My fucking roommate is a fucking piece of fat slob shit. He fuckin doesnt keep his shit clean and leaves trash, clothes, AND OTHER BULLSHIT LAYING AROUND THE ROOM. He fuckin groans and farts. and BOY his fuckin farts smell like dead decaying ass and shit was sprayed all over the room and doesnt go away for like 20 mins. He has no consideration for anyone but himself whatsoever. He fuckin wants to use the fuckin phone all fuckin night talkin to his ugly ass fat ass bitch girlfriend and keep me awake with his lovesick drivel. Then right after he gets off the phone, he lays his fat ass down in bed and fuckin snores LOUD as FUCK all FUCKING NIGHT I swear ima kill this fat slob bitch. I havent slept well my whole fuckin time here. Maybe if he could put himself in my fuckin shoes sometimes we could find a reasonable way to live together. But living with him is liek living with a fuckin disease. And the saddest part about this is that I love the guy cuz hes my fuckin brother. But im not living with this bastard next year man I cant handle this shit.

Worthless Piece of Shit 2

I rent a room from a woman who is ill (diabetic/heart patient). It USED to be peaceful and quiet around here. That's why I moved in.

Then, her good-for-nothing, lazy, worthless, pathetic, shit-for-brains, lack-of-common-sense, stupid...did I mention worthless ex-husband moves in with us about two months ago. He does absolutely nothing but lay on the living room sofa all day, and when he's not doing that, he's outside smoking and drinking cheap (and I mean CHEAP) beer. I know about the drinking because my room is opposite the bathroom, and I get woken up every morning by his retching into toilet.

He refuses to work, claiming that he was in some sort of accident that ruined his hands. Funny, they seem to be able to open a beer can, open a cigarette pack, operate the television remote, etc. Then he claims his heart stopped. So I'm supposed to feel sorry for him for that? For all of the misfortunes that have befallen me healthwise, my heart has stopped more times than number of years that worthless fucker's been allowed to survive. Of course, he gets Soc Sec/Dis. No problem. There are actual sick/diabled elderly out there who are nit-picked to the ends of the earth to get their benefits while this piece of shit sits on his ass, does nothing, and collect. What really pisses me off is that, while I pay my rent on time, keep myself and my room clean, do some chores (that I shouldn't be doing--like plunging the toilet when worthless-piece-of-shit clogs it by doing who knows what) about the place--worthless fucker does absolutely nothing, talks to my landlady like shit (I had to jack him up a few times, so he doesn't even think about messing with me. I told him that I would have no regrets about killing him), and generally is a source of constant chaos around here. He is disgusting, rude, uncouth, arrogant, immature, remarkably stupid, ignorant, and pa-fuckin'-thetic.

I checked Public Records, and apparently all it would take is a nice phone call to the local authorities to get rid of him. The only thing is, my landlady would probably bail him the hell out. It would be a waste of my time. So I'm in the circus of co-dependent. I'm so glad that I'm out of here at the beginning of the year.

drug dealing mother/roommate 3

I am angry at my stupid fat dumb bitch of a roommate and her 3 cats that terrorize my boyfriends cat so bad it pissed in my sneakers and took a shit on my purse. but she wont do anything about it because shes to busy smoking dope and "takeing care" of these 16 month old twins that aren't even hers. im angry because she doesn't have a real job (selling drugs is really gonna send those kids to collage) and so far this month she is behind on rent and owes me and my boyfriend for about 30 gallons of milk for those stupid babies. and the biggest reason im so damn angry is because she wont get the f__k out! i told her a month ago to leave and she said she would be out by the is now the 8th and shes still there. probably right now her and some of her friends are sitting around with the pipes in their mouths while the babies scream themselves hoarse in the next room - i'm glad i'm not there.

roommate 4

My idiot of a roommate at college was nothing but a slob. she never left the room and was too chicken-shit to talk to anyone and then cries, asking me why no one likes her. she never cleaned the room and she just loved to eat the world's smelliest food and refused to ever crack a window when she did so. and the best part was that she literally showered once every two months, if i was lucky. my room reeked and i hated her for refusing to take care of herself or the room. roommates do nothing but interfere with your life, make things harder, and annoy you to no end.

Fat Slob Roommate 5

To start off i will say i am a fairly tolerant person, but my current fat fuck of a roommate is pissing me off something fierce. This fat fuck bitch eats everything in sight. I decide to break my diet and buy a cake for desert because i invited 2 friends over for dinner. Well after dinner which by the way i prepared and cooked all by myself (The fucking FAT lazy slob wouldn't lift a finger to help, she just laid on the couch watching TV, feeding her fat face before dinner). So after dinner was over i went to get the desert cake and guess what, more than half of it was gone (eaten by my FAT FUCKING SLOB of a roommate). When i asked her what happened to it (knowing damn well she ate it) she denied eating it and said she knew nothing about it. If company wasn't there i would have fucking killed her and had NO remorse.

So i cut up what was left of the cake and served my 2 guests and myself which was the remainder of the cake. Well my fat ass fucking slob of a roommate started bitching that i didn't give her a piece of cake. Well that was the straw that broke the camels back. I went off on her like i never have before on ANYONE, right n front of my company. Calling her the FAT disgusting pig she is and telling her i know she ate more than half the cake, because NO one else could have. WE were the ONLY 2 people in the house all day.

When my company saw what was really going on my one friend spoke up and told my fat ass roommate that she was a rude, inconsiderate, thoughtless pig. I loved it!

When my company finally left for the evening i told FAT fuck that if she did anything like this or remotely like this i would kill her while she was sleeping. Do you want to know how i told her i was going to kill her so no one would know it was murder? I told her i was going to jam a whole cake down her throat so she choked to death.

My roommate is a dumb lazy bitch 6

My roommate is a dumb, lazy, good-for-nothing bitch. She screams at her retarded cat for no good reason, and makes sure to let me and anyone else who visits my house know about what a bastard he is. She works from home and is literally home all the damn time. I can never get a moment alone in my own house. And when she is here 24-7, she talks on her cell phone using the speaker not only do I have to hear her rambling, I have to hear the person she's talking with. Like I really care that her incompetent sister pissed off her mother because she stayed out late the night before? Countless dribble, thats all her life it. Silence is golden...and she knows nothing of that concept. In reality, I feel sorry for that sort of person...they miss what life is really all about because they are so damn self-involved and oblivious to the outside world.

roommate from hell 7

I recently had this roommate for a few months that made me want to move out of my own house. She was a friend of the family and was broke, out of a job and had no place to live, so I thought I would help her out by letting her live with me. I told her she didn't have to pay rent for the first month and after that was really cheap rent. She moved in with her dog and this bitch would always lock my cat in the basement with no food or water. It wasn't like the pets didn't get along, they did. Once I went away for a weekend and I told her that she better not lock my cat in the basement again. I came home to my cat freaking out locked in the basement with no food or water again. I found out from a friend of ours that she had my cat down there the whole weekend. Then, she would always be asking me to borrow money and I would give it to her because she said she would pay me back and I was trying to help her out. You think she would use the money to buy her dog food and pay some bills, since her cell phone was about to be turned off, but no. She went and blew the money on alcohol, cigarettes and $35 hair conditioner. To top it all off, when her money was gone she would ask me if I could buy her dog some food because she didn't have any money for it. Also, all her paychecks would go towards drinking and it seemed every weekend, she would have all these people over to party and my living room floor was filled with people sleeping on it in the morning. She would also feed everybody with the groceries I had bought and then leave all the dishes for me to clean up. One time she made some sort of seafood pasta so it was really smelly and then she left all the dishes with food on it for like five days. I finally cleaned it up myself for fear of attracting flies or some gross insect.

I was ready to kick that annoying bitch out, especially since she hadn't paid rent and had been there four months. I refrained from doing so because I found out she got a job on an oil rig and was going to be leaving soon. Plus, I didn't want there to be weirdness between our families. She said she would pay me back what she owed me once she had been on the rigs a couple weeks, since they make serious cash up there. Finally the day came when she left and I made it a point not to be there just in case she was going to ask me for more money. I was free of that bitch at last! A few days later I decided to stay at my boyfriends for a couple days. I took the cat and returned a few days later to find a swarm of flies in my house. I was like, where the hell are they coming from? I looked around the whole house to see if anything died in my house or there was some food left out but there was nothing. Finally, I went into the basement and turned on the light in the back to find dog shit everywhere! That bitch had let her dog shit all over my unfinished basement and didn't bother to clean it up. Flies had laid eggs and hatched in that shit. I had to go and buy all these bug sprays and traps. I almost threw up several times when I had to kneel down and scrub and scrape that shit off. It's been a few months so I've had time to chill out a little about it but it still makes me angry thinking about it. Do you think that bitch ever paid me back? No, and I don't think she ever will.

My Roommate 8

My roommate is a nice person. It's just unfortunate that she does about 15,000 little things that get on my last crumb of NERVE. We have a small TV. Somehow, she manages to sit right in front of it ALL the time and block the picture with her big head. She chews with her mouth open and makes these ABSOLUTELY disgusting smacking noises with her lips and no matter where I am in the house I can hear it. She ALWAYS manages to talk during the MOST IMPORTANT part of a TV show and says NOT a word during the commercials. She never talks to me unless I'm on the phone, trying to listen to someone else...then she won't shut her fucking trap. She talks WAY TOO LOUD for someone who claims not to be hard of hearing. She's NOSY. She picks her fucking nose--both nostrils at the same time--and then WIPES it on the fucking couch. She barges into my room without knocking. She turns on EVERY FUCKING LIGHT in the house before she leaves for school and LEAVES them on. I never knew what sound a dying cat made...until I heard her sing. She leaves the kitchen sink empty and instead leaves all her dirty dishes on the counter for WEEKS until they stink so bad that even the roaches don't want to be near them. She has her own food, yet insists on eating all of mine before she opens hers. She puts on this ANNOYING baby voice when she answers the phone. She paces in the kitchen, opening the fridge and then the cupboards, the fridge and then the cupboards, over and over again, only to decide she'd like to have a nap. She walks into the room and sighs and sighs until finally, someone satisfies her by saying: 'why, what's wrong?'
She is always quick to use the water filter, but NEVER fills it up. Her mouth is always hanging open like a dog's. She leaves hair ALL OVER the bathroom. Her body grime leaves a nasty ring around the tub. Her breath smells like she swallowed a dead cow's intestine. I'm looking at her right now. She just picked her nose and ate it.

Roommate 9

She's an inconsiderate asshole who doesn't seem to process that living in a place with other people, and thus, OTHER PEOPLE'S THINGS does not make those things HERS. Nor does she seemed particularly keen on modifying some of her more annoying habits for the sake of others (unfortunately) in close range of her annoyingness.

To date:

-she's broken my espresso machine (yeah, she didn't admit to it either. She was just the last person who used it and now it doesn't work.)
-made fast work of whole food items (mine, of course) in a matter of days, so that conveniently, I get around to reaching for them they're already fucking gone
-never turns off her fucking loud-ass alarm clock, which is set to some ridiculous "baby laughing" ring that sounds more like Chuckie than anything remotely cute. If I ask her to turn it off, she snaps that she needs to leave it on so it can "wake her up" gradually.
-never cleans up anything, and when other people do it for her, she never thanks them
-has actually remarked, 'I don't like that I have to THINK before I do anything around here'

Hailey 10

I live with this girl and she's my best friend, but she has what is known as "the daddy problem." You know, the " I don't have a strong father figure in my life, so I'm going to latch on to any guy that thinks I'm hot." She leaves me in my apartment for days alone and wont answer her phone when she's with one of her guys. I would totally understand except for the fact that she begged me to move in with her. She has no friends except for me and my friends. When she is home all she does is lay around and sleep all day. She is a self proclaimed OCD perfectionist, except she never cleans, doesn't complete anything and never goes to class. We have to share a bathroom and her gross long black hair gets EVERYWHERE! I'm sick of cleaning her shit and dealing with her guys. She is selfish and never cares when I have a problem, but when she has a problem it's the end of the world. Oh no, so one of your gross boyfriends figured you're a dumb bitch and dumped your ass for a cuter girl, and I'm supposed to sit here and sulk with you until the next guy comes along.... FUCK OFF.. She's a bitch and I hope she gets what is coming for her.


my roommate is fucking toxic trash. He can never pay the rent on time because he's a broke ass bitch, therefore I always have to front him. He pays me back randomly in cash and checks that "I can't cash" till he tells me that its clear, which is never. People say he's a funny guy, but thats only because he's a fucking mr magoo and everything is just oblivious to him. He clicks on all those popups and then complains about his computer being "broken". He then uses my computer to play stupid computer games and leaves all his crap on my desk. He lies like a bitch when the landlord asks for rent, when he doesn't have enough money at the diner, when he farts and stinks up public places, and "hearing things" like the one time when he thought he "heard" me volunteer to drive a bunch of people down to Miami for springbreak (and we live in fucking jersey)and then have all those people come to me at the last minute angry and pissed off because I never said I was driving, and the thing is he always gets caught cause his lies are so ridiculously stupid that no one over the age of 10 would believe them. He never pays his parking tickets, he doesn't clean, he invites himself into my own group of friends, and they are starting to get annoyed by him too. Basically, when it comes down to it.. He can't take care of himself and because i signed a fucking lease, I have to hold his shitty hand. Oh yeah did I mention he smells like rotten fish and laughs like a freaking hyena getting run over by a truck? This guy straight up pisses me off now, he just can't seem to stfu or maybe trim his ugly ass mustache.

Fat slob roommates 12

I share an apartment with a friend and his wife they are something else. My roomate refuses to find work because the state garnishes half of his wages for child support for his kids that dont live with them. I dont feel sorry at all for his wife she lets him boss her around and when she gets her paycheck he spends it all on her and neglects paying bills .He is worthless he wont get up off his lazy fat ass to get a drink of water he will make her get it for him and get his clothes for him in the morning.

I hate going places with this guy because he drives like an idiot with road rage and he hates anyone who drives and import car and likes to race people who drive along side of him in the other lane .I laughed my ass of when the horn is car broke he cant get mad at other drivers or blare the horn at them.I hate going into stores with him because he has to talk to everyone in sight and poke his nose into other peoples business and he has the gift to talk your ear off and he is also very poky and annoying.

The apartment is a mess and there is a huge 5x6 foot high pile of dirty laundry that has not been washed for ages.All his wife does when she gets home from work is plays computor games all night and no cleaning.Its so bad when the landlord tells them to clean. I am getting the hell out of there soon. I gave up trying to give my suggestions to them it just goes in one ear and out the other and his fat stupid wife will try to ack like she has the answer for every thing .She can really piss me off at times. I feel its a waste of time to reason with and idiot.

My Roommate 13

I'm married with a child, and my husband and I have a roommate. We've been friends with him for almost 10 years, so we didn't figure there'd be any harm in letting him move in with us to get his life straightened out, right? WRONG. First is the fact that he always butted in when my husband and I were trying to discipline OUR child, and then give PARENTING ADVICE to us when he's just a fucking loser with no girlfriend. That pissed me off to no end.

Next is when he'd automatically expect my husband and I to include him in family outings and the like simply because he paid (read: PAID, PAST TENSE!!!) rent and therefore felt he was absolutely entitled to be included. Then he'd get all pissy because we'd go out to eat lunch or run errands without him because he was SLEEPING and we didn't feel like waking his sorry ass up. If you want to be included in day to day outings, WAKE THE FUCK UP.

Then the stupid bastard quit his job with no warning and with no other job in line, and expected us to take care of him until he got a new one. Refused to go out job hunting, refused even to get a ride to my husband's work to pick up an application. TWICE.

He was totally irresponsible with his money, and what he didn't pay us in rent he spent on completely ridiculous things that he didn't need, when he could have saved up so he could MOVE THE FUCK OUT. He spent most of his time in his room being antisocial and unapproachable, and the last couple of weeks before we kicked him out he was constantly making verbal jabs at my husband. Now he's doing it to me (we told him he has to leave at the end of the month).

So, when we told him he had to leave, he made excuse after excuse and tried to lay blame on everyone but himself, including US. We faught our landlady to keep him in our house so we could help him get back on his feet, and in the 5 months he's been here he's been nothing but an irresponsible slacker bastard.


Roommates 14

My stupid upstairs roommates are married. They beat on each other, scream & fight while I am trying to sleep, play LOUD European techno music that shakes the entire house & have a little schitzu dog that YAPS constantly at the cats outside. For some reason, they have a little baby which NEVER makes noise!!! That baby rocks!!! What sucks is that they POUND on the floor every night at 9 pm because I have QUIET music on while I study -- I work overnights, sleep AND spend all day at school, so the only time I can study is at night -- I'm not going to sit in silence so THEY can sleep! I turn off the bass, play the quietest music I own and STILL they pound on the floor!!! I am in complete shock. Tonight I pounded back as hard as I could & screamed "SHUT UP" at them -- I couldn't even hear my OWN MUSIC and I was in my room -- they are UPSTAIRS!!!

