like Im sure not all fat girls feel they are better than everyone else.

People are people and it really annoys me that people are so damn rude and can not control their jealousy.

Why cant skinny people be skinny? What the hell does it have to do with anyone else.

And why shouldnt skinny people show off their figures, they can wear what the hell they want because they deserve to be happy. Just like all the fat people eating a burger ... if it makes you fucking happy then go do it!

It fucking winds me up that fat people sit on their asses all day 'starting a diet tomorrow' or claiming they have tried everything. I can tell you know, and this is a proven fact, if you eat healthy (not starve but cut all the crap you fat people are eating and replace with healthy alternatives) and increase exercise YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT dont fucking deny it!
And jst one little thing, if a girl is anorexic, which many people refer to skinny people as, then they sure as hell wouldnt think they were god they would actually hide their bodies.

Finally I think that all jealous fat people should grow the fuck up and lose the green eyes!

skinny people 30

I am short,small, skinny 21 years old asian girl.i know i don't look good. i weigh only 86 pounds but i'm not anorexic! i eat what i like includes fries,burger,instant noodles,drumsticks, etc.i'm easily satisfied but i eat every hour. stop telling me to go add more plates of rice!my metabolism is just too high.i can't afford to eat everything to gain weight.Stop quipping me u fat peoples..just because u r not feeling good with yourself,do not comfort yourself by insulting people like me. we (fat n bony people) actually have the same feeling if people talk about our weight!i'm not giving up.i want to fit in the corset.i'm trying hard but my weight still maintains since 4 years ago! I also hate guys who used to say to me,"you are so pretty.unfortunately...u are too skinny for your face"

Mean Judgmental Normal Sized People 31

I am so FUCKING angry with people who think they are better than me because they are "normal sized."

I get it everywhere I go: the street, school, businesses (some of them fellow customers and professionals - or should I say "unprofessionals"), the pool, and the gym.

I am sick of these people assuming I eat a lot and never work out, and what's worse is the people at the gym who think I should look a certain way to be accepted.

I hate that I work hard to lose weight and it's sooo slow. I work out 5-6 times a week. I get injured at least once each year, and they never fucking heal. I am damned if I do workout, and damned if I don't.

I fear that I will not be able to work because of my pain, but even moreso I fear I will not get a good paying job when I finish school. I am a hard worker, get good grades, and I have the desire to work in what I am studying.

You know, I never have approached a thin person to tell them to eat or accused someone of being anorexic.

So, what gives you the right to look at me disgustedly as you look me up and down or just stare at my weight?

You judgmental people are truly disgusting

Skinny peoples 32?

Well, damn. I'm angry at the completely unstated double standard here. I first looked at the fat people section and you know what? I gave up reading around angry spiel 65. And that was not even quite at the halfway point. Seriously, and this post ends in the 30's? Not to mention how several of these posts are 'skinny/normal' people defending themselves and/or people you just don't give a strong fuck either way -_- (what, fat people too fat for the interwebs now?). Anyways...

I get so damn angry with 'skinny people' when you're minding your manners or making polite with a group you don't know and the subject of dieting comes up. If you're truly fat female (I am and simply unrepentant for it) you're stuck. There's this whole 'fat pity' that goes on and on where all the skinny chicks raise their self esteem getting all this 'praise' normal girls get all motivated for a new diet fad and the fat girl is stuck being the bounce board for all the body image complexes. Enough to give you one, you know? ;)

And I am sick and tired of 'fat is dangerous for your health' argument. It's like the BMI is the all-knowing God (and WOOOO Boy, if some people actually did a teensy bit of research on that thing) and fat cells are the Devil. Do ignorant people not realize that fat actually has a purpose on the body besides that cursed 10+ lbs on the camera? Like cushioning blows (for all the REAL fighters out there), insulation, and emergency energy storage? That not every 'fat' person is a slob that gets winded reaching for the twinkies in the pantry. That not every fat person's embarrassingly out of shape to the point it infers with the enjoyment of life? But you would think so the way the all those hot, skinny 'people' go on.

