best friend 1

Grrrr I am so angry I swear I have steam coming from my ears, I have finished decorating the whole house, two months of graft, I am proud of how it looks and look after my things, my friend who I have grown up with has two most badly behaved kids, well I say kids, 13 and 18, hardly toddlers, anyway after having them both over to stay with my kidz yesterday everything seemed fine, usual noise around bedtime and rowdier but hey it was a sleepova. Imagine my horror on enteringmy kitchen to find tomato ketchup on my cream walls, splattered to be precise, I went mad, apparantly it was friends eldest who had the idea to splat. My friend just said cream walls are fair play stop moaning, hell I went mad, saying how would she feel if it was her home. This erupted into mega shouting with her storming out after saying f*** y**. I am sooooo damn mad.

using people 2

Sometimes you have a best friend that you'll do anything for. You're typically considered nice to the people who know you and also kind hearted.

But don't you hate it when your friend takes advantage of you? My friend is currently teaching over seas and I'm suppose to fly there on friday and she basically wants me to bring everything over for her, say like 10 pairs of fucking shoes, a full fucking bag (that's like 10 garbage bags combined) and even fucking spices! A shit load of spices. I am not exaggerating at all. She basically Wants me to bring all of HER stuff and leave my shit behind and rebuy everything there!!!!!!!!!! Arghhh I'm sooo annoyed! She's not even done everyday I'm finding out that she asked other ppl to pick things up for her that I'm suppose to bring!!! I'm sooo mad. I've already spent hundreddssss picking up her shit and I've been all over the city!!! and when I bring It up nicely she says "well u didn't have to" and gets defensive! The nerve of this bitch! Ontop of that I have to keep making trips to get shit from the ppl she told to buy her stuff I hate her sooooo much right now I don't even want to go anymore. She's a bitchhh!!!!! What baffles me even more is she'll be here like a month after I get back whyyy can she get all her stuff then! She's treting me like her slave. She wants me to bring food to satisfy HER craving but who cares about meeeee!!! Argh I fucking hate her right now so much I wana. Ppuke! So much for best friends!

My Best Friends 3

My friends just drive me nuts. I am moving away in a month and since they will be out of town frequently, we only have a little over a week left together. Yet, even though we're supposed to be BEST friends, one friend, G, decides to go out to the movies with someone she barely likes when she knows me and P are too broke to afford it. And when she has all day, she decides on a movie time smack dab in the middle of the evening so that by the time she's done, nothing will be open.

so me and P get high and are sitting in a smokey car acting stupid, trying to make the best of this big middle finger shoved in our face. i decide to prank call her and pretend like i'm super mad (when i'm really not THAT mad at this point, just sad.) at the end of the voicemail i laughed and stuff, hoping she'd be smart enough to know it was a dumb joke.

i also sent her a text telling her to disregard it (i was soo high too that all this sounded like an awesome idea at the time, but i really meant no harm.)

instead she freaks the fuck out on me over a text, even after i explain that it's a joke and that i'm super high. How the hell can you be that mad over a stupid voicemail?

i feel bad that she felt upset about it and it was definitely a miscommunication --i mean, i had thought it was obvious it was just a prank call.

what's pissing me off is that if I ever have a miscommunication, my fucking head gets cut off. she gets sooo mad at me and can't just see that we were both misunderstanding.

Yet two months ago during one of the most trying times of my life, she did something that was deplorable and later explained her own fault of a misunderstanding. I forgave her off the bat even though she had failed to even be the one to try to explain --i had to hunt her down.

what the fuck?? why do I always have to be super mature? it's not fair that people get to have faults and be forgiven but i'm expected to never say the wrong thing.

and then when i'm trying to get advice from G, asking her if the voicemail was really that bad (she was sitting right next to me the whole time.) she says she doesn't want to get involved and basically ignores me.

UGH. G, must have forgotten how I basically saved her future by begging my tutor to save a spot for her so that she could pass the english exam to graduate. or how i listened to her complain about how stressed out she was for like two months, even helped her all the ways i could. yet, i'm never even allowed to ask for advice. she tries to skirt all my negative emotions under the rug.

fuck you, friends. i love you and i'm going to miss you so much when i move. why can't we leave this on a good note? fuck you.

stupid friend 4

How would you like it if someone asked you everyday if you were okay? Would you punch them in the face because that is what i would love to do. Maybe the reason that I am not okay is because you won't stop talking to me! And if you are going to say that I am your best friend at least have the decency to notice that you are not mine.I don't care about what your dad said, the picture your boyfriend drew, or how you gardened last weekend. I don't want to know about your stupid-ass book, you are so damn fake. You tell me nothing but tell everyone else everything. When I tell you nothing then something is wrong with me (her: Are You Ok? me:NO!HELL NO!) she is bipolar I tell you... one minute she's happy and clings to your arm chattering and then all of a sudden OMG everything's horrible and you can't talk to her without being given the death stare. When I am not happy something is wrong (even though if she knew me she would know that I am seldom happy).Not just that, she's also a hypocrite, telling me that everyone takes advantage of me and then turning around and doing it herself. I just want to ask her if perhaps she was born last year because she is so immature in everything she does and says. How many days will it take of talking to yourself to realize that I don't want to be anywhere near you?! And I have to spend the whole summer with the little snipe...I'm going to blow my brains out when she starts bossing me around. Two months seniority does not give anyone the right to criticize me. She has more faults than I have hairs on my head not to mention her inability to understand an indirect attempt of confessing contempt. I can snap at her all day and she just asks me if everything is ok. Well considering the fact that you're the one with the messed up home life you should be able to see the concept of GO AWAY. Do you know how frustrating it is to have someone turn a blind eye to your emotions? Its like she can't tell that I'm being sarcastic or telling her off.In her head she has this idealized version of me that never gets angry, is way too nice, and is always wearing the perfect clothes.And if that sounds good let me tell you that it isn't, it pisses me off. Do I sound like I am trying to be polite? Do these sweatpants really look appealing? I'm a person dammit, accept me as one! When you ask for advice actually listen when I answer, otherwise you're just a complaining bitch wanting some sympathy. That's not why I'm here, I don't want to hear it! The she-demon will eat all of our souls and no one believes me when I warn them of her fury.

"Friends" >:( 5

(I don't care what you think about my language. You don't like it, don't read this!)

I'm so fucking sick and tired of being third wheel! I'm friends with these two girls who used to treat me like shit for stupid fucking reasons. It used to always be them two. They'd say that they won't leave me hanging like they used to, that they won't go off and exclude me from everything like they've always done, and I'm tired of looking like a fucking idiot when I believe them, then they go and do the same shit!

THEN, I'm friends with this other girl who I just met this year, and she's one of those people who only hang out with one person (I'll call her S). She'll sit there and hang out with you, then go and complain about having to hang out with you to S. It pisses me off so fucking bad!

If your gonna be "friends" with someone, or string them along like you are friends, don't sit there and leave them out of everything like a freaking bitch!

boring smelly lame friend 6

I'm a 19 year old girl, and my stupid lame friend is so boring, she doesn't get any of my jokes, has never seen any good films or tv programmes (never heard of the wire or seinfeld or pulp fictin etc), stupidly naive, has NO wit or sparkly conversation, just pure drivel, doesn't understand irony, hyperbole or anything. But she is super condesending about me and my friend's drinking (which is 100% normal student amount) and is stupidly obsessed with safety. She is obsessed with keeping the windows closed as she is "SOOO cold" yet she farts silently about 10 times an hour. If one of us smokes a cigarette in the patio area, she walks round the house with her jumper over her nose to make her point that she can smell the cig smoke, imagine if I did that with her farts!!! It takes her about 2 hours to boil pasta, her food is always spoilt and mushy, but she doesn't understand why. Her movements are so slow. Once I tried to bond with her and she dyed my hair (it's brown but I wanted to add some blonde hi-lights), and she fucked it up so badly it cost me loads at the salon afterwards. Whenever we go out to a bar or anything, she doesn't dress up at ALL, wears thick prescription glasses even though she has perfectly good contacts, doesn't wash her hair so it's thick with grease, and has the nerve to tell me that I'm "damaging my hair by washing it every day". But people always comment on how nice and shiny and thick my hair is, whereas some of my guy friends call her a greaseball!! Yuck! The bar will be rammed and she will ask the barman about 8 dumb questions before she orders, whereas everyone else shoots their order straight at the barman as they know it's busy and don't want to hold everyone else up. She asks the bar staff if they do a quarter pint of cider, because she doesnt want to drink too much!! It's humiliating cus everyone loks at me like I'm the same. SO many things about her annoy me. I could write a book. I might!!

Selfish Friends 7

I'm angry at every single human being. They treat me like dirt. I used to go to the ends of the earth to help anyone regardless of whether i liked them, hated them, despised them, or didn't even know them but no one ever seems to return the favour. Since when did being a human being mean having no regard for others?

Depressed ass-hole friend 8

I have this friend who loves to piss and moan about her lot in life and then refuses to do anything about it. She's always like this is fucking shit hole I hate my life wah wah wah. I'm like why don't you go to University in another city or country then. Then she's like but its expensive, I cant be bothered studying fucking blah blah blah poor fucking me. It fucks me off so much, it all started when her dad died then everything became negative. Yes I know losing you dad is hard but when your stuck with some control freak bitch who you just have to see 5 days a week at school shit gets old quickly!