My RoomMate 15

I'm sick and tired of my damn roommate. I naturally hated his fat ass because he talks like a goddamn Honky Tonk idiot, he's fat, he's short, he's stupid, and he has the worst fucking taste in music. If one morning it isn't Nickelback then the next day its some country fucking garbage.

Today, what really sent me flying off the edge of the world was that he gave me a goddamn anal kiss. I make plenty sure to clean, since his fat fucking ass couldn't clean a window (much less wear a shirt without a stain or an odor). One of the things I clean is the toilet. Forgive me for not wanting the fucking throne to smell like a outhouse, but the thing stunk with piss partly because he isn't a straight shooter, so I cleaned it a few days ago. Not long later, there is piss all over the seat, on the underside, and on the lid. Okay, that's fine. But today, there was a smudge of shit; not just any shit, this shit stain was of the entire length of the front of the seat, as though he spread his big buttcheeks and then dragged ass on the front, so that when I went to sit down today (in big haste) I got some shit on me (I didn't notice because I was reading, only when I got off).

That fat fucking asshole. He can't piss or shit right, he's annoying as fuck, he's a goddamn hypocrite, and I think he is gay because he asked me if I have a boyfriend. Worst is, I'm stuck with him, its either going to be me or him. I'm gonna take a dump on his desk when he's showing. I mean, how stereotypical can one human being be? Fat, lazy, dirty, stupid.

My roommate 16

I am angry at my roommate because she thinks she knows everything. We are both going to college, she is a Law and Society major and I am a psychology major. She thinks that because she took AP psychology in high school she is the second comming of BF Skinner. She randomly comes into my room when I am busy writing psych papers and questions me about them. I answer, and she freely offers her opinions. When I inform her that she is wrong, either because of her flawed understaning of a theory, because she holds theories as proven, set in stone facts, or because she missed the memo when the psych community was informed that such and such theory has been debunked time and time again. She really needs to stop, it makes me so angry. She argues with me... says I am wrong all the time when I invest oodles of my time in psych courses. Believe me, AP psych does not make you knowledgeable enough to open your own practice. =)

Roommates 17

Dear Asshole,
It’s quite sad it had to come to this. But I think this is a much more civilized way of sorting out our differences rather than having wild frenzied arguments. Moreover, I was never good at debate or at putting across some good points during an argument. This is why I prefer to write. It’s relaxing and involves much lower blood pressures.

Now first, we’ll clear out some things that may get in the way of your ability to recognize your own faults… This letter is all about YOU. It’s a sincere effort by me, your roommate, to fix the things about YOU that greatly annoy me. You must understand that this letter has nothing more to do with me. If you want me to fix my annoying habits (which I often try to do even without your request), then write your own letter. Until then, we’re at war. Picture this letter as my request for a cease-fire. We can only achieve it if both parties consent.

So that’s all cleared up. From the beginning (4 months ago), I had seen the need for us to be friends (not necessarily good friends, but friends as in the general meaning of the term - that arguments can be easily avoided). Despite the fact that the “other two” gave me a bad first impression about you before we first met, I still tried to stay in good terms with you. During the first two months, I never mocked your odd habits (especially the food habits). It was I who started friendly conversations with you when no one else would. It was I who gave you the benefit of doubt that you might just be a nice person. Soon later, I imagined we were close enough to exchange friendly jokes at each other. I was wrong…

Every reference of flatulence in relation to your primary diet of beans – offended you. You remained quiet and took the offence without returning a friendly joke in retort. A passing comment on your obscenely tight clothes turned into a wild argument with insults thrown both ways. Every humble request from someone to stop one of your annoying habits was immediately taken badly by your pride. Your reply was normally a far fetched theory explaining your habit (eg: slurping a drink mixes saliva with it – which is healthy; another eg: Cleaning gravy from a table before it solidifies into a stubborn stain is a big waste of kitchen paper towels). You must understand that such arguments might make sense to you. But to a "normal" person, it seems plain weird, and for the same reason - they cannot be countered. A more recent reaction of yours is to retort by claiming that one of our bad habits that you are “suffering”, evens out the battle field. I realize that one or more such arguments ended with me saying something to the tune of – “It’s a disgrace how your parents brought you up”. I’d like to apologize for that… although I still stand by it.

You might have read the list that I wrote earlier describing those habits about you that really annoy everyone, not just me. I think I have toned them down to your advantage quite a bit, hoping that there will be no disagreements from your side, which might eventually block your reasoning abilities on these serious unsolved issues. Please browse through them and let me know what you disagree with.

On a final note, I understand that there is a chance (by your infinite arrogance) that you will bring this letter back to me and tear it up in front of my face.

I beg to differ.

Because by doing so, you would immediately become one of the two people on my bad side. If you’re curious, the only person who is currently on my bad side is already dead. But it wasn’t me who caused it. He died in a motorcycle accident. He was squeezed between a speeding bus and a metal railing somewhere in Hyderabad. The railing ripped off his left arm and I believe he died instantly. I wouldn’t know how an arm injury can cause instant death. But, it’s a damn shame - the way he died.

Anyway, back to YOU. I simply hate having people on my bad side. I try my best to keep everyone on my good side. Or at least - everyone who’s still alive.

Trust me… I’m trying my best to make this work out. It's your move now. What you do makes all the difference between war and peace. And war with me, can get very ugly.

Warm regards,

*Note from Anger Central
This is a GOOD one! We need to see more postings like this. Proper spelling, literate, a complete lack of the word "fuck", and polite. We will overlook the "Asshole" in the opening. It sounds like it was appropriate, especially with the short arm self inspection you described.
Also in regards to the motorcycle accident? There are several major arteries in the upper arm. While we doubt the person died instantly, there is little doubt he went into shock and died within a few minutes. We doubt he actually felt anything after the initial impact.

My Roommates! 18

Hello. This is my RANT for 8-19-07. Basically, I am INFURIATED beyond belief, in regards to the living situation I, stupidly, got myself into AGAIN. It's truly enough to make a grown man (or woman) CRY! Or scream. Or kill. Or whatever.

Anyway, here I go.....

  1. Leaving my coffee maker on ALL day and ALL night! These two have very little respect for their own property, but is it too much to ask to strain themselves to show an ounce, for mine??? The $13, Wal-Mart sale item will NOT last long with that kind of treatment. Disrespectful a--holes!

  2. I am SO incredibly disgusted with losing 80% of my night, tossing and turning, because those two cannot have the common decency to slide their bed away from the other side of my wall, so I can enjoy a night of not listening to it go BANG, BANG, BANG, as they f--k like rabbits! Not everyone wants to listen in on their chubby roommates' sex lives! Certainly not me! Is humility or modesty, once again, too much to ask?

  3. The filthy way they live is so disturbing, I plan to take photos for MySpace, and reveal to the world that I am NOT over-reacting or exaggerating when I say I live with PIGS! Let's see.....the cat box hasn't been changed in weeks, there's months-old laundry piled up by the basement stairs, dried cat vomit on the dining room floor, food from a week ago, laying all over the damn place, and don't get me started on the massive amount of HAIR this so-called "woman" leaves in the tub. Oh, did I mention she's proudly announced recently she also urinates in the tub! Gee whiz. I sure am glad I shower, and not bathe. Whatever happened to a TOILET? Did your parents not potty-train you, either? Along with your blatant lack of manners and housekeeping skills???

  4. Their filthy animals. One, you cannot place the blame for. He's a python, and it's not his fault his cage hasn't been cleaned in eons, and now ommits (I know, I misspelled this) the most disturbing order I've ever encountered! However, they also have a CAT, which, up until now, I'd always assumed was "self-maintaining". HA! Not if you've chewed a few too many X-Mas wires, and are considered "brain damaged". This nasty thing s--ts wherever he pleases, throws up all his cheap-ass, nasty food, chews on shoes, paper, and is generally gross to even comprehend touching. I won't be bringing my friends, and definitely not my kids, into this place anytime soon!

  5. Last, but not least. The female half of this married duo, is the most obnoxious being on the planet, in terms of personality! She makes ME appear docile and sweet. Seriously! It is perfectly acceptable for her to run her big trap when I'm clearly in the middle of doing something, yet God forbid I open MY mouth during a re-run of "Law and Order", or any of the other mind-numbing programs she fills her heroin-addicted brain with! Or should I express an opinion on HER lifestyle (ex-stripper, prostitute, you name it! And she wonders why she lost custody of her son!), that's a straight out sin, though it's fine to condemn ME for having pre-marital sex. This b-tch has been married 4 times, by the age of 30. Pardon me for taking marriage a LITTLE more seriously then simply going for who ever will have me! And then driving them to divorce! Gee, wonder why that happened so many times! Judgmental, hypocritical b-tch! I can slam the gravel down pretty hard myself!

My point is, hypocrisy is everywhere, and it spreads like a disease! People influence you in ways both negative and positive, so be on your guard. These people give the term "trailer-trash" a new definition! The day I can stop the Academy award-winning act of being their friend, is a day I'll dance with JOY!

*Note from Anger Central
As to #2 on you list. May we suggest the following: Hidden camera, direct feed to the internet, small access fee. PROFIT!! :)

fat room mate 19

Ok so I've never really had too much of a problem with fat people before, my brother and some of my best friends are fat and I love them all just the same. with these friends and family I assumed all the anti-fat sentiment was somewhat mean and wrong. But apparently I'd just never came across the truly disgusting fat people until now. I recently began college and my room mate is fat and I cannot fucking stand living with her. My room constantly smells because she is too fucking lazy to shower everyday or wash her disgusting sweaty size 30 clothes. It took the lard ass 3 weeks to do laundry, this wouldn't have bothered me but the clothes smelled terrible and made me feel uncomfortable in my own room. She went so far to buy new clothes so she wouldn't have to do laundry. I don't understand why people accept themselves like that, it's disgusting to see someone who weighs at least 250lbs eat 2 packages of ramen noodles or 2 tv dinners as one meal and hear them tell people they're eating healthy. You are on a campus with salad bars in every dining hall and fresh cooked meals and you think high processed, high fat, low nutritional value microwave meals are healthy, no wonder people gain weight in college they are all morons.

Roommate 20

My roommate doesn't have a job. She's home all day, and when I come home (tired) she starts talking my ear off. I love her to death but all I want to do when I get home is sit quietly for an hour or so. Is that too much to ask? When it's cold, raining or snowing, she either uses the bad weather as an excuse to stay in (and sit on her ass) or moans incessantly about having to go out in it (for errands). Aw, poor baby. I for one have no choice but to endure the elements because of the simple fact that my place of EMPLOYMENT requires me to be there. Imagine that!

Whiny, Helpless Excuse for a Roommate 21

Aaaaaaaagh!! I am SO mad at my roommate right now! It snowed really hard yesterday (to those who live anywhere in New England obviously you know). According to our lease, snow removal from the porch, steps, and part of the surrounding property is the tenants' (as in OUR) responsibility. I told my roommate this, and she was all, "I would think that the landlord would have some king of deal for that since this is a rental. We pay rent and it's their property, blah, blah, blah". I told her, "Well, it's on the lease, so we have to do it." Since she was sick , I wasn't going to ask her to come out in a blizzard to help me. Fine. I go out there, clear the porch, steps and dig a path from the house. When I came back, she asks if I put salt on the area. I told her that I forgot and she volunteers to do it. I thought, "great". Then we get to talking about how it's also our upstairs/downstairs neighbors' responsibility to shovel as well and that maybe we should ring their doorbell to ask them to dig a path to the driveway. Okay, cool. She said she would do that while she was down there. Then, out of nowhere she says, "Yeah, because I'm not going to bust my back shoveling". What!? First off, I never asked her to, and secondly, what a nice thing to say to me after I just busted MY back while that BITCH sat on her pathetic, sniffling ass! When our lease is up in September I am moving out, leaving her with a new roommie who's not as nice as I am. Then she'll HAVE to get off of her ass!!

Roommate That Makes Me Want To Pull My Eyelashes Out 22

Yes, I'm back again with another rant about my jobless, nothing to do all day roommate. I was sick for most of the weekend and, yup, you guessed it...the roommate was home. She went out once on Saturday, once on Sunday, for about an hour each time. Then she was back to chew my ear off about all of the negative stuff in her life. As if this wasn't enough, she kept giving me unwanted advice on how to deal with my ailment (no biggie, just a rotten head cold that I got from HER!). Determined to feel better, I had gotten some powerful medicine and was resting. I should change that statement to TRYING to rest because Ms. Motormouth wouldn't shut up, even when she saw me rake a hand through my hair in agony! In short, I couldn't get any peace and quiet in my own home! I went to bed at 8:00 last night just to get away from her. I can't take this any more. My resolution for 2008: Get a one bedroom and live ALONE.

selfishness & rudeness 23

I am angry with 20 something year-olds. I am 33 and a week after i moved into a small sharehouse, a 22y.o. moved in and despite getting a larger room than me and yet paying the same amount of rent has taken over the tiny loungeroom with her knitted blanket, laptop, used glasses and almost every night of the week has one of her lesbian lovers over. It's not that i necessarily want to watch the tv but what if I did? she is almost always in the 1-person kitchen as well baking something that takes 3 hours so i feel like i'm imposing if i try to go in there to cook my dinner after work. by the way, she doesn't work because she has 'chronic fatigue syndrome' and gets financial support from the government. she seems to have the energy to cook dishes and go out on Saturday nights. Jesus, i suffer from depression but manage to juggle work and study. Speaking of work, i work with a bunch of egocentric 20 something y.o.'s in a bookshop and are treated with contempt and rudeness by them - they like to point out all my flaws yet get away with slacking on the job by the passive boss. I am really over it!!

Roommates having sex. 24

The shower is a public area. I can hear you. I have to get clean there. You are in there talking and giggling with your boyfriend. And maybe you are just there to save water and get clean together. But maybe not. You are both naked together, talking, and laughing. I am not supposed to have to guess what is going on. Stay out of common areas with your nasty sex unless I am not home and don't know about it!

Kevin M 25

I am living in shared accommodation with a very selfish, noisy and immature "27 year old" who suffers from a severe delusional narcissistic disorder. He thinks he can just do what he wants for as long as he wants (like play his Rap and other crap at full 120db volume with his door open) and takes offense if I even ask how long it will be on for.

Then he trashes me on facebook, or as I call it, faKebook, for fake cowards to write anything they want.

I find it hard not to be vengeful, but I thought I had moved on in life from this type of lowlife scum on moving to university, having been through all manner of nasty experiences with this narcissistic drongo variety in sixth form college. But oh no.... thankfully I have learned a lot since then and don't rise to the situation... but I am honestly finding it hard not to hate his ugly guts right now.

burnt our roast 26

because my flat mate does not no how to turn of the oven instead he turns it up flat out and burns our dinner what a dickhead

roommate 27

My roommate is a lazy fat piece of shit with a huge receding hairline. He skips class to lay in his fucking bed and watches tv shows. When asked if he wants to do something active he comes up with some bull shit excuse like his throat hurts, or he's too tired to do anything. He is the epitome of a body of excuses. He invites ugly ass people over the apartment all the time without consent. They eat all the food, use all the toilet paper then leave. What a fucking ass hole.

stupid ass poon-fuck of a roommate 28

my roommate is a total pod. he is a fat, sloppy ass, mooching, cheap, garbage dumpster, stinky shit hole. he is the most ignorant person i have ever met and is not normal. he is the kind of person who has no common sense, doesn't have the intelligence to function in real life, doesn't care or even think about anybody but himself, is never uncomfortable or inhibited in ANY situation even when he is the cause of it, and cannot take a hint of any sort. now on to his physical lump of a being.

he is a slob fuck of exponential proportions. he smells. real bad. he showers one time a week (also, he only brushes his teeth on shower day) and when he does he is in there for less than 5 minutes and doesn't use any soap because he is too cheap to buy any. he eats my food and hides his food in his room so i cant have any. he is shoveling shit into his face all fucking day and lives on the couch. he gulps so loud when he drinks and chomps and smacks with his fat face wide open when he eats...which is always. virtually every single thing in the apartment is mine and he hogs it all. i can never even watch MY fucking t.v. because he never takes his greasy mitts off of the remote. i have seen the same episode of sports center 100 fucking times. all he talks about is sports. he has the same conversation 5 times a day on the phone with different people. everything he touches has a filmy grease residue on it because he is such a festering fuck. he leaves a permanent smell behind where ever he goes and his room is despicable. i cant even describe the gross smell. it makes me want to punch him in his fat face. he has not washed he sheets for months and only has 2 pairs of clothes (including underwear and socks) that he will wear dozens of times before washing (with no detergent cause he is too cheap to buy any).

he doesn't wash dishes, he only rinses them in greasy water. he has never cleaned one part of the apartment even once, even though he dirties 100% of it. there is just **** grease all over everything. he takes my stuff an lies about it, even though he is the ONLY other person who lives here. he pisses all over the floor. there are layers of piss that are sometimes almost a quarter of an inch deep. there is yellow stinky putrid piss residue all around the toilet. because of him it takes me almost an hour to clean the bathroom whenever i do it. (i have actually had enough of wasting rolls and rolls of MY paper toweling just to clean the fucking toilet so i have taken to giving it a good wipe down with his bath towel because i am so fed up with it. i have had enough of this grubby, stinky asshole, shitdick pod. and i am devoting the rest of my time in this apartment to getting him back. fucking poon

oh yeah one more thing i almost forgot: he jacks off all over the damn place. he has never been with a girl because he is such a pile so he just beats off all over everything and never washes his hands. also, he is always watching porn on his computer and looking at incest porn magazines and goes in his room several times a day to jack it.

