clingy women

My G/F is so fucking needy it is ridiculous. Don't get me wrong I do love her but She is too much! I spend every spare moment with her up under me,whether I want to or not. I am a person who likes time to myself by myself and I don't really like to have sex that often, I prefer the company of jazz,hip-hop and a fat joint. The only time I can get time alone is late at night when she is asleep, but tonight I couldnt even get that because she decided she wanted to wake up at 4:00 this morning and play grabass. It is to the point that I am ready to leave her ass. I really don't want to but her clingyness is really becoming annoying.

Pissed at my brothers girlfriend 2

This fuckin bitch is damn crazy! Her and I have had scuffs on multiple occasions but finally it hit rock bottom today. A fuckin month ago I made everyone in my house thanksgiving dinner. Bitch comes home from work and says shes not eating and goes right to bed. A couple weeks late I toss half a 20 lb. turkey in the can, cause she didnt eat any. Now christmas time is here and the bitch wants to cook this time, I DON'T GIVE A FUCK. I'm not eating any, I am going to my friends house for Christmas day. She gets so bent out of shape she heads out of town to her moms till late at night, my brother gets bent, takes a couple shots of rum and gets all emotional. So she gets home about 1 A.M. and is fine, I gotta get up at 4 am so I go to sleep. At work today, I was pulling a report off the computer and the bitch comes in and starts verbally attacking me in front of about 5 other co-workers!? WHAT THE FUCK! I tell her to never talk to me at work about personal matters, but she continues so I tell her to take a fuckin leap and she storms off. GOD DAMN BITCH ROT IN HELL!

Girlfriends 3

WTF is with girlfriends who start sizing you up as potential husband material from the very first date? Can they not just go out and have a good time, instead of turning every date into some kind of never-ending "test" - where the man doesn't know the answers, let alone the questions? I am so sick of girlfriends who start whining that I don't want to commit after we go out a few times and they've maybe even slept with me once. Big deal. Thanks to the feminist revolution, pussy is not that hard to get anymore, and men hve NO incentive to get married, so why are you women still putting on the pressure? Just because you have vaginas doesn't make you special!

Girlfriend 4

I do everything for my girlfriend. everything. its like she doesnt take it seriously. like its a big joke. we've been together for almost 10 months and youd think shed be closer to me. but now shes going off and seeing movies with other guys.. i mean, what the heck is that. we went to camp together and there was a pda rule.. she gets in trouble for that with other guys. we got in trouble once or twice, but when she gets in trouble with other guys.. just makes me angry

movies 5

My girlfriend has this annoying habit of if I'm watching a movie and she has happened to have already seen it to constantly tell me what's going to happen next. That really PISSES ME OFF! THANKS A LOT! I WASN'T GOING TO FUCKING WATCH ALL OF IT ANYWAY! I have from the deepest bowels of my soul tried in the nicest way possible to tell her not to. But for some oddball reason she just doesn't GET IT! We watch new movies together and have a great time when she doesn't know what's going to happen next. But if I'm home and she happens to come home early while I'm watching something that she has already seen it's "Oh yeah that's the part where, and that's where the guy gets killed and bla!bla!bla! I love my girl but truth be known she is not TOO FUCKING BRIGHT!! Thanks for letting me rant guys.

Girlfriend 6

I am so pissed with my girlfriend because! i knock my mates back one weekend to be with her.
only to hear just before she's meant to FUCKIN SEE ME!! that she is going round her mates for a BBQ an is staying the night. leaving me FUCK ALL TO DO ALL WEEKEND!!

Girlfriend 7

Well she's always going on about fucking women! I told her never to touch another girl while we are going out. She came up to me the other day and said oh Sam you nearly missed me getting off with Nadine (her friend) WTF? Now at this party i went to the other day and her friend Amie showed her a tit (cause she has a nipple pierced) and now she's not fucking shutting up about that. why were they even brought to the earth!

Clingy First Girlfriend 8

Typical. You don't know what you didn't have 'til you had it. I beat myself up for being some freak with no sexual interest in either gender and only aesthetic and romantic attraction to girls. Cue severe clinical depression. When I finally grow the balls to see a college counselor about being some asexual social fucking retard, some chick I had met a few times asked me if I wanted to go out with her Saturday to get to know me better. There I stood, naive as shit, not thinking it meant anything, and accepted. The second I return from college, the phone is ringing. "Oh I can't wait, it's great now we're boyfriend and girlfriend!" Excuse me, did I sign some fucking contract? Nope, but due to having less bollocks than Justin Hawkins, I kept my fucking mouth shut. Later that day on MSN, "we'll be together forever!" Two days later, "oh I can't wait to be Mrs. *insert my last name here*!"

Nothing will remove this leech from me. I am indifferent to her, all of my friends minus 2 dislike her, and one of those two fancies her (and every other female on the planet, so this is no surprise). If she says 'heavy musiiiiic' one more time, I will turn emo and slash myself every which way in every which manner. Now I'm just hoping she realises I'm an asshole and dumps me so I do not have to dump her. What can I say, I don't wanna hurt her feelings, she loves me too much and she'll be devastated. Yeah, consciences suck just as much as clingy first girlfriends.

my girlfriend 9

well my b$%#ch girlfriend is really pissing me off lately even though I love her so much. Instead of being straight up with me about things she has to beat around the bush and make up an excuse or story just to get away from me. For instance she says she needs to go home and be with her family but in the end she really just wants to hang out with her friends and go to the bar and get f#@!ing wasted. I'm sick in tired of the bullst, i am so easy going and caring its not funny. She's 22 and has a good heart but dosen't seem to grasp the fact of wanting to be honest an open to make this relationship work. I'm losing my mind what the heck do i do when i care for her so damn much. shes says she wants to spend the rest of her life with me but wants to continue to talk to her so called guy friend behind my back and also go to the bar and get wasted whenever she goes out. This one time she was all over this guy friend of hers right in front of me at the bar by hugging and taking lots of pictures of him and her and broadcasting it on the internet all the time. Me being so nice with her, i didnt even say anything but it really pissed me off. Anyway I want to keep her so much but i am getting so damn angry.

My girlfriends a bitch 10

My girlfriend is the sexiest ever problem is she is a self centered bitch who values nothing more than her own opinion and own needs "its my way or the highway" she's that kind of bitch the other problem is i love her so much she's my world i just cant show her I'm angry often cause when i look at her i melt inside its just that she doesn't love me as much as i love her id die for her.

*Note from Anger Central
1) Get a new girlfriend.
2) Try using that new system called "Punctuation."

Girlfriend 11

Every god damn day she cant make any kind of decision. At night she'll say on thing on the phone the next day she'll change be the complete opposite. MAKE UP YOUR FUCKIN MIND. she atc if theres nothin wrong with make a huge decision one night then changing her mind the next day, it pisses me off.

Girlfriends 12

Ahh an interesting subject, I used to be sort of angry and pissed off at women in general but it was more because of how I was treated in the past. Yes I am 19, yes before now I didn't comprehend the reasons behind their actions at all, and I paid for it for years in depression and general heartbreak.

But since this IS an anger page, let's see what annoys me still.. Firstly I dislike the bullshit about being a strong independent woman etc cue Destiny's Child etc, when what women (read most) are actually looking for is a dominant man in control of his own reality. One that she can safely move into and thus not have to deal with the real world. Secondly, I dislike how it is perfectly acceptable to call men pretty much whatever they want ranging from abusers to molesters (male primary school teachers anyone?) to controllers. As men we are expected to accept that. Guess who invented that social mechanic? Women, if you are weak and complain, you will not get sex. The hungry don't get fed, as they say.

Another thing I have noticed is in regards to telling the truth, in my experience, there seem to be a quite disproportionate number of women who are so immature (refer back to the shielded environment many women enjoy) that honesty and the importance of telling the truth literally has no meaning to them whatsoever. There is simply no limit to the extent they will take the lie, whereas myself, and I believe many other average men would just have to draw the line and stop (although many men probably just wouldn't be able to keep track of all the lies) - this does not apply to many, many women. Just like a kid will deny all knowledge of the trouble they've caused, regardless that you saw it etc, women have fewer qualms about telling absolutely gigantic whoppers. Don't believe me? Think about women who lie to their present husband/boyfriend about who is the father of their child, or for example some figures I came upon recently stating that something like a third of women would cover up the fact that the child the dad was raising wasn't his.

Overall I would say there is pretty much an equal number of shitty men and shitty women, but shitty for different reasons and in different ways. Perhaps, even, the general level of abuse and torture each gender places on the other is roughly the same. As one man may come home drunk and beat his kids, another woman may come home pissed off and vent their frustration with the world in emotional torture on the husband and kids. It's quite clear in the physical designs of men and women that one is designed more for physical activity and expression, and one is designed equally well but with other means of expression in mind. It just so happens that once an offensive act becomes sufficiently disguised and less concrete, that it becomes more acceptable. Think back to the comparison with the man and woman coming home and expressing themselves in different ways. The misery they create is probably pretty similar in the long run, the only difference being perhaps that one instills immediate fear and physical damage and the other, general misery and long term emotional problems. And obviously the law is less likely to be involved.

But as a man, it does make me pissed off, and I'm not a misogynist. I just see inequality, hypocrisy and abuse going both ways between everyone from very clever people to utterly moronic people.

To my ex girlfriends on the other hand, thanks for teaching me so much and helping me to understand what the fuck was going on. On the other hand, I also used to be a funny and happy guy and like I said, got beat down for it by women who needed to raise their poor self-esteem by cheating on me/rejecting me/ignoring me.

But I'm still young, I don't always feel it though, nowadays. Give your love and affection.. but don't take it personally when women do bad things like cheat/lie/fuck you up and don't even make a pretense of giving a damn, it's not a shot at you or something to take to heart, they just don't really know exactly what it is they're looking for and don't really care who gets hurt. Ahh.. you're right, I am still sad and fucked up. My gf who I absolutely love/loved (I doubt it, just sometimes) went off with a 35 year old man, and what's worse she lied about it for 6 months. I was 18 and she was barely 18. Broke my heart. And then she came back, and I took her back. Here we are 9 months or so later. Done my best to be a better man and have the heart to forgive, truly, but I just don't know how I could ever trust her as much again. Ruined. I ask to every man that might be 'that man', was it worth it? And to every girl that would do that to the guy they'd told that they loved them.. You got fucking USED and what's worse is you ASKED for it because you've got no self-worth you fucking moron. Men will use you if you are that stupid. It's that simple. So grow the fuck up, wake up, and stop shitting on men for being cheats and liars and users when all you have to do is say 'no'. It really is THAT simple girls. As the fairer sex and the one that is certainly mouthier and more trumped up about how intelligent and caring you are, wouldn't it make sense to just do better than all the underdeveloped, immature, retarded cavemen who go around doing such things as sleeping with 18 year olds. Fuck you, you fucking ruined me and I'm still getting over it and will be.

