selfish people

I can't understand why some people can be so fucking selfish with everything. They won't help anyone but theirselves and have no regard for anyone or anything. These miserable bastards should be nuked and fucking pissed on. My friend joan's boyfriend is a miserable, useless, rude, stick in the ass piece of shit that if not for her would have his lungs ripped out. I can't wait for the day they break up because I'm bitchslap the moron all over hell!! Then I'm gonna fuck her and call him up and tell him about it. Fuck you ray!

Oblivious People 2

I have real difficulty understanding why so many people will leave their supermarket cart in the middle of a narrow isle while they fondle the potato chip bags (or whatever) looking for the one that has the most in it. Meanwhile nobody can get past. My theory is that these people have their heads implanted so far up their asses that they are oblivious to the fact that the planet is occupied by more than just them. My advice is "TAKE YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS ONCE IN A WHILE AND LOOK AROUND!" It is not just you!

selfishness 3

I hate the fact that sub-consciously I am a selfish asshole. 2 years ago this month, 2 of my friends got married and moved down south. Now while I am happy that they chose to make a better life for them and their families because god knows that there are absolutely NO opportunities here in Michigan. However, deep down inside for my own selfish reasons I resent them leaving. I resent the fact that will be no more friday night card games, no more going to the movies, no more get-togethers and no more just getting in my car and driving across town to go visit just to get out of the house. It pisses me off that I can be so selfish. It irks the hell out of me that since they left, I basically have no friends. I know I shouldn't be this way, but I feel that they abandoned me.

Selfish People 4

Why am I so damn angry...I'll tell you why!! First of all i'm gettin charged with something that isnt even my fault, that just ticks me right the fuck off. The guy doesnt even have the decency to go in and tell them what happened, instead I have to deal with it all. Shows how much of a friend he is. Second, friends are assholes. The only reason they are your friend is obviously because you have money, smokes,a vehicle etc... Why can't they just call you to hang out, instead they just use you...Well I fuckin had enough. I'm always the nice guy but thats goin to change, they can walk their lazy asses to wherever they gotta go, and bum smokes off one of your other worthless friends. Haha I'd hate to say this but, its like my mom always said: 'Friends Come and Go, But Family Stays.' I have now come to realize that Blood is Thicker Than Water.....I'm Out, have a nice day!!!

selfish people 5

I have come to the realization that almost every person in my life is selfish which makes them sucky people. I have no expectations for these people and accept them for who they are-selfish. WHY do these people find it necessary to continue to contact me to TALK ABOUT THEMSELVES and have no regard for who I am as a person? The usual response would be throw them out of your life (which I have many) but what if THEY ARE FAMILY?

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Selfish people 6

Hmmm, my boyfriend & I had a "names day" Party for him, Yeah I know whats a names day rite, well its a day Polish people celebrate for getting I name, I guess. Anywayz here I am, cooked everything on the planet and worked my ass of, and the guests arrived, all of which was Polish I must add, by now U probably know, by now, I aint Polish. The selfish assholes, ate and drank but gave no acknowledgement to me or my part of the guests. They even did a toast and never called me to the dinner table, I served like as if I was some maid. I am east Indian we live in South Africa, but these assholes totaly ignored me and whats worse left the place like all hell broke loose. Drunk and stuffed like an over stuffed turkey. All of them spoke only Polish so I cud not understand jack shit, and for crying out loud, they r here for over 20yrs here in South Africa and dont know how to speak English. U in a country that speaks English and had English rule, Go learn to speak english U pieces of num nuts. Sorry! they totally left me pissed out, in my house I am fell totally disrespected. To me thats balls man. I wont treat people like that if I go to their house. Definitly not after a 30 course meal, and I mean 30 course meal. How the hell do U get Polish people to realise that they are not the ony ones on the bloody planet. And as for my boyfriend, he was the biggest asshole of all. Gosh I wont even go there rite now......... Thanx for allowing me to vent hehehehehe...... Dang !

Selfish people 7

Saying that I dont want anything return would be a lie, but a bit of understanding would be great! My best friend is super selfish! I don't get it how someone can be that selfish! I'm running out of excuses, trying to understand his behaviour! I know I shouldn't stereotype people! But, shouldn't guys be a bit more willing to carry heavy boxes?! Yes, this may sound dumb because it revovles around heavy boxes full of books. Sigh. It's the end of term, and our uni requires us to move out everything from our dorm rooms. I happen to have a relative that stays nearby, but I have boxes myself to shift there! I really don't mind keeping his share of boxes, (even though my relatives would probably have something to say about that!), but couldn't he at least help with the moving?! His stupid selfish excuse is that he doesn't want to meet my relatives. What rubbish is that?! I may be a girl, but I'm not asking him to marry me! I don't even have feelings like that towards him! I'm just asking for a little more understanding! Is that so wrong?! ARGH! I'm just so freaking angry at him right now. I don't wish him harm or horrible curses, but he's like a brother, a really really annoying brother who you just wish you could hit some sense into! The world doesn't revolve around you!! WAKE UP ALREADY! Sigh. Typing it out like this, helps ease the anger a little, but the problem still remains, he's so freaking selfish. I don't want to put up with him, but I'd be the selfish one then. >< I just wish he gets some sense into that thick skull of his! GAH! (thanks for creating this platform for us to rant)

selfishness, stupidity, and my own failures 8

I am sick and tired of people who have so much sorrow for their own struggles and a total lack of empathy for other peoples struggles. I am tired of attempting to be there for other people, only to discover over and over again, that the carelessness of mind that led to their problems will affect me in the end as they exercise their carelessness with me. I am tired of being unperceivable in my relationships, yet having to navigate the endless projections of others concerning who I may be. I am tired of being interpreted through my performance of self, rather than being judged by my potential to be responsive to everything that effects me. Most of all, I am tired of being used and worn down by obligations to the people I love. I am angry that I must constantly toil without peace, while surrounded by overwhelming social stupidity and protectionism.

