I am angry of my parents, because they don't give me any freedom and they also don't allow me to decide about something. I am already 18 years old and still live with this god damn parents. If I am outside for a long time, they phone me every 5 minutes and ask me where I am. They are always angry if I want to go to a discothèque or a party. And if I want to stay at my girlfriend or at some other friend for a night, they immediately think shit. They think I take drugs, drink or some other shit. And when I come back home, they ask me thousands of questions what I did, why I did and where I did something. I HOPE I AM ABLE TO LEAVE YOU SOON. GOD DAMN PARENTS !!!!

Divorced Parents 2

Why the hell do they have to be such children?! I'm 18 years old and I'm more then my own damned parents. I went with my dad into a stupid, fucking quick shop that my mom got a job at two weeks before and my dad threw this damned fit, because "I never told him she worked there", and "We're aren't coming here again!" GROW UP! First of all, I did tell him she got the fucking job and second, who gives a flying fuck?! All had to do was ignore her, he didn't have to throw a fit. Parents are such stupid asses: especially when they're divorced. No wonder why he hasn't had a date in like 11 years. And her, well I don't even know what to say about her. I'm never getting married or having children. Marriage turns you into the stupidest toddler ever and children don't deserve to be shit on by crap.

Parents 3

People who want the whole world to be G-rated so they won't have to supervise their kids make me angry. Look dammit - that's why there used to be things "for adults" and "for children", and the children weren't allowed to go to the places or do the things that were "for adults."

It's nobody's responsibility but *yours* to make sure that Snotleigh and Brattany don't see things unsuitable for children. Don't take them to see "Silence of the Lambs", but don't expect me to *never* get to see stuff like that, just because it's bad for children. Pay attention to what your kids are doing, and find "children's" stuff for them, instead of taking them to places they do not have the maturity to be yet, and then whining that "it's not chiyyyuld-friendly."

Constant complainers 4

I am so pissed off that this stupid bitch I know brings her goddamn brat over when I am here and then constantly complains about the kid's behavior. What did you expect from a little crossbreed between a bucktooth dork with a low IQ and an evil bitchqueen like yourself?? And by the way what did i ever do to you you fat stupid cunt. Drag your sad ass out of here and take your obnoxious kid and husband with you!

Parents 5

I am so fucking angry at my parents, it's unbelievalble. When we bought a new house, EVERYONE got new furniture and got their room redecorated because of my mom who works at a furniture store. Everyone, except me. What the fuck did I get? She replaced my single bed with a new single bed, when my YOUNGER sister who's only 9 got a queen size bed, a library, and so much other stuff for her room. She got her walls repainted, and shit like that. I won't even start about my parent's room and the other parts of the house. Also, why do I have to get the worst and hottest and smallest fucking bedroom in the whole house? During the summer, since they're fuckin cheap asses and won't turn on the AC since it's "too expensive", I have to CALCINATE in my goddamn room. And why do they give me a fucking single bed, as if I wasn't EVER gonna bring my girl home? Fucking bitch, you'll pay for this. When they promised me the basement two years ago and gave me a date for it, it never happened. I kept reminding it to them, but it's like I never exist. They're always on my fucking back, giving me no indepence and no space to breathe. I'M SEVENTEEN FUCKING YEARS OLD, I have a life too, and it's more interesting than yours. Do I ask YOU what you did at work? NO, I don't give a fuck, leave me alone and let me live my life like I want it to. If I bring a girl or a friend over, I always get bombarded with fuckin tons of questions. DO I ASK YOU ABOUT YOUR FRIENDS? NO!!! Just leave me the fuck alone before I decide to go Columbine on your ass...

Muzzle yer brats 6

I swear to God if I look outside and see kids on the roof of the shed one more time with their father nowhere in sight I am going to SCREAM!!!! The landlord already sent this dude a letter and now he's upset with US because he prefers to let his offspring run amok with no discipline. Too bad! I'm a noncustodial mother but thats not to say if my kids were with me and they were pulling nice stunts like this I wouldn't beat their little asses! So quit crying to others because your a crappy parent.

Parents 7

I am really tired of parents who have children because they think they are a good "accessory" and a status symbol. If you're going to have children, RAISE THEM. And not with a TV. You might even have to engage them in conversation once in a while. I really wish parents didn't just let their children run wild, eating whatever they want, watching whatever they want and having no moral guidelines!

my parents don't pay attention 8

My mother is always telling me to be polite and to ask in a polite manor, but when I ask her if I could use the phone in a polite way, did she let me use it??? NO, I don't think so. And when we had cats my mom made me pay for their collars, food, and ID tags just because she is too lazy to get a job! The reason we moved into my god damn grandma's house is because my mom was too lazy to get off her ass and get a job! My dad is an ass. He never pays attention to me unless I am doing bad in school, my parents are divorced and the only way they talk is in screams! I am eleven years old and my parents don't give a shit. My mom asked me what grade I was in yesterday, I told her eighth grade, just as a joke and she wrote that down on the form! I dislike my god damn parents! They suck! I am more angry at my father though.


i am angry because all my parents do is come home and yell and bitch and fight with me 24/7 they hate all of my friends because they are mexican the insult my friends ifront of me and my friends and they dont care because its "their" house. They say that i am a self centered bitch and i care about nobody but myself like my real mom. and it pisses me off i am so ready to runaway i would love to "divorce" my parents and move far far away from god for sakin austin texas!

*Note from Anger Central
Contact information included in posting was deleted by the webmaster.


I am so pissed off and TIRED of seeing people in my apartment complex come and go with their children on thier LAPS in the FRONT seat. NOT IN CAR SEATS, NOT in the BACK... Nothing. Just sitting there on their parents lap. Do they not CARE at ALL about thier child and the risk they take? I want each of these parents to be thrown in jail for this crap! The child doesn't have a choice in this and parents need to be responsible. Freaking lowlifes!

Teen Moms 11

It pisses me the hell off that Teen Mothers later in life brag about how they managed to succeed, even though it is always at someone else's expense. No matter what there is always someone else paying for their mistakes. I hate the fact that there are daycare centers on FUCKING COLLEGE CAMPUS to shelter their life's mistakes. Why the hell is my tuition money going toward daycare when it could be going for more computers, school supplies, or help lower tuition costs?


I'm 20 years old and as of recently I've been living on my own, AND THEY STILL TREAT ME LIKE I'M A LITTLE FUCKING BOY AND ARE STILL TRYING TO SHELTER AND JERK ME AROUND like they did for the past 20 years. So I'm dressing like a goth/rivethead/freak. SO WHAT!? Maybe I'm tired of looking dull or like a fucking preppy rich kid. EVER THINK OF THAT? and what I do in my own place, my own life and own time is MY BUSINESS. And then they also have the FUCKING NERVE to complain about the way I decorate my apartment. So what if I have Che Guevara posters and soviet flags all over the walls. IT'S MY FUCKING APARTMENT. I don't go into your house and tell you what to put on the fucking walls.

And heaven fucking forbid I hang out in headbanger or industrial clubs. Is the fact that I'm going to places I actually ENJOY or the fact that you CAN'T FUCKING SHELTER ME IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE bother you? Or maybe it's the fact that I have different interests than when I was say...10. well tough fucking shit. I'm not going to be young forever, and I wasted the last 20 years of my life, so it's time for fun And for fuck sakes, stop with the overbearing emotional distress.. It's not like I'm dead or anything...I'm just not ten fucking years old anymore  Yes it is funny how I'm perfectly capable to do adult things like holding down a job, but I'm still a fucking helpless baby when it comes to non-issues like me dressing myself, decorating my apartment and socializing. Don't get me wrong I do love them as family, but their overbearing crap is starting to get on my nerves, and they seriously need to back off

parents of brats 13

i am not sure which i hate worse, brats or the morons who spawn them. you know the ones i mean: the parents with the glazed, uninterested look in their eyes as their five year old child continuously hits them and says "i hate you" as they stroll down the aisle of the local Wal-mart. or how about the ever popular "mom,mom,mom,mom,mmmom,mOm!" will these parents ever realize that they are perhaps the ONLY people on the planet who are immune to the grating, sniveling sound of their own child's voice? i don't care about your children, I don't think they're cute and/or special in any way. I don't have children of my own because that's the way i want it. if you are a nonsmoker chances are its because you want it that way. as a nonsmoker you have the right to not breathe in a smoker's air (mainly because smoking indoors is a rarity these days). nonetheless you still do not have to tolerate someone else's smoke. why is it that i have no rights as a childless adult NOT to hear the whining, assholeishness of someone else's children??? why must i be subjected to someone else's undisciplined, loud, future serial killer? in short, have a little courtesy for others and shut your children the fuck up!!

Parents 14

I am sick of dealing with the rampant ignorance of my parents. They complain to me that my younger siblings don't listen or talk to them EVERY day. When I explain how I get them to talk to ME, they start ranting about how it, "Shouldn't be that way." F@*K YOU!!! Listen to my damn opinion when you ask for it or shut the F@&K UP!

sorry ass mother 15

I am so fucking pissed off at a bitch of a neighbor who has 3 kids who suffer from her damn tirades 24/7. this bitch wakes up in the morning yelling, and bitching at her kids, she goes to work, puts on her big 'Christian' show with a wimpy poor me voice-only to go home to her kids and treats them like pure shit-she screams the vilest obscenities and stands right in their faces screaming out her orders like a damn dictator. if the kids try to stand up for themselves it enrages her even more-she goes to the kids rooms like a damn raving lunatic tearing the room to shreds then tells them to not come out until it is clean- you fucking sorry ass bitch-all of us hear your every evil word-the clock is ticking-we cannot wait until the cops show up and carry your ass to jail. kids were not put here on this earth for so-called parents to abuse them...period.