My selfish girlfriend 13

Well I'll tell you why the fuck im pissed; I hire the clowns to remodel my girlfriend’s bathroom, they completely fuck the entire job up, not thinking about how much of my money I have to go out and bust my ass working for, these fucking assholes fuck up the job. Now here’s where my fucked up girlfriend comes in, as normal she’s side with the fucking dead beats. She tells the carpenters that the job they did was fine, she’s happy with there workmanship. What she’s fucking ignoring is the fact that anything’s better then what she had or what she could afford which is nothing. The walls are not sanded, they still have joint compound marks on the walls where they applied the shit with the trowel, the fucking new ceramic tile I bought has cracks where they installed the shower door, not to mention they never mounted the sink properly and they pounded several nails through my newly installed PVC drain which now leaks gallons of water all over the walls, tile which is running the bathroom. Now my girlfriend wonders why im pissed at her, its because while im at fucking work she is home supposed to be watching these clowns. The only thing my GF gives a shit about is herself and that even know the job is done, even know the job is fucked up and looks like shit, she doesn’t give a flying fuck. Why? Because she’s not paying for it! That’s why. Then the cunt has the nerve to tell me to get the hell out of the house because I just yelled at her for not respecting me and how hard I have to work for my fucking money. Her parents pulled the same shit two years ago when I spent $2500 on my Girlfriend to go on a cruise and her father tells her, don’t go on that ship with him. He’s liable to toss you over board. Now who in the right mind would do something like that? Where do they think of shit like this? So I go on the cruise alone because you can t get a refund, I come home call up her mother and ask her why her husband did this to me, I told the mother “do you understand how hard I work for my money”? ya know what she tells me? Oh, don’t worries about it, her husband felt his daughter was in danger which I found out later that the sister implanted lies in his head because she was jealous of me, Im still stewing about this after two years. Needless to say, it’s the same crap with the bathroom; she doesn’t care because she’s not forking out the money. Most people can be reasonable, her and her family? Ids say they have to be some of the most selfish people and stupidest people I’ve ever met in my fucking life. So I leave my girls house because she couldn’t give me the time to rest, I pack up and leave. She can figure out how the fuck life is now. It’s time for her to face reality. Let her father deal with it, Im done! Fuck it em all!

Un-Friendly Love 14

I'm so damned angry with the way my life is going right now.

What pisses me off is that I have been loving my best friend unrequitedly and unconditionally for the past two years. Coming out to her was one of the hardest and most embarrassing things I have done in my life, but she didn't seem too pleased to hear about it. It was probably because:

  1. I have a small frame with some extra meat, smaller than almost all the guys in my year, therefore unattractive.

  2. I am always 'the friend'. Never the 'hot one' or the 'handsome one'.

  3. She has been "loving" this shallow, selfish, retarded guy who has the mental capacity of a retarded flea, and has been treating her like shit; but she stills continues to like him because this stupid wanker is too dense to realise that she still fancies her.

What hurts the most is that she's too nice (amongst other things) to hurt me and let me go, so she makes me hold on to a promise that she's going to hook up with me in the near future, after our exams. She asks me ambiguous questions and it infuriates me that she's doing this to me, but I still love her for it anyway.

She's the reason why I'm working so hard to leave my country and study overseas, because this girl is just...amazing. She got accepted on the spot in one of the best colleges in the UK way before anyone else in the country has, and not only that:

  1. She's hot AND beautiful.

  2. She's rich, but she's modest and humble.

  3. She's unbelievably smart, taking THREE extra subjects (13) while the rest of us mere mortals only take 10. Did I mention she got A*s in them?

  4. She's so popular, but not in the stereotypical sense; she's not bratty or insensitive.

  5. Did I mention that she's an amazing person as well, capable of making others smile when she's down in the dumps?

I guess the only bad thing about her is that she's too oblivious to everything that happens around her. She also thinks that it was a mere passing crush of mine, but I've been loving her with a passion for umpteen months, so it's not really my fault for getting so flustered.

Girlfriends 15

What the hell is wrong with girlfriends? I consistently seem to get dumped for no apparent reason. Latest reason is that I'm the 'perfect boyfriend' and it's her fault that she doesn't want a relationship - yeah, whatever...

I just seem to lead myself into getting walked over. I'll happily be woken up at 4am in the morning by a girlfriend and asked to walk 2 miles to the 24hr pharmacy to get her cough syrup or something. Stupid maybe, but I'd do that for my male friends as well (if they happened to be at my house). I just don't like to see people suffering.

So I date this girl who I really like and it turns out she's only had two boyfriends (combined total relationship time - less than one year). She doesn't have a clue what to do in bed, feels self conscious, really shy, can't get comfortable. I'm the nice guy - I say I don't care, I'm not bothered, I'm just interested in her for who she is. She can make a move when she's ready. Three weeks in, sure enough, I get dumped with no reason. Once again there's no reason.

Another girl - similar to above - she's pretty sloppy in bed, won't really do anything apart from lie there. She dumps me but still wants to be friends. Sex friends it seems - I go round hers ever night and give her amazing cunnilingus, she sits around and makes 3 hour phone calls or arranges to meet up with friends while I'm meant to be spending time with her. Lovely. After a few months of this she tells me she doesn't want to do this anymore.

I just love to be walked over. Just call me the doormat.

My girlfriend, the slut 16

I've been dating this girl for 10 months and I've always suspecting that she's been cheating on me, but decided to trust her because she's an awesome girl and she's always been so sweet to me. I'm not a control freak so I let her go out with her friends whenever she wanted because I have other stuff I could be doing too. Anyway, I looked through her text messaging earlier tonight and I find that she HAS been messing around with other guys behind my back. 10 months down the drain, this is the girl who supposedly loves me. I'm so pissed! there are other girls who want to date me, but I've been blowing them off for this slutt! Not anymore, I'm dumping her next time I see her.

Girlfriend 17

I can't believe I found this site! perfect! My bitch of a girlfriend is driving me up the wall. I love her, but when everything is my fault, all the time, every time, it gets you down a whole lot! Take, for example, if I'm meeting her somewhere, and am 10 minutes late, she starts going off on a huge fucking meltdown! Even though I've never been late, and shes constantly hours late herself, I turn out to be the bad guy! "your always late, you only think of yourself..." blah, blah, blah... What the fuck did I do? I try telling her to not be annoyed, and she starts telling me she's not angry at all, even though the vain on her neck is strangling her! I ask her something via text, and it will take about 15 messages for her to repeat, ask again, repeat etc... and then later on I say I don't have many texts left, and low and behold, her head turns into a fucking mushroom cloud... "you never want to talk to me, why do you always run out of credit..." Then she won't talk to me for days! Holy shit, I don't know if I can hold out on this bitch much longer, AARRGH!

Thanks for reading my vent... I feel better already!

Girlfriends 18

Im from england, and i dont know if this would be the case in the states but ive been with my girlfriend for a few years now, i love her dearly but holy shit does it get boring when were out sometimes. She's always like "ooooh look at that" and its a picture frame with a fucking cup cake in it or some other shit. Then ive got to act like i like it rather than saying why are we wasting our money on this kind of shit. I honestly get worried about ending up with a house full of tacky crap. Why cant we have a nice sofa, a modern looking home and not some fluffy cushion filled void that were endlessly throwing dangly ornaments and shiny things into.

girlfriend 19

SO my girlfriend has done many things in the past to piss me off in the last two years we've been dating. Well, for one, I was told she had been cheating on me. That was a wonderful bit of news to hear. Of course I didn't believe the first two people that told me. SO I went straight to the source. I talk to guy, and my girlfriend. Both denied it. She told me how much she loved me and how everyone was just jealous of what we shared. He told me about how she would never cheat on me. How he gave me his word. What do you know that low life bitch came out with it two months later. This is the same mother fuck who she lied on saying how he had forced her to allow him to put his hand in her pants. Another fucking lie. Well I thought we could work it out. So I gave it a shot for a few months. Nope. Couldn't deal with it. Dated some other random chick. Useless girl. Boring girl. Stupid girl. ugly girl. Realized I couldn't live without the cheating whore. I love her. We're still together to this day. But good god. I hate that she did that shit to me. I wanted to kill both of them. And she likes to go on about how she hates this or that. How her life is horrible. How she hates her parents. Don't fucking talk to me about hate little girl. I'm filled to the brim with it. You have no idea what you did to me. You will never know.

Girlfriend 20

So my girlfriend has this problem of taking a fucking nap because she's so damn lazy, and then waking up and becoming the biggest bitch in the world (yes exaggeration, but I honestly think I have most people that rant here beat).

So she wakes up, it's now 5pm, and says shes hungry. Fine, me too. I tell her I'll cook something but it won't be ready for at least 30 minutes, and ask if she would instead want a snack, and then eat dinner in a couple of hours. "I don't know" is all I hear. So I'm watching TV, look over and she has her jacket on, keys in hand. Ok, thanks for telling me you're leaving... guess I'll eat by myself. This starts a huge fucking argument, and it later comes out she had wanted to go out to eat the whole time, but couldn't just fucking say that. Whatever...

So we're going out, and she wants to stop and deposit a check first. Fine, but remember... it's now like 5:30. Traffic is of course, horrible, so she wants to go to the bank after we get food. I try to explain that doesn't make sense, because where the bank is, and where we're going, I'm going to have to make 2 U-turns in rush hour traffic just because she doesn't want to wait for a traffic light to go through a couple of cycles so we can turn into the bank. This was translated into bitch by her mind to "I don't want to go the bank." Another argument.

We finally get the food (was take out), go to the bank, drop off the check. She says she doesn't see how it was such a big deal for me to go the bank. Another argument, that was never my fucking point. This is starting to get old. I tell her not to take any more fucking naps if she can't wake up in a pleasant mood.

Her mom calls, of which she has to talk to daily for at least one fucking hour (I call my mom for 10 minutes and I'm an inconsiderate prick for not noticing she needs attention), her mom asks what she's doing, and she says "Hearing how big of a bitch I am." Yes, it's perfectly true, you are truly a bitch to argue about the stupidest fucking things. But to put words in my mouth (I used more eloquent terms than 'bitch') and get her mom who already doesn't like me to now have the impression that I mistreat her, call her a bitch (which I'm sure in her family's eyes is all my fault, because she's perfect of course). So I have to sit in this car now, with my girlfriend being a bitch, telling lies to her mom about me. If I say anything, it's just "See, there he goes again... he has such anger problems." And I'm the one with issues because I'm not too fucking stupid to articulate in English that I want to go out to eat dinner, would rather spend 15 minutes later rather than five minutes now to go to the fucking bank, and when I wake up I have to become uber bitch every fucking day and place the blame in my inadequacies (we're both taking the same classes in college.. I know... right? But she's failing a few, and I'm doing great in all..) on someone else? Oh wait, no.. that's you, bitch, for blaming me for everything!

