These people, these losers.... you know the ones; they walk around like they're sooo cool, with their friggin pants down to their ankles or sluttly little mini skirts showing off half their ass, they walk around talking about how 'uncool' other people are, how OTHER people are 'losers'. These are the people that get C- or D+ in every exam, on every assignment, not because they have an honest learning difficulty, but because it's just not cool to be smart. Yeah, you talk in class, in high school, because you're forced to be there, that's one thing, just sad you don't give a shit. But you get to uni, and there they are again - these losers pay $8000.00 a year to sit up the back of a lecture theatre and have a good ol' chat. AND disrupt all the other people around who are ALSO paying $8000.00 a year, surprisingly NOT because we want to listen to some dumbshit's conversation, but because we actually want to learn something, get a degree, get a good job. But no, these selfish little people allow their parents to pay all that money and send them to uni, and they just don't give a shit, because it's just so fucking UNCOOL to actually CARE, to actually give a shit about your life. and people like me, you call US losers? because we care? because we want to make something of our lives, and not sit around on our fat asses drinking beer? these LOSERS have the nerve to look down on me, call me uncool, make fun of me for being 'perfect' (as if, fuckoff), and for working hard for my good grades, instead of what they do, little wannabe gangsters from upper-class families who don't know shit about drugs, and still talk and laugh about how 'cool' it is to smoke some pot, talk to me like i wouldn't know, like i'm soo sheltered, yeah right. you try having an alcoholic father. you try fucking being dragged around to drug addicts' places in the middle of the night, as a 13 year old girl, and having to make smalltalk with some old dude who's totally off his face. and you try to live in a single parent family with earnings well below the national average, and still keep my grades up, and get a fucking scholarship for uni, and manage to get out of bed every morning, turn up to every fucking class, every day, on time, listen to the teachers, the lecturers, and pave my way to get out of my childhood, and maybe one day bring my kids up in a happy place, and make life a little easier for them, and make sure they don't turn out like YOU. YOU THERE, still sitting up the back of the lecture theatre, sniggering about how uncool it is to be a willing participant in life.

Don't call me 'perfect', 'cause I'm not. Don't call me 'naive', or 'sheltered'. you only wish you'd seen some of the things i have.

and DON'T. FUCKING. COMPLAIN about how shitty your life turns out in 20, 30 years when you're sitting on your ass in your dingy little house drinking ANOTHER beer, depressed because you're bored shitless and you have no job, or you still work at fucken macca's or KFC because you DIDN'T have the motivation to make an effort and DON'T have the will to even try for something better. Well guess what, life doesn't serve the good stuff to you on a silver platter. You have to work for it, to fight for it, earn it.

Because I am that little speck in the distance in front of you, sitting in the front row, listening intently to the lecturer. And you are still sitting up the back, sniggering to your mates about the 'losers'.

jerkass people 2

What the fuck is wrong with people? What kind of vacuum do these people have in their souls that makes them want to fuck with me? Stupid fucking people who DONT EVEN KNOW ME yelling insults from a passing car. "FAG! NERD!" WTF? Yeah, I am a nerd but what is it to you? Being a drunk fake wannabe like everybody else doing donuts blasting your stereo and driving their cars in low gear cause they like the sound and think it makes them cool is SO much better. Somebody whose life I would envy would not be gratifying themselves by insulting random people. I was walking home from school and someone yelled "BITCH CAN'T DRIVE" or something like that. Good for you, you can qualify for a driver's license. I don't have one, I guess you are the superior being. Another dick took it upon himself to tell me 'nobody likes you'. Straight from the mouth of Mr. Popular. As if. As few friends as I have, he has less than me and I'd be surprised if he had more than 1 true friend. Do me a favor, dicks. Go give your wisdom and insight to someone who cares.

Dimwits & Slobs 3

I'm fucking surrounded by morons that couldn't do anything for themselves if you gave them step-by-step directions! Always need my help for something because they can't figure it out on their own. It's absolutely amazing. Most of them are older than me and have accomplished more than me. Why can't I have confidence in all of my abilities? Why can't I be a lying, lazy sack of shit like them? Oh, yeah, because I have morals. All of you worthless fuckers can burn in hell. You actually deserve worse. A LOT WORSE!

