Dumbest motherfuckers on Earth. It's sad that some dipshits can't get along with others because of the amount of melanin in their skin, or the shape of their eyes, etc. etc. etc. I mean, what the hell? Why do they still exist? I guess their heads are too far up their rednecked asses to realize that the year is 2003. I've realized that most of them are chickenshits, and only bash other races via the Internet. Pussies. If I were in charge, I'd put all the racists in concentration camps, not giving a shit if it was "unconstitutional" or whatever. I don't care what anyone else says, fuck racists and everyone who is sympathetic to them.

Racist scumbags 2

Just a few days ago, I went to our local shopping center to purchase a few things and browse around. Lo and behold - some little dolt about 7 or 8 years old was left in the car by his parents (while they went shopping, SHAME ON YOU!) - the child was screaming obscenities and racist comments at all the white folks passing by.

So, out of fear that this little kid was going to end up getting hurt ... I did the logical thing - I called the police. They showed up and said they were going to have a nice little chat with his parents upon their return, as well as issue a citation for leaving the child in the car unsupervised.

Stuff like this gets me WAY beyond angry. When in the hell are people going to understand that skin color has absolutely NOTHING to do with the worth of another human being? I didn't select people as the category to place this under, but things .. as racists don't even qualify as human in my book.

prejudice 3

I am angry at the people out there who are predjudice against blondes. You cannot have an opinion on peoples intelect just because they have blonde hair. Blonde is the most popular hair dye colour and you may be angry at a brunett who has dyed her hair. You can never genrolise about anything like this beacause you will hardly ever be right. I am a blonde myself and I amd a graduate of havard law school and am an acoplished barister. I have been awarded scholarships because i am intelligent and it is geneticly proven that blonde haired people have superior intelligence. Also i picked up some spelling mistakes in some of the complaints i was reading so think twice about criticising blondes and generalising about any thing! Thank you for your time.

*Note from Anger Central
No editing for spelling or grammar has been done to this posting. It appears this poster is from England, so the spelling of "colour" would be correct in this instance.

Racists 4

Why am I angry about racists? Skinheads have been bashing the Chinese in Vancouver B.C. and I'm Chinese. Canada is not a racist country though. Those people think we still deserve a head tax and invading countries that they think is "backwards". I don't think we the Chinese or other groups are a bunch of bad people or the problem here. I donate money to charities and have volunteered in a nursing home. Educated in this great country. I'm so angry at them just because they are so stupid and they are not even humans too.

*Note from Anger Central
Come on down to the Webmaster's neighborhood. Mrs. Webmaster would love to meet with you. Did we mention that Mrs. Webmaster is Chinese? You do speak Mandarin, don't you? :)

ignorant hicks 5

People who cast judgment before educating themselves on an issue! You know the type. Usually they talk just to hear themselves. For example: The 2008 Presidential Candidates. How many of you have listened to some hick spout off that Osama Barrack is a "towel head" or Muslim? He's not Muslim people! Read his biography, that is if you can read!

racist 6

I am so sick of closet racist! You know the ones who say "I'm not racist I just don't think whites and blacks should get married"! Are you F*cking kidding me! If that's not racist what is?!!?! I don't mind the skinheads and what not! I think they are morons as well but at lease you know where they stand!

*Note from Anger Central
Congratulations, you have just described the typical liberal democrat.

Ignorant Bigots 7

I can't bear to be around people who are judgmental about those they know little to nothing of. For example....

  1. Conservatives who irrationally hate all liberals. (Bill O'Reilly perhaps?)

  2. Liberals who irrationally hate all conservatives.

  3. Racist bigots of any race who hate any race and assume stereotypes about a person before seeing them.... Asians are "bad drivers" or "technological geniuses", blacks are "gangsters", Southerners are "hicks", etc., etc....

  4. Muslim-haters. Some so-called "patriots" find it logical to think all Muslims are evil warmongerers who oppress women, hate America and Christians, and live in the Middle Ages. These are called "extremists". Not "All Muslims". Islam is, like most other religions based on the peoples' idea of 'morality' including Christianity, a religion of peace, tolerance, and understanding.

  5. Homophobes, particularly guy who seem to be afraid that all gay men want to hit on them. And then there are the Christians who think that being gay is a "choice". I'm not gay myself, but I know enough homosexual people to say that from what they truthfully told me, they did NOT choose to be gay, and that, due to people's lack of understanding and tolerance, if they could be straight, they'd do everything they could to be hetero.

