Ok, first, it's not that I have a problem with mothers. I have a problem with women that cannot (or will not) use birth control, apparently. Today I was reading a paper written by a 12-year old girl who has a 19 year-old sister with FOUR CHILDREN. Four kids, and she's not even old enough to drink yet! And of course, the 19 year old isn't married. Does society see nothing wrong with people's laziness about contraceptives...

Pregnant Idiots 2

Who are these idiots? Haven't they ever heard of birth control? It makes me mad that these ignorant asses pop out kids like rabbits and don't give a rat's ass about the poor dude that's stuck paying support for the next two decades. Worse yet, they manufacture these bastards that I'm paying for because I'm the working stiff and they're on welfare. Getting knocked up is easy. Planning a family takes a little work. In a perfect world, having children should be rationally decided on by both parties involved. Girls, don't have kids just because you think it's cute or because you think that dumb dude will marry you or just because YOU WANT one (or ten). I want a BMW but I can't afford one or the garage to keep it in. I don't have any kids because I DECIDED no to. I would want my kids to have a Mother and a Father and a home and a good education etc. I'm not in a position to provide a kid all of those things so guess what? I don't have any kids. Quit making us all pay for your stupidity. It's the Twenty First Century for God's sake! Plug that hole and find some other way to build your self esteem. Get off your back and get a job, go to school, do something! Babies are not the answer to your insecurity, immaturity and financial instability. By the way and in case your are wondering, I am not a man. I'm a female with a brain.

Mothers 3

I wish my bitch of a mom would shut the fuck up.All she does is naaaaaaaag."I'm tired of repeating myself".Oh yeah? Well, shove it up your ass and don't say anything, bitch.When my mom gets old, I'm going to leave her in a retirement home and tell her future grandchildren to treat her like crap.

Teen Mothers 4

I am fed up with teen mothers. I am tired of them flaunting it around, and recently I read about a group of teen mothers who published in their school yearbook about how they like playing with their little mistakes, and how they shouldn't be judged. I hate the increasing tolerance and indulgence of this sort of recklessness.

teen mothers 5

Ok, teen mothers are ok, but it is the ones that like to take thier kids to thier rocker drinker parties that piss me off. i come home at 1am in the morning from work, and see these kids sleeping on the subway with thier drunk ass teen mother..real special!!!..yea..we are going top have some great leaders in about 30 years...duh!

My Mom 6

My mom pisses me off because she's so fucking nosy. She insists on prying, spying, and finding out every last motherfucking detail of my personal life -- behind my back and without my consent (I'm an adult) -- and then punishes me for or gets deeply resentful over whatever she finds out. She wouldn't feel so determined to make my pointless fucking life even worse than it already is by making me pay for every last thing I do in private if she wasn't such a nosy fucking bitch in the first place! God, do I hate her.

My Mom 7

My mom pisses me off because she's so fucking nosy. She insists on prying, spying, and finding out every last motherfucking detail of my personal life -- behind my back and without my consent (I'm an adult) -- and then punishes me for or gets deeply resentful over whatever she finds out. She wouldn't feel so determined to make my pointless fucking life even worse than it already is by making me pay for every last thing I do in private if she wasn't such a nosy fucking bitch in the first place! God, do I hate her.

mother 8

i am 18 years old. I have been living completely on my own for about 5 months now. I have never asked my parents for money mainly just to prove that i can survive. now, my hours have been cut at work and i am barely scraping by with my rent and other bills. Plus being an art student makes me prone to buying massive amounts of supplies. I finally broke down and asked my parents for some help buying my art supplies. But... of course my mother is going to be evil and say, "welcome to the real world. you shouldn't have spent that $20 on your boyfriends birthday present." what is she thinking? Why is it that the first time i ask for help she tells me that i shouldn't have used grocery money to buy my soon to be fiance something for is birthday?!


my piece of shit mother won't let me do SHIT tonight. why? there is no fucking reason! i'm supposed to go to a show with my friends... but i'd be having fun if i did that. can't let that happen now can we? as long as i'm sitting here miserable then everything's fine. i'm sick of her BULLSHIT. it's not that it's a show, it's that it's a week night. OKAY MOTHER SINCE I HAVE SOMETHING SO IMPORTANT TO DO TOMORROW. i don't go to school, i don't work. so what is the mother fucking problem?!

to rid of her lies 10

my god for sake fucking mother is a sociopathic liar, compulsive angry women. she can not speak one fucking word of truth and fabricates everything. she plays with my emotions and fucking get jealous of my love for my caring sensitive dad. she makes my loving dad feel like shit for no reason. she has fucking broken my spirit and damaged my soul

Mother Dearest. 11

My fucking mother is such a G*damn wicked bitch. My entire life my twisted mother has thought of me as her competition. She has told me that I am unattractive on many occasions and never hesitates to criticize me about whatever she may think is wrong with me.

In another twist of events my mother is trying to win the love of my SISTER IN LAW!!!! I am patient with my mother-I Take care of my mother-I make sure that there is milk in her fridge and gas in her car- I treat her with kindness and respect - and my mother is trying to win the love of my M*fucking SISTER IN LAW who calls my mother maybe once a month & lives 1,000 miles away and only visits 3x's a year!!!! oh,if I ever make the mistake of voicing my opinion about the way she treats me over my sister in law my mothers reply is that I am jealous. Jealous of a self-righteous, manipulative, crazy woman! you 2 belong together anyway.

mom, when you get old and haggard i hope that my brother takes you in because if its up to me i am going to make sure that you end up in one of those old folks homes where the residents have to sleep in their own piss for a week.

mother 12

my mom is a fucking bitch. i am 23 years old. I have lived outside the country for 10 months now. I want to come home for some rest and quiet, and all i get is is a fucking pain in the ass. my mother hasn't stopped nagging me, pointing out my faults since the day i landed. she is out to make my life a living hell.. i hate her!! i really do...she doesn't care about anyone but herself! and then, she begins her emotional blackmail stuff! someone, pls put me out of my misery...i so wanted to build a bond with my mother. but, she makes it impossible. I have realized that this is not my home anymore. and, i do not want to come back here ever!! i will build my own home with people who care about and not filled with people who think of me as their obligation. This is to my mother: "mom! if u want to see me alive...please treat me like a human being!!"

Mother/Best Friend/ Wedding 13

Grrrrr I am so damned angry because my mother is so unsupportive! Myself and my fiance are getting married in america within the next three months we had planned to go to las vegas and have a party with some friends but due to having to pay for a lot of things in a small space of time, I am moving there next week so thats expensive and we've just paid a deposit and rent on a flat, we have a furnitureless apartment so need furniture etc, I have no work permit and my fiance is a teacher and he finishes work on the 22nd of June and as of yet he has no summer job so basically we have feck all money at the moment. But that is not the issue! The issue is when we realised that money was going to be tight we decided we would elope but my bestfriend( who drives me crazy) couldn't take the hint and he and her husband were insisting on flying three thousand miles to be at our wedding and of course have a holiday in the states as well. My relationship with my bestfriend as been strained lately as she is very bossy and overbearing and trys to organise me which I don't need. I was begining to dread the idea of having a double date type wedding. The plan was we get married and then we go for dinner with my bestfriend and her husband. Also I should add these people were waiting till we had a wedding date to book tickets to come over for the wedding and have their holiday but because we are broke we don't know where or what we will when we are married maybe townhall where we live maybe vegas if my fiance gets a well paying job. Anyway what ended up happening was my finace could not take another minute of me ranting and saying how much I was dreading the weddding. He said just tell your bestfriend that we don't know when we are gettting married and we are just going to go and get married together but they should still come and stay with us and we could hang out and show them New York the only difference is they wouldn't be at our five minute wedding ceremony.

So totally out of character for me to put myself and my partner first, I told them 'We think the best thing to do is just go and get married by ourselves and next year on our annniversy we have another ceremony in Vegas and everyone will be welcome' Anyway my bestfriend freaked and said she wanted to be there more than anything and she went off on one saying she thought I would be godmother to her children and she never got to her sisters wedding and made it all about her and how heartbroken she is. I was suprised how badly she took it this only reinforced for me that the decision we made to do it on our own is the right thing to do. ( My bestfriend got married last August she often tells me that the ring on her finger gives her confidence and she feels different since she was married and now she is a family with her husband where as I am very happy to get married but do not think I will feel different after I am married I feel completed connected to my fiance and secure.) Oh I am sooo angry at her for being such a brat I know why she is freaking out she doesn't want me to be independent of her, in the past I have been very dependent on her but I have been less so since I've been with my fiance. Usually I put myself last and put everyone else ahead of me I'm trying to change that. I was abused by my brother and after years of counselling and dealing with it I told my parents to a disapointed reaction, by not telling my parents for 20 years I was protecting my brother I thought I could never tell my parents but when I had enough conselling to realise that I HAD to tell them so I could get all the badness out of me and so I could move on, I told them. Their reaction was selfish, they think it would be better if I had said nothing and just shut up and put up. I have to say they really are useless. Of course I crave approval from them and rarely recieve it and feel like poo poo a lot of the time after I talk to my mother.

Last night I told her about my bestfriends outburst and oh yeah I forgot my best friend and her hubby are not going to the states now as if the only reason was to see us getting married, his best frined lives there and they were planning to do lots of shopping sight seeing etc....So anyway I told my mum thinking she would support me and understand why we decided to get married alone. HA! You would think I would learn after 31 years but its obviously a hard lesson to learn. She said oh you must have hurt them and when I said we might get married in Vegas she said maybe you shouldn't it might just hurt them more. So we shouldn't do we want. We shouldn't be happy because it might hurt someone else even though this is our wedding which everyone seems to forget over and over and over again. I am so angry, I am consumed with anger. I am moving to another county and have a wonderful new life waiting for me. I have a wonderful man waiting for there so I can spend the rest of my life with him. This is all happening next week. I wish I could let go of all these feelings so I could enjoy all the great things that are in my life. I getting so aggressive, I'm giving myself a headache from frowning. I feel like people interfer all the time in my life and try to pull me one way and then another. I'm nearly crying I'm so frustrated with myself for feeling this way. I never got angry before I don't whether its a good thing that I am angry now. I used to just get sad and beat myself with a big imaginary stick though I seem to be able to do that now and be angry at others as well. Sometimes I think I am going crazy because I can't cope feeling this way.

My mom is a twisted bitch! 14

My mom has been sitting on her ass for 2 decdes in front of a computer screen with no job living off her trust fund. I just started taking time off school and am staying at home for another week or two before leaving for a long tour of the country. The woman is driving me mad! I'm thisclose to homicidal! I'm 22 and yet she treats me like im 14! she complains about my music being offensive, the webpages i look at and the company I keep-they all meet with her abject outrage! today i found out that she had blocked me from accessing my OWN blog! That is unbelievably presumtuous and insulting. She's been jerking me around and so controling! I even have to hide the fact that I'm getting my passport for this trip in case I want to go to vancouver from her because I think if she found out I might go that far away she'll lock me in my room and ostensibly kidnap me! For crissake im 22!! why cant she just support me and have faith in me after all this time!? I'm furious! It just makes me want to give up on life because I feel like I can't get anywhere and I'll be stuck here with HER

F O R E V E R!!!