Parents in General 16

I am watching some piece of shit documentary by Michael Moore and Columbine. You know what the biggest problem in the country is? The PARENTS in this country DO NOT want to do their jobs as PARENTS. They don't want to teach their kids right from wrong. They don't want to talk to them, sit with them, eat with them, do anything with them. They all want to be off chasing the American dream, the ALMIGHTY BUCK. If you damn parents would learn how to live simpler lives and pay attention to your offspring, teach them morals, respect and an appreciation for life, the world would be a better place and they would be happy too. How can they respect you or the world if you don't respect them as children??? You parents are too busy making yourselves happy and ignore you kids. And on a final note, if anyone wants to make any comments, just for your information, I am NOT A BARREN BITCH. I have had 2 children, raised them correctly and they are both productive individuals in society now. It was VERY HARD. I had to SACRIFICE alot, but it was worth it. So you fucking assholes in this country better appreciate them because they are going to be supporting your sorry fucking asses when you are on welfare and social security and all the other fucking bullshit programs they have for all the misfits in the country. Fucking Goodnight you Fucking Asshole Parents. I hope you all rot in hell. Selfish mother fucking bastards and bitches.

People who threaten to have me EAT their Kids! 17

It never fails. I'm a 6'1" 300 lb man so every time some parent (usually the Mother) is with an unruly child, the misguided guarding points at me and tells the "If you don't behave THAT man is going to EAT you!" (emphasis theirs) It's bad enough that I have adults locking their car doors when I Go walking past their cars but NOW I have kids thinking I'm some Big Ogre that eats children!!!

*Note from Anger Central
So, do you prefer them regular or extra crispy? :)
(The webmaster is suffering from a bout of insomnia and can't be held responsible for his comments. The management)

Parents who give their children dipshit names 18

What the hell is with these awful names, especially for girls: BrittNeigh, Madisinn, etc.? All this does is identifies your children as being the products of a sub-literate underclass. Mom definitely did not go to college, did she? Watches a lot of Oprah, does she?

Also the boys with dipshit names will get their asses kicked, unless their 3rd grade class is also full of other boys with dipshit names.

Parents: for the love of God, SHUT UP 19

They babble about their kids and it is just EMBARRASSING. Now if they get a Nobel Prize or are elected President, OK, babble on you've earned it. But I'm talking about the most stupid things in the world, to wit, they brag about them when they get Cs in school !!!! What the hell am I supposed to say to this? Oh and also when they talk about how their brats can talk to any adult as though they are an adult. Oh, no, they do not. I've met them, and they do not. So stop bringing them to parties for adult.

Pedigree Parents 20

Today, one of my friends sent me pictures of her little girl that I found quite disturbing. In what manner were the pictures disturbing? Well, my friend had entered her little girl in a beauty pageant. Christ have mercy .. what kind of society do we live in, where little girls can't even be little girls anymore?! What kind of parent dresses her wee one up like a beauty queen, paints her up like a miniature harlot and then displays that little one like a pedigree dog? I wouldn't dream of doing this shit to MY daughter!

People, these-are-your-CHILDREN, NOT fuck trophies. Let them BE children, love them, NURTURE them, *communicate* with them. Flaunting them is NOT the way to show pride in your family. Please, before any of you model wannabe mommies put your baby up there on a stage again - remember, there are loads of sicko pervo pedophiles out there only looking for one thing, and you are essentially handing it to those scumbags on a silver platter. Please, for the sake of your little one ... remember the fate of Jon Benet Ramsey.

parents 21

My parents are so annoying, I mean I'm 16 and they found one tiny bottle of Smirnoff ice in my room and they hit the roof. I've apparently "lost" their trust when I swear I lost it about 2 years and never regained it so how I managed to regain it I don't no. My bastard of a father couldn't string a sentence together about the argument coz he was supposedly "so" angry and then I get blamed for his health problems. I'm sorry your some psychopathic workaholic who prefers operating on people rather than being at home but then how is it my fault if you have a back problem. Then my mother who found the bottle by going through my cupboard says I'm causing her a nervous breakdown. What annoys me the most is how if I swear or say shit its apparently worse than hitting someone. I mean are you fucking crazy!

Bastard Dad 22

Dad I can't say it to your face but you are an asshole. You are a mean, rotten bastard. You are always criticizing me and making fun of me (my weight, my drinking, the fact that I had to quit my last job because I was allowing people to harass and verbally/emotionally bully and abuse me-hey just like you did/do, and when I couldn't take it anymore and had a breakdown, you have the balls to tell me I was stupid for quitting the job.)Of course, when I come over I don't criticize you, I am polite to everybody, and I don't say anything back to you when you loudly call me names but this shits gotta stop. I only really come over to see mom. I notice you never embarass or criticize your abusive son ( a chip of the old block!) Fuck you, Dad I am sick of your shit next time you do this to me, I am walking out! (because I can, I am an adult now, have my own place, and I don't have to take your shit anymore, you nasty piece of shit.

Parents 23

2 of my coworkers are new parents. Congratulations! Yes, they are adorable! All I ask in return is not having to listen to your daily conversations about your newborns bowel movements - including color and smell, which diapers you like/dislike, diaper rash creams, etc...are you 2 kidding? You used to be productive people, all you have accomplished lately is the fine art of time suckage. Shut it and get to work.

Breeders 24

Why do ignorant parents/breeders have to take their sick kids out in public? This awful woman was in front of me, with a sick toddler. The kid was sneezing, coughing and, crying. Now, I've gotten the worst cold I've had in years. The kiddo was miserable, and should have been at home resting. But noooo! His idiot of a mother just HAD to so shopping! Ignorant bitch. I wonder how many people her stupid ass infected? But, it's all about her. These losers should keep their damn kids home, so only they're infected.

Parental Unit 25

I am damn angry because I am seventeen years old and my ‘parental unit’ refuses to do anything that helps or supports me getting the *BEEP* out of the damn house. Will she help me get a license- NO. Will she take me to apply for a job since I don’t have a car? NO. Am I allowed to even go anywhere alone! NO. This damn parental unit and her *BEEP*ing whole *BEEP* damn family refuses to allow me ANY kind of freedom. I’m a good kid, I don’t drink, I don’t get high and I know for a fact I’m responsible (some may even say prudish) So why can’t I have a little bit of *BEEP* damn liberation!?
-Oh, that made me feel considerably better.

Permissive Modern Parents 26

To be honest, I feel that most modern day parents SUCK! Reason being, they act like they would rather be their child's FRIEND rather than their PARENT! Thus, they let them do practically whatever they please. No wonder the kids are spoiled rotten monsters.

For example, if a child throws a tantrum in a public place, the parent MIGHT meekly tell the child "Don't do it again." Once. IF you're lucky! I see kids even physically HITTING their parents in the midst of a full blown tantrum. And the dumb parents just meekly take it! It is not that long ago that I was a kid, and if I even THOUGHT of hitting my parents, it would've been a HUGE

Parents 27

I was told that I HAD to show up at my school conferences ALL WEEK! Every day, my teachers were saying, "You must be at your conferences, you will be the ones showing your parents your grades and talking to them and..." So, today was the day of my conferences. My dad went outside, and didn't tell me where he was going so I figured he was just going outside. So, I paid it no mind. Ten minutes before conferences, I call his cell phone, asked where he was, he said, AT MY SCHOOL!! I told him that he wasn't supposed to be there without me, and that they HAVE to pick me up. But they wouldn't, and now tomorrow my teachers are going to be asking me why I wasn't at my conference! I HATE MY PARENTS!

Parents 28

I am so fuckin angry at my parents. They must think i'm the stupidest, most naive girl in the world. Anywhere i want to go it's a full interrogation! Even after class! What is that all about?! Do they think i'm gonna jump in bed with the 1st guy i meet?! It's horrible! All my friends have to meet them first it's so fuckin embarrasing! You guys probably think i'm 14 or 15.....Well, i'm 18! How do u like that!My 18 yr old pretty life is going to such a waste!!

*Note from Anger Central
Move out. No job? Join the military. See interesting places. Meet new people. Then shoot them. :)

parents are assholes 29

i am mad at my parents. why? i get blamed for EVERYTHING! cuz my younger sibling are always the fucking honest ones. So if i'm not guilty thet get there fuckin way and i'm always grounded and balmed for it. My parents don't let me do anything at all why? because they don't trust me but they trust my 8 year old sister to go to the mall by herself. THEY FUCKEN GET EVERYTHING i hate my parents!

tight fisted parents 30

My father spends all the money on Himself! He builds a giant woodworking shop that is insured for more than our house, while Im still waiting on a door for our fucking bathroom! What the hell is that too much to ask, iv been asking for 3 goddamn years!

parents 31

I am so angry because my parents do seem to appreciate anything i do, strait A's- whatever. I work my %$&& off for them, but no, i'm not even close to gaining any respect. i get big gifts- i got a boat- i found a love. I can't get away from it- got a c on a report card- no boat!! Love gone.

Irresponsible parents 32

One day, my family, friends, and I went to a lovely park with a scenic lake. We saw some cute ducklings with their mother. However, we also saw something else. These four little kids were throwing shit at the ducks. Practically hurling sand, rocks, and other shit. Where were their parents? No where to be found.

