I AM SO INCREDIBLY SICK OF GUYS AND THEIR CONSTANT B.S.!!!!! I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO ANGRY OR BACKSTABBED IN MY LIFE! (No offense to the webmaster or any other decent guy that happens to exist.....I haven't yet found you) And JOSH C., in particular, you backwards fucking hick! Your headgames rival that of any reject I've had the extreme misfortune of being with!

Your violent mood swings, temper tantrums, and sick way of thinking will land you in. A. Jail, or B. the looney bin someday, which for public safety, you probably should be, anyway. And when it does, I will sit back and laugh myself into hysterics!
Honestly, are there no normal people left in the world? Of course, this guy takes it to the extreme with his constant bitching about how much he hates the world and wants to destroy it. And simply because I tell him to get some fucking help, I'm no longer "the woman of his dreams", as he so often claimed!

Get some Prozac, you nut-case! Just because you're fucked up, doesn't give you the right to infect others with your mental instability! Keep throwing the L word around. You obviously have no clue of what it is or means. You live only in your screwed-up head. Toothless bastard. Eat shit. You use and abuse, and wonder why it keeps coming back to you! I used to wonder why anyone would treat you like that. Well, now I know, and I hope you're suffering dearly!

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