John K.

.....I'am VERY pissed off at you,John,first of all you accused me of stalking you and YOU got arrested a month ago for stalking a woman, you fat dumbass motherf****r,why do you always talk in that whiny,annoying voice,talk like that again and I swear I'll strangle you!! RETARD!!

Juan 2

This guy I talk to on the computer lately has been acting like a total jerk. I just want to say hi to him and he blocks me on the instant messages. What a jerk! I just want to be nice and say hi to him and he is being an asshole to me for no reason. People are such assholes sometimes.

Juan 3

I am so pissed off at Juan, I send him emails and he is not responding to me, that really pisses me off when someone ignores my emails. That really angers me a lot. I think people are assholes and annoying when they ignore others. >:(

John 4

I'll never forgive you for the way you punished me. I've never felt so disgusted and violated in my life. I haven't been the same since. Every time I try to date someone or get close to a guy, I can't; I'm terrified. It's gotten to the point where I think I'm bisexual and I mostly prefer women over men. I'm sure that if you're reading this in whatever fetid, shit-stained little hole you call home, you're smiling. And that's why I hate you, John. You're a vicious sadist of the worst kind.

Jack 5

Jack... he pisses me off so much, that anyone else with the name Jack immediately evokes anger in me! I am not exaggerating when I say that every aspect about Jack's personality, every physical feature and every single molecule in his body makes even the most kind-hearted and tolerant people around him want to murder him in the most violent and protracted way possible. Every time he meets a new person, he immediately picks them apart, looking for any minor flaw in them to mock and hold over their heads for all eternity. The second he met Andrew, Jack realized that Andrew had a stuttering problem. Guess what Jack does? Stutters every single word when talking with Andrew, and then laughing afterwards like he's the funniest motherfucker in the world.

Leo's a very calm person. He rarely gets angry with anyone no matter how badly they're treating him. But, he makes it very clear he hates being called Leopold. You can guess how Jack addresses Leo every time. Since Leo never gets angry enough to hit, it's a double bonus for Jack, as he can continue harassing Leo until he gets bored. When ever he opens his mouth, it's either a mocking statement about another person or a narcissistic comment about how great he looks even though his face is completely covered in zits because he doesn't believe in "using dangerous creams to clean your face". Oh, have I forgot to mention how disgusting he is? He never showers to "save water", wears the same t-shirt every day because "having more than one set of clothes is greedy", doesn't wear socks because his "feet need to breathe", and drinks this disgusting mixture of grass and powders every morning that makes his breath a toxic hazard. He's not just a vegetarian, he hates meat-eaters and will never stop bitching about how "evil" we are for eating any meat whatsoever. He called me a "disgusting motherfucker" while I was eating my hotdog at a field trip to the fair and punched me in the face while I was chewing, making me almost choke on my hotdog. You know what I did after I finally swallowed it? I grabbed his bony arm, dragged him 10 feet to the lake and threw him in. I got kicked out of the fair, but it was worth it to see him sputtering water and swearing at me while he was completely drenched. I actually did him a favor, since he finally got the bath he needed.

*Note from Anger Central
Jack is a contraction of John. This is why it's here

Johnathan the Loser 6

I can't stand this loser just because you say you have a big collection doesn't mean you half to act like a narcissistic asshole and try to shove it down people's throats. First of al lyou need to stop trying to bug people into playing your stupid Yugioh Card Games because not many people are even interested in playing. Then you say i'm not a true collector because I don't waste my money on collecting them. First of all WHO THE FUCK do you think you are? I use my money on the stuff that I want and anytime I get something that isn't card related you insult it calling it lame. The only thing that is lame is a loser like you, and you need to stop trying to convince me to smoke marijuana and drink you know what those types of friends are, friends who are trash and worth throwing away because they are trying to drug you and make you losers just like he is.

Also please stop with the Woe is Me bullshit because I don't want to fucking hear it. Your mom disowned you, your friends steal from you, everyone hates you. Get the fuck over it already it's no wonder they do because of how much of an annoying narcissistic dumbass loser like yourself. Also you need to stop video calling me because I only video call with close friends and you are NOT one and it's even more annoying when he does this whenever I am about to play a game and skype with my real friends, Jesus Fucking Christ would you please fuck off already.

The final straw came when he saw me at Wal-Mart I told him to fuck off and get the hell away from me. You lucky I didn't punch you right in your stupid fucking face because if you ever approach me in person ever again I will beat the fuck out of you, you annoying narcissistic, stuck up, creepy loser, you're not a friend you are a creepy stalker and you can take every Yugioh, Pokemon, and Vanguard Card you own and shove it up your dumbass and may you bleed out it and than dipshit you will know what the true feeling of being butthurt really is along with a punch to your stupid fucking face.

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