Jessica, for a better term, is a fucking idiot. She is a socially inept retard who cannot deal with adults. For the record, she is 18 years old, and is very immature for her age. She is very unattractive, and resembles a fucking bulldog. She is very rude to other people, and will make no attempt to meet other people. She has NO friends whatsoever. She has clashed with all of her old friends, and they don't give a fuck about her. She has clashed with anyone and everyone, including work colleagues who don't think very much of her. She has clashed with me, man, no wander she has no friends. Even other males in school hated her, one even put her through a wall.

The only person that truly cares about her is her boyfriend, who she truly treats like absolute shit. She won't let him see any of his friends, his parents, or even watch TV of a night time. She brutally pussywhips him, and bribes him with sex. She says that all of his friends are dickheads which they are not, his parents are lunatics which they are not, and he wants to unwind and watch some TV. And don't you worry, all of his mates say that she is a bitch and is extremely rude to them, openly calling them fuckheads, ignoring them, or giving them death stares (totally unnecessary). Yet, she says they ignore her and they are rude to her. Work that one out.

Jessica is also a control freak. As I mentioned before, she uses her vagina as a weapon. Jessica confiscated her boyfriend's wallet more than once, and even pinched money from his wallet. Jessica screens all of her boyfriends calls on his mobile phone. She will either turn the phone off, or delete text messages. Lately, she even answers his phone and takes his calls. What the fuck is that?

Jessica has assaulted her boyfriend on more than one occasion (punching, biting, scratching), when he defends himself, she will run off crying and threaten to call the police. Typical hypocrite once said that he needed to take a Domestic Violence course. She once tried to walk home from a pub after a petty misunderstanding, and when he tried to get her into the car, she threatened to yell out rape. No sane female would ever consider saying that.

Despite the dysfunctional relationship, they've been together for almost 2 years. In that time, the road has been quite rocky. And I think it has gotten worse. Her boyfriend seems to think that Jessica will get better, but she will not improve if she is like that now. She will never snap out of it, she will grow up to be a bitter, twisted old bag.

I had the pleasure of living with these two for 4 months. Jessica is a fucking idiot, and when she moved out, she completely ignored me. That angered me. Her boyfriend was still a champ though, still friendly and I still think he is a good lad.

I told her boyfriend's mate all about Jessica and what she has being doing. This mate, whose name has been suppressed, mentioned to his parents about the mobile phone screening. Jessica rang me and told me I have completely ruined her life. I only told the truth about what she really has been doing. Those two are still together, and there is talk her boyfriend wants to propose to Jessica. Fuck me..............

In short, Jessica is fucked in the head, and how on earth can the world's worst person have a boyfriend. What the fuck does he see in her? Because I see NOTHING in her that is a good trait. She has a high opinion of herself, that's it. The rest of the world thinks she is a fucking idiot.

If this dude wants to marry her, he has got to man the fuck up and stand his ground. That includes, get off from under her thumb.

Jessica has got to be the worst female I have ever met in my life. She does lack social skills, and is frequently rude. No wander so many people dislike her.

Jessica 2

I too hate a Jessica. I think girls with this name should be rounded up and machine-gunned down. They are all self-gratifying, selfish, narcisistic bitches! Especially the Jessica I am angry with. My feelings go beyond anger, if I could I would grind her into a fine paste and feed it to the seagulls at McDonalds. Time and again this bitch walks all over my generosity. I admit I am not a perfect person, but I try to do well by those I consider my friends. Jessica's evil knows no bounds. She is constantly the cause of grief between me and my girlfriend (I have a suspicious girlfriend) and even though I explain my true feelings she won't believe it. Jessica and my g/f have been best friends since they were six. When I fisrt started dating my g/f it became a given that as long as I was dating her, I was going to have to get along with Jessica. And God have I tried. Everything though, this cunt turns against me. I have never hurt a girl, nor would I want to, but jessica...Anyway, the reasons why I hate her so much goes well beyond what I could post on this page. I could write an entire novel on why Jessica makes me angry. What angers me the most about this bitch is how quick she is to appeal to my g/f for help. If me and her fight, she goes right to my girlfriend begging for help. She also NEVER repays kindness with kindness, only kindness with greed. I hope she burns eternally in the lake of fire. Or if there isn't a lake of fire, some other horrible and eternal punishment would suffice, but it must be brutal and everlasting. A pox on her and all Jessica's everywhere.

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