I really hate this anonymous piece of shit under the name "Khomeni" because he picked on heavy metal fans like me and a bigot which I'm not go there in an internet forum. I did rebut but he did not reply and I don't know he would. I'm not a goth and I do not dress in baggy clothes nor do something stupid like drinking blood for example. I'm being myself without copying people's looks or do the same activities as others do. In my opinion, he have no right to make assumptions on people's appearance and musicial taste. I have encountered idlots similiar like him but never that stupid. Khomeni once mentioned in the forum that he enjoys celebrating life but wheres the hatred against others comes from? I don't give a shit if he hates heavy metal, that is his problem. Other than his hatred of other ethnic groups and heavy metal fans, this guy wants to join an Islamic terrorist group he mentions on earlier posts. Well, judging by his grammar, spelling and maturity of his comments. I think all terrorist groups would want someone with at least some intelligence so they won't screw things up. Even though he is accepted, he probably would end up like would be terrorist Richard Reid since they are both British citizens in a jail for life. I will try to contact the provider of the forum or the webmaster to ban this Khomeni asshole from making comments. I may not be fair but in my opinion it is because too much idlots are using the internet. Someone have to get rid of them.

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