*Note from Anger Central
You sound like you need a fresh cup of girlfriend to us. ;)

Girlfriends 21

I don't rant. I'm not really going to rant, I guess (or at least when you compare it to other people who have submitted to this site and used every curse word known to the world), but I will complain about some women and how they don't put very much into their relationships. This is only a very few amount of women, which I've learned from observance, but it's annoying nonetheless (I'm a girl, by the way). It seems some girls have a problem with only considering their needs instead of paying attention to the others' needs.

They'll go on and on about how they want their hand held, and romance, and chocolate on Valentines Day, without even considering to ask if the man is comfortable with any of this. I have a friend who, because of life experience, has bad problems with being affectionate in public. His girlfriend stopped talking to him for about a week because he wouldn't kiss or hug or hold her hand in public. It's like they're totally disregarding the other party.

Just a side note, I also hate it when women beat around the bush. As a bisexual I have a little masculinity to me, and the way a man is very straightforward with his thoughts and emotion is the trait I have picked up. I hear my friends talking to their boyfriends like "Gee, I really wish I could do something this afternoon..." and then they'll get really angry when their boyfriends don't comprehend, when in actuality all they have to do is say "Wanna go out today?" It's so silly...

Learn to use a phone 22

So, I called this girl to hang out. She's like, "Yeah, okay, let me shower first.". Says she'll call when she's done. 40 minutes pass. I call, ask where she is. "I'm still getting ready!" she snaps. 40 minutes?! Okay, fine, wet hair, get ready. I hang up. 30 minutes pass. I call again. "I'm on my way out the door, I gotta say goodbye to my family real quick, I'll call when I get close to your place." Okay, fine. It's a 15 minute drive. 50-fucking-minutes-later she is a no show. I call - she doesn't pick up. I call, and call, and call, she turns off her phone. She must've turned it back on to text me "I'm coming over later." Later? I have work in the morning! Why can't she learn to call say, when she decides to do some shit, not wait for me to call her? And why the hell have I been waiting hours for this chick just to hang out and she has the audacity to tell me to wait? Forget her.

My girlfriend 23

So im about to take my girlfriend out on a date to get some dessert. She has been on a diet lately, and i was trying to be nice. On the way out, she invites her roommate. No big deal really... but on the way to the ice cream store, she completely ignores me, and insted only talks to her roommate. to make things worse, im stuck sitting in the back seat listening to them gossip the whole way. i hate gossip. when we get there, they expect me to pay for the two of them. i politely say that perhaps her roommate should get a different tab. im instantly attacked by my girlfriend who calls me an asshole. i ask her what is wrong, and her roommate says im being passive aggressive. i kindly tell her roommate to mind her own business. my girlfriend proceeds to yell and scream at me for saying that to her roommate. we get home, they go to bed, and im stuck on the couch.

In my opinion i was treated very rudely. Then I got the shaft for sticking for myself.

I'm mad.

Girl 24

Its my 20th birthday and the one person I wanted to be with tonight, gave me a lame ass excuse and blew me off after band practice! I waited all day to see this girl and was excited to finally see her. Then after practice I asked her to go to Dairy Queen with me for like ten minutes, get this. She says, I think my mom wanted me to go home and clean my room.... IT'S 9:45 on a Thursday night. Lame! Anyways I had to vent.

Girlfriend and Her Ex's. 25

Ok, I just really needed to vent. But.. My girlfriend.. She had really been in love with this guy for awhile, and When he broke up with her, She took it wicked hard. But now she's bestfriends with this guy, and expects me not to say anything about it. But then she talks to him on the phone, and goes to the mall with him, never doesn't wanna talk to me on the phone, never texts me first, or tries to communicate with me first, She never says I love you first. And Apparently, Saying it once a night, is saying it too much, so Im not giong to say it at all anymore, see how long it takes her to say it. I can't stand it. I really wanna fuckin know if she's cheating around with this asshole. But can't tell. Im gonna end up beatin the shit outta this stupid ass bitch. Im so glad i found this site. anyone got any tips on helping me XD? lmfao

*Note from Anger Central
Advice? Sure. Dump her asap. You got her on the bounce and she will drop you eventually. Best to dump her first...After telling her the tests came back positive for HIV of course. ;)

Girlfriend 26

I'm angry at my girlfriend. I was in the west of Ireland, (I live on the east coast) on a road trip with two of my mates. So last night she calls me up and starts saying how she misses me so much, and I should come home to her. I couldn't, as I had a few brews on me, so I told her I loved her and that I'd see her tomorrow. Grand.

I come home today, and she's got no time for me today! She decided that today she doesn't miss me and she is able to go out with her friends! Wehay.

So now I'm sat in on my tod, because all of my mates are doing this very strange thing, actually hanging out with their girlfriends. weird huh?

Thanks for letting me rant, it feels alot better!

Girlfriend 27

My girlfriend did not like the clothes I wore ( T shirts and Jeans most of the time) so she went out and bought a ton of expensive clothes for me - linen shirts and pants, silk shirts, etc. I hate them. I can't wash any of these articles of clothing at home - they all have to be dry cleaned or handwashed and carefully ironed. I don't have the time or inclination to do this. I told her never to buy me clothes again because all it does is create extra work and expense for me. Also, I don't feel comfortable in these clothes. Silk feels too weird against my skin. Linen? It gets wrinkled after five minutes! I want cotton, dammit. I told her I am not going to wear these clothes because they aren't me and I hate them. Now she is all pissed at me and says that I am a slob. I am not. I am super clean and am muscular and well groomed but I dress casually. This is what I was like when she met me. Women need to stop trying to change their men. Who the hell is trying to sell these stupid clothes to men? Who the hell thinks men want clothes that are so fragile that you can't wash them but have to pay ten dollars to get them cleaned?

Girlfriend 28

Im so fuckin angry right now... so my girlfriend has been being a bitch for the last 2 days, basically she keeps fucking telling her friend that shes angry at me cuz im not fucking cuddling with her enough, then when i go and try and cuddle with her more she moves the fuck away! Then i go to a party and guesses who i see there.. her with a random dude flirting, so i go fucking rambling off cuz i was about to knock some heads and she comes running after me, so after me telling her whats wrong she fucking dumps me.. next day comes over and starts talking all this bullshit about how she didnt mean it cuz she was drunk and that guy was just a really good friend, thats bullshit and doesn't make up for the fact that shes flirting with him. So now were apparently back together, so ever since that iv'e been sketching out real bad and being really fucking paranoid. She ALWAYS over exaggerates everything she says for attention, but i could deal with that. I really like her and not sure what to do with these situations! can i get some advice?

Girlfriend 29

I really hate when you have a dream or a vision, and people are so quick to tell you that you cannot achieve. It's not like they know what I'm made of, because if they did they wouldn't be so quick to tell me that I'm not able to. People always say think outside the box until you think outside the box. Then they just want you to be quiet and go sit back in the box. This angers me like no other!

girlfriend 30

ok so my girlfriend FLIPS all the time. at everything,and when i say everything i mean everything. i cant do a thing without her getting mad,i breathe the wrong way and shes flying off the handle about it. shes selfish. her opinions are the only ones who matter cause everything i want to do or anything i say is wrong. its her way or no way. and she'll constantly argue about it. most of it is incredibley stupid things. and when shes mad at me, she'll say, "im fine". like hell ur fine,if i dont come straight out and talk to her when im angry or upset or anything, she freaks,but yet, she'll talk to me when shes "ready". i dont get to fuckin talk when im ready cause u jump down my fuckin throat before i even get to close my eyes. the other day for instance, my friend passed away and i decided to look at the brighter sides of things instead of being mopey and upset and all that. but no,she dosnt like that im handling things better then before, if i dont deal with it now im gonna get hurt, so she insists on arguing with me and i tell her to back off,she does. but low and behold she starts being short with me, dosnt want to talk and dosnt want to be lovey, not anything, she was completely cold. and for what reason, cause she didnt like the fact that i was handling things a differnt way. so she pushes. tells me it bothers her and that i should just face it. i call her selfish for not letting my handle the fact that i just lost a friend. she gets pissed. says shes not selfish and calls me an asshole. shes a bitch. so we talk about getting another dog, i say i want to just get one from the petstore, she insists on arguing with me and going to a breeder, i say theres no point in going through all of that and spending more money then we have to just to get a dog. she flips. i tell her that its just as easy to go to the store, but no, it has to be her way. i tell her, not angrily, that things are always her way, what does she do, oh she flips, bet u wouldnt have guessed that. questions why im with her if shes such a bitch blah blah and so on. i worry about her when somethings wrong, she freaks over that and says she can handle herself, when shes worried about me, i tell her im alright, and she gets mad, says i dont talk to her about my feelings and im not honest with her. says were not engaged anymore cause i cant be honest with her about my feelings. i get a bit upset and angry and dont talk much, she appologizes and tells me how much she loves me and so on, but yet gets angry with me when im still a little down about what had happened. says she begged for me to give something to her and she got nothing back. so once again shes angry. thats only a jist of it,basically shes a bitch.

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my gf is selfish and cruel 31

She would rather that I, instead of taking the opportunity to live with my parents and go to University, that I rot in a demeaning job, so we can live in an outrageously expensive and extremely small 1 bedroom condo that her parents bought, and then offered to us because we were living with my mother; yet, I get stuck with the mortgage, and my name isn't even on the deed? What is her issue? Why is she unable to see the bigger picture? If I get my education, I will be able to demand 4 or 5 times what I make now and we could live in luxury. What if our relationship doesn't work out? what security am I provided? I pay the mortgage, we break up, she can sell, yet I am out of my investment dollars?

When I even bring up the fact that there is a dark side to the arrangement for her and me, she calls me an idiot for not wanting to take an offering like this; what offering? I don't receive anything from this deal accept the right to bone her... honey, you ain't that good in bed, and I can get others.