Flatmate 29

My fucking dickhead of a flatmate is the most worthless piece of shit. He's 36, unemployed and pretends to be young by hanging out with people way younger than himself. He, despite being unemployed and hanging out at home pretty much all day, would not do any chores although we have a fair and clear roster system. He has no sense of decency or consideration for other people. He eats more than anyone else, takes up more space than anyone else by hangs his washing in the living room and would try and hide flat food for himself. He has no interest in other people. Never once asked me about my work etc. He only cares about sponging off others and he chronically owes people money. I hope he reads this and have to decency to bust a move.

roommates 30

I have been living in my current apartment for six months. The first five were fine. I had two roommates, one of whom was never really around, and when he was, he was quiet most of the time. The third roommate was fine. Then the worst possible thing happened. The second roommate switched with this dumb bitch of an airhead=nevershutsthefuckup-talksaboutthemostretardedshitconstantly blonde. She is messy and never shuts the fuck up.

I live in a sunroom, so my walls are glass, face in towards the living room, and the only thing blocking light is a few sheets I have hung up. I don't mind, so long as my roommates understand that I cannot sleep with the lights on and the TV turned up. Guess what? My roommate is a complete fucking retard. She will come in at 12 on the weekdays, watch TV, and leave the lights on, waking me up and forcing me to go in the living room, turn the lights and TV off, and try to go back to sleep. EVERY FUCKING NIGHT OF THE FUCKING WEEK. To top it all off, both my roommmates just FUCKING LOVE to chat it up until the wee hours of the morning, cause apparently they just love to hear themselves talk about the stupidest shit in the world. Fucking shoot me. I am out of here in less then two months, but I'm starting to wonder if I can take it for that much longer.


My roommate is seriously the biggest bitch ever. She is a self-centered inconsiderate little piece of shit. She has her boyfriend sleep here EVERY fucking night. and his room is like 3 floors up. And i told her i'd rather they didn't and could he not and she hmm yeah no probably not. HELLO its my room too. And the beds are about two feet from each other and all they do is "omg i love you giggle giggle...omg i hate you get the fuck out-fine i'm leaving- no wait come back...omg i love you" until 3 in the fucking morning. and the make these idiot voices t each other and sound like demented three year olds and its driving me nuts

And the she completly ignores me expect when she decides i'm being annoying so she'll glare at me mutter under her breath what i'm doing wrong. Or she'll tell her boyfriend "omg SHE is so annoying" I'm right here bitch If you fucking ask me nicely I'll stop. because quite frankly everything I do annoys you so how am I supposed to know when you're annoyed

Oh and to top it all off she is a racist bitch. When she's mad at a black person she's actually said n*****. More then one time. It is getting very very hard to keep from smacking the crap out of her. She is so unbelievably rude

roommate 31

I'm a college student, and one of my roommates is a real prick. He has so many disgusting qualities, and I cannot wait for June when he leaves and I'll never have to deal with him again.

First, he's a pig reincarnate. I've never seen anyone with such disgusting eating habits. The volume of food he consumes is so ridiculous that I'm almost not really grossed out by it anymore, I'm more mystified than anything else. I've seen him eat dinner, then order pizza, then order from a delivery deli all in the same night. He wolfs down food, he doesn't normally use utensils, and he gets food everywhere. I honestly wonder how much clothing he's ruined from pizza grease alone. I remember one time he stacked a couple slices of pizza on a plate, devoured most of it, and then he rubbed his final half slice of pizza into the pool of pizza grease on his plate. I almost posted this in the "fat people" section just because his eating habits have led me to think lesser of those who are overweight.

He made a real effort to lose weight. In other words, he's spent hundreds of dollars on supplements and 'fat burners' and 'thermogenic boosters' and 'estrogen blockers' and shit like that. I'm waiting for his liver to give out. That day will come. He still eats like a slob most of the time, but he has added the gym to his sick daily life.

He's not very intelligent, or creative, or fun to be around. If i talk to him for more than a minute, his gym routine is sure to come up. I don't give a flying FUCK how many miles you ran at the gym. I don't care how many hours you were there, I don't care how many miles you went on the bike, I don't care about how well you think you're doing.

After he's done talking about how amazing he is at the gym, he starts fishing for compliments. Gloat all you want fat boy, I could say that you're doing great, but at the end of the day, you still can't see your feet. If he always wants a compliment when he happens to make it to the gym, does that warrant an insult every time he stuffs his fat face with dominos? I've seen that fool take down 2 pizzas without flinching. It's sick.

This guy also thinks he knows everything about sports. I don't give a shit if you can regurgitate articles. And if you know more about sports than me, well, i still don't give a shit. He's a fucking yankee fan and he's been living on the west coast his entire life. That probably speaks to his character more than anything else.

He's not smart and he never does any schoolwork. He dedicates his brainpower to thinking up elaborate lies for his mom. This guy has swindled his poor mother out of so much money that I honestly feel bad for her. And he only spends his money on food and weed. I dont have a problem with the food/weed part, but when he's telling his mom that he's sick and needs money to pay for medicine... well, that's dishonorable and low and gut-wrenching for me to witness.

Our college has ID cards would can double as debit card (once you load money on it). They can be used at the bookstore, and at a handful of places around campus. His parents put money on it for books and things of that nature. This guy has gloated about how he's bought a text book for about a hundred dollars and immediately sold it back (as a used book) for $30 cash. Great way to liquidate your parent's money! Give 70% of it to the school and take the rest in cash. That's one expensive 30-sack.

He's a total attention whore. He loves to be at the center of attention, and he loves to think that he is the life of the party. Everyone knows some ostentatious fatty like this, trying to play the "oh he's fat but hes got a great personality" card or something. That might work if he didn't always sound like such an idiot. Somebody needs to let him know that being loud doesn't make him funny or entertaining.

Believe it or not, he's selfish. If we're with a group of people waiting in line, he always finds a way to jockey his way to the front of us. He always bitches if things aren't just the way he likes it. He doesn't understand how his actions can have a negative effect on others, he only looks at his own personal gain/loss.

He's the opposite of tact. He's told me stories about how he was the guy in high school who used to fart in class and how everybody thought it was just hysterical. I'm happy I haven't had to deal with any of his meathead friends from high school who would find such an act hysterical. He is unclean in all senses of the word, and you do not want to be down wind from him if he's gone more than 4 hours without a shower. He's awful.

I really wish I was an equally bad person. Then, I would have no qualms pissing on his toothbrush or something to that affect. But, as negative as the thoughts in my head, I act like a decent human in my daily life, so I guess I'll just have to wait this out and home that I don't snap in the meantime.

 jobless loser roommate 32

My ex-roommate is the biggest loser I have ever met. When I first meet him we talked for a while and he seemed pretty cool. I later found out that he doesn't have a job and his father gives him all the money he needs (not the most respectable thing, but whatever). We are both college students and I'm busting my ass to get straight A's while working and paying for everything with no help from my parents. I later find out that my roommate is only going to school part-time and he's taking bullshit classes like, basketball and weightlifting (These aren't really bullshit, but when that's your school schedule it is bullshit). Half way through the semester he starts bitching about how school is burning him out. "What the fuck!?!" I say to myself, he doesn't work, he doesn't have any classes that require any effort and he's burnt out? To make matters worse, he was a slob. I'll give him credit because he did clean once in a while but when you do nothing you should really clean a lot more. His room smelt very strongly of sweaty feet, probably due to the fact that he had mountains of clothes every where, and he wondered why girls stopped talking to him after he took them to his room. By the way, he ended up failing his basketball and weightlifting classes, what a little bitch! He lies to his dad about taking decent classes so he'll pay for his school and then he can't handle his "work load" and fails. So now it is summer and he's registered for some other bullshit class (which he drops out of) and he finds a part-time job. I don't know the details but he gets fired two weeks later, at this point I know that he's just a loser and he needs to live with his parents because real life is too much for him. Right before I move out he gets another part-time job but gets fired after about a week, what a stupid little bitch. He should go to hell.

roommate 33

My damn roommate (well, suitemate) is a bitch. She leaves her shit around all of the time. She never cleans. She watches me clean the whole damn dorm and doesn't do shitA to help. She does her hair in the kitchen... leaves the hairdryer thing in front of the microwave with the chair in front of the fridge. She took a chair and left it in the bathroom today. She left her makeup and curler ALL OVER the bathroom..

She always does this shit.

last night, she and all of her loud ass fucking friends were sitting in the living room YELLING about life until 4 AM! When finally I woke up and was ready to yell, they went to bed. WTF.

Now, they are all here AGAIN. being excessively LOUD. and I am about to explode. I'm tired of being mr. nice guy. I will yell. And curse.

OH! the other night she came in ...real late like she always does and we were celebrating thirsty thursday... she comes in and is all nice to us. I was like 'i love you girl' n shes all like 'i love you too' n hugs me. Then goes back to her room to post a bitchy facebook status about how 'they need to get they shit together real quick or someones gonna get cussed out' . bullllllshit. you are the one who needs to get your shit together.

Me and the other girls are the ones who keep this dorm from being a dump. If not for us, you would be living in mold and filth. I think one day, she did the dishes. In 7 weeks? thats it.

Now, they are YELLING. im about to go to bed so they better shut the fuck up.

listen. back to the facebook thing. If you have a fucking problem with me, tell me to my damn face. DON'T GO POST SHIT ON FACEBOOK. that is immature, and two-faced. I have no respect for that.

You are a moldy, sloppy, loud-ass, mother-fucking, 2-faced bitch who thinks she's better than me. Fuck you.

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Roommates 34

If it wasn't for the fact I needed them to pay the rent, I would have MURDERED my roommates months ago.

Why are they so goddamn selfish all the damn time?! For a start, why am I the ONLY ONE who bothers to wash up after herself when she's cooked something? I am sick to death of going to the kitchen only to find that not only are all three of our saucepans caked in some sort of dried food, but that every counter is covered in

a) dirty plates, cutlery, glasses, mugs, bowls

b) whatever food they last decided to prepare on that salmonella infested surface

c) empty packaging and bottles from whatever they last stuffed down their selfish throats.

And why, why, WHY can they not BUY THEIR OWN FOOD? Leave mine alone, you selfish, worthless pieces of crap, and fork out for your own tub of butter!

Secondly, they do what they want, when they want, and screw everybody else. So what if I have a 9am class and then four hours of straight classes after that? They'll still stay up till 3am screaming and shrieking, often about what an awesome time they're having. Well you know what guys? I'm not having an awesome fucking time!
And so what if they've made plans with me? It's still okay for them to go out somewhere else and not tell me or invite me until they bother to send me one text over half an hour after we were suppose to leave to tell me that actually they've "been persuaded" into going somewhere else, isn't it? Oh wait, it's NOT.

One final warning: for god's sake, Isabel, your singing is barely even average! Stop humming and singing 'just loud enough for everyone else to hear' so we can all compliment you on what an amazing voice you DON'T HAVE.

Once this year is over, I am probably never going to speak to any of you again, let alone share ANYTHING with you.

Goodbye you selfish, arrogant bitches.

 Roommate 35

I'm a first year university student who unfortunately was given the worst roommate on the entire floor. And I mean ENTIRE floor, I would rather have anyone but this douche. Where do I start? He's a fat, inconsiderate, lazy, ugly, smelly, messy piece of shit. I think that covers the basics. Since we've been here, he's yet to make his bed once and he leaves all of his dirty clothes/socks everywhere on the floor. It's to the point where I have to walk on his disgusting clothing to get into the walk-in closet. He's got tons of unused clothes hangers, so why not fucking use them???

Now the entire room is drenched in his BO and Febreeze is the only thing that can temporarily get rid of it. It's not just his clothes either, it's everything! He leaves bottle caps, bottles, used tissues, and coffee cups everywhere! He ran out of tissues 2 months ago and has been using mine because it takes too much energy for him to go out and buy his own. I asked him to take out the recycling a month ago and he still hasn't done it. It's not like he doesn't notice the fact that it's full because he continues to pile things on top of it, he's just a lazy piece of shit. He eats a bunch of crap (pizza, pop, muffins, w/e's fattenning) all the time, especially late at night and then complains about the food served here. He says its too greesy, which is why he doesn't eat the hot breakfast. You fucking retard, you really think a large muffin and coffee (not that you need either) every morning beats scrambled eggs???? Sure, they may not be completely fresh, but unless the eggs are bathed in grease, I certainly wouldn't think so.

I've done a lot of research into eating clean and I can seriously say this person is clueless in what counts as actually healthy. Anyways, if you were that nutritous, you would STOP EATING PIZZA AT 11PM YOU FAT FUCK. This guys going to finish his meal plan real soon and his parents will finally realize they don't have the resources to support this pig. He has trouble breathing now, I wonder if he'll even be alive by the end of the year. Soon enough, he won't be able to fit into his XL clothes and will have to upgrade by making a visit to the Goodwill again. What makes it worse is that he's the loudest chewer I've ever met.

I swear, he makes a distinct noice with his mouth depending on what he eats and he makes sure the world can hear his joy in becoming inreasingly more obese by chewing mouth-opened. I only hear this because he brings food into the room all the time so he can watch tv and eat, noticing a trend with this guy and tv? He doesn't even throw his dirty plates into the bathroom garbages, which are changed everyday. Instead, he leaves them in our room for the week, so it adds to the disgusting odour in here. Then right after eating, he fucking sleeps his ass off while once again distracting me by snoring!

What a fucking pig! He never exercises or goes to the gym and spends most of his waking hours watching TV on his computer and pretending to make friends with other people on the floor. He always uses this one joke that really pisses me off, and it sounds something like, "You've wasted a precious 30 seconds of my life that I would like back". SERIOUSLY???? You fucking go to bed early and skip class to sleep at random times during the day (12PM, 3PM, etc) and you make a joke like that!? This guy wakes up around 7AM everyday only to get his laptop, plop it on his obese belly and to get back into bed to watch TV.

And get this, he complains about being tired... :| When he does get up, he spends his time rapidly snapping his fingers like a complete idiot, failing at beatboxing, randomly laughing at people who are better than him (his laugh reminds me of the jolly old fatman), and making loud, noticable, obnoxious sighs after having spent too much energy watching tv. When I bring people over, he's always around trying to mooch off my social life when he should be out tring to get a life of his own, which pisses the hell out of me. To top it off, he thinks he knows everything.

