the lowest forms of scum on the face this earth. why? because they're pompous, shit-spewing, lying scumfucks who have nothing better to do w/ their own lives, so they have the absolute audacity to go & mindfuck others into believing that they're better than everyone else.

one example? try picturing a closeted lesbian who hates everything & does nothing but complain to the point where you just want to slug the fuck out of her. imagine her comparing herself to you (i was raped six years ago by a complete asshole, & she lied about herself to make others feel sorry for her) & acting like she's God's gift to humanity. what gift?! the cunt doesn't bathe, her teeth are rotten, she has gray hair (& she's still in her 20s), & her only idea of a shower is wearing old spice deodorant & axe cologne. she claims to look better than i do, which is laughable as all hell, considering i take care of my hygiene & still have all of my fucking teeth.

in fact, the part that's infuriating is that she'll only go out w/ guys when there's something in it for her. she's stringing along over four guys because they buy her things (cars, computers, etc) & are accessible (she pretended one was her boyfriend so that she could get rid of a guy who had been pining for her for years). she's full of shit.

anyway, that's only one example. hypocrites tend to piss me off more than anything, because of how chockfull of shit they are. especially when they have the gall to call themselves your friends. >>:(

vapid hypocrite 2

She's got a different face she shows everyone. There's the face she shows the men she's leading on so they buy her things; there's the face she shows her "friends" so they trust her before she gets bored and betrays them. There's the innocent face she shows when she's caught in a lie, and there's the face she shows to the world at large. The one that says "Oh, I'm dark and brooding and oh-so-interesting and deep."

She has the nerve to call herself "responsibly non-monogamous" when she uses sex as a weapon, as a tool, and gives honest polyamory a bad name. She has the nerve to call herself a friend, when she uses people to get what she wants: a sociopath without the charm. She has the nerve to call herself a writer, when her words are self-congratulatory masturbation--a cry to "Notice meeeee"--and as empty of substance as she is. Every story is her phony autobiography--the tragic anti-hero she pretends to be. Her only tragedy is that, beneath the lies, beneath her masks and facades, THERE'S NOTHING THERE. She is boring, vapid, ugly, and empty--and she knows it.

Hypocrites 3

I Can not STAND it when people try to say one thing to you and tell you how bad of a person you are because you are not doing this one thing, but in turn they have never done it! OR, when they tell you not to do something, but two seconds later are doing that very thing! And just the fact that they think they are right and know what they're talking about! How can people be so DUMB?!

I'm a hypocrite, DEAL WITH IT 4

I'm sick of people bitching about hypocrisy. Yes I'm a fucking hypocrite. SO FUCKING WHAT! My mode isn't the same all the time, there are more than one way to look at something, and I have no problem contradicting myself if it is in my convenience or best interest do do so.

You know who else is a hypocrite? How about all the successful captains of industry and politicians? None of them got to the top by being squeaky clean, honest and morally supreme they got to the top by lying, cheating scheming and of course contradicting themselves every now and then. And there they are at the top of the heap ruling the world so they must be doing something right.

Oh and here's some shit for all you oh so perfect self-righteous assholes to consider:

If you're playing a sport do you want to beat the other team? Do you want the other team to beat you?

If you're in a fight do you want to beat up your opponent? Do you want your opponent to beat you up?

If you're in a war do you want to kill your enemy? Do you want your enemy to kill you?

That's what I thought.

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