Rude People

Rude customers should be given the option to yell all they want and make spectacles of themselves. Rude people should be given the option to go ballistic and throw tantrums when aggravated. Rude employees seem to take all the credit and become instigators of the worst kind. The reason I am so damn angry about it is I have no control over these people and my motto is to just live with it....And that is the most aggravating part of it all.

Rude People 2

I am so damn angry at these new age parents who dont believe in correcting their childs bad behaviour. They seem to think that it is okay for the child to disrespect adults, scream to the top of their lungs in public places, and act like all around unadjusted shits. These sorry displays of parenting make others not want to have children.

People who are spiteful 3

I'm so damn angry because I run a mud and someone has posted lies about it because the mud was not what they expected. It's one thing if they just didn't like it and gave a reason why it's another thing if they just start telling lies about

*Note from Anger Central
The poster of this rant contacted the webmaster directly and yelled at him by name. (via email) It turns out that some scumbag has lifted the identity of the webmaster and is posting bogus entries around the net. We located the web site this poster was speaking about and saw what the impostor had written. This is the second site we have found that has been defaced by some jerk who thinks this is funny. In both cases we contacted the site owner/webmaster and explained what was going on. We also spoke with the poster of this rant and he understands what is going on.

Now all this is annoying and if it keeps up we will begin to take action. You may think you are anonymous but you are leaving tracks all over the place. If you annoy enough people they will start rummaging through their logs and start contacting ISP's.  At best this impostor will lose his/her account. At worst? Depending on what they try, they could end up being prosecuted.

Pushy old Broads at Church 4

That's right, I said CHURCH. So, I decided to drop out of the yuppie rat race and stay home w/the kids, and we all like it so much better, even the kids despite me being on them constantly to clean their rooms, etc.

But, as soon as these old ladies got wind that of my new schedule they lean on me to participate in every danged committee and event, and when I refuse (no problem saying NO, that's part of being a mom lol) they just stare at me and say, but you don't woooooork!, as if my time is up for grabs by THEM. FUCK OFF.

Thanks for letting me rant, gotta go pack my bags now for HELL. (but at least I won't be in the section for shitty parents).

Swearing 5

I appreciate that people have opinions, but foul language is a turn off as well as being unnecessary in our glorious language.

rude people 6

this fat bitch who is apparently untrained in how to park a car parks immediately behind me, gets out, and slobbers into her cell phone oblivious to the fact that I'm trying to pull out. I honk, and she looks at me with the glazed eyes of a grazing cow. I have to squeeze between her stupid fucking car and another car to get out. Is rudeness just its own reward

Internet Trolls 7

The most annoying people on the net, they're nothing but underage kids who come on the net and start shit with everyone because they have nothing better to do than to annoy the shit of people. These trolls can be found on internet message boards, youtube, and even here on they always bash and hate on a certain thing or idea complain all the time, leave immature comments and posts, think they're better than everyone else and hide like the pussies that they are.

Seriously what do you wan't attention because you sure got some now yeah everyone pissed off at you for being obsessive, forcing your opinions down everyone's throats, and being a complete idiot. Now as for trolls yeah i'm talking about those who bitch about other people's rants, why are you idiots on here anyway are you looking to be hated by saying shit you can't back up if you don't like what people are talking about than fucking leave because it's not our faults noone likes you it's your own fault for being so stupid.

So to all you trolls grow the hell up no one gives a shit about you so go do yourselves a favor and STAY IN SCHOOL no wonder everyone says your so stupid you dumb uneducated kids maybe you'll learn something and be alot smarter to instead of making complete retards out of yourselves on the net. Oh and Mr. Webmaster please keep an eye out for the trolls even though the rants are anonymous it would still be a good idea to see who's trolling here.

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You would be amazed at the stuff that doesn't get posted.

Habitual line steppers 8

Be it strangers or friends, just like everyone else they get angry. Fine, cool, whatever. But you know even when you're really angry there's some shit you just don't say out your mouth. Things that most people would consider "Crossing the line" if you get my drift. I'm talking about some really spiteful shit. Like saying some shit like "I hope your mother dies or I hope your child comes out a stillbirth. What fucking boils my blood is these "habitual line steppers" say some shit to you and it might even be a friend or an associate telling you this. They say something really fucked up to you and instead of apologizing, what do they do? They wait a couple of days and act like nothing ever fucking happened then wanna be your friends again. They come back all friendly and shit smiling at you talking about “Hey man how you doing?” HOW THE FUCK YOU THINK I’M DOING ASSHOLE!?!? For fuck's sake why can't you just man up and say "Hey man my bad. I know was angry, but there was some shit I just shouldn’t have said out my mouth all together.” Why is that so difficult for them? Even when you confront them about it, what do they say? "I was angry man what do you want me to say?" An apology would be nice seeing how we're "cool" with each other. No? Well fuck you too. Then they stand there scratching their heads wondering what's wrong like a bunch of fucking idiots.

he asked me for cyber sex! 9

this stupid guy on imvu who CLAIMS to be from france (i know a little french and i said some and he totally ignored me!) told me, "hey, you are sexy." then, almost immediately, he adds, "wanna sex?" which means if i want to have cyber sex. he is such a pervert! this is a kid's site! he needs to get a life! I MEAN, C'MON! he's probably done this before, and what if it was to some 11 year old?! WHAT IF SHE SAID YES?! I HATE PERVERTS! AUGHHHH.

Inconsiderate assholes 10

Because we were up at Disney World and saw an inconsiderate asshole actually change his baby's diaper ON THE MONORAIL! Need I say anymore?

Also had to put up with inconsiderate assholes on the Disney buses to and from the on-property resorts who carted their big-ass baby strollers on the bus and made no attempt to keep them out of the way of other passengers.

Need I say anymore?

people in supermarkets 11

I'm fed up with rude people in supermarkets and shops. If i'm in my way then say excuse me and i will move!!!! Oh and as for the other day someone pushed their trolley into me, didn't say sorry and still continued to barge past me!!!! Another thing...if i'm looking at something and people want to get something as well and i'm in their way, i do not have eyes in the back of my head, so don't just stand there and think that i'm telepathic and that i can tell i'm in your way...just say excuse me and i will happily move!!! RANT OVER!!!