I angrily walked up and said to the first little girl, "Young lady, your behavior is unacceptable!" She looks at me with these sad eyes expecting me to cave in. Damn! I am so sick of all these redneck parents letting their kids run wild around here.

Next thing, I know, at the lake, a woman allows her little baby to go wandering off into the water by himself! What the fuck?! Hello, woman?!?! He can drown easily! The baby goes up to his chest. All of us already noticed he's got a sagging diaper full of diarrhea! I ran out of that water as fast as I could! I stood on shore and unleashed a barrage of expletives that would make you blush! Everyone pretended not to know the "Crazy blonde bitch having a hissy fit."

Well, I think my action was justified. I prefer swimming in clean water. Where the hell was this child's mother? I see this happen all the time up in New Hampshire. Parents just let their kids run around up there. It's like the kids have no discipline. Once I also witnessed a little 3 year old standing alone screaming and crying after his older brother smacked him. The older brother ran away right afterwards. It took the father about 30 minutes to come get the poor crying little kid. That disgusts me! Parents, fucking take care of your children!

*Note from Anger Central
Hmm, We suspect the parental eunuchs came up from the People's Republic of Taxachusetts. By chance is this scenic lake named Silver?

Parents 33

My parents are fucking assholes. My step-dad gets a shitload of money from social security because my real dad passed away. What does he spend it on, an addition to our house which literally costs more than the house. We don't ever have any fucking food.

Plus he is an asshole, he'll randomly walk up to me or my brother and cuss at us. "Why are you such a little bitch about everything?," he'll ask. I'm fucking 15 years old and I live with dumb fuck. My mom will always agree with him too, even if he is obviously wrong. They got into a conversation about weed with me too. She was all like: which friends smoke, where can you get it, and finally do you smoke. Like an idiot I told her that I tried it a month ago but didn't actually like it.

Here's an idea, lie to your parents about shit like that because they'll fucking kill you. Oh, and did I mention I have proof of both of them doing it in the past year!

parents who care more about "public image" 34

I am extremely angry at my father because he repeatedly puts his "public image" as a judge ahead of what's best for his family.

My brother got a speeding ticket of 96 mph in a 70 mph zone. Granted, I know this was stupid. However, it was his first year of driving, and his first speeding ticket. My dad had 4 in his first year of driving.

When people have speeding tickets over 25 mph, they are required to appear in court. However, the county that my brother got his speeding ticket in was also the same county that my dad was supposed to be the district court judge in (they have only one per county, and they rotate.)

My dad kept screaming at my brother about how much it would cost the state to bring in another judge, how bad he'd look, etc. Ordinary people get speeding tickets all of the time - it's not my brother's fault that my dad is a judge in that particular county. If he doesn't enjoy any "perks" (I'm not saying he should, this is just an example) of my dad being a judge, than he shouldn't be responsible for any of the other problems that come with it.

Also, he was faced with the prospect of losing his license. My mom wanted him to have a lawyer present so this wouldn't happen, because my brother's job depends on his ability to drive. My dad refused, saying that any lawyer that appeared for my brother (and also other lawyers associated with that law firm) wouldn't be allowed in his court for seven years, and how terrible that would look to his public reputation.

Open your fucking eyes! This is why we all ended up moving to different cities, and why my mom ended up leaving him. I'm sick of it. I know that if I ended up getting into any kind of trouble, I'd be on my own. My dad wouldn't provide any kind of legal counsel or support. Basically, I'd be screwed, as well as any of my other siblings.

*Note from Anger Central
Your father's ethics leave a lot to be desired. In fact he should be removed from the bench ASAP.

Parents 35

As I kid, I've always been sensitive and easily swayed by life's blows. Here is how my parents react: stuff me full of medication, ship me to therapy, explain issues to doctor, come home, get analyzed and pressured by parents to be 'normal,' go to psycho mother's house to visit, come home damaged, church the next morning, get yelled at for not wanting to go, then get pumped full of more medication, then of course experience nasty side effects, get blamed, then get into abusive controlling relationship with jerk, (parents then wait for me to get out on my own, then after five miserable years) then of course continue to see psycho mom, then get pumped full of meds and then get treated either like a slacker young adult or mentally ill adult. Either way I am in a no-win situation.

No matter what I do (no drugs, no drinking, no sleeping around, always dignified) I can never win. I had no idea my living with them is such a trial and a misery. Most parents would be happy with a quiet, docile, well behaved child. But since both parents are boisterous, loud, idiots, I suppose having a quiet kid is like waiting for a time bomb to go off.

parents 36

Im angry at my mum because she thinks i cant be alone or do anything for myself for 5 seconds. When im out she has to call me constantly and always blames me for everything. Just because i didnt use the right towel to dry my hands! Im angry at my mum because she cares more about her life then mine and thinks fat guys are hot! She lies to me so she can spend all her money on herself and her stupid wedding. She let my stepdad use all my child support money and then didnt have any money to pay for any of my wedding last year. She cries to her friends about stuff and then they help her out but when she feels like it she just dumps them and moves onto someone else. She goes on about how she has no money and blames everyone else, but all her problems are from her own decisions, not mine. Why should i be the one to suffer for it? She used my money for my wedding dress (which i earned) to pay for her bills. She sold my car for money for herself. I will never forgive her for the grief she has caused me these last few years.

Parents 37

What the hell is wrong with parents. Bitch bitch bitch bitch. And bitch. Bitch about university. Bitch about my marks. BITCH ABOUT ME NOT EATING YOUR STUPID PIE THAT YOU BOUGHT "FRESH" TODAY. DON'T YOU GET FUCKING TIRED OF BITCHING? Because I sure as hell get tired of hearing it. Seventeen going on eighteen. Can't drive. 11pm curfew. Why don't you FUCKING PUT ME IN A PRESCHOOL WHILE YOU'RE AT IT.

My Parents 38

I'm so damn angry because whenever I get something new, if i do anything wrong, my parents take it away for a week or longer! And usually they would just talk to me! They are such assholes. They just took away my cell phone because I called my little brother an ass. And they're like big time mormons too. And I hate that, because if i don't go to church and all of that kind of stuff, they ground me! And I am not mormon for all of you who are wondering! My parents just are! They're always like save money to go on a mission. FUCK THAT!! Like i would spend 2 years of my life doing absolutely nothing! And our community is 98% mormon. go figure. And AS SOON as I Graduate, I'm becoming athiest and moving as far away from this HELLHOLE as possible!!!

parents 39

My stupid fucking parents are like fucking actors and actresses. i mean like, wtf, they tell me all day long that my fraggin temper shudnt be bad and i shud be a role model, and just look at the other boys that are so angelic in front of em just cos they r stupid pricking fucktards.u noe wat, they fuckin well swear when they r angry, my mom throws tempers that can almost pull apart the bed, except sh's a weak bitch that i can pull apart in a second or two. oh, and when they get really mad, they pretend to leave the house, fake-crying and accusing me of stuff i didnt do, n u noe wat, they come bak in 5 minutes. every time im forced to go crawlin bak to them, u noe why? cos im onli fuckin 13 and i cant do anything about it. u heard me 13. and my parents aargue all the fuckin time anyways. beleive me, just wait until im 21 , then i'll soooo leave u. i mean, i love u all as parents , but stop pretending to be the overprotective parents and all.

*Note from Anger Central
13 huh? We would suggest you spend more time learning how to read and write instead of playing Halo on your Xbox. (Sheesh! The spellchecker up and gagged on this one!)

parents 40

I have had for 42 years nothing , but psycho parents who I wish to God I never had. i swear they are total whack jobs, from beatings to verbal abuse, and people wonder why I am so damn angry all the time. I would strangle myself in the womb before I would be born to such a psycho-bitch and a lazy tubb of gutts. I have given these sorry excuses for human beings chance after chance but they have proven themselves toxic over and over again. They will never change and I have payed over and over and over for their stupidity. My God, how does it feel to have normal parents and not some psycho bitch for a mother that kills one of your pets?? I swear I'm going to have that old moonbat arrested if I could have her charged. I wish I could sue them for being born!!!!!

I wish I could have both of them committed to a goddamn insane asylum like the one they raised me in.

Helicopter Parents 41

Helicopter parents of my younger clients. I'm a probation officer, and I work with a lot of people between 18 and 22 years old. I have this one 19 y.o. client who probably has substance abuse issues, but compared to his mother, he sounds perfectly rational and lucid. Mama, OTOH, is always hysterical. She calls me a hundred times a day begging for reassurance. The facts are this way: Since he's over 18, I cannot work through her. I. Just. Can’t. I've explained this to her a hundred thousand times now. Granted sonny-boy doesn't help matters – at first, he didn't even tell her he was in trouble. But the way she acts, I don't blame him! If I were her kid, I would have run away from home.