I said that I liked Glenn Beck, and he shook his head and let out his patented laugh. I don't give a shit if you don't like someone, but my father (PHD in engineering) and I enjoy watching Fox News, Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reily so shut your fat face before I make it even uglier than it is. My father has his reasons for following what he does and you certainly don't, and will never have, the credentials to look down on him. He says he want's to be a lawyer in the futre, but the only courtroom this guy will ever be seeing is when he ends up in one for sueing some fast food chain for making him fatter than he already. To end things, I'd just like to say my roommate is one ugly piece of garbage. Big round eyes, puffy afro hair, reminds me of a disfigured Sean Kingston. That is all.

roommate 36

russell is one of the most self righteous, miserable, fuckfaces i have ever had the chance to meet. let me tell you the story of this fuck face. he was a quite shy kind person but also self righteous in everyway up until about the time that he graduated high school, then i showed him how to grow up a little. 2 years later and we now have the biggest piece of self righteous shit on this planet, all his friends know, i know it his family knows it. lol its so funny because he actually believes that he king top dog. he lives behind his moms house, disowns them because they made him do chores, complains about his step dad which actually pays for everything he fucks up on. to top it all off, for his line of work he pushes carts at sams club... he cant clean up after himself nor can he direct the flow off his life. he distorts the world around him in his own eyes and some how tells himself he is worth something and can actually accomplish anything, when everyone knows he has zero drive to anything that does conform to his small standards, he is a dick to everyone and talks shit and every single person he knows, EVERYBODY.

there is not one person in his life that he does not talk shit on. he has never had a women in his life, and this isn't because of his looks, its because he such an asshole. and any women that he has ever tried to be with quickly realizes that he is a self righteous piece of shit and runs away. the only time he has ever been with a women is the time we had a party and he raped a drunk 16 year old girl. and plays it off like he is cool and that he didnt do anything wrong. we are both 19 years old. it must be nice thinking you have all the answers and your king shit, but once this little feeling passes i can not wait to see this asshole be put in his place and him to come to terms with his behavior as a human being, and god do i hope its soon before i move out and miss this epic breakdown.

for god sakes he actually hits on my girlfriend and trys to talk shit about me to her, if he ever gets a woman which i hope he does so i can personally destroy and bomb the holy shit out of it.he can clean anything, take blame for anything and constantly does things that he hates everyon else for, this peice of shit will get what he deserves. and even if he doesnt he still will not get anywhere in life for the fact that he cant do anything on his own and has to be spoon feed his options like a baby. he will end like every other piece of shit in his family a drunk piece of shit mom, and drunk uncle that lives with his mom, or the worst the alcoholic non license, bike ridding piece of shit uncle that sadly ruined my aunts life with a baby and a useless deminor that renders him working at borders books at the age of 40.

constant complaining about things around the house, but yet he has never cleaned anything or restocked a bar of soap or wiped down a counter top, not only that but im gone maybe half the time and he has the nerve to complain. i would go far as to say that i would enjoy watching him get the shit beat out of him , and sure hope it happens soon. or better yet i hope he gets seriously injured so he cant "push all those important carts" an becomes broke and has to move out, i will laugh at him to his face like he has done to me for when i broke my arm. i will bring him down as far as i can and laugh at his stupid terribly formed face. i have lost all respect for this human, and never will ever beable to consider him a firned everagain.

Dormmates 37

I had an 8 o'clock exam and after that had to drive for six hours to get home but the people in my dorm wanted to play video games. So I lent them my 360 and went to sleep in my room instead of my boyfriend's since his room shares a wall with the TV, and I didn't want them to wake me up. I told them I had an early exam and asked them to be quiet, and what do they do? They woke me up FIVE TIMES in two hours by screaming and cheering. I had to go shut the door to the common area every time and even then I could still hear them. We are supposed to have quiet hours during exams and I should have called security but I didn't because I kept assuming that they would quiet down. It was 2AM by the time they left and I could finally get to sleep. Really? If you know that someone needs to sleep, you borrow their stuff, and you know that it is quiet hours then you should be QUIET! It's bad enough that you see finals as a time to party but it's worse when you are so inconsiderate as to ignore the request of someone who is giving you something....Ah!

worthless disgusting roommates 38

Dear former roommate, there aren't enough words in my vocabulary to describe how despicable you are. You are fucking NASTY! I have NEVER seen anyone as DIRTY as you! To call you a slob would be the understatement of the year! How damn hard is it to PICK UP YOUR SHIT once in a while? NOBODY wants to see your thongs, or boyfriend's nasty drawers, or ANYONE'S underwear for that matter! Everyone else manages NOT to leave DIRTY UNDERWEAR laying around where ACTUAL PEOPLE need to step, use and generally see, WHY THE HELL CAN'T YOU?! When I got the biohazard sign for the bathroom (long before you descended on me), it was supposed to be a JOKE! Stop being so god damned LAZY!

Nobody washes dishes right after they used them, but nobody lets them soak until they are MOLDY! Nobody except YOUR lazy ass that is! When I can't even tell what color your cup was because the ENTIRE NASTY thing is literally BLACK from mold, that is FUCKING UNSANITARY!!! I mean, seriously, you own ONE dish - if you're too lazy to wash it, then you need SERIOUS HELP!

As if THAT wasn't enough, why oh WHY do you have to be SO LOUD?! This is NOT a football field! Stop SCREAMING whenever you talk! And then you have the absolute NERVE to yell at other people to shut up! YOU ARE A FUCKING HYPOCRITE! And for the love of all things HOLY, TURN THE STEREO DOWN! You DO NOT need stereo/TV/phone at ALL HOURS! You don't know how damned LUCKY you are I never SPLICED ALL YOU WIRES!!!

And dear god, STOP EATING MY FOOD! Just because I shared with you ONCE does NOT give you license to eat anything you want! I said you could have SOME ONCE. Why THE HELL would you eat ALL of it LATER! Stop crying like a big baby - if you DIDN'T pay for it, IT'S NOT YOURS!!! It's NOT rocket science. And to act like a FUCKING MARTYR when you replaced it all on your own - spare me the histrionics and KEEP YOUR MOOCHING, GRUBBY HANDS TO YOUR OWN STUFF!!!

And to call ME a bitch when I asked you to turn off the TV at ONE AM?! (If you can read, quiet hours end at midnight, and NO overnight guests are allowed - not even your HUUUUUSBAND and damn sure not FIVE PEOPLE!) Who the HELL has Friends marathons when their DISABLED ROOMMATE is trying to sleep? If I can hear it through earplugs, it's TOO DAMN LOUD! For the love of humanity, out of the FIVE lazy slobs there, not ONE of them has a NON-DISABLED roomate to bother? BITCH!!!

You are a lying piece of shit. You are NOT a fucking hero because you ACTUALLY cleaned up a few times (after I refused, and after they started to inspect YOUR room, you SLOB), and the reason my mother came from out of state to help me is because you are a DISGUSTING BITCH who can't even help out the girl on crutches! I can only hope that the unfortunate person who gets my room next has enough strength to push you off the 3rd floor balcony. You are the epitome of what's wrong with this world and a total waste of space!

Lazy Fucking Bitch Roommate 39

This bitch does nothing, I mean nothing. I live with an old high school buddy and his sister, who is 5 years older then us. In the three years I haven't seen her clean once, not once!! I was sweeping one day and she asked me what happened, I told the bitch it's called cleaning the fucking house. Not only is she completely worthless, she has two cats that she has LOUD conversations with, actual conversations. I work from home for a telecommunications company, I have a lot of meetings, and people on the phone can actually hear this stupid bitch in the background talking to her cats. She doesn't do a damn thing, doesn't clean, doesn't go out, she leaves cat shit on the floor of her room for weeks, uses the dishwasher to do ALL of her dishes (which I get to pay for), she is annoying as hell, talks about her cats to me all the time. I don't even pay attention to her and she still talks, I don't make eye contact, don't look in her direction, and type on my computer and she still talks. She is doing it right now, the stupid fat fucking bitch is yapping her fucking gums at me right now as I type this, she is SO FUCKING STUPID.

Roommate/Housemates 40

This fucking girl who I lived with in the same apartment always hated me because I had a boyfriend and she just had a mustache. One day her computer broke so she decided to accuse me of going in her room and breaking her computer. She convinced my two other housemates that not only did I break her computer, I stole her books and tried to poison her food. She even got her mom to drive up here and say "It's okay, you can tell me what you did." She couldn't prove it (because obviously why the fuck would I do something like that) but wanted to accuse somebody so she tried to accuse the landlord. Obviously that didn't work either, so she put in a notice to vacate because she thought it would threaten the landlord. Turns out we all had to move out and find a new place in three days. She then said that she didn't know that would happen. So I moved out because she kept stealing my things, including my flash drives that I needed for work. Then she decided to stay at the apartment, but would not release me from the lease because she didn't want to pay more for the next month. I eventually got the release but not before I wasted so much time and money moving out, getting a new place, and finding someone to replace me.

I'm angry because this bitch

  1. can't accept the fact that she broke her computer herself.

  2. Is so insecure that she had to concoct a lie just so she could bully everyone to be on her side

  3. How the fuck can you sign a notice to vacate and think you can't move out?

  4. She is a thief and liar but claims to be super religious. Hypocrite.

  5. She forced me to move out but still wants me to share her rent

That's why now I prefer to live alone rather than be punished just for having a boyfriend.

Roommate 41

My roommate is the most selfish person I have ever been around one I bought the washer n dryer n it's for everone she. Bought a nice flatsscreen whitch was In the livingroom untill she oneday woke up with not the normal one stick but two in her butt n said I'm putting the flat screen in my room witch she already has a tv in her room wat a b! So now when we have company o too bad idk y she needS the tv In her room maybe for the 50 different guys she has over every wk! Maybe I should charge her for the washer b dryer sence I bought the or move them to my room o wait I'm not selfish!

Roommates 42

I have 3 roommates in my dorm room and none of them are normal.

The first one that I noticed was a loser was a fencer whom was obsessed with anything nerdy and pretended to know how to play the guitar. He bought a flat brimmed storm trooper hat, a halo costume, and would wear sunglasses at night, especially to soccer games.

The second roomate was a wanna be Polish kid, who lived here all his life but spent a few summers here and somehow could barely speak English, meanwhile I know people who lived in Poland for most of their life but speak perfect English. all he ever did was talk about partying and working out which he did neither. He spent all day playing some game called Tibia, which is a 2D version of WOW.

The third one was the worst, at first he seemed like a cool kid, but after a while I realized I was dead wrong. To start off with hes one of those spoiled rich kids who is babied by their parents. Secondly he is whipped by his girlfriend whom is not good-looking and doesn't have a good personality, and I found out that they don't "do anything" so, I've never found the point of them being together. He always tries to drop hints by giving graphic and detailed sex stories about people he knows, he also used pink sillypuddy to form a vagina, then showed it to his girlfriend and said "look its you". Not only is he a disgusting human being, but hes also a racist. He also leaves 30 minutes early to get to class and refuses to be no later than 15 minutes to a class. He also speaks with a lisp when talking to his girlfriend. I'm pretty sure I'm only scratching the surface right now too...

flatmate!!! 43

Right.. i have this flatmate... we moved into a new flat, sharing with a few other people, 6 months ago. She had recently inherited a fairly large ammount of money, so managed to pay her 6months rent in advance.. which was good!.. the only thing is.. she has now spent ALL of her money, has no job, and has not signed on!.. she has not paid ANY bills the whole time we have lived there, she sits around the flat all day with the heating on, creating a ridiculously unnessecary ammount of dishes, which she NEVER EVER EVER cleans. To cap it all off.. I have now moved out of the flat, and she has decided to stay in the one we were previously living in for a further month, which means I will get no deposit until the lazy bitch moves out, also, she is unable to pay for this months rent, and expects me to pay for a flat i am no longer living in.... EH..... NO!!!!!!!

My roommate is a whore 44

Ok so I have had horrible roommates one after another and this one probably pisses me off the most because I thought I could like her and hang out with her but then I realize that she's a huge manipulating bitch that hides behind this naive facade.

She's a huge whore, first of all. The fact that even before moving in she had slept with almost 60 men and 2 women and was only 20 years old was disgusting but it wasn't any of my business...until I find out that my apartment was going to be turned into her personal sleazy motel! She's been here for 9 months now and I'm pretty sure her number is in the 80s by now because I would see a different guy in here pretty much every other day! And then she's so fucking loud! Me and my boyfriend were studying in his room (he's our 3rd roomie) with some techno music on and we think the song has a woman screaming in the background and we sort of look at each other confused, then the song ends and find out it's not the music, it's HER! And this wasn't just moaning or anything, this was full blown screaming! And this was while midterms were going on!

And the guys she would bring are some of the creepiest people I've ever seen, like Walmart at 3 in the morning creepy. Then she started actually dating this one guy for maybe 3 months, cheats on him ON HIS BIRTHDAY and somehow convinces the guy and tries to convince me and my boyfriend (since we heard when she was cheating) that it was his fault. Seriously!? That's the manipulative part about her. Plus that guy she was cheating with was staying in our apartment for a week.

Everytime I leave to visit my parents she's constantly texting me asking when I'm coming back like she's doing something she knows she shouldn't be. I come home one day after visiting my parents for a week and there's some strange guy wondering around in the apartment! Before I can even ask who he is he's saying my roommate had left her keys with him and went to the store then was out the door! No one besides this weirdo was there and being a girl coming home to some strange guy in the house is very scary! When I questioned her she used the excuse that my boyfriend met him once and thought I met him too. Seriously? Just because I may have met him once doesn't mean he's trustworthy!

On top of all this she's so messy! She always says how she likes cleaning but she has never cleaned the living room or the kitchen (not counting doing dishes, which she might do about once a month) and I think she's cleaned her own room twice. If me or my boyfriend cleans I can count on her messing it up within the next 24 hours. It's like she doesn't know what a garbage can is because she always leaves empty food wrappers, cans, jars, anything literally 2 steps from the garbage can and it will stay there until me or my boyfriend throw it in the trash. She also can't manage to put dishes in the sink, she stacks them AROUND the sink, I can tell you now there are about 4 cups around the sink and the sink has one plate in it! Since I only have about a month left in this fucking place I have completely stopped cleaning anything that I haven't dirtied. The apartment looks like shit but I'm not doing this anymore.

And now she has this guy coming around that drinks my juice and walks into my room like we're best buds. Seriously, don't walk into a female's room 11 at night unless you're invited!

Whiny Roommate from Hell 45

I met her two years ago in a residence hall when I first started going to school at Rutgers. I have a very close knit group of friends already, but we did make an effort to include her whenever we went out and did something, and most of the time, she would decline. This is fine! She was a very kind, quiet person.

Or so I thought.

All four of us (my two friends and herself) moved into on campus apartments and that is when it all started. We came to discover that she was nothing but a miserable, whiny child with no friends or social life, which makes sense now. She actually started CRYING because someone used her tofu that she wanted to use in a recipe because as it turned out, this is the end of all humanity for her just because someone used her tofu.

We decided to move off campus, and she threw a hissy fit because we just killed her plans for getting another on campus apartment. Out of KINDNESS we invited her. Big, big mistake.

She moped around all the time with this puss on her ugly, fat, pale face and put notes on all her organic food because obviously at 230+ pounds, she is obsessed with food. She spent $60 on organic food that she is just going to shove into her mouth and then cry about how much it irritates her stomach.

She is also completely spineless and lacks common sense. She has no idea how the world works. She might be a very intelligent math major, but she lacks any life skills and after graduation, she is toast because she has NO IDEA how to live in the real world.

While living with us, she mentally tortured us by complaining all the time and even had the nerve to devise a LIST of things she was unhappy about. This set me off, and this is when we all decided that she needs to leave. Survival of the fittest. Either grow a backbone and stop behaving like a child or get out. Turns out, she didn't and she better pray on her organic tomatoes that I destroyed that I never see her, or her ugly 32 year old boyfriend again.

Luckily for all of us, we got her out of the house. She claimed that she is a nice person and we pushed her away. Nope. We just didn't want you honey, and we couldn't be happier. It feels as if a cancer was removed, and she is no residing in an old ladies basement with her precious organic food and $600 worth of kitchen utensils she is never going to use.

Good riddance. I hope you get knocked up and live in that crappy trailer with your ugly, old boyfriend who I am sure I am more of man than he will ever be, and I am girl.

My House mate 46

I am angry and frustrated with my house mate. She thinks that she knows everything and try so hard to impose her opinions and actions upon me (as if I cannot think and decide my own opinions/actions despite the fact that I am currently in my last year of Law Degree and she barely starting her second year after being exempted for her year-a Greenhorn!) makes me suffocated and disgusted. Just because she had more working experiences, it can be reflected from her words and actions that she thinks that she is far more capable than most people that she knows. She often look down and gave cynical remarks on people especially people from my home country because she thinks that we are lower class and not properly educated (despite that most of her countrymen often come to my country for vacation, shopping as well for further education as it quite cheaper and better than her home country!).

I try so hard to get along with her and disregard her comments from time to time but I cannot stop from feeling annoyed, as her comments can be too direct sometimes. As for you my stupid arrogant bitch house mate..just who do you think you are?! If you think that you are so smart and better than everybody else, why are you here with people like us? You could always go to better places to further your studies but somehow you ended up here with us..the choice is on you but you still chose to be know why? I think you know why...that you are not good enough to enter local universities in your home country as your result did not meet the necessary requirements (and it is indeed the standard is too high even for the locals). Despite that you have extensive working experiences did not help you at all to get a placing in the local university so you better shut the fuck up!! A bit of humility would not hurt your pride and achievements but it will make you a better and reasonable person (at least I am aware and acknowledge my own weakness that I am not a good student and often struggle in my studies). If you really want to brag, just don't brag but prove it! Up until right now I have not seen anything great about you, only your self-proclaimed greatness and achievements, and on top top of your obnoxious behavior!!

I am weary of you and I just don't give a fuck about what you have to say or do. If I need an opinion, I will ask so until the time comes shut the fuck up!!You are not my psychologist whatsover!I wish that you will be gone from my sight!! Just because you came from a country which advocates superior complexity attitude to the citizens does not give you the right to think high and almighty, and patronize other people! People come from different backgrounds and have different opinions so you should practice to be moderate in your words and actions..otherwise you could end getting a tight slap or two!! Quit being the chatterbox and focus in your studies!