Girlfriend 32

My girlfriend makes me so frustrated sometimes!! I love her to death, and I love being with her, but whenever we are hanging out together and one of our friends is there, it's as though I don't exist. Whenever we are in public, all I become is arm candy for her. She has told me time and time again that she loves me, but there are times when we go out that she gives more hugs to my friends than she lets me hold her hand! And when me and my best friend go on double-dates with our girlfriends, they are all intimate, while my girlfriend completely forgets I'm there!! I mean, goddamit! And every once in a while, she'll feel guilty that she's excluding me, but then in 5 minutes, she'll go right back to ignoring me! I can't fucking stand it!! She needs to decide between acting like my girlfriend all the time, or not at all!

girlfriends 33

I'm so pissed at this girl, but for totally different reasons than all the other rants. I'm so pissed because I thought that I had my life all planned out for at least the next year. Then I get this job just for the christmas holiday and I meet this girl there. We start talking and I really begin to like her. After about a week I can't stop thinking about her, so I decide that I'll back off a little bit because I had no interest in a relationship because the last few girlfriends I had completely fucked me over and screwed me up mentally for a while. So at the job I try to talk to her/work around her less, but she kept showing up (which I didn't mind at all). So a few days before the job is over I ask her out on a date. What the hell is wrong with me? Now we've been dating for a little while and I think that I may be in love. Now my whole life is fuckin' turned upside down. I need to plan out my life again and it's totally messin' with me. I guess that's how it goes though, when you fall in love you're completely fucked in a sense, but finally have something to live for. Why did she have to come into my life at a time when she was unwelcome and why does she have to be so amazing? It's so frustrating!! I've never met a girl so fuckin' amazing and cool!! Wish me luck you bastards!!

my girlfriend 34

Ok I'm fucking angry now, thank god I found this place.has anyone been ever stuck with a piece of shit spoiled brat that you accidently start loving.Oh, god bless me!!! So this bitch breaks up with me 4 times in the past 6 months based on the fact that she is confused about whether we click or one of the weekends she went to spend it at her Ex boyfriends house , don't get me wrong, I'm not stupid, I immideatly cut it off , took the weekend off and fucked around..she comes back to me telling me that she loves me and whatnot and that she made a mistake(this was two weeks after the break up). I looked at it this way : she just got lonely, because I contacted the Ex boyfriend and told him she was fucking around behind his this is the great part: it turns out that she was engaged to that kid but she had to quit school and move out, so allegedly they broke up.bullshit!!! So after I contacted the fiance or whatever he is, I get a call from her mad as fuck at me because I did such a thing..two weeks later I say hi to her, and we open up pandoras box on why am I talking to her. She says she's sorry and we decide to hang out. Well to no surprise we end up fucking the next 4 dates we go to in a matter of a week. My thing is this : all she does is size me up whether I'm marriage material or not, I'm so fucking tired of that shit. If I ask her if something is wrong on one of her bad days, that's it, its world war 2 nazi seig heil style,wtf? I've treated her like a queen,but don't get me wrong, ill let her know when she stepped out of boundry.and the fucked up part is that she thinks she's a hard working gir.cut the bullshit, she barely works 20 hours a week and goes 8 hours to school, daddy got her back on money, daddy secures everything.before this school, she went to a prestigious school, were her dumb ass just failed miserably.why?? Because when her mom (the only sain person in the family) kicked her ass off and she went to school and tried to work a fulltime job, she couldn't handle it.she spends almost 400$ shopping per week and do I get something for taking her out on dates? Hell no!!! Anyways fuck this spoiled ass pice of shit little cunt,she'll get what she deserves and its soon.I videotaped me fucking another girl and I'm about to mail it to her, I know she loves me, and its going to hurt like a bitch, but this is come back princess, GO FUCK URSeLF

Girlfriend 35

Girlfriends piss me the fuck off. So my girlfriend works with me, and it just so happens her desk is right in front of mine (i know worst idea ever) she starts getting all pissed because she cant find a new car. And instead of doing the logical thing and explaining what the problem is she just flips the fuck out on me. now its my fault she cant find a car. Fuck women!

Girlfriend 36

Ok so I have been with this girl for almost 9 years now, I'm 25 so you can get some perspective. I've moved across the country twice for her, and even stayed put for on the opposite coast for a year so she could figure out her first year of med school. I ended up moving to Detroit, the worst city on earth, where she is currently in med school so we could be together because that is what we both wanted. I've been here for two months now and only spent one weekend with her because she goes on trips with her friends every weekend and doesn't tell me till she is about to leave. Now she needs space to reconsider our relationship, did I mention we've been together for 9 years and I just moved to Detroit, the asshole of the US, for her? Oh ya she is thinking this over while she is in sunny San Diego and I'm stuck in Motown. WHAT THE FUCK!!! If I seriously moved here just to get dumped.....whatever IM ANGRY!!!

girlfriend 37

MY girl bitches at EVERY LITTLE FUCKING THING!!!!!!!!! weither it be i forgot to call her back or i didnt kiss her when i come home from work!!! BITCH GET OVER YOURSELF YOUR SHIT DOES STINK!!!!! but she thinks it matter what i do she always finds something to get pissed about and its starting to dirve me UP A FUCKING WALL!!!!!! i have been with this girl for two years now and it was not like this when we first got together...but she was never told no when she was growing up so she always has to have HER FUCKING WAY!!!!!! the shit really pisses me a laid back type of guy never yell or anything...GUESS WHAT I YELL ALL THE FUCKING TIME NOW!!!!!!!!!! she has brought out a side of me that i never thought i would see!!! I love her as to death but at the same time I WANT TO FUCKING UNLOAD THE 15 ROUNDER ON HER ASS GOD WOMEN FUCKING SUCK ASS!!

Girlfriend not giving back 38

I call her all the time, she never calls me. She says she will call me after dinner, i wait nothing, call her house and shes gone out with friends. I live 45 min away so we dont see each other as much and she dosnt call me to talk or make the best of possible time together. For our aniversery, i buy dinner, here a really nice pair of head phones, and this fucking stupid shirt she wanted. What did i get, fucking nothing. I put in all the work and dont get shit back. FUCK

Jealous Bitch of a Girlfriend 39

I’m angry because my Girlfriend is a Jealous bitch. I hate when jealous bitches want something not because they need it or actually want it, but because others have it. Fuck these stupid bitches who just want want want. I want another kitten, I want another puppy. All my friends are engaged, all my friends are having babies. Fuck your friends! Fuck their fiancées! AND FUCK BABIES! Just because everyone else has one doesn’t mean you need one you jealous bitch! And Furthermore FUCK YOU!!!

You know why I’m angry bitch! You are a selfish bitch. You are always finding something to bitch about, even if you don’t consider it bitching it is you bitch. Your snide ass comments make you a bitch. Your bad attitude makes you a bitch. Your me first mentality makes you a bitch. Your never heard the word no lifestyle makes you a bitch. To tell you the truth I can’t find anything about you that doesn’t scream the word bitch. All in all i guess what I’m trying to say is YOUR A BITCH!!! Love you sweetie

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crazy girls 40

When I first started going out with her, this girl was everything I ever wanted in a girlfriend. Ridiculously fine, nice attitude, caring, good family, and most importantly, a virgin.

Being a 16 year old boy at the time, I was understandably very loving, but my loving attitude always turned me into a lustful beast whenever we were together. Luckily, she was the same way...for the first six months or so. For the entirety of our relationship (1 year) she never let me put it inside of her. The closest I got was some good ol ass sex...which wasn't as fun as I thought it would be.

We were completely devoted to each other, knew each others families, thought we we would get married etc., so whenever she let me "fuck" i got super heated. Her version of "fucking" was about 15 mins. of foreplay, and then me rubbing the small gap between her pussy and asshole until we both came. After a few moths I got fed up. I tried to be nice, to tell her my feelings without pushing her too hard, but she never seemed to understand. Finally, a couple of days after our 1st anniversary I broke up with her over a couple of arguments we had weeks earlier, but the real reason was that she would never let me show her my burning passion. I triedto make her understand that I express my love primarily through actions.

Anyways, so after I dumped her I left on vacation for two weeks and completely forgot what I did. (Probable reason: I smoked some moldy trees in Trinidad) It took me two weeks to finally remember what I did, and at that point she was long gone. relationship wise). We had a pretty serious relationship so it took another half-year until I finally stopped caring about her.

Five months into the post break up, this girl calls me completely out of the blue telling me she's five months pregnant. I was like what the fuck. I always knew the possibility was there( I rarely could afford or cared to put on rubbers) but I never thought it would happen. I was trippin the hell out for several reasons,

  1. this the first time some I potentially got a bitch pregnant

  2. I hadn't talked to her in weeks and the idea of a continued relationship seared my brain

  3. Her family sucked ass, especially her instigating whore ass cousin

  4. I was a junior in high school.. with a medium class family that swore they would butcher me if I got some chick pregnant.

  5. She was fucking crazy!!

  6. It was past the point for abortion.

So after I nearly smoked up half an onion she calls me back saying that she was JUST TEACHING ME A LESSON. What the hell kind of bullshit is that! I don't care how much you don't like someone you don't fucking lie about something like that. So anyways it takes another emotionally and mentally month for me to cut this crazy chick off. I finally told her 'if we aint fuckin, we dont have any reason to talk anymore. The next week she sent me a pretty fucked up email about how she didn't want to talk to me anymore because I PUT HER THROUGH SO MUCH SHIT. Hmmm, like you made me think you were pregNant FOR NO FUCKING REASON!.

A year goes by and jus a couple minutes ago she messaged me to check up on me or sumthin. Anyways, I feel good now, thanks for listening.

I f@$kin hate my girlfriend 41

OK im a lesbain i havve a girlfriend, been with her for like two years and shes a fuckin bitch now i see wat guys be talkin abut when they get into long term relationships. I mean nothings ever good enough and shes always has to be right and im gettin sick of it. OK shes bi polar i can deal with that but for you to never amit that your wrong or edventually realizing that your fucked up thats just stupid. And i always got to be the good guy and say its ok that you get mad over stupid shit. Well guess what its not k now i see why people left your dumass before. I mean i love her to death but it just gettin old the fuckin attitude she has every day she need to go bac to the dame doctor to get some new pills or something. Cuz im not all there myself an im bout to say fuck this shit becuz i dont need it, shes just so fuckin negitive. I should hae never moved in with her now i feel traped. Like just now she in a bitchy mood cuz i took ten extra mins to watch tv before i made dinner so she started doin it her self ok thats cool, but than she got an attitude about it wtf. she got problems should of listen to my mom. Im bout to go say f her and her kids and whatever else im not tryin to be f up but its like every dam day the same thing!

my girlfriend! 42

I dated this girl for 10 months..then broke up with her because she was miserable and depressing and gave me an ulcer. Over a year later, we ran into eachother..and she was fun and happier. SO we basically reconciled. She moved in with me while I was in College and we has fun for a bit. Then I realized she had a Psychotic jealous streak and got a group of people together and egged the house of an old friend of mine that my girlfriend found 'threatening'. She egged it 3 weekends in a row and made everyone involved promise not to tell me!! Someone did. Oh Yeah... once she came home from the mall with bags and I said 'hey what did you get?' And she said.. 'oh... just some spices and mushrooms'. Later, in our room I see that she actually bought herself a bunch of clothes and didn't want to tell me. I don't give a flying fuck WhAt she buys. She works..its her money. As long as she helps with rent...but she lies!! For no fucking reason! I dumped her... told her I don't trust her.

