Dipshit mall cop

This morning, I decided I had nothing better to do, so I went to the mall. And since it was a bit early I decided to hang out in the parking lot until it opened, Then some Dipshit mall cop with an ass the size of Russia goes and asks me what I'm doing. HEY ASSCLOWN, WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK I WAS DOING? ARE YOU THAT MUCH OF A RETARD THAT IT HAS TO BE FUCKING SPOON-FED TO YOU? So I explained to him and he told me (with a rather shitty attitude) to go elsewhere because he was getting complaints and shit. BULLSHIT YOU FAT FUCKING ASSHOLE. NO ONE WAS COMPLAINING BECAUSE I WASN'T DOING ANYTHING HARMFUL, I WAS WALKING AROUND IN A FUCKING PARKING LOT WAITING FOR THE GOD DAMN MALL TO OPEN. And if anyone was complaining, they must be a bigger fuckface than you. And as for the attitude, I'm not some fucking kid you can talk down to. I'm an adult, so DO NOT FUCKING TALK TO ME LIKE I'M 13 YEARS OLD.

Oh well, guess you can't expect much intelligence from someone who's about 45 and hasn't amounted to anything other than patrolling shopping centers and harassing teenagers (and in my case grown adults) for a living

Hospital "security" 2

Hospital Security Guards have nothing better to do than bully people! I was waiting in the maternity ward from 3-5 am and the guard started harassing our party about smoking policies, when one person went out a side door for a cigarette, and it had already been dealt with by another member of personnel. He then proceeded to get a patient coordinator to make sure we understood. AHHH! I'm making formal complaints on Monday!

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