Thank you Anger Central:)

Kevin 4

I met this guy Kevin and he seemed like a nice guy. We decided to meet for lunch and soon I find out he's got kids in jail, an ex wife on crack and he's had several DUIs. Keep in mind this guy is in his 40's! As if this isn't enough, he tells me he is HOMELESS and staying in motels because he lost his house. AND he owns several cars but doesn't want to sell them to get an apartment because they are "sentimental" to him! Gee how sexy=NOT!

IN SPITE OF THIS ALL, he seemed like a smart guy, was good looking and I did have fun on the date. My only request was= PLEASE KEEP YOUR WORD! And DOES HE? NO! In spite of the fact I am younger than him, good looking and probably way better than anything else he's had in a while, HE FLAKES! Then makes up some stupid bullshit sounding excuse about his sister being in town. AND he didn't even CALL me to tell me, he TEXTED me like a fucking 14 year old boy. This is a grown MAN mind you and he thinks it's ok to break a date by TEXT and THEN he doesn't even call me that night to say "sorry" because he is supposedly out with his sister! YEAH FUCKING RIGHT! The I am the bitch for getting pissed and not wanting a 2nd date! GEE I WONDER THE FUCK WHY BUDDY? I was willing to give this loser a chance in spite of his situation and he STILL fucked it up! My whole night was a FUCKING WASTE OF MAKEUP AND HAIR PRODUCTS THANKS TO YOU! I could have gone out on a date with a DECENT guy on my only night off. BUT NO, you had to cancel on short notice and leave me hanging for the night and by that time it was too late to call anyone else. THANKS ASSHOLE!

I thought since a lot of RICH motherfuckers have fucked me over too, why not give a broke dude a chance? I thought like MAYBE since he didn't have money that he might at least have honor and keep his word. At the very least it might have been fun to have a fuck buddy but his ass probably isn't even good enough for that and he would find some way to fuck that up TOO! What the FUCK was I thinking? FUCK YOU, I NEVER SHOULD HAVE GONE OUT WITH YOUR ASS TO BEGIN WITH! I HATE FUCKING FLAKES AND I HATE FUCKING STUPID LOSER MEN! I am not even asking for a relationship or a damn wedding but can't I at LEAST get a decent DATE or a FUCK from someone who isn't a complete fucking douchebag?

Tough Guy Act 5

These over-aggressive douchebags that litter Wal-Mart parking lots and college campuses who seem to spend every second of their life making sure that everybody knows that they are a total bad-ass bring my piss to a rolling boil.

There is this guy I know who embodies everything the Over Aggressive Douchebag strives to be. He talks all day about how he could kick anybody's ass. He carries this stupid 2 dollar flea-market knife with a shitty fake leather sheath everywhere he goes, as if somebody is going to rob him of his Chinese knock-off Ray-Bans or his Wal-Mart watch. Get over yourself.

If you knife wielding fucktards are so tough why do you need that knife? Hm? Oh, wait, it's because you're a pansy bitch who's afraid of his own shadow

Pathetic Loser Bitch 6

Dear Pathetic Fat Loser Bitch:

We are all goddamn sick and tired of you and your disgusting pleas for attention. We come out to have a bite to eat and some drinks after work, not to hear your big fucking mouth. It is unbelievable what you will do for attention. That fake fall where you laid there until someone picked your fat ass up? You didn't even bother to thank the people who came over to help you; as a matter of fact, you accused them of stealing money from you. And your nosebleeds and choking on the mass of fried food you insist on ordering? You do this shit so that other people will feel sorry for you. Well, guess what? We are all repulsed by you, just sitting there and making a big show while everyone else is losing their appetites. Have some decency, if you even know what that is, and take it to the goddamn bathroom so that you don't disgust everyone else.

And you know what really pisses us off? When we come out after a hard day's work and hear your fat fucking mouth cackling about how the government is paying for your boozing and your trips to the casino. People like you are the warts on the ass of humanity. We don't bust our asses all day and pay taxes so that you can dump tons of food and alcohol down your fucking gullet and sit on your fat ass at a slot machine. "Disabled" my ass. And don't give us this shit about "not all disabilities are visible". There's medication for that. Maybe you should stop mixing it with alcohol. People like you are the reason that people who really need the help can't get it, you fat fucking obnoxious piece of shit.

And you whine that you have no friends? Well, are you really that surprised? Everything about you, from your appearance to your attitude, just disgusts the living shit out of everyone. It's pretty sad when you'd rather have pity than respect. But then, respect has to be earned, and God forbid that you would get off your fat fucking ass and stop mooching off the taxpayers. You might even have to do such things as getting a goddamn job, exercising, and learning how to act toward other people. Apparently, that is just too difficult for you. Next time you cry wolf, you can just lay there like a beached whale, or fucking choke to death, we don't fucking care.