Snatch in law 15

I am so angry with my mother . She has 6 sisters who all love to gossip. And they all think that each is better than the next. Just one example, I took six months off work, for reasons she doesn't know about, But somehow it got turned into "she can't hold a job" Screw you, you saggy snatch I supported her son for 3 years before I decided to take a break. I also have a job that doesn't require me to JUST answer the phone at some cheezy radio station. She thinks she is hot shit because she works at a radio station. What she doesn't tell people is that she is just a receptionist and will never be more than JUST a receptionist. Take you over fluffy fake blonde hair and answer the fucken phone. Meanwhile I will carry on with my CAREER, and forget that she even exists. The next time she asks me how work is going I'm going to say " My career is going just great!!! thank you for asking "and how about you, how is your JOB going!!!!! CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HER FLUFFY HAIR FALL... YAHOOOOOOO

mother from hell 16

Hi there...I am an only child. My parents have been divorced since '86, the year i graduated. I got my "mother" a job at our workplace and guess what....she FIRED me on my roomates birthday May 16. (I'd worked there half my life. i was 18, now I'm 36) She dismissed me as "an employee at will". Next thing i know, she is dating/engaged to my roomies boss! It gets better, I went to check my job status on Monday May 16 and her boyfriends daughter (with no medical experience) was sitting at my desk with (some of my) belongings in a box. The remainder of my 18 years of personal items were delivered via a cab type deal. (TONS of my belongings MISSING, and things I received all broken!) Did I tell you this? She DISOWNED me, via email on May 14 (Sat) and FIRED me on the next business day w/ NO prior write ups. She also took my Jeep back which was a "Christmas gift" in 2000. I sunk over 8,500 bucks into it but was stupid enough to not change it into my name. She emailed me and said I had 12 hours to return it. She has slandered me in the community of our small town to the point I cannot get a job. She also in the disownment letter said "I dont want you at my funeral" and many other dramatic hurtful comments. She wanted a son. She now is trying to sue me for a credit card??????? She is completely off her rocker. The fact she cannot control me and scream like a NUT is driving her crazy! I hope someone reads this as she on a daily basis threatens me with being "locked up" and treats me like a criminal....Did I get her the job? YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! there are some people who have absolutely NO maternal instinct! Be it not for my roomie and her family, I'd have no support. Did i mention she DISPUTED my unemployment? I was without income and she attempted to "destroy me financially"...which started with contesting my unemployment. I was not given an opportunity to speak with an exit interview with the owner of the company..(My mother threatened to have me arrested for that also) I ended up getting UI benefits b/c she lied numerous times under oath. An attorney has accepted my case gladly. I have never felt so angry in my life. She is a court TV junkie and is obsessed with "firing & ruining" people. She buys her way to her family and friends with money, power, manipulation and intimidation. Thank GOD my personality is that of my Dad!!!! Just writing this has helped me tremendously, even if noone reads it. I'm trying to stay sane here. If you cannot trust your "mother" who the heck can you trust?????? i dont know if you are allowed to respond, but any feedback is welcome. Thank you, and God Bless each and every one of you who are having hard times.

Single Mothers 17

I hate single mothers, especially the ones who wave the "single mother" flag at every opportunity, thinking the world should bow down and kiss her ass just because she couldn't keep a husband or boyfriend and she is now a goddamned sainted single mother.

How'd you get to be a single mother? Chances are you decided to lay on your back, spread your legs and let some lowlife have his way with you. You probably had little thought about the consequences when you had your legs wrapped around the scummy dope dealer who was giving you multiples.

Now you're a damned single mother. Why in the world, when things don't go your way, or prices are too high, do you always trumpet the fact that you're a single mother. Big fucking deal lady, you decided to breed with a scumbag and now you have a little reminder that will squall, steal and cost you a fortune in your miserable lifetime. It ain't society's problem, it's yours so you'd better start shutting up about being a single mother and deal with it bitch.

single moms 18

I am angry at a certain single mom I know, my best friend's cousin Natasha. I've known her for a long time, and we got close eventually but we never slept together. I was always kind to her and supported her when she needed counsel on her troubles, well eventually she got pregnant with some guy who was a complete loser, (never around for his kid doesn't pay for it, etc.) well her relationship with him is still off/on, but I have hinted that I was still interested in her, but she seems either to enjoy blowing me off, or ignoring me altogether. also, my friend's sister ( who I also had an interest in) got pregnant by a guy who only uses her for sex and her car. when she's sick, he's never around. this is bullshit!

when will we as men wake up, and realize that 90% of women are whores? the ones that aren't are already taken. they always want fat, bald guys that treat them like shit, and leave them rather that go to a guy who treats them like gold. it is for this reason that I've decided to stay celibate. it's bullshit anyway, and humanity can continue to propagate it's species without any help from us nice guys I'VE HAD IT!

My mom 19

My mom had my brother go into my room and snoop to find my journal... you know, the journal that you would sooner cut your tongue out with a dull blade than let anyone read? well, to seem like a saint that only wants whats best for her little baby girl, had her son do the dirty work... and she wonders why i dont tell her anything, shes so nosy and has to know every single detail... so now she thinks i write every intimate detail in that journal and is doing almost weekly checks to see what is going on in my life... she said she doesnt trust me anymore because she doesnt know whats goin on with me... bitch please... see if she can establish any type of relationship with her perfect little girl now..

mother 20

I hate my mother!!!..i really hate her, all she can do is thinking about herself!! !Im already 23 years old but...she's still a bitch!! She always left us, running away with the problems that she encountered... if she hated my father she always included us, her daughters, is she done something awful she blames us!!!! She doesn't have the right to tell me what I should do in my life. Bitch, how dare you to say something about my life, you haven't done good for us, JUST THINK YOURSELF, because that's the only thing you're good at!!! Your are such a stupid person, you are old but still doesn't know what your daughters wants and need??? And hurt me??? How could you???

*Note from Anger Central
First posting 2006

mother 21

I hate my mother so much I wish she would die. Not having a mother would have been better than having a mother like her. She only has terribly hurtful and negative comments for me, and every time the words that spew out of her pathetic mouth never fail to cut so deep. She constantly called me ugly, stupid and hopeless when I was an insecure teenager. My self-esteem was so low I wished I was never born. Even when I became the top student of my high school, won a beauty pageant, she still treated me like dirt. I feel lower than a piece of shit when she degrades me in front of others. She tells others private information about me on purpose to embarrass me, and she ensures that I am within a earshot so it adds to my shame. I have been limited by this fucking old hag all my life. I wish I had the strength to rise above all this, but why am I not strong enough? I think about slapping, hitting and smashing her face up. I want her to have a taste of her own medicine. She treats her son like a king, but both of us are her children. I'm 22 and I let her evil words debilitate me. She is evil and her heart has no love for me. She brought me to this world to suffer. She always brings me down. I am paralyzed by her wretched presence. I want to leave this house, but I love my Dad and Grandma too much to go. I wish things were different. I wish I had a supportive and encouraging mother who would teach me about being a good person. I see other girls who have such great lives, they always have good mothers. I wish this terror would stop lurking outside my door. I've become conditioned to feel crippled with dread, fear and hurt whenever I hear her voice. Please make this stop.

my mother 22

so theres an emergency in which i am at school and cannot get out and i ask my mother to bring me some clothes from home she agrees and rushes out at what she says is the middle but is probably the end of her lunch (she would not stop in the middle of her lunch if she really didnt want to) i give her specific directions to place the clothing in my backpack which i will retrieve later since i would be in class.

next thing i know she rushes up to the field where i am having class, i walk over to her, she starts SCREAMING at me relentlessly while my class looks on and once shes done she walks off and my entire class is asking me "omg what happened" the next morning she brings up some fucking issues about us moving somewhere else and how i dont appreciate it when she does stuff for me and i said 'well you humiliated me so that should make you feel better" and she COMPLETELY denies it all i say that my entire class saw her and she calls them liars.


i said i wouldnt lie about this shit why would i want to criminalize her she says she doesnt know my reasons but goes on completely denying it while calling me a liar DONT CALL ME A FUCKING LIAR YOU FUCKING INFLAMMATORY BITCH ILL FUCKING SMASH YOUR FACE IN FUCK IF IM THE ONE APOLOGIZING ID RATHER FUCKING JUMP OFF A BUILDING THAN LET YOU WIN AGAIN STUPID MOTHERFUCKER

Unfit Mothers 23

My step son's egg donor mom is more useless than a Pet Rock! She has her son for very short periods of time (one weekend a month) and when he's with her she totally ignores him. She dumps him with friends, family, strangers, or leaves him home alone. When he's with us she makes no effort to talk to him, no phone calls, no cards, no contact. She makes up MAD shit about my husband and I and tried to fill our son's head with lies. She tried to fraudulently apply for social security disability on our son's behalf even though he's never lived with her and she refuses to get a job so she won't have to pay child support. She's a fucking 36 year old Junior College Student! This woman is worse than a fart in a space suit and I HATE HER

My needy mother 24

My mother is a mess, god help her. She's needy, lazy, immature, manipulative, insecure, selfish and conniving. Let's start with recently. I was married in October and my mother OFFERED TO PAY FOR IT. I was originally going to go to the Justice Of The Peace. But she made the offer sound good and we both brainstormed ideas for the wedding and I couldn't resist. Afterall, having a regular wedding sounded kinda fun. So the guests came in costumes since it was on Halloween. She chose to make her costume, and she actually sewed the whole thing herself. It seemed to me she was more excited about "showing off" this costume and trying to upstage everyone else (including me) than the wedding. For months prior to the wedding, all she could ask me was "Do you think everyone will like my costume?", and "So what's everyone else coming as?" She also brought her new dog (also in costume), who shook like a damn leaf the whole time and whom I thought would go into cardiac arrest at any minute. She also kept asking me prior to the wedding if everyone would like her dog and be jealous of her. She proceded to talk during the ceremony about the dog. Later the guests told me my mother was strange and I didn't disagree. So the next day I go to Vegas for the honeymoon. She calls me in the car rental parking lot sobbing that my brother is moving in with his girlfriend. I'M ON MY FREAKIN HONEYMOON! Did she think I was just sitting at home waiting by the phone for her next tearful phone call? But that's what this woman does; she calls me every 10 days crying about some melo-drama which I could give a rat's ass about. She desperately needs attention and as long as she's getting it, she's fine. The honeymoon incident was the last straw and I told her to stop calling me and freaking me out about stupid crap, that she just wants attention. She got all pissy and told me that I'm only nice when I need things from her (a load of shit). She offered to pay for said wedding, I never asked. I told her she only helps you just so she can use it against you later. I will NEVER except help from this woman again. She recently came into more money and was bugging me to help me with a new car. Fuck that. She bought my dead-beat loser brother a new truck. Hmmm, I'll feel real bad for him when she uses it against him later, cuz she will! She's so predictable. I have been screwed over by her so many times I've lost count. One time I moved into her shit-hole trailer because she packed up her shit and moved to Colorado to shack up with her boyfriend. Well, I should have known, 4 months later, she's moving back and now there's no room for her. She'd just sit around all day whining she has no place to sleep. So I was forced to move out and had to scrounge up a place to live pretty quickly. I also had no money for a deposit for an apartment so I had to borrow money from my fiance's grandmother (God Bless Her!) Everytime I take my mother's advice or agree to one of her hair-brained ideas, something terrible happens. I wind up getting burned in the end. Fuck it, no more. My therapist told me my mother might have a narcissitic personality disorder. This is someone who thinks it's "always about them" and requires excessive admiration and often thinks others are jealous of them, which describes her to a T.

Baby Mama 25

I can NOT STAND my husband's baby mama. This bitch was on bullshit from the beginning! She would say stuff like I can't see her baby and she wants to see my house before her son can visit. Like she shitted out a piece of gold.

She's upset because we allowed her into our home for her little inspection. And all she had to say is give him his medicine when he coughs.

She thought she was going to walk into a little shabby ass place with that ugly chipped blue paint in the living room. We have a big ass family picture over the fireplace!!! and 3 bedrooms.

