Big Fat Liar!

  Liars make me angry as hell especially those that get caught in a lie and continue to keep it going. The worst kind of liar is the Welfare Mom who doesn't want to let the kid see their daddy out of hateful spite, so she says stuff like "Your Daddy don't love you" and "Daddy has another family so he doesn't have time for you" or "We're not having Christmas this year because your Daddy doesn't love you and didn't send any presents for you.". The truth is that the bitch threw the presents in the trash and refuses to let the Daddy see the kid because the whore didn't get what she wanted. Lorena in Kansas this is about you sweetheart. Then there's the lies to the Welfare Office and to the social workers. Oh Yeah and don't forget the child abuse case that you tried to lie about. Liars are at the bottom of the food chain and it really makes me sick when the Liar tells a little child one after another.

Liars 2

My first real girl I fell in love with is a lier! We spent every moment together. She was an artist. One day randomly she told me a secret, that she had been raped. it was devestating. It basically turned me from a boy to a man overnight. I spent the next six months wondering how I was going to kill the mother f-er. Any way I didn't kill him which is a good thing because 2 years later I found out it was a lie. WTF! Girls that lie about things like that to get attention are sick! since then I have been dating, if a girl even mentions anything like that happening to them I say "lets just be friends" Thanks for f-ing up my life bitch. Now I just can't bring myself to give people that had that done to them a chance.

Liars 3

Nobody makes me more angry than a liar, with the exception of a bad liar of course. I'm talking about the kind of liar that applies double standards to every aspect of their life. The kind of liar that ends a three year relationship to move to another state in order to work for seven dollars an hour at a glorified Kentucky Fried Chicken. This liar tells his girlfriend (who he decides to experiment with via long-distance relationship) she should wait until he is ready to come back and be with her again. As if telling someone not to touch another male until his return isn't bad enough, this kind of liar finds new "female friends" within weeks of moving and is never home after work. When confronted about his affairs, this liar claims that he is faithful and would never "cheat," regardless of how many miles away he may be. Why lie? For all intents and purposes, I'd like to answer my own rhetorical question by saying that selfish individuals, who live by double standards, think only with the head in their pants and find it necessary to lie in order to maintain the things they want. Lying cheaters want their "female buddies" and their girlfriends as well. This not only ensures that they will always have a "backup plan" or "safety blanket," but also serves as a way to boost their egos and give them the joy of thinking they're actually getting away with something. Liars of this degree should read up on karma and arm themselves for the future. I'd like to finish this rant by saying that if you happen to be reading this and have laughed at any point because you qualify as the "liar," you should know that you're not as slick as you think you are. Women aren't as naive as you assume and we are just feeding into your games and waiting for you to grow up and tell the truth. It's ok, take your time. We don't expect an epiphany anytime soon.

Liars 4

I hate liars especially the liars who think their telling the truth and will try to make you look like your the crazy person! The ones who will go to any length just to prove they are telling the truth even though you know they are lying because you already know the truth prior to asking the question. I hate liars especially ones who keep doing it without any regard to the other persons feelings. Last week my fiance was in the er some medical issues and he was kinda far away when he told me he was there so i decided to surprise him and be there for him well was i surprised alright. When i got there he jumped up and was so excited to see me so i'm thinking things are good, but when i went to go hug him and kiss him i noticed on his left ear he had a bluetooth. After greeting him i saw it was NO longer there which means he was hiding it. So i asked him hey babe where did u get the blue tooth? He said i borrowed it from you. I said wait a asked me the other day if you could have it and i said no because in case if the one in the car doesn't work i need a back up. I had a valid reason for it..So what that i don't use it a's mine. I said holy shit you stole it from me because i said you couldn't have it...but you stole it from me because you just had to have it..he's like i didn't steal anything your making me out to be a thief...I said well you are. I can't believe this i come here out of the goodness of my heart to comfort you and this is what i find out...i said your pathetic...i said if you really needed it THAT bad I would of given it to you, but you took it just to have it....I said how am i any different from someone you don't know on the street? I was so pissed off at him i flung it at him and said you know what here take it you obviously need it more than i do that you would stoop so low as to steal something from me your "fiance." I said wow now i definitely don't trust you i started to again i did but now this....hell no....I said now i gotta watch my back when i'm around you and wondering if all of my stuff will be there...i said i give you everything and anything...if i have it it's yours and you know that. I said who the hell gives you the right to steal from got your panties in a bunch cause someone told you no and you did this??? Way to go I said I hope it was worth it! I'm so done with him right now . I can't even believe i'm going through this...worst part about it he said i was over reacting and that he didn't steal from me...ok so the monkey next door did....he always says i'm over i just don't put up with his shit....i'm done writing and i'm done with him!

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