You just have to stir up trouble wherever you go, don't you. It's all about you. You do anything for attention, whether it's being the jackass you naturally are or using the handicap status you flaunt whenever it works to your advantage. You're a disgrace to truly handicapped people. You can drive a car, walk around, climb stairs, do yardwork,work for a living, feed yourself and wipe your dumb ass, but you deserve special handicap treatment that's as phony as your parking permit. It disgusts me to think how much of that undeserved disabilty check goes in the slots, you ungrateful bastard.

You have the mentality of a twelve year old, you narcissistic dick. You're not happy unless there is someone you can crap on. Keep it up. Each time you crap on someone that had the balls to let you know you're not the hot shit you think you are you create more bad karma for yourself. Look back at your life--haven't you had a heapload of shit thrown at you? Yes, and you have only yourself to thank for it.

Bob 2

Today is rat bastard Bob's birthday and I couldn't be happier that it is a gray gloomy drizzly day. This shithead goes around for a month before his birthday pandering for gifts. He thinks he's so fucking special. He's special in the way scum of the earth sleazebags are. All he does is talk about himself and his interests and if by some small miracle the conversation turns to you, he changes the subject back to him or goes blank and walks away. Fuck you Bob. All the trash you've dished out in your life will come back to you with interest you money laundering thief.

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