You just starting your course and you still have a long way to go to finish and graduate. Please think about the hardship of your parents who are still sponsoring your education despite that you can afford to pay some of your education funds from your previous employment, which you did not, as you don't have money to spare..( and that's what you told me). Wake up and brace the fact that you are just the same like everybody else and try to be humble from time to time..

My Wack Job So called Roommate! 47

My bi-poplar, fat, selfish, no cleaning ass, constantly drinking, always begging ass fucking roommate! This heifer decides to tell me six months deep into our lease that she wants to move out in 3 months because she can't mooch off of me any longer! She acts like I am suppose to be her girlfriend without the sex part (totally disgusting thought to me by the way)! She is supposed to be my friend/sister what a fucking bitch! I clean everything in the apartment! She hasn't washed any of her fucking million clothes that she never wears which by the way haven't made it to her closet yet sit in our living room since we moved in the apartment! She makes it look like I'm living with a crazy hoarder! She complains about her weight but eats like non stop like the cow she is! Wondering why you don't have a boyfriend yet because you are too needy and unattractively fat not to mention too fucking unstable! Oh all she does is sleep all day and overtakes her bi popular medications! Oh she is on disability but do something productive sometimes like clean the fucking apartment once in awhile! I am so done with roommates all of them have been crazy! I get screwed on the lease because you want someone to take care of you! I am done with fucking wack job nut job loser bitches! No more so call friends that equate to fucking cunts will ever be my roommates! Fucking fuck whores! Lose my fucking number don't call me when you want to kill yourself because I don't give fuck any more! Take a fucking walk off of a short pier, bitches! Choke on your spit in your fucking sleep! I am fucking done and over it! Cry to someone that fuck because this chick doesn't! FUCK OFF, YOU FAT COW!

Lazy housemates (family) 48

here's the thing.. my day usually starts at 6am. regardless if I have to work or not. and this is why (when I am off work) I have to wake up, make coffee and feed and take the dogs out to use the bathroom, when my housemate just sits in bed all day or plays that stupid farmville crap. sits within 4 feet of the refridgerator and askes me constantly to get her drinks/food etc. they also fucking chain smoke, I have to buy 3 cartons of smokes just to last a week with these two. and one other thing that fucking irritates me.. yeah she's lazy and very unproductive to the household.. I have to let them use my computer at any time they want.. but I help them with rent, vehicle insurance, etc.. and can not drive the truck for which I assisted in paying for. and she is so fucking lazy it is irritating! also one more thing.. they have been lent over $245 and have only paid back $60. and in some cases (more likely than anything else..)) they never pay back what they owe.. ANYBODY and she wonders why no one will loan them anymore. hell she's so fucking lazy.. she always needs assistance in anything she does.. I do not know haw many fucking times I have had to spell basic words, explain how to copy & paste paragraphs & other shit to her facebook page.. I mean I am so pissed off.. I mean anytime she fucking speaks or talks it is so remenisent of the ghostbusters car siren.. hell I hate to stray from the topic.. but even in writing this I have had to assist her about 8 times! shit.. they even have my foodstamp card.

Annoying, worthless roommate 49

My damn roommate is a piece of shit, I have lived in my apt for two years, and only needed to have a roommate this year due to my lack of a job for the moment while I'm in school. I let this guy move in with me from my old job, and it was ok at first, probably because I let him pay much less than half of everything because he had problems. Recently, my landlord demanded that he pay half of everything, and when I told him he go angry about it. I have done so much to make things easy for him, and now that I need some help he gets angry.

To top that off, he also is annoying as fuck. He purposely yells really loud, makes annoying noises, and tries to get my attention while I am on the phone. And when I'm not on the phone, and am instead concentrating on something like homework, he is STILL making stupid noises, and trying to get my attention and bother me. I would kick him out if I could afford it, but I can't.

roommates 50

I have a little fat fucking toad of a roommate who loves to put her sex life up in my face on a 24/7 basis. The girl she's fucking was someone I wanted very much, but of course my roommate just had to swoop down and ruin any possibility of me ever getting to know who I liked. She knows how I felt and so now they fuck 5 times a day with the door alot of the most time. I go to bed hearing them moan, I wake up hearing them coming, and in-between its constant loud laughing and cooing that would make one puke. They also leave their dildo's and strap ons out where they can be seen.and beer bottle all over the kitchen. And one of the worst insults is if I'm walking by to get to the kitchen, they start up with their juvenile piece of shit antics and look to see if I can see them. I swear if they could ever get their fingers out each others twats for 2 seconds, it would be a bloody ass miracle. There are days I want to just nail up the house and set it on fire with them in it. But I'll settle for them just to get the fuck out of my house and out of my life!

slut bucket bitch's 51

i live with two bitchy ass kardashian wanna be whores. ones loud fat and completely self centered but thinks she's the best thing to walk the earth. and uses the other one to attract guys at the bar then steals them away from her and fucks them in her car or the closest place place she can get there dick out. then the other bitch gets to drag us all into her self pitty filled life for the next four days or so... they dont clean up after them selves and leave food all over the house for days on end. but god forbid i dont wash my dishes one night or better yet tell them to pick up after themselves.

Roommate 52

leaving her belongings around everywhere, talking in a loud voice and condescending tone, being naive about relationships, interrupting people/me, being pushy, farting, leaving bloody tampon wrappers in clear view, eating my food and using my tylenol.....REALLY pisses me off.

Fucking Fat Roommate 53

so I know that fat people do eat a lot, and i have nothing against it, but Im a vegetarian and I believe that we, as people, need to live like a human being and eat healthy stuff and not be a fucking lazy beast. and you know what? my roommate is exactly like one of those fucking lazy ass bitches stuffs trucks of shits down her throat. As soon as she wakes up she finishes entire box of nutella with like ten pieces of bread on her bed and then, I see her strech her fucking pig hands for a drink and that even seems her for her to do, since her body is already fucking overweight and her belly is like frucking protruding out and her skin is all disgusting because of all the fat. ewww i fucking hate looking at her! It disgusts me. Whats more, I find that she finishes a box of cereal for breakfast everyday! those pebble ones with chocolate flavors. Fuck this she is just a beast. She finished my large sized milk the other day. Didnt say anything about it. I FUCKING HATE HER! I wish she didnt eat at all cuase even if she didnt eat for 5 years, she would live off of her fat. I hate her chewing I hate her eating I hate her fucking metabolism.

Room-mates 54

I am angry at being trapped in a lease with these lazy, worthless, disgusting human beings. I am the only one who cleans anything in this house. Dipshit takes it upon himself to compound any problem with the house. He leaves his "workbench" on the porch so he can start endless useless and hideous projects on a whim, making our house look like a trash heap. He is so worthless it is unbelievable. Dipshit will never have a steady job because he is so lazy. Milksop continually makes excuses for him and is sure that he is her soulmate. She foolishly expects him to grow up eventually. It's like watching some kind of Freudian proof. She behaves like his mother. I wish I never moved in with them. I am angry at the erosion of my friendship with Milksop and angry that nobody here cleans anything but me. The end of the lease cannot come soon enough.

Lying, Smoking Roommates 55

My roommates all smoke cigarettes and I do not. Prior to agreeing to move in, we discussed the matter of smoking within the house. The parents of two of them smoke in their garage, but the smell has infiltrated the whole house to the point of being unlivable (in my opinion). As the house was an investment decision, the homeowner/roommate "S" promised that the all smoking would occur outside to protect the property value and preserve the air quality.

Well, one party led to the slip up of "S" saying "if you put fans in garage you can smoke". The other lying roommates (including S's bother) began telling people that smoking was ok immediately, while smoking themselves, claiming "S said we could!"

NO! You fucking disrespectful lying sacks of bullshit. You never even talked to me about this, except when promises were made that this would NEVER happen.

Now, my backup plan, a room at my folks house (that I would much prefer at this point) is in the middle of being converted into an office space, because I placed TRUST in these "friends" believing that this was a stable situation.

FUCK. I have no power here. S will always side with his brother and at the end of the day, only S can decide what will happen in his house.

Stupid mistrustful people. Go ahead and ruin your own health but stop endangering mine. NOT RESPECTFUL.

Roommate 56

I've lived with my new roommate for a month and I'm getting sick of her. I thought that she would bring some of her own shit to use in the common areas, like her own cookware (pots,pans, etc). My cookware was a gift from my parents and is not cheap. So she comes in and is like "Well I can't afford my own cookware, we must share" So I was like, "OK, just respect my stuff" and then laid out guidelines. AND SHE TOTALLY IGNORES IT!!!! She bangs my pans without a care in the world and doesn't wash them! She just leaves them there, and I eventually get sick of it and wash them. When I ask her to wash them she just rinses them in hot water and puts them away! Then she messes up the living room and blasts the speakers on MY television while watching her insipid soap operas. I have tried to escape to my room to shut out the drivel, but I can still hear it clearly upstairs! I kindly ask her to turn it down, then she waits till I go upstairs and turns it even LOUDER just to piss me off. The same thing happens when she's playing her (very offensive!) music, but in this case she tries to SHAKE THE FREAKING APARTMENT with her speakers alone! I said guests were ok IF I had a heads up. Without warning she just brings people over and I feel so awkward I end up hiding in my room until they've left! I just feel like I'm being used and it hurts me that she has no respect for my property! Plus, my room was quite a mess, but I was busy writing a paper, the door was closed in order to shut out noise and because I felt she didn't need to see my (then) dirty room. Suddenly, she OPENS MY DOOR and completely ignores me as she points out to her boyfriend that "Her room is like 2x as big as mine!" (even though I am paying SIGNIFICANTLY HIGHER RENT for the increased space). IF THE DOOR IS CLOSED YOU FREAKIN' KNOCK BITCH!!! My contract holds me until May, but I feel I may just knock her teeth out long before then!

nasty/mother fucking flat mate 57

I suppose i'm kinda to blame for this also. I knew this guy was a dirty bitch. The 1st girl moved out after just a month cos of it but she was a dirty bitch too, so she moved out blaming him and he her if u's get my meaning.

I moved from south to north & meet this "SCROAT" through our interest in the same music so we ended up house sharing. But before i moved in i made it clear, no mess & made him promise he would do his share and generally just keep the friggin place clean. Well it been 8 months now & yesterday i almost knocked the "motha fucka's" lights out. We both have a large collection of vinyl records and we both DJ. In short he treats the lounge like it belongs to him, his records are all over the place, most of mine are stacked neatly in my room. The ones I have in the lounge are stacked neatly to one side of the room away from his so as not to get them mixed up. I've had to initial all my records, every single one, & i've had to tell him not to touch them again because i was finding my records mixed up with his, out of they're sleeve's on the floor, unpacked in his ruck sack & even in this room.

As soon as he wakes up when its a wkend hes on the pc which is connected to the amps and decks & he sits there all day "& i mean all f'ing day" till at least 3-4 am playing music as if he was playing on a pa system in a club. We've had neighbors from downstairs and next door come knock the door(which he never hears) & asked for the sound to be turned down. Last time that happened i just invited them straight in and guided them to the lounge so they could tell him them self's.

He's straight on the pc as soon as he comes in from work too. He sits in fornt of the pc playing music in chat rooms, chatting to his million friends on FB, downloading music and chatting to his BITCH from Italy. I call her a BITCH cos she winds him up all the time & sometimes even leave the "WUSS" crying. (but that's another rant). I'm sick and tired of cleaning up after his lazy ass. In 8 months hes cleaned 3 times. Once when his Mum/Dad came to visit & 2ice when his BITCH came over to see him. What he eats & drinks out of he dumps right where he sits, his clothes which should be in his bed room, they all over the place, food packaging, packages from things like electric keetle to impress his BITCH when she came over Xmas still on the floor. Cooker not cleaned, fridge he doesn't clean. His bed room is a pig sty, i think he actually believes the wardrobs and drawer set is the floor That's where everything is. Bed clothes, clothes, the lot, cups, towels, plates, dust...You don't know whats dirty from clean so i have to wear a bio-suit before entry looking for my stuff. But i tell him, "I don't care what u do in ur bed room so long as it dont effect the rest of the flat", (meaning like smells, & by the way records thrown about in there too). The man is a pig & never clears up after his lazy ass self. I rant at him to wash a few dishes and he just might be able to go put them on 'soak' in the kitchen sink until i have to point out to him that they've been there so long now we got mosquitoes hovering above the stagnant water. He always got some lame ass excuse as to why he can't remove his bony backside from the giant stinky beanbag in front of the pc and do some work F'ing cores. Your feet sticks to the floor too. I claen, he mess, i clean, he mess, to the point here I've stopped and i got my own trash can just outside my room cos when i counted 2 nights ago there were about 8 supermarket bags full of trash just sitting in the lounge. He went Italy 2wks ago and there was a argument just b4 he left for him to clean his crap b4 he goes. Although i was telling him 3 days before his leaving day (& b4) his excuse was "he ain't got the time". (Yeh right, only time to sit in front on the net 24/7 you dirty slob!)Anyhows yesterday i get a call from my mate from down south that he is 1 hour away from me. He works for a company that chauffeur's footballs all over uk & he'll come stay over night if he has a pick up from north to south in the am. So there me is thinking he's got to come to this crap. 10 mins later who i get a call from but nasty pigeon chest flat mate asking me to go post office for him and pick up records. I just let off on on his ass in no uncertain and clear angry terms and told him, the place cleaned as soon as u come in or else & that im not doing anything for idle self. He gets in from work and im out with my mate to give this motha fuckin nasty motha fucka time to get some cleaning done when i get a call from him asking me some bull crap question. I ask him, 'have u started cleaning the flat'? he tell me i will soon, my food is getting cold. The motha fucka never cooks, just another excuse. Anyway 3 hours later i get home hes sitting there in front of the pc, music blazing and then has the cheek to ask me for a ciggy, thats where he almost ened up out of the skylight & onto the pavement far bellow. I just went into him, (verbally) and told him in front of my mate he one 1 sec from his very painful demise. The mutha fucka went and picked up all the kitchen trash bags. (about 2 wks-3wks worth) that he & not me put there, (i've boycotted that lounge & only made him pack the bags)then he comes and says i should take up some cos 'some must be mine' "Excuse me i said"...***(which shows he pays fuckall attention to what goes on in here). He leaves them in front of the front door so my visitor would have to step over them in the am when he would be leaving. Within 10mins the passage was stinking. Never saw PigBoy rest of the night. He ran off & shut his nasty ass in his stinky ass room. A few wks ago i heard him splurting it out in the toilet, (my door wide open some of the time) next sec i hear him walking past my room but no sound the toilet had been flushed so i shout to him go back and flush F***ing toilet, he called bk telling me "I dont have the time". All because he in such a rush to get bk to the pc to yap to his bunny boiler girl friend. I wont be leaving, this is a nice flat and I'll have him out b4 i move, simply cos he obviously got no social training in him, he even invites people round & u go into the lounge & they are sat there being completely being ignored while he sits there on the pc with his back to them & music blaring out & not even offered his guests a cup of tea. Now i love my music but not even I blurt it out 24/7. This guy has metal issues, is total selfish, total inconsiderate & addicted to the net. And i live with him.


My Roommate 58

My fucking snobby, bitch of a roommate is a trashy piece of shit. She has never cleaned anything once, even after I've asked her to. She stuffs the fridge and freezer full of her damn food so that there's no room for mine, and she eats what food I do have. Then, this bitch has the decency to fucking talk shit about me WHEN I HAVENT DONE ANYTHING TO HER. I wish this dumbass bitch would just move the fuck out so she can live like a pig and talk shit when I'm not around.

roommate 59

my roommate is sooo freakin unhygienic!!...she is a big pain in my ass.. she had contracted HPV infection on her foot and wont go for treatment for 6months,then she did treatment.i had to spend money on disinfectants for the bathroom and room.she would not even use a disinfectant to wash her clothes or an antibacterial/antiviral soap such as Dettol to wash herself.she is such a pain.i had to fight with her a billion times to convince her to get Dettol in her life. when she gets a cold,she would not use tissue's to wipe her ever so flowing mucus.Instead she would go to the bathroom to blow her nose at the basin.first of all the sound of her blowing her nose is so annoying and on top of that she would just use water to wash her hands and come out.u need to use soap woman!!we are freakin med students!..she is going to be a lousy infection filled doctor.who would infect her patients! i hate her sooo freakin much!!

a dance with legal action 60

My idiot housemate was in charge of bills this year at university.... Silly cow forgot to pay them and we had a letter through saying that if we did not cough up, we were going to be summoned to court.... I nearly took a frying pan to her, but fortunately managed to resist....

