I'm so sick and tired of these dipshits and their pointless quest for individuality. THERE'S NO FUCKING SUCH THING AS UNIQUENESS. I don't care what fashion styles you like, chances are someone else is wearing it right now. The obscure music you listen to isn't underground and only has a whole two fans because it's too good for the mainstream, they're underground and only have two fans because they suck. Speaking of underground music, it's funny how you like them one minute, then they suck as soon as more than three people heard of them. All I can say is you damn so-called individualists try WAY too fucking hard.

I'm sick and fucking tired of them bitching about being "labeled". NEWS FLASH! if you hate labels, too bad. You should have been born in a different time and in a different species. In this era people will be labelled into some subculture no matter what you do. Get the hell used to it. And stop telling people to "Be themselves". You fucking cunts don't know me, therefore you don't know what "myself" is. And also this is a free country. I have a right be whatever the fuck I jolly fucking well feel like. So get fucking bent.

Individualists 2

I hate the fact that so many individualists seem to live in denial of the fact that are labeling themselves as individualists. Everyone is an individual is some form or another, so I don't what the hell is such a big deal to them. Don't talk to me about how cool the music is that you listen to just because you're one of a few people who actually "get it". If the music really was that great, then there'd a lot of people listening to it. The real reason why so few people "get it" is because the music royally blows.

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