Verbally Abusive Husbands 101

Im tired of being told that I am worthless inconsiderate and dont work as hard as my ass hole husband, Im a dog groomer sorry im not a man and cant handle lifting iron all day. My husband is a commercial painter hmmm gee his hand swings back and forth with a paint brush just like mine does with a pair of dog clippers and then he comes home and says I dont have a reason to be tired? hah he doesnt do the house work all he does is come home and flip the remote fall asleep in the chair because he smokes to much pot and drinks to many beers. Im the biggest cunt hes ever met because all I do is bitch bitch bitch. he verbally abuses me I dont get sex, and im the biggest loser because I dont hang out and drink and party it up any more HMMM did someone forget I grew up and he hasnt? so why are we married to these men any ways? BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL THE SAME.

Oh and my husband also has nothing he always says, hmmm the garage is so full of stuff he cant find nothing. The only time I see him is when he is out of money and his friends are gone. which this is only about once a week the day before pay day. Well my husband better wake up because im finally going to get even Im going to be the cunt he says iam, im going to bitch bitch bitch and im going to spend all his money so he is home and im going to slip viagra in his next beer so I can get my sex when I want it not when he does.

My Husband 102

I am so damn angry because I have been married 5 months and all my husband seems to do is drink. I work an full time job and attend college. Whenever his gets with his brother all they do is drink. Last night the bastard tried to beat on me, but I called the police. This shit has to stop or I will leave his ass. I am 33 yr. old and he is 51 yrs. old. Maybe I should have been with someone my own age.

Husband 103

My husband is such a damn bum! He never gives me money to go towards the bills, then he blows it all on God-knows-what. I swear, I think he's supporting some little illegitimate children somewhere! Now my car payment just bounced, and it's time to pay the house payment....helllooooo.. What happened to the $600+ he cleared from his paycheck last week??? WHO KNOWS??? Maybe the illegitimate children needed some new shoes or something. What a loser... I want him to leave, but then I know I would be chasing his ass for child support all the time. So what's the answer?

My husband 104

I was a divorced single mother of two boys when I met my current husband. He begged and pleaded with me to get involved with him. He had never had kids and I warned him about how difficult children are. He WOOOed me and assured me that he was in love with Me and My Children.
Now That we are married... he still refuses to give my kids a room to sleep in. They have been sleeping on the couch for three years. Although...there are two bedrooms upstairs that are unfinished. All he needs to do is put up sheetrock and carpet.

Yet he gets mad when they come into our room and "bug" us. My children are starting to misbehave badly! But I believe they can tell that thier step dad treats them worse than his pets. But the more they act up... he blames me for not keeping them in control. My kids are sleeping on the couch tonight.... but last summer my husband spent a few thousand dollars on the yard. I think that after three years of marriage, it's time to make my kids feel at home and give them rooms to sleep in.

Also he got drunk the other night and told me that he didn't want to hear me crying about the kids not having anything for Christmas.... because he can't afford it.

Husband 105

Irrational temper! I'm so fucking sick of getting my head snapped off for STUPID SHIT. My God, I wrecked the guy's BMW and he was totally nice about it, but holy fucking shit, don't let his pizza stay in the oven 3 minutes too long or you've ruined his whole night. SICK SICK SICK OF IT!! Every time he does this, it's a little nick in our relationship. I've told him this and he completely minimizes it. If you're going to yell at me like I'm some inept child, then GODDAMMIT, it'd better be WORTH IT!! Get some perspective, asshole. I sincerely hope that the slightly too brown crust on your pizza is the worst thing that happens to you this week. And no, there will be no makeup sex so don't even touch me. Dickhead.

Husband is a lazy bastard 106

My husband is a LAZY bastard. I took a job working the night shift (12hrs) so I could be at home during the day when the kids come home from school. I also work on the weekends so we don't need a sitter. I have made a major career sacrifice by doing a job that I am over qualified for. Anyone who works the night shift knows that you must sleep during the day if you work all night long. I have been doing this schedule for a number of years so you would think the bastard would get it and keep the kids busy and the music turned down when I have to work....In reality, NOT!! The music blasts as he is cleaning (up the mess that he made i may add) and the kids come to Mom with their problems. So I get woken up multiple times so I am still exhausted when I have to return to work. This shit goes on every weekend. Also the bastard belittles me all the time. I think he is the one with poor self esteem. He called me a loser today and the I am also fat. Let me tell you I have a Masters degree from an IVY League University and graduated with honors. I teach part time in a local college in addition to my FT night job. He on the other had graduated (with my financial assistance after we married) with a bunch of C's. today I had the courage to not internalize this latest rant and I had a good belly laugh. He hung up the phone. LOL that was nice. I am learning not to internalize this bull shit and I am driven to continue my education and get my stuff together to make my move. I joined WW this week and I am focusing on myself. I definitely feel this is verbal emotional abuse and I want out. Must plan wisely. Also although he works in finance he know shit about budgeting and doesn't want to pay the bills he thinks the world owes him something. The bills are piling up and he doesn't want to pay them but instead wants to spend it going out with his buddies.

husband 107

My husband of 3 years has turned into the BIGGEST leach i have ever encountered. We both work and it seems like I pay for every god damn thing. I take care of the kids practically all the time. All he does is play with them for 30 minutes out of the day and claims he has done his fair share. WTF. Honestly if it wasn't for the kids I would truely bail.

He use to be so sensitive to my feelings and now it's just "here she goes again, bitch about this, bitch about that". He doesn't tell me that but I know that is what he is thinking.  Honestly girls, why have a man around that really can't help you much with life in general? Instead pulls you done. Is it worth it?

husband 108

i cannot download anything on the computer because he has it password protected. He is a big horses ass. some of the crap that comes out of his mouth doesnt make sense. (you can chew all this gum but cant go to the dentist-what the hell does that even mean?) he bitches at me for chewing gum! He tells me I sleep 15 hours a day! (not even close!) he always brings up the fact he is on the night shift but I have never told him to work that shift. he never leaves the damn house. the only time he is gone is at night when im sleeping. if i try to take a nap when hes around i usually get woken up. the man sucks!! whenever my daughter gets a snack he makes a comment like "why dont you eat some real food" when he wants the tv usually he will pick on us for some little shit so we leave the room and he gets the damn thing.

A**hole husband 109

I hate my husband. He is an evil tongued son of a bitch who claims he has "morals" (not drinking for New Year's Eve around our son) but calls me a bull dyke, asshole, cunt, bitch, whatever comes to his mind right in front of our son like its no big deal at all. He is the biggest hypocrite in the world. He is ten years older than me. I met him when I was 21 and now I'm 34 and have wasted the majority of my child bearing years with someone who doesn't want kids (but got one by accident b/c he was convinced "withdrawal" is the safest birth control---uh, oops dickhead), loves his business more than anything in the world, is emotionally retarded, and self absorbed. I got laid off from my job 6 months ago and immediately went back to school to finish my undergrad degree (only 2 quarters to finish). So what does the jerk do? Constantly throw it in my face about how hard and how long he works now to support the family since I went and fucked everything up by losing my job (probably b/c I have SUCH a fucked up personality, right?). He might be motivated and a good worker at his business but on the homefront its a totally different situation. Doesn't do a THING around the house. No dishes, no laundry, no trash, minimal childcare, no interest in anything except when it comes to the final home decor b/c he is SUCH an expert when it comes to art and color. He DID graduate from art school AFTERALL. And I'm just a low life hillbilly that don't know shit 'bout nuthin'. He is a first rate mental and verbal abuser (inherited that from his daddy RIP). I have tried everything, from arguing back, ignoring, therapy, slapping him across the face (that promoted physical violence and him calling the cops on me), cheating on him, leaving him, etc. No, I am stuck with the bastard for now. I'm just biding my time. When he is about 5 years older and has his heart attack (runs in the family)and desperately needs me, thats when I'm going to flip him off and walk away. I have also decided to go back to my ex-affair partner b/c of course there is zero sex. He refuses to have sex with me, b/c I'm probably trying to trick him into having another baby (he STILL refuses to wear a condom and insists on pulling out), and besides that I'm just a vile, fat, dyke, right? How this relationship has descended into such depths of disgust I am not sure. I know I am embarrassed and ashamed for being in such a mess. You wouldn't guess this dean's list, suburb-dwelling (no SUV either, thank you very much!) mother is living in this fucked up mess. Everyone thinks I'm so "together". If they knew all the times I drive away from a huge argument bawling my head off or how depressed I am 90% of the time they would be shocked. The only thing that has come out of this is that I have learned consequences of one's actions. Had I been a little more mature and listened to my parents I wouldn't be living this nightmare and exposing my (probably) only offspring to this and creating yet another male that only feels powerful when demeaning a woman.



My Lazy Husband 111

I have most women's dream of a husband...he tells me he loves me, never flirts with other women, etc...except that he is a lazy bastard. He works on multimillion dollar equipment, but he can't pick up a piece of trash or put a dish in the dishwasher. If I ask him to something he rarely does it, if he does, he does it as shitty as possible just so he can complain - "why should I help when I never do it good enough?" I work longer hours than he does and I bring home a fatter paycheck than he does. The only reason I have to work is because he probably won't be able to keep his job. I do the job of a working husband and I do the job of a stay at home wife. Once I give birth, I will be picking up and dropping off the kid. I swear to God I feel like I am a single mother with a grown ass child and another on the way. What the fuck? Since I have a vulva it makes me the automatic person to do everything? He can't even remember to pay a bill. I am surprised he doesn't make me wipe his ass. My first husband cooked and cleaned as much as I did. As much as I hated him it might have even been worth it. At least he isn't losing his job. I wish I had used birth control.

Stupid Husband 112

My husband is a complete jerk! I'm pregnant, and getting ready to go to the grocery store, I asked if he wanted anything. He gets mad at me for not asking if he wants to come. He says if our roles were reversed, I would be upset if he didn't ask me to come to Target. Last time I checked, he couldn't try on maternity clothing for me at Target, but I could still buy his o.j. by myself. He goes off on me about treating him the way I want to be treated, about the damn GROCERY STORE!! And he doesn't see that he's making a huge deal out of the stupidest thing ever. I thought the pregnant lady was supposed to be the crazy one, but I guess I was wrong!!

Husband 113

I absolutely HATE my husband. I am so sick of his psychotic, irrational behavior that I could just puke. Just last night (and this is a common occurrence mind you) after a long day of work I get in bed at 11:00pm...a reasonable time. As the light is off and I'm under the covers just getting ready to doze off, this raving lunatic comes barging in our bedroom half drunk and flips the light on, rips off my covers and asks "are you sleep?". To which I responded "yes" and he says, "why" and I say "because I'm tired" and he says "why are you tired" I said "because I went to the gym early this morning at 5:45 when you were still sleeping" and he says, "well whose fucking fault is that?". After two hours of him verbally abusing me telling me how I'm stupid for working at my job because I make 40K a year (keep in mind that I'm 23) because I don't make enough money. And that I need to make enough money for him to stay home so he can start his own business. He is always telling me I'm not supportive of him which is an outright lie, I have let him borrow money for his "business" all of which he has squandered off. I work 50 hours a week at an advertising agency, clean the apartment, pay the bills, etc etc, and this is the fucking thanks I get. I am so sick of him. What is so sad is that I used to be such a nice person and now the minute I walk into my door at home, I instantly get depressed because I think about how I'm stuck with this raving idiot for the rest of my life. The only reason I'm still there is because I believe in the institution of marriage and I truly do believe that "what God has yoked together, let no man put apart", but I'm starting to realize that I think God would understand if I left him. I just don't know how much longer I can take his erratic behavior. Everything else in my life is sooooo good, except for him. I'm just so torn. I feel trapped...

My husband won't get up off the couch! 114

My husband won't get off the couch to even take out the trash, he acts like it pisses him off if I ask him to do anything! I don't like depending on anyone for anything, he on the other hand does not seem to mind. I don't want his parents paying our bills or keeping us up, I want the husband I married back, the one who worked his ass off and was proud to do what he could to contribute!

selfish husband 115

my husband is the most thoughtless childish idiot i know. lousy in bed, lousy in conversation, just a huge bore. he never does anything he says he is going to do. blah blah blah, nothing he says means anything. it's going to be a long dull life.


I hate my husband, he is a piece of shit. I have lost all respect for him, I have never met such a psychotic person in my life, I cant confront him because he goes NUTS, he calls me names and slams things and break them and acts like a complete asshole. He does nothing to help me, he might do the dishes here and there but leaves shit all over the place, he think he has cleaned the kitchen but he only did the fucken dishes!! There is crap and spilt stuff all over the bar area and the floor is dirty, then if our daughters toys are on the floor he freaks out when he gets home, what the fuck did we buy the toys for if they are suppose to never leave the toy box, what a fuckin asshole. MY 2 year old even hates him, that sad... she does not even want him to poor her juice in the sippy cup. I have honestly never met someone as shitty as him before, he tells me things all the time that he's gonna do to help me or he builds me up, and like always I am let down and disappointed he has never kept his word or a promise in his whole life. But now that I am use to his stupid lies I say whatever when he makes them up, I hate him, he disgust me, I am cute young and have a great body he is 6 years old, and a fat ass blob of shit. He gets mad I don't ever want to have sex but he's disgusting and ugly and fat, and his breath stinks and he in gross, and I cant breath with 120 more pounds than my own body weight is all up on me. God, he's so gross, I am about to leave his fat ass, when tried to talk through our problems, he swears he is going to be a good dad and better husband, but he has said it many times, so now he's acting like superdad but it will wear off in a week and unlike blowing it off like I usually do I am kicking his ass out, why I am expected to work a full time job, clean house, and raise a child alone with no help, and nothing is expected of him, he works the same hours I do yet, it my duty to take and pick her up from daycare, feed, bathe, play and love her. Fuck that bastard I am not waiting to leave his fat as I am making a plan of action tonight!

