computer illiterate shits

Actually, I should have said "internet illiterate". I am thoroughly pissed because it seems that I got first pick of what is apparently a popular e-mail address (so, I have no numbers after my chosen name). Dumbfuck noobs out there seem to think that when they give out *their* e-mail address, the numbers assigned after their chosen name is irrelevant. So, in effect - I am getting all of *their* personal mail, bank account passwords, etc etc ... GOOD thing I'm honest, otherwise, I could really fuck up some lives.

The Ignorant 2

Why do the ignorant still open their mouths despite the face that they don't know anything? Why? Because they are ignorant and rude and they are just losers! I am angry at the ignorant because they are not civilised like us and they don't give a shit about life. Do yourselves a favour: Shut the fuck up.

The grammatically impaired 3

I'm not so much angry as I am irritated. I can't stand people who abuse the english language. Case in point, under your disclaimer you use the phrase "to horrible too ...". It is supposed to be the other way around, "to horrible too ...". The first 'to' is a proposition. And the last 'too' is an adverb. What you meant to say is that "...too horrible to...". The word 'too' is describing just how horrible the measures would/could be. And the word 'to' is the beginning of your prepositional phase "to contemplate." Now realize, it's not just you I pick on for your atrocious grammar. I do this to everyone who asks me to read what they have written. Mind you, I am always asked to read their papers. I just don't hold back. I have done this to my mother, brother, sister, husband, daughter, and even myself. You are in good company. I do admit to making similar mistakes. I could very well have made a few here today. But I really thought you should be made aware of your error so you could fix it. It doesn't make you look very intelligent with that kind of mistake on your home page. Well, that's pretty much it. I don't really have that many gripes with the world. Stupidity and laziness are my biggest ones and what I just wrote pretty much covers both those areas. Thank you and have a nice day!

*Note from Anger Central
You should see the garbage we get in our inbox every day from "people" posting to our site. 80% is so badly written we need to contract out with the CIA's decryption department to read it.

Fanfiction authors 4

Ugh, the quality of fanfiction has gone way done ever since stupid little teenyboppers started posting their shit on They don't know a damn thing about spelling, grammar, or characterization. Hint: if they have the words "kawaii" "neko" "chan" in their names, they're gonna suck big time. I also hate it when they insert (missspelled) Japanese words and don't even know how to use them properly! Stupid little fucktards, go back to kindergarten.

Illiterate idiots 5

It doesn't so much piss me off more than it just irritates the fuck out of me when people seem to make absolutely no effort to write clearly or at least use correct spelling, never mind the punctuation in whatever language they are apparently trying to communicate in writing! I speak and communicate in 3 different languages and understand about 5 or 6 so, I usually get it in more than just one language.
Don't get me wrong! I am in no way claiming to be an expert or have perfect writing and punctuation skills but, I do make an honest effort to communicate as clearly and correctly in whatever language I chose to use at the time.

And it seems that some people just write as fucked up as they speak. LOL And I'm not sure if this is a trend or not but, I've started to notice that some teenagers who try to be "street smart" write as illiterate and purposely spell words as fucked up as they try to speak apparently to sound "cool" or something to that effect but they don't realize that it just makes them sound and look dumb and illiterate. I absolutely hate reading shit like that and trying to decipher whatever the hell they are trying to say! My stepsons do that when they write and their pages on Myspace need to be deciphered by the CIA. I'll give you a couple examples below:

GoRLL@z UniT

ok, in a way I can understand teenagers doing it but, what is everybody else's excuse? I think that if a person at least graduated from high school, they should at least know how to spell and write correctly. So, stop being fucking lazy and illiterate!!

Dumbasses 6

I hate people that can't spell crap right. Yes, everyone makes mistakes and yes, undoubtedly I will make one myself in this post to make this rant all the more ironic, but no it doesn't make my point any less credible. I hate people that say "your" when it's "you're" or "there" when it's "their".

People like these prefer to shell out even dumber responses, such as "rofl this isn't english class." - as if you need to be in class to know how to spell shit correct. Better yet, I'll go one step further. If you CAN'T spell this shit correctly without being in class, then perhaps you SHOULD be.

Your posting to Anger Central Yes, you pissed me off.

*Note from Anger Central
We don't have time to correct other people's spelling errors. We just concentrate on our own mistakes.
FYI, "english" is spelled with a capitol "E". Just thought you might like to know. :)

lliterate people 7

Fuck them. Some people just don't realize how abusive they are to the English language, and the vast majority of them just don't care. That really fuckin' pisses me off. It's English. You live in America. I mean, if the guy has some mental issues, or if he couldn't afford proper education, that's fine, and I feel sorry for them. But if you're some retard bitch who decided that they were too good for school, or, even worse, if you fucking WENT THROUGH COLLEGE, and you still can't spell or anything for shit, that's a fucking disgrace. When I try to correct my friends (not in a controlling Grammar Nazi kind of way, mind you, just a friendly, helpful, "Oh, that's spelled 'onomatopoeia'") and they reply, "LOL noone lyk carz itz onli u wer not in lyk skewl lol", it just really...

*Note from Anger Central
You misspelled Illiterate. :)

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