I am perhaps most angry that I was not more confident about myself earlier in life and able to figure out a way to live alone, and have a decent sex life at the same time, without carrying tons of students debt. I am so angry that my own ethical disposition practically mandates that I should pay my student debt- only after finding out I'm better than being a capitalist stooge. I am simply to beautiful for this world, and I enjoy my own company more than anyone self- it is so frustrating to occupy myself confronting the stupidity of our times in so many people. I am now even angry at myself for the horrible things I wish upon stupid people everywhere who insist on a right and wrong, good and evil. It is a good thing I am a lowly students and not an evil mastermind, because I would have destroyed you all for bit of peaceful solitude if I had the chance.

So hey, cheers to vulnerability and limited resources...!

Public/Private Meetings 9

I can't stand it when people have whispered conversations within a few feet from me. RUDE! RUDE! RUDE! If you want to have a conversation and you don't want me to hear, GO SOMEPLACE ELSE AND TALK! You are not glued to the floor. Walk away! If you are in an office, close the door! If you are talking about me, say it to my face. If you don't want me to hear what you are saying, GO AWAY!

Selfish People 10

I have come here so many times its not even funny ! My boyfriend who is an asshole drives me fucking insane. I cant get rid of his ass as he is an old fart and the news of me leaving might just kill the bastard. He is worse than fucking Homer Simpson. He drinks, burps, craps and the noises can be heard by the entire fucking neighborhood. I can never have a fucking decent conversation with this prick. Infact I dont even know why we together since we dont even fucking make love. Geesh ! I am getting old with this prick and I am 16 years his junior. Hmmmm I must be out o my fucking head to be with this asshole.

Selfish people 11

I am really pissed off that almost all of my friends are so selfish! I am a very loyal friend and will always be there for any of my friends if they really need me, they know this but when I seriously need help or comfort, they are nowhere to be seen.

selfishness 12

I am so angry because the lady I provide daycare for is so selfish. It's all about what is good for her with no regard for me. On one instance she wanted me to reduce my rate so she could save money to go on a vacation. Oh yeah, take money out of my pocket so you can go have a great time. I thought the money for a vacation is suppose to come out of your own pocket. What are you thinking. Oh, I forgot she doesn't think about others, just herself. Now the final instance of selfishness. She knows I am not doing daycare for her after the summer, so in the middle of the summer when I phone her to say "can you bring the kids ten minutes later in the morning" she tells me, on no notice, that she is testing the kids out with a new babysitter all week and with another babysitter all next week. She takes my job away from me with no notice. I said to her "How would you like it if someone took your job away in a second. She is just one selfish person. No appreciation. The worst is she justifies her selfish actions saying "I thought you would be happy. It gives you time to look for a new job. Yeah right, I need you to give me time to look for a new job. Thanks for being so thoughtful. I just hope she gets all that's coming to her in the universal scheme of charma. Stupid is, stupid does.

Selfishness in people 13

People are very selfish. I was looking for a car and asked all the people around me to borrow their car for few hours. I even told that I have an insurance. But unfortunately this is what they told me.

Guy1: Oh...sorry , my car is in a garage (because of check engine light). I'm driving my girl friends car.

Guy2, Guy3, Guy4: Called and emailed but no response.

Guy5: I need to pick a guy tomorrow -- then I said I need today-- . My car is not here -- I can walk to that place (which is close) -- finally he said it was repaired and cannot give to me.

Guy6: One shaved head mother fucker and ego bastard who thinks he is the biggest smart ass in the world. Started yelling at me -- how many times I said I cannot give my car ? (In fact I never asked him for car personally).

See the world is a big shit of selfish people. Every time we need to give care, give love and give everything but the world keeps fucking you.

obliviously self-centered unkindness 14

it's so demoralizing to be good to people, kind to them, to think about what will help them and then DO the thing...only to be surrounded by people who accept that kindness and help, and then obliviously do nothing to reciprocate. I don't think the solution is to not be kind -- and maybe even the ones who are oblivious to the needs that other have to receive kindness are the ones who need kindness the most --but what does one do with the anger that builds up? Me, I end up turning it inwards, and getting angry at myself, and depressed, and then that pisses me off even more. Crazy! I don't want to be good to people just to get something in return, but I feel little pieces of myself dying daily because of lack of kindness being returned. Pay it forward? Absolutely. Pay it into a pit? Not so much.

selfish people who believe their entitled 15

I am so sick and tired of people who think the world owes them can spot these people in restaurants, shopping malls, holiday gatherings, anywhere! Their typically "pampered wives" whose husbands make alot of money and believe that the fuckin world should revolve around them and that everyone else is shit! Their the type of person who is arguing and degrading the waitress about the poor service just so that she can get a discount on her final bill and a coupon for a free entree!! Or the demanding woman who goes on vacation and demands to speak to the manager right now because the towels were delivered 10 minutes late and is now expecting a free night accommodation! For those of us who are loving, caring, and self-sacrificing we get shitted on by these people. That's why I don't do shit for these people. I like to live by the motto: If you give respect, you get respect.

Selfish Idiots on Facebook 16

There was a terrible earthquake in Haiti, and so Farmville just makes a post telling about White Corn relief and what not, so I just out of curiosity, I go to see the 3000 some comments, and 99% of them are begging for people to fertilize their crops and feed chicken etc. WHY ARE PEOPLE SO SELF-CENTERED? That is all

selfishness 17

I am so sick of people being selfish. I try very hard to go out of my way to help anyone in need and everytime you ask a favor, no one is EVER there to help you. I am so sick of being stepped on. I try to help simply to help, not to get paid back, however, every once in a while, it would be nice for someone to just step in and help back. I am tired of my friend Lisa and her family - for 5 years now I have been used and abused. I am just not strong enough to tell her to go eat shit and die! And no, I do not feel any better venting :)

Selfishness 18

I am angry for the simple reason that you do so much for other people around you and yet when the time comes around that I need help for some reason I get told I can't right now!! I have this person coming over and that person needs me. Then when the truth finally comes out they were setting on their ass watching television!! What is wrong with people anymore, noone has any sympathy for anyone else around them!!

selfish arrogant people 19

Selfish people seem to dominate the area where I live. A lot of them are middle income assholes and think because they have a little bit of money they're the greatest people alive, and are millionaires. They have NO MANNERS whatsoever, cuz they're too busy sticking their noses up in the air and acting like lower-class folks like myself are beneath them. They love to snub others and show off how asshole-like they can be. These are also the kind of people who like to make their own lines at the checkouts, or create a "branch" in the line and put themselves, their cart, or both to the side expecting to just cut in and bump the other people aside so they can be first. And people let them do it, and the stores don't even give a shit! How STUPID is that?? They also like to park the cars in the Fire Lane because they're too good or lazy to park in a REGULAR parking spot like the rest of us...when they do that I want to just put a sign on their car saying "selfish asswipe alert". I have spotted as many as SIX cars in the fire lane at one store at the same time. Of course the police are nowhere to be found when things like this happen, too.