My Alcoholic looser husband 117

My husband is the biggest looser I have ever met.. I am still trying to see if I will ever meet another guy as much of a loser or worse then him. I know it sounds bad but at least then I wouldn't have to feel this bad.

We been married for nearly 10 years and so what if he wasn't ready?? He sure was ready to make the bed and especially make me lie in it. At least I stuck around him and did my best to be a good mother to my two kids by him. See, it's that bad that I name my kids; 'MY' kids instead of saying 'OUR' kids. He ain't never around. It's ok for people to have some weakness. but with him there ain't one thing that is good. He drinks all the time and whenver he ain't drinking it's like that end of the world. He's lost how many jobs and he changes his jobs as if he's changing his underwear. He make promises that he somehow seems to believe. I mean he knows i don't believe him but somehow he seems to believe in himself.!!!! All he ever does when he's angry is walk out and go drinking and look where we're at now?... Luckily I am not that dum... After my daughter was old enough to go school I am now a fulltime mother also work fulltime as a customer services rep in a well known company. I am doing everything by myself and have always done. All his money used to go to his mother...and sometimes i think he should've just married his mom. They would've been better off!!!!!!!! Anyway... I hope he does well (though i think he'll always be and stay the same) after we divorce in a couple of weeks...haha, I think i'll be soo soo happy once i am not legally known as his wife! what a shame.

Husband and his stupidity 118

I just wish he would shut up!! All he ever does is tell me how he makes the big bucks and I don't, how we don't have any money to do anything because he bought me the house I wanted, how terrible a mother I am, and how I was nothing until he met me and exposed me to "the world". Sorry, but I think the little corner of the world I was in before was a heck of a lot better than the world that he wants me in now! I left him two years ago, and also about 12 years ago, but each time I fell for his sob story and his empty promises of treating me better and being around and taking care of me and loving me. To seal the deal each time, he got me pregnant. He thinks that if I get the kids that I wanted, and he buys me a few things each time I decide to leave him, that I will decide to stay. With the first kid, he bought me a car (we had been living with only one vehicle, and he always had it!!) With the second kid, he bought me a bigger house. Does he actually think that having kids will keep me from finding somewhere else to live?

When we first got married, 15 years ago, he was verbally and physically abusive. He would come home drunk almost every night. A couple of times he woke me up, threw me on the floor, and started kicking me, just because I was there I guess. The last time he did that was when I was about 4 months pregnant with our first child. I curled up in a ball and tried to make sure he didn't kick me in the stomach. He left bruises on my back and butt from his steel toed boots. On several other occasions, he woke me up and pulled a knife on me, once burying it in the arm of the chair I was sitting in, just about an inch from my knee, and another time he held it to my neck until it was time for me to get ready to go to work the next morning, the whole time telling me that I was worthless, fat, ugly, stupid, and I would be nothing without him. He told me that I wasn't worth the energy of killing, so he would just keep me around to have someone to clean his house and cook his meals. He was only married to me because he needed a housekeeper. Our first child didn't even have a first birthday party because he was too busy partying with his buddies and screwing around on me to even care what day it was. Since our first child turned 2, he has stayed home more and not been drinking as much, but he is still verbally abusive almost all the time. I get called stupid, fat, ugly, worthless and retarded almost every day.

I was sick last week with the stomach flu. I was up all night puking my guts up, couldn't even get my head up off the pillow the next morning. He never helped me, never even acted like he cared. He just put in his earplugs (yes, he wears earplugs at night so he can't hear anything going on in the house because he needs a good night's sleep because he makes the most money in the house.), rolled over, and went to sleep. He chewed me out for getting in and out of bed so much that night so I yanked his earplugs out and told him that I was sick and if he wanted me to demonstrate for him, I would. He just put his plugs back in, gave me a dirty look, and rolled over with his back to me. Guess who got sick two days later? And guess who was expected to hold his head, fetch water and medicine and a puke bucket for him?

I am all the time hearing how he is the one that makes all the money in the house, and how he needs to be respected because of it. Sorry, you have to dish out some respect for others before you get some in return. All I do at my job is sit at a desk and type, according to him. Well, when you are a transcriptionist, that is kind of expected. Duh. He comes home at night complaining that he is hurting so bad from working all day, but talk to his buddies and they tell me that the day was slow and he got to sleep in the truck while waiting on the next work opening. Out of an 8 hour day, he only works, maybe, 4 hours. I come home from work and my hands hurt and my back hurts so bad I can barely move either of them, and all I hear is how lazy I am and I'm a hypochondriac and there is nothing wrong with me because I don't do "manual labor". Whatever.

I am in the process of trying to find a house in my hometown, close to my family who are the only ones who care about me or my kids, and I am moving out. Third time is a charm, right? Well this is the third time of trying to move out since I threw myself into this hellhole of a marriage. What really makes this all unbearable is the fact that he moved his mother in with us and she has taken over my house. I cannot cook in my kitchen, I cannot do laundry, I cannot clean anything without her going back over it and cleaning it again because I didn't do a good enough job of it for her taste, I cannot do anything in my house! She has spoiled my 11 month old son so badly that he will not come to me or have anything to do with me, it completely breaks my heart. Then, she hears everything her son says to me and about me, but she believes that I need to just grin and bear it because, according to her, "all men are like that, you will never find one that isn't." Whatever. He is the only person I have ever met like this. I dated quite a few men before meeting him, and none of them were control freaks or abusive to me. Most of them I was with for a year or more so there was plenty of time to find out all the bad stuff about them. Hubby's bad stuff started showing up less than 3 months after I met him, but stupid me just made excuses and kept going back for more. I was stubborn back then. I know better now. If he tries to follow me like he did last time, he will get a baseball bat to the head and a restraining order filed on his ass. Why was I so stupid in getting involved with him? My mother thinks that it is because he is so much like the man I grew up with as my father figure. Talk about identical- when my mom and I were comparing notes we found out that hubby and father figure did the exact same things, said the exact same words to control us, and called us the exact same names and used the same insults. Go figure.

husband 119

Once again I sit at home alone because my husband is obbsessed with basketball. We had a son who he coached but my son was hit by a car and killed. So now he does baskerball 24/7, He coaches 8th grade boys who he didn't know but parents asked him to coach. So of course he said yes, doesn't matter that he has a wife who spends most of her time alone and a daughter who is blessed by his presence for maybe 5 minutes a day. I am beginning to hate him. He is so self centered but doesn't see it that way. I have been married for 18 years and only the last 5 years hve been bad, since my son passed. He is all about making himself feel better and no one else matters. He says oh I spent yesterday with you, for a whole 5 hours at which 2 hours he acted like an asshole. I should just leave but haven't worked in 18 years and I feel stuck. I don't want to live the rest of my life begging for his attention. I quess I will coexcist with him for awhile and live my own seperate life.
Really what I think is he is infatuated wilh young boys I quess he wants to be one.

My Husband 120

I am sooo damn angry. My husband is a he man women hater, I honestly do not know why he ever got married. He is self centered and self absorbed. Everything in our marriage has to be centered around him. You would think that after 11 years of marriage to the asshole he would chill out but hell no he is still an asshole. I am so tired of his hating, mean and evil spirit. He is extremely negative about every aspect of our kids, and our lives. It is really getting old. I have put up with his shit for far too long. He blames me for all of the lack of money in our relationship. If we had a million dollars in the bank it would never be enough. He would want two million. He doesn't get that material things will never make him happy he has to find happiness for himself. I am tired of fighting with him and I am tired of him period. I think I am going to leave him I am going to get set first...... Well that is all for now except if you are reading this and you are about to marry a man don't they are all self centered assholes who only care about two things, themselves and their money (or lack there of)!

My husband is a DICKHEAD 121

I have been married for 13 years and my fat drunken stinky breath never worked out a day in his life told me last night that I need to lose 20 pounds and that is why he never has sex with me. Oddly enough in 15 years that we have been together I have ALWAYS initiated the sex and he was not interested, saying he was too tired or didn't feel good. Not to toot my own horn, but I am a hot chick. 33 now and still sexy...a sexy milf..but not to him...he told me he just doesn't find "old" women attractive he didn't marry my mom. WHAT????? Now granted, I have gained a few pounds but we are talking a few not 100...I still get plenty of attention..just not from him and NOW he tells me that he thinks I am fat!!!! HE is a scumbag asshole and I would leave him but I love my house and the kids school and the facade of a happy suburban life. I will just go find a nice guy to have an affair with who will appreciate all that I have to offer besides being sexy and funny and fabulous. Who the fuck does he think he is?..I have stuck by him. I am the better person the cooler person so FUCK HIM.

husband 122

My husband of 10 years was not an asshole of a husband. He was a very kind and loving husband. He cared for us, he cared for the family. He adopted my daughter and we had one of our own. We had our ups and downs, and just like every other marriage, we had our arguments and disagreements. Now, the wonderful, sweet, loving, careing husband, has turned into the biggest ASSHOLE of them All. After 10 years and two beutiful little girls, he wants his fucking space. We all know what this means. Come on, we are not as stupid as they are! The prik is now asking for a divorce if I do not follow his terms. Give me a fUCKING BREAK! I've been there before. This clearly means I want to spend more time with the new BITCH! He tells me we should work it out, but it is still on his terms. Bull Crap! I'll be glad to work it out on his terms. While he's in his new apartment!!!

Unreliable hubby 123

My husband really ticks me off with being unreliable lately. All I ask is that he write down what he spends so I can keep proper track since we're in debt and trying to get out. He leaves the damn book here. He magically gets amnesia when I ask him about different debits I see. I do ask him in a manner that is not the nagging wife kind but it doesn't matter.

Then there is the whole thing about doing what you say you're going to do. If you promise him something and don't get it donw no matter what the case is all hell breaks loose. Our daughter is almost 14 months and he promised to put the cabinet locks on when she was nine months old. I guess I'll be doing that this evening.

Then there is the inconsideration. I'm in physical therapy for my back and I am in a lot of discomfort especially at night. I get zero consideration for it too. then I don't get to sleep until 3 am and I get up with our baby at 7 or 8. this really pisses me off that I get no consistency, consideration, or cooperation.. any thoughts?

Husband 124

HE IS AN INCONSIDERATE PRICK AND I DO NOT LOVE HIM ANYMORE. My three year old doesn't love him either. His irresponsible spending is putting me in bankruptcy. He is lazy at home, a workaholic and he sucks in bed. He has gotten fat and he doesn't brush his teeth enough. I want to leave but do not have enough money since I PAY for the house his BITCH of a mother lives in. I want out.

My husband is no good 125

My husband does nothing at all. He has no job. Hangs out with his friends all the time. I kick him out and he moves back in when I am at work. I hate him. I wish he would just leave and never come back. I cry everyday. He spends no time with the kids. He has been remodeling our bathroom now for 7 or 8 months. He is worthless. He stalks me and destroys my property when I leave him. What can I do. Legally?? Restraining order.?? The cops said they have never seen somebody violate it so fast. I am stuck...

*Note from Anger Central
You have a restraining order? He has violated it according to the police? He's still walking around? You haven't had him arrested? Why?

Husband 126

I married my second husband loving him. Who knew he was such a control freak with issues from a previous marriage. I have 2 kids from a previous marriage and I feel caught in the middle. They dont do enough they are doing it wrong is something I hear all the time. My kids are not perfect but they are kids he should know he has 3 from his first wife. He wants me to work but there are limitations it must be days in our town...hard to accomplish with 2 in dustries shutting down and the other I was just laid-off from. In the mean-while I have no income which I am constantly made aware of. He dosent trust me with money so I have no access to his accounts and must ask for money for everything which is very difficult. He makes me feel like such a financial burden. I do not parent properly his way is the only way. I raised these kids by myself for 10 years with no problems so what am I doing wrong (wait ask him he will tell you). Sex what is that. When I ask for sex he says you know I love you.....that tells me no sex tonight I have been waiting for awhile now. Last year we made love maybe 10 times. I am tired of walking on eggshells around him as I do want a happy marriage but I believe it takes 2 and I feel like I am by myself. I am alone.