People at the grocery store 12

I am angry at the stupid ass holes who, in the grocery store, have only a few things and get in the lines for people with a cart load of groceries. Are you too stupid to use the U-Scan, or go to the lines for 15 items or less? You get behind me, stand too close, bump into me, and are extremely impatient and rude. What the fuck is your problem any way? What kind of idiot are you, to stand in line and wait with only a few items, when you could use the self scan and be out in a few minutes? Are you lazy? Stoned? Or just extremely stupid? I mean really, what the fuck IS your problem??

fat inconsiderate dumbasses 13

My sister and I were walking single file on this narrow path (fits two people) in our gated community when along comes this group of maybe 5 people soaking wet from the pool. When we are getting nearer I noticed they are still walking side by side (taking up both sides of the path) and not moving, so when I am just about to pass, I make the comment, "Why do people take up both sides of the pathway??" and then right after that I have to tiptoe around this wet kid with them, while trying not to fall in a bush, cause he didn't move either! Then after we pass one of them yells back, "What did you say?! Not our fault we take up the whole pathway... BITCH! HAHAHAHA" and they all start cracking up. First of all, YEAH, they are pretty all fucking fat, but of course they would be the first to point out the fact that it's OBVIOUSLY because they are fat that they took up the whole pathway. NO, it's common courtesy by anyone of any size or age to stick to one side of the path when someone else is coming in the opposite direction. Especially if the other people are already walking single file to squeeze through you lard asses! I mean, what the fuck. If you're that insecure about your weight that it pours out of you in a little altercation, then I almost feel a LITTLE sorry for you that you don't realize how dumb you really are. The worst part is that this fat bitch thinks she was totally in the right and will live on in her fat rude ways without ever knowing how stupid and insecure she and her fat friends really are.

People who don't listen 14

What I really hate is when people just don't listen. This takes a few forms.

I'm a junior in high school, and the other day, I needed to go talk to the college counselor between classes. That period, there was supposed to be a class in there, but I only needed to ask the counselor a quick question. The teacher for the class was standing right in the doorway, jawing on her phone. I tried walking in and said "excuse me" to her, and she simply said "You can't stay here, there's a class," even though the bell wasn't going to ring for another few minutes and I'd be gone in about one. I was trying to ask her if I could just speak to the counselor for a few seconds, but she was too busy talking on her phone to hear even the first word of it. Because of her, I didn't get to speak to the counselor, and if I don't get some very quick words in on Monday, I'm going to lose my Kaplan scholarship and won't be able to afford their SAT Prep class.

This also extends to my classes, when the teacher asks the students to answer a question. I answer correctly, and some bitch in front of me snaps at me and firmly says "Nope. You're wrong. That's stupid," completely ignoring my attempts to explain why I think the way I do. They don't even try and put it lightly, like "Could be, but I think it's this."

Really, it's just annoying when people have no regard for the opinions of others and just automatically assume your reasons are wrong and stupid.

Loud People 15

What do other people have to prove to the world by being loud? What can screaming your plans of last night possibly do for you? I cannot stand it when “loudtalkers” will walk into a store or into a classroom and you hear the girl or guy not just talking quietly about last night but SCREAMING about last night. Let me give you an example:

Girl in class: "Yeah, like OMG I got like so completely wasted last night like after 2 shots of cheap vodka he like totally tried to "get in" my pants."

Really, REALLY? He really tried to get into your pants? Does the entire classroom let alone the world need to know this? I hate it when I can hear about what you did last night, last summer, last year for that matter because frankly and especially in school when I am trying to listen to the teacher because I actually pay for it I DON'T CARE. So if you fall in this category of SCREAMING to your friends about what you are doing in 2 weeks, please just be quiet, no one needs to know, and no one cares.

I get angry when people touch or talk to me 16

I am angry when people touch me because they are invading my personal space. I told you I didn't want you to touch me so DON'T!! I am angry because you say I'm rude when I get angry at you. Well in the first place I wouldn't be angry with you if you had stopped talking when I asked you to the first time. I obviously don't want to be talking right now because talking and touching make me feel like people are grating me up with dull cheese graters!!!

Unappreciative people 17

You wanna know why I hate unappreciative lazy ass people?!?! Because I have had to live with one my whole life! To get this out of the way, if you're rich and u understand that they're are people less fortunate than you and u know you are a lucky individual, then that's all good. BUT IT MAKES ME SO ANGRY how people at my school have EVERYTHING that is NOT needed under the sun and guess what?! They hate it. "Oh it's old I want a new one." You know what, I am in high school, and I don't have any electronics! I have NEVER had a cellphone, an IPOD, my family has no tv, we have to plug in the house phone to our computer, and you cant friggin DEAL with the fact that ur ipod is 2 months old and it doesn't have touch screen or voice command! They seem to hate their parents bcuz they don't live in a 4 story house, buy them THE newest "thing" or actually tell them to do something, like I dont know, a chore maybe. Another thing, people that complain about everything when they themselves do nothing to change the state they are currently in! Just every day in and out, I hear "why does God make me live like this?" "what have I done to deserve this?" "When does this end?" WTF!! I personally know my dad is like this, personal exprnce. And yet, every month, he runs up to Las Vegas with our family's money and just gambles it all away thinking he's gonna win it big! He doesn't even care about how that makes my family feel. He doesn't appreciate the roof over our heads, or that we even have a car, OR THAT HE ACTUALLY HAS A JOB!! I don't even know if he is ever going to learn. I don't even know if he understands what it is doing. Well whatever, nevermind.

spiteful bitches 18

My wife is overweight. We seldom go out to dinner because she's afraid people will make fun of her. Tonight I coaxed her into taking our son out for a late night dessert. As we waited for the check two couples were seated in a booth less than two paces away. One woman actually pointed at my wife when she made her quite audible remark and the other one twisted around in her seat (just in case the pointing thing was too subtle) to get a look at The Fat Girl. Were these people raised by wolves or what? I've come to expect less and less in the way of politeness of people but for Christ's sake, this falls to the level of monkeys flinging feces. I sincerely hope these women reap what they have sown. There is really no way to describe the kind of pain my wife endures when this happens. May they fry.