She's probably the worst example, but there are others. Why the ripe f___ don't these parents of 18+ children have another baby, if they want someone to smother and micromanage? This is another reason I'm glad I never had kids. If they turn you into a blithering idiot with no life of your own....Do these parents realized how they sound to other adults? If they were this obsessive and anxious about anything else in their lives, they would be urged to get therapy. It's not natural to obsess so much about anything. Yes, even your kids. Oh that's right – I'm a bad evil child-hatter and I couldn't possibly understand because I haven't squirted out the golden sprog. Hey, OTOH, I've gone to social work school and I recognize things like obsession and unnatural anxiety when I see them. IMHO, all parents ought to be implanted with tranquilizers from the birth of the brat until its 30th birthday. It would make life a lot easier for the rest of us.

parents 42

my parents (aka rents) are assholes! im 14, yes i know im just a stupid freshman, but they think that everytime i got out for more than 3 or 4 hours, that im getting high and fucking my girlfriend! its bullshit! now, maybe i am, but the thing is, they shouldnt be all suspicious of me for one reason: I HAVENT GOTTEN CAUGHT!!! now, if they had caught me doing shit, then i can understand why they may not trust me. but the stupid asshole (dad) was a druggy in highschool and now he thinks i am becasue he was!!! BULL-SHIT! even if i smoke and shit, he shouldnt distrust me of wut he did! and my mom treats me and my brother like the sped kids she teaches (retarded four-year-olds). now THAT gets annoying fast! lol ok im glad i could get that off my chest!!!!!

stupid parents 43

Stupid parents who give their kids STUPID bogan names. It makes me so mad! Especially when the names have retarded spellings. Here is a list of the most offensive bogany trashy names.

Jayden, Jaidyn, Brayden, Hayden, Bailey, Taylor, Tayluh, Taylah, Madison, Maddyson, Maddisun, Jorja, Kaleb, Kaylub, Cooper, Hunter, Kolby, Tiffany, Tiffannee, Mikaila, Mikhaylah, Skylah - I think you get the general idea. Why don't the parents just tattoo 'FERAL' across their kid's forehead instead???

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lazy ignorant selfish parents 44

I am so fucking pissed off at all these ignorant careless lazy ass parents who let thier kids do WHATEVER the fuck they want! Swearing and watching R and X rated movies is NOT for children..I have met SO MANY DUMBASS ignorant bitches who laugh and think it's fucking funny when thier 3 year old says fuck you or damn it or any kind of swear word..Granted my language right now may make me seem a little hypocrytical..But I am 28 NOT 3..I know the appropriate times,I can decipher the difference and know when it is acceptable to swear like right now on this site..BECAUSE I'm PISSED! And I sure as hell don't use ANY of these words around my children I don't want them to grow up saying FUCK every other word and sounding like a bunch of little trailor trash potty mouth WHORES like most of the slutty teenage girls are now a days,Thanks to thier parents! The teenage girls nowadays SUCK and they thrive on attention and anything that will make there fucking cocky little egos soar!

My 8 year old daughter came home from school the other day and asked me what the word COCK meant!?!?! WHAT THE FUCK?! I was so outraged! Especially since a couple days before that she asked me why this little boy told her PUSSY was a bad word!?! WHERE IN THE HELL ARE THESE KIDS HEARING THIS SHIIIT?!?! I have 4 little girls and I love them to death regardless of what people think about children they are awesome kids..I have and am teaching them MORALS and RESPECT and manners and teaching them how to respect thier bodies and not show them off like little fucking cock teasing whores who get pregnant at FUCKING 16 all for the attention of a BOY! Just because he is fucking CUTE?!?! And NO I don't use any of thes words when I talk with them,OF COURSE! But where are these parents and how are these children learning this SHIT at such young ages..I will tell you how! You parents are fucking low life,bottom of the barrel fucking scum bags..I don't give a fucking shit in hell if you are at work and they just happen to find the adult internet sites or x rated channels on cable..IF YOU ACTUALLY REALLY DID GIVE AN HONEST SHIT,you would fucking realize that you can and SHOULD block these programs and sites while you are gone or better yet..GET A FUCKING BABYSITTER you low lifes! I put everything I have into my children to teach them what is right in life and MORALLY correct and then I send them to school to learn and get an education NOT to learn about fucking porn from your poorly uncared for unfortunate child..Give your fucking kids up for adoption if you don't fucking want them or can't fucking handle them.Mabe you should have invested in birthcontrol or condoms so you never even had them because obviously you don't give a flying shit what they turn out to be as grown adults.There is sooo many people that can't have children that actually want them and want to raise them to be decent,happy human beings..Then you have these stupid whores that spread there legs after a night of drinking and woopsie,"I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M PREGNANT"! What the hell do you mean you can't believe your fucking pregnant..You just had sex you dumb bitches. That is the whole reason for the existence of sex you moron ass..It's to fucking breed and reproduce..If there was no such thing as sex your stupid dumb ass wouldn't even be here in the first place! Don't go fuck every fucking cute guy you see then be totally shocked and amazed and fall on the floor in a pool of tears when you get pregnant and then the guy you fucked doesn't even want it or anything to do with it, or you(He doesn't want you,for cryin'out loud,he had you had hello and left you at good morning!)

Then you end up desperate for a father for your child and scoop up the first asshole you see who pretends to care about you and then breed with him too and then have 4 fucking unwanted kids and live on welfare for the rest of your fucking life letting your kids do whatever the fuck they want in life including ruining and taking away the fucking innocence of my very well taught,respectfull,good grade making children..I haven't worked my ass off trying to turn my little people into happy respectfull big people for your low life scum,poorly raised,uncared for, future pedifile/murderer children to destroy everything I do! I'm one of those mommys that actually wanted children and actually care what they grow up to be..If you don't want yours then give them the fuck up for adoption,but don't sell them for crack! My children don't fucking throw fits in grocery stores or wine when I say NO or hit me or any of that other crazy shit that people bitch about..My kids see those snotty ass little brats in the stores and say,"mommy I can't believe that that kid is doing that"! What would you do if we did that mom? They know exactly what I would do!And thats why they don't do it..Your children should and WILL have respect for you if you raise them right and talk to them about this world and treat them good..I would be sooo embarrassed if I was one of those moms in the store and my kid hit me and I sat there and took it! You better bet your last bottom dollar that I would smack thier little asses and embarass them right back..And that, my fellow parents is how you get respect..I am not by any means an abusive mother but I have NO problem whatsoever spanking my child on the butt,I don't even hurt them,it just hurts thier feelings..Your children should have a little fear of you and along with that comes respect..You dumbass stupid mothers who walk through stores and let your kids hit you and throw fits just be prepared for what they will do in the future..And if your just too embarrased to disipline them in the middle of the store out of fear of what "other people" will think of you then you are a fucking pussy..Take them to the car and deal with it if you have to or to the restroom..I used the car and we would sit there until additudes changed,Deal with those issues when they are very young,children will get testy..Where there is a will and a mother and father with a brain there is a way..There is a right way and a wrong way to take care of children and raise them and discipline them and if you are too much of a dumbass to be able to figure it out on your own with your own brain then mabe you should not have any kids in the first place..Play games with your kids,watch movies with them take each one of them out if you have more than one for a special mom and child day once a week,ask them how school was talk to them about thier friends and explain to them the things thier friends might do and say that are wrong and when they say so and so's parents let them do it, then tell them you are not so and so's parents and that thier parents are not teaching them the right way I am your parent and I am teaching you the right way and we don't follow what other people do we do what we know is right and we love and respect ourselves and our bodies and we be ourselves if you really love your kids and you don't have some kind of fucked up chemical inbalance or your mental retarded then you have no excuse to have shitty,snotty little brats except for your own selfish ways...Your kids are fucking ruining this world for my kids..Raise your fucking kids right so that my kids can a good life! Is it too much to ask you to LOVE your own kids..Whether you love them or not it's your fault you spread your legs or didn't put a fucking condom on..Own up and take responsibility and imagine yourself in your childs shoes and just how you would feel if you were them and if you had a shit life like you give them and if you did have a shit life that makes you doubly selfish if you treat them like shit you selfish prick parents, because you know how it feels to have parents that were never there! I had parents that were NEVER there for me and I would never wish that on anyone..I just thank God that I turned out ok and I am grateful for my life experiences as a child because they made me who I am today I don't dwell on them or feel sorry for my self and for all you fucking alcoholic and drug addicted parents,I just want you to know that you are the slime of this earth,The backwash in your beer and the last hit of drugs in your pipe is all your worth you low life pieces of shit..I loathe you and your ways..Get help for you children instead of feeling sorry for your self look into thier little eyes and see thier lonliness and pain and change! You stupid low willed bastards..I loathe you and all of your worthlessness and self pittied ways..UUUUUUGGGGG DAMN IT!

Wow I love this site..I think I will be visiting it often..What a load off! You don't need prozac or to pay for a therapist you crazy fools! You just need anger central..For all you good "real people"-Have a good day/night 10-4 :.)

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Dipshit Parents who give kids dipshit names 45

News flash for all of you out there that give ridiculous names to their bratty little knee-biters. GIVING YOUR GENETIC ACCIDENT A NAME LIKE LEXUS OR PORSCHE DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY GIVE THEM, OR YOU, CLASS!!! Your just named your stupid little turd AFTER AN AUTOMOBILE YOU DIPSHIT!!!

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Parents + Girl 46

First off, my parents deny me this once-a-year opportunity to go to an event after a stupid fight me and my brother got in. The only reason we got in trouble was because he was crying that he hit his head, even though he's a sixth grader and should be less of a wimp. This is an event I've been waiting for for the longest time, and I am so pissed right now. I have never felt this angry in my life.

Simply to rub it in, this girl I've been dropping hints to goes off with another shallow guy. Yeah, it's not her fault, but I don't actually care that much. I'm still pissed at her.