I'm doing some quick math in my head for the really obnoxious ones that spout about their weight/height and it looks likes that page is full of underweight women who have fat, whiny, asshole boyfriends/neighbors/roomies/acquaintances/relatives that smother them to death with their filthy, unwashed, oily, humanoid blubber. Think I'm exaggerating? Take a look at every comment with at least 2 lines of caps on that thing; it'll drive teetotaler kindergarten teacher to drink. It's like they spend all those agonizing hours in the gym developing that toned body but then forget the use of their legs when they come in close proximity to a 'disgusting fattie'. You spent all those months toning shaping those gazelle legs so USE THEM AND WALK AWAY: It can't be any more offensive than the garbage you spew/think about the person, really?

And then the whole none-of-your-beeswax territory it enters: sex lives. Like you're some kind of sex expert (and before you say it, having lotsa sex with a lotsa people a lotsa times doesn't make you an expert, it makes you a possible STD carrier/receiver). There are people who derive sexual gratification from the enactment/actual process of DEATH, but it overtaxes your puny imagination to imagine someone sexually attracted to someone that's just *fat*? (even if they're morbidly so and all sweaty and gross) REALLY? It's like the song "Thank God I'm Pretty" but only replacing 'pretty' with 'skinny'.AUGH!!!

Okay. *releases tense shoulders*

People who assume about skinny people 33

I am really so damn angry at people who assume about skinny people.

And yes, i am skinny, I'm 5'3 and weigh about 97 pounds. Not all skinny people are skinny because they want to and i know some for a fact they don't like looking this way!

Like me for example. I can eat and eat and eat and i will look exactly the same. I'm really sick and tired of people assuming I'm anorexic or that i don't eat at all, or that I'm bony and that i have to gain more weight. It really hurts having to be called anorexic and even people i don't know randomly take there sweet time to come up to me and tell me I'm so small. I'm skinny and i don't like it, i see myself in a mirror every fucking day. I DON'T NEED YOU TO REMIND ME!! Because of that i have such low self esteem!!

So stop thinking that all skinny people are the same because that's really isn't true for shit. I hate having to stand next to my friends knowing i don't look like them. People are always judging skinny people but when you see someone obese stuffing themselves like pigs, why can't you tell them to stop eating because they're hurting they're body. NO! Nobody decides to say a word there rite?

Why the fuck do you think you have the rite to bring other people down just because they don't look like you?! That's exactly why i don't judge people, because i know how it feels to be judged and stared at 'cause you look different! So next time you have something to say that will hurt someones feelings, look and judge yourself first and keep your fucking mouth shut! Fucking ignorant people nowadays....i swear.

skinny people 34

i hate skinny people because they keep saying that they eat this and that and will never get fat, right in our faces when obviously they do not know how to count their blessings. Wait till they have to starve just to lose a puny amount of weight and they will know how terrible it is.

After all, it is easier to eat than to exercise.

Also, i hate skinny people because they assume that fat people are lazy and stupid and do not have feelings. And they think that by making fun of us fat people, it will give us motivation to eat less. WTF. I think if u are really sincere about helping us lose weight.. why don't u initiate running with us? Heh.. skinny people don't do that cos they likely also exercise the same amount as us fat people.

BTW.. i am about 5 3" and weight 60kg... but i'm asian and considered fat.

If only skinny people weren't so preoccupied with weight.. they wouldn't judge us fat people and insist that we all have the same weight.