She also wants to throw her presence all around being rude, coming into my home to argue with my husband. Talking about "I'm always gonna be here" she's mad because they had less than a year for a relationship, she got pregnant, they broke up and she thought he was going to be kissing her ass when he moved on, settled down, started another family and married ME!. Don't hate you should ask me how I do it!!

Mother from hell 26

My mother banned myself and my sister from seeing my father in the hospital because she was protecting the devil child son of hers. The durg addict who hadn't paid his rent in 10 months, nor his utilities. My father was angry with him and the paranoid durg addict convinced my mother we were talking to my Dad about him. He is pathetic, my mother more pathetic because she had the control over the situation and allowed this.

My fathe died in the hosptial alone with this bastard besides him. My mother didn't even go to see my Dad in hi s last hours, although she was informed. It is sickening. She changed her will 14 hour after my father's passing. She runs around like alunatic telling everyone who we aggravated my dad and killed him.

The truth is she and my brother killed him. My sister is a nurse of 15 years, she witnessed my dad being overdosed with morphine twice. Once they had to give him narcan to come out of the drug overdose. The last time no one was with him but the bastard and the bastard's accomplice.

Mhy dad might be alive today. The bastard told everyone how he watched for 2 hours and watched his blood pressure drop to 30/60 and couldnm't get help. Bullshit. I hope he takes a big line and gets a stroke or heart attack. Mhy other brother is so stupid he believes everything the little bastard says. THey have now eliminated the his two daughters, and the third is being eliminated as we speak. My mother deserves to rot in Hell, the sooner the better. She is a malicious self centered bitch. She is the one that could not even come see her daughter when she had breat cancer 10 miles away. Couldnt' stand the sound of my voice, how could I even see you, nice, huh? She allowed my younger sisiter to live in torment after being raped at the age of 15 and told she is never to speak about it. Never got her medical help, just made sure she called me and asked me to help get her an abortion. The bitch never told me what happened and told my young siser she was to tell no one. She is upset that I have not spoke iwth her for 4 months since my father's passing. Why would I? She is now eliminating her third daughter who simply asked to release my Dad's medical records. Apparently, her response is that he is Dead.

Single mothers 27

I know this woman who got pregnant "by accident" at 27 years old! She had been chasing a 53 year old man, and now, she is playing victim!! Now she says HE ruined her life, she won't let him see the baby unless she is with the baby, now she says she can't work because he won't baby sit while she works! He is paying her day care, and now she says she lives too far away from her job and has no time to take the kid to day care...guess what she wants? move in his house which is closer to her job! How come these women have no shame?? It is not like he raped her! She was there, and obviously she was a willing participant!

She is soooo manipulative! He lives 20 miles away from her house...but she expects him to drive there if the baby coughs! Has she ever heard of drug stores?? There are many drug stores everywhere! She calls him all the time telling him the four month old baby "misses her father", she calls again telling him the baby is crying because he is not there....can't she take a hint?? He did not marry her when she got pregnant, he didn't ask her to move in his place...he does give her child support, but she wants him to pay her another apartment close to her job! She is playing dumb...playing with his guilt, and she is a bitch!

He is not even sure the kid is his!! she refuses the dna test! She gets very mad every time he has mentioned it!! DUH!! there must be a very good reason why she won't leave him alone with the kid and she is always watching like a hawk! Why do these people get a course on "dignity 101"?

*Note from Anger Central
We would recommend that if the "father" suspects the child is not his, he go to court and get a court order for a DNA test. The sooner he does this the better since he no doubt is paying to support "junior".

hard to admit this 28

but I am pissing mad at my own mother who is an old woman now. I am angry because she was a cheap, selfish, obsessive woman never forgot an injustice. I am angry that she was angry and filled my childhood up with her resentful stories about those who ruined her life. Okay, now I feel better by admitting this. Next?

My mother is INSANE! 29

I'm 22 years old. I just graduated from college and now I am back at home living with my mother. At school I learned that women who have had a second divorce have a 50% chance of getting a mental disorder....well I think my mom is one of them. She is completely paranoid and delusional. Her last husband just married her to get his papers and then bounced to another state. She has lost all grip on society. She hasn't worked in two years. She sits at home waiting for her husband to come back. She says she doesn't want to work. She's is going to give my grandparents a stroke from the financial stresses she puts on them. We almost got evicted like 10 times already. Anyways well she's insane. She wants me to move out, but once I get a job I am the only one who can help her pay the rent. She's insane...she tells me what to wear, when to brush my teeth. Today she woke up and had a dream that i got pregnant and had to move to DR so then she started screaming at me for no reason talking about that I better not get pregnant. She tells me that I'm worthless. Meanwhile I am like the only kid in the neighborhood with a degree. She imagines things that aren't true. For example she thinks that my grandparents and I have some sort of conspiracy in play with her husband that abandoned her. An example one day I was taking a shower and the knob to change the water from a shower to a bath twisted off. So you could only take a bath. She said that I purposely broke the knob because her husband that lives millions of miles away called me and told me to break it cuz he's jealous and controlling and he doesn't want her to take a shower and have sex with other men with the shower on. She also tells me that I am evil bitch because of this conspiracy and she prays to the devil that karma will get me and my grandparents. Meanwhile if it wasn't for my grandfather paying her rent and giving her money to eat she'd be dead. I try to love my mother because everyone says you should love your mother...but she really just drives me insane. When I tell people this they just life because it sounds crazy, but my mom is really insane. I don't know what to do anymore, I want to move out, but at the same time I feel bad not helping with the rent, but then she drives me fuckin crazy! I'm also scared that if I do move out she will lose the apt. and then when she's homeless on the street I might feel bad for her and then she'd end up living with me anyway so what is the point of moving out. I'm really scared though that I am going to end up being the mother and she the child. Rather than supporting me since I am a college grad she is a leech. Like last week I begged her to go to welfare because they were about to repossess the apt. She says that I purposely want her to get evicted because that I plan on surprising her and buying a house...Hello? Psycho I just graduate from college I am a broke ass college grad with loans to pay. I dunno what to do anymore...

borderline mother. 30

it's not enough that she's making her own life hell, she has to go do it to everyone else, too. i'm completely sick of it. i'm sick of her lying to me about other people, and i'm sick of her lying to other people about me. i'm sick of the threats, and the drama. i'm sick of her acting as if my wanting to do something other than babysit her 24/7 is an act of betrayal. i can't even stand the sound of her voice. she could fucking cut glass with that screeching and whining. and she just keeps calling, over and over, and if i don't pick up the phone, she'll either show up in person, or find some other way to try and torture me. she's called six times today. and it's not even 2 pm.

Mother and Biological Family 31

I am so angry because my Mom (whom I do love very much) like the rest of the family treats me very disrespectfully. She constantly talks about me behind my back to pretty much anyone who will listen...I am finally starting to stop sharing too much detail with her because she does not keep confidences...She is interested only in criticism and negativity...When I was recently injured and in severe pain, she came over and started yelling at me because I was in bed and wouldn't open the door for her then proceeded to rant about some unimportant bullshit when all I wanted to do was get some much needed R&R...I said I am in severe pain, you can help me or you can leave me alone, and she FREAKED out! (because I spoke my mind for a change) its like that with everyone in the my feelings don't matter to them...I treat them well and they treat me like shit...I am getting to the point where I am going to avoid them all,and for good...apparently, I am known as the 'weak' one in the family because I am sensitive, have inherited physical/psychological disabilities (Bipolar, severe depression and anxiety), and don't give a shit about money, appearances and status symbols...all I want is reciprocity for the love and respect I give my family and all is get in return is shit...I am done with them...I need to move on and find some people who care about me...

bossy mom 32

my god damn mom will do any fucking thing to make my life more miserable to making me get forms for her to being her motherfucking translator if i get a job at this kind of shit at least i have a god damn pay-check to come home with and my fucking mother just wont even say thanks instead she would say" you're supposed to serve your mother like an idiot" everyone in my fucking family just sticks up for her because they're fucking afraid to those son of a bitches

mother 33

I want you to know "mother" that I have never loved you. You are trash and I hate you so much for every single time you hit me, called me names, left me alone to fend for myself, kicked me out of the house because you were having another one of your rubber room rages. I hate you for never going in for therapy and meds and forcing us to put up with a screeching shrew like you. I hate you for fucking my boyfriend in high school. I hate you for the 3 married men you fucked whose marriages you broke up. I hate you for driving a wedge between my father and I when the wedge I fought against, reminding him of you, was enough to ruin our relationship. I hate your alcoholism and your refusal to admit it. You are a liar, you've never been anything but a liar and surely, at 56, that won't change. The only reason you don't cheat on this husband is because you are insanely fat've always been ugly. I hate you for being an ugly tramp that was always to busy sucking on a corona w/lime, or some guy you just met, to actually BE a mother. I hate you for having me. I just simply hate you because you are so easy to hate, you've given me so many reasons. You're phone never rings at all, nobody...I mean nobody, calls you...don't you see who you are???

Mothers 34

It pisses me off to no end that a lot of women you see nowadays having kids actually call themselves mothers. My sister has the worst children and it's all her and her lazy husband's fault. They thought it was cute to give their kids their first drink of beer at age 1, who left their kids in the car while they ran inside somewhere and their 2 year old put the car into gear and ran into a neighbors house! The kids cuss, moon people..even teachers and the kids never get into trouble. They think it's so damn funny that their kid is trying to act like they don't have a damn lick of sense. And those people who have a problem with children, bite's only the mothers that don't care about teaching their kids manners, not ALL kids are brats. Maybe it's a good thing y'all don't procreate, you'd be the one with the bastard child. It stands out in your attitude.

My Mother the Manipulator 35

Someone told me that: "Your home is the one place where you should feel loved & supported." Obviously, this person has never been in MY HOME. In our home you constantly have to be on your guard against the person who should be supporting you - "MOM". My mother is the ultimate manipulator. A major control freak. When we were young, she used the "divide & conquer" method - she'd make us kids fight amongst ourselves, & since none of us could get along, everyone would run to her for "support". I can't believe it took us kids years to figure it out - and only after my sister & I had moved into our own place (we realized we stopped fighting constantly when we were away from my mom, so we started talking about those situations that made us fight & discovered that half the stuff we fought about was "made up" by our loving mother).

She even used the same tactic with my dad & us kids - when I was in my teens, she told me not to talk to my dad cuz "he's really mad at you" AND stupid me avoided my dad for 2 months (!!) - I only found out that it wasn't true when I finally got the courage to ask him about why he was mad at me & he told me that he never was mad at me (she had made the whole thing up). I can go on & on... Man, it was awful.

She would constantly blame everyone else when things went wrong. When my younger sister got sick - she blamed first my dad (because "his genes or his family genes carried the disease"), then me (because "your bad feelings toward her made her sick" ?!). I didn't blame my dad when he eventually moved out - can you imagine sharing a bedroom with this person?

When my younger sister eventually passed away 7 years after, she pointed at me and said she died because I was "wearing a black shirt" when I went to visit her at the hospital (?!).

I know it's always hard for a parent to lose a child, so I stayed with her for several years (BIG mistake). She would make little comments like "why did God have to take her?" or "why her?" - which to me seemed like relatively normal comments from a grieving parent right? Later, I would hear from people that the comments were getting a bit nasty "why did I have to lose THAT child" - which I chose to ignore, because I never heard them myself.

Last year we visited my sister's grave & a woman came up & said that "I heard that your daughter was a really sweet girl, it's a shame you lost her, etc" - & my dear mother's answer was: "Yes she was. I don't know why God took her & left this" (& she pointed at me). I felt like I got stabbed in the gut & the woman she was talking to looked absolutely shocked.

