television reporters

HAHAHAHA--Peter Arnett, what a little queer. Anyone ought to be angry at the little frog ass, not defending him. “He was just telling the truth”, yeah, as if any little motherfucking reporter stuck in Iraq knew the truth about the progress of the war! How can you stupid liberals be so blind? Peter Arnet a victim of any sort is a joke. Holy fuck, the prick got what he deserved! I hope the little asshole that wrote to defend the slime ball reporter has stayed tuned for war events. Arnett was WRONG! Hahahahahahahaha. Whine you cocksuckers. The people of Iraq won. Sadamn is gone and they have hope and freedom ahead. But hey, what liberal wants that for the common folk? When ever I read that shit from liberals I hope there will be a bloodbath and that the libs are on the front lines. Well, enjoy the new world, wine and whine are both cheap you French pricks.

Opinionated Newscasters 2

I am angry with all the the opinionated newscasters on TV. This bitch just lied on national television. She claimed that violence in society was caused by video games, and parents should be responsible by not letting 5 year olds play them. Doesn't she realize the FBI's violent crime record is at an all time low? Stupid, lying, ill-informed dumbasses getting tv shows... dammit!

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