Well.. we're back together. A few months ago... I was making pizza all afternoon and invited her over. She said 'can I bring anything?' And I said 'Sure! Whatever you think goes good with pizza.' I was thinking like a salad or hour later she's at my door.. WITH A TOPPERS PIZZA!! So by this time I'm worried that I've been dating someone mentally retarded and everyone thinks I'm doing charity work!

She nuts!! I supported us for months but am now laid off so her family hates me and tells her I'm a bum.. she is nasty and rude to my friends. When we're not together I miss her Soooo much. But she seems Unstable. And cries a lot again..And..neither of us want to have sex anymore.. And I'm angry all of the time. We don't have the guts to break it off..and right now I don't have the finances. I can't go back to living with my parents. nobodys hiring me. I'm fucked. And she doesn't even smile at me anymore...

girlfriend always angry 43

My girlfriend and I get along great most of the time, but lately she just loves going off the hook for the stupidest shit. She knows im leaving the military to go home to go to college, but still freaks out anytime anything coming close to then comes up. I do everything for her, spend all my time with her, take her to the nicest dinners for every occasion. But today I bring up that my friend and I are going to Europe in May which we've planned since the beginning of 09 and she just starts freaking out asking me if my hearts made of rock, then goes into her room and starts talking with her mom. I DONT NEED THIS SHIT! She sleeps all god damn day, then tells me I'm lazy because I watch football on Sunday. And she just wont trust me for some reason, she always thinks I have some other girlfriend. Shell go through my phone asking me crap like "Who is Kathy?" Its my mom you idiot. I think that she believes that who shes dating is who she should be married to, but im only 22, and just starting college after 5 years in the military. Sorry, I have alot of life to live still.

Girlfriends 44

I am eighteen. My girlfriend is almost seventeen. I happen to be a grade above her. Lately, she has been driving me crazy. Before I met her I had heard that she was a bitch to people. Se even had the nickname of "the mean girl" (as in the movie). We have been dating for almost seven months. She never acted this way to me until about a month ago. She started treating me like shit. Out of nowhere. I love her (I think I still do) and I do everything I can for her. I tried to cheer her up, I gave her space, we talked, I tried to help her.

She talks to me like I'm just a piece of shit to her. She makes fucking mean jokes about me with her friends and recently will do it with me right there! I have. Sense of humor and so does she. It was one of the reasons I like her so much.

But the worst damn part of the whole thing is that she only does this eery once in a while. the other half of the time she is the perfect, charming, and nice girl I fell in love with. She makes things so damn complicated.

I want her to listen to me and treat me like another human being ALL OF THE TIME!!! I care for her so much. My real source of anger is this question:

How can girls be so perfect to me one second but then a BITCH to me the next?

Girlfriend 45

So im 10 months into a relationship with a girl i think i love...yet she still continues to lie or flip out. Today at school she starts to tell me a story and then just decided to stop and just stare at what the fuck? so i ask her to finish so she just walks away like dude fuck that. then she gets mad that i didnt text or call her. you know you can text or call me for once and last but not least, at school i couldnt fit my jacket into my locker because she uses it as her fucking personal closet and has 3 jackets in there plus shoes, so what does she do? she takes everything out and carries it around looking retarded. dude chill the fuck out...

Girlfriends 46

Why is it that no matter what you do, its always wrong? Why is it that with girls after you say i love you they think they can treat us decent guys like shit? Fuck i do as much as i can for my girlfriend and she pays me back by being a bitchy lazy undecissive slob. Oh and then if we even seem vaguely annoyed they get upset and cry WTF?! im so fucking tired its the same shit over and over again with my girl, 10 months! she isnt supportive, she forgets everything thats important to me, earlier this year i got my first article published in a newspaper, even her family remembered and she forgot, it hurts, then earlier today we had this hard as hell physics exam and she asked everyone else how they felt about it but ignored me. I'M NOT YOUR FUCKING LAPDOG BITCH! seriously if shit doesn't change i'm done, nice guys deserve some respect at time you know?

Girlfriend 47

When I first started to get to know my girlfriend she had broken up with her ex and despised her and for a while they hated each other. It wasn't until recently when they started hanging out again. And I think it's so freaking sketchy. Why do you need to hang out with someone you hate?! She says because her ex is still her best friend and stuff and she loves me and isn't going to cheat on me. Fine. I'm trying to deal with that. Now here ex gets a hold of my girlfriends phone today while they are hanging out and says they are fucking. Now I'm already having a horrible day so I'm like okay awesome. Then she just kept going about it and I said stop but she wouldn't. I really wanted to punch my girlfriend's ex. I'm supposed to be chill with my girlfriend's ex still after that little stunt? Don't think so, since we had tension way before that. Like I really just want to drive over there and punch her. WTF? Really kidd, really.

Girlfriends 48

My Fiancee of the last four years, though it seems more like it was a live in girlfriend for the past three, is a nut case. I love her more than life. She loves me, but i think she is with me more because she needs me, not wants me. She needs me to be the voice of reason in her head. She needs me to be her confidant. She needs me to support her financially and do anything for her or with her that is even remotely nerve wracking for her (i.e. job applications, phone calls, etc.). I need her to be my best friend, that is all.

Things had been ok for the past few years as I had accepted the inequality in our relationship. I was to do the cleaning, working, planning, and errands, and she was to be there for me. I was to shelter her from what made her unhappy. Reasonable? NO. Was I fine with it? Yeah, because I love her and you do strange things for the one you love. Then, she gets cast in the lead role in the spring play (she hadn't acted since high school, when we met, and had just built up the courage to go for it again. She is an amazing actress and it is something that gives a her an amazing sense of freedom.) I was amazingly happy that day. Then everything goes to shit. My work is getting even more insane and violent (won't go into that), and my classes are really starting to bog me down. She is spending even more time at practice with the theater troupe. Which turns into going to bars with them. Which turns into staying the night at one of their houses (she says its a girl's...). Early on she told me the whole troupe was really into playing sex jenga at parties, WTF! We both agreed that was disturbing. But then she is spending more time with them than me, and then she is constantly texting them, even when we are hanging out. She is no longer working, and has plenty of free time, but when we are together she doesn't want to do anything more than watch t.v. and bails on me frequently for them. YET I am still suppossed to support her in every way possible at the own sacrifice of my social and mental sanity. Did I mention that the guy she is getting rides from is single? I trust her not to cheat, but it still is in the back of my skull. So we break up. I quit my job. Move back home with my parents for the summer. She does to, problem is that now she is seperated from her new friends and is only 20 m away from me. We begin hanging out as freinds. I help her get a job, and I am working to to balance out my debt problem. As soon as she gets the job she goes the three hours to hang with them for a wedding. Did I mention that she has only known them for three months? Then she stays an extra two days. Not the first time this has happened. She doesn't see why this bothers me at all. She is convinced I hate them, and refuses to let me meet them. I tell her that I simply want to meet them so I can know that they know I exist and I can judge their character. WHY the HELL can't I just bail on her and save myself the continued anguish? We saved each other from a pretty bad point in each others lives when we got together. I love her. She needs me. Now I want to die

Girlfriends suck ass 49

Cuz fucking women are all cheating lying manipulating whores who just use guys for shit. You women should be ashamed and go fucking kill yourselves and die in a hole. I go to fucking work and and your out at some party getting drunk, my day off you dont want to hang out. FUCKING CUNT!!

my bitch girlfriend 50

I've been going out with this girl for almost 2 years. I've been nothing but kind respectful and caring to this girl and her whole family. but I don't get any of it back ! its like my word or what im feeling doesn't matter ! last summer I found out she was kinda close with this guy. I trusted her and thought nothin of it. she told me time and time again how she loved me and there's no way she'd leave me for anyone. she talked to him ever single day. I didn't like it so I told her that's gotta stop. then she pulls the "your jealous and cntrolling" bullshit on me. and then her cunt mother agrees with her !! I trusted her and then whaddya know, she fuckin breaks up with me, for that fuckin loser waste of life. not caring how I felt. like I didn't even matter. so one day I go out with my friends, and she finds out. I guess it hit her over the head that I wasn't gonna cry and be sad like she hoped, so she broke up with him shortly after and asked me to take her back. and I love her with all my heart. so I found it in me to be forgiving and I said yes. but she still talks to this guy. and I told her to stop doing it, I demanded it. and so she cut down on it alil. but they still talk a couple mins a day everyday. it just blows my mind how ungrateful and stupid this bitch is. no one can handle this girl except for me. im the best thing for her and her friends and mine say it too. but I don't know how much longer I can deal with this bullshit. it aint fair to me, especially since there are 2 or 3 SEXY ASS girls that wanna talk to me and I deny them to be with this bitch. but shell talk to that mother fucker ? is that fair ? I don't fuckin think so ! and the sad part is I love her. I've done everything I possibly could to make as happy as possible. I buy her everthing that she wants whe she wants it and it don't mean shit to her. she's just a want machine that can't be satisfied. that cunt bitch better watch what she does and says, b/c if I find out anything I will not take her back. I will not make the same mistake twice.

Girlfriends 51

My girlfriend is going to some girls night out right and says I can't come, thats totally fine I can understand that, so later I ring her up to ask her a question and I hear a whole bunch of guys voices in the background so I just say 'oh i'll go your with people' and she goes off at me as if i'm the bad guy and starts bagging with all her friends in the room and I can all hear them laughing at me in the background! FUCK HER AND FUCK THEM! The fucking bitch always pulls this shit on me and if I ever get her alone to say something she will just start getting defensive or start crying like a bitch and if I say something in a crowded area she will start yelling at me so everyone else can hear our fighting! BITCHES AINT SHIT!


My girlfriend is always claiming that i say things that i clearly DO NOT remember. Like today, she called me up at 5:30pm and was upset to learn that i was at home. Apparently, she heard me tell her last night that i would be picking her up at her work place today, which i did not fucking mention at all! Then every single time she gets pissed, she mentions this other douche bag 'good male friend' of hers whom i absolutely hate because she tried to get fresh with my girlfriend once. I'm so fucking pissed right now i can eat a kitten!

girlfriend 53

she wont kiss me she sorta shows me her boobs but she wont kiss me we have been going out for 4 weeks its pissing me off

Girlfriend 54

Fuck all this bitch does is size me up and set her little fucking mouse traps for me to run into. When we first started going out she was SO nice, probably cause she wanted to impress me. Now that she knows she has me she thinks everythings about HER.

