Cell Phone stores

Who in the hell do you think you are Chris? I come into your store per instructions of the Customer Care line and you give me some shit? My husband made a comment to you and you know what, we don't want to know that online sales are different than in-store sales. And then you say, "but we will do it anyway". To quote Chris: "That is like the Sheriff Department telling the Police Department how to do their jobs." You raised your voice to my husband saying "they can give you instructions to come in but they can't tell us how to do our jobs". My husband proceeds to walk off and then you make this comment to me, "it is best if he doesn't talk to me because it won't be pretty". Fuck you you asshole. Then after that you have some little fit with me after I ask you a question about my contract. You thought I wouldn't walk off did you? I stayed calm and composed. You need to lose your job you phoney, two-bit, snazzle-toothed, blue-gummed asshole. You won't be employed long because people won't put up with your shit. Fuck you Chris.

scalpers 2

I live next to a stadium and every fucking day i have to hear a bunch of greasy tipped scalpers yell "tickets, tickets, tickets, tickets" ... when they catch me on a bad day you best believe im telling all of those fucks to get a job... those little bitches... they hustle tickets for a living! TICKETS. they are all in cahoots with one another and they all have to dress like total dirtbags (although apparently they make so much money... LOL i dont believe it they look like a homeless bunch of junkies to me) the cops know who they are and do nothing... which makes me yell at them more.. the looks on their faces when i tell them to work for a living is priceless. I WISH I HAD A FLUTE LIKE THE PIED PIPER SO I COULD SEND ALL OF THEM BACK INTO THE SEWERS!

annoying kiosk salespeople 3

Everytime i go to the mall, i come across these annoying kiosk salespeople and they are always harassing me and wanting me to buy their crap. If i say no they give me an attitude and a dirty look. They are so annoying. Years ago they never even had kiosks and it was a lot more fun to go to the mall, nowadays when you walk in the mall there are like three kiosks in a row and they really irritate the crap out of me. If this is the future of malls, i am going to stick to online shopping and stear clear of malls.

Real Estate Agents 4

I mean really......is there a more useless bunch of lazy f*cks in the entire country? G*dd*m leeches, all they know is sign you up, sit back, post an ad or two, and maybe if you're real lucky show the house once or twice.

I had one that every damned day she was on the phone 'you need to do this', 'you need to do that'...hey lady, WTF am I paying you a COMMISSION for ? I finally told her to come over and bring the contract with her so I could tear it up and put it down the disposal.

Walmart Cashiers are Retards 5

Seriously I fucking hate checking out of Walmart, they either have some Old Fossil at the register talking your ears off and not paying attention to the line that's forming, or they put some trainee to work and they have no idea what the fuck they're doing, or some cashier who don't know how to ring items correctly without charging you twich for one thing, and you know what I think they do it on purpose just so they can screw you out of your hard earned money, or they pocket the cash out of the register. Look dumbasses, I work hard to earn money so don't give me that whole "It's a Hard Job" Excuse, some of you idiots don't know the meaning of hard work, you never graduated from College or dropped out of school and have a job at walmart because you didn't care about your education, which explains how fucking stupid Walmart employees are.

This stupid bitch scanned a Printer as Food and I had to go on a process at Customer service which took a fucking Hour to get everything corrected. How do fuck do you put a Printer as FOOD are you that goddamned uneducated that you can't tell the fucking difference, way to ruin my night of looking at Christmas lights all because some brainless retard messed up my groceries, and i'm sure she's pocketing the difference; I hope you have a horrible Christmas bitch, I hope you lose your job and end up broke for ruining my evening plans, why don't you go back to College because obviously you have no business working if you can't go without messing up someone's groceries.

I swear Walmart needs to make their employees take an IQ Test before hiring them, because most of the cashiers are nothing nut a bunch of brainless retards with no sense at all, mess up groceries on purpose, get bitchy when you confront them, they need a good punch in the jaw and a open hand slap to the head, let this be a lesson to all Walmart customers, their employees are nothing but uneducated morons bitter at the rest of us for our real jobs and can never have them because they don't know the true meaning of Hard Work.

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