joining the army

 I was an Army Recruiter and what I cannot stand are dipshits who make an appointment with you and then don't fucking show up. I would expect this with kids but not the fucking parents. Do you people think that the damn military is going to be around forever? You assholes think that some one else is going to join just not your son. You know what asshole wake up and smell the damn shit under your nose. The Army needs people just like your son, yes the smart one without no law violations. Would you trust your constitution being defended by a bunch of damn drug addict crooks who is about to serve time in jail. So the next time an Army recruiter calls up your son take the damn time out of your doing nothing and listen for once in your life. If not then vote for the damn draft so I won't have to call your sorry ass son anymore. The only thing they are going to learn in college anyway is how to smoke more weed.

*Note from Anger Central
You probably wouldn't want those chowder heads anyway. You need more people like Pfc. Lynch

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