She knows I'm suicidal/depressed, but I always have to cheer HER up. Doesn't matter who started what, cause hell if I ever care about little shit, but what ever it is I have to fucking fix it! Why are bitches so god damn helpless? These little 'tests' make me want to spit in her face. Fuck why can't I just be gay so I don't have to deal with these god damn WOMEN. I'm 18 and she's 16 so maybe it's my fault cause she's not mature enough to realize her idiocy, but from reading this site it seems bitches stay as dumb and ignorant as the teens they were.

pregnant girlfriend 55

she is so fucking rude and crazy i dont give a fuck if shes pregnant shes ben threatening me about not letting me see my child wtf can i do but sit back and take one minute shes fine the next shes fucking crazy as of right now were broke up i know she says shes gonna wanna come back in like 20 minutes just the same fucking tantrum I will never get anyone pregnant again

Her ex. 56

Jesus Christ, where to start? Sorry, this is a long, relationshippy rant, but I'll try and make it readable by using paragraphs and creative swearing. Hoping that by getting all this off my chest here, I won't explode.

So, been with my girlfriend for 8 months now, after she came out of a 10 year relationship (her *only* relationship up to that point). Initially meeting her was like some kind of fucking documentary where the RSPCA go to someone's house to find an adorable cat that's spent it's whole life locked in a basement and being randomly thrown down the stairs. Despite the fact she is properly, TV beautiful (think Liz Hurley but with a 30GG bosom), she had less than no self confidence, barely looked up from the floor and rarely, if ever smiled. Having met her at work (we both work at a university; she works in a library and I work in IT), and seeing who I legitimately thought was the best looking woman on the planet, I spent close to a year plucking up the courage to talk to her. She was always quiet, but I kind of assumed it was due to her not associating with riff raff like me; after all, looking like that she doubtless had friends who owned boats and drank nothing that wasn't served in a champagne flute.

Come April and I manage to start talking to her after I baked cookies for a friend of mine who worked int he library as a thank you for something and she shared them out with everyone, including the girlfriend to be. She emailed me to say thanks and we just hit it off from there. We talked almost every day, met up for lunch, occasionally went out drinking and had a blast. At the time, she was still with the ex and I never mentioned anything about liking her. I never hugged her or made physical contact, and frequently asked her if her boyfriend was ok with us meeting up, which she said was fine.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, she wound up telling me how the relationship had stagnated, and she'd always had a resentment for him after they trial separated a year ago and he immediately went after one of her best friends. Come August, they had split up permanently.

By this stage we'd grown very close and the relationshop just kind of gradually began; there was no "will you be with me" moment. I constantly checked she wasn't with me on the rebound and she said she wasn't, and I did (and still do) believe her. But as I got to know her, I started to learn a lot about why she was so downhearted. She was basically raised in a family and social circle akin to the Waltons. She was given a job at 14 and dissuaded by her parents from socialising with her school friends as they believed all teenagers were drug taking whores and rapists. Because of this, when she went to university to do an architecture degree (at her dad's insistance - she wanted to do art), she was socially outcasted and had absolutely no luck making friends. After struggling with her degree she met the (now) ex, who started out as a friends and, to semi quote her, "talked her into a relationship". He was a carpenter who, liked her, lived out int he country and had an obsession with pipe organs. Cue the next 10 years of the poor girl being totally cut off from the real world, going to steam fairs with him, only having old men who smell like tobacco for company, and absolutely no chance of having any kind of youth - going out, travelling, fucking up...all that stuff that builds your confidence and makes you wiser.

Due to all this, she never even moved out of her parents, which leads up to when I met her, aged 31. We went out drinking the first time we went out, and in a slightly tipsy state revealed that she was desparate for someone, anyone to come into her life and shake things up; while she'd been cut off from the big wide world by strict parents and a posessive dick of a boyfriend, she still knew it was there. At the time, I didn't think I had a chance in hell with her, but I still decided that I was going to help her shake things up, even as a friend, because I wanted her to have a life, and to travel, and to see things.

Right, so now everyone who is still reading is up to speed (and if you're still reading, you must be *really* bored), I can get onto why I'm pissed. She said from the start that she would still want to be friends with her ex. I had no problem with that. They were together 10 years and I'm hardly going to come in fresh and start telling her who she can and can't see; I'm not that bloke. I was perfectly ok with it, and while he had told her he hated me and blamed me for the break up (which I had *nothing to do with, I told her to try and work things out with him), he did say he'd found someone new as well and was happy for her.

So, all my ducks are in a row. I have a smokin' hot new girlfriend who, it turns out, was an absolute sweetheart too (if a little naive). He had someone else, so he wasn't going to be begging for her to come back, something I've had to put up with in many a previous relationship. However, I did warn her that if she wanted to be friends with him, it might be an idea to have a no contact period for a while. You can't immediately be friends with someone you just ended a 10 year relationship with - there are old habits and instincts that need to be killed off before a friendship can blossom, and there's always a period after a break up where you start to only remember the good things about the relationship and get a little nostalgic. She seemed to think she could make the friendship thing work and so I left her to it, on the condition I never had to meet him because it'd be a little weird.

Things started to go a little awry when we put ourselves on Facebook as an item. He called her and had a go at her for "rubbing things in his face" (even though she was now rubbing her things in my face now - hi-yo!). Strange behaviour for a man who was "happy for her". Within the hour, he suddenly decided to go public with his new girl, where they proceeded to leave very public and saccharine comments for each other for all to see. My girlfriend was a little put out by this and I said it's one of the phases you go through when being left by a long term partner. I went through something similar a while back and I know that pattern of wanting what's best for your ex, and then hating them, then loving them again. It's a sort of schizophrenia that comes as part of the getting-over-it process, which is made 10 times easier if you put some distance between you and them. I explained this, trying to get her to see the light, but ooooh no. "We'll always be there for each other, no matter what", I heard from both of them. I fucking HATE this kind of generic, weak, platidunial mouth-shit. "I'll be there for you". This isn't the fucking Friends theme tune.

I am committed to absolute, complete and utter honesty, even when it's uncomfortable. She was raised with this storybook ideology where everyone she knows is pure and kind and wonderful, and everything has a happy ending. She wanted to live a little and was afraid of the real world. I'll be the first to admit, the real world can be a fucking godawful, horrible place. But because of that, it means so much more when you find something that makes you properly happy. It's more rewarding to find gold in shit than it is to find gold in gold.

Fast forward a month or so and we decided to get a little place together in the new year (it's now December). He's still doing a Jekyll and Hide routine, and I'm still getting increasingly pissed off at how I spend most of the relationship counselling her out of her last one. But out of the blue, he sends me an email, telling me he's sorry for his behaviour, he had no intention of coming between us and hoped we would all be friends one day and sing and dance under a rainbow (creative license). I didn't believe a word of it but played along anyway, and said it was ok. Within...oooh, about 3 days, my girlfriend tells me he's sent her a message saying he wants her back, and she'll "wake up one day and realise what a mistake she's made in leaving him". He also revealed he'd still been talking with her dad recently and telling him all the secrets she confided in him (her dad is positively Draconian in his principles). Incensed much? Yes I was. Oh, and add to this that he's still leading this other girl on and having her believe that he's crazy about her. She's wheelchair bound, in love with him and he's her first boyfriend, just to add to the classy. I asked her if I could talk to him. I had no plans for threatening to kick his ass; I suck at fighting and deal only in truth. My intention was to tell him to back off, or I'd send the messages he'd been sending to my girlfriend to this poor girl he's leading on. But she insisted I didn't need to get involved, she had no interest in him, and begged me not to talk to him as it would make things worse, so I reluctantly agreed.

I'll say at this point that at no point have I ever suspected my girlfriend of cheating. As I said, she's very naive, and has a very Disney-esque moral code (minus the anti semitism). Plus, especially in the last month or so, she's really improved and come out of her shell, especially since moving away from her family (not miles away, 30 minutes up the road). She treats me very well and we're both honest with each other, and without divulging too much, neither of us can complain about things being dull.

So January to the present day has been a long, hard slog of a journey. Undergoing so much radical change and adjusting to a new relationship had sent her into a major depression/homesickness combo. She had free reign to return home whenever she wanted to, and to do as she pleased. I love her to bits but it meant more to me to see her grow and develop and have a social life. We go travelling as much as we can afford (off to Malta in a few weeks), and I invite her out with my friends whenever I go out. Slowly but surely, she's getting better. She saw a doctor about her depression and is getting help with that. She's back involved with her drama group and is currently doing a week long performance at a theatre. She's decided to have a totally new haircut and she's going to buy all new clothes to try and start with a clean slate. But best of all, the ex had stayed away for a long time. Things were blissful. But then? You guessed it, he's back again!

She met him for lunch on Tuesday and meeting him for a drink tonight after her show. Apparently he's having a hard time with things and their promise to "be there for each other" must be upheld (even though, far as I can see, being there would probably make the problem worse).

I fucking hate this situation and I've told her as such. I trust her, but I don't trust him. He's an insidious, nasty little slime who has her brainwashed (despite all the shit he's done, she still thinks he's a "good and kind man"). But what the fuck am I supposed to do? AT least right now she's open and honest about everything. If I turn into a posessive prick and tell her not to see him, at best she'll stop and resent me for it, and at worst she'll start meeting him in secret where her resentment of me will give him the perfect opportunity to find a way back into her pants. If I talk to him, she's going to go apeshit at me and resent me. If I let things continue, it will just be a case of waiting until the moment he finally makes a move on her. This is going on right in front of me and I've been fucking bound, gagged and censored. I can't fight my corner, nobody else is willing to do anything about it, and it's making me fucking miserable. All I can come up with right now is telling her that while I won't stop her, she can sleep with the knowledge that she is knowingly doing something that is making her partner depressed and miserable, despite claiming she loves me. I know that's a blatant cheap ass guilt trip but as far as I can see, the only thing that will fix this is her concious getting the better of her.

So yeah, I don't care if anyone thinks it's too long - it was good to get all this off my chest.

Girlfriend angry I work out and am fit. 57

Can someone possibly tell me why the hell my girlfriend of 7 years still gets angry when i go to the gym. I am in my mid 40's and in better shape then someone in his 20's. I am lean and athletically muscular. Keeps saying " What am I doing trying to look half my age" and I should grow up and accept my age. She managed to stop from going to gym for awhile in the beginning of relationship but will not allow that again. I actually have to lie about going to gym and say I am working or doing anything except at gym. Cant live life like this...WTF?

