My gripe is people who always feel the need to correct the pronunciation of every single word you utter. I don't care if they know 900 000 different words. It doesn't impress me and is VERY annoying. Sooner or later these balloon heads will find that they end up talking to themselves. They all suck.

know it alls 2

I'm fucking tired of friends and acquaintances telling me how to workout. "You can't lift weights everyday, that's not how it's done". These same dickheads are mostly all out of shape. For instance the girl that told me that very thing at the time was sitting on her fat ass drinking BEER!! I think they are jealous because I keep myself in shape and they don't have the intestinal fortitude to do it. If you don't want to exercise FINE!! But don't tell me how to FUCKING EXERCISE!! People just can't stand the thought of someone else doing something good with their lives. "Oh there's John the big weightlifter". FUCK YOU FAT ASS!! Just because I can take my shirt off at the fucking beach without drawing hysterical laughter you cunt!! I feel better now, thanks anger central.

Know It All's  3

I detest know it all's! They're a bunch of type A control freaks that hide their insecurities behind their argumentative BS! I have a friend who's the same way. Always likes to show out in front of our friends and acts like he's better than I am by getting in my face and arguing with me about everything. And he wonders why I get so intense and not stay at the bar long enough. They all need to just calm the hell down before someone comes along and slaps them silly! That's why I leave the bar when he acts like that!

Barroom know-it-alls 4

These egotistical assholes make me want to get a knife and cut their goddamned throats. They're guys who work menial jobs making $6 an hour, but put 'em in a bar with an audience and give 'em a couple of beers and suddenly...voila...they're experts on every subject...the tax code, the revised tax code, politics, sports, government, society, geography, cars, women, you name it they're a goddamned expert. Bullshit. If you're so freakin' smart, why are you just living from paycheck to paycheck and hanging out drinking cheap beer in a crummy bar? Can't answer that can you? The reason is because you aren't as damned smart and you want people to think you are. Drink your damned beer and shut up.

Know-it-alls 5

I have this friend who every godamn time you say something he has to argue and win. He is never right and just gets his point taken to him. I dont know how we stay friends I just block it out of my mind and say whatever.

I also use chat to stay in touch with my friends, and I am not the best speller, but everytime he has to get on me about spelling and how he feels he is better. At what spelling, good for you all you can do is draw manga and downt work!

know it alls 6

so you think you know it all do you i am sooo angry after reading some of this i am angry at fat people. who do you think you are do you think you are so perfect? well do you? I go to the gym three times a week i take pills to prevent my body absorbing any fat i do not eat fat if i can help it i take pills to stabilize my motalilisom. i run round after a 2yr old and when she goes to bed i clean and if i have time go on the thigh trainer, do i sound lazy to you ? well do i? oh and in all that somewhere i am doing a uni course so i can pay our way and not live off others and have worked since i was 12 so am i lazy deserve your scorn? well done is it no not really because my baby will still have a big fat mum to pick her up from school as all i do is for nothing , i have lost not even a pound and the doctors are going to stop the pills soon as they are "not working" so i will prob get bigger still and my sister will have to bring up the one thing that i wanted in the whole world since i was a girl because i do not think i will be here so when you are "angry" at "fat" people and the girl who comes in your house and ruins your things did she mean to or has she gone home wishing the ground would swallow her whole? she is prob as angry as i am that people like you are making people like us even more ashamed and more embarrassed and more hurt and alone than we were when we met you , thanks for you help and kindness your understanding and the way you encourage us in our quest to be normal, to be human and happy again, thank you for being our friend and not being nasty behind our backs.

judgmental jerks 7

Because jerks who think they are so righteous because they are thin, and think all fat people aren't trying.( of course I was a judgmental jerk when i was 21.) anyway ,all I have to say to these jerks who make the i hate fat people web- sights........YOU KNOW NOTHING!

people who listen to only what they want to hear. 8

time and time again I have explained a certain situation and how I feel about it, others feel differently, but because I am against what they say I am not being ganged up on when I discuss the issue, I have said MORE THAT ONCE I would handle the situation in the way others do, because I know there are other ways to go about a situation, YET! people still disregard that completely and twist the words I use and then start threatening me! WHY? because I feel a different way than they do, and to beak me down they will interrogate me to the point where I give in. But that is not going to happen, I should not be forced upon to think the way they do just because they listen to ONLY WHAT THEY WANT!

it just pisses me off when people do not accept someone else's response, everyone knows that sometimes we are going to hear things that we don't feel the same way about as the person sitting beside you, yet we should still respect their opinion instead of interrogate their thought.