My Husband 127

I am so angry at my husband. We were having those stupid just married adjustment arguments. He somehow got ALL his friends involved. One day, I had 3 of them come barging into my living room (no knocking). The one chick shoved me into the couch. I am so sick and tired of his friends telling him I am doing this and saying that. I never leave the house, I am always with my kids, I work hard on the house (sick or not). I am done! I am packing up and leaving him. Shortest marriage in history (excluding the tabloid ones)?? Either way. I dont care. I have had it. They are out to ruin me. I don't trust him or his friends anymore. I don't trust anyone.

 lazy 128

My husband is 43, and i am 31. We just had our 5th child, who had pneumonia do to Reflux when he was born. I am not only the one that gets up every night with the baby, but I am also the one that gets up with the two older boys in the morning to get them off to school. I home school my daughter who is in 2nd grade, but does all 3rd grade work, because I taught her how to read before she started school. In the meantime I am teaching my 3 and a half year old alphabet letters numbers etc. All this while holding an infant on my hip. I finally got my tubes tide,and now he doesnt want sex. I burn 1200 calories a day, and look better than most high school girls today. In the meantime my husband sleeps until 10 or 11. Once my husband wakes up he takes his shower, which i haven't even had yet, then he sits down to eat i haven't done that yet either. My husband will then watch tv until 3pm then he starts having beer, then he will stay up until midnight with the tv on which sucks because our bedroom is in the living room. We have a residual income which i helped him make more than half of. He doesn't want me to go back to school to get my r.n, because he said college is useless. this is coming from a person who went to college for 4 years. sincerely, desperate for help

Ex-Husband 129

My “estranged” husband makes me so angry I can taste the bile. We dated years ago and I was his first love, whoopee. I’m about tired of that being used against me. I cheated on him back then and we broke up – he went on to sleep with everything that laid down (140+), and –get this- it is ALL MY FAULT. Ha! Who the Hell does he think he is. We dated for a whole five months a thousand years ago, and now I have to take responsibility for everything (or everyone) that he has done in his life. WOW, my shoulders must be HUGE to take all that on. What a jerk.

Okay, so we run into each other eight years after that. I was just ending a two and a half year relationship, and he was just starting the divorce process with his first wife. He suckered me into thinking that fate had somehow brought us back together… yeah, I know, Hallmark should be calling him any day now. I was stupid enough to fall into the Harlequin fog and marry the idiot. We got engaged a month after we met up again. We were engaged for a year and then we married. We have been fighting about everything under the sun since a month after we got engaged – so I don’t know what the hell I was doing marrying him. For Pete’s sake (I have no idea who Pete is or why people are so worried about him), my husband would yell at me for drinking a latte. I got yelled at for having pictures of men, didn’t seem to matter if I had a intimate past with them or not. He allowed me to keep one male friend, that’s it. Then I had to get rid of pictures of the men’s children… then their pets. How could I have been so blind!?

I was in a car accident that really messed me up. Two back surgeries, ER visits, hospital stays, 80+ different medications in the past four years, therapy – I have been through a lot. The key word here is “I”. He seems to think that this situation is just as bad for him. He gets mad when I don’t take his poor feelings into consideration. Poor guy, I’m sure he feels it too when I can’t stand up straight and at the age of 30 have to use a walker to get around. I’m sure it hurts him just as much. And I am sure that when the doc diagnosed me with fibromyalgia, PTSD, severe depression, and atypical anxiety disorder – I’m sure he was just as broken hearted as I was. Oh, and when they told me that I had suffered a closed traumatic brain injury and would never be the same again – I’m sure that stupid son of a bitch cried about it for days, too. He was a damned coward and walked out on me when I needed him the most. HE decided that HE just couldn’t take it anymore and his life would be better without all of my issues. It’s funny how when he wants to be recognized and coddled for the trauma he’s experiencing in his poor life, the problems belong to him, too. But when he wants out of the marriage – all of a sudden, they’re MY issues.

Oh, and the way he got out… he got a girlfriend. He swore up and down that the bitch calling MY house to talk to MY husband was just a friend. We fought about her all of the time and he just kept telling me things like, you should feel bad for being mad at her, she’s been nothing but supportive of us staying together and working it out. Look at them now. It’s been two months and he all of a sudden thought it would be a good random idea to start dating her two weeks after he left. Yeah right! They moved in together last week. But they weren’t dating while we were still together… promise. What a dick.

He refuses to pay January’s child support (we have two girls together) because he had no money (which is bullshit – he had the money to take his new tramp out to dinner, etc.). In what world is not having money at the time a reasonable excuse, not just to not pay it right now, but never pay it for that month. What is he, stupid? He made excuses all the way through February, and it was only luck that I got to the bank account first when he got his check before he could take it all out. I took out the money he agreed to pay for the month. Now it is March, almost halfway through, and he has more excuses for me.

There is nothing worse than a man who cons his way into a woman’s heart, lets her take care of him (he was practically like another kid, can’t pick up after himself, etc.) for six years, he cheats throughout the marriage, tears down his wife until she thinks that she has absolutely nothing to offer the world, lies throughout the marriage, hones his “I am man, I am righteous” speech for six years, and then walks out on her when he is done with college and she is disabled from a car accident. Oh, and one that isn’t acting like a father anymore – picks up the girls so they can play with other kids, never spends time with them. What a jackass. At times I think that I hate him, I mean truly truly hate him. Blind rage sometimes. I took a step back from my life and, boy, was I mad – mostly at myself, I guess. What’s the saying, fool me once – shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. Well… Shame on me.

my husband of 40yrs 130

He's had several affairs throughout our marriage, he's aware that I know about them all, but we are supposedly over all that now. However, it was so traumatic for me, raising 3 children, at the time, that it has left it's mark and I am not meant to mention any of it now as he goes in a mood, as he is now and doesn't speak for ages. \personally, I don't care if we stay silent but I know we will get back together again as usual. If I had the finances, I'm sure I would leave him as I've had 40 long years of this.

Husbands 131

Well after my divorce of an abusive man, I meet this man in a different state, who assures me that he can handle a life w/ me and my 2 children, marry him and I will be so happy my whole life, so I did, we have a daughter. LIving in my home town, all of a sudden he hates it there and wants to move back to NY, all day, all night,fights over this, he's misrable to my kids, so I agree thinking that would help with his negative attitude. SUPRISE!! Nope, now we are living in HIS hometown, I have no family, I have to abide by "his rules" I work full time, and he's staying home b/c his job is seasonal, but he hates staying home w/ the kids, he's terrabily verbally abusive towards them, never physical. I have called the cops on him for threatening me, drunk, etc....but get this...lawyers here in NY say, if I left him w/ our child, I can be arrested and brought back to NY. There's laws against me leaving w/ a child without his "ok" from the courts. So now I'm stuck, who can pay $1500 for a retainer if I'm the only one working and paying all the bills?? Me and my poor children are stuck here, we have to be so quiet or he yells, we have to get on the hands and knees to scrub stuff or he yells, we have to dress right or he yells. Neighbors complain b/c yep you guessed it HE YELLS.

Husband is an asshole! 132

My husband is the biggest asshole i have ever met. He calls me names all the time, is in my face threatening me all the time, he eggs me on to where i want to hit him and if he is in my face following me around screaming horrible things to me and i push him back to get away he hits me. I cry almost every night. I'm angry that he calls me worthless, a loser, tell me if i leave i'll have nothing, even though we've been married for 9 years! He laughs when i cry, he tells me i should shoot myself, he threatens to kill himself, it's a nightmare. We have three beautiful children that don't need this. He's also a slob, he does nothing around the house to help unless i yell at him to help. I wish i could leave him but i don't have any family that can take me in and i'm 30 with 3's sounds so hard to just leave! God i wish he would just leave, just get out of my life!



Unreliable partners 134

I an so angry at my unreliable partner. He sits on his butt all day while i work and look for more work and expects me to cook for him. We have two children together and still have to send them to a sitter. Because we have no vehicle, they must stay there for days till my weekend starts. He says he cant watch them cause he is waiting on a call for work and might have to leave at the spur of a moment. He spends money on stupid useless things and eats like a pig never thinking the kids got to eat too. He cant clean a thing, leaves dirty dishes, and is bad in bed. Thank you for this is by far what makes life a little easier

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My husband 135

I am so angry with my husband because he won't put out. He's 40, with the mentality of a 16 year old and the drive of an 90 year old. He says he's working on why his desire is so low, gone to see the doctor, therapist, psychiatrist, etc. But his medication isn't causing it, his mind isn't causing it, his body isn't causing it. He doesn't know what is and really doesn't seem bothered by the fact that he has no sex drive whatsoever. I am a healthy 32 year old woman who gets "it" about 3 times a year. Pathetic. We have been married for 13 years, have one son who is old enough to stay home by himself if we go out, and both work. We work opposite shifts during the week but have all weekend to ourselves. You would think the old adage would be proven, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" but it doesnt. As a matter of fact, its getting pretty damn close to, "When the cat's away, the mice will play."

My husband is an idiot. 136

My husband is out in the living room with an insurance salesman, talking his ass off and telling him his life story. My husband is such an idiot because he can't say no to anyone and he'll end up taking a huge chunk of money to spend on something we don't more insurance. He's letting this guys screw him over so bad so I'm on the computer venting because I can't be "rude" and tell the sob to leave. I have to be the bitch all the time or we would say yes to every moron that walked in our direction. Why did I marry this idiot dork? I could be totally okay on my own. Please help me God I just want to smack the shit out of my husband. I'm so tired of having to be the bitch that says no all the time.


My husband is addicted & totally obsessed with video games!!!! He gets to come home every fucking night and play games on his computer for 4-6 hours. He is head of a clan and has his own servers and talks on ventrillo to other losers with no life for hours on end. Sometimes he will use his headphones but gets pissed off that I don't want to listen to him babble with these people and listen to them at high volumns plus the noise of the game with guns and explosions. We have two computers and mine is behind his and I cannot even get on mine for 10 minutes because I cannot concentrate for all the noise. I have surround sound on the TV in the other room and have to turn it up full blast just to hear it. Did I mention that he DOES NOT A FUCKING THING AROUND THE HOUSE??? OH, my bad....he will do the dishes once a month and thinks that is his contribution for a while. We rarely fight because we don't freaking talk. Oh, did I mention that there is a 3 year old involved?? He may spend 5 minutes a day with her (and that's pushing it) I think about leaving him a million times a day. Why do men think that because they don't have a pussy that they can sit around and do want they want & don't want to do? I'm so sick of it - then he wonders why we don't have sex. HUM - i fucking wonder!

husband 138

my husband is so disgusting. He is a pig. I can't stand him. He is so addicted to pornography. He masturbates and masturbates and fantasizes about other women all the time. I would love to get a divorce and find a man who is respectful and A LOT better looking than him. His is a sick son of a bitch. I can't stand the look of him.

Scum Husband 139

My husband is a lying, cheating, mind fucking, asshole. He blames me for everything and after busting him cheating three times in the year and half we've been married, he screams at me and tells me I'm a bitch because I told him I want a separation. All he ever thinks about is himself and his DICK. He's just a mean asshole. He's in the military and I was faithful to him for a six month deployment, 2 months of boot camp, and 2 months of job training, but he has been whoring it up whenever he feels like it, plus he blows all the money unless I watch him like a hawk. He Sucks

Immature husband 140

My husband makes ranting about him difficult because he's the kind of guy whose heart is in the right place, even if he is immature and inconsistent, with a tremendous (and misguided) ego. We have a lot of issues where there will be an important issue that he refuses to research, learn about, or plan a strategy around. Then after I try to coach him or remind him about said issue, then I get accused of micromanaging and being petty and argumentative. Well, someone has to be in charge! For example, our daughter has multiple food allergies. She is anaphylactic to wheat. Do you think he bothered to do any research about how to care for her after her first life-threatening ER visit? Do you think he even bothered to take any mental notes about the things *I* told him about (saving him the effort of having to look anything up)? Like, for instance, "DON'T FEED HER WHEAT"? No. Instead, even though she is ANAPHYLACTIC TO WHEAT, he feeds her a WHEAT PANCAKE. (Oh, and also it had EGG and MILK, two of her other allergies.) How did this happen? He made two different kinds of pancakes, labeled both correctly on his own, and then CHOSE not to read HIS OWN label because he just didn't remember he made two kinds. What kind of moron can't remember that many steps he did all by himself? Another issue is that he is completely irresponsible with money, for various reasons. Whatever the motive, we are now almost $500 in debt because of him not paying bills on time (For no good reason. We are pretty poor, but we can manage to pay all our bills on time.) So instead of always having to be part of the "clean up crew" from his various fuckups, I told him he would have to get another job to pay off the debts, since we don't have extra money in his paycheck to cover additional bills. So today he was whining about how he was so tired from working all those late hours, and he was petulant because I wasn't leaping at the opportunity to let him sleep in (he takes morning shift with kids because he is often working at bedtime) tomorrow. Of course, I HAD agreed to let him take a nap a few days ago, but he changed his mind. So now he's more tired, but expects me to just totally rearrange my schedule to suit his whims. Did I mention he has ADHD. Of course, he's in denial. Also, he can't handle caffeine, but he is addicted to Mountain Dew. He sneaks it at work and then lies about it, even though he is like a zombie at home the next day because of the crash. Yesterday he was in this zombie mode in the morning, and while he was in the kitchen getting breakfast for the kids (he can't multitask, either) the baby fell out of her high chair onto her head, because he didn't watch her and she stood up and fell. When did I find this out? When I noticed a lump and bruise on her head hours later. He says he checked for injuries. Um, clearly you DIDN'T or you might have noticed the huge welt on her head! Oh, the night she had her first trip to the ER for anaphylaxis, he didn't notice she was covered with hives with her eyes swelling shut, even though she was crying and he was CARRYING HER IN A SLING. Right in front of his fucking eyes. Somehow I was able to figure out something was wrong from two floors away, which saved her life. I pray that I don't die before she's old enough to take care of herself, because he's sure to kill her by inattention.

