Student: Dick

I've been helping out a student, Dick, in a particular class. He isn't entirely intellectually bankrupt, but he has bad attention deficit disorder and can't seem to stop talking. Sometimes I close my eyes and imagine throwing rocks at him so he'll stop stuttering. Whenever he drops something, he violently erupts into interjections, and it reminds me of Napoleon Dynamite on methamphetamines. Shut the hell up, Dick!

 Richard C 2

Yes this is a made up name to disguise the identity of a real life person, one who makes me want to puke in my soup! After I tear out my eyeballs!!! Richard has one hell of a superiority complex!!! He thinks he is a chick magnet, well I've seen his picture and the boy ain't no prize!!!! Be careful dealing with him he is liable to take his position of power and beat you to death if you piss him off. For some reason he decided he hates me, I have never done anything to affront him personally, it's just one of those things where you meet someone and it all goes downhill after that.

He is a vile little man with the beady little eyes of a weasel and all the manners and charm of a venomous cobra, that is to say NONE. He needs to learn things like human decency, and stop cowing and whining because others are onto him. And for God's sake stop whining because you have a newfound chronic ailment. If you want to find sympathy it is in the dictionary between shit and syphilis. The fact is, DICK, it's just another indicator that your warranty is expired.

Oh and did I mention the mere site of you makes me wanna vomit :) Have a nice day, I take that back, a nice Richard free day. ;)

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