Oblivion 47

My parents are so freaking oblivious. They just say what they think I want to hear, which makes me want to scream on the top of my lungs. (Even if I were to scream, they wouldn't even look up. This is how much they don't give a crap.) They think I'm just a drama queen teenager who complains all the time, when they don't know half the crap that's going on in my life right now. My dad always thinks he's right. He has that freaking annoying attitude that says, "I'm right, your wrong, shut up." Even when he KNOWS he's wrong, he just tells me to stop being so dramatic. MY GOD. I'm not a little kid. And my mom.. I can't even get started on her. I'm so angry right now I could destroy every one of there possessions. And I think I just might.

parents 48

Im fuckin pissed that I unintentionally went over the fuckin phone bill and I only have one friend. He's all the way in New York for the summer. So what if I went over the fucking phone bill? I have no other friends except him, I havent hung out or done anything the whole summer. Ive been doing all my school work. I also HATE how nobody thinks I will ever add up to anything. Well you know what? FUCK YOU!!!!!! I will be that stupid piece of shit that added up to way more than any of the people who have dought in me. You will be some jealous mother fuckers and you know what? I know that you already are! Im fucking better than them. FUCK YOU!!

Parents 49

Fuck. My mom and my moms fucking boyfriend want to send me to a diffrent fucking state to live with my asshole dad because i got sneaking-out. big fucking deal. almost everyone i know has been in more trouble, wayyyy more trouble then i have ever been in. my mom just dont want to hald on to me, and shes looking for a fucking excuse to send me away. im starting to think i should just fucking give her one.

Parents 50

I work in an elementary school. I am so angry at the parents who do not put their own children first. I've seen some children who have no school supplies at all, yet their parent seems to have plenty of beer and cigarettes available at home. It's too bad just anyone can have children. There are too many parents who treat their children like a burden yet there are other married couples who can't have children and desperately want to give a child a loving home. It's just not fair.

Adoption 51

I hate the people who offered to let us adopt their baby made us open our hearts and changed their minds. I know that it is their right but why call me the daddy of the baby and then suddenly change....why mess about with my life unless you are sure you know what you want to do. My wife and I have been so much and were so open and hospitable to these people and now they f8ck with us. Why allow us to be there for the birth and then say, oh sorry....changed my mind. PS. Here is the bill. Time to be more selfish....time to take care of myself.

Parents 52

I'm angry at my parents because they will not let me listen to certain music with curse words. Its the 21st century! Get over it!

Breeders 53

Breeders who have more than 2 kids are causing multiplied death and destruction of the world! These people must think they have better genes that will actually help the world rather than cause thousands more diapers to be crammed into landfills, thousands more Wal-Marts to be constructed, millions more animals to be killed, thousands of tons of carbon to be added to the air--et cetera! Get your whining sticky bald ugly squallers out of my way in the market. Quit running across the street outside the crosswalk, baby stroller careening in front of you.

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Global warming is a crock. We're actually entering into a period of Global Cooling, so fire up those SUV's and start pumping in CO2!

Parents 54

Why am I so angry? I'll tell you why I'm so damn angry. My parents are the most infuriating people on the planet. It is absolutely impossible to have an argument with them. They are so fucking stubborn, that it makes you want to gouge your own eyes out with a grapefruit spoon. whenever I try to get them to see any side of an issue aside from their own, they use the stupid fucking excuse that they're the parent, and I'm the child, so that automatically means that they know all there is to know. BUT THEY FUCKING DON'T!!! they treat me like the worst piece of shit ever! whenever I mention to them that my girlfriend offered me to sleep over her house, they automatically think the worst, and won't let me do anything! I swear, they go out of their way to make my life absolutely fucking miserable. and, god forbid, that when I ask them why they're making their asanine decisions, they can't give me a straight answer! all they ever fucking say is "Because I said so" or "Because I'm the mom, and you're not". I swear to god, if I hear that one more time, I'm going to either kill myself, or them, or perhaps do both. I'm at my absolute wits end with this fucking woman.

for example, I had previously planned to drive to my girlfriend's house on friday and spend the afternoon there, and then drive back home. but, as fortune (or lack there of) would have it, the forecast for friday contained some snow. so my mother flips a shit, and won't let me take the car. and so when I asked her if I could drive over before it snowed and slept over my girlfriend's house, she flipped an even bigger shit. so apperantly, my mother will allow my sister to sleep over her boyfriend's house, but I can't sleep over my girlfriend's house. WHAT THE FUCK?!? I don't get this woman! and this is not even the worst of things.

like I said before, she treats me like absolute shit, and she is the biggest nazi bitch on the planet.

Parents Took Money From Me 55

I found $100 dollars at school 3 weeks ago, and i was extremely happy. A few days ago, i lost the $100 and somehow my parents found the $100 bill. They start fucking screaming at me today, like where the hell u get this money. I say i found it, they dont believe. Its been 3 weeks since i found it, and its rightfully mine now, cause no1 claimed it. They dont give a mothafucking shit. They take it, and decide its not mine. Next thing i know, ITS IN THEIR MOTHAFUCKING WALLET!!! OOMMMMMMMNFFFFFFFG!

Parents 56

I hate my god damn dad!! I've asked him to go driving for the past five months and he always waves his hand at me and says, "Later on". Well now I'm in Behind the Wheel and I have no fucking idea what I'm doing. Everyone else has drive perfectly and has driven over 40 hours. Hmm, how many hours do I have? Uh, 2. Yeah, not exactly close to 40. Now I have to take the midterm in two weeks and I don't even know how to turn around a corner. Today I went driving and my dad was in a horrible mood and kept yelling at me. I would be having trouble with the wheel and he'd say "Just move it that way" and not even point. What the fuck!? I haven't even done this before, you mofo. Fucking teach me you asshole!

Laws of Discipline 57

I'm pissed at the fact that a kindergarden teacher cannot put a naughty kid in the corner of the room for being naughty.

I'm furious that people seem to think it's all kinds of messed up to hit your kids these days... because we must have been getting it wrong for over a couple of millenia.

All we're going to get is a bunch of sissy, no good metro boys and princess girls.

Beat your fucking children when they do something bad. Don't break skin, don't try to leave a mark... just a small whack on the bum to embarrass, not to harm. This is called FUCKING parenting you assholes. You cannot fucking reason with a 3 year old because they're fucking incapable of that level of logic. However, if you give them a few fives across the ass then they'll learn to behave themselves.

Harden the fuck up and teach your kids to harden the fuck up too. Dipshits!

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Logic or Lack of It 58

I am angry because where is the logic of parents freely giving one daughter a 20K car and then buying a new 22K car to drive in a podunk town when the other daughter needs a cosign for a college loan in her senior year and gets hell for asking. By the way, the other daughter has not asked for financial help ever, just needs a co-sign and has proven commitment in the U.S. Navy. I am not asking for money, just someone to cosign. I have not ever needed or asked money directly from parents. Have supported myself for 10+ years. I hate my parents. They are assholes. A 15K loan cosign vs. 42K of automobile, which will go further. Asshole redneck parents, fuck them.

Parents 59

I am so pissed off because i returned home 10mins late, and my parents were in a bad mood. I told them i accidentally broke a bangle and they went off about me not looking after my stuff/room/dog etc. i love my dog, i treasure my things, and i do not only care about my friends. friends are important but i care about my family too. And after that my dad went on to accuse me of not studying and striking a balance. I work my ass off, and yeah i don't strike a balance cos i'm studying MORE. even my friends are calling me a nerd now. but i know i can prove my parents wrong.

Stupid Parents 60

I hate stupid, irresponsible, useless parents that let their children run wild and without discipline. They let them scream and shout in libraries and coffee shops where people are trying to relax, they let them jump on the seats and spit and swear in movie theatres.

I was on a 7 hour flight where 4 children were jumping and shouting and pushing their chairs around. Where were their parents? In the BACK of the PLANE! They came up perhaps once to correct them and basically let them go wild the whole time. One of the children was making such forceful fart noises with his mouth that he actually sprayed over the seat and on my fucking arm.

You stupid moronic parents are doing the world a disservice. We hate your kids and want them out of our fancy restaurants, out of our theatres and disciplined when we are forced on public transit with them. Don't be an asshole, control your fucking kid.

GF's Parents 61

I Absolutely Cannot stand My gf's parents when I first met them they were nice considerate and actually quite caring. But all of the sudden they treat there daughter like a piece of shit (doesn't help the mother is a psyco (literally) and her dad is a f*cking moron who believe everything people tell him as well as the mom. I go there and show complete respect and manners etc etc and then I leave and all I hear out of my gf's mouth is "you are this and you are that" well FUCK YOU S*ck My D*ck! Just Bothers me because they think im worthless cuz I have very little since I have lived on my own and struggled to survive. I work hard am very very responsible and put others before myself always? And thats a bad thing? Oh well Karmas a Bitch and I hope it comes back and bends them over and F$$ks them right in the ASS! Thank you have a nice day!

Parents 62

Okay, I know it sounds old fashioned of me, but, I really don't see the need for parents to make their children stay in all day after school until almost sunset to let them outside to play. I mean, really, on a school night do your kids really have to come over ringing my doorbell and getting my kids all upset because I don't believe kids should be allowed to play outside after the street lights come on? It's 7:15 on a Monday night, can you please keep your kindergartner inside??? Please??? I must be living in the twilight zone. I really hate having to explain ad nauseum to my kids about the many reasons that I don't want them outside playing in the streets or in other people's houses after dinner on a week night. It's getting really old.

Parents 63

I'm angry at my mom. She is a frigging miserable asshole who just tells me i'm miserable just because i get something like an 82 on a test. Why should i worry so much, because school is harder now? She is also a hypocrite, telling things i got to fix, when she has the same or more problems. And as for my dad, he isn't that miserable, but he curses so much. He also has the attention span of a shoe, like when i start a sentence, he notices an imperfection in, say, my sleeve. What i just said applies 25% of the time. Why did it have to be me?