Rude People 19

I work with the public and I am sick and tired of people thinking they can just bitch and get what they want. They walk in and demand service...God forbid they should wait their turn! Then when you cannot provide exactly what they want they want to talk to your supervisor because you are just the rudest thing they have ever met! Go get a massage with a happy ending or something and show some respect like my mother taught ME!


The FAT LOAD who can't be bothered to anything more than sit outside my windows and drink beer, I have to say: SHUT UP!!

I'm SICK of having to listen to this lazy piece of poo who WON'T hold a job, and who thinks the entire neighborhood is his stage, toilet, trash can, etc!!

WTF??? You can haul you fat ass up and down the stairs, you can crack open ENDLESS cans of beer, but you can't get a job?? GO FLIP A BURGER YOU WASTE OF SPACE!!

The more this piece of shit drinks, the LOUDER he gets! NO ONE can enjoy a summer evening with the windows open because this PIG is always: in the front yard, drunk, and deciding that his stories are SOOOO much more interesting than ANYTHING happening in the world!

WHAT A PIG!! Perhaps, when he goes to jail in about 2 months, someone will beat some sense into his f*cked up brain! WHAT A PIECE OF SHIT!!

annoying guy in class 21

To the annoying guy in class who won't stop talking to me: STOP TALKING TO ME. LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE! You're not hot or funny or intelligent or any of the things that you seem to think you are. You're so stupid it's painful to listen to you. I wouldn't ever voluntarily spend time alone with you so stop asking me. And if you fucking touch me again I'll kick your ugly ass, you little yellow-toothed greasy-haired weenie bitch. Shut the fuck up and GO AWAY!!! You're a fucking creeper and I hope you get run over by a herd of wildebeest or something so I don't have to deal with your annoying ass anymore.

Not getting sleep 22

I haven't had a good nights sleep in months because random people are knocking on my door at the crack of dawn. These people include: Family members, salespeople, neighbors, etc. I JUST WANT 8 HOURS OF FUCKING SLEEP! JESUS CHRIST LEAVE ME ALONE!!

no fricken manners 23

So frustrated of being at the mall, grocery store or target and people of ALL ages are so RUDE. 9 out of 10 times they won't say excuse me when they need to pass, instead they literally bump into you or your cart and then they don't even say sorry! And goodness gracias if you say excuse me to pass when they are blocking the aisles with their cart and children while yapping on the cell phone, because they just look at you with annoyed while rolling their eyes back. Would they rather I say move the f--k out my way? I teach my children manners, what is wrong with other people? Don't they realize it shows respect? I am always so happy when I find a person who has manners! Especially a young person, because they will pass it on to their own children. What makes me scratch my head is the rude older generation...what happened? They should know better!

Do you want to speak to me or not? 24

Why are people incapable of leaving a message? I don't answer the phone much due to marketing calls and prank calls, so if it's important leave a message! I've had the same people ringing me up every 10 minutes for a day and not leaving a message. Leave a message and I will get back to you idiot! If I was out how the hell would I know you'd been trying to contact me?! Don't have a go at me for no replying when you didn't leave a message leaving me unaware that you called!

Just reply! 25

It really bugs me when people don't reply to invitations. It's just bloody rude and ignorant. If you say yes, you go. If you say no, you don't. Make up your mind and reply. Don't go changing it every 10 seconds. No host likes that. Seriously, next time that happens I will come round to your house and post the food you missed out on (by saying yes and then not going) through your letter box and watch it ruin the floor.

walk away while in the middle of a conversation 26

When did it become acceptable in SoCal to think there is nothing wrong with walking away from a person that you are in the middle of a conversation with? And I am not talking about someone you are just saying one thing to the other, but i mean.. a couple of people that maybe have been sitting and talking for a few minutes

Here is an example..

2 guys are sitting and rapping about.. Cars.. or whatever and nothing is going on to distract them and THEN a chick walks up and while the one dude is talking the other, the one turns and starts mad dogging the girl for her attention... or maybe she just comes and starts talking to one of the guys and thinks nothing of the fact that she is interupting the other guy who was just in the middle of speaking. Now, there is no doubt in the first scenario where the guy mad dogs her, he is being a deushbag, but when a chick is interrupting, it's okay because we live in a cockblock society where guys cut each other up to vie for a girls attention and give no thought about it. It's all about ho's before bros right? WRONG! Unacceptable. And you assholes know who you are..and chicks are BIGGER cock blocks than guys will ever admit (but that is another subject)!

Here is what happened to me three times in 30 minutes, all in the same place and in the same evening:

Scenario number 1: I am in the middle of talking to a male friend of mine (friend, yeah right, as if anyone knows the meaning of that fucking word in Los Angeles). He gets up and walks away right while I am in the middle of talking to him. Hadn't even finished my fucking thought!..I think to myself fuck it... and get up and leave..

Scenario 2 within 10 minutes: I am trying to regain the attention of the birthday girl to ask her if she were interested in some Cake for dessert.. I had just bought her dinner..After struggling for ten minutes to NO awail to even get her attention because her neck was broken and she couldn't turn her head for 1 second (sarcasm).. I gave up and walk away saying fuck it.. again!

3rd scenario again within another 10 minutes: I am leaving the bar and grill because I am pissed off at this point and encounter another friend of mine who is standing outside and paying a compliment to her hairdo and while WE WERE talking about that she just wanders off and starts talking to some other schmuck on the sidewalk that distracted her...

And you know what i really hate? These motherfuckers who ask you how you are doing and turn away before you even start to answer the question. This shit happens alot and not just to me either. I know when someone is talking to me I try like hell to give them my full attention because I don't like the way it feels when they walk away from me when I am talking to them.