I'm feeling cheated. I, too, thought I had checked to see his partner and parent qualities before we got married. Unfortunately, I didn't get introduced to his self-centeredness, his immaturity, his lying, his lack of job ambition, his lack of social skills, etc...until after we were already married and pregnant. As soon as I had to depend on him, the jig was up. I am angry at myself for not marrying a real man. I'm angry that it seems that you have to fail your first attempt at marriage before you really learn what to look for in a mate. I feel trapped now because he is mostly a good father (as long as the work isn't too demanding for him), and my kids would be devastated if we divorced. Also, I have to seriously consider that they would be even more unsafe without me around. On visitation with dad, who knows what the baby might wind up eating?

I'm just sick of being the responsible, grownup around here. Lately, he's been saying he's depressed blah blah blah. I'd like to know how he manages to feel so overwhelmed and depress when all the responsibilities are on MY shoulders? And while we're at it, when do I get to have MY nervous breakdown? So far, it's been six years and he's been the only one allowed to be all emotional. If I express irritation at having to have a common-sense conversation for the tenth time, then he'll say, "You seem angry about something else." Um, NO. I'm angry at YOU, you fucking idiot.

asshole husband 141

My husband is a asshole because he bought car insurance off the internet, without checking it out,, price was very low.. Previously, wired money for a motorbike, from the comp, and lost $1000. Tells me to do it yourself on household issues.

My husband 142

I am so angry at my stupid husband. Today is our 7th year anniversary and the fool didn't spend the day with me. I was alone with our four children. When he finally brought his uncaring, insensitive& inconsiderate self home, (mind you, he came home one hour before I had to go to work, I work third shift.) he started an argument with me as if the day wasn't already ruined. He did this because he had company and this was a way to avoid spending anytime with me. I'm married to a selfish pig and the only reason I stay is because the sex is delicious, I wish the sex wasn't so good it would make it easier to leave.

don, the asshole 143

I am so pissed at my fuckhead of a husband. he always says he will be gone for a couple hours and then he stays out with his stupid ass friend till 3 in the morning!!!! he's a loudmouth know it all too. i wish to god i would've never married such a piece of shit, hes probably fucking his friend jeff strait (how fucking ironic) in the ass as i type this. oh well im going to make sure his precious nerdy ass cartoon movies have an accident. shove that up your ass!

My husband 144

My husband is so angry at me all the time. I work at a job that I cannot stand, but cannot leave. He gets mad at me because I am late to work. He gets mad at me when I get migraines. We have been together eight years now, and he won't stop smoking, so we can get pregnant. We even had a sperm analysis done, and it showed that the movement of his sperm are much slower than they should be. We barely even have sex anymore. His hygiene stinks. Most nights he comes to bed without having showered that day, after working a dirty job, and he smells, his hair is greasy, and he probably hasn't brushed his teeth. He looks up pornography on the computer, even after I told him how much it hurts me, especially when we rarely have sex.

He is a good provider, but he throws it up in my face almost daily. He tells me that I don't make enough money. I feel worse about myself now than I ever have in my life. He wasn't like this when we dated, which was about five years. I felt like I knew what I was getting into. I think I made a mistake marrying this man, but I don't want to get divorced. I just want him to be the person he used to be. I just want a little compassion when I am sick, comfort when I am sad or troubled, his love, and his friendship. I don't feel any of these things anymore.

Why did I marry my Husband?!?! 145

I am so angry at my husband! He is a good father and an okay husband. I get so tired of feeling like just a mother and not a wife! He always "forgets" my birthday, valentines day and our anniversary. He never takes me out or does any thoughtful deeds. He lays around watching any type of sport, doesn't help with the house or kids and then expects to get some at night! Are you stupid? A few years ago on New Years he was on call with his work and never came home. Come to find out he was asleep in the work warehouse trying to recover from a hang over! He was driving a company van while drunk! Aside from that, it is against our religion to drink alcohol. So I felt totally betrayed.

At this moment I am at my parents house with my kids for spring break and all I do is think about what is he doing while I am gone. He withdrew $20.00 two days in a row from the ATM. What in the world would he need $40 for? I'm afraid he is buying alcohol and drinking. I hate not trusting him.

I have known for sometime now that we shouldn't have gotten married. I think that I felt like I was going to be an old maid and never get I married him. Big mistake. It is not what I envisioned my life to be! I didn't want to take back seat in his life. I would leave but he provides all the financial support and I have no education. He makes me angry for making me feel so insecure, sad and most of all not cherished by my "soul mate"! Damn him!

Husband sleeps or rages all the time 146

This is my second husband who works labor jobs when he is not claiming he is sick or injured. He has manic depression and will not admit he needs help even to save our marriage or deal with our son. He will go to " his own bedroom" I am not allowed in it for sometimes 24-72 hours and when we do see him it is always rage and abuse. He will not participate in the finances, bills, decisions of anything help in or out of the house, Nothing. I have no relationship with him and no sex life. Even when there is no one in the house all night he will not bother with me. Nothing is his fault, he sees nothing wrong about the way he lives and has no concern about me or any of the children who are grown and gone and will not even visit because of him. My holidays are watching him sit with the TV or be behind a bedroom door. It is all too isolating and abusive. If I try and get out he finds a way to sabatago it. He will not move out nor go get a divorce.

Game playing husband 147

I am so tired of my husband of 7 months. Just to name a few things, we got into an argument once and so the next day when he went to work.. he flattend the tire on my car. CAN YOU BELEIVE IT? Other times when he's angry he hides the money for the bills (we have a safe we keep money in) He has taken my engagment ring and hid it in the isulation of the basement too. Oh..Im not done yet!..the other day he got mad at me and poured water on my side of the bed. When I went to get in it I felt the water, he deined it and told me I am psyco and have issues. He finally admited it 2 days god I wish this was a web site that people could help me. Please pray for me and my 5 year old son.

husband 148

first of all, the only reason i married him was because i had a business and he was a good helpler. i never have been truly in love with him. we have a small child and i just hate him. i like nothing about him and the thought of sex with him makes me sick to my stomach, literally!!!!! So, i refuse to give him sex and honestly don't care if he is sleeping with someone else, because i don't have those feelings for him. i want a divorce, but because I have money, he is an asshole and will make it difficult. we tried it already. i have a very important career and and nervous about the damage it will cause. i have built up the courage and i know he is not going to leave me alone. i actually believe he would try to kill me, if i am with someone else. i don't have no one in mind right now, but i like being married, just not to him. i am sick of the verbal abuse, the pot smoking, the drinking, the excuses of why he is not successful at his business. He is good with our child. I have never felt so much hate between two people, i can honestly say i hate him, without thinking twice. he is pushing me to the edge, but the bastard won't leave, i belive it is because he can't afford his lifestyle without me. He nags like a bitch, he is short, and i don't even like short men, and his damn stomach is larger than freakin life, i over this shit

Husband 149

I am so damn angry cuz of my husband wanting to see his Narcissistic EVIL family of origin after all the abusive evil crap they've said and done to BOTH of us. But he wants to go see them, cuz he looooooves them and wants them to know he still cares. YOu asshole, how could you love, let alone care about those evil abusers called your Mother and your Sister, Father, Brother Inlaw's and Sister in law.

This to me is a major betrayal and I'm to scared to leave you. I want to be with you the rest of my life, but you screwed it up. Husband, do you think that I know how you really feel about me? I do. You say you love me, but you go to their stupid holidays, bdays. You are rewarding their behavior by associating with them, you are giving your silent approval of everything they've done when you relate with them. You will hardly even stand up for yourself when your M sent YOU a Vday card meant to hurt the BOTH of us as well as her post cards and all the other recent crap.

I hate you for wanting to even have anything to do with them. And you won't even tell them off for all they've done. Really, it's you I should hate the most. You always put your family of origin first over me. You said you loved me and didn't want to hurt me, but you go out and do it anyway. You are a sick man. You think you act all calm and in control but you're just like them. You suck.

Until you cut them out of your life, I can't have peace and joy with you, or trust you for that matter. Anyone who would care for those pieces of crap you call parents and siblings and spouses, is sick in the head.

You would rather hurt your Wife, than hurt those assholes! You think throwing my your scraps of a false sense of security, will make me feel safe and not afraid your going to betray me again?

How much pain do expect me to take, when I know in your heart you don't care about how I feel, but want your big fantasy happy family, regardless of how you get it? Your family of origin doesn't give a crap about you, they don't love you and never will. They are Narcissists and you have shown how you are so much like them.

When are you going to finally put me first in your heart and lose those evil hellish snake in the grass scumbags and finally be the Husband you should have been even before we were married? I am sick of living my life like this. I have lost alot of trust and feelings for you. Matter of fact all I feel is hate right now. I don't even know if I love you anymore. But why would you care, you always are looking out for you and what you want. Go to hell. Go marry your sister and your mommy and give them children you low life.

That's who you really wanted all along. You wanted your cake and eat it too. You wanted me to just put up with their abuse (and yours) and just live with it and ask for more. You actually get abused and ask for more! That is so messed up. Why would anyone want to go around anyone even family after being treated like you and I have, by them? WHY? Are you insane? What is wrong with you? Your parents brainwashed you and your siblings really well. They have you so well trained, that you would deeply, I mean very very deeply hurt your wife to keep your family happy.

I want a great life with you, but if you keep them in yours, you are then keeping them in mine by proxy, not matter what you say.

You are the biggest loser in this, cuz you are inevitably destroying your marriage over these ppl who never gave a flying piece of poop for you. I've seen them in action. I know how they feel about you and it aint love. As it is everything is about THEM, your family of origin. We've (actually YOU) have worshipped them for as long as we've been married and I think it's high time you kick them to the curb and see them for the trash they really are.

Or eventually you WILL lose me. Don't cry to me that I'd be throwing our marriage away...I'd be leaving because of your betrayal to me, with your family of origin. Your are supposed to put me first in everything, not your parents and siblings! Get a clue and stop hurting me! I deserve way better than this, and don't you dare turn this around back on me like your the victim! Jerk.

 Losing my Husband to my Best Friend 150

I took in my best friend into my home when her hubby cheated on her, and now I feel like my hubby and her are trying to get me into a three way relationship. I didn't want this. I am jealous, I'll admit. I see how well they get along and it pains me. I tried talking with my man and he says I've run off all his previous friends, and she's the firs tbest friend he's developed that I've truly tolerated. Its amazing...I thought I was being helpful by moving her in. It was only supposed to be temporary and its become final. I don't feel like I am being driven away but I do feel like I am losing my husband and best friend of 14 years to my best friend of 4 years because I cared too much to let her or her pets be homeless. Is this the thanks I get? Where's the respect from my husband to not cross the line and share the couch so closely with her that from a distance others might think there is something going on? Not to mention that he shares a bed with her on a regular basis which just weirds me out. It doesn't matter that my open relationship with him has allowed for conversations where I have clearly said what is bothering just continues to happen..And I don't wanna say anything to either of them because they both mean a lot to me but on the other hand...I want my husband back and I want her out of my home. And yet I can't bring myself to say it...cause she saved my life last year literally and she's so alone and needs people who love her. I must be an idiot. I know this will all end in tears and yet I continue on, hoping something will remove her from the situation without ruining the relationship. So yeah, I'm angry but I'm in control of it...which is why I'm using this site instead.

husband 151

I am sick with some weird bone disorder skinny 108 lbs. I have to do all the shopping, cleaning, child care ( 3 year old) and work at night till 5am 2 or three times a week, make sure all the bills are paid on time, while he has 3 helpers in his tile bus. so he really does not have to do too much .when he comes home he just watches tv and smokes pot al day long will not even change a light bulb. our smoke detector has been beeping for 2 years. no yard work, no house cleaning, he leaves tons of hair all over the bathroom he wears a wig . and then tells me not to use up all the insurance because he might need it sometime in the future..he tells me I need to gain weight yea I wish.. I think he has found someone else a little meatier.. last night He told me I was now on my own. and he was not going to anything for me again, I never thought he did much for me any way..I am not going to will my 3 year old son to him.... he should rot in hell

hubby 152

my husband is a worthless piece of shit and expects me to pay for everything. He sucks in bed and likes popping zits. He has bad breath and is a stoner and an alcoholic. All he likes to do is sleep and complain. I wish he would grow up and realize men and women share chores, especially when your wife pays for everything!

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Ok, and you're still with him because....?

husband 153

I am sick and tired of the fact that my husband is so damn selfish to me but so fantastically generous with everyone else-including strangers. he never buys me any little token or anything but always expects me to give him things.He spends all his money (ON HIMSELF OF COURSE) and then also takes mine.

When we are out he blows about how money means nothing to him and how he lives so well and it´s like a knife through my heart. He doesn´t care that i feel totally neglected and stupid-for 8 years i was the only one working in our relationship and I shared everything with him-I actually believed that he would do the same for me. Well I ve totally discovered I,m wrong. All he does is makes empty promises about the future............

