Straight People

I'm sick of straight people and their bulls--t! I feel like today too many straight people feel like they are being tolerant just because they "have a gay friend" or that they've watched "Project Runway". I HATE being in straight-only environments - I won't go to straight bars with my friends EVER because those people suck! I hate hanging out with straight people, and get really upset because they are so freakin' lame.

Sure, I probably COULD get along with straight guys, for example, but I feel like they just don't have a lot to offer. I hate coming out to a girl and IMMEDIATELY being asked if I'll "go shopping" with her or something stereotypical like that - and it happens all too often. I'm done with this separate but equal glass ceiling that American movies and culture perpetuate!

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Homophobic Hick 2

This girl I was barely friends with has terrible taste in men, and this is no exaggeration. So when she started pursuing -- and eventually dating -- this one guy, it was really no surprise. He was disturbing to lay eyes on. He was fat, and wore the classic hick attire of a checkered jacket and a baseball cap. In regards to appearance, they were perfect for each other. Despite the immediate impulse to tear your eyes out upon seeing him, I really had no other beef with him.

UNTIL I heard that he had asked his girlfriend to beat me and my girlfriend up. Why? Because we weren't "HOT lesbians."

What the FUCK?

For the love of puppies, that fatass is in NO position to judge people by their appearance. I mean, look at what the hell he's dating. The girl has put on 50 pounds since they started going out, and he probably only stays under 350 because he gets a work out while beating her. That pothead hick obviously has standards lower than his ass hangs, and he hates lesbians who aren't HOT?
Yeah, I can tell you why he cares so much about the appearance of girls he could never get -- because his sex life will revolve solely around porn.

Not only this, but that hick has the nerve to glare at my girlfriend and I every chance he gets, in all his bulging, close-minded glory. Fuck you, buddy -- at least I can get my arms around a girl, whereas you break out in a cold sweat just trying to lift your meaty excuses for 'arms'.

And please. You think it's disgusting for two girls to kiss in public? For fuck's sake, you and your girlfriend look like planets colliding when you're attempting to merge at the face. I have one word for that enormous hick. Take your cow of a girlfriend and go back to the farm.

Homophobes 3

I am so SICK of people saying that us gay people are "forcing" gay marrige on straight people. How stupid can you get.

So, part of the law that will leagalize gay marrige says that everyone, regaurdless of current marital status, will be forced to get a gay marrige. If the law passes, all you straight people will be REQUIRED to go out and marry the first person of the same gender they see. It'm totally gonna happen. This is gay marrige being forced on straight people.

How absolutly ass-backwards stupid can you get?

Anti gay people 4

I have no problem with gay people, but I'm straight. Twice at work I've had a coworker threaten me with violence because they thought I was gay. One guy was a military guy that kept bragging about his military record and threatened to shoot me with his guns because he thought I wanted to have sex with him. He said it was because of my soft voice that he thought this. What the fuck?

Then I had this redneck guy in my department that I have to pass by constantly for my job. Because I have to pass by him, he thought I was passing sexual advances towards him, and he threatened to stab me with his pocket knife. I'm so going to HR over this shit. I hope they get fired! I am fucking straight dammit!

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