Then there are those who actually ARE rich, and because of that are selfish because they have more money than you. Not all rich people are this way (thankfully) but those who are think the world revolves around them...making me wonder if they are Baby Boomers also, since they too think they are better than everyone else.

Best part of selfish people: they don't think they're selfish, or they don't care. My brother is selfish and arrogant and vehemently denies it, but will be the first to deny help to someone in need. (He's a baby boomer, so that is part of the problem.) Selfish people are total asswipes and if there was a way to blow them off the face of the earth, I'd be the first to do it.

loud, selfish people 20

I need to rant a bit about people that are loud and selfish. Not people that are naturally loud or talk loud because they can't hear well, etc. I'm talking about the people that I see regularly, and have asked nicely to please quiet down, and they still continue to be loud. These people do not have regular conversations, they yell them. They squeal. Not to mention, all they talk about are the things they did when they were drunk ... which is every night. Yes, readers, that is their excuse for not quieting down. "I'm sorry, I was drunk. I can't help being loud when I am drunk." Then don't come back to MY apartment!! (I have a roommate, who is one of these people!) I don't think that being drunk should be an excuse for anything, unless it is a once in a blue moon thing. These people I'm referring to are drunk almost every night, and go out with the intention of getting drunk. Whether they are drunk or sober, they seem to think that everyone is interested in their shallow, superficial and sometimes disgusting conversations. Repeatedly acting like and idiot while you are repeatedly getting drunk and/or are hung over is NOT FUNNY. Does anyone else understand this?? These people just do not care about any one but themselves. Good thing I'm not a violent person or I would have effed up quite a few of these people already. But I believe in love, not hate. Unfortunately, there are some people in the world that I end up feeling hatred for, no matter how hard I try to love them.

Selfish world 21

I've had enough of giving giving and fucking giving!! I'm sick and tired of being the nice one people take the piss out of me!Why am I like this, I hate being me. Its true, nice people finish last...people cant do ONE selfless act, ONE!!! And here's me the one who's always there, yeah...ring me when you need my help, only when you need something from me...I've had enough of this world and the people that live in it!!!

selfishness 22

How awful must it be to be selfish you may do what you want at the cost of everyone else but to never give cant be very satisfying can it? I love the feeling of helping someone and showing empathy when i can which is most the time but selfish people just take, take, take and if they do give its to get something in return.

My boyfriend has left me over and over again because he keeps searching for new kicks new places to surf or hang out with people, my mum is ill with cancer and he has just moved abroad to work for a few months. He cannot turn anything down to be with me, I am a play thing that he just comes to when he has nothing better to do. I accept this tho and always love him. Why do ass holes get so much love from us doormats. Im too tired from selfish people (my sister included) that get all the glory when i am left feeling so empty from all the giving i am too exhausted to even write with real anger. If you understand i wont need to express my anger you will know how messed up it can get when you are involved with these types of arrogant souls.

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May we recommend you tell this tool to go take a hike? He isn't good enough for you. You'll be much better off in the long run.

Selfish People Who Are Wrong 23



I am angry because there are still people in this world like miranda in sachse that still chooses to be selfish and not give a crap about anyone else but herself. Why do people have to be this way? Selfish people make me angry! Very angry! These are the same people that sit at McDonald's with their kids screaming and yelling at them and they are too busy on their cell phones to pay attention to their child. When you decided to birth a kid you decided to not be selfish..... deal with it. And complaining about a "dead beat dad" just because you know that you don't give a rats A$$ yourself does not help. It's time for you to grow up, selfish will get you no where. This makes me angry because some people are not blessed with a family as hard as they try and we have those selfish A$$ people who have kids that are too selfish to appreciate them! Thank you!

Selfishness 27

SO I have a child with my boyfriend and he is one of the most selfish people I know. What kind of "dad/boyfriend" tells someone that they will fit me into their schedule to hang out every OTHER weekend? (yes he actually took out his phone and showed me the calendar of when he could "fit" us in) He tells me this so that he can go fishing and hang out on his time off instead of spending it with HIS CHILD. Forget me, I mean I want to spend time with him but at least I understand and can deal with it. She doesn't know any different! Everytime I try to bring it up he turns it around on me like its MY problem! I am so SICK of this. When do I EVER get to go do what I want to? When do I EVER get time alone or some peace and quiet? I have tried SO many times to tell him that what he does and how he treats me hurts me and isn't fair to her but he just walks away! He tells me that he loves me and when I try to reak up he says he wants to try and work on things. Well you know what buddy? ACTIONS SPEAK VOLUMES OVER WORDS! Don't tell me you love me and want to work on things and then make NO fact it's been getting worse!

There are 2 types of people in this world...givers and takers. Takers should get NOTHING from anyone EVER.

Relationships are a 2 way street. You have to give and recieve equally but those who take just can't do that and they will never see the light. I'm taking matters into my own hands. My future and happiness is up to me, I'm done trying to fix/change/be patient. I deserve the best and so does she. Maybe when we are gone he will realize how good he had it. Maybe when she is calling someone else daddy he will wake up.

selfish people 28

I hate it when people "ask" you for gifts when they don't give you anything back. It's like them saying, "I deserve a gift but you don't." I posted an object that I really liked in a social networking site hoping that nature will find a way to give it to me. I read about this somewhere. Instead, I got a comment that says " I like it (the object) too maybe you can give it to me since it's _____ day this Sunday?" So instead of someone offering to give it to me, I got a comment that they like it too (so selfish) and had the nerve to ask me to give it to them! I mean, why don't you just give me a little happiness by not saying those words? Instead, they can say nice things like " i hope you get what you want," not "Forget about you, I hope I GET WHAT I WANT!" People like this don't deserve respect. IN fact, the deserve NOT to be respected at all especially by the people they hurt!