I hate skinny people who are self righteous and believe that they worked so hard at the gym so they have the right to look down on fat people. For goodness sake, if u're truly concerned at making the world a better place, invite those fat people to the gym to go exercise with you, instead of laughing at them behind their backs about their fat asses. Or are you too afraid to associate with the fat people because u will have no one to laugh about and feel more superior than?

i hate it that people assume that fat people cannot play sports. I hate fat people because they allow what the skinny people think to get to them. I hate the fat people for wanting to be skinny and not loving themselves as much as they should.

heh.. this ranting made me feel so good... :)

Skinny People 35

I am so angry with skinny people and people in general that feel they have the right to comment on my weight. Why do you feel like you can get so personal with me and I don't even know you? And don't even care to! You have NO RIGHT to SAY anything to ME! I don't give an F*$&# about what you have to say. And you know what? You're right I'm fat cause I wanna be! I know that I need to exercise but you know what? I don't feel like it. And you know what else? I love eating mac&cheese and mashed potatoes and gravy and fried chicken! Oh and cake and ice cream. It's da bomb! So F*$& off and worry about your sorry life cause I'm living mines! Oh and I don't stink, I don't have diabetes or high blood pressure or any other disease or ailment that skinny people assume (assholes!) that we have. Yep I'm COMPLETELY healthy and you're just a fuckin hater b/c you just worked out for two hours but that guy you wanted to kick it is feeling me! NOT YOU, skinny bitch! And he paid my car note and is giving me money. Now you wanna say he is a chubby chaser but umm he's not. He's a man and men like pretty women! Oh and did I mention that I am now married with a son? What about you? Are you still sex in the city single. LOL!! I love it! So Fuck off and get a life so you won't have to worry about mines!! DEUCES bitches!

skinny people 36

Things that piss me off are

a) people who start having conversations about fat people, then they look at you and say "oh, but you're not fat". Uh, ya, I am. First to admit it, and ya, it's because I'm getting older and not exercising enough. But why are you commenting about people's weight at all? Don't you have anything better to talk about?

b) when you run into people you haven't seen in awhile, and they say "wow, you've lost weight!". Uh, no, I haven't! See above! I must reside in people's memories as a total whale if they think I'm losing weight!

My point is, fat or skinny, don't talk to people about their weight at all. You have no idea why they are fat/skinny, and you may be worsening esteem issues just by bringing it up.

Oh, and STFU about carbs and calories and fats. You sound like an addict jonesing for the next fix :-) Let me enjoy my meal in peace.

Skinny People 37

I am angry because I've seen alot of these posts, and me being a very skinny person, dislikes it when people who are not, class me in sections of their hate, especially when I have done nothing wrong. Have you ever wondered how hard it is for some of us?

I am a guy, i'm 20, and I am 6 foot 2, does that describe what a typical guy my age should like? No it doesn't I don't think im better than anyone else, and no matter how much I eat, I don't gain any damn wait, so just cause ure ovreweight and cant lose weight doesn't mean you are the only ones with any DAMN problems on this planet.

anorexic bitches 38

Who the fuck every said you're a fat shitface? If I see another good-for-shitting skinny whore down the street I will honestly load up my shotgun and go on a rampage. I dunno WTF girls are watching but if reading Twilight is enough to get you a shake-weight (AKA oversized vibrator) they seriously need to grow some balls (so to speak). Anorexic/bulmic/whatever-the-fuck bitches always think that their bodies are fucked up and shit. Their twig thin body deserves a good smack in the face because they look even uglier than a fat-ass. Trust me, many "fat" people end up looking better than skinny whores. Would you like to put your cock into a skeleton? Unless you're a necrophile/vampire/emo-kid/twilight fan/maddox I doubt it.

being skinny 39

I hate that almost all people hate skinny girls and think they are arogant and starve themselves. I try freaking hard to gain pounds. i eat as much as I can. I even spent a lot of money seeing a nutritionist but nothing has helped. i was ridiculed for being thin all my life. as a kid, i had very low self esteem and refused to go out of the house because i hated people ridiculing me becuse i was thin. why do people discriminate so much? I am sick of being depressed and stuffing myself with food all the time, so that i can get fat. i am so sorry that i was born this way and cannot gain weight even though i eat twice as much as my normal-sized friends. im 5'8" and wiegh 105 pounds. My BMI is wayyy below the healthy level. Ive tried everything. i can't afford any more treatment. I think i can do without people hating me just because i am thinner.