I know that some mothers have "favorite" kids - that's OK with me. I know that my mom really favored my little sister - that's OK with me too. But to have my own mother make such a statement to my face - it was a bit too much for me to take. Needless to say, I am getting as far away from this woman as I possibly can.

Competitive Mothers 36

I have 2 kids under the age of 2 and they enjoy going to playgroup, but most of the time after going there I end up feeling sooo angry! The competitive mothers just do my head in! Most of them brag about how well behaved their kid is and how much of a GENIUS their blessed offspring is. I really don't care if their 2 year old can wipe it's own arse or that it gets around in a $3000 bug-a-boo stroller. I don't want to hear about their little darling's organic diet. Speaking of organic, it wouldn't kill the mothers to actually wipe the green snot that seems permanently affixed to their kid's face. I've actually left playgroup early on one occasion because two of the kids had a constant stream of snot and the mothers wouldn't WIPE IT AWAY. I also got into a debate with one mother because when my toddler had a bit of a tantrum she got all smug and said that her little one NEVER has any tantrums. I told her it's NORMAL for toddlers to have tantrums and she said it's a sign of behavioral problems. Fathers have it so easy. They don't have to put up with hanging out with a bunch of other mothers!

More on Mother 37

I have been angry at my mother for many years. I have had the rage and hatred like most of these posts. I almost married twice just to get away from my mother. I didn't marry( with those motives) because then I would not only have a narcissistic mother but a bad marriage. Most people don't realize that parents can be very sick themselves. The frustration and anger come from the denial of the sick parent to admit to their own faltering mind. Instead, they blame everyone else. My own mother had no business parenting a flea. She hadn't matured herself. My father raised her. So when she had tantrums like a six year old, I was left either to run away, drink alcohol, find a mate, etc. Anything to get away from her clutches. So remember you may be dealing with a sicko and not know it. I know that rage. I got a good job so that I could get away from her. She's still f---ing with my head at 44. It doesn't get any better. If they are sick human beings, they will only get worse. You'll feel better if you make a real plan for your own happiness. She WILL NOT change

fat people-particularly mothers 38

Fat moms who fill their carts full of Oreos and Froot Loops for their kids make me CRAZY! They feed their kids a bunch of fat-filled junk until they balloon up enough for fat-mommy to say "See? It's genetic". One time, at a Chinese buffet, I saw this mother of a 3-yr-old girl loading her child's plate full of fried cheese balls, chocolate pudding, and other s**t, not one piece of broccoli, shrimp, anything healthy! I wanted to call child protective services on her for abuse!! At the age of 15, I weighed over 200 lbs. One day, I looked in the mirror, realized I was a pig, and went on a starvation diet until I was back to 120. Yes, starvation diets work, as long as you don't go back to eating like a pig! I have raised 3 healthy, active sons on lean meat and vegetables. At the age of 37, I can run several miles, hike 12-15 miles in a day, climb fences, and many other things that I thank my own will-power and foresight for. My advice to fatties: Get off your fat asses, stop abusing your children by teaching them be lard-asses, and STOP over-burdening society with your health problems!!

My mother 39

My mother is a narcissistic bitch, who has been tormenting me for 51 years. She is impossible to please and because of her I have had nightmares, PTSD, panic attacks, and have spent many days in the psychologists office. This anger has threatened to consume me many times and I am afraid of my own anger. I am afraid that if I ever unleash it I will hurt someone else and they don't deserve it, she does. I don't hate her, I am just angry at her for never seeing that other people are only human and that they have feelings too. She has no compassion or empathy for other people, they are only here for her benefit and to do her bidding for her. I have tried to my own detriment to help her, please her, show her a different way of thinking, not be a threat to her, not be a pain in the ass to her, not even be sometimes, but nothing, I mean NOTHING, is ever good enough or even just enough. My relationships are a mess because of her, my financial situation is a mess because of her and I am a mess because of her. Mothers should have to take a parenting course before they are allowed to have children and they should have to be psychologically evaluated every year thereafter. I have somehow managed to raise three healthy children and God knows how with the role model I had. I would love to exorcise her from my soul, but I don't know how to do that. If I could I would.

I love you mom 40

My mom thinks she's a helpless victim of circumstance sometimes. She also likes to mention of being sent to a home and not being loved. I don't know whether she's using reverse psychology or just insulting our filial morals, but I wish she'd stop doing that. Sometimes, I just wanna scream at her to shut up and not talk like that, but the tone she uses is a little whiny and soft, so there's no reason to blow up in her face.

We've told her so many times, no, you're not going into a home (what for anyway?) And if one of us can't take care of you, you've three (okay, two) productive children left! I wish she'd stop saying this, because it's gotten to the point where all her kids are just tired to hear it.

Mom, I love you, but I also wish you'd shut up! <:D

Moaning pregnant women 41

Been trying for a baby without success for a very long time and I am getting very pissed off with pregnant women telling me I should enjoy my 'sickness' free months whilst I can. Yeah right. I am having needles stuck in me every month to take blood and half the medical world has had a look up my fanjita, I feel useless and half a woman, I spend every month on a rollercoaster of hope and despair and I feel every last drop of happiness about anything being sapped from me as every day I am not pregnant passes, so no, I don't think me not being pukey makes up for all that does it? Shut the fuck up about how you've got stretch marks and you are tired. Oh poor bloody you. I want to be fat, stretchmarked, sick and hideous like you all seem to think you are because then at least it would mean I was pregnant.

I am sick of women getting accidentally pregnant whilst going out drinking and smoking when I haven't touched a drink in a year 'just in case'. Especially pissed with women who are trying to conceive drinking even though they know there might be a chance they are pregnant that month. Why the hell do smack heads and little bitches get up the duff instantly and I can't?? I'm married, moved to a big house intending the extra rooms to be the kids bedrooms, we have decent money, intelligence and we're responsible but that apparently isn't good enough to whoever decides these things. Oh and whilst I'm there, could all the God botherers who say "God will bless you when he's ready" please go fuck themselves.

Excuse me now whilst I go and get hammered on a pint of vodka, smoke 40 ciggies and maybe shoot up some smack. Hey, it works for everyone else.

Fat Moms 42

When i was younger I want on a vegan diet and dropped from 300 pounds to 240 pounds. At last i wasn't going to be a fat slob, but then my mom comes in and claims "A vegan diet is not health" and forces me off it. While her blubbering behind is shoveling food down her throat gaining weight. If i keep on that diet i would have been fit for my prom. But no due to her i missed what was suppose to be the best time of my life. I'm now 20 in college at lbs. I would have gotten their allot sooner if it wasn't for her.

Single mothers 43

I am tired of single mothers using the single mother crap and how hard they have it and how easy I have it because I'm married. Don't call me to tell me I have it easy and how hard you have it. I have had friends whine and bitch to me that at least I have someone to "help" me out with the bills. Look, bitch, we have two separate bodies that require double the income. If you bitches would stop sleeping around like feral cats and every time you date a nice, responsbile man you dump him because he is "boring". You would never make it as a wife because you don't ever want to make that kind of commitment. Even the doctors you constantly visit for your "depression" would like to slap the shit out of you for ruining their day at the office, because there is no fricking pill on earth that can cure stupidity. I didn't tell you to sleep with a bum and have kids with him. You wouldn't know a good man if one came and bit you on the ass. You enjoy drama and misery, and I'm not a fucking psychiatrist being paid for my time, I have better things to do like wash my husband's underwear and drink a beer.

my fucking stupid-ass mom!! 44

she hates me. she is a fucking ass bitch! she thinks i'm coping attitude and now she won't take me to the biggest dance of the year. we were gonna stay in a hotel and grandma paid 70 fuckin dollars for a dress. she won't let me talk on the phone. she treats me like shit! i fucking hate her and i wish she'd die and get out of my life once and for all!!! she hears me crying, just puts me down more. i fuckin wanna cuss her fat-ass out and slap some sense into her. stupid bitch. i'll be glad when she dies so i can be free. god i'm so angry!!!

Overbearing Mother 45

I am su fucking angry right now about the fact that my mom says I have to get good grades in school or she's going to kick me out of the house. She says that she'd send me to live with my dad and his alcoholic wife sho can turn DEADLY in certain situations. I'm 15 and I am trying to do better in school, but I have a problem. I don't know what it is. I try to explain to her that it's in my brain chamistry which is proven research, but she doesn't get it. It seems that people of her generation don't get it about us. They need to do more research about our age group before being so fucking judgemental. Thanks, Angry Webmaster, I'm glad I found this site or I don't know what I'd do to get my frustrations out.

My MOM 46

Nothing is ever good enough for this bitch! You try to make her happy and she finds something else to bitch about. I'm so fucking tired of this shit. She is always yelling. She is so fucking greedy. Always trying to cheat me out of my fucking money. Arggggggggghhhhhhh!!! She irritates me so bad.

My mom 47

Shes a total bizatch i just wnat to kill her shes so like in my life she wants to know where i am what im doing and who im with and i hate my step dad to hes just annoying like hes hit me before and my mom let it happen an i just hate her shes the reason i cut myself casue of her

*Note from Anger Central
No, the reason you cut yourself is the fact you are a selfish, self-centered brat in need of a 9 hour spanking....with a baseball bat. Your mother wants to know what you are doing for a number of reasons, the primary one being she doesn't want to be a grandmother just now.
As to the step-father, define hitting. A swat on the backside is one thing. A punch in the mouth, no mater how deserved, is another. Believe it or not, they do know what they are doing. They do not want to have to take a trip to the morgue to identify your dead body after you ran into a serial killer. Grow up, straighten up and try doing something useful and productive.
(Damn! The Webmaster sounds like HIS father now!)

mother 48

My mom is a childish, self centered, stupid idiot! She has a perfectly good brain but instead acts like a f-ing idiot! She never takes responsibility for anything she does wrong, instead she points the finger at everyone else (because of course its never her fault) or has some stupid damn excuse for acting like a dumb s***,like, I'm tired or its hot. Grow up you stupid dumb f***!

moTHER 49

i am angry. im left alone for a week already. why doesnt she care enuff to talk or ask me qns. y did she leave me alone. why leave me out of everything. why tell me u love me on sms but nt in person. if u love me u shud be askin what made me upset. ihate u im so angry i hate hate u i hate u forever.

Baby's Mama 50

That BITCH gets money from us every month and I watch her spend it on idiotic shit, like an IPod, a new laptop, a new CAR!!! All while she works part time at Wal-Mart, and that's where she buys pretty much everything for her daughter. My husband works hard to make the money she's blowing and it really ticks me off! If the "system" wasn't so completely screwed up, we would have my stepdaughter with us, where she could have a normal life in a normal home. Her mom has a new boyfriend every month and brings them around her, goes out drinking on her nights off, posts naked pics of herself online and you can see the kid playing in the background!! Agh, it just makes me friggin sick!! And the attorney says there's nothing we can do, a judge feels a child should be with their mother, and we just have to suck it up and pay her until the kiddo is 18. We live 900 miles away so we never can see her either, which makes me sure that she'll grow up to be a victim of her environment...