Nasty Roommate 61

My ex first-year roommate is such a snobby, stuck up, backstabbing, disrespectful piece of human trash. Any time I did something that offended her delicate little senses (like practice my instrument QUIETLY) she got the RA to rip into me instead of confronting me herself. What a coward. One day she decided she was going to wreak havoc, and she had the RA do a dawn raid on my room the day I had an exam, screaming at me about my "odor" for the whole dorm to hear. (By the way, she's the only person I've EVER met that even noticed this "odor." I shower every day.) I had enough of her degrading me and left for another building. But what does she do when I come back to get my stuff? Degrades me more. Tosses every insult she can at me. I hate this bitch. I hope someday when she goes out to a drinking party, some drunk guy shows her her place. The world has no room for snobby bitches like you. Grow up or you're not going to have ANY friends.

Repaying awful roommates!!! Victory is sweeeeet!!! 62

I read some of the awful roommate rants and just had to share one of mine as well as solutions to the problem. So, Here goes,..

My Roommate from Hell! I was living in a huge house with 4 bedrooms, a basement, and a guest house. All rented out by friends. I was there for few years so, I eventually, finished out the full basement enough to make it live-able. Thus making my "room" the largest in the house because it was the size of the house.

I put in all of the work alone. I'm a 5'7 chick. And did everything alone except concrete painting the floors! My price was the same as the other rooms because I PAID to refurbish the basement. Boohoo, Bitches!

One Bitch that moved in later in the game just couldn't STAND this. And she hated me off the bat because she couldn't take the basement from me.

First of all, in a few weeks of living with me, I saw her trip, drunk and break her 2 front teeth in half. Those never were fixed! *LMAO*. Then, this pathetic bitch, wanted me to give up my basement in trade for her tiny that she could bring her 5 yr old daughter to live with her drunk worthless ass!

As soon as I refused, I was the enemy. We all shared a Kitchen upstairs and it was HUGE. This hooker would wreck it by herself and noone wanted to confront her.

* good part starts here... Sooooo....I warned her a few times about doing her rotting dishes. I gave her a month. I grabbed the rotting dishes and their juices, and put them on her fucking bed! When she threw her little hissy over it, I dared her drunk ass to call the cops and told her in front of the other roomiez, that if she wanted to live like a fucking pig, she could sleep like one, in her own damned filth. BITCHTITS!

So, then, I had a lock on my basement, she tried to pick it and broke the pick off in my lock! And the dumb ass used a hairpin that ONLY she had, of all of the girls in the house. This made me reallllly like her. Surprise, other peoples stuff started to vanish except for snaggle tooth hobag's. I just let it go because the bitch learned to do a dish or wake up with it beside her.

Then, She cried to the original renter, basically, the mom of the house that her kid was gonna be taken away if she couldn't take her in. All of us reluctantly agreed but, knew this bitch was piss-drunk 24-7. We thought MAYBE the kid might help her stay focused. NOOOOOOOO FRICKIN WAY!!!! We were idiots!

She moved this poor little 5 yr old girl in, and infested the house with lice in 3 days! All of 8 of us, between both houses, and the dogs had to be treated. She didn't pay a dime for it. Or even offer out of guilt! Worthless bitch!!!! We let that go. Then 3 months later, Lice again! That was it for me!!!

I told the head renter that i was leaving with my steady reliable pay that had been proven for YEARS..or that bitch was going.

She nodded OK and I started piling that ho's stuff in the driveway. She pitched a big drunk fit but, I told her I was calling the cops and that I would bust her stupid loser ass before she even made it to the house she that she had BARELY paid rent for and RUINED since she laid foot in it. That skank may have scared everyone else but, I have the right to live peacefully. To hell with her. The bright side of the story besides the bitch being gone is that her mom took custody of her poor kid. Small miracles!!!!

my roommate 63

My god she's such a fucking whore. so I hear HER talking shit about me to this other bitch (don't even get me started on her) because she was like 20ft away from me during the whole bashing sesh. So I get pissed, FOR GOOD REASON. And just kinda stomp around and slam some doors, mature, I know. Cut to the next day when bitch texts me about how yummy her hot pocket is. WHAT THE FUCK. I don't care didn't you notice me being ANGRY because your a bitch?! So obviously I simply tell her not to come to my bday party if she doesn't want to (they were talking about how they didn't want to). Again, mature, I know. So she flips shit about how I misunderstood what I heard and is like I'm friends with both of you so I talk shit with the other one about both of you. Because THAT makes sense. Good friend. And then she's like oh em geee did you seee those jeans on campus today?!? Im like BITCH I'm still pissed at you don't talk to me about jeans right now. HOW ABOUT AN APOLOGY?! So I told her I just didn't want to be involved in her and her whorey friend's drama anymore. And she just replies saying shes not talk to me anymore bc we will obviously never see eye to eye. Fine, your a stupid bitch and think its fine, I probably won't ever see that. So then she gets home and I say hey, whatever, and then go in my room and close the door to do my homework. Bitch freaks the FUCK out, slamming the door and staying at her mommy's house for the night (WHOSE MATURE NOW).

Today I decided I don't want the whore stomping around for the next 3 weeks so I send her an apology (for what, I don't really know). And she tried to drag it all out and is like what EXACTLY are you sorry for. And im like idk.. nothing..? But I just say everything because.. whatever, I just want her off my back. And shes just like.. well thanks for the apology. IM LIKE BITCH DONT ACT LIKE YOUR STILL MAD ABOUT NOTHING. And then she realizes that she's an idiot and still wants an invite to my party and is like ohh sorry I'm not trying to be disconnected I'm just busy, but I didn't mean to hurt you. WHATEVER. Your still not coming to my party and I'm probably gonna fart on your pillow. OH MY GODDD I have the most mature, down to earth, substantial problems.

closet eating penny pincher 64

I'm freakin' angry because my new roommate of 4 weeks is so CHEAP! She moved in, unable to even pay her whole deposit. She brought no food, not even a pack of crackers, and claims she doesn't eat much. She doesn't eat much--in front of people. She waits 'til everyone goes to bed and then raids the cabinets. She is a closet eater. Always sneaking my food, without even asking. Then she does ask for other stuff, rather than buying it herself at the store. When did I get free stuff?

She buys those 99 cent TV dinners and wonders why she is hungry all the time. She works in a restaurant, but comes home starving. Like I guess she can't steal food from work and eat it.

She is just all around cheap. She uses up all my stuff--paper towels, toilet paper, laundry soap, bath soap. In fact, she doesn't buy jack, and why should she when she can mooch it off me? I'm really f_ _ _ ing sick of her shit. I have to put stuff under lock and key or hide it so it doesn't get gone. I never said "hey move in and I'll supply everything" but somehow I think she just lives cheap becaus she is selfish. She is constantly on the go. She travels about 100 miles per week or more, so I know gasoline costs money, but she always cries poormouth.

My advice, unload cheapskates when you encounter them. They will try your patience and drain you dry.

Hell of a roommate 65

My roommate is a bitch. At first she seemed pretty normal. When I was panicked about my exams she seemed to sympathize. I had not read anything and maybe she took it for granted that I would fail. But I passed and she failed in one of the subjects. That’s when everything started. She started disturbing me for every small thing whereas I took care that I never disturb her. Then we were in sort of fight. Our common friend, let’s say Dina, who was a bit closer to her also took my side. And then whenever she was angry on her boyfriend or family or anyone, she used to take it out on her. So they kinda drifted apart. Bitch blames that also on me. Then she was not able to adjust to hostel life and not able to study, and she blamed it on me that I was the one who kept on disturbing her. A few days back I came to know that she has two boyfriends. Now see, that’s a problem. Because something similar happened to my friend a year ago and he was devastated. So I tried to convey to her to stop that. She goes to the warden and tells her that I’m interfering in her private life. But I’m seriously concerned about those two guys. And besides she’s giving really bad name to all the girls. And she's telling everyone what an awful person I am. What the hell am I supposed to do?

Lazy Roommate 66

It has been over 90 degrees outside for the past week and everytime my roommate comes home he turns off the air conditioner in the living room because he doesn't want a big electric bill. He either turns it off or sets it to a setting that is more "suitable for him". Whenever I complain about it being too hot he says, "I think it's pretty comfortable in here. I don't think its that hot in here." It'll be as muggy as hell and his fat ass will be sweating as he says this.

He never cleans up after himself and his room is absolutely filthy. Cloths, trash, dishes, and everything but the kitchen sink lays on his floor or bed. Its as if his parents never taught him to be responsible or pick up after himself. There are spiders, gnats, and ants in our apartment now. I warned him that if he didn't clean up after himself that this would happen. I wish I could just live on my own.

Annoying roomates 67

I can't stand my roommate on most days of the week. All she does is bitch and moan about how she hates the school, doesn't have any friends, and misses her family. She talks in annoying baby voices, sucks her thumb, and cries about everything and expects me to deal with that shit. I am not your goddamn mother. i seriously believe the bitch is nuts. She got mad at me for calling her crazy when she tried to buy a 10.00 jacket for a goddamn teddy bear and treats it like a living children. AND ON TOP OF ALL OF IT, she expects everyone to take her seriously! argh

Housemates 68

I am so sick of sharehouses. I have lived in 2, and it always starts out the same. They clean up after themselves, you clean up after yourself.

Then after a while, they stop cleaning up as much. Every now and then they leave something in the sink or on the coffee table or don't mop the floor when they were supposed to.

Then, before you know it, the kitchen floor is covered in food, the tomato sauce never goes back on the fridge, the sink is always full and they always wait for you to clean it!

Now, if you're like me, you start getting fed up and become spiteful. I play games with my housemates. I mark a day on my calendar when I clean the whole house after becoming fed up, and wait for them to clean up. Usually its about 2 weeks before they ASK me to clean up! And so, I do it again.

In this house, and this is why I rage, my housemates have started eating fast food whenever I am home so they can say they don't ever make a mess! But then they leave their fucking leftovers on the coffee table!

And they are so fucking fat. They take up the entire doorway, no shit, and I can't get out of the kitchen if they come in after me because of the way it's set up.

And they fucking have their own toilet, but whenever they want to do a shit, they use MY toilet. And the smell comes into my bedroom next door!

They make me hate people! Sometimes I think all people are like this. Surely two households can't be a coincidence.

arrogant roommate 69

arroagant roommate. sophmore uni student who thinks there god on anything academic. i got sick i didnt dropout, i was taking senoir level hisotry classes on graduate level. your college wvu all students are stoners , alcholics and idiots FSU of wv education department hates you we have to reeducate you on everything your not even ivy league. you use non academic sources to win fights. you probally use your parents to win a court battle on this since they signed lease guess what the housing authority going say thier going lol and then the ADA will be on you for emotionally abusing a mental disabled person. i will have you black listed and arrested you family will be screwed on this too. so sorry as you christens say freedom of religion i am going start converting you guys since you like to bring god into it. i think as pre med you know do no harm and empathy you broken wvu rules already also one college kickout with colleges means all so you screwed no one will hire you you be alone for rest of your life just for your sin of arrogance. and oh by the way manger will lol also lease means s.... in any court to a point its their property and its the laws of a nation. you say you okay with a transsexual roommate so why when you act gay i do odd couple jokes you get offended. by the way idiot the law will say tv in common areas i can watch regardless of your property and you better prove its yours the manger will say the same and no meditation it doesnt work. no second chances this is why our nation sucks an ironfist should be held. you disrecpted my religion in middle ages i had a right to revenge i could slaughter you and your family. since treaty of tripoli doesnt define religion and religous laws are out so yours and mine. so try me i will bury you. and having your girlfreind here every otherday violates lease. oh and screaming at me you are studying one this is not a library and two ya your studying your playing video games all hours of night try again oyur toast.

My roommates attitude 70

Okay so i dormed this year with my best friend, and everyone always says not to room with your friend but i didnt think it would be a big problem. after she broke up with her boyfriend she got to be really needy! if i was across the room studying with a friend she would come and almost sit on top of me because she felt left out. if i go out and hang with some friends she gets upset at me and calls me her "invisible roommate". I will go out on weekends and she EXPECTS me to take her along because she REFUSES TO MAKE ANY FUCKING FRIENDS! she doesnt believe she needs to. second of all she wont let go of her ex boyfriends stuff! its been three months and she broke up with HIM! I dont understand how hard it is, but she just wont grow up! everything i do either makes her think i hate her, or she gets mad at me for it! shes always calling me a slob BUT shes the one that leaves her shit all over the floor!


Roommate 71

I've got to have the worst fucking college roommate at this school. I'd like to think I'm a nice and tolerant person, but I just cannot stand this piece of shit. The stupid fat slob is retarded. He only has four classes, none of which apparently have homework, so he spends the whole fucking day doing annoying things, because he has nothing better to do. Whatever homework he does have, he waits until 12 at nght the fucking day before its due to start, so he keeps me awake when I'm trying to sleep. The piece of shit is a slob, and he has fucking trash all over the place. He even leaves boxes of pizza sitting out for days. He always has his other fat shit friends over when I need to do work or study, and they sit at MY TV and play stupid ass games, not only using my chair, but taking up all the space in front of my desk and bed. The fucker doesn't even have the manners to even try to move out of my way when I walk in and try to get something. He is a fat dumb shit that pisses me off with every single fucking thing he does, and he is absolutely clueless to that fact. He is going to push me to the point where I want to fucking kill him, and even then I doubt he'll figure out that I hate his fat guts. The worst part is, I don't have the sleightest idea how I got paired with this fat shit, considering I turned my room request in almost as soon as possible, and his lazy ass did it on the last possible day. Not to mention I answered many of the questions on the survey that should've eliminated this fat asshole as a possibility. It just makes no sense to me how someone could be so rude, incosiderate, clueless, and ignorant, and even thinking about practically makes me shake with fury.

roommate 72

My roommate is a nasty fucking hoarder.

She sees zero value in empty space. If there is an empty space anywhere in the apartment, she instantly fills it with her useless crap, spreading it out for maximum coverage.

I don't think she's ever touched a dirty dish in her life. It also appears that she never intends to. I try to work around it, but at a certain point the dishes in the sink get so high I can't turn on the water without it ricocheting off a plate and running all over the counter. At this point, I just wash my dishes in the bathroom sink. Where I inevitably knock about 30 of her fucking ridiculous beauty-related trinkets off the counter, because the empty space I left there was unacceptable to her.

She makes fun of fat people. Somehow she's skinny, but it sure isn't because she eats healthy. She only eats TV dinners, and she usually leaves 2/3 of it. She'll leave it on the counter or toss it in the trash and let it fester there. (Of course she never takes out the trash.) Saving it for leftovers never occurs to her. But she sits on her ass all day and never does anything physical, (that's what men are for) so if she didn't have such an inexplicably tiny appetite, she'd be exactly as fat as all the chubby people she scoffs at.

She never brushes her teeth. This took me a while to figure out. But they've been getting steadily yellower for years, and I'm sure it's not long before they fall out and she complains about not having dental insurance, because I'm sure she doesn't.

I think of her every time I floss and I get a sick satisfaction out of practicing good dental health.

She drinks soda all night. In fact, she drinks it all day too. I don't think she knows what water is. But hey, half-drunk soda cans are fantastic for filling up all that unsightly empty space.

She's the biggest fucking drama whore I've ever met. Her hobby is making enemies of everyone she meets as quickly as she can. Then she gets all pissed off and cries like a bitch because nobody likes her. Then she cries some more because she has to do homework. Then she cries some more because her dad won't do exactly what she tells him to. Then she threatens to jump out the second story window and her poor sap of a boyfriend gets all emotional and they whisper and sob in the corner all night.

"Can I borrow your duct tape?" Oh, do you actually want to clean out the closet like I've been asking you to all week? The pile of cardboard boxes is over... oh. No, you just wanted to use my entire roll of duct tape to tape a pillow to the wall. Wha...? Oh, you're punching it. Because you're pissed off at fuck-knows-what again. Yeah, your life must be shit. After all, you have to live with ME.

Roommate 73

I Started Renting a place in july and it was a real fixer upper a friend of mine was sick of living at his moms so he said he would help me fix it up so i agreeded to him being my roommate. so far I have re-done the kitchen, I have redone the living room, the stairway, the porch, the bathroom and so on.. Right now all he does is sit on his but and b*tch about what isnt done and how he wants internet and its taking too long to get it. He isnt paying his share of anything, heaven help us if we run out of toilet paper because he wont buy any! My land lords are good people and they are an older couple so I was okay with doing the renos. They asked my roommate to paint there bedroom and he agreeded.. that was a month ago.. He DOESNT work!! and all he does is watch tv, lay on the couch and whine about how he needs a job and has no money. Ugh it makes me so mad im a girl and i do all the stuff around the house. Im Bout ready to kick his sorry but to the curb seeing as how ive done all the renos anyways.. I dont need him here complaining about whats not done when i work full time days and go to school fully time in the afternoon

My Clueless Housemate 74

I am so damn angry because I foolishly dismissed my husband's concerns about renting our 2nd bedroom to a guy he didn't like off the bat. He seemed nice enough, said he had a regular job( which in CA I presumed to mean a 40 hr a week job) and generally gave me the impression that he was a mature, responsible dude. My husband saw through it, but did I listen? No. Our six month old puppy, who loves everyone she meets cowered in fear and urinated on the floor when she met him. My husband didn't trust him from that alone.