People who say that they are ugly when they're not 40

I am so fucking mad at the fact that these skinny ass whores say that they're so upset because they're ugly and starting to look fat, when they're size 0 and beautiful. Stop trying to seek attention and be fucking glad you're attractive instead of trying to get MORE attention!

Judgmental people 41

I am angry at people who laugh at overweight people when they exercise. As an overweight person myself, I have been laughed at at the gym, when I go out running, and even at yoga! Once I have even heard a young girl say "she should have done that sooner" when I was out jogging. Why is it that everyone labels fat people as "Lazy, and pigs," but when they actually diet and exercise, they get made fun of! Come on people, you should see that we are trying and not be so mean.

Fitness Nazis 42

I am so fucking angry at the fitness nazis. I am overweight, slow metabolism so I have decided, fine, I'll just work three times as hard as the rest of the fuckers, lose the weight, and rub it in their faces. I have been harassed my whole life, so far as to have people pull out knives and offer to cut the weight off. My weight doesn't affect you people! Leave me the hell alone, but fine. The fitness nazis win. Oh and by fitness nazis, I'm not talking about people who work out and take care of themselves. I am talking about the people who work out and take care of themselves while judging at hating anyone of a different body type trying to do the same. I'm overweight so I go out and jog every morning in an attempt to become more fit and healthy but some other jogging bitches decide it's funny to watch a fat girl run, trip me, I bust up my knee so bad I can barely walk on it and then they try to justify the bullshit saying if I don't respect me with my health why should they. I WAS OUT JOGGING YOU ASSWHIPES! I was exercising, I was "respecting my body" or however other ways you bastards put it. DON'T MASK YOUR SHALLOW INTOLERANCE AS CARE FOR MY WELL BEING! I may be a fatty but I am not an idiot. You may be thin but you're a hypocritical jackass.

fat people, making fun of 43

I'm fucking angry at the way it's okay to make fun of fat people on TV and in real life. Every fucking god damned sitcom since 1965 has had to go on about how fucking gross and disgusting it is if a woman used to be fat, might be getting fat or is currently fat. Like it's the worst thing in the fucking world, like you can't be pretty if you're overweight, like you can't be sexually desirable if you're not fucking skinny.

I'm not fat, I'm basically average weight, but my wife is and I happen to think she's hot and I would whatever the fuck her weight was. Obviously there's limits on either end but the kind of 'fat' that gets made fun of on tv is usually only a little bigger than average size (150-180lbs). I'm sick of it being okay to do this. I guess it's because they can't make fun of blacks, Asians, Jews, the French, the British, the Germans, the Dutch, gay people, women (in general), liberals, Republicans or the disabled anymore. They have to pick on something and fat people are the only group that it's still okay to make fun of. I'm not talking about stuff like with Homer Simpson or Peter Griffin or Eric Cartman where it's just like 'hey fatass, your ass is fat', I'm talking about stuff where it's portrayed as gross and horrible and offensive and like you're a fucking mutant for being fat.

Fat people can be gross, disgusting, ugly pigs with no manners who shovel food like there's no tomorrow. But so can people half their weight. Some fat people have ugly faces. A lot of them don't.

It's fucking bullshit. The only other group sitcoms might consider as gross or worse are people with bad teeth. And then they don't have whole fucking GODDAMNED episodes about how one of the characters is trying to date someone but is put off by her bad teeth, no it's always put off by their weight. You can all fucking suck my ass.