She's so damn useless! 51

Itís sad to say but my momís an inconsiderate moron who believes Iím an insignificant being just because Iím her daughter. I understand I donít know everything and that she has more experience/knowledge etc. but thatís no reason to treat me like a dog. Actually I know dogs that get treated better than I do, Iím the oldest and I take care of my little sister more than my mom does. You would think I donít even have a mom cause if I ever need something done I must do it myself. Iím forced to ďlendĒ her money to buy stuff for my sister or food just because she doesnít feel like spending her own money and I donít say anything when she doesnít pay me back, cause of course sheís my mom. Iím sick of it! Iím very responsible, responsible enough to take care of myself, cook, clean, have a job and take care of my sister but I canít even go out with my friends! I canít even go out to the movies cause my bitch of a mom thinks I might end up at some friends house drinking and doing drugs! I mean seriously! I could do that shit at school if I wanted to! I donít need an excuse! But itís not me and if she really knew me, she wouldnít have any doubts. Iím 15 and Iím constantly being watched over like a 5 yr old! There is a fine line between concerned and just plain old paranoid! Thatís what happens when you come from work everyday watching stupid news about bad things that rarely happen to people! Not only is she stupid for wasting her time on mindless TV, sheís also arrogant and when proven wrong she acts as if Iím being disrespectful for doing so. If youíre wrong your wrong, getting mad about it proves your dim-wittedness. Sheís also a compulsive liar but I wonít get into that, there are just too many things to say about that. *sigh* Thanks so much for this site it really helped! :)

fucking dog whore mother 52

Hey, mom. you fucking whiny ass bitch. Go fuck yourself. I said I hated you ONCE and you can't let go of that? GODDAMN you fucking bitch, I apologized, get it over your head. I hope you finally implode and die of stroke, you fat manipulative shit. you fucking ruined my childhood, yet you have the fucking nerve to tell ME i have nothing to complain about, and then bore my with stories of your own crappy childhood. To be honest, I don't fucking care that your childhood was a pissed sad disaster with a cherry on top. that's no fucking excuse to ruin my own.

Stop fucking humiliating me. Remember when you made me walk naked around the block because I wouldn't take a bath? I WAS SIX. Remember when you broke down and started screaming and pulling my hair in the middle of a crowded street because you didn't like one small comment i made? Remember when you busted down the bathroom door while I was taking a shower so that all the family guests can see us, JUST BECAUSE you were annoyed at a comment which you DID IN FACT MISUNDERSTAND.


And by the way, stop blowing up over the smallest damn things. Because I closed my door with a little sound? Because I SNEEZED after 12 am? BECAUSE MY 93 AVERAGE ISN'T AND NEVER WILL BE GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU? Really, everyone makes mistakes, STOP BEING SO FUCKING PARANOID, AS IF I WOULD DO STUPID SHIT ON PURPOSE. YOU YOURSELF CAN'T THINK UP OF ONE DECENT REASON.

*Note from Anger Central
Combined from two separate postings.

my mother 53

I'm tired of my mother getting angry at me for stupid stuff. I'm 25, in grad school, and home for the summer, a large portion of which I have spent trying to squeeze all of my stuff into closets, crevices, and under beds so that it's out of everyone's way.

The latest incident happened when I was looking in the guest room closet which was full of stuff (I freely admit I am a pack-rat, but then so is my mother). After opening the door a container of moth balls fell out and I had to pick them up and set them aside while I tried to examine the amount of space in the closet.

Later on she angrily berates me for no putting the moth balls back (an unintentional mistake on my part). I put them back and apologize but because she had finally found something to be angry about she continues to make me feel guilty and stupid for not putting the moth balls back.

This isn't a sole instance of this type of behavior. I'm just so tired of being yelled at for things that hardly matter simply because she has anger issues. I was a kid who never got into trouble (no drugs, sex, partying, deception), always made good grades, had manners, tried to do what was asked of me around the house, kept a scholarship through undergrad, worked while going to school, and managed my money well. I'm not saying I was perfect by any means but I can say with complete confidence 99% of the things my mother get angry at me about are either unjustified or she blows them out of proportion.

She does it to my father too. He's a good man and it's painful to watch. I hope one day she will realize she has issues and that she needs to deal with them. But after I graduate, I will keep my distance. She needs to learn to take responsibility for her words, actions, and own issues that might be causing this anger. Until then our relationship will be limited at best.

Mothers 54

Well, lets see, first of all, IM PISSED AT MY MOM! She gets in a pissy mood when little minor things happen and she always thinks SHE is right ALL THE TIME! >:( I just wish she'd let other people speak there mind for a change. WHEW. Got that outta my system. :)

My annoying mother. 55

Mothers trust your kids :)

Co-dependent No More 56

Like many of you that are angry at your mother, I'm angry because of the manipulative, narcissistic, controlling, pessimistic, and did I mention paranoid, person that she is. It took until much later in life to realize that God had blessed me with a grandmother that really showed me love. I am thankful for the 35 years that I had the pleasure of having her in my life because without her, I think I would be dead today.

From the very start, my mother wanted a son, someone who in her mind, would grow up, have a family, and then take care of. Too many tv movies for my mom. Because unfortunately, for her, she had a girl and even if she had boy, who's to say he wouldn't have grown up to give a damn about her. If he had my life, I don't think he wouldn't been all that interested in being her caregiver.

From the very beginning I have had a sense of sorrow for my mother and she used that to manipulate me for years. I always felt sorry because she had to drop out of high school to care for two ill parents and help raise her brother and sisters. I've felt bad because she married a convict who ultimately went back to his old ways and left her with a small child to raise. I've felt bad because she worked two jobs the most of her working life and never seemed to have "enough" money. I've felt bad because she almost loss her house because she couldn't afford the upkeep on the house because she mismanaged her money so badly that she had to file Chapter 13 and then had to work the two jobs to pay off 10 years of Chapter 13.

I've felt sorry for her when people wouldn't take her to church, or mistreated her after she had done something good for them, or when she was fired unfairly from a job she had worked at for over 30 years, or when she was recently diagnosed with cancer.

All my life, I have felt sorry for her and sorry that I was born to never to live up to her expectations. I've felt so sorry for her that I've overlooked the basic emotional caregiving that I needed from a "mother," just so that she could be happy. But she was never truly happy and only appeared to be when things went her way and were on her terms.

She has done her best to break me, to make me live in a world of low self-esteem, to make me controlled by her every whim, and she has never once been truly grateful for having "me."

Because of over 39 years of life living in a shadow of regret, not good enough, conditional love, I have allowed others to mistreat me, use, and abuse me, and now I am ANGRY. As inappropriate as it is right now to be ANGRY with my mother during her time of need, I am more ANGRIER with her than I have ever been. Even now, as she approaches death, you would think she would try to make amends with me, but she has not and even though I've tried to offer forgiveness and understanding, and compassion, it's been thrown back in my face, and I live a life now of constant bitterness, anger, and disgust. I too lived in a fantasy world of movies and believed in those happy endings where the parent realizes the errors of her ways and is willing to make peace wih her child. But I see now, that those types of happy endings are only in movies.

I pray to God every day to help me and I hope that he does, because in the end, I know if I continue to feel this way, she will win. Her goal in life is to make me as miserable as she is because I'm the closest thing for her to seek revenge on for all of her disappointments in my life. Because she knows , deep down inside, after all of the well wishes, and phone calls from family members, that the only person that truly cared about her, was me and I would be the only one really hurt by her behavior.

I'm grateful for not being physically abused as a child, but sometimes the emotional abuse is even more damaging than the bruises that can be healed. How do you heal the damage that has been to done to someone's mind. Your mind/will power is your life source and when that is in danger, how do you survive?

My mother 57

She is a quilt tripping, ignorant, finger pouting bitch. She favors my ass hole brother and she caters to him. When I call her on her co-dependent, toxic attitude she gives me that sick sigh that tries to burn wholes in me. She never taught me to love myself and she blamed all her short comings on my father (little assholes come from big assholes). The truth is she is a weak woman and did not do all she could to support me and my siblings. We went with socks - its you dad's fault. We went without sheets on our beds -it's your dads fault. We went with out food - and of course that was not her fault. For every Almond joy rapper I found under your car seat when we went with out - fuck you.


Lazy fat mothers really piss me off. Have you ever seen a fat person who is a go-getter? I have a fat, lazy employee who clocks in and clocks out. It all about the check. I'll be damned if she is going to work. She's lazy in her work, with her family, kids, and everything else. She's so lazy, she's going to let her 2 year old decide when it wants to be potty trained--because it too hard to do it. whine whine whine. She should have thought about that before she spread her fat thighs far enough apart to get pregnant. People like her shouldn't be reproducing. And you know those kids will be fat and lazy like her. McDonalds is a main staple in that house.

Her kid always has burn marks, bruises and welts on them---of course, she was on the phone and the baby burned itself with the curling iron, or hot water. Yeah, right. Hey, how about you watch that kid you decided to have. Stay off the phone and take care of that brat. You gave up your free time and girls night when you gave birth.

These are the bratty little kids running around the mall, tearing down displays and destroying your property because they have shitty diets, shitty parents and no guidance from these lazy fuckers.
So there....

my mum 59

i m angry at my mum cos she wont let me use her fone wen its entirely free and she wont let mii go to the fair because my bedroom isnt exactly how she likes it and i find this unfair because sh sez tht mii room has tuu b spotless wel hers isnt

My Mom 60



my fucking mom is racist!!! she hates chinese and asian people! she also hates """fat""" people, while she is pretty hefty herself! she has an ass the size of california, a belly the size of texas, and a mouth as big as the universe. she's also sexist! im a woman and she thinks that i should clean and cook and fuck me non-existant husband every night! SUCH AN IDIOT!!! ugh! im changing my name and moving to MISSOURI!!!!


my mum made dinner for everyone that had eggs in it i am elergic to eggs i go out to find somthing for dinner and everyone is sitting there eating dinner mum didnt even tell me she was making dinner for everyone els so i go to get milk out of the fridge to eat cereal and mum goes into the kitchen and yells at me because i finished all the MILK WTF SHES THE ONE THAT MADE DINNER FOR EVERYONE BUT ME ! and she said i told you i was WHAT A LIE and i told dad and he said MUM SAID YOU DIDNT WANT DINNER WHAT A LOAD OF BULL !

Mothers 63

Just because you have a baby come out of your body, does not make you a mother. Some mothers just do not have a clue...they neglect their children to the point of no ex daughter in law is one of these...did not want the baby from day one, but keeps him to use against the rest of the family, to try and control us. Well that is all ending soon, can you say custody...

Dear Birth Mother 64



Mother 65

I am so angry. My whole life I have believed a lie. My mother has always told me that when faced with a decision she has always considered family and went with the best choice at the time. She is such a liar. She is nothing but a selfish disappointment who cares more about her drugs, freedom, and friends to see what really matters. The truth is that she doesn't give a shit about anyone but herself and those who can benefit her in an instant gratification way. I look back now and I see it so clearly. Locking the doors while I was outside so she could get high, throwing away dishes instead of cleaning them, yelling whatever hurtful words she could to keep her privacy and to push others away, giving away her youngest daughter to relieve the responsibility, making excuses about things that are her fault, giving up on family and putting loved pets to sleep, disappearing off the face of the earth and not telling a soul where she lives, forgetting about the people who have cared and loved her all along, screw it she didn't forget she pushed us all away. She must have found a nice cozy spot on rock bottom because she sure doesn't want to climb back up. She has had every opportunity in the world to better her situations, so many people reaching out their hand to help and just getting a slap in the face. I want more than anything to slap her a million times. I want her to hear my pain, my disappointment, my anger. But I cant. She is always so close to the brink of suicide or pushing away further that I would only be in the same place I am now. There is no expectation of improvement because she doesn't see any problem. I am so damn angry with the people in life who weasel through people and take advantage of kindness just to spit it out and watch it fade. Never Never Never Never can I become her. Never can I be so cold. Never can I become so selfish and full of false pride. How will I ever let this bitterness go? Will I ever move past this emotion I feel in this moment? Right now it feels impossible. When I make it through this challenge, what will the other side look like? I am so scared to know. I am so afraid of how much further she can slip. I am so afraid of the damage this anger will do to me while it stirs around in my body. But I fear more what it will do to her if I unleash it. This is how I know I am not like her. This is the last shred of hope I have for me.