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Husband 154

I'm so damn angry because my husband is a jerk. I've been married for 10 years now. I hate it I hate it. He's selfish, childess. We have 4 children together. 1 is is step child my daughter. He's just been different i cant even explain it. I personally think he's cheating on me. He dont meet me half way with nothing. He dont help me with the children, He dont clean, he dont take out the trash. He get's very angry for nothing. He yells at me and the children. He acts like i'm a child. I'm always supporting him on things that he want to do. He never supports me on anything that I want to do. If marriage is suppose to be like this I rather be by myself. I'm tired of the shit. I just fed up. Like this song says when a woman is fed up. He doesnt show any care or support toward me. I just recently lost my job. Now he's been pressuring me about work. I was on my job for 5 years. I feel like he using me until he cant use me anymore. I just got back 9,000 from my job when i was let go. I spent that on by him a car. Now he wants to get up every morning and leave me with the kids all day long. I have a van, but you cant find places to go with a baby. He expect me to take all the children with me when I leave the house. But he never take the kids with him ever. I'm tired of this dead marriage.

stupid stupid man! selfish husband 155

That stupid asshole! He bitches more than any woman I've ever met! Whine, bitch, cry! Why didn't the house work get done today? Maybe because you work a midnight shift and you were sleeping. APPARENTLY, THAT'S NO EXCUSE! Why don't I go to the gym and lose some weight, make $60,000 a year, clean the house, raise the kids, go to school to get a better job, get all the shopping done, be home when you get home and home when you leave, cook your meals? Why don't I do all of this at once and NEVER inconvenience you?

Well excuse me sweet prince! Stupid bastard always had mommy to do all of this and kiss his ass. Too bad her house was a pig stye, she never worked outside of the home and never went to college. That dumb fuck has never even moved anything of his into our house. It's all still out at mommy and daddy's. We have a house and a kid and are married but you still won't move your stuff in and live here like a man. Grow up you bitch! Start helping out more and whining less and then maybe you wouldn't be a fucking joke at work and among your friends for being the little weiner that never grew up. Take that Peter-fucking-Pan!

I'm just as stupid for not telling your ass to hit the road years ago. AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!! I hope you get so constipated that you have to go to the hospital to have your ass vacuumed out by some brutus nurse! I'm going to video tape the whole thing so I can show it to everyone at our next get together! BASTARD!

Husband out drinking all night 156

I am very angry right now at my husband for going out with his sister to get coffee and not coming home or calling all night. When he comes home he is sick from drinking too much, leaving me with all the house chores and out of control dogs.

I hate my husband 157

My husband has me so pissed off I could just spit! He's 12 yrs older than I am (I am in my mid 30's) so you'd think he'd be some what mature but in reality I am finding out that he's rather immature and self centered. Now we didn't 'rush' into marriage, we were together for 3 yrs before we tied the knot. They say that marriage changes people and I'm not sure if that's really the case here or if I was just stupidly blind before. One saving grace at this moment in time is that we do not live together. I know that sounds odd as hell and I agree that it is. Some days I wish like heck that we could live together but other days I'm so glad that we don't. We also don't have sex (we've had sex like maybe 4x's in the last 2 yrs), we don't share bank accts, infact I'm not sure anymore that we share much of anything except a last name. He gives me all kinds of excuses for why we don't have sex, can't live under the same roof, don't share bank accts, etc etc. but I'm finding out that basically he's living his life by free falling thru it. He has no plans for today, tomorrow, or any point down the road. I've also concluded that the reason for this is because to have a plan would mean that he would have to try to acheive something in order to make that plan work but its easier to just bitch and complain about how life screws him over then it is to actually TRY. UGH! Anymore I dont' even try to talk to him about things because I never know what little thing might make him blow up. He gets terribly defensive when there is the slightest hint that he may not be right about something and then he treats me like there's something wrong with me. Accuses me of things that he does (ex: sleeping all the time, being sarcastic, etc) and even though I recently changed my work schedule to suit him and his schedule he has now stated that his schedule is going to change again and will not be in synch with mine. I'm ready to scream, I'm ready to blow up, I'm ready to tie him to a chair, duct tape his mouth and make him listen to all the anger thats building up in me. I've spent the last several months being depressed and then realized I wasn't depressed as much as I was angry. This is not how a newlywed should be, this is not how anyone should be! I would write a letter to my husband but at the moment there's only two words I feel like saying to him, One starts with an F and the other with a Y.

Husband is verbally abusive & plays mind games 158

I am sick of my husband. He is such a control freak! There are MANY examples of his controlling behavior: he won't let us watch what we want to watch on T.V., he chooses what kind of dinner we should have every night, he tells ME much money he'll "let" me have for groceries, etc. He screams at me every time I want to buy something we need for the kids -- like sneakers, toothpaste, etc. A REAL father should want to provide his kids with what they need, but my husband doesn't. He is so lazy he doesn't even clean his damn laundry, yet he wants everything his way. What's even worse is that he plays mind games with me. He acts like he wants to initiate sex by kissing me and telling me he wants me, and then he gets up and leaves the room before I even get my shirt off. He's a freak, a liar, a manipulator, and an a-hole. He confides in a woman in her late forties that has 5 kids. He tells her personal information about our kids and me. I suspect that he's been having a long-term (on and off again) affair with her since 2002. He ignores our kids and takes off to go "work out", but then he comes home at 1 a.m. and tells me that he was talking with that older woman and some friends. (I don't believe him, though. I know he was only with her.) Nothing I do or say is good enough, and he always puts me down. Everything I do or say is wrong. Every time I wear something nice, he makes fun of me and makes me feel like crap. I am educated (he isn't), but he tells me I'm stupid and worthless all of the time. He doesn't pay the bills on time, but he wants control of all of the money so that he can spend it on his girlfriend. This girlfriend is a sister to a co-worker of my husband, and that co-worker has verbally attacked me on the phone (I hung up on that jerk). My husband thought it was funny, but it's not. My husband lies to me and leads me to believe something, and then when I find out the truth, he tells me he was only joking. I don't believe anything he tells me anymore. I'm tired of the verbal absue. I've left him once before with the kids, but I came back because he promised he would change. I've been back for about 4 months, and nothing has changed. I don't think it will ever change. My youngest will be 5 soon, and when she attends school, I'll be able to afford to leave. I will leave for good this time. I deserve someone that will respect me, love me, and treat me right. I only want a man that will be civil to me and act like a decent human being. I know my husband will never be civil or decent. I deserve someone that truly cares for me. Every woman does. Life is too short to live with this kind of anger. No one should settle for a lying, cheating, manipulative, and controlling son-of-a-b!

My Tunisian Husband 159

I am incredibly depressed. I have been holding all of this inside and am very furious. I have been married for 6 years now and i became a dancer 3 years ago. I had hard time finidng a job that pays all of our bills so I got a job as a dancer and it helps big time but the catch is, this job makes you lose confidence in yourself as a person. It makes you feel like a piece of shit then I have to come home and deal with my husband who now is not treating me nicely. He gives me shit in front of his friends. He ingores me when I cry. I would do things but he does not say thanks or show his apperication. He even said, what if I had an affair one dayi n the future, would you forgive me? I was like heck no then im out of the marriage. Hes like then i dont have to tell u if it ever happens. Its very hurtful. So much things to say that i got it all disoriented in my head but you get the idea. I married a Tunisian and Im an American. Hmmm, we are not on same level but I always have loved him. We always were tight until not long ago. Very depressing. I dont understand how can a man really be mean to a woman who provides for him and who gives him much of her heart.

my husband insensitivity 160

my husband is so insensitive to my feelings it hurts me so bad I just want to be loved after eight years of marriage you think that he would know that I love sex and all he does is sleep I work 3rd shift he works first but we have in between and he comes home and sleeps I then get up when the kids get home from school make supper and then shower and get ready for work then he gets up what the hell is that? he only seems to be happy when he has extra money and we are so far in debt because he took out so many internet loans his whole check goes to pay them and the intrest alone is killg us I pay all the bills kids lunches gas food rent phone eletric cable water/sewer he pays nothing but his loans I did not know about the loans until I asked for money to help with the eletric bill and he did not have any I started digging around in the computer and found all this shit he even entered into a online dating service what the fuck he cant handle sex with me what the hell does he think he will do with someone elese duh besides sleep cause that is all he does is sleep sleep sleep not even chores not dishes not the garbage not even the fucking laundry until i stopped doing his we have 4 kids that is enough for me what the hell am i working so hard for I know my children and i know they come first But it would be so nice to feel loved and appreciated and be loved by my husband not just the words Ilove you some of us need to feel the love how can this be done?



Husband 162

My husband is a real jerk! He doesn't work hardly at all and he sits around with his motorcycle buddies at the bike shop all day and half the evening while I pay all the bills. He says why should he work? I make enough to support us. He stands there telling me to give him money when his lazy butt won't work. He is not responsible for anything. He does nothing around the house. I do everything!! I take care of the house, our son, the yard, and the bills. He does nothing. He used to take our son to school but I got tired of begging him to get up. It is easier to take him myself. He is a handy man who only works here and there- he doesn't make enough to pay for his own gas.He doesn't look for work-he just stays at the bike shop all day. He stays with his motorcycle buddies as much as possible. He drinks all the time also. I wish I had never married him. We have been together 10 years and have a wonderful son which I wouldn't take anything for but I have just about had it with him. He called me today and ordered me to bring him money-he was hungry!!! How could anyone be so rude to their wife! Of course he has no money because he doesn't work. He says I treat him like a child but he acts like one with his hand out expecting me to pay for all his stuff when he is very able to work himself. He works for himself because he can't handle having a boss tell him what to do and he can't handle having to get up and be somewhere at a certain time. He is the most irresponsible person I have ever met. His mother worships him and thinks he is so wonderful. I'd love to tell her what a jerk he really is. We have discussed divorce but I haven't wanted to for our son but I am just about ready to go through with it. I am so angry with him!!

my husband 163

I am so DAMN angry right now I could blow myself up. My husband told me just last Sunday that he needs space and that i am smothering him. Well here i set in front of my computer (just got off work, I am a grainhauler) and he is out hauling bulls. So what am i mad about? He just left yesterday and has already called me at least 19 times. Talk about invading spaces......ironic isn't it. After all I am the one invading his he claims. Oh shit now he is trying to get ahold of me on my cell. I am going to take the phones and shove them up his ass....maybe he will get some satisfation over that one seeing how he is always wanting me up the ass and tells me i am not normal because i don't want it!!!!!!Our sex what a fucking joke. I have not seen his face for so long (having sex) because he turns me around and tries to FUCK methere. He sits on his comp all day while i am at work and surfs the net looking at naked young girls and porns. But if i say anything to him about it he comes unglued....I may as well have cut his fingers off cause i am invading his space..LMFAO Oh but he forgets he told me all about his ex-wives and thier problems.....Linda slept around on him and he caught her and Jenni was a drunken bitch...hmmmm so i guess i am the SPACEINVAIDER THAT HE WON'T HAVE TO BOUNCE A QUARTER OFF MY BED OR GIVE ME A LIFETIME SUPPLY OF JACK DANIELS.....hey maybe he will shoot me to the moon and i willhave an alien encounter of the third kind. Oh by the way he quit taking his cymbalta three months ago. Yes he is clinically nuts.

My husband of 3 years 164

I was betrayed, no, not another woman (or man) he was pretending to be someone that he wasn't. I think he was able to fool me because we both worked all the time. We spent some time together, and discussed the important things, money, no more children, values and beliefs-it all seemed great, then we got married. He quickly went from Fabio to Waldo. He is a hillbilly, hillbillies put their shitty toilet paper on the floor, they think hey grows grass, don't know that vacuum cleaners have to be plugged into the wall, and they think that a mutt is actually a breed of dog called sooner. And yes, the finances, he drained the bank account 3 times bouncing checks and costing hundreds to get it all straight. Now I do the money, told him he gets 100. a week and he said that was the most cold hearted thing that I had said to him. This one is an idiot folks. I am filing for divorce, can I stand living in the same house with him until then? He is so stupid I cant stand it, it makes me nuts.

Husband 165

I am angry because he doesn't listen to me. I really should be happy that I have a husband who cleans, works, etc. But he doesn't listen to me. He starts reading an ad in the paper during a conversation, he changes the subject, he walks away. Whatever! He just doesn't listen. I am highly educated. I feel that I have many important things to say. It's just, well, okay here it goes, he doesn't care enough to listen. It's been 9 years of this. I don't know how much more I can handle. I would rather be alone. Then I wouldn't feel a false security that I will always have someone who cares.

husband 166

He makes it so hard for me to love him, and I WANT to love him. We've only been married for a year--dated for 2 before that. I honestly don't know if he changed after we married or if I was delusional for 2 years.

He's so angry. He ends up taking it out on me, and it's not fair. He doesn't hit me--I think he'd cut his own arm off before he hit me, or cheated on me, for that matter. But he talks to me like he hates me. According to him I'm selfish, irresponsible, and irrational. If he thinks this, why does he want to be with me?

I'm far from perfect. I know this. But I'm trying to be a better human from day to day, for me and for him. He doesn't see it, doesn't appreciate it. And selfish? He's the selfish one. I have herpes (haven't had an outbreak for 12 years, but it'll always be in my system.) So he won't go down on me, which is the ONLY way anybody can give me an orgasm. I'd understand, except that he'll put his dick in me without a condom just fine, because he doesn't like condoms. So he'll do what feels good to him, and my sexual needs don't matter. And sex is really rare, in part because he drinks so much. He tries to wake me up for sex but no way--he wakes up early, like many alcoholics, with a morning woody that has nothing to do with me, it's just a guy systemic thing, and I'm supposed to rouse myself enough for him to fuck me for 5-10 minutes with no foreplay because why should he, he's already aroused, right? I don't think so.