Here is the bottom Line: You thoughtless, ignorant, assholes that do this shit ALL the FUCKING time need to wake the hell up and pull your heads out of your asses and knock it off. Your lives ARE important but your fucking egos suck. Try doing one thing at a time and quit multi tasking in the name of whatever efficiency you think you are creating for yourselves... because you aren't. You aren't doing anything other than being rude, pissing the other person off, and depriving people around you that MIGHT actually care about you and you are certainly depriving yourselves of having one singular and POSSIBLY good and COMPLETE experience that if it were to have a conclusion, might make whatever your doing more worthwhile by actually paying fucking attention to who is talking to you in the FIRST place!

Insulters 27

I am mad at people that insult others. Why do they think they are so damn superior to others?

I was reading some chat on the internet about a kid that had a messy desk at school, and somebody commented calling the kid a loser!

Why do people have reinforce their feeling of superiority by belittling others and eroding their self esteem?

People that insult others should reevaluate their own life.

Rude people 28

I'm tired of being criticized by other people regarding my lifestyle choices. I'm 22 years old and joining the computer industry. A certain family member has decided that she doesn't respect my decision, and has decided that I need her help in getting a warehouse job.

I tried ignoring this person and started sending resumes to computer companies, but that isn't good enough for her standards. She keeps giving me newspaper ads for warehouse jobs that I don't want. When I don't go to the warehouse job fairs, she gets upset that I don't do what she wants me to.

Last week we shopped at the grocery store having a good time. In the middle of a pleasant moment, she randomly asks if I went to Synder Warehouse's job fair, and I lied and told her I did. We drops the conversation for a minute, and out of nowhere she loudly replies that I didn't go to the job fair, and that I shouldn't be lying to her.

I wish it were easy to speak my mind and tell her how I really feel if she weren't pushy about my career interests. Four years ago she tried getting my family to decide what college and degree I should work for instead of letting me move to Florida on my own. When I finally left for Florida, she and several other family members started crying, yelling, and scolding me on my lifestyle choice.

I wish I could be honest to their face. They can't seem to handle a difference in opinion, so I guess I need to cut them out of my life and live the way I want.

critical people 29

it's one thing when someone who don't even know you point out how fucked up you are. it's another when it's someone part of your family. i really hate this person for pointing out all my flaws all the time and telling me to straighten up, telling me i have bad ppl as parents, how i shud dress, how i shud act, etc. telling me i have issues and when i said everyone does, she says, she does too but she's happy. wtf? i'm really at a breaking point. pretty soon i'll let her have a piece of my mind. we'll see how much she has to say after that.

Library chatterers 30

Every single time I come to the library, to use the computers (which are my only source of Internet most days of the week, the exceptions being when I'm with my fiance who has an iPhone, but that's not the point)... EVERY SINGLE TIME, someone will come up and start chattering away, like this is a coffee house or some place for people to get together and chat. Worse, it's the only library that I can really use, because the one by my house (which *may* be quieter, though it's unlikely) has nasty WebSense on it so you can't access any sites! I come here, trying to work on something, and I just can't concentrate because everybody is yap-yap-yapping away!

Users 31

I have been used by so many people that I cannot stand it anymore. This latest one was supposed to be buying my stupid ass cheap car, but decided all by his f-ing stupid self to borrow it. Then he decided to move in with us and not pay rent!! He works with my other roommate..but it is my f-ing car!! Now I look this prick up on the computer and he has been jail for rape 1st degree and sexual abuse 1st degree and harassment...what the f!!!

People who complain about Bodily Functions in Bath 32

I am sick and tired of people who complain of co-workers who have to take a dump at work. Sure, some people have this real consistant pattern where they can always go at home, but others do not. Some people have to drive long commutes, where they HAVE to eat a meal or go hungry - and of course they need to poop shortly after getting out of the car and stretching their legs! I'm in a public john the other day and some little kid starts complaining to their Dad that the bathroom smeeled like poop. Instead of telling the little turd that it was SUPPOSED to smell like poop, 'cause that is what happens there, the Dad was like, "yeah, I don't know why some people have to stink the place up so bad." To which I had to respond from my stall, "because i knew you and that little whiner where coming in here." And gave a big fart to cap the deal off.

Rude People 32

Oh gosh I'm FUMING today! When did it become fucking acceptable to insult my family and me in the middle of friggin ASDA at top fucking volume?

Basically, I've never tried smoking and I said I wanted to try it ONCE just to see what everyone was banging on about. It was forgotten pretty quikcly, but me and my group of 'friends' (yeah fucking right) were walking down the alcohol aisle of the supermarket and then one of my so called mates thinks its alright to call me and my mum an alcoholic, a druggie, a whore and a smoker, and then shout that my mum beats me and do I have scratches on my back from when she gets pissed! SHE PRACTICALLY SCREAMED IT!?!? WTF YOU STUPID WHORE? She has no idea whats shes on about, my mums barely touched a drink in her life (she only got drunk once when she was a teenager), and I dont drink except on new years eve (and thats only a small bottle of cider)! My parents are fucking lovely and wouldnt hit me in that way, you should be ashamed of yourself girl because there are people out there that suffer like that! The whole fucking public was staring at me like a was a circus freak or something! FUCK BITCH KEEP YOUR GOB SHUT AND EVEN IF THAT DID HAPPEN YOU NEVER SAY IT OUT LOUD LIKE THAT! Then she gets all huffy when I have a go at her and say 'you don't say things like that ever, especially not in public. Its like if I annouced to the whole world that your mum was a whore and slept with everything in trousers and it was true, wouldnt you be ashamed? If it wasnt true and people looked at you like your a bastard child, wouldnt it get to you?' And stuff like that but she thought it was alright to laugh and shit and walk away. I'm a strong girl (i go gym and do weights every week and I'm stronger than most girls in my year) and right then i was tempted to smash her fucking fat head in! I'm still boiling even though its been an hour! I really needed to vent, so thanks Anger Central, and goodfuckingnight!

Nosey bitches 33

I am angry because of this stupid nosey bitch that is sat right in front of me this minute in a coffee shop. The stupid bitch is more concerend with telling people the shit she makes up rather than listening to the truth. My aunty is currently on life support in the hospital and the fact that this woman keeps askin questions is not helping. I dont mind people who are genuinely concerend asking question but this woman is clearly doing it just to be a fucking gossip. What she doesnt know she makes up. Whats she isnt told she asks then makes up if she doesnt get the answer she wanted. She tells you things that you know are not true and when you tell her the truth she just ignores it and keeping fucking speaking, i fucking hate you , you vile bitch. FUCK YOU, Stop being so nosey.