Hypocritical Parents 64

My fucking Mother is always going in my room and when she sees dutch boxes she just assumes that I'm smoking. I am but #1 She doesn't know that for sure and #2 When I was 16 I saw her friend rolling a joint in my mom's room. #3. When I was 18 I found her stash.

When I have kids I won't just bitch just to bitch. She should get that I'm a fucking adult and if I wanna get fucking high after work on my own time I should be able to. She says she was in college but that's bullshit I work and go to school and I don't deserve to chill, just because I don't live on campus? Its just so fucked up and I don't even see why she fucking cares she's never here anyway and when she is, it's always some new shit to piss her off, and she wonders way she's still alone.

A Hole Parents 65

Ok, I am 16 years old. And I have not been out of my house for 3 years. (well besides school) I don't do drugs, I don't drink or anything. Last year i got bad grades in school. So my parents say "ok if you get good grades on your report card you will be able to drive. You'll get your cell phone back. They preety much said that I'll get everything back. WE got our report cards like 4 months ago. And i got all A's and B's and i am still grounded as I have ever been. But the thing that pisses me off the most is they are always on my ass like " your not social" and all this shit. But do they like not know that I have done everything they ask me to do and more. But they are to caught up in their bullshit to realize I have two years left till I'm fucking gone. I am a very social kid. And i have no idea what the fuck they are talking about. THey do not realize that they are suffocating me and when I move out I'm gonna' turn back and say fuck you asshole bitches because you have never done shit for me and you can suck a long fat one because I am never talking to you fuckers ever again!!!!!!!!! This is bullshit!!!!

Parents 66

GodDAMNit!!! why the fuck cant my dad appreciate anything i do? i got one b on my report card, newsflash...i always do! but of course i can do better just like my Ivy league sister. I'm 2 fucking grade levels ahead in math, all intensified classes including an AP sophomore year...i am also pretty fucking good at guitar, but that means nothing because i stopped playing piano. And i left rowing to play varsity soccer at school, but that doesnt matter at all because i still quit something and am oh such a failure. fuck you dad, your the reason i drink and smoke and im probably gonna get the fuck out of your fascist house cause if i stay there any longer i will probably kill myself...although perhaps youd like that...asshole

Divorced Parents 67

I am so sick and tired on divorced parents (either mother or father) who like to use their kids to make the other suffer. Seriously? What's the point in keeping your children away from their mother/father? You think you know whats best? Guess what, you don't! Plus you're giving you child years of therapy and trust issues with their partners in the near future. Wake up and realize that your husband/wife didn't leave the kids, they just left YOU! That's right he/she couldn't stand you so they had to walk out the door. YOU had to make it about the children! Nice! Especially since you will end up alone because of your possesive and psychotic views. Have a good life in that straight jacket you bitter, angry, lonely shrew!

Parents 68

I am so fucking angry at my parents right now, no matter what i do i get treated the same. I used to get into a bit of trouble at school so it was fair enough that i get into trouble, but my dad shouts at me just the same for watching Friends on tv because "he doesn't like it" as when i got an after-school detention. Also they are always trying to interfere in my life, forcing me to do things that i really don't want to do and are just a waste of my time, which would be better spent doing homework or preparing for exams, they think that if they want me to do it then its the right decision when they are actually just fucking up my entire life! I stopped playing rugby recently because I'm not very good, yet every time I try and have a reasonable discussion with my parents about being allowed to make my own decisions they just outright refuse and are then surprised when I show a lack of commitment, which makes them angry, which makes it even worse for me. Its not even like I'm doing that badly, I'm getting a decent education, I'm resonably polite and I even help around the house (well, sometimes), but its always made out that I'm a devil-child, everything that I do is wrong and I'm the worst son they could have ever had.

Parents 69

Ok so today my dam parents said that they were getting me my first phone. but noooo when my dad came home he had something to do and my mom was to dam selfish to take me to the mallto get my phone.(only cuz it has nothing to do with her fuking life

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Damn Parents 70

They're craps. I hardly ask for anything, and when I do, it's nothing that could possibly impact their lives at all. For example, I ask if I can have another 5 minutes on the computer to finish what I'm doing, and not like saying over and over again. One-time deal. "No, you've already had your 15 minutes." First off, what kind of jackass only gives you 15 minutes per WEEK to use electronics? That's for everything. TV, computer, iPod... They all share the same 15 minutes. And another thing. Those fucktards don't even listen to me! Sometimes I have great ideas. And they just spend their time talking shift about me. If it was constructive criticism, then fine. I can work on my ideas. But they just bag on me and it feels like they go out of their way just to make me miserable. Then they complain about how I'm about how I took time off of their schedule. Oh yeah, sorry to interupt your episode of "Paint Drying Championships"! And sometimes, they whack me. Then complain about how it isn't their fault. Gee, sorry to hit your hand with my face, fatass! And what kind of things fo I get to balance it out? A treat, I get to decide my lunch. Which i pay for. For the whole fucking family. With MY MONEY! And I get it by finding it. All I do is volunteer, because i like it and it's the only way to get away from those douchebags Im supposed to call my parents!

Bloody Parents 71

Bloody Parents - no, the second im not with u, im not takin drugs or getting drunk or starting any 5 in a bed romp type stuff. Im down the park; hangin wiv my nice ordinay frends; just chatting. I know parents are meant to protect me but mine are way overprotective and Im getting a lot older now.Please; instill some trust in me and I might start to like you. By the way; this site is awesome. Stops me a)murdering sum1 b) running away C) smashing large glass objects and d) self harm or any of that. Im gonna rant here much more often .... :). thankyou xx

Parents 72

Im angry because Im 14, nearly 15. Live in the most safest humdrum town in Cornwall;Torpoint. However my Mum is an asshole who wont let me out with my frends after 6 at night. Dont get me wrong - all my frends are cleancut ppl; were all Astar students. When my parents very rarely let me out; I'm asked a million questions and treated like ive been doing something i shouldnt; wen all weve done is hang out in the park and talk.I hate it soooo much as I get no freedoms or responsibility; yet they will lumber me with the responssibility of babysitting wen they want to go out themselves. I have early curfews than evry1 I know and have to be back first all the time. Well, I , for one am sick of this madness. Im a prisoner in my own home, and it sucks. I know I speak for many of the teenage populus. Please unite against this madness.

iTouch 73

My effing parents won't let me even use a BIT of their money for an iTouch.

*Note from Anger Central
What part of "Your parents money" didn't you understand? You want one of these things? Use your own money.


OK my parents took my hamster out when i let em, then, LEFT HER OUT WITH THEM 4 OVER AN HOUR, then, they thought it was good parenting to ask me 2 check on her wen she was still out, and (i thought they would have at LEAST put her back by now, so I was not rlly looking at the lock. my mum asked me 2 duble check, and I saw the lock and came back in hysterics of tears, and then they say my hamster is with them and start laughing a bit, then they say "oh u diddnt properly check, u paid no attention, u were to busy on the computer" then when I try 2 explain i trusted them 2 have put her back by now, and thats why i diddnt look at the lock,they just raised theyre eyebrows and said "yes of CORSE dear!" I just wanna murder them rite now. I have anger issues 2, so, since it is illigal 2 harm them guess what? I do what i always do when somthing like this happens: BIT MYSELF ON THE MOTHER FUCKING FINGER AND ARM HARD AS BULL SHIT, EVEN THO I REMEMBERED LOSING LOADS OF BLOOD AND GETTING SENT HOME AFTER DOING THAT ONCE!!!!


Parents 75

I was just trying to make my mom smile since dad was in hospital, and she had her sewing basket out, so i pick it up and said: look im going to deliever some food to grandmas house and she completely cut me off, she was like yeah ok and walked off, like omg sorry for trying, so now im just sitting in my room stirring over it >:l

Baby daddies 76

I am so angry at "fathers" who don't care about their own children. Please, if you are a selfish a-hole get yourself a vasectomy because the world doesn't need or want your offspring!!!

My stupid controlling parents 77

I am so fucking enraged at my parents because I was molested when I was five and they knew all about it and did nothing to help! The reason why they didn't help was because they didn't want me to report their stupid fucking asses because they were beating the shit out of me. I was locked in a closet by a babysitter all day long and my stupid idiotic mother did nothing to the bitch who locked me in the closet! Again, because they were fucking beating me! They should have been sterilized. I wish the one day she took me to the children's home and threatened to leave me there she would have left me there! They hate my husband because he tells them like it is! I've been in counseling for almost 7 years because of this! They kissed my sister's ass while they were beating the shit out of me!

Band and Parents 78

Because It is the worst effin thing ever. And because my parents are pissed that I didn't write down all my 'accomplishments' over the past four years because 1. i filled out the sheets right before and 2. I'm not overly proud of myself for anything that can be written down. Apparently I embarrassed them. Well eff you parents. Maybe if you didn't continually compare me to every mother-effer you came across, and maybe if you would just accept me for the way I am, then I wouldn't be so angry right now!