He's drunk pretty much every night. I knew he was an alcoholic when I met him, but I didn't get what that meant. Everything stresses him out because he never learned to deal with stress, right, he started drinking and smoking pot (no pot these days) when he was 12. So to deal with stress he starts drinking, which makes him angry. He then picks a fight with me--doesn't matter what it's about. Once he started yelling at me because I said I thought that it was the law in TX that bedrooms had to have smoke detectors in them. So lately I've started telling him, when he's getting angry and I suspect that there's no issue except that he's been drinking, that he needs to leave me alone. Of course that makes him angry, too. He's angry when I fight back, he's angry when I don't. There's no way to win. I don't even want to win--I want US to win together, but there's no way to do that either.

My Husband 167

Because he's always bringing up his ex-flings and girlfriends. It makes me jealous thinking about him with those other women. Last night he told me (for the upteenth time) about his first f'£$, we'll call it that because they were together all of about 3 weeks. He was 15 and she was 14. This makes me sick. 14 year girls should be with their girlfriends, not having sex. I try never to bring up the subject, but it always comes back. He tried to justify that having sex with her made her a proud, confident woman and a better person. That when they had sex it was romantic. I don't want to hear any of this!!! So, I threw a fit, I slammed doors, I ripped up a book he gave me, I tried to make him hit me by annoying him, I tried not to let him sleep, I even packed my bags and said I was going home. I can't take another one of these talks ... He just wants to hang it over my head that I have only had sex with 2 others ... I really hate him.

husband 168

My husband is an ass! He has always lied to me stoled from me and then turn it around on me and make me feel as if I am loosing my mind!!!! He threatens to leave me because I make false accusatons! Even when I have had evidence and or caught him red handed in a lie! I am so sick of his lies and stealing from me!!!!! I just want to be able to trust him. I want to trust him soo bad. After all isn't he supposed to be my best friend? If I can't trust my best friend who can I trust?

man of the house 169

I'm fed up with everything always being my fault. He can be an inconsiderate fuck- but I'm the one who gets blamed and I'm the one who does everything wrong. He can't remember a damn thing I say because he doesn't care enough to listen. His communication skills are complete shit- and yet I'm to blame for every miscommunication and I'm the bitch who doesn't appreciate him. I'm supposed to be everything to everyone, and the second he steps in to help I'm supposed to worship teh ground he fucking walks on because she's suddenly so great. Nothing I do around the house is enough. I can clean 3 rooms and he asks me why the 4th isn't clean. I can put off vacuuming because he's decided to take yet another nap and it would be rude to wake him up, but when he get's up he sayds I'm lazy and worthless because I had 4 hours and I didn't vacuum. He had 4 hours to nap, even though he got more sleep than I did last night, and I'm the bitch who can't keep the house clean. Never mind the fact that there are things around the house HE could be helping with. I idn't make the mess on my own, but I'm either everyone's maid or when he lifts a finger I get to listen to him go on and on about he's a fucking martyr for our family and I don't do shit.

I gave up my education, my dreams, my hopes and my needs so I could follow him and let him get all of his accomplished, but the minute I try to do something that make some feel like I'm worthwhile, he pretends to be supportive, but insults everything I am doing and tells me I'm selfish and I'm taking too much time away from the family and that they are all suffering because I'm not there to cook and clean and be available to do everyone's bidding 24/7. Don't tell me what I'm doing is great and then berate me and make me feel guilty for trying to do a good job and be the competent person I'm capable of being when I'm not tied down on every side by his needs and the needs of our children. All I want is a little support and acknowledgement of my efforts- no more of this lip service shit. I'm not the cause of all of our problems. He is just as much to blame as I am, if not more. Stupid fuck.

two timing asshole husband 170

I have been married for 15 years to a total asshole. Nothing I do has ever been good enough for him.We have one child, a daughter, that he has nothing to do with as a result she hates his fucking guts and tells me so on a daily basis. She isn't good enough for him either. I have been loyal to this fucking idiot through every dumbass move he has mad over the last 15 years. He is a financial moron and I take care of all the bills while he goes out 3 nights a week to booze it up and womanize with the dumbfucks that he works with. Then on the odd occasion that he actually happens to glance at the bank account he freaks out on me and accuses me of using up all the money. Well no shit idiot! Someone has to pay the fucking bills. He has no idea what it cost to run a house or how much money he is wasting drinking and eating out. At home he does nothing. I mow the lawn, do house repairs, clean, take out the garbage...everything, while he lays on the sofa and tells me that he "works you know somebody has to" that fucking asshole. Because I dont work of course raising our daughter and doing everything at home including taking care of his sorry ass dont count. Of course I have worked outside of the home and every time I do he bitchs endlessly about how the fucking house is falling apart. To top it off when I am gone he completely ignores our daughter and watches tv.Twice I have gone to nursing school at his insistance that I "do something with my self" and both times he has fucked it up for me. The first time the day before a major exam I discovered that he was fucking around with some cheap slut at his work I fell apart. The asshole begged me on his knees not to throw him out, he loved me blah blah blah. LIke a moron I gave him another chance. Within two weeks he told me that I was ruining his life by not letting him go out drinking with his asshole buddies, and that it was my fault that he cheated anyway because I didnt support his dumbass decision to take a new job that payed $30 000.00 less per year. That fucking idiot. TO top it off within two months of me starting school again I began to get the feeling that he was up to it again. Turns out that two timing, fucking shithead bastard looked up an old girlfriend from 17 years ago on the internet and began to seen her. The cowardly cocksucker now tells me that he LOVES her and, that he always has. What a fucking joke! We are now separating and good fucking ridance! Of course all of the responsibility of selling the house and liquidating out assets has fallen on me while he continues to go out drinking, and he tells me that he dosen't even want to see out daughter, and oh yeah could I keep doing his fucking laundry!!!!!! That dickhead makes me so fucking furious. I HATE his shiteating guts!

Husband 171

I swear I will never get married again. This sucks. I am so tired of the crap I have to put up with. About 8 months ago I fell at work and did some serious damage to my ankle and leg. So while I am lying on the ground outside of work I call my husband ( the truck driver)to tell him I have broken my ankle and what does this sensitve caring man say to me. "You need to be more careful." Careful? I fell in the dark down some steps. Does he ask if I am okay? No. I had to tell him I broke my ankle. The insensitive boob doesn't even say he's sorry for berating me while I am lying on the concrete in a rain storm. This guy just shows up at the hospital to pick me up the day I am released. He actually delivered his load and then told his company I was in the hospital having sugery and he had to come get me. My BOSS showed up at the hospital and stayed well into the am to make sure I made it out of surgery. Even now after two surgeries to fix the leg and ankle does he give me a break, oh no, not him. He doesn't understand why I can't pull my own weight in the house. Pull my own weight I can't even stand on my leg you prick. I even worked a full time job and took care of everything in the house with my leg broken. Now he tells me that he can't depend on me to do anything because he has to take care of everything and work too. Oh boo hoo. Get over it. For over 12 years of "wedded bliss" I have cooked, cleaned and paid all the damn bills. He can't even handle it for a few months. He even had the nerve to say that I was out of shape. Hell yeah I'm out of shape, can't really work when you have a broken leg and ankle and the doctor won't even let you drive a stick shift yet. How am I supposed to work out when I can't even walk without a leg brace?

I am so sick of everything being my fault. It is my fault that he quit a damn good job and decided to find himself on the road. Its my fault that we had to file bankruptcy to just keep our home. I am so sick of everything being my fault. I don't know how much longer I can take with him I hate the fact that I have to stay here because I can't leave his ass and move far away until I am completely healed.

Husband 172

I could slice my throat right now because of my selfish, asshole husband. He has to be the most bizzare man on this planet and I don't know how I got stuck being married to this winner!! I stay at home and he works all day in front of a computer, while I take care of 3 kids (our 2 yr old is his), I do everything for him but wipe his ass. He walks all over me all the time. He buys himself whatever he wants whenever he wants but if I go and buy something then I hear about how selfish I am for spending his hard earned cash. I'm sick of that shit. I should start sending him an invoice for all the cum stain boxers I have to wash each month, along with ironing, cleaning his house and babysitting his son. Everything has to be his way or he'll make everyone in the house freakin miserable. He even makes you take your shoes off before you get into his boat or car?? WTF???!!! I need a miracle.

My husband 173

My husband is an insensitive ass. He thinks the world revolves around him. He thinks he does no wrong, cusses me out, yells and screams. Calls me names and then thinks all should be happy in fantasy land. But if he gets the same treatment, he gets mad. Can we all say mental case. I feel like I need "space" from him. Isn't that what they say to us? My logic, treat me the way you want to be treated. You treat me like crap then expect the same at you.

my husband 174

I work so hard.........I left my home country to be with him and he has an alcohol problem. like all women I thought he would change and he hasn't. He doesn't drink too much but when he does he is abusive and very scary. he hasn't hit me but I live with the fear as 20 years go my first husband put me in hospital so many times I stayed on my own for 20 years after.

I worked hard and brought up my son and then fell for my present husband. I moved to his country and he promised me the world. When he is sober he is wonderful but he is moody, and arsy but I can cope with that. BUT when he has had a drink he is so so scary.

I own 3 businesses and I am not a stupid woman but I am beginning to think right now that I am. If he wants a drink he starts a fight so he can make an excuse to go out and drink. I am now sitting here waiting for him to come home and start the abuse and smashing the house up.

i can't cope anymore and I can't leave as every penny I had is invested here. I also have 3 dogs and I need to look after them. I can't leave them with him as he will do this to them if I am not around. i feel so tied and so alone and so scared. I don't see a way out of this.........If I leave what can I do with my dogs? i will have lost all my money and at 45 I can't start again.....I can't. I have worked so hard all my life. I wish he would die but in this country the family of the deceased get half of everything.  How unfair is that? Oh god I need an answer to this pain.

*Note from Anger Central
The Webmaster's wife is an immigrant as you are. He works very hard to take good care of her. We're sorry you are having a rough time and wish we could assist you. If you have your green card you should be able to leave him if it comes to that. If you have to, talk to a lawyer. We would also suggest that you talk with your friends. Your husband has to be made to understand that it takes two people to make a good marriage. Good luck to you.

Soon to be ex-husband 175

I think this is the only way to get my anger out. My sorry ass husband first bounced our children's nursery fees to the tune of $1100. Then a week later, the dumbass drove my car with the oil light on. He didn't stop to check the oil, but proceeded to speed up and blow the engine. (But that's not his fault, right? Yeah, and I'm turning shit into sugar.) The next day, I lost my job because I refused to work a holiday weekend. Well I didn't know how I would get there, DUH! Then, three days later the shit hits the fan. He called my mother to tell her that he was bringing me and my two children ages 1 and 2 over to her house at midnight because we had to go. This jackass threatened to kill me and my mother on her cell phone. Now, for the past three months, I have been stuck in my mother's house with my children: no job, no car. His mother has written me letters telling me how disappointed she is in me. He hasn't been paying the mortgage, which he was already behind on. They're going to foreclose. He hasn't paid his car payment. And when I ask for help with the children he said, I don't want to hear your sob stories. This rat has only paid a minimum of child support for them($300)for 3 months. That doesn't even cover the 6 gallons of milk I buy a week. But, he demands to see them every off day he has. He didn't even spend that kind of time with them when we were living at the house. Every day harassing text messages. The thing that pisses me off the most is that I chose this sorry sack. He didn't do crap for these kids, now he wants to play "injured father being divorced by vindictive bitch." I hate him. Hate is an ugly word. I wish there were something stronger.

husband 176

i am angry at my husband for not helping me at all around the house, going out with friends and getting drunk when his infant daughter is sick, telling me that he works and needs to relax, that i don't have a job like his. i'm a full time wife and mother! i hate that this fucking bastard choses to spend time with his friends than with me, i get very angry and i want to leave him. i didn't want to go out with him and i didn't want to marry him, i only did because i was pregnant. the only reason why i hot pregant, was that he nagged and nagged me to have sex with him even when i told him i was a virgin and wanted to wait until my wedding night. he makes me angry every day i am with him, and everyday i hate him even more. i can't wait till our kids are grown up, so i can divorce him so i can find someone who will lavash me with attention, help out at home and not tell me that being a mother is not a job. for god sakes he forgot to get me something for easter (even when i got him an expensive present and then didn't get me a present for my first mothers day!!) on our first ever christmas together he went and got drunk with his friends (this is the first christmas together, first time being married and first time being pregnant too, he went and drunk with a freind) i had to endure his family's dinner, when they talked about babies dying... i am so very angry with him, that i wish i never met him.