My Mother 66

I'm mad at my Mom because she keeps calling me up and clamming that I'm a sexual deviant. First she clammed that I was gay. Then a few weeks later she clammed I molested a little boy. Then the next day, a handicapped man. Then I went over for Sunday dinner and I put my arm around her and she clammed I touched her in an inappropriate place. Than the next day she clammed that I rapped her in the kitchen. Then today she called and said she's worried about my future wife and kids (I'm not married nor do I have kids)Well it kinda sucks when your mom says things like that to you. When she said I was going to molested my kids well that was to far. I told her that I didn't want to talk to her for awhile. At least until she gets her head out of the gutter. That's why I'm angry.

my mother 67

My anger at my mother is pretty much all related to the fact that she doesn't allow anyone close to her to have emotional freedom. She's a very scared woman, who masks her fear by trying to control her world, and that means especially her husband and two sons (I am 33, my brother is 36). My whole life, she has been the one who has license to fly off the handle, have temper tantrums, and basically indulge whatever emotional whim she likes, and the rest of us can never confront her on it-- she's too fragile, and we have always intuitively known it would break her. I would do anything to be free of this role of having to protect her- as I have grown, I have come to understand my own reactive mental illness that is entirely connected to my relationship with her. When I am in contact with her, I vacillate between depression and anxiety. Luckily, my career allows me to travel a lot, and I am happiest when I am traveling and away from communication with my mom. But even though I have expressed my desire to talk with her less often, she still insists on talking to me every other day, and if I don't respond, she attacks me and says I am selfish, mistrustful, etc... Of course these attacks inflame my anxiety and depression, so that it's almost more worth it just to give in to what she wants. She knows she is the trigger for my mental problems, and uses that to keep me from breaking free. All I want is to get away from this dysfunction, but I am caught between not wanting to cause her to have a major breakdown (if I tell her the truth) and coming close to one myself. It's not a good scene.

Ugh Mother 68

Okay, im 15. I my GPA's never went under 3.0. I never get in trouble from school. The school actually calls and says how great I am. All of that is great but this one specific person; My mother.

I hate her, i dont like saying that but i cant help it. She's sooo selfish, and arrogant, and a jealous old lady. She complains all the time, only because she likes hearing herself talk. She tries to get mad on person so she can bitch at you. I never ask for nothing, i can ask for something as simple as a bag of chips. No! you aint paying for this! You got some money? Thats when i just zone her out. My 2-faced cousins can call her saying "Hey can i borrow 500 dollars? She'll give it to them in a heartbeat. She hasnt had a job in over a year. She gets money from the government; but every first of the month the money disappears. Where did it go? She dont have to pay for rent. She'll buy her some new shoes or something, knowing that none of her kids didnt get new clothes or shoes in years, not even for a new school year. She always complains on how she dont have money, when it was just me and her, she never complained. Then she got my brothers knowing she didnt have a job. Making more money go out the window, and now she's trying to get my little sister, kmowing she dont have a job ande going to really be complaining. But its not everyone she complains to.

Its me; always me. She's so irritating, she thinks she's skinny trying to fit into my clothes but she's not, she weighs like 60 pounds more then me. Stretching out my clothes and its not like a got a lot of that. She swears she's funny when she's just lame. I didnt even get anything on my birthday for Christ sakes. She forgot it. Also she's nosy. She'll look through your stuff like she has that rigt then gets mad when she sees something she dont like. She's a compulsive liar, she lies about everything, and she's 2-faced. Then she has the nerve to complain about her never being married. BITCH NO NOBODY WANT YOU! Okay... Ugh. I can go on all day. But... ugh. I just hate her. We move every year because she's chasing some man who doesnt was her. I got 2 years left with this bitch. Lord help me.

Mothers 69

I work in a play gym and the majority of parents are nice and understanding. Unfortunately, we get some snobby, presumptuous, patronizing mothers who think that their children are the no. 1 priority on their imaginary V.I.P. list (and other children are just scum), disregard the simple, hygiene rules and complain about other parents when they do the same.

Today, I had to accommodate a young, full-of-herself fawker who couldn't spell her child's name and I was given an off-hand but audible comment when I wrote down her mistakes. I apologize for looking frustrated, but it took her five attempts to spell her own child's name; that was one of the twins she had and their middle names are different by ONE letter (their first names are the same!) I conclude that this woman's talents are putting make up on her flat, uninteresting mug, looking down on people based on their profession and getting fucked, which are such endearing qualities that cannot be found in modern society.

Customer's are always right and I agree...right up their own asses. Thank you very much Anger Central, I feel much better now!

Stay-at-Home Moms 70

Stay-at-home moms who bitch about being stay-at-home moms piss me off. They complain about how "hard" it is to be a stay-at-home mom. These women haven't worked a day in their lives. They were born rich, married rich, and now their job is to take care of the kids. But they bitch and moan about it as if it's the hardest freakin job in the universe. Sorry, but, changing a few diapers, reading picture books, finger painting, and doing laundry is a cakewalk compared to working 9-5 every day. So quit your complaining! Also, moms whose topic of conversation is ALWAYS their children are so annoying. They think it's soooo funny what their kid said or did, and then they tell you about it. And you have to pretend like you think it's funny, or they will be completely insulted and think you hate kids or something. Listen, all you kid-absorbed moms out there: some of us chose NOT to have kids, so we don't want to hear about kid stuff. It's incredibly dull.

My mom :( 71

shes always picking up for my little sister .. she is becoming a monster. saucy, hot-headed, and self-centered !! and all my mom can say is " dont concern yourself" or "shes not doing anything to hurt anyone, are you sweetie !?" , when yet, she hurts me, by using her little scheme against me by getting me in trouble for nothing ?! even my step-dad knows she is a snob. and guess what. shes only 8 years old. gee.. cant wait until shes a teenager ! *rolls eyes*

MOM. 72

The bitch yells at me for not taking my fucking cell phone with me on a 5 minute trip to a school and back. and then feeds me bullshit saying "oh, most accidents occur after 5 minutes from home." where did you suddenly hear about that, hm? just a load of bullshit. i wish she'd die sometimes.

my MOTHER 73

why am i so damn angry? because my mother is being a psycho. yesterday we had to get our chem progress reports signed. i had a C+, because i got a 0 on the ONE QUIZ WE'VE HAD SO FAR since i fell asleep at 3 am reading the material for the quiz because i spent the previous 3 hours doing the chem lab/worksheets and the previous 4 hours before that doing AP US History homework. A normal mother would feel bad for her kid. my mother glared at the paper, said in her i'm-very-pissed-so-i'm-going-to-be-calmly-reasonable-to-seem-like-the-better-one-when-i-finally-push-you-off-the-edge voice, "this is NOT ACCEPTABLE." she then went off on a rant about grades and asked me why i had a 0 on the ONE QUIZ. which was a large part of the grade at this point on school because we've had one lab, one test, and one quiz. so of coruse it was worth A LOT. naturally i told her why i had a 0, expecting, oh i don't know, at least a little bit of pity from MY OWN MOTHER? but no. she just goes off on a rant about how i need to learn how to manage my time better and how i am not working hard enough for about 40 minutes. at 2 am. when i need her to sign it and give it back so i can go back upstairs and finish ap us homework. and then she decides to demand, DEMAND and not encourage, that i take the SAT IIs for chem this spring and get at least a 720 "or else". what do you mean, or else? are you gonna fucking disown me if i don't get a 720 on a test that i won't need while applying to college because i intend to avoid any and all scientific fields? WELL FUCK YOU THEN. and then, today, i was sitting, doing my homework right after i got home from my school club meeting, and she comes to me and demands to know where my phone is. i, being a very forgetful person, cannot remember where i put it and tell her it must be in my bag (next to me) or my other one upstairs. while digging through my bag WITHOUT ASKING she begins yelling at me for not using a normal backpack. when i replied that i didn't have one because my old one broke last spring, she asked why i didn't let her buy me one. YOU WANT TO KNOW WHY MOM? IT'S BECAUSE YOU AND DAD HAVE NO FUCKING MONEY TO BUY ONE. YOU HAVE A SHITTY JOB THAT PAYS ZERO UNLESS YOU SELL/RENT A HOUSE IN A MARKET THAT IS STAUNCHLY 100% COMPLETELY AGAINST REAL ESTATE. AND DAD HAS LOST HIS JOB BECAUSE WALL STREET IS FUCKING DEAD SO THEY DON'T NEED COMPUTER NERDS ANYMORE. SO YOU KNOW WHAT? EXCUSE ME IF I DON'T ASK YOU TO BUY SOMETHING I KNOW WE CAN'T AFFORD AND JUST USE WHAT I ALREADY HAVE. EXCUSE ME MOM. I WAS TRYING TO BE CONSIDERATE- MY BAD. anyway, then she found my phone and TOOK IT AWAY. when i asked her why, she said she was taking it away while i do my homework so i don't get distracted. when i asked her if she could please shut the door on her way out she turned around, glared at me, then said in her dangerous voice, WATCH IT. and then she marched off. i finally lost it and i shouted at her "what don't you trust me?" and she replied that she did trust me just not my friends. IVE GOT NEWS FOR YOU MOM. I AM RESPONSIBLE. I DO MY WORK I VOLUNTEER I EAT MY FREAKING VEGGIES AND FRUITS WILLINGLY FOR GODSSAKE. and yet she refuses to trust me to not get distracted. what the fuck. i am one of the most responsible people in my school, i don't do drugs, drink, party, hook up, nothing. I HAVE NO LIFE BASICALLY. and yet she can't trust me? it's not an issue of her trusting my friends. it's an issue of her not trusting me to actually pay attention to my work. i am so pissed that she doesn't think enough of me to know that i will not get distracted and that i will do my work. i have been doing so much work lately and i've actually gotten high grades in everything but chem, and she's acting like i'm some kind of juvie delinquent or druggie? what. the. fuck. i am really fucking pissed that she can't trust me enough to even leave my phone near me. she should have ample proof by now that i am responsible and work hard and she doesn't need to take away my phone, but no. she's left my sister with her phone of course. she trusts my sister, the all As girl of course, but not me. never me, the younger, not quite as smart, not quite as overachieving, not quite as talented one. never. me.

Mother 74

What a piece of shit. She lies, steals, and mentally abuses her kids. But because its not phsyical she doesnt consider it abuse. When they dont want to give up their money she throws a fit and calls them every name in the book. Your a bitch who shouldnt have kids. Teenagers are expected to know about contraceptives so should adults.

Bias Mother 75

This is not the first time i'm so freaking angry with my mother. She been so bias towards my elder brother since young. Now it even worst, so clear.. just a simple example, when i'm sick i need to told her and the only thing she could say is to go see a doctor. But when my bro is isck she will notice before he even tell her and keep ranting him to go see a doctor, she will even go to the clinic to get a queue number, so that he won't need to queue. Ironically my bro find it a nuiscience and dun even appreciate.. when he back she will keep remind him to take his medication, brew lots of herbal tea just for him. She will go complaining to me when my bro starts to cough, come on, he's sick of cos he will cough, you no need to rant everytime he cough ok!! And why am i the one to listen to your complaints?

When i give her allowance, u not appreciative and still compare me to her friends daughters, when my bro dun even give her regularly, she dun even say him directly, all she can do is just complaint to me.. why must take all these nonscences?????

Fine, all these i can forget it, but i really loathe and hate it when she like to pull my bf into our argument..

why must you always malign him of something that is not true..??

Today i'm super duper angry because im gg to take my graduation photo and she told me she not free cos she got a new job.. she dun even try to change her shift and just rejected me. i booked this photo studio 2 months ago and i ald rented my gown , and now u told me you not free and didnt even try to do something about it. am i so unimportant to you?

