That Bitch Madison

Where to begin with this fucking bitch? Maybe from the begining... Probably 2 years ago started my hatred for this whore. She first latches her parasitic body to my ruskie friend, and since he is a teenage boy who is blinded by the sperm stuck in his balls, he doesn't know that this wench is nothing but bad news. It doesn't matter how much i tell him, he just keeps seeing her. Then she goes fucking bullistic and wants to do all this shit with him... nasty shit. THE DAMN BITCH PROBABLY HAS A.I.D.S, or at least herpes. Luckily he gets the point and decides to leave her. Then the crazy whore goes after my other friend. She leaves him notes that say 'I know where you live and I'm gonna rape you.' I HOPE SOMEONE SHOVES A VILOIN BOW UP HER ASS AND SNAPS IT FORCING RECTAL BLEEDING. He stayed the fuck away from her and everything was cool for a while. Then she goes after my other friend. HERE IS WHERE THE LINE IS DRAWN. This poor guy. He refuses to say no to her. With all the evidence presented to him, he still chooses to date this parasite. DAMN YOU MADISON. STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM MY FRIENDS AND ME, AND BURN IN THE FIERY BOWELS OF HADES, FOR ALL ETERNITY!!

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