Rich Brats

I read a review about the documentary "Born Rich". These kids whine about how being born rich has affected them and hampered many goals. Somehow being rich prevents them from being ambitious, and how they can't discuss money out loud and how they don't know what to do with their lives. Cry me a fucking river as I struggle to find a job and maintain my ability to get and keep health benefits. There are many things that piss me off, but this takes the cake. I can't even afford new clothes and they are bitching about how they no longer are guaranteed positions in high ranking schools and jobs at high paying firms, and how they are no longer the top of all party lists. God for fucking bid that they should be a little more productive with themselves. God forbid we do not feel sympathy for the rich snots. God for fucking bid that people who have earned their positions take that away from them. Thesse morons do not have to struggle or stress about money, health benefits, or the stress of trying to fucking survive. Their stressful moments are when they're not invited to a social gathering or can't decide whether or not to buy the Manonlo Blahniks or the Versace thongs. I am jealous, and I wish I had their money, but seriously I cannot sympathize with idiots who have everything and don't do anything with it. They are able to have everything and still complain. I would like those brats to experience one little day of my miserable life. When their jobs cut hours and your benefits are cut and they struggle to find a job. Fuck them, fuck them. Let them rot in their ivory tower and then burn in hell. Its also like everything else about the insanely rich, they never fucking struggled and they actually have the nerve to whine about their lives? They have no fucking right. Watching shows about spoiled little rich bitches pisses me off. hearing about how Ally Hilfiger and jamie Gleicher shop and shop and shop and travel all over the fucking world pisses me off even more.

Wealthy Older Women 2

I have yet to meet a rich older woman who did not feel it necessary to step on someone younger, poorer, and hungry for status. These moneyed fucking cunts know just what to say and do to make you feel like the most incompetent inadequate person to walk the face of the Earth. And you're never allowed to tell them to go fuck themselves either; they have too much goddamn money, power, and influence. Everyone acts like these assholes are just so wonderful because of their charity work when all they do is bitch and moan at the people they step on every day, treating them like shit and making them feel worthless. They should be buried alive, goddammit!

Rich Kids 3

I am tired of hearing rich celebs whine about how taxes need to be raised, in fact, all rich idiots do this. And after running taxes sky high they leave and leave behind a skyrocketing housing prices, and frankly ruin it for the people already there. I'm tired of rich brats turning this country into one giant playground to indulge in their hedonistic impulses. This country is not a giant whorehouse, themepark, and race track. Having stumbled across a show that pretty much shows gigantic houses, lavish spring breaks, and millions of dollars worth of toys, I can't feel sorry for them when they suffer teen angst such as cheating girlfriends and breaking up with 'their one true love.' I despise how they fucking flaunt their wealth and then turn around and engage in self destructive behavior.

Crown Princess Mary 4

I'm so god damn angry about having to see Crown Princess Mary's stupid freaky looking face everywhere I go!! The bitch isn't even that pretty, but you'd think she was the epitome of gorgeous. NOT!!! Long face, crossed eyes, homely hair, and looks like shit in everything she drapes over her sloping shoulders--bad posture spokeswoman!! Fashion icon?? Please, somebody kill me, she looks like she shops at Goodwill, except that would be putting them down!!

She's nothing but a slut, who put out for some guy and got lucky that it was a prince, and even luckier that he didn't dump her ass when he was through pumping it!! And he's nothing to write home about either, but that's a different rant.

She's so full of shit! She looks down her nose at everyone, like she's saying to herself, What a bunch of losers! She's the loser!! Stupid bitch can't even carve out a decent career for herself, unlike her brother and sisters. All professionals. What does she do? Marketing!!! Like any moron can't do that, and I guess she proves it! I've seen more talent and brains in mold spores!! How hard can Danish be to learn? She's only had over 3 years to figure out the basics and can't even do that.

And now she's gone and pro-created. Great, between the two of them I'm sure they will have produced one messed up looking kid. Fred with his gigantic head--he looks like the tricycle riding dwarf in Happy Gilmore--and her with her long horse face and crossed eyes. yeah, that ought to be one fine looking royal specimen.

I'm damn angry that she's a nothing, a nobody, getting everything she could ever dream about AND NOT EARNING IT BTW, while people all over the world work their asses off for not even a crumb of what she's got. Stupid god damn royals. Hope they all go out like Princess Di!!

heirs 5

i am pist off at heirs to a fortune and have the nerve to think their superior twords the common people i respect the rich have risked a lot to become rich but these fuckers flat out suck!