She thinks she has the right to curse at people and call them names all the time. I'll give you an examply shall I? One day we were sitting on the sports field at school and some chick she isn't particularly fond of walks by. She drops this under her breath: "What a fucking ugly mut, she is a fucking slut I hate her!" That is all I hear from the fucking stupid cow, I just wish she'd fuck off, but she'll have another manic episode and try rip her hair out if I de-friend her FUCKING COW!!!

Ex-Friends 9

Fuck you to hell Tim. You fucking self-centered, egotistical, self-righteous piece of shit.

Once you fucking got your career, and wife & child, you sure seemed to think you were something special, didn't you?

Now you think you can say to me in that irritable pompous voice of yours that you're "living the life you want to live". Yeah right, when you're so fucked up on anti-depressants, and full of shit, because you don't know how to talk to people. Especially someone who gave you loyal friendship for over 25 years, and thought we had made a lifelong pact to be friends forever. fuck you pig. you come over to my house and act all impatient and bored, like you've got much better things to do now, eh, asshole? Fuck you. You have nothing because you don't value people, you don't value your original family, and you don't value friends. The same goes for you TOM, you fucking jackass. Why has it been my lot in life to have so many fucking self-centered, self-absorbed PRICKS for friends and family? FUCK! FUCK OFF ALL SELF-ABSORBED PEOPLE! YOU FUCKING SUCK!

Roger 10

I'm angry that I finally opened up to you and told you exactly why I was upset. I was trying to help you see reason and your hypocrisy, and you just shut me down, saying I was lecturing you. I don't know if you were in denial and refused to see your bad reasoning or if you really could not understand what I saying, but it upset me. Because I was finally being myself, and you didn't get it.

 "best friends" 11

"Oh so we're best friends, right"...

if you call fucking the guy I was in love with, the one I had a thing with for almost a year, when I was in the hospital, a day after I tried killing myself...

then yeah of course we are!,

you stupid slutty ass cunt. &it was quite nice to hear how after you two UNpleasurably 3 minute fucked you said "oh, well I would feel bad if you weren't mine first" really? that's your pathetic excuse you tramp, First of all he was never yours, all you were to him was a three week past time (WHICH WAS MORE THAN A YEAR AGO YOU UGLY TITTY PERSON)&a lousy first handjob (which you did absolutely wrong, but you know this now since you've become an expert in sluttbaggery). Just cause you became obsessed over this douche bag does not mean he was yours. You two never even came close to what we had.

&to actually think I hung out with you after I got out of the hospital, laid on your bed, where you two fuckfaces fornicated, thinking you two only kissed, being lied to by you&him of course Didn't think Id ever find out, did yahh, you backstabbing bitch...

He was/is my first love, you whore, something you will never know/understand for a long long time.I'd never in a million years think you would have done this to me. I hate your fucking guts.


seriously go give a couple guys head in one night better yet go fuck your ex then your ex's best friend the next day, then go and start getting at theire other best friend, or better yet go fuck your other best friends ex's "secretly", OH wait you already did all that....I guess the rest of the human race with dicks disgustingly awaits you.

I swear karma will get you  & if not there's this little thing called revenge

P.S. you need to stop thinking your ass is amazing. Its long, & stretch marky, it belongs in the 90's you fucking twat


I've had friends from both groups and guess what? They are the EXACT SAME. Whether you wear tie dye or Misfits tshirts, here's what you have in common: you lack an interest in oral hygiene, you have no interest in using soap on your clothes or your body, you constantly have no money or a job or a place to live, and NO YOU CAN'T CRASH ON MY COUCH, not even for a night!

Get your scumbag deadbeat lame ass away from me, and stay gone.

money wasters 13

I am angry at an old friend of mine because I make less money than her, and she is broke and I'm not. She says she hardly spends any money. This is not the case. Every day she tells me about something she bought (twinkies, a teddy bear, clothes, gifts for her nephew, cigarettes, fake nails. You name it, she buys it.) Then she says she can't afford rent and is always crying about bad her life because she's so poor.

Another friend of mine is even worse. He makes way more money than me and we pay the same rent. Yet he always has to buy the newest television, cell phone or ipod! Then, says he can't afford toiletries. He is disgusting and I'm starting to really hate him.. He says he can't afford to do shampoo or laundry detergent, or toothpaste. And he wonders why he can't get a girlfriend! If you were as poor as you say you are, why the fuck do you waste your money on things that cost a lot of money? I am so sick of money wasters. I think I should cut off all ties with people like this.

Crush on a friend 14

I really angry at this guy named Frank. damn it. met him this year in Spanish class. he had a ton of friends and was very popular and at first he was a nice guy. we became friends with one another. then as we slowly started talking, handing out as friends i started getting feelings for him. as a friend i confided my deepest thoughts and feelings (expect the way way i felt about him) so one day we we hanging out alone and i felt my heart about to burst out of my chest and i decided to tell him how i felt. When i asked him how he felt he told me would tell me the next day. Then he completely changed and started avoiding me and giving me the cold shoulder. i tried to talk to him and he ignored me. so i decided to give him space. (i did surprise him the day before.) then i heard through the grape vine that he's upset that im "ignoring" him. What the fuck does he want from me! then i heard his ignoring me bcuz he does not want to hurt my feelings by spending more time with me knowing that i have a crush on him and that nothing was ever going to happen bcuz he had a girlfriend at the time. i did not know he had a girl friend and i decided to tell him to forget that i have feelings for him and that we could just forget the whole thing happened and that i would get over my feelings sooner or later. we started talking again but i wasn't the same as before. he would constantly ask me if i have feelings for him which i would truthfully say i do. our relationship wasn't the same after that though we still talked and he made fun of me for liking him and stuff. someone then told me he had mixed feelings for me which was also the reason why he didn't want to see me. he didn't want to cheat on his girl friend with me my accident, even though i told him we would only be friends. he had mixed feelings for me but has a girlfriend which he likes too. then i also heard that he had broken up with his girlfriend through a mutual friend of ours. i won't lie, it made me a little happy. but realized nothing would change our relationship. then one day we were talking in class uncomfortably (our mutual friend was absent that day) and he told me that he didn't like that i dated Joel. (joel a nice boy i dated but never had feelings for. but bcuz i was getting the cold shoulder from my crush i decided to date someone who actually liked me. that did not work out because he became possessive and i broke up with him in a month, even though i wanted to break it of the first week the relationship started). i asked Franklin why but he couldn't give me a damn answer. he has crushed my freaking heart and confused the fuck out of me and treated me like crap. he makes me so fucking angry damn it. The fact that my feelings for him still remain makes the whole situation even worse.

Friends not replying 15

I HATE it when friends don't bother replying to invitations. Makes you wonder why you bother. Did they get my message? - how do I know?! Oh yeh, I don't because they are rude enough to think an RSVP is to be ignored. If you are someone who doesn't reply don't expect to be invited anywhere. I give up with people like this. 

Overgrown children 16

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I am sick and tired of being manipulated. I have tried very hard to be responsible and accept the responsibility of being an adult (probably long before I actually WAS an adult) and then have those I have allowed closest to me take advantage of my kind and caring nature.

Friends School 17

ARRGHH we have to go to school on halloween school really does annoy me and also my friend -so called friend keeps on been nasty I havent been happy with her for a long time she treats me as she is better than me and that she is so clever and has to put a down to everything my other friends ignore me completly on the way home there good friends but they never seem to notice that I m there and leave without me so I walk half the way home by myself I been getting bad headaches and are choosing GSCE's and stuff soon and Im rubbish at most things so I don't know what to take I have over 8 pieces of homework I hate living in the America I prefer colder countries I like snow the heat makes me more angry

Stupid Friends 18

I'm angry at all the friends who take your opinion for granted. I know I might not make the best decisions in life, but when I see friends making a really stupid life decisions and I stop and try to explain why they shouldn't be doing what they're doing, please take the time to at least consider what I'm saying before writing me off.

This friend of mine calls me her 'bestie' yet continues to ignore my advice. Right now she is wasting her time in university basically not caring about her grades, but instead focusing on making as many superficial friends as possible.

So look, when I send you an angry text detailing what I don't like about you, I'm not trying to be a flaming bitch--I'm just really fucking frustrated that you never seem to listen even though I and a couple of other good friends can see you sending yourself into a downward spiral.

So please, for fuck's sake, when good friends give you proper advice, listen.

 Eric 19

Goddamnit Eric, you owe my mother some fucking money! Did you forget about that? Did it slip your mind while you're busy drinking with sluts? You're a fucking idiot, you have Cadillac tastes on a Ford Pinto budget. You have no idea what it means to save money, or to work on a sensible budget. From one paycheck to another, you're always planning how the next paycheck is going to get spent on a bunch of stupid shit that you don't need!

You just HAVE to have an 800 dollar phone, 60 dollar blue jeans, 100 dollar shoes, 120 dollar jerseys, 7 dollar cups of coffee, 6 dollar packs of cigarettes, but yet you can't fucking afford to make it square with the people you owe? That's fucking bullshit. You stare like a braindead fucking moron into your fancy 800$ phone, thinking about how superior you are to everybody else because you're a fucking idiot for spending 800 goddamn dollars on a phone! That doesn't make you superior, it makes you a moronic asswipe!