Selfish people 29

Im so tired of people whining and whining that i never go out with them. im sorry i have a life and a boyfriend and study and work. i dont have mountains of money like you do and i need my own time. im not less of person because i stay home and study. grow up and accept that sometimes we have to take responsibility for our lives.

Selfish People...30

I am so sick of selfish people. You see I'm the kind of guy who will not say no even tho i want to say no right. Anyhow this morning i woke up extra early to wait for a delivery (0600). About 0730 My dear aunt new full well that i was waiting. She asked me if i would like to go shopping (ASDA) i said no to start with because i was waiting. Basically she didn't take no for an answer ''We will be back before then''. Me being so kind and stupid said yes.(Mistake that was) Got back and it came. Now i have to wait till tomorrow for it to arrived, The thing that really pissed me off was she didn't say sorry, She knew i wont say no. Just writing about it winds me up. It just fucks me right off. its always me. Im getting sick of it. Its alway TAKE TAKE TAKE, what do i get... NOTHING. I want to change and start to take action but i can't. Its not me, It makes me feel good that i have helped someone. If anyone needs to change it those people who think its ok to use people to get what they want. Fuck em... Fuck the lot of them. :@

Selfish People 31

Everyone is selfish! But is it really necessary to blatantly flaunt your selfishness, masquerading it as stupidity?! This isnt selfishness!!!! This is something else entirely!! This is selfish, attention deprived whores who will do anything to fuck everyone else over!!!! I'm talking about the "Life is so bad atm" "I wish you were mine" "Love me!!" "OMG watch me act hard mouthing off other people so I can look cool and intelligent, because God knows I am not" facebook status's that desperate people shower over the internet in their selfish, not understanding what fantastic things they have and throwing away everything in their attention seeking stupidity because they want to roll around in love! WELL I CAN TELL YOU FUCKING WHAT!! FUCK OFF!! GO GET ON WITH YOUR LIVES INSTEAD OF WASTING THEM!! And then they have the nerve to speak to those who aren't so blatant in their selfishness like shit because they think that their lives are far worse!! WELL I'LL TELL YOU THE TRUTH BTICHES!! IF YOU'RE LIVES WERE SO BAD YOU WOULDN'T BE SPREADING IT TO THE WORLD IN A VAIN ATTEMPT FOR LOVE!! This is the sort of society we live in. Why cant people accept their selfish ways? If they do that the they'd learn to eventually not be as selfish. BUT FUCK THOSE WHO ARE SO IGNORANT< AROGANT AND STUPID!! FUCK THEM WITH EVERY FIBRE OF YOUR BEING!!

Selfish losers 32

Oh my god. I mean I know I'm selfish and all sometimes. But the overt selfishness of people just fucking PISSES ME OFF! my friend who will not be named. He fucking cried cause he likes MY boyfriend who is straight and he just gets SO jealous when he sees us. He fucking expects people to pity him because "Ohh I like him soo much, why do I have to see it?" well FUCK OFF! cause I've been in the same fucking situation, and I didn't sit around crying. I FUCKIBG MOVED ON! I can't stand it when people want pity for something so stupid! "I can't bear to see the person I love happy if it's not with me!" SHUT THE FUCK UP! If you truly love someone, their happiness should matter more to you than being with them! I've loved people who didn't love me back! Who were attached! And seeing them happy made me happy! So get the fuck over it! God, people today fucking piss me off with their pity campaigns.

Selfish People 33

Why do people have to be so oblivious to the fact that they are selfish? I go out of my way everyday to help one person that seems to be oblivious to the fact that I have feelings. I care so much about how other people feel that I forget I deserve to be treated nicely in return! It is so aggravating, do we all care more about ourselves then anyone else?

Selfish people 34

Sick of selfish people. Who call you and want you to listen to there problems. But you call them up and they're no where to be found. They complain about everything and act like they are the only ones with any problems. You are supposed to move in with them and you hurt yourself a week before and can't move cause your hurt. All they can say is but what about me so now your nor coming. Ummm ok I just had 9 stitches in my hand a allergic reaction sorry I'm not thinking about you. Selfish that's all I can say.

Selfishness 35

It makes me so angry that all my family says I am so selfish and a B****. I do not even know why they are saying this when I do so much helping around the house and I make desserts they like all the time. Its really annoying how they say I am like this and they are really the ones who are crabby all the time!

naive selfish people! 36

it seems everyone has problems that EVERYBODY needs to know about! particularly on facebook! i am sick to death of reading depressing statuses on my timeline all because someone is 'in a bad mood. dont know why' THEN WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU MOODY? YOU SHOULD BE HAPPY SO FUCKING SMILE YOU DOUCHE! jeeeeze it makes me angry.

selfish people 37

Screw friends. i'm burnt out with being their for my friends and them screwing me over... What is wrong with this world no one cares anymore... Getting to the point where i am so sick of it do not trust anyone and could care less if i have friends or not!!

greedy entitled people 38

A so-called friend/former co-worker made a casual suggestion to me about using a particular service for a lawsuit I was contemplating. I blurted out that if I won, I'd take the bitch out to dinner at the most expensive restaurant in town. Well, what do you know, she held me to it and not only insisted I keep my "promise" but also had the greedy audacity to order the most expensive thing on the menu. How convenient, when I do real favors for her greedy worthless ass, she's always "broke" (but has money for gambling and shopping) and never keeps good on her promises. What a useless, piece of trash to expect someone who's unemployed to take you out to dinner and spend over $170 on your greedy, slobbering ass.

Selfishness 39

Sitting in my room today, everything that has happened with other people crashed over me. I AM SO SICK OF EVERYTHING!

