Online auction sellers

I strongly detest auction sellers that seem friendly at first glance and are quick to request payment but are not so quick when following up on the purchase. After they get your money, they hardly even communicate with you anymore.

And to top it off, the items arrive poorly packed and you get cheated on shipping charges (they claim it to be a lame "handling" charge). I paid $6 for shipping via UPS, only to have the seller ship the item by regular snail mail (which cost only $.99).  In short, many auction sellers take their buyers for granted.

Online auction sellers 2

I get angry everytime I buy something from an online seller, they only post feedback after you've left them positive feedback. I can name several! Then there are others who don't bother leaving feedback at all! WTF?!?!? I sometimes sell on online auctions and as a seller, when I receive their payments promptly, I leave a good feedback immediately. There are sellers who just can't be bothered once they have your money. I had one seller who did NOT respond to my email and I had to email this idiot 5 times before she replied and she had the nerve to send me a payment reminder! WTF?!?!?! I finally sent her the money, I posted feedback then the bitch gave me feedback! It's these kinds of sellers that make me angry and wonder, why do they even bother when all they want from you is your money when they give you crap service.

Ebay Sellers 3

I am so sick to death of both sellers who give you a hard time about things and sellers who don't even ship in a timely manner. But mainly this rant is about sellers who give you a hard time. I purchased a rare video game for my son and tested it myself to make sure it works (which it didnt) I send it back and the guy insists it works. He sends me 12 different "Screen shots" as proof. I open them up and lo and behold!!! its pictures of his summer vacation! Is he TRYING to insult my intelligence?? You know, a burro is an ass. A burrow is a hole in the ground. I bet his screws are so loose he wouldn't know the difference.

A Yahoo! auctioneer 4

What the hell?! I win an auction from an auctioneer on Yahoo. I get an mail from seller and she expects payment within 5 days. No problem, I pay for Priority Mail and send payment through PayPal within a few short hours. I wait and wait and wait over the next few weeks. It takes over 4 months to get to my door? (I checked the postmark and it was sent just a few days ago.) I am in the Houston, Texas area and she is apparently in Bossier City, Louisiana, which is relatively close, geographically speaking. Surely it wouldn't take her that long to send the item since it was a small box of horror novels. And this person later has the chutzpah to ask me to leave good "feedback" for her. So sellers demand payment within a few days, but then they get to take their time in sending it out the stuff? Come on, I had some ebay auction items come in from Perth, Australia and Dresden, Germany in less than two weeks! I have not had problems like this before - my name and address is spelled correctly on PayPal and is current - and all she's doing is insulting my intelligence. Tsk.

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