Get your head out of your ass and smell the coffee. You're no better than anyone else just because you throw your money around. Also, your opinions, both politically and otherwise...nobody wants to fucking hear them. You have no fucking idea how the world really works and you only repeat the same vile pig-shit that you heard your dad say about politics! Fuck off, you don't understand any of it, so don't talk about it.

But nobody will ever hear any admission of being incorrect from you, no sir. You're always right, ALWAYS. What you say is right, and anything someone else says is wrong. Only your opinion matters. You try to tell me that there are still surviving Civil War veterans? I tell you, you're full of shit and you need to pick up a goddamn history book. I'm fucking tired of this.

But you can't be wrong, in your own mind, can you? You're King Shit of Turd Mountain. You fuck the most girls, lift the most weights, drink the most whiskey, play football better than anyone, have the most money, and you party the hardest. When the fuck will you wake up and realize that people in the real world DO NOT GIVE A FUCK about all of this fake trivial meaningless bullshit that you claim to have done? I mean, none of it's true, but still, even if it was, nobody would GIVE A FLYING FUCK.

You act like you have such a raging goddamn social life, when you always want to come over here and hang out. If you're always partying, getting drunk and fucking countless girls, why in the fuck are you always over here hanging out? Go get shitfaced drunk and fuck two girls at a time like you always claim to have done. You know why you're always here? Because it's all bullshit. I'll bet the real number of girls that you have actually had sex with is somewhere in the single digits. You could probably count them on one hand. Not that I give a fuck, but if you make bullshit claims, I'll call you out on that shit every time.

So, in conclusion, Eric, you need to get a fucking grip. You owe me money and you owe my mother money, and if I don't see it back, you can damn well bet that retribution will be had. I don't give a shit what SOB story or bullshit excuse you hand me, I'm done listening to it. I am absolutely fucking done hearing it. Make it fucking square! Pay us back and stop being a goddamn deadbeat!

Pissed Off 'Friend'

Dioni The Dumbass 20

Dioni I hate you so much! First you bother my girlfriend then pretend to be nice to her and the next day treat her like shit again! Then you even mess with my best friend's girlfriend! You make me so mad because now my girlfriend is thinking about changing schools because of your bitch-ass self. I'd love to punch you square-in-your-ugly-ass-nose, but I wouldn't because my girlfriend would break up with me. I'm in a knot now because you were born and THROWN as a baby. Not dropped, not flunged, but THROWN OUT THE WINDOW. No wonder your brain is so fucked up. One day... ooh.

Fat Friend 21

This friend of mine has a heart of gold, but she doesn't realize how fat she really is. I'm 4'11" and 140 lbs, and I have been struggling to get that down. I've been eating better than I used to and have been steadily increasing how much I exercise, and it's been working. And there's a lot of pressure to keep my weight in check, since my dad is a hypochondriac that's always nagging me about my health and obsessing over diets.

One time, she house sat with me while my parents were out of town. I dropped her off at her house so she could do something and she drove herself back to my house with her own car, and a 2 liter bottle of dr pepper, and proceeded to drink the entire thing in less than a day even though there were smaller bottles of dr pepper on hand (that she had also been drinking. way more than I had). As a friend, I was concerned about her health and told her as nicely as I could that drinking that much soda wasn't healthy. She didn't have even the slightest understanding of how soda was bad for her, especially that much.

On top of the soda, we had the AC on due to the heat. It got to the point where I was freezing, but she was still a tad warm. She didn't understand that she was still hot because she had all that insulation covering her like a giant blanket! She said I was strange for being so cold when it was 'CLEARLY' still very hot in the house. 50 degrees is not hot. I had to bundle up while she sat there in shorts and a tank top complaining about how hot it was.

Apparently I'm "skinny" and "tiny" as well. Height, yes. Weight, hell no. My BMI is definitely in the overweight range, and not only do I acknowledge it, I've been working on lowering it. She doesn't think she's fat (because she's also very strong), but Honey, when your stomach sticks out more than your boobs, you're fat. No if's, and's or but's about it. And your boobs wouldn't look like "mosquito bites" if you weren't so heavy!

Ok. I'm done bitching. She's a very nice person but very naive about her health. I do hope she realizes it soon and does something about it. I worry about her sometimes. All she needs to lose the weight is healthier food (that costs less since it's not prepackaged), and a good pair of tennis shoes. And, of course, dedication. No gym membership required.

Rotten Friend 22

I am fed up with this rotten fungus friend of mine. He seems to think hat he's got my back but in really he's trying to stab it. At first we tried to get along but then when he says he'll comeover and I call him to ask where he's at he never answers I confront him on facebook and then he says he did call me. NO YOU DIDN'T DIPSHIT DON'T FUCKING LIE TO ME. then he get's all defensive when I call him out and call him a liar he tries to make plans again and I blow him off then he ignores me like a dick when I try to talk to him seriously grow up. Then when he finally comes over to chat he comes over almost every day of the week he calls me up to hang out saying since we're friends we need to chill, it's ok to comeover but everyday seriously don't you think you need to give your friend some space. Then his loser fatass friend get's all jealous and starts talking shit then he takes his side and I get pissed and then decide to lie to him just to blow him off you want to be with that worthless fatass waste of skin fine then I won't let you come chill. Seriously fuck that fatass loser he's fat and a whiny bitch and is just a piece of shit because he's a concieted stupid fatass piece of shit. then he goes out on me when I lie to him and accuses me of lying to him and acts like a spoiled child for a month all because of that fatass shit talking so I blocked his fatass then my friend goes and acts all rude everytime I try to talk to him. Then he goes and post photos of him with his other friends on facebook doing stuff to shove down my throat especially with those whores who also I hated back in school and think they need to die of aids so I blocked them after telling them I hated them. Then he goes and offers me to go on vacation but I reject why would I go to that shit place Hilton Head Island it's a deserted island named after a rich group of cunts. Then he acts like he wants to shove that down my throat. I decide I want to throw a party my way and he goes and acts like his way is better and get's on my nerves and won't listen to a word I say. Then he offers to make music with him so I decide no and he throws a fit about that too plus he sucks at music worse than Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black. Worst of all he says he wants to come over and hang out with me on my Birthday and then lies to me when he says he texted me guess what I DIDN'T GET THE FUCKING TEXT YOU SAID YOU SENT SO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'VE DONE YOU'VE LIED TO ME AND RUINED MY BIRTHDAY then I confront the fucking retard and he goes and acts like an autistic child trying to deny everything and make me look like the bad guy rater than take responsibility for lying on my birthday and that is the last straw i've had it with this fucking retard. You're on your own now you ruined our friendship with your attitude and stop trying to act nice cause I know who you really are a liar and a hypocrite I'll go find another friend to do stuff with because i'm done wasting my breath on a rotten fungus on the foot of life like you.

"Best Friend" 23

My "best friend" makes me very frustrated/angry. On the first day of school, I chose to help guide her rather than stay with my other friends. Then I was just left with her. This is really shallow I suppose, but she's ugly and that doesn't help much. She's picked up my style and musical taste and I can't stand that. It seems like I can't befriend anybody without having her try to come up and befriend them as well. I can't have anything of my own with her around. It doesn't help that we always end up being partnered as well, because teachers seem to think we love that.

Sometimes she gets a bit bitter as well, because I happen to be more fortunate than she is more than one department. She's so weird and has so many odd tendencies... I'm embarrassed to be around her in public. She's self-important as well, she thinks she means so much to me. She could die and I'd continue living life, to be honest.

When she's not being a psycho bitch she's sulking or whining about her home life. She refuses to tell me anything, she only sits on her corner of the lunch table, silent. I can't help if I don't know what's going on. I'd probably be sympathetic if I knew what was going on, but knowing her, it's probably something miniscule. I've known her to complain about demonic possession and crying over a crease in a project, etc.

Sometimes she hints at suicide and I've come to the point where I'd rather encourage her than try and save her, so I just don't say anything.

I'm a terrible person, I guess. But I really just want to live life without her being so damn AnNOyiNg.

Idiot Friends 24

There's plenty of idiots in High School. I'm well aware of that. But God damn it makes me angry that my friend is so stupid. I'm incredulous that someone could BE so stupid. We got into an argument once where he called me a nerd. He had been saying that just about any time I talked to him. So one day I just told him to shut the fuck up. We're through with that but now every time he speaks, it's as if he's trying to tell me why he's cooler than I am. "So this girl was talking to me in English, and she blah-blah this and said blah-blah." He likes to tell me and the fellas at the lunch table that we can't get girlfriends. It's funny because the girls who talk to him seem like losers anyway, and I've seem them abuse him verbally and physically. I've confronted him about it, yet this asshole still tries to avoid the subject and tell me that I can't get a girlfriend. For one, I have enough interaction with girls that I don't need to boast it to my friends and feel so proud of it. On the other hand, the girls I do speak with have more class and maturity than the filth my friend hangs out with. Despicable. I want to help the man out, but he seems to think he's always correct and that his judgement is more legitimate than that of his friends. Won't even listen to the smartest kid in our group of friends. What makes me even more angry is that he's actually a good friend underneath his idiocy. He's reliable and loyal. His only real problem seems to be pants-on-head retardation.