Girlfriend of 3 years 58

Well I have been dating this girl for almost 3 years now and i love her more then anything like im not the kind of guy to fall for a girl like this but I have and all she does is piss me off like im not going to lie i have fucked up plenty of times but not like her and all she can ever do is get mad at me. A few months ago she was with her friends camping at the lake and got drunk she made out with another girl and this guy friend of hers i forgave her for this because i understand when your drunk you do stupid thing well she felt bad about it but lied to me for days not telling me about what happened so that pissed me off i was ready to kill that fucking kid but it was her friend so i didnt do much just called him and chewed his ass out then she got mad at me like i was the bad person r u fucking serious you just cheated on me and you get mad that i got mad WTF well after a week or so it all finally blew over and we got back onto our happy trail but now all of a sudden she is pissed at me for what idk its cause i went to jail like 7 months ago and thats all she can think of to be mad at me for i guess but thats just because this stupid bitch went out and cheated on me again with some guy she wont even tell me the name nothing major i guess just a kiss so i ask her well r u still gonna hang out with him and will anything happen again and she says yes were gonna hang out and idk what the fuck do u mean idk? your dating me you stupid bitch how can you tell me that you dont kno if something is going to happen again and she get mad at me for reacting this way and im not careing and all this shit how can she even be mad at me im completely loyal to her i dont even hang out with other women not even women im just friends with because it upsets her and she hangs out with other guys all the time and i let it go i tell her i dont care cause i trust her but how the fuck does she expect me to keep trusting her when this shit happens then when i ask her not to hang out with someone aka the guys she cheated on me with she gets pissed because there her "friends" no there not you dumb bitch they just want to get in your pants well now apparently im the asshole which makes no sense to me because i do everything for this girl and she cant even do anything for me she cant even txt me when she hangs out with her friends ill call her and her phone will ring a couple times then ignore my call then ill txt her just to make sure shes not busy no reply ill call again a few min later and it will be shut off then hours later she calls me and i ask y she didnt answer her phone and she says she left it in her car alright its not like i cant tell you ignored me then shut off her phone i just dont know what to do anymore i love this girl and i dont want to loose her but it just seems like she doesnt even give a shit about me anymore im so sick and tired of being treated like shit when i treat her like a goddess it makes me mad

Rude Girlfriend 59

WHat the fuck is up with her? Its all fucking okay for her to get rude to me WHENEVER she wants, and if i get rude back I'm somehow the one to blame, ''Im changing'' well shut the fuck up and see why im changing when i respond to ur anger.

You never give me a break, and whenever i make a mistake ITS THE BIGGEST THING EVER ''WHY'D U DO THIS?'' on and on with her nagging. And if u make a mistake and i complain for 5 minutes, '' YOU KEEP GOING ON AND ON YOUR MAKING ME FEEL LIKE A BITCH, I GET IT! STOP BLAMING ME''


Urghh otherwise she's a fucking sweet heart

Girlfriend 60

Dammit, this girl... Here I am, six months into a great relationship. I think I'm treating her great, but lo and behold, she wants me to change for her, to show her I really care about her. She tells me she's tired of having to say when to hang out, which I'd totally understand if she wasn't the one who always has shifting work hours and most of the time when I suggest we hang out she's at work or with friends. My work hours are regular, and she knows my general social schedule, so it's much easier for her to suggest a time to hang, but noooooo thats too much of a fucking hassle isn't it?! Now, thats just the first part, next she gets outrageously jealous! One day, we were at lunch with a bunch of friends. I talk to one of her friends for five minutes, turn around, and my girl is giving me the death stare and later complains how she felt that I was flirting for almost the whole time. Bullshit, as I talked to her friend about music (a new album from a band everyone there liked) from the time we ordered drinks to the time they got to the table. Not to mention that she's done worse, actually violating my trust, she HAS SLEPT OVER WITH TWO OF MY BEST MATES, and didn't actually tell me about it. In fact she has done this multiple times. I'm sure she's not cheating, but I'm so sick of her routine of whining, jealousy, hypocrisy, and one-sided bitchiness. Fuck her, tomorrow I'll tell it like it is and if she argues I'll dump her ragged ass. Damn pseudo-conservative-catholic skank...

Girlfriend 61

SO ive been dating this girl for over a year and a half and suddenly,she gets pissed of at the slightest fucking things. We talk every night till like 1 in the morning and if i get tired,She becomes a dragon on steroids,Wat The FUCK!! Is it a crime to Sleep? and worst of all,she tells her friends that im working on her nerves and in the next sentence she announces that we engaged and she all happy, OH MY FUCKING GOD!!Im inlove with A Psycho, I Swear i think she is psychotic,Im almost a 100 % sure. Im gonna make my own diagnoses and say she has a split personality or something. The bitch is insane.She can ignore me all day,not return my calls and texts but when i stop and give her space than she claims that i don't care about her,I need to Smash something or send her into a mental institution

Girlfriends 62

I am so angry with my fucking girlfriend right now. We've been together for more than three years, at the beginning of which I had major issues with expressing myself emotionally or being vulnerable. But now that I've finally been able to open up, this bitch shuts down on me. And the worst part is that I can't STOP. I don't want to emotionally cut her about, but she doesn't act like she loves me or gives a fuck at all. I'm putting in all of the EFFORT and she is doing nothing but focus on her own damn misery. I'm fucking frustrated because I never get to see her already (LDR) and the time that we do spend together fucking sucks because of her negativity and sudden lack of feeling on her part, and ON TOP OF THAT she's started to ignore me because I get upset at the stupid fucking shit she pulls. What an asshole I must be. I am an asshole for still fucking caring. I swear to god, if she keeps ignoring me, I'm dumping the fucking bitch.

Fat Girlfriend 63

I just have to rant to SOMEONE (or something I guess). My girlfriend who I've been with for like, 3 years is just FAT. I can't take it anymore. She started off as being a little thick, but put on like 80 lbs since we started going out. She's become such a fattie I can't even take it. All she does is eat like a cow grazing on grass all day. Just FUCKING FATFATFAT. And she still acts like she's all sexy and shit, wearing clothes that DO NOT FIT HER AT ALL. I've tried to get her to lose weight by exercising with her, but she still just blubbers around like some kind of amorphous blob all day and eats and drinks coca-cola. UGH!!!!!

girlfriend 64

I love this girl more than anything, but I need affection. She isn't very good at that. We've done stuff, but I beg her to make out whith me, but she won't. I just found out that she made out with her best friend tonight during truth-or-dare! This hurts me a lot. I feel like relapsing. I don't know what to do.

Ungrateful Fiancee :/ 65

I have been with my gf for a year, I proposed a couple days before our year anniversay and she said yes. I got her a ring within my price range, because we live together i pay most of the rent, bills, food, and still manage to spoil her and her daughter, i wasnt able to afford the ring SHE wanted. keep in mind I know nothing about rings/jewelery and i have NEVER proposed to anyone. we went to the jewelery store today so she can show me exactly which one she wanted, but the down payment was too high. i told her if she wanteda temp for now and in 2 months she could have her dream ring. she went off on me and said she didnt want anything anymore and that this was the worst experience ever :/ she said i was selfish and that i was only thinking about myself when i proposed...she said i should have worked a little harder and saved up to afford the one she wanted. she said i didnt care what she deserves :/ this broke my heart and now idk if i want to marry her anymore. a few hours after this incident she text me saying to go back to the jewelery store and get the temp...but she didnt apologize for the way she made me feel im so confused and hurt :(

Girlfriend 66

i FUCKING hate my gf , shes selfish and ignorant towards meshe treats me like shit and i try to make things better but all she does is get pissed at me when i do something wrong, she gets pissed at me even if i dont do anything wrong.

shes has this thing with another guy and its pissing me off

i hate myself for not leaving her!!! BITCH

family, friends and girlfriend 67

i love my girlfriend soooo much. except sometimes she really pisses me off!! she always gets mad at me for no reason and i say its okay. when i get mad she crys her eyes out and says she gets a weird feeling. WELL NO SHIT! you shouldnt be happy when im pissed at you!!!! also, i dont like when shes hanging out with guys. she thinks i dont trust her. WELL MAYBE SHE SHOULDNT HAVE FUCKING LEFT ME FOR ANOTHER GUY THEN ASKED ME TO TAKE HER BACK AFTER HAVING SEX WITH HIM!!! you expect me to be all happy after you did that and totally trust you. BULL SHIT. you need to fucking care about me for once god damn! also, my mom is soo stupid and annoying. she has 2 jobs and yet shes still on welfare!!!!!!!!! WTF!! she buys 150$ pair of jeans but when i need a 20$ pair you say we have no money!!! and some of my friends are fucking stupid too. for example i asked my friend to come over through a text. he replys i cant im sleeping and i text in my sleep. WHY THE FUCK HAVENT YOU TEXTED IN YOUR DAMN SLEEP WHILE YOUR AT MY HOUSE?!?!? IM NOT STUPID YOU FUCKING CUNT! people really piss me off sometimes!

Fat Girlfriend 68

I have a girlfriend who is steadily gaining weight. She's not obese persay, but when we started dating, she was slim and hot. After a while, she started gaining weight. Now she has a good amount of rolls on her stomach whenever she sits upright, and looks as if the outer layer of skin on her is composed of cottage cheese. Now, every single day, she'll grab her stomach and say "I'm getting so fat :'(" in some far off, remorseful voice. Some days that sentence is followed by "I seriously need to start exercising/go on a diet again." But then the next day she comes home with another salad from McDonalds and eats half of my chicken wings. Now, I manage my weight so that I stay fit, slender, and attractive (in body shape anyway) by going on walks, eating food in responsible amounts, and just all around exercise. What makes me so mad is that I hear her complain day in and day out and get to watch her do nothing about it at all. If you're fat, fine, just shut up or actually do something to fix it!

Bitch girlfriend 69

My gf is being such a bitch lately. She tells me that she loves me and cares too much but I see on her phone talking to other guys, and making fun about me behind my back with her friends. The worst part is she starts it, calling me gay and laughing. I would always defend her and she promised me that she never made fun of me. I found this out after I treated her to the nicest time going to her stupid dance and even getting her flowers. She acts all nice to my face, and everything seems to be going well then why is she acting like such a bitch. She always blows me off for her friends, and then says I'm too needy when I want to see her or talk to her... WTF she is so psycho!!!

Girlfriends 70

I do plenty for my girlfriend, treat her, spend most days with her, EVEN sometimes drop mates to see her. But really, she's so selfish that if ANYONE (Family OR friends) comes first, she throws a fit. It's SAD. Paranoid about even talking to a girl but always says "I don't mind". Girlfriends talk shit, its always opposite meanings. Always mind fucking at every chance to wrap you round their little finger for the future, bringing up even the slightest of things, turning the blame on to you EVERY SINGLE TIME. Stresses me out so much, I don't go clubbing, I barely drink now! I feel ruled by her and one day I'm going to tell her where to stick it and fuck off. I do love her, because I know that's not how she wants to be. But that's the way she's becoming and it pisses me off. She can't just focus on us and not worry about the people around us. AHH! Message to any girl with a boyfriend, if you hold them back in any way, OR if you play games with them, Don't. Because you'll be sorry. SORT IT OUT OR F*** OFF.

girlfriend 71

My girl started out being fun and sweet, after a year and a half of me spoiling her now shes just a self centered bitch. She acts like a spoiled teenager and when I lost it the other day and told her to act like an adult because she refused to get out of bed after her alarm clock woke me up three times she freaked out on me and sneaks that phrase into every conversation now like I should be sorry she can't climb her lazy ass out of bed at 11am. I work nights and need to sleep and she doesn't have a job at all. To make things worse every time she does something wrong to me, she anticipates that I will be mad and then goes into bitch mode before we even talk about it. It's outrageous to do something wrong and on top of that have an attitude because you don't want to hear about it, if I didn't have so much invested I would dump her ass.