People hating fat people 44

I am angry at all these fuckin retards who hate fat people and say we are lazy and blah blah blah well IM here to say fuck you all im not lazy I work 15 hour shifts hanging drywall yea I weight 400 lbs I eat veggies on a regular basis and Im still fat I dont want to be fat I want to be skinny and how much more fucking excersize can I get hanging drywall for 15 hours a day, you people who fucking complain about fat people, get the fuck over it, cause I think its pretty fucking disgusting that when yall take your shirts off you got bones stickin out everywhere its nasty and I wish one of you pussy ass motherfuckers would say some shit like that to my face, No one would ever fuckin find your asses, look up aligator alley and think im playin the shit yall say is pointless and bullshit, I played Football Lacrosse AND soccer growing up and I was fat then too, so you go ahead and think I want to be fat cause you fucking bitches are retarded, I've never called anyone anorexic I've never made fun of someone for any reason, no one is perfect no matter how much you skinny people think you are, cause I've seen plenty of disgusting ugly looking slim people. maybe you all forgot what it was like in school but heres a peice of advice, don't harrass or make fun of a fat person. Cause I don't put up with that shit, so next time you and your stupid low life friends are out in public and you see a fat person think twice before you act like an ass, and you better hope its not me cause I will fuck someone up in a heart beat, half you skinny whining little pussies are out in the streets holding up " need help" signs at the FAT PEOPLE driving their cars. I make close to 10 grand a month and you mother fuckers wanna call FAT people losers hahahahaahaha FUCK YOU, yall will never make as much money as me and im fat as hell I hope you enjoy it the only reason yall get mad when you see fat people out eatin mcdonalds and shit is cause all yall broke ass bitches on welfare gettin fuckin pregnant and sleepin with everything the shakes a dick at ya, like before I'll say it again think twice before you fuck with a fat person cause if I ever catch anyone on the street makin fun of me or any one else, I wont hesitate to fuck someone up, no one is EVER gonna push me around I will spend life in prison before I let one of you pussies talk to me that way

Obesity 45

I am very angry because everyone says that all obese people are over 300 pounds and have 60" waists. I am a young girl 5,6" and I wear a size 14 in pants. I do not eat all of the time and I exercise for 1 hour each day. I have been doing this for two weeks and am trying to continue on like this. I am working on losing weight, but people call me fat and it hurts. I do not take up much space, I fit JUST fine in a normal school desk. I do not have a smell, I bathe properly. I never eat fast food or sweets. I know most of you reading this are like "oh, it's another fatty thinking that she's not that fat." Well, your wrong I think I am very fat, but if I got on an airplane I can fit in ONE seat with room. Not all of us are obnoxious either. I do not give any thin girls the evil eye. If I do, it is only when they make fun of me. I do not try and date any thin people for I know that I am an ugly blob. Thanks, for reading from this 14 year old fatty.

Skinny People 46

I FUCKING HATE SKINNY PEOPLE! They are NOT cute. They are weaklings and do NOT know anything about strength. I also hate them because they do not know anything about having intelligence. They are SO STUPID. Like, get a fucking education and don't waste your time at the gym. Also, the women think they look so good in high heels and skinny pants. NO YOU DON'T BITCH! You look like a fucking hooker! What's worse, you are a moralless DUMBASS. So quit making fun of FATTIES and quit being a BITCH and eat something other than lettuce and fruit!!

Skinny People 47

I hate skinny people being SO damn conscious about what they're eating that they have to portion a tinyass cookie in halves to finish over 2 days or eat half a slice of bread, or half a granola bar. Goddamn it, if you opened the freaking thing, just eat the whole thing; I'm sick of seeing your half-eaten shit lying around.

skinny people 48

I am angry because I just ran across an entire page ranting about how much some people hate "anorexic" bitches, sluts, and etc. People need to wake up, quit putting people into all inclusive categories, and quit fishing for ways to bring other people down! So many things people have said here are WRONG to the point of infuriation.

1. Just as being large does not mean someone is lazy, being skinny does not mean they are anorexic. Some people just ARE skinny! Comments saying otherwise are hypocritical and ignorant.

2. Not all skinny people are stupid, unkind, self centered, overly confident, or think they own the world and can have any man in it. Skinny people are just like any other sized person-some are awesome, and some just suck. Quit judging an entire group of people based on the few people you have probably encountered.
*PS: if you have a shitty attitude about skinny people, the nice ones will not want to talk to you. Maybe this is why you have only met skinny people who are mean to you. With some of the things I just read, It would be physically painful for me to be nice to several of you people either and many people (of all sizes) agree that I am actually a very nice person.

