Kathy, you stupid fat, disgusting slab of inbred southern fried trailer park trash. I am getting so sick of you talking shit about me and everyone else you don't like behind our backs. If you got a problem with me, tell it to my face! You are a walking chunk of rancid pork, hell it's amazing that you CAN even walk with all that blubber on your sorry ass. I remember how you cried and complained about your ex husband and how he used to beat you. I don't condone domestic violence but your lumpy ass probably deserved it. You are a nasty, despicable blob of a woman and I hope your stomach explodes. See you in hell, you multiple chinned ogre.

Cathy R. 2

Cathy is a Fucking Two Faced Backstabbing Lying Bitch!! I'm onto to you lady!! It was bad enough you not once mentioned the argument between Peter&Brian. Remember the one relayed message? I threatened that i would date Brian, If Peter does not call me? Why the Fuck did'nt you said something right then and there??!! But now with-holding letters and possibly relayed messages to Peter, HAS GONE TOO FAR!! What the Fuck is the matter with you!! What

you can't stand to see happiness of other people!! You are the one who Fucking ruin my New Years Eve and Valentine's Day!! You Goddamn Fucking Jealous Fat Ugly Cunt!! Thanks to you!! I'm not with Peter!! So what rubbish have you been feeding Pete?? Cathy Cathy Cathy do you honestly think Peter coming in your arms?? Jesus Fucking Christ!! You are one piece of work!! Hiding information from Peter. Not telling me the any truth. I hope your Husband Kent finds out what you've been up to. So you better pray,i never hunt Kent down and tell him everything. He should and will know about your crush on Pete. You have feelings for someone who even does not want you!! You are Fucked in the head!! I hope your diabetes worsens and suffer like you deserve!! Fuckhead Whore!!

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