Brother's controlling girlfriend 72

My brother's girlfriend involves herself in our Facebook conversations and phone conversations. She gives her opinion when nobody was talking to her. She said I am selfish and greedy because I asked my brother to keep a list of my deceased father's items that he is selling. She said I should have come to visit dad more often and I should feel bad that I didn't. I live four states away and have two kids, one of which has autism (makes it not so easy to travel often). My brother moved my dad down to his podunk little town that only has fleabag hotels. My fahter shot himself in the head the week before my birthday. He had terminal lung cancer and had been fighting it for 5 years. I know my dad loved me. This bitch said my dad was like a father to her and that she took care of him. Taking care of him means going to the store for him and taking him to a couple of doctor appointments when my brother would not. She said she is tired of being treated like she doesn't exist. I said thanks for taking dad to the doctor. I don't know what more the bitch wants. I didn't have a problem with her until she called me selfish and greedy. I also found out that she has 50,000 in life insurance on my brother and they are not married and he doesn't have any kids. My brother is an obnoxious asshole and his girlfriend looks like her teeth are missing on the bottom or she has mosaic downs, something is wrong with her face. She is a desparate for a man bitch who spends all her money on my brother instead of her own children. She gave him at least two cars and she is only a nursing assistant. I don't see how she can afford that unless she is taking advantage of her patients and they are giving her their property. Dad probably shot himself to get away from those two idiots.

Girlfriend 73

I've been dating this girl for about 7 months now. I love her a lot but I'm rather confused on what the hell is going through her mind. First off, if I talk to another girl other than her,she gets really pissed.(I never cheated on her.) But when she talks to other guys,it's ok for her. That really pisses me off! Why can't I talk to other girls but she can talk to whoever she wants?cThe next thing that drives me fucking insane is the fact that she still has pictures of her ex and etc. Wtf?! I told her that she should throw it away but she refuses. She talks about him sometimes,too. The other day she told me her ex had a small dick and showed me a picture saying that he had a boner in that picture. 4 months later, she tells me he was soft. (Okay?..) I really don't care about his dick! What the hell,woman? She gets upset at everything. ARGH! Idk what to do anymore. Seriously. Anyways,thanks for reading my rant. It felt pretty good to get this off my back. xD

Girlfriend 74

So my Girlfriend originally split up with me because she liked another guy. Thing is this guy not only doesn't like her but he's made her so upset on several occasions that she's been in tears and i was the one on the other end of the phone comforting her. A bit after we broke up she comes back to me and says she's made a mistake and shouldn't have left me. I decide to give her another chance and our relationship was really good again until she starts irrationally having feelings for this guy again?! So we have now split up again but only 2 days before her birthday, i have already bought her a load of stuff!! I fucking hate the fact that she says she can't commit to a relationship because she loves male attention, yet apparently she likes me so much, she feels like she might cheat on me at any moment and she seems to like this guy again in light of the fact he's upset her so much and i've always been nice to her. No way am i giving her another chance.

Girlfriend cheating bitch 75

My fucking bitch of a girlfriend cheated on me when she went on vacation with her family down to panama city. I had her promise and all that dumb shit before hand saying that she wouldn't cheat and i had nothing to worry about but she lied. But because she is a really awesome girl and its the only thing she has done wrong in our relationship i let it slide. Also because she was on vacation and its not like it meant anything. So she comes back and is always saying that she wants to be devoted to me now and loves me and would never want to leave me or hurt me like that so i feel pretty good about things. Then she fucking tells me some guy she texts sometimes is coming to visit her at work 2 weeks after she just cheated on me. So i fucking go off on her and she keeps saying he is just a friend and shit but what the hell. Stupid lying bitch.

*Note from Anger Central
Are we safe in assuming that she is now your ex-girlfriend?

girlfriends 76

ok first of all im so pissed at my girlfriend. She keeps saying the most confusing things about our realationship,im trying to talk to though a text message and it takes hours for her to awser back, and after about 3 hours i send a text saying ″hello?″and she goes on rampage on how i dont leave HER ALONE! I mean com on i been waiting for hours why you go around doing shit, BITCH PLEASE!! i so tired of this. well any thanks forletting me rant

Girlfriend 77

AHH FUCK this! I wasnt about to put this up but compared to the rants iv seen here.. shit, y'all dont have problems!

So this chick iv been dating for 2 month is driving me absolutely IN-FUCKIN-SANE!! Shes insecure,a selfish prick, hostile as fuck from the smallest things, jelous and a dumb shit! Just now, once again, we get into another fukin fight. Our relationship is only 2 month old n we got into like 15 small fights which lasts for 1 day each and 2 fuking epic fights which lasts for 3 days.

I love(d) this girl to pieces n she super nice whn shes in a good mood but when i noticed she had all these messed up problems due to her fuking retard ex (who fuking ruined it all for us... fuking prick il kill u) I tried to help her overcome her problems. I read over 50 relationship issue solving boards on the net (no joke) trying to scavenge our relationship aftr the first huge fight and.. it worked! this was done after days of honest talk, but after 3 days of bliss this fuking shit storm happens again!

Now shes angry as fuk due to a complete misunderstanding since she's a dumb shit! she just ASSUMED i was flirting wit a chick aftr this dumb stupid situation. Of course it was a misunderstanding n she realizes it now..but now she wants me to apologize.. I mean for what? its ur fuking misunderstanding!! she blew my fuking top whn she raged at me n said "i hate u" tat day. I mean wtf? 3 days ago she said she never loved anyone like me and now she fukin hates me?

Fuk this shit i can fix all this fight if i really want but all this stress n effort is not worth this kinda life. I have a lot of patience but first person EVER that fukin made me soo pissed!!! fuking dumb cunt needs to grow up n realize tat shes not the centre of the universe.

stupid girlfriend 78

Im so fucking mad at my girlfriend. We dont chat for 20minutes n she is angry at me. She wont make any fucking move to contact me, no no no that would be breaking the law right? The worst shit is that she is passive aggresive, its making me want to ditch her but im fucking brainless n cant hold my fucking dick n got her pregnant. And she says she cant text me if i dont text her firdt wtf she thinks i m busy. Im so fkin close to ditch her

Girlfriend 79

I'm done playing your games. I've fought and clawed my way just to hear you say those three words and you finally did, and for a few days, I was perfectly happy. Things were working out, finally. Then you decided to plague me with your uncertainty, your notions of mistakes and whatever fucked up things are going on in that head of yours. And that ruined everything. Now I've become cold once again, and perhaps you could have stopped that, but now, no contact for a week or more? No contact whatsoever? Real fuckin' mature.

I should have known. There were plenty of warning signs but I decided to persevere and stick it out, despite the folly and circumstances of the past, those things I remember well because they grew like scars upon me. I remember it all. The cold, calculated decision, the absolute nonchalance while you destroyed me and seemed to not even understand it. But then, you probably did. You probably knew all along, you probably continued just to play some kind of mental game on me. You needed affection and I delivered that, but when it comes time to pay the piper, you're fuckin' gone.

You're vain and in some ways really fuckin' ignorant. You're petty, too, and obviously noncommittal. You want to have your cake and eat it too, I suppose. But I was completely willing to look past all of that and focus upon all of the positive attributes of you. I was entirely willing. But now, I've realized it just isn't worth it, really. We come from two completely different fucking worlds, I would say. You're a damned cool person, really. I learned alot from you. But I honestly can say that there are many things I do infact hate about you. And I'm no longer willing to overlook those.

I do respect you and I do appreciate you, and all that you have done for me. There is some part of me that does love you, that will always love you, perhaps, but my contempt grows with each and every hour. Yet I cannot hate you. I hate the fact that I cannot hate you. But I cannot be your friend, either. I simply cannot. The experience of that, the cloying, teasing feeling it would deliver to my psyche, that would destroy me. So I suppose the best thing to do is to cut off all contact and allow you to drift back into the part of my mind relegated to old memories that aren't worth a damn, covered in cobwebs and left derelict, never to be re-visited. I don't know if that will ever happen, but it's worth a fucking shot.

Anyway, don't talk to me. Don't send me anything, don't try to reach out to me in any form or fashion. Save your breath, because I can't hear you anymore. We're done for good. This is the end. You worked your way into my skin like a tick, and sucked me dry, for far too long. And I cannot allow it to continue. As much as I hate to say it, I never want to speak to you again and if I could, I would remove all evidence of your presence from my mind, my memory. But I can't. So I suppose I will do my best to push it back.

I hope you have a great life. But I will not be a part of it. If I'm not dead within the next several years, I'll just go on pretending you don't exist, as you have to me, so many times. It's like amputating a gangrenous limb, you have to hack it off before any more damage is done. Well, you're my gangrene, and I'm cutting you off.

Girlfriend 80

My girlfriend is so fucking emotional all the fucking time about everything. Anything that does not go her way in slightest she has to cry about and who the fuck do u think she turns to to comfort her! Me! She swears she has a "carefree" attitude and thinks she is a ray of fucking sunshine but she is not! And when I tell her that she gets upset she acts like I just stabbed her fucking dog and has a gid damn emotional breakdown. I love her to death but FUCK SHIT GIRL GET OVER IT, ITS NOT THAT BIG A DEAL.

My girl friend is a thunder cunt!! 81

My girlfriend of 4 year wont fucking get off my back i work my ass off for her she says im lazy. I give her money out of my check she says i mooch off of her. Tonight a strange number texted my phone and i don't know who the hell it is so she starts going off and saying that im a cheat. She has been thinking i have been cheating on her this whole time and i have not. She made me get rid of friend and stop talking to people that was in my life. Yet she still talks to her fucking ex's and yet she call me the cheat. Personally i dont give a flying fuck what she does now really. She says she does not care anymore but yet she will jump my ass. She gets mad we dont have sex much. Why would i she has a nasty ass attitude and shes fucking boring in bed. i want to leave but with all my bills im stuck......fml

Girlfriend 82

Im just so fucking mad at my girlfriend/mother of my child

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