Parents 79

I am sick and fucking tired of this bullshit! I'm 21, and I still live with my parents! I can't move out because I CAN'T FIND A FUCKING JOB! THE ONLY WAY FOR ME TO FIND ONE, IS TO GET MY GODDAMNED MOTORCYCLE INSURED AND GO LOOK FOR ONE! But nooooo! My dad refuses to put insurance on the damn thing, and I have no fucking idea why! He already told me if I get a no insurance ticket, he ain't paying it. WELL WHAT THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?! MY MOM IS TOO FUCKING LAZY TO TAKE ME AROUND TO LOOK FOR A JOB, AND I HAVE NO OTHER WAY! I LIVE IN SOME PODUNK BUTTFUCK TOWN IN THE MIDDLE OF FUCKING NOWHERE, AND ALL THE LOCAL JOBS ARE TAKEN BY ILLEGAL FUCKING IMMIGRANTS! GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY GODDAMNED COUNTRY YOU STUPID MOTHERFUCKERS! How the fuck am I supposed to find a job when I can't leave the goddamned house!?

Fucking Parents 80

I am 18 yrs old and i still live with my parents. today my dogs ttcked my birds and now one of my birds legs is broken and its frathers are all gone on its back. since i was at summer school all day i didnt think something like this would happen until it did now my fuckin mom and stepdad won't even tale my bird to the vet. so now i am left with my bird in my room slowly dieing right in fuckin front of me. my mom even told me that it might not even make it with straight face. plus, my stepdad didnt care he just told me to clean the fuckin kicten as if nothing had happened. god i wish one of them would actually care about how i feel.... also when they remembered that i didnt go to the college class i had to take they grounded me for the rest of the fucking week!!! wht kind of BULL SHIT is THAT?!?!?!? well excuse me for fucking caring about my pets u fucking assholes!!!! i hope both of you fucking read this so i can jeave u fucking assholes and move in with my real dad even though he doesnt call me or even send me money that is just for me. Fuck....... Y do i have such fucking asshole parents y not the rich kind that give you the stuff u want but no they only care about my lil brothers who get anything they want like a fucking xbox 360 and an itouch plus a FUCKING touch screen labtop!!!!! WTF where is my shit at??? i deserve to have nice shit too but no all i get is ur old fucking bed that u fucked on and a busted ass labtop that only has one fucking speaker that works.

P.S if you are reading this GO FUCK URSELVES!!!!

Lazy "Parents" 81

I know there are people out there that are trying to do the best they can do to bring up happy, healthy, responsible members of society, and I commend them for this. However, there seems to be an ever-growing number of people that think that their responsibilities end with the child's birth. It makes me fucking sick. There's a reason that people say parenting is hard work, because it IS. I know too many people that want all the accolades, but none of the responsibility. Some of these people are within my own family. These people will look for any excuse to dump their kids off on someone else because they are too busy partying or looking for their next piece of ass to do the job of raising their goddamn kids. I am sure that the kids feel great about that, knowing that the people who are supposed to love them the most in the world consider them to be an albatross around the neck.

The good parents I know take the good with the bad, and when you compliment them, they are so humble. Not these impostors. They want a pat on the back for every.damn.thing that they do, and just love to martyr themselves at every opportunity. God forbid you would utter anything that remotely smacks of criticism; all hell would break loose.

To these jackasses I say:

Look. You CHOSE to be a parent. Nobody forced you to have children. Your children didn't ask to be brought into the world. Therefore, it is YOUR responsibility to do what you need to do to raise them properly. It is no longer about you, or your social life, or what fun you are missing out on. It is about the helpless human being that you CHOSE to bring into the world. A child is not a new handbag, or a ready-made playmate, or an excuse not to get a job, or an insurance policy against your partner leaving you. If you have a child just based on what YOU want out of life, you are a fucking idiot. The 2 year old that you refuse to discipline today will become tomorrow's asshole that runs someone off the road because they think they own the highway. Or tomorrow's employee that wouldn't know what a work ethic was if it came up and smacked him in the face. For Christ's sake, if you aren't willing to do the goddamned job, maybe your kids would be better off with someone who is.

parents, women 82

fucking parents are pissing me right the fuck off im 18 years old i worked my fucken ass off and i got fucked over the cocksuckers layed me off, moneys getting tight as fuck like everyone else is but my fucking parents all theyr worried about is getting their fucking money i owe them like holy fuck man i no i have bills to pay but fucken chill ax, i tend to drink every weekand who gives a flying fuck like seriously, parents think im going to be an alchoolic like easy there fuck i drink cuz it feels good tastes good, and ya forgeting what happened can be a good thing ang and bad thing so who gives a shit, as long as i and who ever i was with had a good night, fucken women, you give them everything they want they fuck you over, what the fucks wrong with some women these days, you want to give them the world what do they do, they shit on you, good guys always fuckin finish last like how in the fuck does that make sence

Lazy So-called Parent 83

I am so fucking annoyed that my moms boyfriend was abusing me for the last 7 years. I am 13, and i cannot take it anymore!! All he does is sit there on the couch for 6 hours every day playing Fable on the Xbox! He doesn't give a shit. He is controlling, threatening to smack me around, and makes up bullshit stories about his abusive mom! I asked his uncle, he says they were just fine. All they do is go on Facebook and Play Xbox. The worst he ever did, was call me retarded, and telling me that my grandma thinks i should be on mood-altering drugs! I confessed all of the verbal abuse to my father, after he wanted to see my phone, and my mom said not to trust him. I dont, but then he gets angry at me, then at my mom for being an inconsiderate bitch, which she is. Now I'm just ready to give up on them and accept the fact that God hates me.

Parents 84

My fucking parents want to control EVERYTHING in my life. i can't do anything without the constant reminder that they are in my life. I cant even be with my girlfriend for a half hour without them "checking up" on me. Fuck you.

Parents 85

I've never had a great relationship with my mother. My theory is because she sees too much of herself in me. Now, this is understandable as we have the same mannerisms, temperment, and life style choices. Except, for one key choice. When my mother was 16, she was a party go-er, drug user, and all around hellion. I, on the other hand, do none of those things, and have no interest in them.

All I want is a little freedom to spend time with friends, away from my house but, this seems to be too much to ask. If I ask, as though I have to, at the age of 19, to hang out with some friends, she throws a fit. She rants and raves about how horrid I am, how I'm probably doing drugs and getting drunk, or meeting guys somewhere. None of it is true, and I have never given her reason to believe I would do any of these things.

I've always gotten along better with guys, and therefore, most of my friends are male. If I wish to go down to the field to play soccer with some of them, she assumes that I'm doing one of them, and get badgered with questions, before and after.

Now, angercentral, your advice would be to move out, correct?

Unfortunately, I cannot, as I have recently become blind. I can't do as much, recently, such as play soccer, or drive. [Infact, one of my friends had to type this out for me.] But I would still enjoy sitting around with my friends, just talking, laughing having a good time.

I'm now forever in a world of darkness, but now I have to stay locked up inside my house, too? I don't want my life to be controlled by her even more, but what choice do I have to rely on her?

I may have digressed, but this whole situation frustrates me.

Parents 86

My fucking ass parents are such...welll...ASSHOLES! I've been living with them for 12 years now. Its summer time. Guess what they took? My online fucking gaming station! My fucking DS! Its summer FUCKTARDS! "Oh you have to go to Saturday school too, and Air Cadets and Swimming..." Fuck you mom and dad! Just fuck off and go away! You ruined my whole fucking summer! I had o.k grades! A's and B's so just fuck off!

parents 87

argh. my parents cut my pocket money by half, now i have $35/week, and i have to pay for my own transport, and food, of course im angry, so i told them, and now they refuse to give me money at all.?!?! what am i going to eat? its too much dont you think? seriously. and after i said sorry, they went on being angry and said some horrible stuff. OF COURSE IM ANGRY.

*Note from Anger Central
Dear spoiled brat. Do you know what the Webmaster's family gave him and his siblings? The big goose egg. A donut hole. Nada. Zilch. Nothing. You want money? Try something like earning it. IN case you hadn't noticed, times are a bit tough right now and EVERYONE is cutting back.

Parents spoiling my younger siblings 88

My parents are fucking favoret assholes. Its like because i'm the successful one i'm the only one thats important. They don't make my other younger siblings do any chores or make them do ANYTHING and they just watch TV all day and be little bitches to my parents and my parents just deal with it and let'em boss them around. Their fucking assholes and i just try to be my best NOT TO ACT LIKE THEM OR MY PARENTS. So i'm always fucking making sure i don't get all self pity and shit because thats what spoiled brats do (like them) and i've done this my whole entire life. From when i was fucking 8 my mom'd say "well yes your brother acts like that, but people will act like that in life sometimes and theres nothing you can do about it" messages like that i grew up with and i've had about enough and i'v told myself that for ever. My siblings basicly are your tipical american spoiled kids. when i was younger i got fucking 20 minutes a day on my gameboy color, they have cellphones and watch tv ALL_THE_TIME. Its like all they fucking do. and i get angry at my mom for doing this and she freaks out on me, i've seen the other kids yell at her for hours and she just reads while they vent. sure i'm 2 years older then some of them but what the fuck does that have to do with fuck. like first they are fucking 4 they don't know better, then they are 6 its just their age, when their 10-13 its just their age, now they are fucking like 9-15. i've seen all the fucking age groups and all the excuses and i have no clue what i'm going to do. their growing up into useless people and i've lived with them for so long. Now my parents have fucked up their lives like its some kind of science experiment. My mom'd threatin to kick me out of the house when i was like 10 i remember she said she'd send me somewhere else if i didn't shut up. and what did i do? i fucking learned shit. every kid should fucking learn shit right? its life. why the hell does she decide to not help them. i try but i don't know what to do at all and its pissing me off.