Practically Everyone Who Comes In Contact With You

No Lifers 7

I am angry at people who don't have lives of their own, and instead spend all their free time butting into other people's personal business, narrating every detail to their gossipy friends, and causing lots of problems.

Get a life, and you fucking owe me $30 for the car checkup you forced upon me because you falsely believed something was wrong with the ignition.



smart asses 9

im fucking pissed off at cocky smart asses. You know the ones. They make these stupid assed comments that they think are oh so witty, funny and clever. You fucking assclowns arent any of these things you're just that: a fucking assclown.

For example if they see someone picking their nose, the shithead will say "ya digging for gold?" FUCK OFF AND DIE!! Or how about these morons who think they're oh so enlightened by pointing out that professional wrestling is fake? NO I DIDNT KNOW THAT. THANKS FOR SHARING YOUR WORLD CHANGING DISCOVERY WITH US. Now why dont you go make some dumb jokes about how movies and tv shows are fake while you are at it. Or these retards who talk shit about goths and other alternative subcultures? Buddy, they have been around for about forty years and they are here to stay. Get the fuck used to it.

I can think of more examples but im sure we get the point. Remember: if you are one of these morons and you think your retarded comments are witty and funny; they are not so shut it.

Broke-Ass Losers 10

I want to make it clear that I am not talking about the people who are having a tough time because of the economy.

This is about the people who try to bullshit you into thinking that they have embraced some sort of noble, non-materialistic lifestyle by saying things like "I don't need to make a lot of money. There are more important things in life." Often, what they MEAN is, "I don't have the drive or ambition to make a life for myself, and my priorities are all fucked up."

Why do I say this? Because the same people who "don't need money to be happy" are constantly trying to bum rides, cash, or something else from everyone around them. I had to shit-can a couple of friends because of this. I don't bust my ass so that I can subsidize people who insist on being perpetual high-school kids well into their 30s. They always have money for cigarettes, weed, and alcohol, but can't manage to meet their basic needs. That's bullshit.

Then, after abusing the shit out of everyone's goodwill they wonder why their friendships drop-off and the only people they can find to date are skanks. I don't know, try being something other than a parasite and maybe things would be different.

*Note from Anger Central
Got stuck in a traffic jam caused by the "Occupy Whatever" idiots I take it?

Facebook narcissists 11

I am pissed about my friends and friends of friends on Facebook updating their status every five minutes. It is highly FUCKING ANNOYING. I update mine once every two days or so and the only reason I have a Facebook is my girlfriend.

Worse it is her friends doing it. They act all high and mighty about their posts but don't give a shit about anyone else's.

Will the Thief 12

I am so angry at this loser I went to School with who is untrustworthy and steals from his friends. Will actually stole money from a friend of his and I remember him messaging me on Facebook asking me to hang out with him and I said "Fuck No" because do you think I want to be around a lowlife like him who steals.

He also nearly got a friend of mine put in jail for using counterfeit money and almost put him in debt.

Will is nothing but trash and I did not trust him at all so I blocked him and I thought that was it for him.

Will and his white trash, fat, ugly, stupid bitch girlfriend moved next door to me and all they do is blast their music and steal my internet which is no surprise as Will does nothing but steal from people and I confronted him about it and all he does is laugh but I got the last laugh after his dumbass got evicted from possession of drugs, playing loud music, hogging the laundry room, and possession of stolen things and that would be the last I would see of Will. Or so I thought.

Will made a new Facebook account years later and showed up in my "People I may Know" section (a section that needs to be removed because it's a way for annoying stalkers, creeps, and losers you want no contact with to friend you) so I blocked him again.

Then he makes a new Facebook account to try to friend me and I blocked him and if that didn't give this drugged up loser the hint that I want nothing to do with him and he makes another new account because this loser just refuses to accept being blocked.

I message him telling to stop making new accounts I want nothing to do with him, he's a thief, a stalker, a lower, and his ex girlfriend whom he lived next door to me with are trash and get the fuck out of my life before blocking them.

Fuck you Will, you are trash, you're a loser, years of doing drugs and stealing from your friends has made everyone despise you and want nothing to do with you and the fact that you can't take the hint when it comes to being blocked and you are never going to change so fuck you Will.

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