I am angry at optimists because they are irrational in their conclusions. By their trying to make others more positive, they actually set the person up to be disappointed at reality. Quite annoying, indeed. They need to realize that LIFE IS TOUGH.

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The Webmaster is well known for being optimistically pessimistic. :)

Optimists 2

I am angry at this group of annoying bastages -the optimists. Most of the time they are in full flight from reason and try to fool others onto their bandwagon. As being realistic, seems to be a real threat to their good feelings, which seems to be all they attempt to produce by being so optimistic about everything. They're really supid because they don't want to accept that realism and even pessimism can be just as viable options. It all depends on the situation. Optimism isn't the answer for every situation and particularly loosing situations. So therefore, they're people who can not bear to look at reality. Not to say that optimism is not good because it can be, but come on! Be rational as well!

Optimists 3

I know this is not a hate site, but I do hate optomists, especially: 22 year-old singers who win Grammys or Oscars and get up and say "Kids, this proves that if you have a dream and you work hard enough it'll be worth it in the end" But everyone knows that CAN'T be true for 99.9% of the people who have such dreams. Have you ever watched the early-on auditions on American Idol? These are people who get up there to audition, and everyone says with usually genuine belief that because they have a dream of being a singer that they will make it in the business if they just try HARD enough. It's just not true. Hollywood is a townful of mainly very attractive people working as waitresses and car rental desk reps, and building houses and doing yardwork = all with a dream that they will be the next Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt. You might just as well buy a lotto ticket and dream as hard as you can that it will win. Does dreaming real hard and being optimistic make you win the Lotto? No. But you say, that's just pure chance, and my answer to that is that the people in life who end up being very successful and those who end up very unsuccessful are largely determined by chance. Yes, talent, or intelligence or beauty or other desireable qualities may improve your chances, but even that is debatable. People say things like, "you make you own luck" or "there's no such thing as luck', but like the singer accepting the Grammy, the people who say these things are always the people who happen to have been lucky. Who wants to say that they got successful basically because they got a good hand dealt to them when they were born? And if you make your own luck, how does a dirt-poor starving nomad child born in Somalia do that, exactly? Luck is just another word for chance, and there is no dispute chance or odds. Everything, EVERYTHING, gets doled out not because you are optomistic that something will come true but because, as to anything that could be good or bad, every person falls some place on the bell curve, where a graph shows a bell shape with most people, by definition, someplace in the middle. But at the tip end of both sides of the bell curve there are going to be people who, no matter what they do to avoid it, are still going to end up way far over to the left on the curve - everything they try is going to fail. Why? Because the law of averages says that no matter what people do, somebody is going to take the bad hit, the 1 out of 1000 chance of failing spectacularly, and at the other end someone who bumps their way through life hitting paydirt no matter how screwed up they act,l finding gold in their backyard, that type a thing. Somebody has to be that 1 out of a thousand guy on the right side of the curve. I can speak with some authority on this. When I was about 30, i was in a terrible head-on crash that destroyed my car, nearly killed the other guy who'd been drinking and veered into my lane, but I walked away from it. Was I lucky? Hell no. Lucky among the unlucky maybe, but good luck would have been not being in the way of that guy who crossed over into oncoming traffic going 60 mph while your going 55 mph. Good luck would have been getting there 10 seconds earlier - or 10 seconds later. But the bell curve is a monster which has to be satisfied. no matter what the situation, someone has to take the hit. We all assume that the catastrophes won;t happen to us and usually that's true for the same reason that someone DOES win the Lotto - somebody has to get in a head-on and somebody wins $5000000 in the Lotto. i survived, pretty badly injured with a traumatic brain injury, but over and over and over people told me, well - you've survived your "big one'. You don't have to worry now. WRONG. During the next 20 years I was in not 1 more more high speed head-on collision, but 2 more head-on high speed collosions. Among people who have been in 3 head-ons i guess I was pretty lucky - most people would have been killed in one or the other. But then far MORE people never get in ANY head-on collision. So you can be an optimist if you want, but actually believing thaT OPTIMISM changes anything that happens to you is an idiot.

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