Selfish ass Step Parents 89

This pisses me off the most is when a man or a woman marries or dates a man or a woman with fucking kids and they dont like the idea that they have kids, so what happens is these selfish son of a bitches, dogs the poor little step kid by making them do the number one step parent I hate your ass chore bathroom. You selfish son of a bitches if you dont like kids dont fucking bother a fucking woman or man with kids you loser ass bastards the kids dont have shit to do with your sick ass and insecurities. Leave the fucking kids alone you weak son of a bitch get a life bother someone that is strong enough mentally and physically to fight dumb immature ass back. You loser ass bastards.

Paranoid, overprotective parents 90

I'm so damned sick of modern-day parents who weave this cocoon around their spawn and shelter them from anything the least bit risky, uncomfortable, or unpleasant. I know a couple who won't let their kids play with any toys resembling weapons, and wouldn't even let their little boy have camouflage-print underwear. It's like they think these things will turn them into serial killers. The kids have never seen more than the first 20 minutes or so of a single Disney movie because they freak out when anything scary or unpleasant happens, and the parents turn it off, so the kids grow up not knowing how to cope with conflict. They never spanked them, and now the older one is a defiant smartmouth. The kids get to see maybe 30 minutes of TV per day, and it's always some mind-numbing crap on Nick Jr. or the Disney channel. These kids are going to grow up totally unable to cope with adversity and will probably live in their parents' basement for life.

Strict Parents 91

So I'm 16 years old..I live in a religious household with fucking strict ass christian parents who dont let me hang out with fucking anybody..there so god damn boring they dont let me do anything and I'm sheltered im bout to just say fuck this and go hang out with people but Im afraid theyll call the cops on me cuz there fucking douche fucktard pussy fucks who dont know how to have fun..FUCK YOU MOM AND DAD! BACK THE FUCK OFF AND LET ME LIVE MY LIFE U FUCKING NAZI SCUMBAGS!!!

Parents! 92

I'm soo sick of my parents making me out to be the original child from hell! They think that i constantly go out of my way to generally be a bad person, and that i disrespect my house and everything around me. My step father reguarly calls me lazy, ungrateful, rude, and acts as if I never do anything to help around the house! In a particuarly memorable outburst he said that he'd never liked or trusted me and I'd done everything I could to split him and my mum up (completly untrue!!!). I think it's a bit sad that i've never been away with them without them blaming me for ruining the entire holiday for everybody.

n fairness to my mum, she usually defends me from him, as he likes to verbally attack me and my brother for ridiculous things, but she also thinks i'm a "problem child". To put things into perspective, I'm 18 and have never came in drunk, I have never taken drugs, I don't sleep around and have never come home pregnant (several people I know have). Condisering I've just recieved an offer to study medicine at university most people would think I work pretty hard. I am a straight A student yet according to them I never do any work, I miss loads of school and I could do a lot better.

I wish they would sometimes appreciate that in comparison with the majority of teenagers in england they actually have a pretty good deal. Whenever I point out things people in my college have done they say that I am refering to the worst possible senario. I very must doubt that the worst teenagers in the world attend my school! I never claim to be perfect, but i am hardly the lazy, disrespectful problem in their life they constantly make me out to be! The fact that they never ever appreciate anything i do to help (most the time when I do they shout at me because i'm being too noisy or doing it wrong) just makes me soo ANGRY!!!

Bitchy parents 93

Ok so for the first time in my life I finally get a xbox after 6 YEARS or so of asking I have to have a time limit of 1 an a half hours that in itself even sucks. I then after playing go on the computer to watch a movie and then my fucking retarded mother comes along and bitches another how computers are not for movies and how I have had my "electronic" time for the day and that I cant play tomorrow. They then constantly bitch about my grades and how I will be a no-one later I mean it's not like I am getting a job RIGHT NOW is it stupid dad it really are a jack ass and u mum are a bitch.


My father asked if he needed to get milk while he was downstairs and i responded with there should be some up here. Well he started to yell at me and my mom comes rushing in and yells at me for starting crap. I didn't do anything but respond with what i know. How was I suppose to know if there was or wasn't milk upstairs. God they piss me off, they blaime me for every fight that happens. Im sick and tired of it.

Also another fight that happened today was when i asked my parents what time tomarrow are i was suppose to pick up my fiance and my dad started yelling about how i was planning to go and have sex with him. I'm almost 19 years old, come on, its obvious i've had sex before and i wouldn't plan on having sex with him when i know there timing how long it takes me to get there and back. GOD i'm so pissed right now.

My parents are jerks! 95

I'm a teenage girl with a MacBook and a 60 in Math. Don't get me wrong, I care about my grades but my parents are SO OVERPROTECTIVE about them. They fricking check my homework every day even though nowadays I get 100%s on them ANYWAYS, and they act as though I have a 20 in Math.

I was minding my own buisness when Mom and I get into a small...umm, difference of opinions. She says- no, screams- "IF YOU DON'T CHANGE YOUR TONE YOU WILL NEVER SEE THAT MACBOOK..." you get my drift. Anyways, I say *calmly*, "There's no need to get worked up." Mom then STORMS into my rom and takes the Mac! Dad just does what Mom says and doesn't think for himself, and Mom always overreacts! They make me *angry*.

Helicopter parents 96

My dad is such a fucking helicopter parent. I'm 22 years old and he still tries to shelter me from the world. He tries to prevent me from doing anything myself. If I want to get something, like a guitar, he gets it for me immediately. If it's something he can't get for me, like a job, he tries to ban me from getting one.

You may be wondering why I don't like having everything given to me. Well, I enjoy being able to work for my stuff. Let's say I buy a guitar. I love the euphoric feeling of achievement as I strap it over my body for the first time, knowing that this is truly mine. I am proud of myself with I learn more songs and develop my skill with the instrument. I guess it's a self esteem thing.

If you want to feel good about yourself, then start doing everything yourself.

parents 97

My mom is currently staying with my grandad for a few weeks, personally i couldn't care less, however since she's been gone the house has fallen into an crazed disorganized pile of mess. My dear father has doe shit all and the washing keeps piling up and up, he is currently down at the pub and has been there since five, it is not 1 am and i have been babysitting my 8 year old brother this entire time.


just fucking great

Parents and School 98

My parents piss me off soo god damn much! All they care about is school. Thats it. I don't even like or care about school. I want to be an ice skater. But noooo. do they ever ask me how Im finding my toe loop? nooo but somehow they manage to remind every fucking god damn day to "do my homework" or "get my unifrom together". Ok so fair enough most parents do that but Im not exactly unorgansied. Im actually really independent. I wish they would quit pissing about and wake up and see that if they would just lay off a sec i'd be getting full marks. i only don't do it because they're nagging (and did i mention that makes me reeeaaalllly angry!?). But then when i do well they seem to think it was all down to them! They have no problem bragging about it to their random fucking friends. Let me set that straight right now: If they paid an interest in something i cared about and just shut their god damn nagging fucking mouth for even a secound maybe they would realise that i FUCKING HATE them when you nag. I really do. And why do they always ask for my help when its too late and then moan for not being helpful? ARE THEY SMOKING FUCKING POT? huh? "I need you to help me with your sisters party on sunday. There are 30 children coming and we don't have any method of entertaining them" WHAT DO THEY WANT ME TO DO IN 2 FUCKING DAYS? who do they think i am? Mary poppins? ooh and you know what else pisses me off about them? They have like, 6 kids and then expect us all to be perfect and not argue or hate each other or anything! Hahaha! Fat Fuckin Chance mate. And its just plain stupid to have so many kids then complain that they never get any time alone. And dont even get me started on step parents. Wake up one mourning and whose that drinking coffee in the kitchen? oh hes your new dad. enjoy. WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT ABOUT? they just show up out of the blue and take over your sofa and tv and start bossng you about and telling you to do stuff. UH UH! and its like, im sorry mate but who the fuck are you again? and they always seem to favour the kids they have together as a couple. like, in my family there was me, my brother, his kid, him and my mom. And then they seemed to favour their own kids, they were like competingas to whose kid was best behaived and its soo fucking annoying but then when they have a kid together, all of a sudden it dont matter any more. we dont matter anymore because both of them want this kid to better than the rest of us. so their putting out for all the clubs we're into and bragging about how it was the quickest to learn to walk. but they wont admit it for toffee. "we love you all equally" hahaha! yeah right! so now we all have to prove ourselves for ourselves and honestly its hard. and we cant help each other because we're all competeing and i hate it. And oh, my dad and his wife were having a baby and i was kinda exited and my mum goes to me what are you exited about their baby for? and i was all like well he is my brother and she was like no he's not and i was all like well if hes not my brother than neither is (their baby) ma sister. urghhhhhh

so annoying!

parents 99

Im tired of hearing that parents are pissed at kids and shit. if you dont like how they are then fucking do something about it and stop your fucking bitching. Like the one where someone put that kids with ADHD are lazy assholes well i got news for you I have ADHD and i was brought up to work, to keep clean and respect women just now and days there are very few women that deserve it. All you fucking parents that say bad shit about kids your saying all kids are bad. not all of us are theres probably afew percent out there that are good. So all you parnets out there that bitch about kids and shit FUCK OFF OR DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT

Parents 100

My parents act like i'm not there, and when they do I'm like thw worst child ever! they only are really proud of my older sister, who constantly beats me up. (oh, and did I mention she NEVER gets in trouble for it?!) I remember on my last birthday, she got a GIANT NEW BED. meanwhile, I've had the same, gross, small bed since first grade. What did i get? nothing. My parents are so god damn stupid and lazy. They make ME do all the house work even when they're capable of doing it. "Oh, let's just watch her clean our fucking mess while we sit down on our lazy asses!"

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