So called "Best Friends" 25

Ok. I have to get a few things off my chest. I'm pissed at 2 people in general right now and could just tell them to their faces to fuck off, but I will behave and act civil by instead opting to rant here. I'm sick of being ignored. I go out of my way to be a good friend, be nice, help out when needed. I get shit in return. Now I haven't really talked to these 2 in about a week and change except for a Merry Christmas and a happy new year text from each of them. We used to always talk, check in on each other if we hadn’t talked in a day or two, be there for each other, hell even called ourselves the 3 musketeers. I'm going through a TON of rough things right now including but not limited to my mom having been very ill and in the hospital the last 4 months, dealing with flood repairs, job and pay cuts to the point I’m barely holding my head above water, being depressed and NEEDING a friend...There’s more but that’s a start anyway. Quite frankly, I almost died myself in Feb 2011, spending several weeks in the hospital, dealing with in home nurses after my hospital discharge, and being out of work for 2 months. I have been starting to wish I had just died. I’m sick of being treated like shit by people. After the flood I got the “Let me know if you need anything”. Then I need something (even just an ear to hear me out or to vent to) and get ignored or get excuses as to why someone can’t come help me out for an hour or two. DON’T OFFER IF YOU’RE NOT SINCERE. Meanwhile I’ve been busting my ass holding my life together by a thread, driving the almost 2 hours to the hospital my mother is in, repair her home BY MYSELF as insurance didn’t cover anywhere’s NEAR enough to hire someone (damn good thing I’m a contractor too, however trying to hold my job, do the house and every other damn thing is taking it’s toll on me mentally and physically). I feel so damn alone especially when I just spent new years by myself while those 2 went out to movies and concerts knowing I might need a friend and a mental break. Both posted on facebook “Hey we’re going to xyz tonight, can’t wait.” Paraphrased, but you get my drift. I felt like shit. Totally left out and alone. While I have lots of other friends, they’re not ones I hang out with on a regular basis. Most are friends from across the country, from other activities I do, or just acquaintances. Wish I wasn’t here anymore and wishing things could go back a few months ago when I had the friends I thought they were up til the last few weeks. So, that’s that. No more playing nice, no more going out of my way to say hi. This is one I love. I work at a place that has a vacation week between Christmas and New Years. Hardly anyone works that week, skeleton crew. I however work along with a few others just maintaining things and checking on security etc…I get a text after being ignored for almost a week.

Friend…“Hey, are you working? Is so n so working today?”.

I’ll bite (against my judgment to just ignore it). Me…“Yea, why?”.

Friend…“Oh I need to stop by and pick something up from them. I’ll text you when I get there”.

They show up and I ended up helping them out just to play nice (couldn’t find the person the wanted, so I flew by the seat of my pants and somehow we got what they needed). Then I go right back to being ignored. So. I’ve had it. I’m done playing nice. I’m done asking for help that I’ll never get. I’m done inviting them to important events in my life I’d like them to be a part of (my martial arts tests being one). “Yea, I think I can, see you then”. Then never showing up. FUCKIN DONE. So, they’ve both lost a good friend for their stupid actions the last few weeks. There’s more but I’ll stop now before my blood boils over more than it is. So readers…if you’re thinking I’m feeling sorry for myself, self centered and it’s all about me etc…Sorry, but that’s not it. Go through the absolute worst year of your life, go into severe depression so bad you wanna kill yourself but are too chicken, deal with everything I’ve had on my plate (and no, above doesn’t even cover it). I can’t even make up the stupid year I had in 2011. So much that I wanna just curl up and never wake up again.

Do you ever read my messages?! 25

Why is it whenever I send a message to friends they see part of it and ignore the rest? Yeh you're trying to organise a holiday - sorry but I don't like your idea. I told you why AND offered a different suggestion. And all they do is bitch and whinge about me not liking their original idea. And my new idea? Oh yeh, totally ignored - so are you guys interested or not? How the fuck am I supposed to know. Play it your way...I'll not reply to your new ideas either.

Jealous Pig 28

Theres a girl I know and I'll just call her K.V. to make make things simple. Well, this fatass has been hatin on me for a while and I never understood what I did wrong. We usedd to be good friends and all but then one day things went South. I continued to wonder and wonder about why she seemed so angry at me all the time, but then one day I finally found out. You see, K.V. is by no means an attractive girl.Shes disgustingly overweight, has a double chin, is pale and is in dsperate need or a new dye job. I know that alone is enough to bitter a person but when you mix it in with the inability to control how much food shes pilin into her mouth, then things get a little more testy. And that is exactly what her problem is with me. I have the ability to NOT gorge myself on food while she is still left hungry after eating her entire lunch plate. That thing alone makes my stomach HURT to eat just a side and the main dish but when you add two more sides and a little extra snacktype thing thrown in you would think she would be nice and full, right? WRONG! The bitch eats everyting on her plate and then complains she is still hungry. Then to make things worse she'll steal food from other people at the table including her "brother". Wacthin her shovel food into her mouth as though she is some poor, thin starving child is simply unberbale to watch. Sometimes I just wanna run to the bathroom and toss my cookies cuz she makes me so sick! To make matters worse, she thinks that she can hide the fact thatshe is a greedy, gluttonus pig by being friends with a food crazy friend and eating lunch next to her "brother" who eats two plates of food! WRONG BITCH! EVERYONE SEES RIGHT THROUGH YOU! For one, her "brother" is a guy which means duh he can eat craploads of food and not gain a pound and two, her friend has gained weight right nicely in her midsection,which will look plum cute when bikini season comes around. So to finish thing off K.V., Dont be a bitch to me because you such a lonely, pathetic, grossly disgusting fatass. Oh and that boyfriend you say you have? Dont even because the best you'll ever get would be the pillsbury dough boy!

Flaky biotch 29

You consistantly text me and call me, asking me out but at the last minute you flake out and say something came up. You don't even have the friggen common courtesy to call me till a few days have passed. 3 times is enough! Finally, you asked me out again and I stupidly went out with you and had a good night out. I was polite and respectful. You asked me to go out on another date, I agreed. 4 days later no text no phone call. WTF! I'm sure you'll call a few days from now and say your dog ate your phone. Your 26 and you act like a little girl. Grow up and stop fucking with my emotions.I don't have time for your indecisive crapass behavior! You are a flaky childish. Growup!

Friends 30

I am so damn angry at all of my stupid, whiny, privileged friends. They all have every opportunity handed to them despite their incompetence and yet they bitch and moan about every little self-created problem in their lives. I, on the other hand, am conscientious, honest, and work so fucking hard 70 hours a week at a super stressful job and still I thank my lucky stars every day that at least I have a decent fucking life...and I do it all with a smile on my face. These assholes? Nooooooo, all they do complain about self created problems like "oh I've been in the same failing relationship for 5 fucking years but what should I do? wha wha?" Fucking end the relationship, asshat. Or "oh I'm so uninspired with my life, oh this traffic sucks, oh I hate that girl's jacket blah blah blah whhaaa whaa whaa". Or "I just looove my new boyfriend and I'm so happy but I fucked some other dude 3 weeks into the relationship and now I'm going to ruin my friend's night by whining incessantly about how difficult it is to keep this a secret." FUCK YOU, YOU SELFISH BITCHES!

By the way, these are all grown ass motherfucking adults saying this shit. Get a motherfucking life, fuckface and stop wasting my precious time with this shite! I can't stand this fuckery anymore. All I want to do after a long day at work is relax and have some fun, but all they can do is bitch about god knows what and succeed in making themselves and, more importantly, ME even more miserable. Thanks for nothing you fucktards!

Thanks for the platform. I feel better.

Selfish so-call best friend 31

I dont understand why my so-call best friend, M is always so selfish. I called her so-call best friend as I no longer feel that she is my best friend but only a long time friend who I have known for 11 years. M hardly goes to movie with me. She even goes to the movie with her other friend just because that certain idiot is willing to treat her FREE on various occasion. I'm so frustrated that I just went to the movie theater myself and end up feeling so lonely when I walked out of the cinema. Also, she started to ignoring my call just because she is hanging out with her other 2 friends and she will only look for me when they 3 had a fight just so that she is not alone. There is also an occasion that I left my umbrella at a workshop and she can actually say that "we go back to the store to buy a new 1" - how inconsiderate ! Since my umbrella was a new one & I will never ask her to do that if it was she who forgot her umbrella. Also, she can actually went back to the previous workshop to take her OWN cd without bothering to help me take mine even thought it was on her way and most friends would gladly help. How can someone be so selfish and calculative when I have always stand by her? Give her advices and suggestion on how to find jobs and console her. Why am I always being taken for granted despite treating ppl with my upmost sincerity that is always being trampled on. I am very sad and felt like such a spare tyre, a BIG fool who was always unwittedly being made use of.

Bridge burner 32

I was close friends with an older lady who I met close to three years ago, she's been a positive influence in my life and had lot of great times together...but all of that is over when she got all pissy over something somebody did to her, prompting to leave the state and start a new life, burning every bridge behind her, including those who were important to her. I'll never see or hear from her again and at this point, I don't want to. She hurt me by inexplicably cutting me out of her life when I was always good to her. I hope that she enjoys her new life and then realizes who she hurt in the process of reaching her goal. I hope she drops dead...

selfish (ex)friend 33

you, yeah you - the selfish prinkenstein who decides to flip out on me, ranting and raving about XYZ and how it is ruining your birthday present - the present being tickets to a concert I bought for you - without any regard for your disrespectful attitude.