Immature/Irritating Husband 177

My husband is the most irritating and obnoxious person I have ever met. He is the type of person that will lower himself to any level to thoroughly annoy a person. For example: I will be in the kitchen all day cleaning up, reorganizing the pantry, cleaning the fridge and all of that kind of stuff with no help from him. Then after I'm completely finished and haven't seen him the whole time he'll come into the kitchen and the first thing he'll say is, "Isn't it great that I had you clean the kitchen? Man, nothing would ever get done around here if I didn't have to hint around about things..." CLEANING THE KITCHEN WAS MY IDEA. He will say anything to provoke someone because he thinks its funny. Seriously, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Imagine this happening with almost everything you do. Another example: He'll ask me "Where are my workout shorts?" And I'll say, "They're in MY clothes hamper since you decided to throw them on the floor right next to it." Then he'll scoff, shake his head and say, "Don't touch my stuff. I can't ever find anything when you move stuff around." IF I DIDN'T TOUCH ANYTHING WE WOULD BE KNEE DEEP IN HUMAN WASTE. This idiot never OWNS UP to anything, especially when he is totally wrong. I dread waking up and getting ready to go to sleep because morning and night are PEAK TIMES for him to be annoying. There are about 4 or 5 hours during the day where he is just neutral. I KNOW he has A.D.D. because I have had friends who were and he is a textbook case. I seriously feel like he has the brain of a 12 year old. He's stupid, he's like 30 pounds overweight, he is lousy in the sack because he tries to finish before he starts SWEATING!!!! He has a hairy back, he has an addiction to sleeping pills and anything else that comes into pill form that has to do with anxiety/sleeping, he snores, he's a slob, he never picks up after himself, he's boring, he's lame, he's horribly immature, and he's a fucking burden on my life. He makes a lot of money and holds that over me and makes me feel like I am not good enough for him. I have ZERO respect from him even though I am an incredible wife that will make him whatever food he wants whenever he wants it, I'll have sex whenever he wants it, I'll do any kind of odd-job or chore for him...He hates that I stick up for myself. I don't sit back and let him treat me like shit. If he is going to do that I make him feel equally as shitty but of course he'd never show it. I put him in his place and he hates it. This is my life.............hopefully not for long.

Husband 178

The 1st 3 mos. were fine. He treated me like a goddess though he would still keep his wandering eyes. Ok. He's young. He'll grow out of it. BULL!! They never grow out of it. A year or so after being together, I (NOT "WE"!!) get pregnant. I get fat. Have the baby. Stay fat due to my back complications. (I have twisted bones.) I can't work out like I used to so I'm fat forever. He doesn't pay attention to me, still treats me like some maid & babysitter. He's out EVERY F'N night with his friends while the fat wife stays home.

He tells me to go out, make friends and do something so that I'm not so angry all the time. That I should release my stress. FINE!! I do that. He's happy that I'm out and about making friends and having a good time. But I'm not. I'm still fat, remember. The attention I used to get when I had my athletic body was awesome but now that's gone too. So, I get off my *ss. Go through physical therapy. Get back to ok health that I'm released to go to the gym again and have at it. So I do. I lose the f'n 60lbs. that've been following me everywhere, get fit (not perfect yet -- still working on it -- gotta get at least to 20% body fat -- I'm at 31 right now and it's been 8 months).

I continue to venture out to the clubs and make more friends but guess what. The attention I used to get is starting to trickle its way back into my life. AND WHO GETS JEALOUS AND STARTS TO HATE ON MY AND MY NEW FRIENDS?!! The very man that told me to get my *ss off the couch and do something. What the heck? DO YOU WANT ME TO HAVE FRIENDS OR NOT? MAKE UP YOUR FREAKIN' MIND!!!

I'm done. I can't go on with this bull. It's obviously all about looks with him 'cause now suddenly he wants to take me out with him and/or he go out with me where before it was just leave the fat cow at home to watch the baby. You PIECE of sh*t!


ok so, I'm pissed as hell at my stupid husband again. Today I've suddenly realized that he's influenced me over the years in such a way that I no longer know who I am. And to think...I've consented to this madness. He makes ALL the decisions in our lives. I have no say in anything. This is ridiculous, I even look worse than I've ever looked because I've become so passive and disinterested in myself. I have to get away from this insanity and try and find myself again. It's like I was sleeping or something and life had just been passing by. I'm 36 years old and have been feeling like I am much older and life has nothing exciting to offer anymore. It's time to take control and kick this guy to the curb.

Husband 180

He has spent the last four years hitting me, torturing me, and making me feel like garbage. I finally fight back one day, and he has the nerve to tell me that "he's scared of me".

*Note from Anger Central
Excuse me, hitting you? Why are you still there and why isn't he in jail? Leave NOW!

self centered husband 181

he thinks he is so above everyone!!! thinks he's a great christian...THAT'S A REAL JOKE!!! reads his GUNS AND AMMO during church. he's a jerk.  i've put up with his shit for 7 years, he's so smug, looks down at everyone, even some of his family.....except for his golden child that is a drunk....but he still can't do wrong

he bitches about every little thing i do or my son, who makes straight A's and isn't into the party sceen like his son. you'd think elvis walked in the room, the family just druwls all over him. wreaked a new 2006 toyota pickup 3 times in less then 6 months...but he's still the golden child!!!!! stoned out of his mind anytime we see him. the shit ass needs to snear at him more instead of nic picking little crap with me and my son. i'm tired of it, he can go to hell. i've even talked to x-wife.....our stories match word for word on how he treated both of us. i just want out.

Husband's an Ass 182

God, if I only knew that sports was his only interest and the only thing he knows about! If someones discusses music, politics, books, history, he's all like "duhh..." and will quickly change the subject to what a "stud" he was in high school baseball. Well, okay, but that was 20 years ago so get over it. It's all about him and his friends and what he likes to do which is party and watch sports. He can't spend any time with me and never shows any affection unless he wants sex. And sex is always a quickie since he's the quickest trigger I've known! I brought our newborn baby home from the hospital and he said "Okay, I'm going to my friend's to watch football" and left me alone with the baby and our 4-year old. The next night he left us again to go play basketball. I was so hurt and confused by his behavior. When I told him so he said he'd fly his mom (oh, joy!) in to help me out. (Long story short, she brought an exercise video so I could lose the bay fat 2 weeks after giving birth!!) Then he had the nerve to send her $500 for "helping out"!! He sits around and fart and farts and laughs and says "What, you don't like that smell?" It makes me sick. He's gained weight in the 2 years we've been married and dresses like a slob. Everyone else in his life is a priority except his own wife. He doubts everything I say, even my parenting even though the jerk has NEVER read a parenting book or magazine in his life. He only plays with our son if it's sports, which my son doesn't like. When our son was hospitalized with asthma, he was mean and said my son was a brat and spoiled since he told him that he wanted Mommy, not Dad. My interests mean nothing, his eyes glaze over when I talk about things that are important to me. I know he's not listening. I feel like I made a big, big mistake. He rarely helps out around the house and when he loads the dishwasher, he expects a freakin' medal! He makes key decisions without consulting me and constantly invites family (his!) and freinds (also his!) to stay with us. (Guess who does all the hosting??) I'm SO SICK OF IT ALL!! To top it all off, he wants ANOTHER kid!! I don't think so.

*Note from Anger Central
Paging Al Bundy!

Husband 183

My husband is the worlds biggest asshole. Noone wants to be around him not even his own family. He critizes the way that I am a mother, he will watch me to correct how I parent he is making are kid live in a bubble. none wants to babysit in fear that they will do something wrong. He tells me that I am fat, lazy, and stupid even though I am a R.N in a an NICU. I work 24 hours a week at least at night and come home with only a few hours of sleep and take care of a two year old. He works as an asshole car salesman and says how tired he is. BullShit I am tired after working 12 hours all night and then taking care of a 2 year old all day. He looks at nasty porn on the internet like gag abuse and shit like that and either doesnt want sex with me or wants a "abusive" BJ. I CANT STAND HIM!!!

Free to anyone who'll tolerate him 184

I have been married for 3 and 1/2 years. We're both active duty Army and have a 10 month old son. During our 4 years in the Army, I've managed to finish my degree, make a nice home for my family, brought a beautiful son into the the world. I have been promoted way ahead of my peers (and him) and continue to seek self improvement in everything I do. And what do I get in return? A piece of crap dirt bag of a husband who only concerns himself with alcohol, Xbox and flying off the handle at me whenever he feels like it. He's totally schitzo -- like tonight -- he calls me on my cell in a poor-reception area and then flips out on me when the phone cuts out. I try to call him back and he hangs up on me and then won't pick up the phone at all. I come home from work and he's like, "Is everything ok honey?" WHAT?!?!? Are you frigan kidding me?! He's on antidepressants (or should I say he WAS -- he ran out and the dumbass couldn't remember to refill the Rx) and I swear to God that if he doesn't get back on those meds I'm out of here. I'm so sick of his crap. I'm sick of fighting. I'm sick of him talking about women like they are a virus. I'm a STRONG woman. I went through BOOT CAMP at 28 years old. I don't care if the world is full of stupid women -- the world is full of stupid PEOPLE and he's one of them -- he's just too ignorant to realize it. Please someone who thinks they can "fix" themselves a new man -- take mine.

Husband 185

For eight years I have been a stay at home mother, largely because my husband looks down upon working mothers. He always has stated that he doesn't want "some stranger" raising his kids. In the meantime I have been attending college via over the internet, regional, weekend or night classes. I earned my associates when my son was 17 months and I was pregnant with my daughter. Now I am 3 classes away from graduating with a B.S. My husband is a contractor which essentially "feast or famine." I can't stand this lifestyle because there is absolutely no stability or reliability in this line of work. Currently we have $20 in the bank, I had to break open the kids' penny banks to pay for food and there is no income or any job prospects insight. My husband is currently building a spec house, yet it has to sell before we see any money from it, and we are currently involved in a dispute with the contractor's board. Additionally I was diagnosed with a rare spinal disorder and need surgery but we can't afford it and my husband acts very uncaring towards the situation.

Last night we got into a huge fight! I told him that it was time to grow-up. I stated that he needed to stop turning down work and take some of the job offers he has been handed. He went onto say that I was the "most evil" person and the "most evil bitch" he has ever known. I don't know what to do? I need some advice. I am completely hurt by his comments. Our relationship was already hanging on by a thread but it has broken.

My Alcoholic, Apathetic, Lazy, Lying Spouse 186

I married my husband about 15 years ago. I thought he was just a down on his luck guy, and I was on a rebound. He worked as a council worker and told me he never had sex before. I was completely naive.

Fifteen years later, I know (most) of the truth. He has four kids by four different women. He gave up his job a week after we married. He has never gone longer than one week without alcohol. He does no work at all, even washing a dish. I do all the DIY, painting, repairs, bill paying as well as being the sole income earner. I would leave him but for my promising my 13 year old daughter that I won't get divorced until she is 18 years old as she does not want to be without a father because her friends without dads are messed up.

Having sex is absolutely disgusting. He doesn't know where my "hole" is for one. He bathes about once every two months and never cleans his teeth. He's always putting his hands on me, even at inappropriate times and places. He masturbates constantly, and when he thinks I'm sleeping, he comes on my back and never cleans it off or even dry it off me. There is no affection at all from him.

Of course, he tells me he loves me all the time. He never shows it. He never buys a present for me that costs more than 3 euro, because 3 euro is a packet of cigarettes and 5 euro is a bottle of cider. When he drinks hard spirits, he is very nasty and has called my daughter "a fucking cunt" and a "thug" because she stands up for herself.

On Christmas day, 1992, six weeks after my giving birth to our daughter, he put my head through a glass window, called me the foulest names ever, then kicked me in the stomach and opened my caesarean scar. I became very depressed. I had been in hospital for the past three months due to complications before birth. I had an appendectomy while pregnant. I wash working until forced into hospital so that I would have some money in case my daughter needed anything when she was born.

He visited me every day. Drunk. We had moved into a council house while I was in hospital. He didn't unpack anything, paint, or had any food in the house when I came home. He didn't even have money for food. He had spent all the dole money on himself. He drank all my daughter's christening money.

I have no self-esteem. I work so that my daughter will have a better life than mine, more stable. I have bi-polar disorder, parkinsonism, Type 1 diabetes, a bad hip, high blood pressure. I want to kill myself most of the time. How did I let myself sink so low.  I would love someone to take care of me, hold me, console me. But I am 52, with thinning white hair, overweight, chronically ill. I work hard, am patient, kind, polite. I have no life and no hope. Except my daughter.

Lazy and unemployed husband 187

I am married to a man with a doctoral degree (he got it nine years ago), and he hasn't held a full-time job for the last ten years, and hasn't even held a part-time job in the last five. The series of universities that employed him part-time each let him go. We have six children (yes, that number is SIX) and our expenses are now exceeding our income by over $1000 each month. He spends more time playing computer games than he does attending to anything related to the house or children. He advises me that we need to reduce our spending (makes sense, I know) and sacrifice even more, but then proceeds to GO OUT TO EAT on the weekends. I have a nice job that makes what would be a nice salary in many parts of the U.S., but here in California, the town we live in is "the island of poverty in the sea of prosperity." The house is a mess, the "meals" are a joke, and the children are never expected to put away their playthings or use good manners at the table, or do anything else you might normally expect from children old enough to know better. I come home from work exhausted and he is in front of the computer wearing the same ratty T-shirt and shorts he has been wearing for weeks. When I walk in the door, I see papers, books, art supplies, dirty dishes, old food adhering to the floor, and inches (or feet) of filth and dust on everything. (Truthfully, his feet are so blackened from the filth --he loves being barefoot-- that they sicken me.) I am angry because I married this good-for-nothing idiot 15 years ago (tomorrow is my anniversary!) and I am obligated to stay married. I don't actually want a divorce; I just want him to leave and go FAR FAR AWAY for a VERY VERY LONG TIME. But he likes being at home (shocking, I know!) and has told me that he is going nowhere no matter how much a I yell, scream, cry, beg, cajole, etc. I wish I hadn't been so stupid to marry him. Clearly, this knowledge doesn't bother him, as when I made reference to it, his response was, "Well, you hitched your wagon to a falling star." I am, of course, the family witch (OK, spell that with a 'b') and he tells me I need professional help. AGHHH! I need him to leave!

husband 188

My husband was injured on the job 3 1/2 years ago. I was 6 months into a very hard and high risk pregnancy. Since his accident he has become extremely addicted to perscription pain medication. It has gotten so bad he can catch a buzz off of advil cold and sinus. He goes all loopy and can't fucking talk or walk or carry on a conversation. He's lied to me time and time again, gotten vicodan's and soma's from several of our neighbors which makes me think they all think we are just plain white trash. He's hidden bottles upon bottles of meds all over the place. Whats it gonna take for him to stop, for our 3 yr old or 9 yr old to find themand kill themselves swallowing them all???? I realize he has alot of pain from his injuries but this is for the birds. I never wanted to be a nurse, or a mom to someone who is 5 yrs older then me! God I really don't want to go through a divorce and put my kids through hell but I don't think I can keep this up. He's facing yet another surgery and I'm so angry I can't see straight. I know it's not his fault about his pain and up coming surgeries but I can't stop being angry about it. Which just in turn makes me feel guilty, so now i have anger and guilt. I'm tired. Physically, mentally.. I just don't want to do it anymore. All the family stress and drama's on top of a mind numbing 8-5 full time job.. How much does one person have to go through in this damn life?????? When do I get to enjoy my time here on earth? AAAAAAAAAAAAA FUCK I'M TIRED.