3. Just as being skinny doesn’t make you a bitch, being large, curvy, (or whatever other label you want to use) doesn’t make you a saint. Get over yourself.

4. “Real size” is bull shit. Because I’m skinny does that make me not real? Because someone is curvy does this make them not real?

5. A movement that began in attempt to tell women that they are beautiful no matter what their body type has now become inspiration for hateful comments about how ugly skinny is. This just sucks! Can people not see that the point is EVERY body can be beautiful?

6. I believe that anyone can be beautiful regardless of body size or shape, BUT that does not mean that it is ok to be unhealthy. There is a point where too much fat becomes a problem and when things get to this point, no, you are not fine the way you are, you are physically in danger because of the way you are and should go to a doctor. (anyone who disagrees with this is again hypocritical and ignorant if they also comment on how unhealthy it is too be skinny, which apparently has evolved to mean the same thing as being anorexic in the eyes of this audience).

7. This is NOT a hate site!

We don't want to hear that you hate someone or something. We aren't interested. We want to know why you are angry instead. For instance. I hate George Bush! That will not be posted. I am Angry at George Bush ad telling us why is acceptable
So much for this rule huh people?

im skinny? 49

SINCE IM PISSED IM GOING TO PUT CAPS ON. WHY IS IT THAT NO MATTER HOW HARD I TRY TO PUT WEIGHT ON IT SEEMS LIKE EVERYWHERE I GO SOME MEAT HEAD F*** OR FAT PRICK WHO DOESNT EVEN WORK FOR HIS WIEGHT HAS SOME SHIT FOR ME IM 6 FOOT AND I WEIGHT 150 FUCKING POUNDS IF YOU THINK IM SKINNY FUCK YOU AND STATISTICS IM PROUD OF WHAT I HAVE AND WHAT IVE GAINED. EVERY POUND OF MUSCLE I HAVE I EARNED. Ok anger is over now im not gonna be the guy to generalize fat people like im seeing alot here but if you critisize thin people calling us sluts or bitches because we find that we cant i mean CANNOT put on weight due to some genetic fuck up or what if your overweight might see as luck even though if your in my shoes IT BLOWS BALLS call me a skinny fuck if you want but i try thats all i can do and perspective works both way you call me skinny ill call you fat and or a judgemental used dildo salesman

Anti-FAT People 50

I HATE "anti-fat" spouting people whose maximum intelligeance can be measured in the single digits!!! They are commiting hate crimes just by posting this hate-drivel, and its easy to see that they are both stupid and in-bred!! You want to rant?! Rant about your fucking nose-hair, but leave those people, who have enough to worry about in their lives, ALONE! You have a problem or phobia over fat people, then stay away from em, cause you have a right to do that. Believe me - they won't mind at all! Anti-FAT people need to examine their souls, not only for what is missing there, but for what it will become in the future!!!

skinny people 51

I'm angry at the skinny people who tell the fat people to exercise, when they themselves don't exercise! Hypocrites, it's annoying how they are uppity about their natural boney structure. Why's it okay for a smaller lazy person than a fatter person. The smaller are always more likely to be taking up the gym. I wonder why? Can't be because they make the larger fellow feel inferior. Jesus, you're done, go eat some damn pancakes.

skinny people 52

i am so sick of this life, beautiful skinny women everywhere. Do you know what its like to be a women and not live up to the beautiful body idea. I have never got attention from men my whole life until i starved myself for two years and got down to 114 pounds when 145 pounds is what my weight should be...that is just sad!!! to have to starve endlessly to be considered attractive, im 38 and dont know how much longer i can do this...

Skinny people 53

I'm angry at the skinny people who hate fat people (me), and their best solution for me is to 'get off my ass' or 'put down the fork'.