And that fucking laugh, what the fuck are you a retarded schoolgirl? no your fucking not your a 60 yr old woman. That laugh is so fucking fake its unreal, it cuts thru me like a knife i would rather spend a minute in the ring with mike tyson than spend any time within your company.

Have you ever wonderd why your life is so fucxking empty that you spend your whole day going to different coffee shops and going home and getting changed inbetween. Argh a fucking hate you you stupid bitch. FUCK OFF and stop being so fake and nosey

Fat/Skinny double standard 34

I'm sick of people treating me differently because of my weight. I'm 20 years old, 5'9 and I weigh 118 lbs, definitely on the thin side.

But before you go thinking that I'm one of those born-skinny people who can't grasp the concept of not fitting into a size 3, you should know that for most of my childhood and teen years I was the fat girl. About 60 lbs overweight, when I turned 18 I decided that I'd had enough.

I lost the weight and then some, I went from ugly duckling to swan, and voila! All the people who had treated me like shit in high school suddenly want to be my best friend. Not even kidding, I have guys who used to throw water bottles at my head and call me a freak asking me out.

I should be happy that I was able to change right? And I am, BUT honestly I shouldn't have felt the need to. This society is so judgmental based on appearances, as though nothing else matters (well, except money which cancels out any other flaws you have)

No one should be made to feel like they are a have-not just because they don't have anorexia abs like Olivia Wilde or legs with a gap between them the size of California. I honestly cannot believe the change in the way people treat me compared to when I was overweight, and some of these people are strangers.

I'm in a band with four guys and all I fucking hear about is how hot this bitch is, how ugly that bitch is, how fat some girl's ass is blah blah blah. Unfortunately, that is how guys talk about women. It's enough to make you want to become a hermit and live in the woods where society's skewed vision can't touch you.

Honest to god, I wish everyone on the planet was blind. Maybe then we wouldn't have this problem.

Knowing humanity though, we'd start judging people based on the timbre and tone of their voices. Ugh.

Being called a slut. 35

Someone at my work decided it was a good idea to tell everyone else that works there that I'm a huge slut because I started dating someone new a few days after I was dumped.

If I was a dude, no one would say anything. Or, in fact, I would get a highfive.

But no. I'm a girl, so I'm not allowed to be socially migrant.

I'm not allowed to have sex, no matter how comfortable I am with my body and sexuality.

I have told all of the guys at my work to stop calling me a 'whore' and 'slut' but nothing works.

I snapped at the guy who started it today at work.

If he does it again, I WILL smack him. I will.

Just watch me.

Rude Cleaning Lady 36

This woman makes me angry because she is a jerk. She keeps gossiping and talking bad about others in public. She gathers around a large amount of her friends in the local breakfast bar, and talks down to everybody not in her group.

One time she was at my house, and assumed that I was trying to be a rebel because I was growing my hair longer. She insulted me, then kept speaking to me in a sarcastic manner.

This woman needs to learn some manners. Thankfully I'm moving to an apartment soon, so I won't deal with her ever again.

People with no life being rude 37

I am really sick and tired of people being ignorant towards me. I got my cats spayed and was late picking them because I got lost on the way there (since the place is an hour and half away from me, in an area I am unfamiliar with and they have crappy directions and no sign anywhere near the place identifying it and the gps doesn't recognize their address). And this "vet" or whatever she is started calling me names and saying how I ruined her life because now she was going to be late to dinner with her friends. WTF???? What kind of "professional" speaks to a customer like that? And apparently I'm not the only one who has had issues with her...

Then I had a litter of kittens that I adopted out in pairs under the pretense that the people would give me occasional updates on them. I have 7 people I have given cats/kittens to (long story short, I adopted a pregnant cat and had another cat show up at my door - I didn't get these kittens through breeding or simply not getting my cat fixed - as mentioned above I even got the mother fixed and 3 other cats). But this one ass-hole decided he doesn't want to give me updates and said I'm retarded for asking how the kittens are doing. And tells me to leave him alone because I'M annoying HIM.

Then my step-dad (who lives 12 hours away - I'm married and have a one year old and we take care of ourselves and don't ask anyone for help) decides he wants to say that "young people" basically don't know anything and should keep their mouths shut. As an aspiring teachers I suggested, "Listen to your kids and you can learn something too." and he goes on to say that I just couldn't keep my mouth shut (apparently proving his fucking shit head point). And I told him if he wants people to respect him he needs to respect them first, even if they're younger. So he proceeded to call me an ass-hole and immature (right because him little name calling charades are SO mature). And said I shouldn't have butt in on his conversation (which he does to me regularly). And this is how he also treats my younger brother who lives with him and my mom. And my mom keeps trying to convince me to let my daughter come visit her for extended periods of times (like the whole summer). But she works all the time so she would just be with my step-dad all the time. HELL if I'm going to let someone, ANYONE treat MY daughter like that. If he EVER talks to my daughter how he talks to me he will have his fucking ass handed to him on a silver platter.

There are other things too, but I won't get in to all that because it'll be way too long.

The point is, I try to be nice to everyone and respectful. I'm a military wife, I know how to be respectful to people I don't like since I have to do it daily. But I am SICK of people saying shit-head comments to me and then saying I shouldn't defend myself. Fuck them. They have no life and are miserable so they think they can bring everyone else down with them. Screw that. And by the way, all these except the "vet" happened through text or internet. Those same people act all nice in person. Pussy ass bitches... If you have something to say then say it to my face so I can tell you off in person.

UHG! Just needed to rant about that before I rip someone's head of...