  6. Internet idiots who rant about subjects they are completely ignorant of and insult each other, usually with an overload of foul language and terrible spelling/grammar. Please, we do NOT need to see your uneducated, uncivilized, clueless comments.

  7. People who think all issues are either black or white, no shades of gray. You either support Bush and the war, or you're a terrorist/hippie/commie.... it's possible to support the soldiers without supporting the cause of war. It's possible to disagree with Bush without being unpatriotic. After all, we still love the country and what it stands for, but not necessarily the people running it.

There are probably more kinds of ignoramuses that I could mention, but this post is already long enough.

racists 8

Im really fucking angry because this group of kids at my school think they are so fucking cool because they are bigger than me. dont get me wrong im not a little pussy but i am also not the incredible fucking hulk. im asian. so what who cares. everyone in my hick town that i live in. anyways. they always fuck with me in woodshop and my friends and im so close to grabbing a rubber mallet and dome cracking those stupid racist pigs. damn its like every day they find something to fuck with me about and i really wanna just punch them in the fucking chest and rip theyre heart out. they are gonnna grow up and be worthless farm boys who fuck turkeys because that happened before in this town and its grooooossss.

*Note from Anger Central
The Webmasters wife is Chinese. The Webmaster is Caucasian. If anyone tries that racist cr** on her, The webmaster will be more then happy to explain the error of their beliefs to them....painfully.

Racism 9

Mothafuckin' racist site. Resist.com or some fuckin' bullshit. Fuckers are too busy jackin' off hitler's speeches to see what's right. And another thing, antisemeitism. Not just that straightforeward "gas em" bullshit, the subtle shit man. I heard a guy say something along the lines of "stupid jew" and it just PISSED ME THE FUCK OFF! I whipped around and looked him in the eyes and said "what the fuck is wrong with jews?". the fucker pussed out like the little shit he was and tried to make it into a joke. but I just stared at him. Fucker didn't even have the cojones to talk back or apologize. I hope i scared the living shit out of him cuz I was an inch from beating him with my chair. He ain't said shit like that since. And fuckin' gay bashers. Like they know what the fuck their talkin' about. talkin' like gays are pussies or something. I've known gays that were tough motherfuckers. I knew a gay guy that was in the military police during the berlin crisis, and was an excellent marksman. can you gimme a good reason why gays are inequal? You can't say that's what god wanted. If you believe in God he probably wouldn't have made christians if they were impure or what the fuck ever. And I have never met the child of a same sex family that was dysfunctional. hell, they were nicer than me. So if you're a racist and you think you have a valid point, you don't. shut the fuck up.

Racists as McDonalds 10

Some White Trash Loser decides to harass a group of Muslim Girls who was just minding their own business and when they stand up to the lowlife he pulls a gun on them, and the white trash looks like on meth manager kicks out the girls instead of doing the smart thing and calling the Police on the Gunman. Yeah fuck you white trash meth addicted manager for not doing your damn job keeping your customers safe you fat cunt if I was there I would have tackled the Gunman and called the Police and bitch if you got in my face yelling at me to gett the fuck out of your store I would yell right back telling you to get your fat racist mouth out of my face and then I would punch you right in the face and I would beat the fuck out of you and pour a cup of steaming hot coffee right on your face and the gunman's face for being a bunch of white trash, Trump Loving, Meta Addicted lowlives. Oh but i'm sure the Dumbass Webmaster approves of this because he's nothing but a racist, Trump Loving, KKK supporting, republinazi who defends this shit. All Republican and Racist Trump Supporters all deserve to be purged from existence.