Thankfully, the concert was cancelled so I got refund.

Even better, you got angry that I took someone else to an event that you and I were going to attend together. Trust me, after that first stunt, I wasn't going for a repeat!

Girlfriends parents 34

My fucking girlfriends parents are such dicks. They have a perfect daughter! They complain about her 4.0gpa and call her worthless. What the fuck? Her mom calls her lazy and worthless. She's 18 and still has an 11 o'clock curfew and her fucking dad won't step up and get her a car. She forgot to clean her bathroom, her mom told her she would take away her college money because of it. Is this botch dumb? Holy shit. I shake my head. And every fucking day I think they might be alright they manage to immediately change my mind by pulling this shit. Once my girlfriend and I are married I'm telling these cocksucking bitches to go fucking jump into a rattlesnake infested pit that leads to a giant hive of fucking hornets and I hope they survive, just long enough for me to look down on them and spit in their motherfucking eye.

so called fucking friend 35

ok...this is pissing me off. we've been friend for almost 11 years, but just look! you jerk! that's how a friend should be!!! being a bastard yourself is not enough huh?!!! and that empty promise!!!! you even don't know what have been happening to me and keep on making out with your so called girl-friend!!!! that whore!!! that fucking drama queen!!! now what...come back and act as if nothing happened???! you so-called-fucking-friend!! go get some blowjob from your slut instead of bothering me!!! i know you're lying on my bed now, acting all naive to my parents every time they ask, pretending that nothing's wrong the past months, that you're not the one who dared to kiss MY GIRL!!!!! DANMIT!!! disgusting!!!! and you asshole, don't touch my body that way!!! Stop telling me those words!!!! your stupid prank, your look, your voice, your smile, your hug, your kiss, your everything! FUCK OFF!!

Goth Ex-friend 36

Let me start off by saying that I used to be a part of the gothic crowd. I since departed that way of life many years ago due to the shitstorm of false friendships and fake emotions I couldn't stand. Don't get me wrong, I did take a few good things with me. Some great music a couple of interesting people I'll never forget but nothing sticks out to me more than one person I knew and still remember to this day as probably one of the biggest gothic, self obsessed, egotistical cunt faces I have ever known.

I met this guy online and we became fast friends many years ago. Back then people wrote letters to one another and we started corresponding. I poured my heart into those letters and over time we started calling each other. I was a pretty lonely kid back then (my parents kicked me out at a young age) and his late night calls from across the world helped us both. His brother was an abusive cunt and his mother ignored his abuse for years. As what most good friends do, you listen. I did just that as he cried everytime we spoke. It was a friendship I thought would last a fucking lifetime. Oh how wrong I was.

Fast forward about 6 years. I moved across the world and got married to an awesome person. I was also now closer to said friend and we had a chance to meet and get to know one another face to face. His life was also going awesomely at the time. He had a lovely new gf (also a gothic scenester) and I thought things were going great. That is until I actually started pursuing a friendship with them both. For a good 5 months we sent letters, packages, had phone was going great. Until the one day his gf and I got into an altercation. You see, she wasn't just one of those usual goths you meet. She was "special." She was gorgeous and had my friend so wrapped around her little finger like yarn. Don't get me wrong, I tried to like her and I tried to like them both. After the small argument I had with her (it seemed they had been way to busy to get back to me for almost a month) about feeling a little bit ignored by them both, she flew off the handle! Bitch from the grave had to say her piece and I listened while she talked about how "weak her heart was" and couldn't take being confronted, while all the while telling me I was in the wrong.

Not being a mean person and not wanting to cause problems I apologized to her. Asked for her holiness to forgive me if I made her feel bad. We talked things out and then it all seemed settled. We were both having a bad day.Guess what? I was wrong again to think that these gothic scenester pissants that were so full of themselves could let something so lame like this ever go. It was stupid and we were all adults here. We made up and laughed it off.

Two weeks later, when I think shit is going back to normal, I get a package in the mail with a printed out typed letter and all of the gifts and well meaning shit I sent to them both included in the package. The cunts couldn't even bother hand writing me a fucking letter because they thought I was beneath them. The letter saying shit about how they had more than enough friends. That they didn't need me and how I was a shitty friend that they were dumping for their weekend gothic whore scene club friends they sat around and compared their depression and clothes with. I was pissed, sad, and just all around perplexed at the stupidity of such a fucked up letter ending a good long friendship over a dumbass fight. One fucking time was all it took apparently. No chance to defend myself. No chance to be allowed a mistake.

I thought we were beyond this bullshit. Most goths preach open-mindedness like it's their fucking right. In the end all I learnt was that assheads are still assheads, no matter how much fucking make-up they wear or how many bands they fucking know. It's like a fucking penis comparison party. Who has the biggest dick? Who has the most music knowledge? Who looks the coolest? Well you know what, fuck you and your "toxic friendship" which you so eloquently put it. The only fucking toxic shit in this world is anyone that has to put up with your fake ass friendship.

I feel sorry for both of you. Always sad, always crying. Wishing you had something "real". Well, you know what, you fucking did. Your lies and fake attitude will catch up to you. I fucking can't stand to hear another one of those scenester pricks complain about their lives when they had chances and fucked it up. If I could turn time back I would never have shared secrets with you, you backstabbing cunt. Always waiting to figure out which side to stab the knife in. Fuck the goth scene and fuck your false friendships. Keep on crawling, it fucking suits you. Fuck!

Friend 37

One of my friends treats me super badly. She came to my house for a sleepover, and all she did was look on my tablet and complain about what I like. She never lets me be friends with who I want, and she has a complaint from revision everything I do. I want to delete her from my friend list, but she has a too strong personality. I am sick and tired of her making me be exactly like her and feel the exact same way!!!!

Friends 38

All my friends suck. I come from a good family with some money but none of my friends do. And for some fucked up reason they believe that entitles them to most of my shit, or at the very least several favors. Most of the time we hang out I'm just being used and it's starting to get old. I am more than just some guy you know that allows you to eat his food drive you to work help you deal with the massive amount of shit you were born into. I also have shit to deal with. I understand that my shit is never as searver as my friends but that does not mean they don't exists. My friends do not understand that our friendships are mostly a one way street, me giving and them taking. It's even gotten so bad that if I don't do the favors they need then I'm a giant asshole, I'm sorry you were a stupid drunk and wrecked your car, so why is it my responsibility to get you to work? I am hoping that one day they will see what our friendships have become and try to do something, but deep down I know that all my friends are rather to stupid to figure it our or don't care cause they are douchbags. I need to find some friends who are not stupid as shit, don't drink everyday, and are actually moving forward in life rather than backwards.

Fucking friends 39

You always bitch about how I never come and see you. Well make the fucking effort to come see me! It's the same distance and price for you to come to me once in a while. You're a bloody student doing fuck all in the summer whereas I have a job. And when I do make an effort to see you and organise nice things you screw me over at the last minute and cancel. Every fucking time. Come out for a meal - you couldn't come to me but you were free to go out in a different town. Come to a theme park - you know the fucking costs. I've told you 3 times but I know that once I've got my ticket you'll say "it's too expensive" and cancel. I know you'll cancel camping because you'll "forget" or have something better to do.

So fucking mature of you 40

It pisses me off so much when friends start to tell you something and then change their minds and try to change the conversation. The whole "I've got a secret..but I'm not telling you" is only ok when you 5! Not 20! If you don't want to tell me, fine! But cut the crap of "well I could tell you but I'm not going to." It's not clever. It's fucking annoying. I'm not going to sit here hanging on your every word

Fucking hypocritical friends 41

I cancel one meet up and my "friend" explodes at me for cancelling - only like every other time we arrange to do something. I point this out to her and it's suddenly all my fault and I'm the bitch because I cancel 1 event with 5 days notice (and I never said I was definitely going!)

And now shes fucking pissed off with me because I've upset her. Finally had it with her - no longer a friend.

Ok - it started as a rant but I'm not pissed off anymore. I don't need that shit in my life

Morbidly Obese 42

I'm angry that my best friend of over 40 years has let herself become morbidly obese. She is huge and the worst part is she won't admit it and if you try to say something gently like have you considered not puting 3 extra pats of butter on your sidedish she gets offeded as if I am trying to deprive her. She also has broken my toilet seat about 3 times and the worst is she has broken an antique chair in my bedroom that belonged to my grandomther and has been in my family for almost 60 years !! I mean if it looks delicate then don't think your 400 lb ass belongs in it !! It isn't meant to hold you and no it isn't because it's old that it broke it broke because it wasn't meant to have an elephant sit in it !!! I am mad because she is supposed to be around when we are both old and gray but I don't see that happening, I definitely don't see us taking that Grand Canyon trip to ride the mules down into the canyon because she is physically incapable of doing it. Thanks you cow for making your gobs of fat more important than those around you who care about your well being. I can't care anymore and I don't want to hear how your knees hurt, or how small the shower is or the worst is how small the airplane seats are. All of those things are meant for normal sized people not someone who is 2 1/2 times the size of everyone else !!

To my dear fake friend 43

I am tired of being your friend on command...