1. The guy moved in and within a month lost his job, wrecked his car AND a rental car. His "regular job" was only six hours a week btw, he's mostly an actor. In LA. Aren't we all? I figured it was illegal to discriminate based on age but if I'd known this was 21 I would NEVER have rented him the room.

2.Now when he's not sleeping all day, he sucks up all the bandwidth playing video games online

3. He NEVER leaves because he has no job and apparently no friends either. My business is based at home, but I have no privacy now because this jerk-off comes downstairs to take several dumps a day, stinking up my entire downstairs.

4. He sits in the kitchen for an hour or so every afternoon while I'm working bitching at my puppy who doesn't even approach him. I have to constantly tell him to leave her the fuck alone. Seriously, who harasses a freaking maltipoo puppy?

5.He turns on every light in his path and leaves them on. He has left a large fan in his room for WEEKS.

6. He seems too stupid to understand that you need to flush the toilet, put the seat down, and piss inside of it instead of ON it. He rarely flushes, uses both bathrooms and leaves highlighted hair all over both of them. The floors and mirrors are sticky with cheap hair products, which he doesn't notice.

6a. Is so dumb, he didn't know how to use a regular coin-op washer. He was trying to do his laundry with powdered dishwasher detergent before I stopped him. Yeah, Cascade for dishwashers.

7. As it happens, this fake ass dude is from some tiny hick town in the deep south, and has been using a phony west coast accent in order to make people think he's not a backwoods idiot. To me thats equal to me using a British accent to make people think I'm smarter than I am. Yeah, it's lying.

8. Floods the toilet twice a week. Keeps most of my dishes upstairs in his bedroom where he has turned the furniture we loaned him into a pantry. There will be bugs, I'm sure. He brings them down every few weeks and dumps it all in the sink AFTER I've run the dishwasher. Like he's at a fucking hotel.

9. He lied and told me his folks were sending him his TV, so I loaned him my 32" LCD temporarily since we have one downstairs. That was 3 months ago.

10. Cooks and burns shit so that we're all coughing and gagging from the smoke, then leaves all the dishes. Leaves food splattered all over the stove, walls, and acts surprised when I tell him he has to,clean it up. Again, like he's at a damn hotel. I clean up after my husband and a damn dog, I'm not adding you to the roster, chief.

11. Cops MAJOR attitude when either of us calls him on his filth. Half-assed cleans when we make him. Christ, I feel like his parents pawned a defiant teenager off on us for $600 a month.

12. He doesn't bother to pitch in for toilet paper that his apparently hungry ass devours with his multiple daily dumps.

13. Our lease is up, we gave our landlord and him proper notice. He went to our landlord (on the sly) and gave her a lowball offer on the rent if she didnt need to paint the place. She approached me in the laundromat and I was completely embarassed, she didnt know he was staying there and I would have liked to keep it that way. This clueless fool knows nothing about subleasing in LA. Obviously, she wont be giving him a $300 discount on the rent.

13. The little fucker did SOMETHING to my dog. I can't prove it. But she has never, EVER cowed and pissed herself in anyone's presence. She continues to do so and hes been here for months now.

14. That bedroom smells like a funky old tornado of gym socks blows through it daily. He has NEVER opened the window. The one time he cleaned that damn room, the hubs scolded him like a freaking kid. Uh, We're not parents for a reason, we don't want kids that we have to make clean up after themselves.

It's painfully obvious that this clueless ass has never taken care of himself, and probably won't for a while thanks to the umbilical cord through which his rent is being paid now. Not my problem though.

I've concluded that I was an ass for not listening to my husband, and he was right. We may change our minds and stay in our place if things go the way I want, and if we do, he's getting the hell out of my house.

Roommate 75

My roommate is a bit annoying. She's very, very self-absorbed. She doesn't clean the toilets, floors, sinks, and the shower head at all. In addition, she makes sex noises whenever she's having sex...such as, "ooooh ooohh mmmmmmmmm mmmm mmm mmmmmmmmmmmmm". In addition, she hums, hums, and hums until 3 AM. I tried to tell her to stop, yet she mentioned that she did NOT say anything within that time interval. How annoying. How a nuisance.

She's very inconsiderate.

Roommate 76

I recently moved in with a buddy of mine and his wife. They seemed like nice people and needed help getting into their first home. I was renting a room and was ready to get my own place, but figured I would help them out for a while. Well, no good deed goes unpunished. The wife and their daughter are very sweet, no real complaints there. But my buddy turned out to be a real piece of work. I work crazy hours, usually 60 or more a week. I was able to get his house in livable condition in short order, with no help from him at all. I have not seen him work a single day since I moved in (four months)and the only work he did to his own house resulted in him electrocuting himself and catching himself on fire. The guy sits around all day watching bad tv and smoking weed. At least three times a week I come home to him being completely wasted. Everyday I wake up he has some new task he wants me to do. What a lazy piece of crap. Now, here is the kicker. He preaches hard work. Oh ya, people are so lazy and he is just such a hard worker. What a retard. I just found my own place and am moving in nine days from now. Nine days that I hope he survives.
Lesson learned: never move in with a drummer. They suck giant balls, and not very well at that.

Roommates 77

I can't stand the fact that my second roommate had his bitch hoe gf moved in with him for good, the bitch talks shit about people about it all the time like you won't fucking notice.. she's a two faced hypocrite bitch that will kiss your ass while around you, as they are days she won't talk to you like you fucking owe that hoe the world! bitch i can't wait till you move the fuck out, i have to put up with your 2 faced whiny ass. yet you have no consideration when you wake up at 5am at times to work at your gay ass fucking job "nutrition gym lady" and slam all the fucking doors, yet your a little bitch only at 5'1 and walk around like a 300lb lady.. oh yeah and your fucking annoying fat dogs that you brought in too shed in the main living room carpet and always come out and roll around in the hard to maintain carpet like its nothing.. fuck you bitch!!

Lazy dog owning bitch roommate! 77

I thought that moving in with a treasured best friend would be nice. We both had bills to pay and she had just comeback from the military.

Good Lord was I WRONG!

She bought a chihuahua puppy and NEVER trained him!

She let him shit and piss all over the house.

I trained him to go outside to do his business.

I work overnight and I can't be responsible for him during the day. She is UNEMPLOYED!

Mind you he sleeps in her room and is never allowed in mine. She once had the nerve to tell me, "He's my dog. I pay rent so he should be allowed to go where ever he wants in the house."


This lazy bitch will not let this dog outside in the morning and bitches at me for waking her up at 5 am when I come home and let him out.

She just opens her bedroom door and lets him out to piss all over our furniture! She refuses to get him neutered because it will make him so sad. Are you serious?

We can't have a house that doesn't smell of dog piss because you're afraid that you'll make the Dog SAD! She leaves her shit out and screams when "poochie" pisses on her stuff or tears it apart.

He hardly gets fed if not for me. AND HE'S NOT EVEN MY DOG! She gets all pissed when he comes to sit with me and refuses to stay with her. Wonder why? When she is up she asks who ever is in the house to let the dog out for her. She usually too busy talking to her dickbag husband on the phone or playing video games to be disturbed. And, she talks about how her husband is going to move in with us in 3 months and we can be all happy with a 'man' in the house. (He's the most push-over-able slave-man I've ever seen) AND, they are going to start their family! Tra-la-la-la! I'm so moving!

I hate kids, starting to hate you and your ex 78

You claim you did everything for this chick and maybe you did. Now you got someone who has a good life, a good job and is independent-WANTS not NEEDS you. Cleans up after herself and pays her own bills...on fucking time!! What do you do? Move in, cook occasionally, and fuck me occasionally. I feel like you're still looking after your inept ass ex while leaving me to fend alone...she don't want them, so you take them when you can't provide and have nothing to offer them, leaving it to your GF...nice. Real fucking nice

Even that is not good enough, but if that wasn't enough, you are INSISTENT on bringing your kids around the holidays-1 of whom is NOT yours to someone's house when you have NO MONEY, NO JOB and NOTHING to offer them and swear you're a better parent!! NO pissdick, your GF is taking care of you and your bad ass kids!! I don't want them there, I don't want you there now since you're so stupid!! You promised to look after the bastards yourself since you know how I feel about children, yet on my days off they wake you up in the morning, you roll over and go back to sleep, leaving ME to get up and referee, lest a war ensue in my damn living room...You sleep until afternoon. You wonder why I have attitude and don't lift a finger to help when you ARE up and go to another room to be alone and have silence...

You are a child yourself. You can't take care of you, but since you have a well-to-do GF, then they are automatically HER problem too if she wants to have any part of you. Know what I think-you need to put them with their mother-deploying or not and get your shit together. Someone that can take care of them that's family. Just because I'm doing it now does not mean it will happen forever and I'll wait for you to move. You could not do it alone then, you can't now and I REFUSE to do stand by while you RUIN MY LIFE with them. I'm used to napping, coming and going as I please and NO damn car seats in MY car!!! Ugh! I'm almost embarrassed about that...I had a good life. Now I'm happy to go to work and sad that I have to go home because you're there...with those kids I don't like...that aren't mine therefore I cannot discipline like I need to. At this point, between the fuck up that you AND your ex is/are: those kids are BETTER OFF with the state and I swear if I knew how to have them removed, I would SO make the call. You say the state doesn't need them and will NOT have "your kids" you don't have a choice in the matter MoFo if you can't fight them-no job, no education, mental from the Army and no place to live...yea, they'll let you have 'em...and IF I kick you out, you likely wouldn't get an hour away before your SHIT car decided to die... How are you going to claim to be a man when your GF is footing the bill for you and your kids who shouldn't have been there in the FIRST M*therf*ckin place?! And you have the nerve to want MORE kids. Sorry to break it to you, but I'm not having any-can't stand them and least of all not by a dumbass like you.

My home is not the projects! 79

I pay half the rent and bills- so WHY do I have more that one roommate? Just about every night I come home to find some free-loader crashing here! They run up the gas and light, food bills, and USE my bathroom! The last part wouldn't be so bad except I pay for EVERYTHING in that room. I make sure that it is clean, I make sure that there are towels, I buy the toilet paper! My roommate has her own bathroom and has HER guests use MINE! She says that they don't but I'm always running out of soap and I bought a 24 pack of toilet paper. It's been almost 2 weeks and I have ONE roll left! Yeah they aren't using my bathroom! These GUESTS almost never go home. Wake up, freeloading Freddy! This is not the projects! Go the hell home!

RoomMate 80

when she eats at the table, or uses the counter, she merely leaves a smattering of crumbs, that she does not ever clean up. It's like...she must just feel someone else will do it for her, or the crumbs will eventually scatter enough for it to no longer be noticeable.

She loves to talk about herself , forever and ever, for hours and hours, and I have to basically just excuse myself to my room if I want to get any work done. If I in turn begin to talk about myself, she seems to grow impatient.

When she and I and our other room mate, who is well adjusted, were talking about how social networking sites and text messaging effects dating etiquette, because he was having girl issues surrounding the subject. So I, very relevantly, not taking myself seriously at all, mentioned how "Someone should do a movie about..." and then stated a scenario that was a relevent but stupid, joking movie idea illustrating out discussion.

Then, she feels the need to one up my non-serious attempt at a movie idea, and is like "Oh yeah, I had a similar idea to that, but, like, when I was fifteen years old..I guess before technoglogy was even a huge issue in our lives"....and proceeds to explain, in depth, this half baked movie idea, that is nothing like what I said, other than it's of a vague science fiction theme. She describes it in depth, making sure to point out several times that she had the idea when she was fifteen, so that I know SHE had HER idea FIRST. I and the other roommate just had to smile and nod with looks of disbelief on our face.

Another Roo mate Storyhe Leech 81

An Open Letter to You Know Who You Are:

We both needed a place to stay so we both decided to team up. We had been friends for several years. What could go wrong? EVERYTHING.

Our first six weeks together were fine. I didn't question your quirks or you incessant need to chase men or flirt with every guy you crossed paths with. I didn't even raise an eyebrow when you spent hour upon hour on the phone or internet to chat with guys and send them naked photos of yourself. I didn't care when you ranted about your junkie ex-boyfriend or your dysfunctional family. I didn't pry when you admitted your kids were in state care. I even overlooked your sloppy room and hoarding habits.

The problems started when you started parading a new man through the house every week. Then you admitted you were also playing your ex for a fool, still sleeping with him because he gave you 20 bucks every now and then. While parading different men through the house. I can count at least 30 different boyfriends/one night stands in only a few months. I walked in the house to find a new boyfriend there three different times!

It all really went downhill when you had this grand idea that you should have your internet boyfriend of 3 weeks to move in with us. Only you decided this without telling me, only informing me of his intended arrival days before he was to be here. He dropped you like a hot potato once he realized you had lied and said it was your house, not mine!

After my refusal to let your internet boyfriend move in, you started having random tantrums and screaming at me for petty, random things like sweeping up your cats litter. Scream that I would have visitors without your permission, never mind the boyfriends you invited in? Have a tantrum when told to give your dog to someone who could take care of it because you wouldn't!

I cannot forget to mention your abuse of your pets. Barely feeding your dog so its ribs and hip bones showed, not feeding your cats for a week or more, not changing their litter boxes for a week at a time. A daily handful of food is not sufficient for a dog, moron! Guess who bought the dog food, the cat food, the treats, the litter? Who changed the litter boxes? That's right, ME! In 3 months, you bought one – yes, ONE bag of dog food.

You stopped doing dishes. Your room became not just messier, it became FILTHY. You wanted to argue constantly. And you claimed your work cut your hours to only one or two days a week, which in actuality, you asked them to do. You refused to put any money towards the bills, dodging me constantly. I had had enough of your mouth and your games and a month after you turned sour, I filed to evict you. Once you figured out I was going to evict you, your response was to run off with yet another boyfriend and leech off of his family, while leaving most of your belongings behind until threatened to have them thrown out onto the street. You not only abandoned your belongings, you abandoned your pets, leaving them in my care for weeks! I sent the dog to the pound (you did get that poor thing back, God help that dog!) and kept those poor cats, even if you did want, want, want, and want them back. Why? So you could starve them like you had before?

Yet, in spite of all of the above, my biggest problem with you is your cavalier attitude towards your children! The children you bore!! You would whine and cry that they were in state care and how perfect a mother you were. (Erm, the state didn’t take them from you for nothing.) You admitted you didn’t do hardly anything required to get them back, only attended parenting classes. You did not break off contact with your junkie ex, you did not get a place of your own, pay your own bills, stop chasing men, work enough to have a steady income. One day you would talk about your big plans to get them back and the next say they were better off in care, you did your best. Better yet, you’d talk about getting one back while saying the others are better off in care. Then do the same the net day about another kid! You either love your kids and want to be their mother or you don’t. I am not sure the exact reasons you lost them but based on your attitude towards them, they are better off without you!

You cannot take care of your kids, dog, cats, or even yourself. You are one of the most irresponsible, arrogant, selfish, spiteful people I have ever met. God help your next roommate, boyfriend, or pet!!!

My Roommates 82

I'm a college student majoring in mechanical engineering which is extremely demanding. On top of this, I keep a part time job. However, I seem to be the only one capable of mowing the yard... ever. When I moved in, I was told that the mowing would be divided equally and wasn't that difficult despite the fact that there was only a little "green" push mower (no engine) to use. I wasn't super convinced at the time, but I let it go. I figured they had managed to get along with it all summer and they are girly girls. If they could do it, I definitely could.

Turns out, that was a big lie. One girl had been mowing the entire time. The others didn't have a clue how to even use the thing. Of course, I replaced the girl who actually knew how to mow... I guess she just wanted the h_ll out.

So now we are having one of the warmest springs on record and the grass and weeds are growing faster than I can keep up with. I went home for a week over spring break and now the grass is too tall to cut properly with the mower (if you want to call it that) because none of my roommates bothered to push it around the yard. All it will do now is knock the grass and weeds over. Then they just pop right back up.

On top of this, one of my two roommates figured out that if she plugs her laptop directly into the router, she gets really fast internet. What she doesn't seem to be concerned about is how much it limits my computer's internet connection. I told her about this and she said that she would unplug it when she wasn't using it. When I said that that would help but that it would be better if she would just use the wireless like everyone else, she told me I should just use the campus internet. Campus is 20 minutes away and most of the buildings close after 10 pm. Plus I'm there all the time; if I wanted to live there, I wouldn't be paying rent and utilities here... This comment made me so angry that I just had to walk away... My other roommate then began to do the same thing when the awful roommate isn't home... I can't even say anything to her because she cries no matter how gently you try to talk to her about issues.

