GODDAMN. Not too long ago I got out of an inpatient program for eating disordered people. Lemme tell you, I thought the doctors were one thing, but the nurses are SHIT. First off, the docs themselves rarely treat you like a human being, while there, you're an interesting specimen who needs to be stuffed with food and FAST. You're not allowed to go to the bathroom without asking permission from one of the nurses first, and usually it's hard enough finding one of them! Then they look at you, groan, and with much effort, lift their fat asses off their squeaking chairs, and waddle down to your room with the keys-yes, the bathrooms are LOCKED! THEN they stand there and WATCH YOU PISS and actually try to have a CONVERSATION. EXCUSE ME!! Then they wonder why I haven't taken a dump in a few days--well, I'm not exactly in a comfortable setting! Then, a girl there whom I became close friends with, is yelled at for crying. HELLO!! That's all she knows how to deal write now, poor girl is deluded with the idea she's obese when she's really so small I'm afraid to hug her because she might break! Then, they yell at ME for comforting her! Telling ME to focus on my own recovery. WHAT THE FUCKIN HELL? How can I trust them when they won't tell me anything about my treatment, future plans for me, or even what I weigh?? AND STOP TELLING ME TO FUCKING SIT DOWN! Just because I'm not used to SITTING ON MY ASS FOR 5 HOURS STRAIGHT doesn't mean I'm an overexerciser! Good lord. I am NEVER going back, that place made me sicker, if anything.

stupid dumb nurses 2

I am angry cause i wanted to tryout for b-ball and the stupid nurse is trying to stop me. I hand in my physical and she is like'' you have food allergies'' and i go '' i know'' she tells me i have to bring in an epipen'' i say '' my allergies are mild '' her and her bored ass self tell me i can't play b-ball unless i bring it in. How am i goona find that fukin medicine if i never used it ? wat the fuk is her problem ? i just feel like crying right now.

one particular nurse 3

I'm angry at that nurse who was at that hospital when I was 8.

I was going to pass echographia exams. I felt really bad, I was sick as you can tell. So, in front of everybody, that nurse started to talk to me with an helium voice without being helped by any balloon, and said, smiling:

"You are going to pass echographia, that's what mommies use, but you aren't having a baby! Don't worry, you aren't pregnant."

Obviously, you stupid. I'm 8, never had my periods, never did the you know what, very sick, you say that in front of my mother and may I add that I didn't look at all like I was precociously pubert? No, I didn't, so according to my past self she thought I was stupid because I was 8 or something, and said that like that in front of everybody including my mother.

I don't care some kids are uninformed to the point they think they are pregnant at this age without being pubert or ever making love. Nobody did say anything like that to the other child patients, at least not in front of me, even if that person talked to them with the same tone, so why did she tell me that?

Then, at the moment I had to take the exam, she said it back, with the same voice, same tone. And she talked normally to adults patients or personal, but every time she talked to me she talked with that voice and those words. Thankfully she didn't care for me the next days. I felt really insulted and I still feel like that ten years ago, remembering as I read about how echographia work.

A nurse 4

To the ignorant nurse who wanted to do a pregnancy test even though I have no parts left,, Kiss my rear end you freak. I also told you I was celibate and had been for over 7 years but you didn't believe me. Then you said "I don't know that." Yes you do you freak because I just told you. What a dumbass. The only reason you were doing the test in the first place was to get more money from my insurance company. When I protested I also ask if it was required and you said no. So why the hell do you want to do it anyway. Why on earth would a woman of 48 years old, with no womb and who is not a slut and does not sleep around, be pregnant? You freak. And wouldn't you know it, the insurance company called me to ask why I had the test. They didn't pay for it and now I have to. I will get my money back and you will be in deep trouble. I called your boss and told him and you can kiss my butt you freak.

LPNs 5

I am so damn angry about being an LPN. A licensed Practical nurse. Yippeee! Well, let me tell you, you are nobody in BC, Canada, if you aren't in the HEU union. I am in 2 different unions (one is HEU), but i am only a casual, because you start at the bottom, always! Anyways, I am so sick of having to juggle different jobs, just to make ends meet, and then a care aid, who has more seniority than me, becomes an LPN and POOF-SNATCHES A full-time line away from me, because she was able to port her seniority hours over, when she became an LPN, and working for same facility. What the Heck? So not fare! I have been an LPN for 8 years now, and soooo what, I had to leave my full time job for X amount of years, and move, and now, I'm like having to start at the free kin bottom of the pack in this new city! It's just so stupid, but I can't afford to go back to school to be or learn any new skills. I want to get out of this profession and open my own successful business. BEST OF LUCK TO ME!

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