You are a stupid fucking bitch. You have major psychological problems that no fucking doctor can fix. You are a cunt. You think you are the best thing a man can have. You are dead wrong. You are butt-ugly. You are a very rude, unattractive bitch.

You tries to ask me out and get with me. I turned you down. You tried to ask me out in order to make my best friend jealous. You almost ruined his life. You spread lies that he was mean and controlling over you. You spread lies that I was a sleaze. You lead on heaps of lads while you were pregnant, including me. You danced with other blokes inclding me (why?!). You are a shit dancer, and you tried to get me to feel you up. You even drink. smoke, and use marijuana while pregnant. You lost the baby and you blame everyone BUT yourself. You attempted to commit suicide without success. FUCK YOU!!!

You now have a new boyfriend. HAHAHAHAHA!! I feel sorry for him. He's probably cheating on you as I speak. Don't ever come near me again you cunt. You are a menace to society. FUCK OFF!!

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