You only want to hang out when you have nothing to do and are bored! You told me once you want to see me more... i send you and your fucking flake of a friend some plans for the weekend etc and i never ever get a response on that (not just once but many other times too)... what is the whole point of our friendship?

I thought you would change but you will always be the same, repeating the same patterns... you have a new boyfriend? you lose interest in your friends. But when your boyfriend dumps you, for some reason your friends become once more the most important thing in the world. Bitch.

You're also such a slag. Just because most guys find you attractive doesn't mean you have to flirt with this dude that another of our common friends had as a friend with benefits. I saw how angry and jealous she was (like you did) but you just couldn't help yourself because your confidence is probably related to the amount of male attention that you can get. I don't really care about that, but i'm just tired that you think the world is yours because you bat an eyelash, show some skin and try to keep it a secret that you are dating someone so you can lead on other boys.

Now that you are dating this new guy who puts you on a pedestal you haven't even bothered replying my message to hang out with you probably because you want to spend all your time with him. You're always talking about being a strong independent woman and that no man will ever control you, but you can't help becoming a doormat and changing your priorities whenever a penis takes interest in you.

Congratulations bitch. Next time the new penis dumps you, don't count on me to come running to you or even going out of my way and changing my plans just to hang out with you because you are bored. You always tell me that you miss me, you want to see me... but when you have the chance to actually see me... you don't even bother to respond. How precious our friendship does seem.

so-called friends 44

i actually thought at one point that you were a "best friend"... but all you are is a fucking bitch and a magnificent cunt...

i can't stand you anymore. Thinking of you just makes my blood boil. You think you are so superior to everyone. You think you are such a cool person and that everyone loves how you impose your opinions on other people. all you are is one big self centered attention whore who can't shut up for two seconds especially if the conversation doesn't revolve around you. for some reason, whenever i had a problem and was trying to discuss with you you just always had to compare that problem to something that happened to you. Interrupting others while they are speaking is also another of your speciality.

Im also starting to think that you chose your friends according to their ability to least outshine you from an intellectual to physical point of view. you feel better when you belittle your friends, just how i was feeling when i was in an unknown environment which you knew and took advantage of, trying to make me look like a fool to make others laugh.

You don't think i noticed how you were trying to flirt with my bf? i let it go because unfortunately i couldn't kick you out. what did you think you would actually gain from that? just a pissed off friend. but you like the attention don't you? You have a tendency to pick your girl friends when you think it will make you look much better next to you anyways.

The more i know you, the less i can stand you. We are growing apart... and you know what? It's for the best. The less i see you the happier i am...

Let down AGAIN 45

That's it. I've had it with friends. I organised a trip to a theme park, told them the costs and once again I've been strung along, led to beleive they'll go. We fell out over me cancelling a trip ONCE but as always they play the victim and can't admit they hurt me when they do it every time I organise something. They've stalled about buying tickets for 2 fucking months only to decide that it's now too expensive (despite knowing the costs). What fucks me off the most? "But we don't have an income like you." You're fucking students! You have a student loan! I work minimum wage for 3 hours a day...I don't earn a lot. This trip is a weeks wages for me! And then to have the fucking cheek to say "let's do something cheaper like movies at mine". NO! I'm going to the theme park and I'll go alone. You don't know this but this was the last trip I was planning with you. You've hurt me so much recently and I've had it.


i never really found so many problems in one single person until now. why are u so effing negative???? r u crazy???

1. stop hating everything and everyone, im sick of how you talk shit about every single person you know, even your own "close frds" and laugh at their back and pretend you are nice in front of them.

2. stop exaggerating things and stop trying to be someone who you are not. stop trying to act nice to new friends, im so sick of seeing you to be so phony just to be more popular so all these new friends like u. i used to be attracted by your personality when i first knew you, but after all these yrs, i learned about who you are, and know all your tricks into letting others enjoy your company. and stop telling me you are loved by everyone when i just tried talk to you about these people not being so friendly, i never thought it to be something that you do on purpose, but now i realize what kind of person you are, you like and enjoy hurting people (from what i heard from your rants about other people), and you have a "black heart"

3. stop making excuses on why you cant go out, it didnt happen once, it happened any time whenever u are too lazy to drag your ass to go out, you never want to go out whenever the location is somewhere other than your neighborhood? is that what friends are for? im so sick of selfish people like you who just cant be willing to do just a little more to make everything more convenient. everyone lives in different locations, why cant you be more considerate for every one, im not even telling you to always go all the way to a far place just to meet up every time, most of the time we all go to your neighborhood and you never want to give out, whenever ANY TINY THING about location, time, date is not what you want, you give out an excuse, what kind of fucking person is this? im sorry i think this is totally using friends whenever you are bored.

4. whenever friends ask you to go out, you say you can't because of those stupid excuses you made up, like i have a lot of work to do, i cannot leave the office now, its too busy, i am a busy girl etc.. and friends actually bought into her craps every single time and were actually ok with it?? and really think shes really a victim at work... if she is really that hard working... people can finally see it... and recognize you, not just all the time you just say some BS to make people think you are the victim... i think you deserve what your colleagues are treating you like. about friends... do you know she actually talked shit about all of you in front of me as well? stop thinking shes so nice... basically all of you are selfish, im really so sick of being in a group of friends who are selfish to the max. eerything about this person is a HOAX, a LIE, a fantasy she created for herself to be in.

4. stop saying "i work soooo hard at the office and still got backstabbed by mean people, im innocent, and i didn't do anything wrong"; theres really not a lot of unfair things going on in this world, i know you too well to know you are just lying about it. you basically are not doing good at work, lazy, mean, having an attitude when your boss talks to you, because i just know you too well... you don't love to work, you dont enjoy whatever you are doing, and still have the guts to say people are just picking on you. if you got picked on once, twice, maybe they are being mean or are doing it for "political purposes", but if more than once or twice, its either you are dumb or you are lying to friends about this.i seriously dont believe this is a one way street, it goes both ways, stop acting to be a victim to get sympathy from friends, omg you are really really good at lying, you start to lie at the smallest detail so people won't realize how and when you are actually lying... sigh

5. stop being such a hypocrite. you say something you hate with a passion, wow you actually doing it yourself... how can you not even look at yourself and realize what kind of a effing big lie you are telling? people are not dumb, you are childish for creating a virtual world to live in, im so sorry for you because you must be depressed every single day of your life to make you hate just about everything and everyone, you are jealous of them so you say something stupid like this........ love yourself love your life, be more productive and stop spreading this fucking vibe onto me... this is getting on my nerves

6. stop talking sh*t abt every one, stop comparing with every single person you met, stop being so insecure, stop telling me all of a sudden that some bitch is "annoying", "omg look at her dress on that picture on her facebook, ew thats disgusting" are you really having nothing to do with your life so you need to talk stupid shit like this every day??? im not like you, sorry i really don't enjoy such conversations, stop saying i don't pick up the phone because i just fucking hate talking with you about all these stupid shit you said from your mouth, and im not interested in discussing about plastic surgery on this or that girl, this is wasting my time, and i hate talking on phone for NOTHING! thats why i dont want to pick up

7. speaking of phone calls, you just always like to use me whenever you are bored, calls me and says i dont pick up calls, then please think about what kind of conversations you are capable of making, people should all be there for you when you need to rant about some stupid girl's fb status??? please, i dont want to waste my time for you, thing is, im ok to listen to any crap a good friend has to say, but if you are really a good friend, how come you don't seem to know what i talk about when i respond or say something more "intelligent" ?? you are basically doing something else while talking to me, like surfing on the internet, gosh... how can you be so selfish? you finished speaking your stupid talks and i was there to listen even if i was busy... and even if i hate talking on phone because i think this is what friends should do, but you, you never did the same, you just finished your fucking retarded topics and whenever i say something you respond after 5 secs, saying "huh..?" gosh... how can someone be so selfish in such an obvious way?????

8. stop being so childish when u tell lies, dont try to be someone who you are not. please u need to stop ur mental torturing on me. is it going to take u anywhere in life? grow the eff up... you dont have anything "beautiful" about you... im sorry to say, maybe i didn't spot it, but so far, you are someone w/o "content", you dont think and make intelligent things to say, its ok, i dont mind as long as we are friends i can tolerate it as long as i feel you have "heart" in maintaining a friendship.... but you cant even do this, such a basic element in a friendship, you dont respect anyone, no wonder you don't have any friends, and no wonder you hate everything ... because you are sooo lonely living to be someone who you are not... sooo unhappy about your life.... because you are not confident about yourself.... im really so sick of being used by you whenever you feel like it.... i really think i should stop being friends with you.. because i cant see one good thing about you... like i said, i feel like im talking to a robot, worse, like a shell, theres no content or "good things" i can get or gain from you... i feel im so childish being with you..... whatever you say disgusts me, and stop taking advantage on me because you always know i am nice and i cant be mean....