*Note from Anger Central
Oh you just had to know there was going to be one, right?
What we have here is a classic case of Liberal Projection. This poster accuses everyone, including the Webmaster, who supports president Trump, of being a racist.
Since this moron can't be bothered to research anything, he, or she, (But probably a he), doesn't know that the Webmaster's former wife is Chinese.
They've gotten back together. :)
That sort of puts a large hole in your racism charge.
We have found that the biggest racists in America tend to be on the left side of the political spectrum.
They think anyone who doesn't have white skin is inferior and can't do anything for themselves without the "Assistance" of the "Great White Father/Mother.
Sad really.
Next this racist twerp accuses anyone who isn't a leftist of being a Nazi, demonstrating that, like all Liberal Progressives, they never bother to actually study history.
Nazis were Socialists. The original name for those scum was "National SOCIALIST German Workers Party."
Then this moron closes with what amounts to a threat. Fine. Come at the Webmaster and see what happens.
You should understand something about people with similar views to those of the Webmaster. (About 50+ percent of the country, perhaps more)
The left thinks that violence is tunable, that they can "Turn a knob and ramp violence up and down, everything from loud protests to riots and physical attacks and possibly murder.
The more conservative side, sees this as a binary thing, basically a switch. Set one way it's VOTE! Set the other way it's "FUCK IT! SHOOT THEM ALL!
This is why you haven't seen the left wing thugs such as Antifa stacked up like cordwood in the morgue. The Center/right is still holding the switch in the "Vote" position.
You really want to start something? Be careful what you wish for, you might get it.

Racists at Buffalo Wild Wings 11

Hey Racists People if you are bothered by Black People sitting by you than go somewhere else, don't complain to management. It pisses me off how some Black Family got kicked out of Buffalo Wild Wings because some fat Trump Supporting bigot is so triggered because of Black People sitting around them. Well guess what I don't want no racist fucktards wearing Trump Hats sitting next to me in any restaurant or in Public because if I did I would throw a glass cup at their head and beat them with a chair hell I would take a knife and slit his throat.

People Trump is getting Impeached and all of you retarded fucktards who still support the Fat orange blob all need to be wiped of the face of the Earth in fact I always have the urge to punch some old fossil wearing a Maga hat in Wal-Mart and I don't care how old he is; anybody who wears those stupid racists hats in public deserves to be violently beaten to death or shot because the less racists morons in this world the better.

*Note from Anger Central
We're posting this, but we also don't believe you. We've seen no news story about this, even from the "Usual Suspects" in the Mostly Stupid Media.
What we're seeing is just another Liberal lying through his or her, (Or it's), teeth. Why don't you head over to the Blog and post your comments there?
The Webmaster and others love to hear from people like you. It lets them perform nasty things like throw actual facts in your face.

Racists 12

To the racist white trash in Georgia who killed a black man just for exercising I hope you get violently executed. You think it's ok to stalk an innocent black man who was just living his life going for a walk on the streets and some racist Trump supporting hicks kill him all to please their corrupt king.

If you have seen the video and if you live in Georgia and see the car that belongs to the murderous hicks. I say ram their fucking car then pull him and his inbred son out of the car and fucking kill these white trash lowlives and see how they like it.

Since the Police in this Country are nothing but a bunch of dick sucking racists who can't do their fucking jobs right and don't deserve to be Law Enforcement since they hide behind their badges and if I were a Sheriff I would have Zero Tolerence for Police Brutality and I would not only fire the Officers who commit unforgivable crimes but I would have these Corrupt Cops treated the same way Pedophiles get treated and have them sent directly to Prison, no trials because Judges and Juries can't do anything right either. I say we lock up these Criminal Cops and Feed them to Bubba in the cells.

As for the Two Racist Inbred Hicks, I say if you live in Georgia and see the car they drive in I say kill these hicks, I say cut their balls off since they have no use for them, skin them both alive, douse them with gasoline, and kill these racist white trash losers.

Death to all racist white trash Trump Supporting Inbred hicks. I say let's have another Civil War and Finish the Job and just destroy the entire South that way America can be better without any of you racist hicks polluting the air with your white trash racist beliefs. That includes the ignorant yankee Webmaster of this site who's always pushing his agenda on this site, denies be racist when he is; go die of Covid-19 you miserable old fart.

*Note from Anger Central
We saw this last week in the news, and it certainly seems rather fishy.
We have not followed it very much, however it seems the state has taken over the investigation and have arrested the shooters.
We've also been seeing things regarding this as a "Hate" crime. No, it appears to be a simple murder and the suspects, if convicted, should and will be punished.
We're not against stringing them up either.
As for so called "Hate" crimes? Those are nothing more then an attempt to punish thought.
You have the right to hate something, You do not have a right to act if it interferes with the rights of others,
If the facts in this case hold up, then strap the criminals into Old Sparky and add to global warming.

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