Husband 189

I am angry because my husband is priority number one and I don't think (sometimes) that he reciprocates that...I give him all kinds of attention and affection and he often interrupts me or spends more time with the tv then me! He is often cold and selfish while I am constantly trying to be affectionate and communicative! He does come from cold and aloof stock but I know from prior experience with him that he can be a good listener and can be affectionate I am sick and tired of having to keep drawing blood from a stone...I am thinking of divorcing him and going on some website and find a warm, complimentary man to share my life with!

I hate my husband 190

My husband will promise, and swear up and down he'll be home at a certain time and then gets home hours later. I trust he isn't with someone else, but I mean this repeated tardiness is enough to drive me crazy. I kicked him out of the house a few months ago and told him if he did it again that i'm done. And tonight he did it again, wtf is a girl suppose to do. I hate him.

husband 191

My husband is an egotistical know it all. You don't have to tell him anything because he already knows it all. He always makes sure to tell me how stupid I am and how much better his family is than mine. I wish I had never met him. I fantasize about having a time machine and going back and making sure I never met the bastard. I am not even allowed to know what our bills are or how much we owe on credit cards. He pays all the bills being the breadwinner, so I guess this gives him that right but unfortunately legally I owe them too. He has expensive hobbies. I have no hobbies. I am his hobby caddy and go around with him to his hobbies and hand him things and carry the stuff. I have no say so in anything in our house. He even let me choose wallpaper out of three choices that he was sure his mother would approve of. I put up with all this because I feel I am better off financially with him than without him and at least with him I won't be living under a bridge. He yells at me every day. I get tired of the yelling. He is basically a big bully. He hasn't hit me yet. I guess if he ever does, I will have to call the police. I always advise women not to get married. I wish I would have chosen a different path in life.

My husband 192

My husband is so great most of the time. Then there are times like today where I feel like throwing things. His sister has been living with us for over 2 months now and is getting married next week. There is a bridal shower for her at my house tomorrow, and the house needs cleaning before the 25 guests arrive. We both work full time, so time is a bit limited. Plus, the last 2 weeks have been loooong weeks in the office, trying to extinguish fires landing on our desks.

Anyhow, so all week we've planned on tonight being clean-the-house night. Get off work at 6, go home, eat dinner, clean house. Good. I got up this morning and ended up waking him up on my way out, so he was awake when I left for work. Instead of going to work too, he played a game for the next 2.5 hours, which puts him home tonight at 8:30. Which means I have 2.5 hours where I have to work alone because he played.

So I found out this was the case at lunch with him a little while ago. He basically shrugged it off, saying 'I knew I wouldn't be able to play it tonight, so I played this morning' - what is that?? Cleaning is for HIS sister, so HIS family can come and throw a shower at our house, since we have the most room. I'm not demanding random cleaning for fun - this is for HIS FAMILY. But no, it becomes my personal need to clean the house, and it's crimping his video game playing time. Excuuuuse me.

Husband 193

Where do I start. He's "sick" all the time. Backache all the time. Lazy. Porn-addict. PC video game addict. Inconsiderate. Pleasant only when it suits him. Doesn't work. Barely cleans. Bad attitude. Doesn't listen to me. Doesn't care about me. Leaves shit all over his side of the room. Always does what's easiest for himself. Neglects our daughter. Forces me to be the only one that works. Passive agressive. Depressed. Dickweed.

 my inconsiderate husband 194

My husband and I have been together for 11 years. I met him a few weeks before my eighteenth birthday, he was 26, needless to say, my parents (mom especially) didn't really care for him. I remember I had such a bright future and outlook on life. I was naive to a degree, he wasn't my first sexual partner, but he was my first head over heels true love (puppy love not included). Anyway I was so ready to love him unconditionally and completely, he on the other hand was into sleeping with other women while I sat at my parents home waiting for him to pick me up at 8pm for a movie and here it is 1am the next morning and he still hadn't called or showed. Fast forward, I did not see the control, my family and friends did though, well the few whom I was still allowed to be in contact with. It started gradually and the he started to call me B***CHES, WH**ES and many other names. Then he started spitting in my face, but I still stayed and for some reason I defended him to everyone. I had a son at 21, it got worse he'd cut my hair take money from me and started to get physical. I was so stupid. I still am because 2 children and 11 years later here I sit in the same situation. I have left several times, only to be coaxed back. I even got an apartment in an attempt to get away from this mean and disrespectful man. I hope that some young girl will read this and have the self love and respect and esteem to walk away from any A**hole who mistreats or disrespects her. Don't watch your youth and life pass you by. Because even though i know logically this is wrong I have not been strong enough to leave for good...yet. I have made up my mind to finally call it quits and reclaim my life some time very soon.

Lying Husband 195

I was single and happy for 22 years. I should have stayed that way. When I met my husband, he was charming, considerate and attentive. I was shocked because he never forgot a word I said! He was easy to talk to.

He moved to a small town half way across the country for a great job and asked me to come there and marry him. Problem was he lied! There was no job! I quit a career position at a local university after 16 years of employment, packed up everything I owned in a very large moving van, with my car on a trailer being, sold my house, and drove over 4,000 miles to be with a liar. By the time I found out it was too late and I spent the next three years supporting the fool! I have had to cash in my life insurance, all of my savings and bonds, and have used the proceeds of my house to keep that jerk going and he doesn't even care! He makes comments about how much more money he makes than I do, and HE drives around in a new car. I have to walk because I couldn't afford to keep running his car and mine, so I let mine go at the end of the lease period. I lived in a burnt out Winnebago (yes, there was a fire and it was gutted, no stove, fridge or bathroom!) behind a packaging plant for over a year because we became homeless and he still thinks that he has done nothing wrong!

*Note from Anger Central
We assume you are no longer with this slimeball. Our question is, why did you stay as long as you did?

husband, lazy and lame 196

My husband and i have been married for about 7 months now. He is lazy and immature, and he would sit at his computer all day if could. He comes home from work, sits on the computer, plays computer games or looks up stupid websites or things to buy, (as if we had money to buy them) and then complains about being so tired and so limited on time. I work too! Longer hours than he does, and i have to come home and do everything pretty much, unless i ask him about 3 times and then he gets sick of me telling him to do something. Meanwhile, he sits there watching me while i work and do chores, and then he gives me this look like he hates chores... well, dammit! i do too!! i still have to do it... But he sure as hell likes to come home to a clean house and clean clothes and clean bed sheets and have lunch prepared! He watches me cut the grass, wash the cars, do the laundry, clean the bathroom, clean the house... and doesnt even ask if he can help... well, i dont need a friggin audience! If i felt i needed an audience, i would've become an actress and not gotten married. I do everything on my own anyway! Then he's like, "i'm sorry.. .why didnt you ask?" "UM DUH!!! it's not like you're sitting there blindfolded you idiot!" ugh!!! I'm so disgusted, and i think i might've made the biggest mistake of my whole life... i guess i'll be here ranting and raving more often from the looks of it because we've had this conversation lots of times, and he still sits there and watches me do everything.

Dumb fuck husband 197

I'm angry because my husband is such a dumb fuck. I despise him with every fiber of my being. He is such an ass because hates it when anyone tells him what to do and he got frigg'n pissed because I told him over and over again not to leave his 11 month old granddaughter on the bed alone while she is sleeping. He thinks that just because she's asleep that she'll be fine, but he's not thinking about what if she wakes up while he's taking a shit in the bathroom and she crawls to the edge of the bed (which he encourages her to do when he's playing with her) and she falls off the edge and breaks her neck or something. Dumb ass bastard!!! He does this when I'm not even aware that she's alone on the bed. I think that he's in the room with her, so I'm off in another room somewhere unaware that she is at risk of being hurt. Talk about neglect! I'm afraid of her getting hurt, but I'm also afraid that if the worse happens while I'm in the house (unaware) I'll be held accountable too because I'm an adult in the house. This could cause me to have my fourteen year old taken away from me. He got so pissed at me for telling him not to leave her alone again, and calling him a dumb ass for taking such a chance with her that he got less than an inch in my face and started yelling at me at the top of his fuck'n lungs to get the fuck out of his house. Unbelievable. I see an injured child and child endangerment charges looming in his future. Not mine because I'm making my exit plans to leave the dumb shit before my life is turned upside down by his ignorant ass. Dumb ass fuck! Dumb fuck! Fuck'n asshole!

My husband 198

I am angry at myself first for not getting out of here when I had the money to take my son and go. I see my husband as seriously mentally ill and emotionally abusive. It is a so outrageous the way we live. My son is a Senior now and the last kid at home. He leaves all day and night and weekend just to stay away from his dad and his anger fits and abuse.( No one else will even come home for holidays because of him) I don't understand how he goes to work and yet comes home and takes food to his bedroom ( not ours, it is his master bedroom I am not allowed in it) and shuts a door at 4 pm and will not come out to eat with us talk to us or anything. He refuses to participate in anything. He has not seen or paid a bill in some 15 years now. Then he presents this other side when he will wake us up at 5 am screaming and raging in manic behavior. He will toss all our clothing around and mess everything up...He has isolated us to the point we have had no friends for 16 years now. Every weekend (like now) which is Friday he starts a fight with my son, blames me and goes to his room and this will go on all weekend doing nothing. His own childhood family refuses to call us or write me about this matter when I ask what is wrong with this man. He has sisters and brothers who all have had four/five spouses and keep blaming everyone else for why things go wrong or they have no money. My husband hides alcohol, we have found pipes, we have found pornography. The only friends he has are scum druggies. I ask why he lives with us or why he will not get a divorce if he wants nothing to do with me as a wife or his own children. His older daughter of a first marriage actually told me she "gave up long ago" and all she is waiting for is someone to call and say he is dead. How bad is that when people actually ask you when you are going to just die ? I don't get it. How can anyone do this day after day month after month and year after year ? He has a job so why can't he allow us some peace and move into an apartment or help me to move out.instead, he will come out of his silent treatment and tell me he will take everything from me and see my on the streets with nothing. I read all the other husband notes and you should all form a group to meet and actually talk. I have no one to talk, not one support group in our whole county/area near Portland, Oregon. I need to find the strength to get out of here. He seems determined to destroy our home, finances and he has already broken our spirits. I can not see the motive for doing this to us or himself. I just hate his guts whether he is mentally ill or not he is getting away with too much. I think Cast Away had more sanity then how I feel being in this house with this man. The isolation is really harming me. Imagine never having any holidays with your kids and grandkids because of one persons hate!

Husband 199

I am ready to divorce my husband after only 6 months of marriage. He is inconsiderate, egotistical and rude to me. He believes that the world revolves around him.. he even wants his body frozen at the time of his death so that he can be revived in the future to share his vast knowledge of absolutely nothing. That was before he wanted to be buried with his DNA samples sealed in his coffin so that when "the war" breaks out and kills all humans, the survivors can dig him up and clone him. Never mind that he has mental illness, little penises and just about every disease in his family! Speaking of the little penis... it used to not bother me, but now I find it repulsive. I don't want it near me, but he takes it out and smacks me on the forehead with it, as it that will turn me on. It is called FOREPLAY buddy, learn how to do it if you want sex. Until then, me and my trusty vibrator don't need your smelly ass. And now he wants kids?! He can't stand to have a serious conversation about anything but expects me to pop out a few kids for him to boss around and corrupt into little gangsters and women haters. NO WAY! I have really considered having artificial insemination and then having a paternity test after birth, so that he will leave and not have any concern for the kid. I really fear for any kids we would have, he is such a bad influence. No, I don't hate him, I just can't stand him.

Husband 200

I am so damn angry at my husband. He mentally and emotionally abuses me. He decided to take on all the bills so I could go to school. Now that I'm doing great, got 3 quarters under my belt and have a 3.8 gpa, he wants to bitch that he doesn't have any money. That's probably because he couldn't keep his pants on, and has a child from before we were together, and has to pay $500 a month! I let the bank have my beautiful 2005 Trailblazer back so he could have more money. We quit paying on all our credit cards so he could have more money. I don't think he'll be happy until he's sitting ALONE in the middle of an empty room, rubbing hundred dollar bills all over his body. He is the biggest jerk EVER!

*Note from Anger Central
WOOHOO! Number 200!

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