This man has ruined my life...I guess that I can't say that he's the idiot because I HAVE stuck around this long (maybe I'm the idiot). He's cheated on me and treated me like he dousn't care if I'm there of not. All I want to do is be happy and lead a normal life.......GOOD_LUCK!!!!! I hate him soooooooooo much, Iwish he would just disappear into thin air.

Jeff the jerk 2

There is this guy who i thought i liked but now I realize he is a total asshole! He blocked me on aol for no reason. He is a very ugly aging man in his 40ís who thinks he is hot but is ugly as sin and looks like he is 50! His new girlfriend looks like a horse on acid! He thinks he is a rock star but is just a wannabe who thinks he is a rock star but only in his own mind. He only adds women on his friend list on Myspace and is a womanizer and a player, i hope he is reading this because then he will see the reality of how much of a jackass he is! I hopes he catches a bad venereal disease from his horse face girlfriend. I am glad i never met him, i could have caught some bad sex disease from him, who knows how many skanks that man whore has slept with! I can imagine what he will look like in 10 years, he will probably lose all his hair and have caught AIDS from some skanky hoe he slept with (probably from his new skank he is seeing.) Jeff is a major LOSER! If he is a rock star, how come i never see his bandís cds in the music stores? Because he isnít a rock star, he thinks he is in his own little fantasy world but he is just a 43 year old rock star wannabe.

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