Rude People 38

I'm angry at people that are rude, and generally behave like uncivilized fuck tards. Coming from a small farming community, I was shocked at the difference between country & city people. It's like night and day - I have been scowled at, sworn at, fingered, pushed, physically & sexually attacked, and had the back window smashed out of my car in the few years I've lived in the city - all by perfect strangers. I miss the friendly smile and two finger salute/wave from the jolly farming folk where I grew up. I miss hearing please and thank you, and people laughing & joking in line instead of complaining and sighing. I'm sick and tired of people letting their dogs bark all night, letting their kids run wild, and having no consideration for their fellow man in general. I am polite, smile when I make eye contact with strangers, say please and thank you, have good table manners, and I talk to people with respect and good humor. Why the heck are people raising their children to act so deplorably? Jesus fuck, c'mon! It's not that hard. It's so, so damn nice when I meet someone that actually has manners, a rare treat here in the big city. It took me a few years to find a guy who is actually chilvarous and not a complete scum sucking puss bag. Guess what - he's from the country too. Perhaps larger social centers like cities have lost that special something we have in smaller communities. Thankfully, not everyone's like that and I SO appreciate running into charming, polite people and their well mannered offspring.

*When a 13 yr old tells laughs at you when you step in her dog's shit (right outside your bedroom door), then tells you to fuck off when you ask her to clean up after it - you would think the parents would step in. But oh no, not our old roomates. Those children were never disiplined or made to do chores - just ran completely wild. Lied, repeatedly stole my change, ate all our food and flushed our friends cell phone down the toilet - little hellions! The Mother tells me one day, "I think I made a mistake not disciplining my kids." You think?!

*Hey dirtbag from the other night - no, smoking isn't allowed in our home. Maybe ask first instead of rudely lighting up in our living room. #1. We have a sign right at the front door that says, "If your smoking in this house you'd better be on fire." #2. See any ashtrays? No? Than please be more polite about it dude. Fuck me.

*Man boobs from last week - just because I'm a hoop dancer doesn't mean I'm a fucking stripper. Have some common sense - I just met you and thats the first thing you ask me? Any sane person could see I dress like a lumberjack most of the time and have mud on my face. Not exactly peeler material, buddy.

*Rude woman from the coffee shop - The look on your face was priceless when you nastily snapped "What the fuck are you looking at?!" , and I replied, "Well I was admiring your beautifully braided hair, but your nasty attitude has ruined it for me." Be more polite hun, I had merely glanced in your direction a few times, I was raised better than to stare at someone like a drooling idiot.

*Groper from the bar - that is MY ass. Mine, you greasy rig pig. I was bent over slightly, innocently picking out songs at the jukebox, minding my own business, when you crept up behind me and grabbed my ass cheek like you were testing fresh buns at a bakery. This is exactly why I tend to avoid clubs & bars in general. That's not the first time some drunken moron has grabbed my ass, boobs, or vadge. Each and every one of you has got laser eyes and a swift smack across the face. One of you douchebags even had the balls to come after me when I soooo justly slapped your lecherous face. I didnt grab your privates asshole, you violated mine. Take your smack and slink off to the corner where you belong. Where the hell do you sons of bitches get off randomly grabbing people's genetalia? If you did that in the bar in my hometown, you would have been beaten and perhaps curb stomped by angry good guys who don't put up with perverted turds copping a feel from their sisters, wives, & girlfriends. Have some respect and don't touch my no-no places, rude losers.

In conclusion - manners are great. I adore the wonderful people who have them and pass them along to the next generation. People that don't have them are spawning at a fantastic rate, unfortunately. Raise your children well, parents. Do society a favor!

Ps. Thanks, Anger Central

Gossiping Biotchs 39

I can bury the hatchet and let some shit go when your talking shiat about me. But when your start talking about MY DAUGHTER or MY HUSBAND, You can go to hell'o, You cant let a little heart heal? you obviously dont have any empathy that you feel, you want to say that she is not mine and im a bad mom really you judge me now comon! Keep your big nose in your own shiat, stop gossiping and running your big mouth you twit. I heard as you spouted out every word, telling some strangers my family story wtf? its none of their buisness nor is it yours. The good book tells us do not judge and what I hold on about you now is not a grudge, It is knowledge to stay away you preach and you pray but that dont make yours a good soul, when behind everyones back you run your mouth like a troll. Im done with you be gone from our life, I gave you a few chances yet you still choose to pick up the knife. May the lord know where your going someday when you die, He will be the only one to Judge not you or them or I, I know what you are only by what you have shown me I did not judge you and I forgive you, You dont know what your doing, I pray for you, may the lord save you, We will go on living the same way every day just as if you were never there.

rude people at stores 40

EVERYTIME i go out something always happens to me. Im sick of it!! I either almost get run over,(sometimes by carts,mostly by CARS!!) or overcharged,shortchaged,im a sensitive person so this really hurts me.I dont work or go on vacations because that would mean i would have to deal with MORE RUDE PEOPLE, ive been basically a recluse, I used to like people but too much has happened.

standing in a doorway 41

WHY do people stand in the doorway so no one can get in or out, and have a conversation ? you fucking wide ass dick fuck cunt twats move your fucking beast of a body out of the fucking way YOU ARE A FIRE HAZARD!. most of the population do it, WHY? what is so intriguing aboout standing in a doorway , if you are at the door you obviously want to go one way or the other shut your fucking maul and make a decision as to whether you want to gossip or go home, DICK HEADS EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU SHOULD BE REPORTED TO THE FIRE DEPARTMENT AND HEALTH AND SAFETY AND PROSECUTED YOU FRUSTRATING SELFISH TWATS.

Malari 42

I honestly have no idea why this girl has such a problem with me. Anyways here is m open letter to madam bitch face herself.