In Philosophy everyone has a different view of debatable topics, but we voice our opinion respecting what someone else's view is too. Why cant people do this in other discussions.

*Note from Anger Central
Been trying to talk to Liberals huh? ;)

Know-it all kid 9

There is this little kid that always comes by to "volunteer" at our pet store. He can't be more than, like, seven, and he thinks he knows EVERYTHING!!!! He walks around getting out all the animals and doing whatever he wants, like he fucking owns the place! Then he tries to "help" customers and gives them wrong information and brags and lies and if you call him on it, he gets all defensive and swears its true! His mom is such a fucking flake-head, too. If you tell her, "hey, your kid just dropped that cat on its head, pissed in the turtle tank, and let his friend walk out with $100 worth of merchandise, the dumb bitch would just shake her head and act like it was no big deal! And forget about her taking the little fucker home! Nope, she'll drop him off first thing in the morning and leave his ass to torment me all day! He'll follow me around running his goddamn mouth, and I'm constantly having to go back and pick up after him, make sure he closes the cages and doesn't kill the animals he touches! My boss and everyone else have tried to get rid of him, but he keeps coming back. Stupid little fuck. I hope one day he gets the hint and realizes that he's SEVEN and not a fucking expert on every goddamn animal in the world, just because he spent five minutes bugging the shit outta me!!!

Know-It-All's 10

Oh, I'm sorry that you know everything in the universe. Please forgive me for my ignorance on everything I thought I knew before you came into my life and showed me the light.

Just shut up. You aren't as smart as you think and no one thinks you're cool. Even if you do correct me on a mistake, it doesn't mean that you are suddenly the center of the universe now and that we should all bow down to your glory.

The spotlight doesn't shine on you and you alone you stupid attention whore. Get your head out of your ass and realize that people have feelings and they would rather keep them intact as they continue their existance in the world. Just because you have the right answer to an easy question doesn't mean that you are intelligent now. Just because you have an opinion on something doesn't mean that anyone cares. After you're done talking, you will go back to being your regular, immature, useless self.

Fuck off and leave me alone.

Contradiction 11

I am so angry because I hate when people feel they have to contradict everything and everyone to look right about something even if the subject does not affect them! I can not make one statement without being told the opposite even if it is obvious what I said is a fact just because HE doesn't like that I am right more often than he is or that I am more educated than him!!!!

Know It Alls 12

These people piss me off to no fucking end. The people who confuse fact and opinion. You think that something is better than another thing? That's a fucking opinion, not a fact. So don't pass it off as a fact.

I have two friends like this, and they like to argue and debate in two fields which I feel that I am well-versed in, but when they want to debate, they always pass their own personal opinions off as facts. That's not how it fucking works. You want to debate? You hear the other person's argument, and then, you use facts to create a counter-argument. Not: "Well I think blah blah blah, so you're wrong." Go to hell and go fucking read a book not written by idiots like you. Pull your fucking head out of your ass and learn how to fucking tell the difference between fact and opinion.

Internet Know-it-alls 13

I'm so angry at people on Internet forums who run people down just to make themselves feel good. A question may seem stupid to you but the poster might really not know the answer and just wants to make sure. Is that wrong? Is there a rule saying I can't ask what I want if it's not on the FAQs?

So if you have nothing better to post than stuff like: 'Ha ha, what a stupid question! Go back to school!', please kindly fuck off and let other more mature, patient users answer the 'stupid' question.