I mean everything. Yeah, everyones got worries and everyones selfish (I am not afraid to say that I am no exception... and I'm 13) sometimes, but some people take the actual piss!

Couple of days ago (oh, and this really gets me) my friend picked me up for school. Soon as she got there, she started crying her eyes out and wouldnt tell me shit! I stayed with her and faced the embarassment of making an excuse for my form tutor because I arrived in form so late, and all she would do is turn her back on me! In the end, she just made up a stupid excuse (she felt ill) and ended up going home, leaving me to friggin worry over her! And then, over FACEBOOK, I found out that she was making such a fuss because her boyfriend had broken up with her (and she knew he was going to break up with her because she text me it a few days earlier)! This pisses me off because she told the whole world before me, and I think it was only to get attention (judging by the 27 comments posted) I tried to be sympathtic but she ignored me and shit and treated me like crap whilst drowning herself in sorrows that she already knew was coming! For the love of the kami's, get over it girl! Your 13, get over it! And then a few days later, I tried to tell her my grandad had luekemia and I was upset, 2 minutes later we ended up going on about how her mum wouldnt let her go to a stupid concert and she started slagging off her mother! This happens all the time (not with just her), its like I'm an agony aunt whos letter box is crammed with other peoples shit.

Everywhere I turn, there is someone else with another trivial problem, another 'BIG' issue that is SO much MORE important than everyone and everything else! People nowadays do so much whining and let everyone else sort out their issues! I when I say other people sort out their stupid problems, I mean ME!

Its not just things like 'my mates fallen out with me because i pratically shagged her bf (seriously, this happened. Twice! FFS! WTF?!) or 'so and so hates me' or the old classic 'I hate my parents because they wont buy me such and such', its in the classroom too!

I'm lucky enough to have been blessed with a small amount of intelligence, so naturally people turn to me for help. Okay, fair do's, I'll help you figure this ou- oh wait, theres a massive 20 stone teacher right there and the problem is so blindingly easy its not even funny. This goes off into the laziness section I suppose, but it falls into the selfishness section too because I have my own work to do and I'm under a lot of pressure to get it right because when I get something wrong (because everyone else is bugging me so much) I get slagged off and laughed at. Yet people still come to me for help! Lazy and selfsih and unapprciative or what? I am not a teacher, a mentor, or an agony aunt. I am a friend who is loyal enough and patient enough to listen to a problem, but selfish enough herself to expect some form of friendship back.
Oh, and while I'm ranting I might as well go into the people who are the icing of the selfish cake. Its a close tie between loud mouthed individuals and Facebookers.

Everywhere on Facebook, there is another person posting yet another status on YET ANOTHER problem! And I bet half the problems arent nearly as big as they are made out to be (and I even bet some of them are fake!) And then when you try and be understanding, they wont tell you shizz. Attention seeker much? If you dont want to talk about it, dont post it up for the world to see you attention seeing whore!

And then there are the loud people. I mean loud! LIKE EVERYTHING THEY SAY IS ABSOLUTE AND EVERYONE MUST HEAR ABOUT IT BECAUSE I AM THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE! Y'know, them types. They are everywhere. I bet if you are still reading then you will have named at least 1 right now. Ugh, so ignorant, but its best to ignore them. They will hopefully find out that the universe and everything in her does not revolve around them. Hopefully being the main word.

Phew, I'm sorry for such a long uber rant, but I'm not the type to load off my problems to other people (plus, I know that if |I tell someone something they will spread it faster than melting butter) so when i do have a go its a long one!
Hope your day hasnt been as crappy as mine. But hey, i'll get over it unlike some other people XD

Selfishness/Indecision 40

Ugh, I don't understand what your issue is... You're not the only one with problems, okay!? GET OVER YOURSELF. I'm sick and tired of you not being able to see past anything but your own self. You're so freaking self-absorbed. It makes me sick. Don't act like this is all my fault, or like I let you down. You pushed me out of your life.

And I'm sick of YOUR indecision and selfishness. You're lucky to have someone like me. You're lucky if anyone is as devoted and caring as I am. What's your deal? It's like you're taking advantage of my feelings, and I'm so stupid that I stick around. I know I deserve better, yet I hope you'll change. It's so confusing. Dangit. I hate how inexperienced you are with relationships so you don't really know what to do, and I know that isn't your fault, but it's not making anything easier. UGH, YOU CAN'T MAKE ANYTHING EASY. WHY DOES IT ALWAYS HAVE TO BE WHEN AND WHAT YOU WANT!? You're so infuriating, I can't stand it. I can't stand it I can't stand it I can't stand it.

Everybody just needs to get over themselves...

Selfish Assholes 41

There is this ASSHOLE that thinks EVERYTHING IS HIS AND HE IS THE BEST and his job is NOTHING!!!!!! HE IS MEAN TO EVERYONE IN HIS FAMILY AND WORST OF ALL THEY STILL TREAT HIM WITH SOME RESPECT. WHY? BECAUSE THEY HAVE CHARACTER TRAITS! All he thinks about is himself and when his family members help him like letting him freeload, he doesn't do the same for them. Instead, he scolds them and insults them and says he owes them nothing WHEN clearly is is a USELESS HIPOCRITE! He thinks he is a genius when he says the atmost stupidest thing and he doesn't understand the most simplest explanation. HE IS COMPLETELY USELESS!!!! My cousin who is 10 is MENTALLY DISABLED IS WAYYYY SMARTER THAN THIS SNOB!! I HATE THIS KIKI!