9. most importantly, stop being so friggin selfish and stop taking advantages of ppl around u , and that includes me, all the time, so sick of u doing this over and over again, stop thinking ur smart in trying to be someone who you are not... i wonder how people actually buy into ur crap, why would ppl let u be the way u are??? whatever u say and do in life always have some sort of purposes and they are never real, so what r u really doing in life?? im sorry i pity u cuz whatever u do actually tells me how fucked up life and people around u must have been in ur heart every single second u r on earth... geeez, u hv some mental prob, time for a dr's visit

Asshole friend 47

HELLO Internet!! my name is anonymous and this rant is about my asshole friend.

this kid just had to be an asshole and post something on my facebook page so people can read it. it says "if you can't change then grow the fuck up!" What the hell!!! im not the most popular kid in school, but i have no enemies and im making new friends at this new school and he has the damn nerve to say this shit? This shitler is on crack cocaine. Im a very mature guy and at least I am nice to other people and my parents cockwaffle!! he also says my dad is a hardass and a dick!! my dad is not a dick! I just need to do lots of chores each week to help our house!![ im not poor just have to help take care of the house while parents work and I do it with no whining and questions!! he says the things i do outside of school are gay like Civil Air Patrol which is one of America's most helpful volunteer service program. I saved people lost in forest [ really] and helped accompanied soldiers from middle eastern confrontations while he stays at home playing games all the time [I do that, but at least i fucking do the work i do first!!!

I said something to him about drug abusers and it offended him because his dad died from overdose.

I didn't know thats what he died from and he just had to act like he the rarest peice of shit in the world and he talks shit about my dad and i shrug it off. its always about him fucking hate hims o much just wish i could slice my arm off and salt the wound!!

Nobody pays attention to me.

thanks webmaster for the Vent i need a pack of ice.


You damn brewery you! You fake son of a bitch. You are always hem-hawing around acting like youre gonna do what you are supposed to do but you just bullshit around til the next time.

We are tired of you asking us to come over so you can blast your heavy metal music. You're already a damn demon and all your alcohol and head banging music make you just that more of a jack ass. Lay off the stinky ass cigarettes too. Sue is so damn nice and you sit there and treat her like a second ass citizen. Yall cant go on vacation unless YOU say so. You conjure up all kinds of resistances to her just so you can see her cry then you play the nice guy.

You are MORE abusive than her first husband cause you fuck with her mind and emotions.

You chain smoking jealous lying son of a bitch. Everytime we are in your midst and you see that YOU are NOT the only person that knows something about this or that you clam up, take a longer drink, disappear into another room.

You look like a damn KKK klansman at heart but you PRETEND to like all races.

We see through your devil filled eyes.

Check yourself in a alcohol rehab and while you are there have them pump all the smoke from the cigs outta you too.

I have you you stubborn selfish self centered dick! Just because your ancestors had a little prestige doesnt mean the shit trickled down to you!

Die T**** die!

I hate you!

My annoying friend 49

My goddamn friend has been pussified so much by modern society. Sometimes I find candy in a wrapper on the ground and he always says "DUDE DON'T EAT THAT THE BACTERIA COULD GET THROUGH THE WRAPPER OMG." He always tries to take stuff I find on the ground because it's "dirty," including FUCKING MONEY. This guy's family is semi-rich so he doesn't really understand the value of money to me (I'm young and don't have a job yet). He thinks I should just get my parents to buy stuff for me. He also complains when people make fun of him (feeding the trolls) and then wonders why people still make fun of him. He's also the kind of person who thinks swear words should be censored/are evil. He's annoyingly religious, and I think he looks down on my Atheism/non-religous people in general. For example, this one time in 7th or 8th grade there was a dead, gorey rabbit. When he found it he said, "what atheist did this?" like a toolface. FUCKIN ASS.

Paisley 50

I imagine a friend, that walks away when your angry, ignores you when you are crying and that is the type of friend you are.

You are mean arrogrant, judgemental snobbish and hypocritical. You make me sick. You and your family hired illegal aliens when you owned that grocery with your family, paid them less than minium wage, and then your family literally goes and praises god on a mountain top.

I am 5 '8, I am trying to get out of this car not made for a dwarf, and instead of helping me, you yell at me "Excuse me, I am talking to you." Talk about failing the door test (See the Movie "A Bronx Tale."

Friendship is about accepting people for what they are, not trying to make people into what you think they should be. You think that anybody whos mood is not stuck on happy, is negative or has a bad attitude in life.

Girlfriends 51

Renee is such a big fucking bitch I wish she would go die in a fucking hole, and fall victim to the most painful death in the history of the world. She is such a hypocritic little vlut (virgin slut - wannabe slut) when she has nothing going for her what-so-ever. She dated my friend last year and she treated him like shit, going around boasting about their sexual habits to her friends and bad mouthing him behind his back, like a fucking coward. She cannot be named for obvious reasons, but if she reads this, she will know it is about her and her steele ways of deception and lies, as she did nothing but that for the short time they were together, she thinks she is the best thing to happen to everyone, but she is pathetic excuse for a human being and an abomination that I am ashamed that I was once friends with. She is an ignorant piece of fucking shit that doesn't even deserve to be alive, she needs to go fuck a giant horse.
Enough said. She knows who she is.

Friends who refuse to accept blame 52

I think that message was incredibly rude. No-one forced you to do that so stop trying to make me feel bad by not returning the gesture. Just fucking drop it now! You've got on at me for 3 days now and I've had it. I tell you to back off because I find the constant hassling rude, and yet you reply saying that I'm to blame and that I'm in the wrong. That's fine - it's your opinion. But instead of saying "hopefully you understand now, and if not, read the message again" maybe you should re-read MY message and see things from MY point of view. Something you NEVER do. I admit we probably are both in the wrong but stop pushing ALL the blame to me. I've had it. Strike 3 - you're out.

Sponsor me 53

Ok. I get it. You're trying to raise money. Me to. But here's the difference. I email everyone ONCE and ask. I'll then post a reminded in a few weeks and then email everyone again saying that there's still time to. If I hear nothing, and no-one sponsors me I leave it. You on the other hand, email me, email me the next day needing a definite answer (why?! If I wasn't going to sponsor you, I'd just ignore the message. And if I am going to sponsor you I'll do it!). So I think it best to ignore that message as I found it rude and demanding. You then email me 2 days later to say that I NEED to give a simple yes or no answer "because thats what friends do". A true friend would realise that it's rude to ask like that and accept it if people chose to ignore the message. I'm now stuck. I would have sponsored you, but now I don't feel like it because of your rude message. But I know you. You'll play the guilt card (oh but I sponsored you...) and try to make me feel bad. Get over yourself. Try asking again when you've learnt some manners!

Friend 54

Supposed BFF who Is a Complete Asshole

I've had this friend for over 8 years. I have been there for her, and likewise, she has been there for me. The last couple years she has been acting like a total stranger, being rude and vile and just plain MEAN. Anytime we would get together we'd talk about how are lives are going. She would have her pity parties for herself and I would always give her a sympathetic ear because hey - that's what friends do. When it was my turn for a little pity party she jumped all over me and accused me of being a naive, whiny complainer. She actually scolded and lectured me one night for 3 friggen hours until I was almost in tears about how fucked up my life was, how my husband is a control freak asshole (he's actually awesome and not like that at all), blah blah self righteous bitching blah. She yelled at me for not helping her clean up her mother's apartment properly, letting an elevator door ding when we were loading furniture, and freaking the fuck out when I wanted to exercise with some neighbors. I was being 'inappropriate'....what the fuck!? How is exercise inappropriate? She actually said I could walk home if I didn't spend all my time with her and her family, and I was a good 3 hours away from my home! She acted like such a total, complete bitch the last weekend I saw her - for the first time in our entire 8 year friendship I called her out on her bad behavior when I got home. I messaged her on fb, a very nicely put and polite letter emphasizing her nastiness that weekend and pointing out that I still love her and don't want her to be upset. She said, "Don't want to discuss it. Let me know when I can come get my stuff'. Has not replied to any of my messages, texts, phone calls, nothing for over 6 months. I have had it with her bitchy, bossy, selfish ways - she has lost a good friend that would have been there through thick and thin. Good luck in your miserable existence, ex BFF! You deserve some serious Karma for pulling the silent treatment on me and not answering for your rude behavior. All I wanted was a simple apology for how badly you treated me, but apparently your far too high and mighty to ever do something like that. Childish, horrible excuse for a friend! Oh and one more thing? Your stupid parrot that constantly recreates your gross love making noises is FUCKED UP and disgusting! No one needs to hear that shit and I feel sorry for your neighbors! >_< Grr!

Teaming up to avoid paying 55

That is the height of rudeness and just shows what an utter bitch you are. How dare you agree to come out for the day with me knowing that you need to contribute to fuel and then "forget" right before we go. Then try and cancel on me because "you didn't know how much fuel cost." You then agree to borrow the money and then still don't fucking pay up. And on top of that you drag another friend to your level by teaming up so she pays me when you are conveinently in another room. How fucking low and bloody rude. You are nothing but a rude, spoilt brat and the whole princess act is wearing thin with several people. I'm amazed you still have friends after the wya you've treated some of them. And it's not like this is news to you. You've fallen out with another friend over the same stuff (basically your princess, bratty attitude). I'm done with the pair of you and your shit attitudes. If it's not the whole princess act, it's the arrogant act from the other so called friend. You are a pathetic excuse of a friend and I'm done with your shit.