I don't know why you have such a problem with me. Your passive aggressive bullshit has got to stop. first of all, I have done nothing to you. Last year your boyfriend talked to ME. He approached ME. Not the other way around. Whenever you see me around campus there is no need to give me your piggy death stare or try and intimidate me. You are four feet tall and five feet around. I am a 5'10 ex-volleyball player that is 145 pounds of soild muscle. Though you out weigh me by a good 80 pounds at least, I'm not intimidated by people

who's asses I could beat like a drum ie you. The fact that you literally go out of yOur way to be a bitch toward me everytime you see me is only making out that much less attractive. Secondly, the shit you pulled today in pharmacology was very low. Even for someone of your caliber you fat selfish pig bitch. How dare you try and turn everyone against me. You are nothing but a cowerdly piece of fat trash and I do not understand why you have choosen me to be the recipient of all your vile and putrid hate. What the fuck did I do to you? You are an exemplary example of why women like me do not mix with fat ugly on the inside women like you. You are the most jealous petty excuse for a human being I have ever met. When will you want to grow the fuck up and start acting like a decent human being? The only reason I haven't layer your ass out is because I have a shred of class which is something that you know nothing about. You radiate hate. Hate that is directed at me for no reason. You are the most disgusting person I have ever met. Grow the fuck up!

Fat without table manners 43

This isn't directed to obese people in general. Just to that one person who happens to be fat and without table manners.

How wrong I was to give you a chance. I thought you had a nice personality and so didn't care about your fatness at that point. But I can't stand you anymore. Every time you eat you disgust me. You can't go 10 minutes without stuffing your face with something. Whenever we have dinner it looks like you're having a goddamn race. It's as if you're afraid your food is going to run away. You're not even bothered having a conversation. You just shovel food in your mouth by sticking your face to the plate. It's like you're vaccuming your food with your mouth. While dinner, all I see is the top of your head because your face is down and you're too busy trying to push as much food in your mouth. It sickens and grosses me out. And then what pisses me off is that you try to get away with splitting the bill in half when you clearly ordered more then me. The first few times I let it slide because I didn't want to be a nagging bitch and thought that maybe you would actually bring it up and be fair and courteous but of course that didn't happen, so I just had to call you out on it because I got fed up. Then the one time I actually do order more then you, I'm at least courteous enough to pay for the extra thing I took but then you actually have the nerve to put it in my face (it was only a drink and not a desert or appetizer like you are always doing).

Even at the movies, you always feel the need to get yourself the biggest bucket of popcorn. Ewww. and then afterwards you want to grab a bite to eat. If you could have your weight/way, the only thing you would do is eat all day long. Gross.

You boast about all the weight you lost and think you know it all but you're still in the morbidly obese category. You're so fat that your weight just brings me down. Your moobs are even bigger then my chest. You gross me out.

Rude People 44

I know my way around the 'unfriend' button, but sometimes people on facebook irritate me so badly I have to come here to rant so I don't piss off half the idiots on my friends list. First of all, I am sick of those few compliment trolls who are going to college and feel the need to snap a pic of their transcript just to make sure NO ONE misses the fact that they have a 4.0 or a 3.8 or whatever. And really with the almost day to day updates on your academic escapades? "OMG mid-terms sooo stressed!!" "Ugh Economic Basket Weaving Exam, wish me luck!!" "Got a 96 on my term paper. Not bad, I think. ;)" Look, I appreciate that you're pursuing an education and a 4.0 is something to be proud of, but I'm not your granny or your mum. I (and prolly 95 percent of your freinds on Fbook) do not give a flying fudge-cicle. And I would address all those estrogen bombs (who I love dearly buttt...) who wear me down with all their baby bump, ultra sound, and newborn pics. Uploading images of your little darling in 36 different outfits is NOT neccesary. I'm sure your kid is just the apple of your eye, but all the rest of us are tapping out. It wouldn't be so bad if there wasn't eight of these spaz moms, all preggo all at once, and ALL posting the same crap everyday. Holy hell, give it a break. The first few pics and updates were cute, now they're getting a little abrasive. And then there's these few teenage girls who are going through that "duck face" stage during which they think it's adorable to upload a million, instagramed pics of them sticking their tongue out with their faces smooshed together or actually doing the duck face while throwing up what they think is a gang sign. WTF? I'm pretty sure that you are the only ones who think that's cool. I know we all go through a period of trying to find ourselves while we are that age, but it doesn't have to involve actively making yourself look like a complete nimrod. My generation is going straight to hell in a handbasket. I just had to rant and thanks for letting me. I do have normal people on my friends list. I just have some that provide entertainment. On most days, they are amusing...other days they're straight up annoying.

Rude People 45

Do people just not comprehend anymore how inconsiderate it is to come to the gym when they are clearly sick? I know you can't help getting sick, but's gross! I swear it's always the same people. They come in hacking and coughing, start using equipment, and you can hear them sniffing, snorting and blowing. And if they feel the least bit self conscious for coming in and sounding like a horse with the epizootic (which most of them don't,) they're like "oh it's just allergies" or "I'm on antibiotic" as if that is going to keep all the rest of us from getting it. Sure, whatever. And after they're done germ-inating all the equipment that they feel like using, they mosey back to the sauna so that can contaminate that too! Just like clockwork, within the week...employees and regulars start coming down with stuff. Honestly, some common courtesy. Nobody wants whatever it is you have. I'm not a germoophobe, but it is sooooo easy to catch the flu at the gym...and it's a ton easier when morons like you are in there sweating, coughing and sneezing all over everything in the damn building. Thanks a lot, idiots.

weird girl 46

You are the most annoying weird person I have ever met in my life. Where to begin? How about with the fact that you have no idea of the concept of personal space. You insist on standing three inches away from whom ever you are talking to even when that person, ie me, attempts be back up you take that as an invitation to get in closer. If I can feel the breath from you mouth on my neck your too damn close. Second, you look down on everybody no matter how tall they are, for a woman like me, you appear to be staring at my boobs. If you want to look at a pair of tits stare at your own!! You weird me the fuck out. Second, despite looking like the bastard spawn of death you act like you're God's gift to the world. Excuse me, your skin and hair are literally the same shade of gray and your eyes are dead. I swear if I met you in a dark alley I would assume you were a Zombie and run. Also, you constantly hit on A and practically lay in his lap because you scoot your desk so close to his. When we were talking and he was clearly into me, you pranced on over and monopolized the entire conversation about yourself and how tired you were and how overworked. Excuse me Bitch but I was there first. Also, its an 8am class, everybody is tired. You work tirelessly to try and monopolize him for yourself when he clearly is NOT INTO YOU! Finally, everything about you screams weirdo. The way you talk, your dress, your hair, the vibe you project. Everything about you sets me on edge and you creep me the fuck out. What's wrong with you?? When ever you come in a room, the feeling of death follows you. You are soo weird!!!

