Moderators Drunk on Power

I'm in no way referring to anyone here, but rather another site which shall remain nameless. I respect that mods are free to set their own rules for boards. But if you're going to enforce them, do so in a way that has some form of resemblance to consistency.

Capricious & arbitrary moderating will eventually make people find better things to do than to play the Power Mad Mod's reindeer games. And if they can't be bothered to explain (when asked in a reasonably polite way) why they treated the same board behavior differently, maybe they shouldn't be moderating.

Moderators 2

Who in the hell do these jackasses think they are? I've put up with hundreds of them and they are all the same corrupt, power tripping assclowns.

People go to forums and chatrooms to have fun not to kiss your ass or mindlessly follow a stupid goody-good policy you sycophantically enforce (devoted to someone elses policy are you? Maybe it's time for you losers to GET A FUCKING LIFE) Yea sure, talk big, and demand respect you don't deserve while safely behind your computer screen and threaten to ban us for not agreeing with your (often stupid) opinions or putting up with your shit or following some anal-retentive policy (that can change fly at the moment). But remember: Without mommy's computer, you're nothing but a pathetic jackass with a mouth and an ego. You aren't better than the rest of us, you just spend more of your life sitting on a chat or message board, and you just happen to be liked better by Mr.feltchmonger-in-chief.

Speaking of Mr. Feltchmonger in chief, (and your army of mod-bitches) If you're going to provide a forum for communication, Allow freedom to do so. (It's called the first ammendment, dipshits)

Oh and another thing (To the big super-mod-in-chief), DON'T GIVE LITTLE 15 YEAR OLD GIRLS POWER OVER ANYONE. IT IS AN INSULT, AND PEOPLE ARE EVENTUALLY GOING TO TAKE DRASTIC ACTIONS (Im sure you know what I mean)

Moderators 3

There is no need for moderators on the modern internet, because they are rude, egotistical, want to force their opinions on everybody, ban opinions they don't like, and expect their asses to be kisses. I went on Twitch, and there was a moderator in a room, there usually aren't any moderators, and the chat is high quality. Today though there was a moderator picking on some random guy, telling this guy to go to another forum if he wanted to continue "shitposting". This room is usually good, but today this moderator pissed me off.

They usually censor message boards, telling people not to post what they don't like, and threatening to ban people. Kiss my fucking ass! In the modern internet, websites have block buttons so you don't have to read shit you don't like, without having to ban these people from the entire site, but these fucking ban happy moderators want to ban everybody they don't like.

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