I have class every day. I have a part time job every day. I have not the time or the motivation to learn how to make myself healthy, home-made meals. Yeah, I could probably squeeze in some jogging, but you know what? I don't want to.

Exercise isn't exactly enjoyable for me. I could head to the gym and be laughed at (happened before), or I could use the rare free time to sit down with a nice Tolkien novel and a cup of tea. I could sit outside in the sunshine with my dog. I could sit down and call my big brother to catch up.

What, in all the fiery (and icy) circles of Hell, makes you think I'm giving up this wonderful time to myself to go and try to please people like you? You, who scream hateful things at me? Who hate me because I smell, am ugly, am lazy, have cellulite, am a slob, who should just be 'wiped out'?

Nope. I'll stay here with my chocolatey goodness, trying not to learn to hate myself as much as you hate me.

I'm angry at you.

 Skinny vs. Fat 54

This is really pissing me off.

On here so many fat people are dissing skinny people.

'They act like god!' 'Anorexic bitches!' 'Nobody likes a sack of bones!' 'Fat is better anyways!'

Seriously, growthefuckup.

We don't act like god. Just because we're not obese like you doesn't mean we starve ourselves. Let's say you see a girl in the hallway at school. You've never seen her before, but she's thin and walks with her head up. She looks really confident and proud. You look in disgust. As she walks past you mutter 'anorexic bitch'.

You watch the pain shatter through her expression. Your best friend turns to you and whispers 'That's ____. She weighed 300 lbs last summer.' How would you fucking feel then? You don't know. Maybe the person you just glared at has had bulimia since she was 11. Maybe the person you laughed at eats 5000 calories a day and doesn't gain a pound. And maybe the girl you just called anorexic worked her ass off to shed 100lbs.

So shut up about skinny girls. Everybody is a different size, and no size is better. Being a lazy ass and sitting on your couch with Oreos all day doesn't make you superior to the 117 lb girl who exercises 6 days a week to stay healthy.

Just stop complaining. I don't know what kind of people you've met that act like queen, but there's definitely fat girls who do that too.

"Skinny" people 55

Skinny people are NOT all egotistical a-holes. I am a 22 year old female certified personal trainer and I weigh 116lbs. I lift weights 5 times a week and have to eat 6 meals a day , plus a protein shake to gain anything. I am not skinny, I am strong, especially compared to my strength before lifting, but I'd still like to be more muscular. My goal is to gain 15 pounds of lean muscle, and if that was easy for me to do, I'd have been there ages ago. I became a CPT to help inspire people of all sizes to live healthier, more active lives because (I don't care who you are), people are happier when they are being healthy and active. My best friend was obese in high school. She weighed 288 pounds, until she decided she would do something about it. She exercised her butt off, ate healthy, and became a personal trainer and power lifter. Yesterday she told me she's at 167lbs and still working it off. We both motivate each other because we are educated enough to know that it is just as hard for a skinny person to gain muscle or even fat as it is for a fat person to lose excess weight. I wish my glutes looked like hers; she wishes her abs looked like mine... We all wish, find those who help you achieve it, no matter what they weigh. Do not ridicule people for the shape of their body. Physique anxiety works both ways, and I constantly wish I could put on weight with ease. If I skip one meal because of lack of time or I'm full from the other 5 meals I already ate- I lose weight. I know metabolism, nutrition and exercise are the defining factors of a person's physique, and I applaud anyone and everyone who took it upon themselves to work hard to be happy with themselves (gaining OR losing). Health leads to happiness. If you're on this site bitching about how "all skinny people are sluts", "you take it for granted that you got skinny", "fat people are pigs".... It's YOU who's unhappy.

(Side note- a person doesn't "take it for granted" that they got skinny, chances are they worked REALLY hard for that!)


A Somewhat Irked Personal Trainer

*Note from Anger Central
We almost rejected this one. It came across on first glance as a reply and we don't do this on the main rant site.
A second glance and we decided to let it through.

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