rude receptionists

rude receptionists/secretaries really do annoy me. they sit there with miserable faces and talk to you like you are a piece of shit! don't they realize that they are the first person that a potential customer for their company sees?

Thieving Receptionist 2

I hope this meets the webmaster's guidelines - I don't even know the first name of the person involved, but I'll try mentioning where she works.

I went to a Dr. P. in Reston for a consultation. I handed the receptionist a $50 bill for a $30 co-pay. The bitch took my money, put it away, and then started fiddling with the copy machine. After an appropriate wait, I asked for my $20 change. She played dumb, insisting that she gave me my change. I asked if she remembered what form the change was in and she said it was a $20 bill. I did not have a $20 in my possession. After going back and forth for a while, I never did get my money. Funny, I would think that at any given moment, they should know how much cash they have taken in and could easily count it. No - this was an advanced, alien concept to these folks. Well, it turned out that I really hated the doctor after the consultation, so I left and took my business elsewhere.

*Note from Anger Central
We removed the name of the Dr. It is doubtful that the doctor was aware of this issue and should have been made aware by you. Additionally you should have called the police while still in the office and filed a complaint.

And now the Due Diligence from Anger Central
At the place the Webmaster works, a few years ago a brand new laptop, still in the box disappeared from the front lobby. It had just arrived. Funny thing... That was also the last day for a temp receptionist we had too. Couldn't prove a thing though. :(

Receptionists 3

What I find soooo annoying is when I call some company, press 0 to speak to a receptionist and then my call is transferred to the receptionist's voice mail box!!! And it's not even lunch or break time!! Unbelievable!

*Note from Anger Central
it isn't unheard of for a receptionist to be handling several calls at once.

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