Everytime I e-mail my friend Peter, I have to repeat myself 3 or 4 or more everytime he asked a question and it is getting extremely annoying. For example, Peter asked me how much the house cost in Forest Hill (an expensive neighbourhood in Toronto). I said in the first message, I gave him two examples of a house cost in Forest Hill, $1,475,000.00 and $2,995,000.00. Peter e-mail me again asking me answer his question even though I did answered it. The third message again, the same question and even more insulting, he even asked me if I heard of that neighbourhood. I live in Toronto for my entire life you dumbass friend of mine. Peter not only bothers me through e-mail but by phone. This time he pissed off my little brother. One winter season, we arrived from the hospital to visit our mother and we can't open the screen door because it was frozen. We got through the door with a help of a tree trunk and we were in a bad mood that time. Our retarded friend Peter phoned us after we got through the door to talk to my little brother and me of course. My little brother told Peter to call later. My brother hung up but in few seconds Peter calls back want us to talk with him even though Peter agrees to calls back later. My little brother yelled at him to shut the fuck up. My friend is so annoying that I wish I could beat the shit out of him but I would get myself arrested if I ever did. I known my friend for 13 years, he was the only child in the family and his mother hired tutors to educate her son to be his best in school and in his personal life. But still, it does not help her retarded son to stop bothering me. I will threaten to block his e-mail and give him a phone call full of verbal abuse after I send this post at Angry.Net.

Pete 2

I am mad because Pete is a losy douche! He makes me so mad with his constant pointing the finger and anger for everything around him. He needs to grow up, and learn how to speak correctly. You know what I'm trying to say here? (One of his trademark sayings)

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