I hate people named Marty. Every Marty I have met has been a fuck off. I went to a job interview and the guys name is Marty, he starts lecturing me on how I should go to school and how I should live my life, fuck you dipshit your company is worthless, I wouldn't have tooken it even if you offered it to me you douchebag. My Business office advisor at college is named Marty, and she is an absolute fool. She lost all my account information and tried to blame it on me, yeah go fuck yourself bitch thats your fault because your a fat fuck who cant get up from the office chair. Fuck Marty and everyone that looks like Marty. Thank you Anger Central I feeeeel sooo much better :)

Marty 2

I am so angry at my former Maintenance Man who was nothing but a lazy bum who only helps me out when he feels like it's convenient for him. I swear I feel like one of the water tanks is probably damaged and he thinks there is nothing wrong with it. Then why is it that water was dripping from my ceiling and could have caused a flood in the apartment that you're lazy ass couldn't come fix but you were ok going to a Fucking Birthday Party that day.

Obviously he's been kissing the deadbeat slumlord's ass for far too long because the Landlord doesn't want Marty to do anything for me and my family when last Christmas we got his Grandchildren Christmas Presents. That Old Fart Landlord seems to care more about himself nd less about his tenants obviously despite me paying the rent he could at least provide more for his tenants. Not to mention anytime I see the idiot landlord outside and need to talk to him he fucking walks away fucking rude ass old fart.

Then after we moved to a new house Marty remained close well for only a short time as he promised to fix my daughter's gutters and guess what that was one promise he would not keep. We hired someone else to do the Job that Marty's lazy ass wouldn't do and we also cut all ties with him. After all we did for him he couldn't have bothered to do one thing for my daughter and it really angers me. Fuck you Marty I hope you enjoy sucking that old fart's dick since he lets you live for free on his property, fucking dickhead.

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