selfish people 42

I fucking hate my family. I do everything for them they do next to nothing for me, and yet everytime i try to put myself first I have been openly called and asshole and guilt tripped into doing it anyways. My dad recently had his knee replaced and I am spending 7 hours a day driving him around, no pay or anything just out of the goodness of my heart and the entire time he criticizes my driving, my mom is usually the one on my side but when I try to tell her anything its always that they wouldnt ask for help if they didnt need it. I had a panic attack today from being in the car, she replies with he wouldn't ask for your help if he didn't need it. My sister is 20 years old, legal driving age is 17 where I am and she doesn't want to get her license, guess who has to drive her around everywhere regardless of time or place. I should also add that I live on the east side of Toronto and everyone I drive around is to the west end, Toronto has something like the 15th worst commute in the world and I'm driving it 4-6 times a day. I should probably add in that most of this is from one day, and tomorrow is going t be exactly the same. FUCK YOU FAMILY

selfishness 43

I cant believe that I let myself be so blind to what was staring me in the face for so long. You meet a woman who has children, you also have three children of your own who you only see at the weekend after a previous split. This new woman comes along and yea we have fun and laughs for a year while living apart but you see a few warning signs in her behaviour and how she is a bit slow in coming forward with help when out with our "new family" You think that sooner or later the penny will drop and she will start to offer to pay her way when it includes her kids, but you give them the benefit of the doubt and think I want her to see that I can help and then surely she will want to do the same even if just in a small little way. Well beware there are some unbelievable selfish people in this world with unbelievable double standards who will rape you of your own self worth just so that they are happy with what they want and what they can get from you. But it doesnt stop with you, you start to see how this person is working their "charm" with their own parents, by sitting back doing nothing and waiting for their parents to step in and help out. The hardest thing to get your head around is that this woman is 40 years old, who will post hard done by statuses on their facebook pages, ( but we all know you can be who you like on these pages with your virtual friends who only know you by what you post and like,) and still relies on everyone and anyone around her, if you question her over her actions then you are picking on her and being mean Fuck me do I feel mugged off these people wont change, dont want to grow up and just take the fuckin piss as long as they can get away with it. Yet to the world who dont really know them they portray a image of independence . People like this dont give a shit about anyone else but themselves, take, take, take is their motto and why cant I is their belief. Leaves a nasty bitter taste in your mouth and a sick feeling in your stomach but hey why should they give a fuck they never did and never will. There is no justice when this happens, you feel used like you would nt believe, when all you were trying to do was show that you want to help, dont want to wish harm on any one but it would be good if for once they had a taste of their own medicine. There are good people out there who want to help by showing that you are worth more, but usually they have been through the same with men/ woman with the same attitude towards other people. A good friend of mine told me that " Even serpents shine " so true, so true. If you have been shat on from a great height, it might be really hard to restore your faith in people and not see every one as a money grabbing selfish gold digger, but as said they are out there, just tread carefully. If Karma exists lets hope it works !!

Ignorant selfish people 44

I work as many hours as my mother and go to school and to her I'm lazy. She wouldn't give me a ride to work for a week because she would rather watch tv and fuck and go shopping for shoes with my child support. Her bf has at least 20 pictures of himself in the house and a bunch of taxidermied animals that smell like crap.

My boyfriend isn't a complete mooch but he makes me feel like I'm so lucky to be busting my ass for 8.50 when he sits around and plays video games all day and has as much money as I do. I'll go 30 mins away to get concert tickets for us and dress up mad nice and pay for the cab food pot and liqour. I do this without him asking to be nice but then i'll ask him to walk 5 mins to the liquor store with me and he won't. He also doesn't like having sex with me in my room... If he ever does me a favor he goes on and on about it like he's the complete shit because he did it and i just feel like crap. I have been getting out of work everyday at 8pm for 2 months and he still asks when I'm getting out. He forgets every fucking day. On my birthday I didn't get a happy birthday until 8pm when he asked "Is today your birthday" even though I told him about it the night before and made bday plans with him..

Fuck people.

Selfishness 45

Well, quite frankly, I'm tired of trying NOT to be angry lol!!! I've just about had it with how selfish overall the human race is.... ego is a fuckin' horrible aspect of our being.

Apart from a select few, virtually all the acquaintances and friends I have, are ridiculously self-centred. I'm someone who works at being the opposite of self-centred, taking genuine interest in others when I'm with them, but man.... sometimes it fucks me right off. I don't give to others just in order to receive, but I'd sure appreciate getting SOMETHING back from time to time. I spend so much time focusing on others and listening to them, but quite frankly they just don't give two shits about me.

One guy I work with regularly does nothing but talk about himself. He does give me lifts to work so I'm always grateful for that, but that aside it's hard to stomach being around him to be honest. Always him, him, him. I know everything about him and his life yet he knows fuck all about mine even after a good few years now. It would mean the world to me if he simply one day asked how I was, or how things are going in my personal life...

Why can't people give a fuck even just a little bit?

May sound totally silly and insignificant but something else that really gets on my tits is the fact that I make a daily effort to pay attention to my "friends" facebook status', liking, watching their content and leaving only positive comments for them, and yet not even a single one can be arsed to pay attention to when I share a link, or utube vid or even what I've been up to. Sod the lot of them!!!

I just don't see the fuckin' point in being a doormat, sending out goodness and respect to others (making them feel importance) when I get zero in return. What a fuckin selfish world we live in... a sad reality indeed. I wish it weren't so. And I don't wish to waste my time being angry but I'm more sick of supressing it... selfish, SELFISH bastards!!!

Selfishness 46

I'm so sick of little ignorant immature people being so fucking selfish. While some of us are trying to be good people and help make sacrifices, you're in your own "me" world thinking about yourself! Newsflash you aren't the only person in the world. I can't wait until life hits you in the face..hard and you realize how much of an asshole you can be! I sacrifice so much for you and you do NOTHING for me!

Selfish and rude 47

I'm fucking sick of people using me for my money. I don't even have money to use other then my grocery money! I quit smoking cigarettes because "friends" would see I had them, and take one. I've told all these "friends" that I DON'T FUCKING HAVE MONEY FOR MY OWN HABITS OR FOOD, yet they don't care. They come over, eat as much as they can so I'm stuck without groceries for a while, and they'd smoke ALL my smokes even though they barely even smoke. They aren't even addicted yet, WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU SMOKING MY CIGARETTES TO THE POINT WHERE I HAVE TO QUIT? BECAUSE I CAN'T BUY THEM ANYMORE BECAUSE YOU SMOKED THEM ALL AND THOSE WERE SUPPOSED TO LAST ME ALL WEEK. fuck. I hate everyone.

