Blonde haters

 I am really sick of stupid people that really believe that the color of your hair somehow correlates to your intelligence or lack of. I am blonde, and the only "dumb blondes" I know are brunettes that bleached their hair. Those girls act like "dumb blondes" because they think men expect them to and are more likely to be interested in a woman that does not threaten their sense of power or ego. Grow up and get over yourselves. If someone is inconsiderate, silly, or preoccupied, but is a brunette or redhead, would you be so quick to judge them and label their whole group as "dumb?" That sounds pretty bigoted to me.

Homophobes 2

I am F**KING pissed at the people who were angry about homosexuals, because they think all gay people are horny based on one experience. Hey, is it their fault, you come off as a “faggot” ? 10% of the population is gay. Think of statistically how many people in your graduating class would have been gay. Now, I bet you didn’t know that many gay people, so how were they such “obnoxious faggots”?

*Note from Anger Central
10%? We would recommend that you recheck your statistics.
As to the "Obnoxious" label? We have seen Homosexuals who just went through life minding their own business, (Not obnoxious), and those who try to jam their lifestyles down other peoples throats. They are the obnoxious ones.

Blonde Haters 3

Why do people just assume that because we have blonde hair, we must be stupid? So, yes, I may slightly resemble a Barbie and make an effort to look pretty, but that doesn't have anything to do with my level of intelligence! I am in an advanced math class, and every person who has found out about this was surprised. Why yes, I AM capable of understanding calculus and trigonometry. I hate it so much that people can just assume that we aren't as smart as brunettes. And while I agree that there are blonde girls that are stupid, do not think that makes us all as brain-dead as them. Remember there are plenty of stupid brunette people too, and people never expect them to have an IQ of 50.

people that hate jw 4

i am angry with people that are angry with jw. those people dont know jehovah like they do, because they are retarted and stupid, and i hope that , when the great tribulation comes, they all die once and for all

some thinner people bad mouth heavier people 5

I'm so damned angry at close minded, uneducated people for talking badly about heavy women. They do it to men as well. If you are over weight and a woman i think more than likely its gonna be harder on you to feel accepted by people at work, school and even out in public because of the way some women are down grading all women by baring all. It puts more logs on the fire and until women start standing up for themselves by respecting their bodies men are just gonna keep looking at women as objects,sex objects. These young girls who flaunt it gripe about heavier girls trying to wear tight close etc. But they don't make styles of clothing that's in for bigger individuals. Not that they prefer tight close but if your bigger in the thigh area,even if its muscle your gonna get a tight fit. I am not fat, I'm 35 pnds. over weight and cant find close to fit me decently. I used to be tiny but three kids later,a bad foot and diagnosed with Ms, I can barely exercise. My oldest daughter is highly intelligent and has a larger bone structure than me and is beautiful. She has a weight problem that came on from fat cells she obtained because of having to have cereal added to her. formula due to severe reflux. She was a very active Child. She has another health issue now at 15. This makes it almost impossible for her to lose weight. You people can say fat people are just lazy and fat, call them whatever. You cant workout and get rid of weight problems all the time. I hope my daughter doesn't let her weight get her down enough to where she ever feels as though she isn't beautiful and I hope she sports her jeans just as proud as the next girl ,but not because shes trying to impress a guy but because shes an honor student in Honor's. Classes and because she loves herself. People you couldn't handle a curve ball and stiill hit a home run,thinking bad of heavy people. Your lost!

Haters 6

i am so sick of these shit heads saying fat people piss them off and how lazy we are!

I am fat and i dont brag about how stink my lofe is cause im fat.

FuCK you all

kill yourselves, yous must be mentally challenged

Welfare Hate 7

I have worked since i was 15 years old, some hard work some not so hard. I left a three year full-time job making a whopping $12,000 a year in pursuit of college, I graduate this December. If it was not for food-stamps, I would have a really fucking hard time getting my family through these four semesters. BUT, I can't wait to get off of it. What a horrible fucking position to be in for the rest of your, dependent on the "loving" gov for every meal. Fuck that. It's a goddamn trap.

I have guilt for what I have received, yet would have qualified the three years I did work making absolute shit, but did not recieve. So eat shit, I have paid taxes for ten years, and not gullible enough to ever think that I will make it to Social Security payout. so...

I know and understand who you hate, maybe me, but I know the worthless fucks who eat the system up and sell their shit on craigslist. trash. I understand your hate for them, BUT...

If you ever eyeball my fucking groceries and my cart and my wife and my kids after seeing my lowly EBT card, I swear to Steve Buscemi I will shove my fucking fist through your throat you cunts. Sorry my parents didn't buy me a car and send me through school, you smug fucks. Fuck you Shoals. Fuck you ignorant bigots, Satan is coming for your assholes.

*Note from Anger Central
There are 2 types of people on welfare. One is like you, hates it and wants off it and is looking for a way to get off it. Then there are the useless layabouts who think the world owes them a living. The problem is there are far more layabouts then there are people truly down on their luck.

Skinny People Haters 8

I am so angry at people who hate on people for being skinny . It makes me feel so angry that it's totally acceptable for a fat person to call me anorexic, boney, skeleton, ect. ect. but if I were to EVER call any of you fattasses FAT, which is what you are, I would be looked at like the scum of the earth.

Another thing that makes me angry is when fat people say that all skinny girls are whores and sluts. Just because I have a better chance at getting some than a FAT BITCH, does not make me a whore.
And contrary to the skinny whore belief, I actually see more fat girls AND guys act like fucking sluts. Do you know why? Because you're all fucking DESPERATE! Y'all treat men and women like food; you'll take whatever is infront of you.

And it's so funny how all of you fat bitches keep saying that you're sexy and that men find you more attractive. Really now? Then why is it that almost half the guys who try to get in my pants have FAT GIRLFRIENDS?? Why is it that you're man is checking me out at walmart and at the mall right infront of your fat fucking face? It's because you aren't sexy, no matter how many BBW supporting blogs and magazines tell you are. You are all just a bunch of fat ugly blobs that like to put others down because of your own insecurities.

Oh, and I DO think I'm better than your whale asses. Because unlike you I dont have to talk say shit about people that isn't true just so I can look at myself in the mirror a little more easily.

Fatties and Skinny-Haters 9

Skinny-Haters and fatties anger me because of their audacious double standard which allows them to talk shit about non-fatties and loudly enough so that it's heard or even worse, directly to them yet expect understanding and respect over their own lack of respect for their own bodies. It's incredulous! Oh, I can't judge your sagging or bloated body but you can just throw out any old thing you feel like> here's an idea - throw out the food first. That would actually get you somewhere, albeit even if it is only to a trashcan. *I'm* disgusting for running and eating a healthy diet but their behemoth aging bag-o-nasty isn't?! Whatever.

What also really gets me is this absurdity of blaming diabetes. It's horseshit. Most people who have it have type II which means it's acquired and not something they're born with. They could prevent ever getting diabetes by maintaining a healthy lifestyle such as a proper diet and exercise but guess what? THEY DON'T! It is their own poor dietary habit which gives them the disease which then causes them to be fat. Quit using diabetes as the excuse because they wouldn't be the overweight health problem that they are had they just eaten and exercised right in the first fucking place.

And no, pot-bellied men who look pregnant are not attractive. In fact, you look like a freak of nature. No one should look pregnant when they actually aren't. Save the world and stop draining our resources. Our global food stuffs weren't designed to meet your "my-mouth-is-an-endless-trough-so-waddle-me-to-the-buffet" dietary SUB-standards.

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