What a demeaning and pretentious piece of dried fecal matter stuck to the anal hairs of a mange infested mongrel you are. To have a scabbie encrusted filthy asshole stuck in a grey teeshirt shouting at us with such fetid breath almost brings my dinner back up. Why don't you beleive all those students that say you suck because you really do. Crawl under a rock and die.

Larry 2

Larry, go to hell. You've let down every single person you've ever met. You let your stepson die because you were too obsessed with your fucking computer game to notice that a 1 year old and 2 year old were playing outside alone near an ungated swimming pool. You totally destroyed your wife's life, and several of your "friends" are not far behind. You've managed to alienate everyone. I hope you're proud of yourself. Every single person you know blames you for this, and I hope you rot in hell, you goddamn pathetic waste of oxygen. Go fucking kill yourself. Oh wait, you just don't care enough, do you?

Larry 3

Larry, you're a fucking parasite that feeds upon all that are around you. All you do is drink booze all day and then bitch about how your liver is dying, but you still keep drinking. You've fucked my aunt over many times, you've bummed money from my dad and never paid a damn dime back, and you're an old fashioned redneck drunkard southern-fried piece of hogshit. I can't stand you, Larry.

Larry 4

Larry.. How the hell I got stuck with you for a roommate I'll never know. Oh wait, I do! My boyfriend felt sorry for you while you were having a "Rough time" so he invited you to come stay here for a while, which I didn't mind. Now a year and half later, you're still here!!! You claim you do all you can to look for jobs, but with a high school degree, food service is too good for you along with every other opportunity that has come your way! Now you try and flirt with me AND the other roommates boyfriend, and when we tell you that you've crossed the line, you feel even more sorry for yourself and turn to sitting on your ass all day and playing on MY playstation! If my bf didn't feel so sorry for you, you'd be on your ass on the sidewalk in 10 seconds flat! You sit there with that dumbass smile on your face, but you have no idea what a "hard time" is. You've never had to work for anything and probably never will. Thanks for giving me an example of how I NEVER want to turn out. Get the fuck out of my apartment!

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