Everyday when i go to school this fat slob katie is always picking on me and isolating me from sitting with my friends. She thinks she rules the would just because her ass is bigger than it. What gives her the right to think like that. It is ridiculous. Can you believe that fat ass also comes to school dressed like a whore wearing a pink spandex top, black leather pants with chains and one pencil and one tube of mascara on her shitty eyes every single day. She claims like she's trying to get a "clubby look" but the bitch looks like shamu as a prostitute. Its like if you have a good body that's not full of jelly rolls than go ahead and wear shit like that, but is you are fatter than a whale and elephant combined, stop wearing that shit. no one is interested in looking at your thunder thighs and mount Everest size stomach. She is the biggest fattest slut i know and will probably ever meet in my life.

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