Cindy Sheehan

Now I know this lady had lost her son, and that's a horrible thing. But does it strike anyone as rather unlike a purely grieving mother for this lady to be out there promoting a book (which even by war opponents' opinions is a horrible piece of crap) and basically becoming a religious figure for not only people against the war, but who actually claim the people that killed her son were actually on the same moral ground as the Minutemen of the American Revolution?! Seriously, that's bullshit if I ever heard of it. When she's off getting foot massages and smiling and acting like a celebrity, it's kind of hard to feel much empathy for her supposed "grief", especially when she visited the president and actually had glowing remarks about her visit with him about a year before all her current activities.

And frankly, I'm glad the president isn't giving any more attention to this attention-starved wench. If someone whose son RE-ENLISTED to serve in Iraq accuses the President of killing her son because he was forced into Iraq, that bullshit simply doesn't hold water. A person who intended to run over her beloved son to keep him from making a choice that she politically disagreed with does not make even the emotional appeal (which is, in itself a fallacy) work.

What sickens me is how the anti-war groups have made her into this person with the solution to all our problems. Any of the thousands of sheeple who delude themselves that they are free-thinkers due to their leftist views should take a look at what she says instead of think "oh, she lost her son in the war, therefore she is right on every public policy matter!" Every time I look at a "Cindy Sheehan for President!" post on a blog or forum, I can't help but hope to God these are sensible, intelligent people who don't know much about her. Such hopes are usually dashed rather quickly.

She went through a horrible loss, no doubt, but allying herself with people who support those who killed her son. Her moral authority is not "absolute" as some would claim, except as perhaps a sign of the human cost of war. Perhaps, even more frightening, is a showing of how hatred for a war can also cause the moral decay of those who oppose it.

Basically, I hope either she sees the light and distances herself away from her blatant stupidity, or she finds herself alone in a world where an honest discourse about Iraq begins without the cult of celebrity and ideology. Until then, may all the people like her who claim to speak for free-thinking adults who make choices they don't like rot in Hell.

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