Fine, if you dun want to go, but why must you say i choose this time slot because of my bf ?? that he will back during this time from overseas.

Come on, you are a housewife for almost a year, how the hell i know you willbw working 2 months ago when i book the studio???
I may not be so angry if you explain to me nicely......

urgggggggg......... i dont know.......... i was so angry that i threw things and hit myself just now. cos my brain just cant function when i think all of the unfairness between me and my bro and the incident, my anger just cant be control.............urggg............

my mother 76

My mother is a raving lunatic who has no ability to control her tongue and she has an incredibly small view of the world - her view - which often finds no basis in reality, truth or anything good. She is so insecure that when anyone disagrees with her she takes it personally and lashes out on everyone within a 5 mile radius (and they can all hear her yelling!). She is verbally abusive to anyone who so much as raises their voice to disagree with her. She undermines my authority with my children, and hates everything I do. I am very very very very angry with her right now. My husband and kids came to visit for Christmas and she keeps ranting about how I am forcing my daughter to grow her hair out for charity (to donate) and why don't I let her cut it off. She brings it up regularly during our visit and to the point my daughter is now questioning why we don't just cut her hair off. My mother is incredibly selfish! I really am super pissed off at her and want to say I even hate her right now. I don't want to hate her. everytime we get in fights she blames me when the whole reason we are fighting is because she bullies me into saying something she doesn't like. Can I just temporarily go deaf or something? I can't stand listening to her talk!!

My Mother 77

I know my mom used to be bulimic. Well, 'used' to be. And she found my diet pills when I was fourteen--never spoken of again. And one time she asked me outright if I had an eating disorder, and I said no--incident forgotten. And she saw me binging, saw me not eating my dinner, told me to get off the elliptical after I had been on for two and a half hours. Yet she is SO shocked when I start puking blood and have an irregular heart beat. I reluctantly go to the hospital and into treatment for an eating disorder. Day in and day out, they shovel food into me. I hate it. I'm angry. I was little miss perfect in high school, and now I'm a college dropout. Fourth best liberal arts school in the country by the way, so okay, it wasn't first, but I was still smart. I studied. I did everything right. Now I hate myself even more, and I come home from day treatment to my mother who tells me I shouldn't eat eggs because of the cholesterol, even though my nutritionist tells me too. I'm supposed to have dessert everyday, and she tells me how she'd kill herself if she had to do that--it makes her fat. She's not skinnier than me, by the way. Every meal I have to measure out everything I eat to make sure it's correct portions--I have to have protein, carbs, fat, vegetable and fruit. My plate is piled high, it's what I have to do. She smirks, and puts only vegetables on my plate. As I eat, she tells me what's wrong with it--red meat gives you cancer, heart disease. You shouldn't eat too many carbs, especially since you don't exercise anymore (I have been forbidden to exercise like I used to--several hours a day of cardio in addition to crunches, leg lifts, push ups, etc. and now I can only do a half hour of cardio, and in total only an hour of exercise). I'm in recovery now--I've gotten used to how insensitive people are, constantly talking about good foods and bad foods, how fat they are, how giant their legs are (when, clearly, I am heavier than them), oinking at themselves. It's our culture. Fine. But I can't forgive my mother. Because she knows--she knows and she still does it. Why? To make herself feel better? Because she 'recovered' on her own? Whatever. It still sucks.

My Insane Mother 78

My mother has schizophrenia. I'm in college and this morning she called the campus police and told them that I smoke pot and that I was going to go on a shooting rampage. I've never smoked marijuana and I certainly don't want to kill anybody. I showed up for my first class and the cops were waiting for me. They just talked to me in private for a few minutes and I explained everything to them. Then I went back to class. I had a date tonight with the girl that sits behind me, but after class she cancelled our date.

Mother is a tramp 79

I'm so dang tired of being dropped off at my crazy grandmother's house just so my dumb mother can go sleep with diff men!! Handle your business skank but let me stay home!

organized 80

My mom keeps all of her stuff in my room. I feel so demotivated to clean up my room cos almost 80% of her stuff are in my room. She get ready in my room. And it annoys me so much when I'm still sleeping she had to make too much noises. I don't hate her but she needs to understand that I need my own space. My make-up table is full with her stuff. My closet is way worse. She stuff all of her bags, her unused clothes in it. It's like I can't get my own space. And I hate it so much. Its really hard for me to study in my room thinking of all the stuffs that she put in here. Everytime I buy a new furniture for my room she always put some of her stuff in it. She has her own room. I JUST DON'T GET IT! it annoys me so much that I feel like I don't want to talk to her. I don't want to have this feeling of resentment towards her cos she's my mother. but I just want my own space.

Soccermoms 81

These bitches really piss me off you want to know why kids grow up wanting to kill their parents its because of these overprotective retards and the way they raise their kids. these idiots act like their kids are their whole world and do whatever it takes to ruin their lives, they drive their SUV's like maniacs and don't give a shit about anyone else on the road and they could care less if they cause a multi car accident just to take their hellspawns to soccer practice or church. These idiots also find the stupidest stuff to throw fits over wether it be pg rated movies or m rated video games these whores wont even let their kids watch cartoons or scary moovies because it's "satanic" bullshit you know what's "satanic you you stupid bitches you all seriously need to grow up and act like adults stop trying to get good tv shows cancelled because it's too violent and saying "my kids will have nightmares" seriously SHUT THE FUCK UP next time you dumb whores grive recklessly on the interstate for a soccer game I hope someone shoot's your tires or better yet I hope an officer arrests you and takes your kids to child services cause kids deserve better and to the fathers of soccermom kids please find a way to get your kids away from their stupid mothers before they continue to ruin their lives man up and tell them to die of aids yeah that's right to all soccermoms I hope you all get aids and I hope the kids get better parents who know how to raise and doesn't try to ruin everything for everyone and you wonder why the Domestic Violence law needs to be lifted it's because of dumbass soccermoms.

Asshole MOM 82

My mom is a fucking JACKASS. Its vacation at home for me and she took all my gaming stations and other stuff. That bitch wants me to walk on the fucking treadmill. Yes my idiot mom bought a fucking TREADMILL. And all she bought me was a crappy ds. Im reading rants then that bitch says EXCERSIZE time! Why dont you go on a few HOURS more flabby? Fuck you mom, fuck you.

My Stupid mom 83

Well, my mom has a job, a well paying one at that, and she still says we can't afford anything. Well why the fuck are you still buying useless shit?! Why are you takeing money out of my fucking account by the hundreds when I have NO job and YOU FUCKING DO!? You say I don't do any of the work around this house when I do twice the amount of everyone who live here?! Why do you say I'M not fucking responsible when I do part of your work FOR YOU?! Why do I put up with this bullshit?! How are YOU stressed when all you do for work is put up signs and leave the mileage caulculations, spreadsheeting, and mapping to me when I already have a million and one fucking things to worry about at school, let alone the shit you give me?! Do me a favor, and kick me out of your fucking house.

Idiotic mom 84

My mom says so much stupid and shitty things! Heres one. Im in high school and the cafeteria tables are all out. "Well next time go out faster!" FUCKING RETARD its the fucking teacher decision not my fucking decision. AND stop fucking taking my stuff. I have good grades fuctard. And I dont wanna go work! Im only fucking 12 bitch! You see me sad, you think I hate school. No! Its because, your an fucking bitch hole who dosen't know a thing about a teens life.Even now I hate summer because I have to spend it with dad and you and grandma. Just leave me alone! Bitch dosent know anything!

My mom...Bitch 2.0 85

Well, I'm in high school, pretty hard life with the huge backpack and tests coming up. I rarely have time to study. You know why? Its because MY bitch if a mother fucking makes me do everything! "Oh you have to go swimming" or "You have to go to Air Cadets" Really? Who the FUCK males me go swimming. Its Autumn, its and this bitch tells me to go swimming. Then the Air Cadets problem, the bitch wanted me to go there because I quit scouts. In my mind bitches like her, EDUCATIONAL FUCKTARDS should DIE! I dont wanna go swimming, I dont fucking like Cadets! I pray that God kills me now before I have to live this miserable, weak, relentless, life of pain. Should I kill myself?

Everything this bitch does is so retarded! O.k

When she learns a new word, she uses them automatically.

E.g "son you may have diabetes" Im like WTF. This bitch is so fucking annoying and such a bossy bitch! I wish I could move out right NOW! I'd be probably be better off. Im starting to have white hair ALREADY! Man I need a vacation from that demon!

Mums 86

I am sitting on the computer, it is late and everyone is in bed. I have turned off all the lights and closed all the doors, and all I need to do is shut down the computer and go straight to bed. Then, my mum comes downstairs, she passes the room I am in and goes into the kitchen for a drink or some shit, she has now gone back to bed, only she has left all the doors open and all the fucking lights on!!!! She's fucked off upstairs and left me to turn all the lights off and shut all the doors AGAIN! The only redeeming thing about it, is that this is one of the few times that she has left the bathroom light at the top of the stairs on so I don't have to feel my way up the stairs in the dark like she usually does, and thank fuck she did, because that would have really pissed me off. Fuck it, I;m going to bed, and all the lights are staying on. Aren't I a daredevil?

mothers 87

my moms a bitch, she acts like a baby. she has made my life a living hell. When will she learn i am an adult? Grrrrrrrrrr!

Mother 88

Why is it that my mother insists on doing the stupidest things? She will be a martyr one minute (wont use a porter to take her luggage up 8 flights of stairs) and the next minute she is so helpless (cant work a button to close a sunroof that she opened mistakenly). She does the most assinine things that really annoy me. Do we really need to go out for coffee EVERY morning? She just comes up with these unbelievable habits and talks nonstop. She isnt here to help me, she is here to just fill time. Doesnt want to assist me in figuring anything out, would rather just talk on and on about useless details. I love my mother but I am angry that she is just so annoying and we cannot have a better relationship like two grown women.

Children Who Have Children 89

I'm so fucking tired of small children. I was at the movie theater with some friends, and we were being silent and polite, watching the film. We didn't talk, we turned off our phones, and we were well-mannered, as everyone should be in public. Keep in mind, we were a group of three fourteen year old girls, and we made sure to bother no one.

But then this stupid bitch around sixteen waddles in, obviously pregnant, tugging on the arm of a loud three year old, who's crying and throwing a screaming fit. She's yammering on a cell phone and not doing anything to shut up her kid, which is causing the whole damn theater to turn and watch. This bitch has the nerve to try and kick my friends and I out of our seats, and when we refuse, she whines (all the way to the front of the theater) about how people should be more fucking polite to pregnant women with children. Hello? You're not a woman, honey, you looked barely a year older than us, and we're not even in highschool yet. I wanted to drop kick her little screamer and push her down a flight of stairs. I'm sorry, but these dumb shit teen moms who think a baby is a fashion accessory piss me the hell off.

We were watching a movie with fairly mature content, and this bitch kept saying things like "ewww" every time someone on screen stripped naked, or something of the sort. SHE ALREADY GOT KNOCKED UP, WHY IS SHE COMPLAINING? Her kid wouldn't stop screaming, and about half of the theater left a quarter of the way through the movie. My friends and I bailed out and went for pizza instead.

I fucking HATE children who have children. If they decide to have sex, they should find out what a fucking CONDOM is, or at least get on board with some birth control. The rest of society shouldn't have to put up with the snotty little "mistakes," don't you think?


Single welfare-for-life "mothers" cost the taxpayers $80 BILLION each and every year, and it's only going WAY UP--and that is ONLY the food stamp program.

Think about how else they, and their multitude of children cost the taxpayers (schools, hospitals, crime).

They have no shame and they are so selfish; bringing in baby after baby that they cannot support on their own.