Selfish Manipulators 48

Just a few things that make up a selfish manipulator that gives plenty of reason to cut them off-

*Ill motivated-Everything they do is to get a reaction. Whether it's ranging from roses to apologies to slamming doors and cabinets when they're angry, Everything is motivated by validating their stance or self worth- SELFISH

*Fake around others (pretending to be cool, calm, collect and FUN individual) when around you (or others who have already seen them exposed) they're miserable, mood swing having, scene causing, embarassing bi-polar assholes- SELFISH

*Quite often interprets things wrong. Takes that wrong assumption and holds onto it for dear life just to have a reason to be bothered so that you can come and validate them some more- SELFISH (also, does this at fun events, family gatherings or when children are present- in other words, no one or nothing is placed higher than their own feelings)- SELFISH

*Does the above action into such an extreme that it goes into days, sometimes weeks that end up ruining what could have been memorable events such as birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, intimate family time doing something fun with the kid/s- SELFIIIIIISH

*Constantly playing the martyr with empty fake pitiful apologies- Not backed by any applied effort to improve or change but once again, lazily thrown out on the table to obtain comfort from the one they continue to destroy-SELFISH!

*Cheap gifts- You always give better gifts than they do. Not because they can't, but because they'de rather you put more energy into knowing them and pampering them. It's a choice they make to purposely keep you less important than them- SELFISH

*Lazy with sex- Always the taker, ONCE IN A BLUE MOON the giver, initiator or romancer- with a half ass attempt at that- SELFISH

*Constantly instigating quarrels and contentions with you, after attempts to keep it good and kosher you finally say "to hell with it, fight yourself if you want to"- then they realize they won't get the validation they're seeking from you, so they call or text a crutch of a friend to bitch and moan conveniently leaving out that they caused everything-SELFISH

*Extreme cases of selfish manipulation= someone who will tell their friends that it was their fault just to get the sympathy for being a "good enough person to admit it". Now they have their validation, and they go back to treating you like the unrespectable yet high threatening individual they view you as-DELUSIONAL

*And finally, they profess to love you yet, wallow in their self pity exclaiming that that can't do anything right with you. (All because you have standards and make it known that you won't settle for being treated with such emotional abuse)- Love via action (or change of if need be) is not something they are prepared to give. They'de rather embrace deception and die a martyr's death with you (after everything you've tried to make this relationship work) and reinvent themselves as a new beaten up war hero to the next poor soul who doesn't know any better.

CONCLUSION- Don't attempt a suicide mission trying 2 save someone that is content in their misery* There are people out there that truly do want to be built up and stay up*

Facebook selfishness 49

I'm angry because the fact every time I go on Facebook and post an status about myself being down, nobody comments back. All I read is how they brags about their damn love life, children and how blessed they have it. Who the fuck cares, people on Facebook are selfish, they doesn't give a shit about no one's feelings. I'm totally thinking about deleting my account because I'm just tired of the world fill with self center bastards.

Stupid/Selfish people 50

I hate when you are in a public place such as the grocery store or anywhere and when it is semi crowded dumb ass people have to stop walking and stand in front of you so you can't get past them. There is always one selfish, oblivious dumbass who is so preoccupied with themselves that they completely ignore the entire crowd trying to get around them. This always happens right in front of a doorway or aisle of a store. I noticed there tends to be an influx of dumb people who are in the same areas at the same time. It is like they are on the same time clock. Then as I say "excuse me" to turn down the aisle they stopped in front of to talk to their friend/s, an employee, or to openly discuss which way their destination is they give me an annoyed look for existing and not waiting an hour for them to hold me up. They act like I am being rude for trying to get some where when they are aimlessly wandering and stopping right in front of the aisle or doorways. If your not going to turn, move out of the way! I understand sometimes your spaced cuz I am too, but i move and they seem bothered to let you turn somewhere that is public property. Agh!!!

Dealing With The Selfish 51

Like the late John Lennon said "there's something lacking in their eyes", the world is full of them. This is one of the major reasons that many decent, kindhearted souls on this planet have HAD ENOUGH!! We all must realise in our frustration of SELFISH GITS that they are to be pitied, because a lot of of them don't know any better! The ones that do know that they are are being tight wad Smart Arses and try to gain as much from you as they can (while secretly thinking they are winning "something"). Take solice in the fact that they are the "top drawer", "first class", "Gold medal" LOOOOSSSEEEERRRSS in this world due to the fact that to actually be like that is about as sad as anyone can be and eventually no good will come out of it. Ever hear about the poor old guy or lady that lived and died alone??? Yes we feel sorry for them, but who's to say that throughout their entire life they were a tight ass miser who took everything and gave nothing and dying sad and alone in the last years of their life gave them the time and reflection their soul needed to reaise they did indeed lead a a life of monumental selfishness and suckery!

So heed this advice. Don't let these smart arse selfish gits do it to you. (((I for one will not be drinking myself stupid in my latter years, pouring hatred into a bottle (like I have seen with many older folks) because I did so much for others and felt entitled to "something good" on the wheel of karma.)))

Years of dealing with "one way street" friends, girlfriends, family tought me how to do what I did recently and it feeeels good.

I recently moved in with my GF and a mate of mine I've known for about 5 years. Finanaces are tight for us all so we decided that keeping bills down was a good idea. I sold musical instruments and gear to raise the bond on my side and helped my mate out with a few buck so as he could manage to make the move from his place. All good, a few weeks later I was repayed.... no worries. Both him and I were not working but he managed to find a job in the last few weeks. Now! Being the couple me and my GF are (she's working), we did things like cook meals, bought some basics for house etc etc and generally didn't penny pinch.

As soon as this Pr**k got his job and working for a few weeks, things changed. The "I'm alright Jack" tendencies kicked in. He borrowed som tobacco from me one night saying it was just till the next day cause he was getting paid. The next day he bought real cigarettes, NOT Tobacco (because now he had money). I waited and waited to see if he had good grace to remember his promise of replacing 1/2 my tobacco. Nope.... no joy. This is on the backdrop of me and my girlfriend providing basics like washing detergent etc etc. My rechargable batteries for wireless devices etc. Things that people like me don't bother about until the "friendship" motorway becomes single file "one-way". The last straw was when I had had a couple of spoonfulls of his coffee when studying one night (cause it was wee small hours and I was under the impression that we were living in a "share within reason" environment). Well I was mistaken.