Overly Opinionated People 14

People who are always talking about their god damn opinions and preferences make so angry! Especially, people who are constantly looking for a chance to argue about politics or political parties! I say "Are you going to watch the presidential debate tonight?" not, "So, why do you hate all Republicans and why?" I don't give a flying fuck about your stance on anything and I especially don't want to hear about it when I could be watching Regis. Get off your lazy ass and write a book for fuck sake if you are so desperate to voice your opinion.

Know it all friend 15

I have this know-it-all friend who drives me crazy. Everytime I say something she needs to contradict it. I don't need to always be right. But she does? She's incredibly condescending in some comments towards me, and I feel about 2 inches tall. If she is proven wrong it is a big deal to her and she gets embarrassed.

I feel bad for her because she's in a difficult situation with a controlling boyfriend, but if she freaking treats me this way I refuse to be there for her. It is plain rude and I have better uses of my time. She's messed up. Friendship over.

I strongly and immensely dislike know it all's. 16

IT ANNOYS ME SO MUCH WHEN PEOPLE THINK THEY KNOW EVERYTHING. LIKE STFU AND LISTEN FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE. Drugs are illegal for a reason, and he claims to be the smartest person - which I know you are - and then continue to not use common sense and do stupid things. How are you going to be a doctor if you do drugs? IT DOESN'T WORK LIKE THAT. And then we agree to be civil, I apologize, and you barely accept my apology then DELETE ME OFF FACEBOOK. Like REALLY? Who does that? People who are civil do not do that. Especially since you were like a brother to me. That's why I over reacted, because I care that much about you. If you really cared about me, and would miss me, WHY WOULD YOU SO EASILY LET ME GO? I don't understand how that works. I don't understand how someone as smart as you can be so damn stupid. And then to bring my illness into the picture!! HOW COULD YOU? That's when I get mad. When you call me derogatory names and mock me having ulcers. My life has never been easy, so thank you for rubbing that in my face. I see that I don't need you in my life, because someone who loves me and cares for me wouldn't sink to that level. Good bye forever...

Know it All Girls 17

My know it all friend drives me insane!! She is the most richeous bitch ever. She acts like she literally knows everything. Didn't know it was possible for someone to be an assistant and also be soooooo cultured in event planning, entrepreurial endeavors, interior design and networking. Damn her tons is so condescending I hate it!! And she does this thing where if she always thinks Im wrong shes like "hmmm" UGH I WANT TO SLAP HER!

know it alls 18

Ok, so I go to a program for people with mental illness. And I had this group. A lady was talking about how her daughter would have tantrum in the supermarket. And this other said some stupid shit about temper tantrums being acceptable. The group facilitator told her it wasn't and I agreed. But the fucking chick insisted that temper tantrums are normal and acceptable and that everybody has a tantrum. She said she went to school for it. FOH. Anyone with common sense will tell you that kids throwing temper tantrums whenever they don't gettheir way are problematic and it shouldn't fucking be tolerated. Anyway to make a long story short, it just pissed me off. I ended up walking out of the room for five minutes. I think it's funny that this particular person tried to school someone who is well versed in psychology and certain behaviors.

Know-It-All 19

So, seriously? EVERYTHING medical is under your purview? You know everything. From the fact that salmonella puts EVERYONE into the hospital all the time to what kind of shoes I need to be wearing to the fact that no one could possibly have the type of issues that literally kill a standard battery operated wrist watch in less than a day. That one place can't get me in for surgery for 2-3 months minimum is bullshit to you, and when I prove myself right, you shrug and walk away. That I need the surgery NOW because it is life threatening even angers you because it stole some thunder from the "poor me" of your recent surgery on something not life threatening. Guess what, dumbass? Your medical knowledge stops at animals...not humans. You aren't even a Vet. Your nose is so high in the air that I want to beat your face in some days.

Get over yourself, you damned idiot. Can't even tell your ass that you're wrong without you walking away in a huff, and if you are proven wrong? Well, then you just act like you said the correct thing the whole time. I'm sick of it!

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