You are either oblivious to the fact that you are so fucking loud or you don't care about others that have to suffer through your penetrating, grating, fingernails on chalkboard eardrum splitting rants about politics, gun control, and vegas. And enough about the grandchildren! You're not the only one with cutesy wootsey grandchildren, but you may be the only one who talks incessantly about them. I dislike them more than I do Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck because all I do is hear about them.

You simply have no stifle switch do you? What kind of drugs does your dopey husband supply you with? Ask him for heavy duty downers, stay home in bed, and give the rest of the world a break. In case you are still oblivious, I'm telling you what an inconsiderate, arrogant, crass loudmouth pain in the ass you are. Take a gigantic pill and shut yer trap!

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