The coffee was gone the next day and access was no longer available. We F**K that, after all we provide for this Wa**ER.

Me having the name on the internet connection we setup and I did all the arranging (as with the moving in etc etc etc) and setup. Even installing the stuff in his computer. Basically going out of my way for weeks to make life easier for everyone. This was a kick in the teeth.


So I reconfigured my WI-FI router so he has to pay his own way with the building WI-FI


I have no problem problem with carrying out the biblical addage "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". As much as I hate to say it "Turning the other cheek" does not work. And as much as I would like to be as spiritually atoned as the like of Jesus and Buddha. I feel that giving tight ass MUTHAF**KAS in this world consequence for their disrespect for anyone else but themseleve, is the better part of valour.

He learned that by making me feel worthless after everything we did to make things easier for him. DOESN'T GET HIM ANYWHERE.


Dealing With Selfish Part II 51

Well, this fucking prick knows no bounds of stupidity and selfishness. Today he left a note saying he is going to move out in 3 weeks. This breaches the term of the lease agreement. GOOD LUCK with that you FUCKING LOSER!!

As with every selfish arsehole out there, he lasted 2 weeks of getting absolutely nothing from decent kindhearted people. I treated him with the same respect he treated us and made sure he could TAKE nothing more from us. Household stuff, internet etc.......

So when these TAKER FUCKS live with a mean, carbon copy of themselves, where they cant USE anyone ot get anything out of anyone for free.

THEY LAST 2 WEEKS!!! Well MUTHAFUCKA suck it up cause we've HAD MONTHS of it and you can't handle it when someone treats you like you treat them.


Full of Shit 52

People are so full of shit and full of themselves. They think the world revolves around them. Something needs to happen so these people will figure out that nobody gives a shit about them and their stupid egos. IT co-workers just plain suck!!

Selfish Persons 53

Why do people take advantage of the most kindest people in the world? I mean it's fine to talk to them when YOU need a favour but then when they're under so much stress they can't cope all you have to offer is an insincere 'I know its hard'? Fuck you. It's hard because you take advantage of someone's kind nature. Stop screwing good people over. I mean sure carry on your fucking merry way and go to the beach and whatever after screwing up our day yesterday.

I just don't know how people aren't seething in guilt the way I am in anger. Ungrateful pieces of shite. Have a shit life.

Selfish Persons 54


Right now my family is driving me bonkers.

Family should be selfless and understand of each other right ?? well that's WRONG * at this point of time in my life =)*

So pretty much I have quite large family, last few years had two deaths and a diagnoses of a disabled member of our family and another member diagnosed with dementia - IN TWO YEARS YO.

In this time I've been so selfless, put everyone's needs before my own. consolidated their feelings and heart aches whilst dealing with it my own way. Helping financially and just generally helping with anything.


Then recently, something happened (sorry trying to keep this brief) but I offered a family member advise which they asked for, they chucked it back in my face and copped drunken text messages and to top it off a sibling just cancelled my birthday plans 3 days prior - TO HAVE LUNCH WITH A BOYFRIEND.

AND another for fun and games I had two medical tests in two days and was asked by a member to take them to the shops which I sadly declined because the tests I had made me tied. They got the shits at me so I did it and when I got there SAID THEY CHANGED THEIR FUCCKKKIIINNGG MIND

My dad always says when you have a consciousness and are self aware the world can fuck you up. YOU ARE FUCKING RIGHT DAD.. World sucks fucking ass right now


Selfish People 55

Dear all of you selfish ass fucks out there buying all of the Hand Sanitizer and Toilet Paper; I hope you die and burn in hell you greedy fucks. You know what i'm going to be laughing my ass off if you selfish fucks do get the CoronaVirus because you wouldn't stay home, you wanted to buy up all of the essentials and either hoard it for yourself or to cook up your Meth. Also some fat fucks are now buying all of the meat at stores now this is getting ridiculous you gluttonous pigs need to fucking stop ok you people are overreacting and you people need to grow up and turn the goddamn news off already. If I saw these fat fucks at my store I would beat the shit out of them with a hammer and take every mean they stole and put them in everyone else's carts and put nothing but vegetables in their cart fucking selfish fat fucks. I hope all of these stupid selfish people get a dose of karma.

*Note from Anger Central
You might want to cut back on consuming your stockpile of liquor before posting.
Regarding the panic buying, it has reached ridiculous levels. We blame the media of course.
They want to have another Spanish Flu outbreak and
will stop at nothing until they get it.

Attention Seekers 56

I am so angry at these losers on Social Media who will say anything to get attention for themselves.

There are the idiots on Twitter who rudely comment on anything you post or comment on by finding something "Racist" about it when there isn't, the idiots are just trying to make you look bad all because the idiot is desperate for attention. They really don't know what racism really is and unless someone calls someone of a different race an actual racist slur than it is NOT racist you fucking moron.

Other Attention Seekers that piss me off are the ones who will go on and on about how their life sucks, they get mistreated by their friends, friends steal from them, they don't have a place to stay, asking about how you live, and then when you talk to them they make everything all about them and will say anything and then brag about how they are better than everyone, will spread lies about you to get your friends to hate you and do anything to piss you off and when you confront them, they begin playing the victim and say you are overreacting and won't stop spamming you no matter how much you ignore them to the point that you block them and they get all depressed because now they can't have your attention.

Attention Seekers really piss me off, these people need serious counselling.

Spoilers 57

To all of you inconsiderate assholes who have seen Spider-Man Far From Home please stop spoiling the movie.

It pisses me off having spoilers shoved down my face on Social Media by idiots who are just looking to get cheap likes on Social Media.

Not everyone has seen the movie so stop trying to ruin the experience for people who just want to see them movie without spoilers.

I hope these spoilers get sued.

*Note from Anger Central
So why did you read the spoilers in the first place?

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