Interfering people 47

Why the fuck do some people think it necessary to interfere with everything? 1 person tries to organize a get together and purposefully excludes a girl they fell out with. Why the hell does another guest then proceed to invite said girl to someone else's event! Just BUTT OUT!

Utah 48

I like to bike in Arches National Park, Utah. What annoys me is that some idiots will stop on the trail and when you go zooming by them, they get all mad at you. Bikers have freedom, too! And, if you are taking a picture and someone runs in front of the camera, blocking your photo. It's like, others exist too, please have some respect to others trying to enjoy Utah! I live in Alaska so I don't get to go to the lower 48 that often.

*Note from Anger Central
This came in under places, but it fits better here.

Pierre 49

He is an annoying hypocrite. Another example of the modern spoilt teenager who always thinks he is right about everything. I am sick of these kids on internet forums mucking the whole place up with their immature behavior. Everything descends into arguments with them but I know better than to waste my time with this kind of nonsense. Oh and "Owen" is another teenybopper who can bugger right off. Most unbelievably argumentative about anything and everything. Contradicts not only everybody else but himself too, so that he can never look wrong. Both these wankers are always about 2 seconds away from descending into insults and rudeness but if anyone else says anything even remotely "provocative" they are the first to take offense and go crying about how they are being "insulted" or such crap. Typical children with no parenting.

Pay your share! 50

Who the hell goes out for a group meal and then buggers off before the bill is settled and screws everyone over by not leaving enough.

People shouldn't have to pay to cover your share because you are selfish enough not to leave enough. Wouldn't be so bad if it was just the once - but this has happened multiple times from BOTH of you. Leaving others to make up the £5+ you didn't pay is just mean. Grow the fuck up and take responsibilty for your own money and payments. People wont bail you out forever

Nasty People on the Bus 51

I took the Bus to get to the Mall today because I didn't want to pay for a Cab, and as I was on the Bus, I noticed a terrible odor, I looked around to see where it was coming from and I immediately got sick to my stomach when I noticed a Man sitting with his shoes and socks off, clipping his toenails on the bus. What kind of disgusting trash goes on a City Bus to trim their toenails? Dude couldn't you have trimmed your toenails at home away from everybody on a public bus? I was so disgusted that I pulled the cord to stop the bus and got off, luckily the Mall was close for me to walk, but I still couldn't get that thought out of my head of a man trimming his toenails in a public bus, seriously i lost my appetite to get anything at the Food Court, and I was too grossed out to go inside Payless, seriously people if you're going to trim your toenails, do it at home, not out in public in front of other people.

rude and inconsiderate 52

I'm getting a bit frustrated that 2 or more people think that the doorway to a shop is the ideal place to stop and a have a good long (often loud) chat. I say excuse me please and they are so engrossed in their conversation that they fail to hear me or notice I'm trying to enter the store without physically shoving them out of the way. Sometimes after saying excuse me please I've been given the 'oh you think ur so special that we should move for you' look. Once someone actually said something along those lines. Perhaps manners are socially unacceptable now and I should get with the program and just start pushing and shoving people out of my way! Call me stubborn but I don't want to be an uncivilized pig.

Door slammers 53

I didn't get much sleep today, and I didn't get much sleep last night. I was on a long trip, so I stopped at a hotel to sleep. In the middle of the night, some idiot kept slamming his door over and over for an hour. What the fuck? It was like 20 times in one hour. I slept for like 2 hours, and then I was woken up by door slamming. Couldn't go back to sleep because of the constant door slamming. I have no idea why he kept slamming the door. I'm so tired after a long day. I think I'll take a nap.

Turn the God Damn Radio Off 54

I am so pissed off at these lowlife deadbeat druggies next door to us playing their fucking music from midnight all the way to 5 in the morning keeping some of us awake all night; this is completely unacceptable. It sickens me how such lowlife deadbeats who don't work and spend all night partying and blasting their music keeping my family awake can get away with this, just because you're a bunch of lowlife trash with no purpose in life doesn't give you the right to keep others awake with your thumping and loud music. Life is not a party and you need to fucking work just like the rest of us, I hope the landlord evicts these lowlives already.

Rude People 55

I was playing a game of Facebook Big Brother and the Host is such a Dictatorial asshole. He clearly starts drama between contestants and when they fire back he acts like he's the victim worst of all you can't say anything bad about him or he'll expose you.Fuck you asshole making your game into a dictatorship with your bullshit rules, and your brainwashed cult following you can go fuck yourself.

M the Moron 56

I can't stand this dumbass named Micah he's very rude, obnoxious, and a pain in the fucking ass.

He's always getting in people's faces, interrupts conversations between friends, you can't even get a word in because of this rude dumbass and it seems like just about everyone can't stand his dumbass.

He made me late for class because his dumbass kept interrupting me and my friends talking and then getting up in my face and I told him to get out of my face and believe me his dumbass is so fucking annoying that i'm so close to punching him right in his stupid fucking face.

He doesn't even do his damn school work he instead is going around pissing people off by being an annoying dickbag in fact I also suspect he's on drugs which explains most of his stupid behavior.

I can't wait for karma to punch Micah right in his stupid face.

Disruptive Boaters 57

Every Day I hear thumping through my walls and I live near the River and I believe it's some dumbass Boaters running their Gas and this shit goes on for fucking Hours.

This is Winter time and Boaters don't go out usually and workers are usually carrying stuff up and down the river on barges and then there's one bunch of dumbass everyday running their boat engines for hours and it's disturbing the peace.

It must be nice to have so much Diesel Fuel to waste knowing the price of it by running their engines up and disturbing the peace especially on a Tuesday Night when families are trying to sleep because they have work or school the next day.

I wonder if these idiots are doing drugs I mean it would explain the noise and if they are workers they should be reported to their Supervisor's and be fired and if they are just idiots on a boat (even though February is a bad time to go our boating) then they should be reported to the Police because they are a public nuisance.

If only I knew what to do about it.

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