*Note from Anger Central
Been busy haven't you? We posted your little rant regarding Americans. We see that your spelling hasn't improved at all. ;)

Fucking asshat rich people. 6

Every fucking time I see some dumb blonde cunt bitching and whining about her life I just want to punch her teeth down her fucking throat. I hate seeing these cocksuckers with silver fucking spoons up their fucking asses with every thing handed to them while I sit and eek out a shit existence in this shit life. Rich people are all inherently evil pieces of shit, because all they do is connive and scheme to the top and just take advantage of their fellow humans for their own fucking benefit. They should all be shot in the fucking face. 98% of our wealth in 2% of these asshole's hands? Fuck that. We will revolt. We will not show mercy.

*Note from Anger Central
Hi there Comrade Ranter. The proletariat welcomes you. Be sure you have your little red book and have memorized the words to the International.
You're already pretty revolting.

Wealth 7

I've grown up in the wealthiest area of the Midwest, the only thing kids around me have that I don't is a ton of cash. They got the nice homes, with the huge trucks and fast cars, which helped them get the great chicks (twice I've lost a girl cause I'm poor) and they get to great universities.

I lost a chance at a scholarship to a REAL college by 2 percent and my athletic scholarship was screwed by a broke hand... So now I'm stuck in a half ass community college with dead beat 40 year olds, while all the rich kids I grew up with forget me...

Working with Arrogant Rich People 8

I am angry because these arrogant asses who hold your career in their hands make you take so much BS and get away with it. Is there no damn law that protects people from being slandered in the workplace if not related to gender race religion age and so on? These Aholes think they can say and do anything they want to hurt people and they do. They know there is nothing we can do about it now with todays laws. It sucks and it just isn't right. You find yourself wishing you could tell them what you think til it almost makes you crazy. There needs to be an effin law that says "Be nice or at least civil OR ELSE"!

people I work for 9

I am a Private Chef in NYC and I am so damn sick of these rich, neurotic women who sleep til 3PM, don't take care of their kids, always complaining how busy they are or how tired they are or how they have nothing to wear when they have a freakin closet the size of my apt. Tired? They don't even work! So selfish they won't even pay attention to their kids...and so sneeky about getting more work out of you for no extra pay!!! If jobs were not so difficult to find these days I would tell her exactly how I feel!! I went to do a huge shopping for them w/a Credit card they provide and 2 hours in the store and many bags later...CARD DECLINED!!!! I am so at the end of my rope!

rich people and me 10

Sometimes I want to throw a goddam tantrum. I want to tear out my hair, scream until my throat shreds, pull down the curtains, break the furniture, rip the pillows and watch the feathers flutter down around my crazed state. I want to watch the world burn. I want chaos everywhere. I want people to pay. But hold on a second here. Pay for what exactly? Why am I so angry all the time? I donít know. Honest to god, I donít know why Iím like this. I havenít the slightest clue why Iím so bitter.

Maybe I should go crazy and destroy everything around me. Maybe it will make me feel a tiny bit better; perhaps calm me for a while. But I know it wonít. It will just fuel my fury and I wonít let myself become that monster. What I need is an outlet, like jamming in ear buds and drowning in music. That worked really well for a while. I used to be so mellow and calm. I used to just go with it. Now I donít even know what or where ďitĒ is. I wasnít popular or anything, in fact I was just the opposite, but I was, in a way, happy. I remember everything I hate about myself. Just really simple stupid things Iíve done and never thought I would regret. I torture myself and I canít seem to do anything to stop. I blame my scumbag brain.

I used to go to a wealthy private school. Almost all the kids were filthy rich. Of course, I was a scholarship kid and it showed. I remember some kid got picked up in a freaking limo and some girl went to some stupid bat mitzvah in a private helicopter or something. I went to only one bat mitzvah. I grew to hate these extravagant parties in these expensive hotels and exclusive clubs. I hate rich kids. The disgust I feel for them is hard to express through ink and paper. They will never understand how it is to see wealth and not have it. They canít appreciate what they have. I am sick of seeing those leeches bask in the warmth of money while others watch. They didnít work for what they have. To be that rich, I would have to work my butt or win the fucking lottery. Even then it wouldnít be the same. This hate is something like swallowing pure jealousy and with the hot bitter aftertaste of injustice. It makes you want to puke.

Rachael Sacks 11

If you don't know who this whore is she's some rich spoiled princess who has the nerve to talk shit about the poor; she's nothing more than an attention whore who needs to have her fucking head beaten into fucking cement. Listen bitch some of us work hard for our money something you're slutty ass is too lazy to do, you just want money from your daddy; not to mention you need to stop posting photos of yourself because you're nothing but a slut; seriously do us all a favor and go die of aids. I hope you get raped you good for nothing, lazy, spoiled trust fund cunt.

*Note from Anger Central
We hadn't heard about this person or her views, so we had to look it up. We found her posting and read through it. Guess what? We don't see anything wrong with it. It looks like she is a person who is tired of people trying to make her feel guilty about having money and being born into it. Therefore, we disagree with the poster of this rant. The management

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