There is this girl who just makes me so mad. She has this all-righteous, haughty attitude just because she's a Christian. Everything she thinks is the right way to think, because she's such a good Christian that she would never think the wrong thing. I believe in God, too, but I certainly believe in being open-minded. It is so ridiculous. She says she believes in autonomy, but she's not pro-choice. She believes that people are ultimately good at heart, yet she says that what you see is what you get. She says she doesn't judge people, but she makes fun of people's clothes. WHAT A HYPOCRITE! And what really makes me angry is the fact that any time I advocate autonomy or make judgmental or critical statements, she says in a bitchy fake prissy voice, "Now, perhaps you better not think this way. You have anger management issues." I'll tell you where my anger comes from... I swear, sometimes I just pick fights with her to aggravate the hell out of her. She gets all riled up because she always has to be right. It is so irritating to me, I would just like her to be out of my life. She's only making my life miserable, because she is constantly around me. She calls me every day, several times a day. I don't even pick up the phone anymore, but it doesn't help that we have to see each other every day. ARRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I just want her to move away!!

Laura 2

Ok so there is this girl I know whose name is Laura and she is also a Christian. I wonder if this other rant is about the same Laura I know... Anyways, today was my twentieth birthday and we had band practice together tonight. I had to work today and didn't celebrate my birthday with anyone. I don't really care because I never make a big deal out of my birthday anyways... Nevertheless, she was what I waited for and stayed excited about all day... We used to date back when I was dumb and she was young, thats a long story. Anyways, now we are friends and I just wanted to spend time with her. The one person I wanted to chill with on my birthday. So after band practice I asked her to go to Dairy Queen with me for like ten minutes... Not all freaking night. And she gives me some lame A** excuse. Get this, she says, "I think my mom wants me to go home and clean my room"! HA! Well that pretty much ruined my night. Oh well, I got home and my family had a cake waiting for me and some presents, so... I'm soo thankful for them. But I just wanted to vent about Laura... Ah she drives me nuts. And pissed me off tonight!

A Different Laura 3

Now I know this Laura is different than the one these two may have been bickering about. The Laura I'm angry at is so unwittingly cruel to me. The Laura I'm angry at is intelligent, has a great personality, shares the same interests as myself, and happens to be cute too. Needless to say, I fell for her almost instantly. She shot me down; she didn't feel the same way. This isn't why I'm angry. I'm not mad because she stole my heart. We remained good friends; later, she described her crush to me. My Description and his were almost one in the same. The only difference was the distance between us. I'm not mad even though we both know that such long distance relationships work, in fact my friend from here and her friend from there have a perfectly healthy relationship and have for almost 5 years. I'm not angry because the only reason we can't be together is so flimsy.

I'm not angry because she rejected me, nor am I angry at her falling for my doppelganger. I'm not angry that she doesn't love me in return. I'm not angry that she stole my heart. The only reason I'm angry now, is that she stole my heart, and, now, after a year of recovering, she's doing it again. the worst part is: there's nothing I can do to stop her.

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