$80 BILLION pays a lot of salaries of needed police; teachers; etc.

Single welfare mothers who continue to pop out baby after baby after baby without consequence, ARE the biggest problem to the economy.

Look at the Duke lacrosse-rape-accuser, welfare crack head--she is a piece of crap and just keeps popping out baby after baby and there is nothing that is being done.

Women like her need to have some disincentive so that they won't keep having babies.

Right now, there is not a single disincentive for worthless women to NOT have babies.

It is all benefit, benefit, benefit. It has to stop before they single-handedly bankrupt the U.S.

Mom... 91

Sometimes when I think about my mother I get so fucking angry. I know you got recently divorced, and somehow you were the last to know (I'm still pissed all to hell on your account), but how could you say that about the man you married for 15+ years and maybe even loved longer? I was upstairs changing for bed when you got your friend to ring the doorbell like you were on fire and woke up Dad was asleep on the couch. Because I know it's you, I run downstairs immediately. Then after you gave me back all the mail you didn't want, you make me stand outside in the night air barefooted (in a over-sized t-shirt and short-shorts) so I can listen to you berate for dressing inappropriately around men that might 'touch' me wrong? Then you go back to talking on your cellphone with a quick 'call me' and drive off. This incident leaves me so angry I can't even properly express all the things I find wrong with that.

And that international trip welcome back! I'm grateful you paid for me to go, but can I say I was ashamed when you didn't show up at the arrival gates without sounding like a jerk? I know how you're always late to things, so I wasn't upset. But half of everyone's parents were already there waiting for them. I even got a freaking garland from this one mom! In about 25 minutes, the rest of the kid's got picked up. I was left. I had to borrow a phone from one the the trip supervisors to call you to come pick me up. another 30 minutes pass, and now it's the one supervisor left angry because she can't leave for her coming home party calling you. And when she finally gets you, you had to tell her you FORGOT the date I was coming home, then asked her if I could just go back home myself? She had to tell you to come pick me up. I swear I don't cry much, I'll admit I was close to tears when I had to explain that, yes this happens often, and yes, I could get back home if I needed to. I know it's petty, but I was 16. I shouldn't have to defend this to an adult twice my age. There's not even alcohol to blame this on!

Or at least, there wasn't alcohol to blame this on. I don't know anymore. It's been 8 months now and I don't even have your cell phone number anymore.

Inconsiderate and controlling mother 92

I love my mother, but she is the most toxic person on Earth. For years, we've had this fucked up, codependent relationship where she gets to complain and treat me like shit, demeaning me...and I'm supposed to take it. The moment I say anything to defend myself, she either a) punishes me by not talking to me for days/weeks on end, b) goes psycho, and does something cruel just to get back at me, or c) plays the martyr card.

My husband and I recently moved into our new house, about four miles down the road from my mother's house.

My mother has a spare key to my house, and I have the spare to hers...but it's understood that we don't just show up and come in without calling first. Oh, wait, it's just me that adheres to that. Any time I'm going to my mother's, I call or text first to see if it's a good time. If it's not, I let her pick the time that would be good for her. It's common courtesy.

Apparently, my mother doesn't adhere to that.

I'm currently eight months pregnant, and I was spending a nice, relaxing day at home not doing a goddamn thing. No dishes had been done, laundry is piled on the couch, my house is still halfway in boxes, and that is fine by me. It's my house, dammit. Anyway, I had just talked to her earlier in the day, cancelling our lunch plans, telling her I wasn't feeling well, and that I was going to go lay down. Twenty minutes later, I heard furious knocking on my door, and then the sounds of a key in my door. My husband, who was home on break, opens the door-- in strolls my mother with her fucking coworker, to show her coworker my house and the nursery I'm putting together for my son. I freaked out, and lost my temper, ordering her to get out, and to next time call before she came over. My mother stormed out and slammed the door.

I immediately felt bad, and tried to call and text her to explain myself, but she won't answer the phone. So I've spent half the day in tears because I'm being punished for standing up to her. I shudder to think what shit she's going to pull to pay me back.

Mother 93

Why the hell do you think you can treat me like shit? You wanna talk about me being a mother? Lady you got fucked up mom award in 1986-2011, congratulations bitch. You are a horrible person! You beat the shit out of me not only that, fucking emotional abuse! You're such a manipulator, how the hell can you get pissed off at me for asking you, for the money you owe me?? That's my money I worked for. Dude really, seriously? you're going to then kiss my ass because you think that I'll just forget about my money, you got to be kidding me. Not only that Mother, who in there right mind will tell there daughters boyfriend that their daughter has been abused before?? The sad part about it is that the way you have treated me is normal to you! You treat my old friends better than you do me, just because she's in college? Well mom maybe if you didn't take me out of school at a young age and make me clean and get a job I would of went too! You can't take responsibility for my old friend because you didn't raise her you crazy fucking loon! also if you don't think people notice that you treat my sibling and I differently, well they do! We all fucking get mom, you're ashamed of me.. Well I'm doing just fine, a wonderful husband and very intelligent children. I have something you will never have and that's a peace of mind and happiness. I will never forgive you because you will never come to the realization of what you are doing, BITCH!

my mom 94

My mom drives me so insane. No matter what I do or try its never good enough! And one of the worst things is that she keeps a list of stuff in her head that I say, do, like, or believe and uses it all against me later! She says that I've changed since I got engaged because Ive been staying away from home as much as possible. I just got out of college and I'm trying to find a job and I'm temporarily living with my fiancee's parents until I can get on my feet. And out of no where, she always texts me bitching about everything I do wrong and all of my personal flaws.

or example, I have been applying for local jobs until I get a job in my field. The only jobs I get offered are like 10 hours a week and are 40 minutes from where I live. But my mom bitches that I need to get off my ass and stop playing video games all day and take the job and move out, I shouldnt have to be supported at 22. We pay rent here, have phone bills, buy groceries, etc, but somehow my fiancee's parents are 'supporting me'. And getting a minimum wage job that pays 40 dollars a week after gas and taxes is gonna help me move out. I told her this. Her answer was to call me 'gross', 'fat', 'lazy' and 'dirty' which apparently is why I can't get a better job. I would explain the reasoning behind why she called me these things, but I assure you they are completely fabricated in her twisted little head.

She also nags me about my stupid phone that she offered to pay for in college to help me out and she threatens to turn it off everytime she disagrees with what I do. Lets ignore the fact that I offered to switch it in my name and pay for it but she insists that she wants to help me pay for it. I told her that I dont want it, she says I'm a fat ass who doesnt want to pay for it myself. Um, so no matter what I do I get bitched at? I don't want the phone because I'm tired of it being used against me! The only reason I have it now is because I applied to jobs with this number and I need her to transfer it to a different plan so I can keep it and she won't.

I could go on, but I would need about a week to type out all the stuff she says to me and does. I'll mention she acts all nice and friendly when I'm around, too, and texts or emails me later with this shit. She won't say it to my face because I cry and am 'dramatic'. Its much easier to delete the texts and act like she never said it and tell people I am worthless and treat her like shit, and she does no wrong. And she asked me to move back in with her today because she hates my fiancee now! Fun times!

Infertility or lack thereof 95

I am angry at the fact that crack whores on the street and incompetent lazy ass women can just keep popping out baby after baby. I understand that everything happens for a reason but what I don't understand is why we keep allowing this to happen. There are so many mistreated and abused children out there that no one does anything about.

My husband and I have been trying for a baby for over 2 years now with no success and yet my sister that has two children already (the oldest is from her husbands previous marriage) is now pregnant with her third! She treats her biological daughter like the sun shines out of her ass but treats her husbands daughter like she us the biggest piece of shit on the planet. She doesn't work and they can't afford te two children they already have but having a third was the "right" decision. She intentionally picks at my oldest niece, for example, she was poking my niece on the back with her foot and my niece turned around and said "Stop Mommy." She ignored her and continued. My niece turned around again and with a little more irritation in her voice said "Mommy, please stop it." Again, my sister ignored her and continued. Finally, my niece turns around and yells "Mommy, I said stop it!" My sister popped her in the mouth for that. I am not saying that I expected her to be a perfect parent (because, let's face one is) but why did you instigate that fight just to hit her?

My other sisters house has roaches the size of house cats in it and yet she let's my 10-month old niece crawl around on it. Her 2-year old throws food on the floor and she just leaves it there. She has dishes piled up in the sink from months ago and does nothing to fix the problem. I have told her multiple times that if she isn't careful social services will be called and she doesn't care. I have even gone over there and cleaned her house for her because I am concerned with the safety of the children and 2 days later it will be right back to it's previous condition.

I am pissed off because people who are financially and emotionally stable, can provide a loving home, and treat each other with respect and kindness can not have a baby when people like my sisters just keep reproducing.

my mum! 97

i hate my damn mum she is sooo controlling, its like she gave birth to me just so she can ruin my life... :/ i cant wait to move out of this house and get my own. right now im tolerating it. I dont know how im going to get out she doesnt want me to leave, she insists i get married before i leave home and that the guy would be someone she would like, i hate her and my faqmily they think so differently from me.. i hate there craap culture, that just ruins ur life! everyone thinks im there possession, she said that I belong to her and that I have no choice about it. im not her bloody slave!! i have no privacy.. i cant sit alone, i cant talk to my friends alone,i cant go anywhere my mum disaproves of, and she hates everything. so i cant do anything, i have to make up excuses to avoid embarassment. she makes everything sound as if it were a part of religion when most of it isnt. i dont want to live in this area or place, even when im and adult iw ont be 'allowed' to leave. so im just going to have to runaway, but discreetly because they will look for me.

Mom I'm close to death because of you.... 98

So yeah I had a small health problem which was an urine infection so I told my moms bf. He said go tell my mom in which I KNEW she would not be supportive. She rants at me and calls me names like lazy or worthless. I always do my chores with no complaint. I try so hard in school but when I got a C she said I spent too much time pleasuring myself with computer and games. In which I hardly did during the school year.

When she speaks to her family on Skype she shows me off like a prize possession and then when it ends she just throws me in the side like a piece of trash. When she calls me names it hurts.....a lot. She doesn't know what I had went through when I was a which I never told anyone except for one of my trusted friends. I get so angry or depressed I cut myself saying things in my mind like I shouldn't live and that I'm not worthy if I can't do anything perfect. Recently, I feel like grabbing a knife to stab her. I'm tired of this verbal abuse. I want her gone! If she won't leave then I will!

I feel like I can't suicide because my bro and sis did not do well in school so its up to me to help them in the future. My mom is a burden. If she continues on I will end my life and her hopes of having a life in which I support her. Fuck you mom.

Rude school mothers 99

So I am walking my children to school and its pouring rain....My son goes into his door designated for his grade and my daughter goes to her door, its closed and locked...a mother whom I talk to almost everyday wouldn't open the door...she just stood there...the rain is just coming down..oh and she saw us...she looked at me right in the eye... then she mouthed words go around....what.....its pouring rain and she is just not able to open the door...I wasn't some stranger and my daughter obviously when to the school as she wears a uniform...I am so livid I must of looked like so crazy lady leaving the school because I was swearing and ranting to myself all the way home.

Mothers 100

I can't stand mothers and their ugly children. They think that child birth makes them somewhat important. Well guess what? It doesn't. Even the ugliest and most stupid animals can reproduce. So stop acting so fucking special and get your useless kids away from me. I hate the 'unwritten rule' that people have to put up with annoying children in public. Let's face it - kids suck. They're dumb, noisy and disgusting. And they're parents are even worse. You can clearly notice that mothers are retarded and lack rational thought. They're ugly fat slobs that sit around all day to watch tv and pig out. They're good for nothing and deserve being hated.

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