The crying roommate leaves her stuff everywhere. While we don't have a policy concerning our personal spaces (our rooms), we agreed in the beginning that common areas were to be kept clean. My internet stealing roommate made her cry about her mess, but it just went away for a few days and then returned.

The internet thief roommate is constantly in the kitchen when she's home. She is either in there cooking something, talking with her friends in there (in person or on the phone), or she's playing some weird musical instrument. So basically, the kitchen is open space from 8am-5pm Monday through Friday while she's at work and it belongs to her the rest of the time.

After she cooks, she dumps her weird food into the sink and doesn't clean out her dishes. The worst part is that we have a garbage disposal, but she dumps all of her food into the other side where she keeps a little strainer thing protecting the drain from all of this food stuff. This strainer thing gets absolutely disgusting and she never cleans it out. I'm always hinting that the garbage disposal works great for cleaning out chunks of food from dishes, but she says she worries that the disposal will go out... We have a wonderful landlord who would get it fixed within a day and I've lived here 6 months and used it daily and it is still going strong. I've tried to assure her of this, but apparently she'd rather just leave food in the little strainer thing for days on end. She complains about hair in the bathroom (which isn't that bad and I clean it up all the time- about half of it is hers) but can't humor me and keep disgusting wet food out of sight. It stays in the sink long enough usually that I can't scrape it off of the surface of the sink if she doesn't rinse it into the strainer thing and if she does, spraying it reversed and then putting it through the dishwasher still won't get it clean. It's absolutely disgusting and attracts gnats like you wouldn't believe.

Neither roommate has a clue about keeping up a house and anything that a person living in a dorm wouldn't have to do, they don't do. When I raked the leaves up after I moved in, they told me they didn't know think we should have to do that (it's clearly stated in the lease) and that I shouldn't bother. They also said it hadn't been done in about 4 years. I spent 3 days raking leaves in a small rental house yard. It was that bad. They laughed at me as I was doing it then afterwards internet/sink roommate loaned the rake she'd laughed at me for getting (it was 10 bucks and we didn't have one) to her friend.

Somehow I almost always get stuck with idiot roommates. Maybe I judge too harshly, but how stupid can people be? I grew up in the country and had to help my parents with yard work and putting up fences, etc, but all city girls can't be this useless, can they? My female friends aren't... when I room with girls who were my friends first, I never have these problems with them- even though they are also city girls. I just don't get how people can be so worried about getting their nails dirty or seeing a bug while tempting them into their house by being gross...

My Loud, Obnoxious, Drunk, Smelly Apartment Mates: 83

Now let me start by saying I normally don’t have a problem with most people nor have I met anyone I truly hate. Taking this into consideration I absolutely HATE two of my apartment mates. One I will refer to him as John for privacy reasons, now John has lived in my apartment the entire year. At first I didn’t not have a problem with him; he seemed like somewhat of a decent person. Since then he has turned into a douche-bag. He is racist, overly cocky, and worst of all one of the biggest bull shitters alive. On to my second apartment mate whom I once again hate, we will refer to him as Bob for privacy reasons once again. Now Bob is the worst of the two; he smells like straight B.O half the time and the other half he smells like he sprayed an entire bottle of Hollister perfume on himself. I cannot express in words how bad it is sometimes. He is also loud, and most of the things he says are extremely hateful towards anyone that is not him or John. Now if you could imagine someone who has never learned the “inside voice” and yells constantly that’s him, it gets even worse the later it is. Now these two are volatile when they are together, when they are sober I cannot stand them, but if anyone brings alcohol into the mix they become even worse and I usually end up sleeping in a friend’s apartment or dorm rooms. They do nothing to help the apartment either, not once have I seen them do a single dish, pick up a broom, or even as much go out of their way to throw a piece of trash away. Finally the nice people who live below us, now hate anyone who lives in this apartment; they both attempt to play soccer so they are constantly kicking the ball around our room. So anytime the ball hits the floor it sounds like someone dropped a weight onto the ground due to the paper thin walls. If the room below us hits the ceiling to kind of say shut up they get twice as loud and will stomp around on the floor attempting to make some sort of a statement. So now anytime someone drops a remote/phone on the floor they call and make a noise complaint.

my roommate 84

My roommate "S" is living epitome of stupidity and does all kinds of moronic things to exasperate me. Today, he went as far as closing all the windows and turning off the fans, in one of the hottest season of the year. He keeps making sharp noises intentionally when i'm sleeping ,and i always wake up to those really irritating commotions.

He has got a friend, whom he keeps inviting day and night without any reason ,and talks for long hours about silly things in most dumb and annoying manner.

He is a total fool who does not know anything ,and probably is surviving because of that aforesaid friend. He can't speak well but keeps swearing unnecessarily, 'cause he knows that i don't like cuss words.

Earlier, he used to pry ,and ask personal questions, something which i always requested him to desist from doing.He had habit of always asking for my personal stuff, even though i refused .Then ,I stopped talking to him altogether.

Sometimes, i feel like slapping him and lately, i have been feeling more and more so, owing to his growing stupidity ,and intolerable misdemeanor .

He harbors malicious thoughts and uses my personal things in my absence. He attracts all misfortunes. He seems mentally derailed because a sane man would hardly do things which he does sometimes.

He immediately upsets me ,and pisses me off.

In nutshell, he is a total psychotic asshole and it's becoming an ordeal for me to spend time at my room.

Roommate 85

My flatmate is a fatass, worthless, lazy, smelly, ignorant slob. He always complains about his health problems. Perhaps if the fat fuck didn't weigh 300 lbs and devour about 6000 calories per day he wouldn't have such issues. The stupid cunt-bag eats all of my food before touching the shit he buys, because he knows nobody will touch his disgusting fucking crap. This fuckface is also a pathological liar. He used to bitch that my other flatmate would supposedly turn the AC down ridiculously low (I would bitch as well), however that other flatmate no longer lives here and I still come home to an apartment with the thermostat set to 65 with the fucking windows open when its 90 out. So who was really turning the AC on max? Fatass lying cunt, if he loses some weight maybe he wouldn't be so fucking sweaty and disgusting. Who pays the damned electric bill? Me. I hope he gets diabetes and dies, that fatass piece of shit. And he wonders why he's never been with a woman ... stupid prick. This scrotum-licking turd is also one of those 'the south will rise again' redneck asshats that declares the Civil War was the 'War of Northern Aggression'. I can't wait until he moves out.

Fat Bitchy Roommate 86

My roommate is such a fat bitch. She has stopped working her two hour per day job to sit around and enjoy summer. All she does is sit in the common space on her BF's lap top watching YouTube videos, downloaded movies, and anime. She says she is on a "___" marathon (marathon always changes week to week depending on what she is watching.) From the time the fat slob wakes up (which is 3pm) till the time she goes to bed (12am-3am) all she does is stuff her face and watch videos on the laptop. She pays for her junk food, fast food,clothes,and her dog supplies with her tuition money or her BF money that he makes from working like 15 hours a week (the rest of the time he sits around too.) When school is in, she doesn't even put an effort into it. Just like when she was working she goes to work or school for a short period of time, comes home and sleeps, wakes up and eats, watches videos for hours on end and goes back to sleep. She is such a lazy bitch. she asked me to share cleaning responsibilities with her (which she wasn't even cleaning to begin with. Her room reeks) she has the living area and I get the kitchen...kind of funny how I get the kitchen considering her fat ass always leaves food crumbs and dirty cooking ware laying around. If I leave a note asking her to clean up after herself she finds a reason to get at me for something, even if it is totally off the wall. She has the attitude that she owns the house, even though we are both clearly renting from a landlord and pay equal rent, WHICH by the way at first she conned me into paying more, until one time her BF let it sleep they are paying 50 less a month. I want to choke this fucking bitch, I want to knock her lights out and just curb stomp her face. Living with her is a nightmare. FUCK!!

My Roommate 88

First, let me start by saying, I love my roommate. He and I get along great... But he is a lazy slob. He never does his doses. He has a huge German Sheppard that sheds all of his fur all over the place which I always end up having to sweep daily. He manages to have explosive poo's on a daily basis that leaves crap splatter all over the toilet bowl which I end up having to bleach clean. He always leaves this film in the sink bowl. He lets his stuff clutter the common space all the time and never puts anything away. Because his shirts are always wrinkled, he brings them into the bathroom so they can de-wrinkle from the shower steam but never put his hangers back in his room. I admit that I am not at all perfect but I still like to come home to a nice apartment that is clean. This never happens for me however, since he is always up later than me, dirtying the kitchen, getting drunk, passing out and leaving his mess for me to wake up to and then come home to every day after my long day of work.

Housemates! 89

its a non smoking household and he smokes in his room i can't stand smoking i know its not all the time but really pisses me off cos i can smell it upstairs. and them today one of my other housemates said i was making it up. i kid you not. making it up. im not tryin to start shit and though its hard do try my upmost to not bitch about people. failing at tht. i get angry and cant let it go till i said my piece. then im good agen. but i cant stand my housemates cos theyr the kind of people who think their so high and moral just becos blablabla they wer bullied. well so was i growing up but i dont truly feel sorry for myself. i get that everyone complains, i complain but its not like i dont do shit about my problem. im starting now to try and just ignore their existences cos mine is obviously affending theirs. and they piss me off thinking i must be too dumb to not hear them in the other room bitching about me. i wont act like the inocent in this story cos im not and i beleive in tht way i am fair but im not a manipalative sack of shit either. id rather through all my hatred away and move on, but they keep pissing me off. we dont fit and even tho one of them is suposedly my best friend he and all the other users dnt give a flying fuck about my existence unless i was dead. then theyd b spouting the usual shit at my funeral to my family tht they loved me and i was a great person. bullshit. i no i have a long way to go becoming a a better person and more mature adult (Im 20) but i dont lie about it or pretend. no games, only the truth. but its hard to live that way. pretending to be better then you actually are is how these in denial fucks want to live theirs. but no i refuse. i wont do tht agen, no more. i dont care if it means i hav a million enemies and no friends. people like them have done their worst to me and i am not afraid to be alone. never again. ever again. the truth is the only thing that will set you free. thts how i live. as fair as a human being can be. its hard, sad, pathetic hypocritical, excruciatingly lonely, but its what ive decided. i wont reach out any more. you are all now strangers. i will try my best to forget you and ignore your existences. sianarah BITCHES! :)

roommate 90

this bitch i live with....omg...don't even get me started....i've just started my freshman year of fucking college and i can't believe i got this bitch as my roommate...i wish someone would just fucking kill her....she is the grossest human being alive....she is a piece of waste on this earth...she's a fucking nasty bitch.....she never cleans her side of the room....i've stepped on God knows how many gross things this year...i don't use the fridge or the microwave in our room because she's growing her own new species in's gross as hell....i stepped on a dirty pad once....YUCK!!...thank god I had socks on though (threw those socks away)....she's a fucking lazy-ass....she never cleans....she has only done laundry once this semester...her dirty clothes stink up the room....whenever i try to tell her to fix her shit....she says that "it's funny".....what a stupid ain't funny that your such a nasty motherfucking bitch that can't even wipe her own ass and pick up her dirty ass pads after she's been used them....i think all the drugs and alcohol has fucked her up....all my friends were lucky cause their fucking roommates moved out....i don't know what's wrong with this bitch and why she couldn't have moved out....i have about 10 days left with this bitch but i still can't believe I live with her for a whole academic year. She has fucking sleep apnea from smoking so fucking much....she snores like a mother fucker....she looks like a moose...ugh....these are not even half of the problems i have with her...i can't wait till i move-out...after this year i ain't going to ever see her face again....hate this bitch...hope she dies...fucking piece of waste on the earth

lazy roommate 91

My roommate will not do anything unless she is asked. I feel if you are going to use the sink clean it. She doesnt seem to care if she lives in filth. I went away for 2 weeks and come back to mold growing in the sink. She expects me to buy all the dish soap all the trash bags and paper towels I supply you with a tv dvd bed and more why is it so hard for her to do anything. She would never but toilet paper if I didnt let it run out you know you have to wipe your ass so provide for your own needs im not you mama

Selfish Roommate 92

You are really just a spoiled little b***h! you don't think of anyone but yourself. no wonder your "boyfriend" doesn't want you because he took a really good look at the type of person you are. you are indeed the devil. You never buy groceries or care to ask anyone if they want food when you have money. but when somebody else has some your broke ass is quick to eat what they buy or let them get you food.

you are really just a shitty person. and I feel really bad for you. Your personality makes you not only ignorant but ugly as well.

Humble yourself before somebody else does. I am done with you.

the baby making roommates 93

I moved into a house with a married couple because housing is really expensive here. One day they decide that they are going to try for a child. No issues there. We made an agreement that they could "get down" in privacy if they gave me a warning sign, like a sock on the door knob, or turning the porch light out if I'm not home at night or on if its daytime nookie. Well, do they. NO.

They are very noisy and my bedroom is next door to theirs. I do NOT want to be around when this is going down because it gives me mental images that I don't want or need. (Hence the agreement). They are both very overweight and It's pretty gross hearing their rolls collide in the next room through thin walls.

Roommates 94

I've tried to rant and i have way too much to rant about so i will make a list:

  1. My roommates are disgusting and should be in a hoarders episode.

  2. the house smells like shit every fucking day.

  3. ive cleaned this house by myself more than once and no one has tried to help or thank me.

  4. there is a girl staying here rent free and she is just as disgusting as everyone else.

  5. everyone except me smoke weed and the house also smells like stale weed and shit.

  6. I am not allowed to voice my opinion on the property. I did last night while on the phone and was overheard and i made the girl who is living here for free angry and was almost forced to apologize.

  7. my roommates get drunk and high every single night and still tell me that i am a childish douche that needs to lighten the fuck up.

  8. my roommates are also 25 years old and have been living off of social security and their parents income for the past 5 years...whereas i have been working at various companies for the past 3 years and i still get called roman rich.

  9. I was told i couldnt voice my opinion in the home i rent because people might get mad.

  10. the girlfriend lied to her boyfriend about me saying mean things to her when i said nothing at all just so he would yell at me

As you can see, I have a big problem with my roommates. They make me so goddamn angry and they are steadily going downhill and im tired of saving their ass every month. as soon as i move out i dont give a fuck what happens to them. i have been treated like a child since ive known them and now that i stand up to them everyone hates me. I receive verbal abuse on a weekly basis and never get a chance to stand up for myself. As soon as im not renting from him he better watch his ass because if he slips up its over.

Roommate 95

I live in a 3 bedroom apartment. One of my roommates, lets call her A, is fine. A bit of an alcoholic but otherwise not a problem. The other one, lets call her C, gets on my last nerve. For starters, we live in a bad part of town and it is best to keep your doors locked. C does not understand how to lock a door, leaves it hanging wide open and makes keys for her many "friends". There have been many times where I will come home from class or lab work and find the damn unlocked. She also lets her many male "friends" stay over when she is not there. Seriously, we never know who is actually in her room. I honestly wonder if she is a prostitute because she never has the same dude over twice. She also treated our living room as a hotel having multiple men stay over at a time during the summer. A few weeks ago, some random drunk guy was banging on our door and demanding to be let in. A was like no, your not coming in, and the guy was very pissed. It has gotten so bad, when my boyfriend of many years does not stay over, he leaves me with "the means to protect myself" if one of C's "friends" decide to break into my room, which they have threatened to. I cannot wait to graduate and end this lease because C makes it impossible to live here.

stupid roommate 96

My stupid bitch of a fucking roommate. I have an emotional support animal that is a kitten. My stupid fucking roommate asked me to declaw her one week after agreeing to me having her. I denied it, she started crying immediately. This fucking bitch smells like shit 25/8, doesn't flush the toilet, rarely showers, and doesn't even sleep under the covers of her bed. Her bed is always made she just lays on top of it with a seperate baby blanket. WHO THE FUCK SLEEPS LIKE THAT. Not to mention the fact that she masturbates in her fucking sleep and when ive been loud and turned lights on n shit while that's fucking happening SHE KEEPS GOING. She eats my fucking food and buys a new $50 stuffed animal every fucking week. But god forbid a 3 week old kitten tears up one of her 6 fucking chargers. GOD FUCKING FORBID. Needless to say I lost my shit, but in the end I apologized and bought her a new charger chord. But she still constantly asks me to do something else about my well behaved kitten. To be clear my cat rarely claws things and easily entertains herself. This kitten spends most of her time sleeping. Maybe if this DUMB FUCKING WHORE hadn't been locking her in the bathroom for a month and throwing her across the room for fun, she wouldn't have felt the need to rip apart the one charger SHE WASNT EVEN USING. She also stares at me while im changing and i've caught fucking recording me. If i had the money I would be in a single dorm right now but unfortunately i have to wait it out until she begs her parents to get her a new rrom.

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