Hugo 56

Hugo you stupid fuck why did you need to hit the glass pipe to make you happy? You had a job, a family, a girl who loved you! Now you pull the wool over your parents eyes so they let you stay in their vacant home for free while you smoke your crap every other day and in between pretend to have the flu so your teenage son doesnt know that his daddy o is on drugs! look in the mirror look at what a mess you are and get your ass to rehab

know it all losers 57

I am very sick and tired of having to deal with idiots that think they're so funny and cool when really they aren't. These "friends" make fun of me for fun make me feel dumb and make fun of my friendship with another guy! I literally say one word to this guy and they all think were fuckbuddies! What is especially annoying is my one friend will act like he knows everything in he world when he really has no fringe clue. Hes always right though and even if I'm winning an argument hell say hes won and refuse to hear otherwise. And he has the balls to ask for a birthday present oh what a hitch!

backstabbing lowlife ghetto mentality mafia 58

I'm so fucking angry at the backstabbing, lowlife ghetto, mentality, mother fucking mafia, who sit around clocking people spying on them and trying to intimidate them to crawl under the same rocks they live under. Intimidating woman...ahhh, a new specialty in Toronto! This fucking guy Devin drops names of mafia like rain falling from the sky...Commissos anyone? Why the fuck would you talk like you're part of the family? And then talk about how the end is coming. Then name drop your other affiliation with the Panacci family big (business and property owners)and all your mutual connections. You speak to women with a mouth that could have only been born in a gutter! And I bet you kiss your mother with that mouth too! Oops I'm wrong...she must have died after one look at you. If the mafia is so tough why the hell are they spending time stalking women and talking to you! I guess because you're a first class Bitch! You gossip and talk worse than a fucking woman.

my "best friend" 59

I am so annoyed at my "best friend" right now. I can't believe I hang out all the time with this girl, she is totally ridiculous but we always have so much fun when we go out so I keep putting up with her crap, I don't know why. Last wednesday was her birthday and she said she had other plans but I guess they fell through so she said "lets go out" and out of pity I invited her out with my friends since I had plans, she said ok, but then doesn't turn up or have the decency to say she is not coming. Then friday we are supposed to go out, she says "I am too tired" and then saturday she writes me that she has a date but we should go out after... I am like 'wtf, no, have a fun date, i am making other plans' then 'noooooo we HAVE TO GO OUT i will get rid of him at 10 DON'T MAKE OTHER PLANS' so stupidly i agreed (ok, nobody else was free to meet up and i didn't want to hang out with that dude who is my "friend" but really just wants to fuck me) so, i was like.... ok..... write me when you are done but not too late because i am gonna get tired. lo and behold, i don't hear anything, then she calls me drunk at 1am and is like 'GET READY WE ARE IN FRONT OF YOUR HOUSE' i was like what the hell happened tonight i am going to bed, fuck you. then the next day i get an email 'sooo sorry i was in date-land and got incredibly drunk and i lost my phone too.' seriously who needs this shit???? this sucks. whyyyyyy don't i have any real friends?

People From School 60

There are certain people. Let's call them L and K. Anyways, while I was in school they always used to sit there and call other people stupid. Call them names. That's not the thing that makes me angry but it certainly contributed. What really made me angry is that they didn't care that those people were in the room and they didn't even display one bit of remorse afterwards, not even when they were talking to those people directly. What made it even worse is that they pretended we were friends afterwards. These scumbags made me incredibly angry. Thanks for making every day in school a living hell for me. I'm glad I'm done with that place.

Friend 61

I met her through another one of my friends in 8th grade. She's shy, and I'm social, and soon we got close. I'm considered one of her best friends. Over the months she's gotten to know some of my friends. They became close too, but I was still considered a best friend. She invited me over to a bunch of hangouts and movies. She then invited me to spend the summer with her and her cousins. I accepted, obviously. Instead of hanging out together like we usually do, she ignored me the entire stay there, either not talking to me for her cousins, or in a bad mood. I get that she's talking to her cousins, but if she's going to completely ignore her best friend, why did she even bring me along? We were only there for a week. It was the longest week I've ever endured. The only time she actually spoke to me was to tell me when food was being served. She used the shower for (not even joking) 45 minutes. By the time I got to use it, there was only cold water left. She never brushed her teeth or anything before she slept. We made rainbow cupcakes this one time. Afterwards, she asked me to help wash the dishes. By help, she meant "do it by yourself". I ended up washing the dishes while she sat on the couch watching "Law and Order". When we made brownies, she offered to wash the dishes, but her technique was horrible. She would put a shit ton of dishsoap in the bowl, turn on the water and left it running. All the while, she was soaking her hand in the dishwater trying to clean the bowl, not even bothering to use the sponge right next to her. At the end of the week, we had to say goodbye to her cousins. She cried. I get that. But she got into a bad mood the entire day. I don't get that. Her father wanted to check out a museum, but she didn't want to. She got into a bitch fit over it. She got picky with her food, gave the silent treatment to her parents, and was unhappy the entire time there. I offered to cheer her up, but rejected my attempts. On the drive back, she still wasn't talking to me. Until we made a pit stop, she apologized for the times she got mad at me. I was hesitant about forgiving her. She blamed her anger on her period. That is the fucking lamest excuse I've ever heard. She can't just do things that piss people off, and think an apology will just fix it all up. That's like stabbing me in the back and blaming it on the knife. I forgave her though, because I apparently still thought of her as a friend. Another thing you should know, I have many guy friends in my grade, and she wanted my help on how to talk to them. So I gave her advice, telling her to be herself. Whenever I'm talking to my friend either through text or through a social network, she'd ask me to tell them she said Hi. I did, since, it was just a "hi", after all. Then, they start to have this full on conversation with each other. She'd ask me what to say, and I'd just reply, "Whatever you think". She'd ask them for their Skype, phone number, and then friend them on Facebook. She now talks to two of my guy friends almost every day (let's refer to them as Bill and Joe). She was upset at Joe and told him not to talk to her again. I told her to him a second chance, so she did. Now they talk almost every day and voice chat every day. I'm on vacation on the other side of the world. That's when I helped the two make up. She's been talking to Joe more than she's been talking to me. I feel just as ignored as the vacation I went on with her. Except she's not mad at me. The only times she talks to me, is to tell me about A) her crush, B) advice, and C)what she's been doing with Bill and Joe. As if to brag about what she's been doing with my friends...She's been known to bragging a lot. Her parents spoil her a lot too. One time when the guy she liked asked me out, she purposely made up an excuse to Skype him to try to get him to like her more than me. I didn't like him though, so I said no. She admitted this situation to me. She's lied to me a ton, but I've forgiven her every time. TL;DR: My friend lies, brags, and ignores me, but I forgive her.

Fat friend 62

My best friend of 8 years is very overweight and has consistently been cruel to me throughout our friendship. I used to take all of the mean things she said so personally. When she'd say "men don't like thin women like you" or will quote some bs off the internet like "you wouldn't want a steak with nothing but bone, why would you want a woman that was?" But now i realize she was only putting me down to make her feel better about herself. Im just so angry cause she has manipulated me and hurt me for so long. after my mother passed, all she could say was she was sick of hearing about it and said i still couldn't get over it. I never brought it up to her after that but now I'm started to feel like i never truly grieved over my mothers death because i felt like i couldn't or shouldn't. All that girl wants is attention. Every time she comes over she clogs up the toilet , breaks something, ruins furniture from her fatass or starts up unnecessary drama with me. She always puts me down. She describes herself as thick and curvy but i recently learned that that is just code for morbidly obese. This whole bullshit act is all the same among fat women . I see them all the time giving me dirty looks and scoffing at me just because I'm naturally a size 00 . Another bs move they do is post pictures of Marilyn monroe so they get this magically feeling that they are the surface image of Marilyn monroe? Give me a break. Keep dreaming, you fat fucks.

Nicole 63

Dear Nicole,

You fucking slut-bitch-whore-cunt! I remember how you used to bully me from 6th grade through 7th. From back-talking me with your smart-alecky name-calling (e.g. “Grandma”), ridiculing trivial things I do (squeezing the 1/2 empty ketchup bottle during lunch, and accusing me of flatulence whenever I squeezed air out instead), to humiliating me in front of the whole 6th grade class (including a useless, pathetic teacher) when you sang that cliche grade school song (“Miranda & Nicholas sitting in a tree...”) with an evil sneer! Even today, I could just wring your neck, choking the life outta you, whenever I recall how badly you teased and mocked me!

And why?! Just because you were jealous that I had parents, and you didn’t? That you just lived with your grandma and aunt? (+ 1 baby cousin) If you thought your 12 year old life sucked at the time and mine was perfect, YOU’RE A FUCKIN’ IDIOT!!!

At least your grandma seemed nice. Try having one who constantly dumps on you: screaming at you for your heavy acne; bashing your 12 year old career hopes (complains artists can’t make a good living...) and threatens you with your future life ending up scrubbing toilets, flipping burgers, or even homeless digging around in the trash for food scraps (fuckin’ bitch grandma...). Meanwhile she focuses only her good side to your quadruplet baby half-siblings whose parents let them run wild and use the TV as a babysitter (Yeah! You had one 2 year old cousin! Try handling 4 screaming, hyperactive brat versions of her!).

Just because I had both parents didn’t mean I had it easy! Try having a mom who worked long nights as a nurse in the hospital, 3-5 times a week, and left you with people you couldn’t stand! (either my grandparents or my dad’s family) And she just ignores you when you tell her how badly they treat you (except for Grandpa, God rest his soul...); sometimes she even BLAMES YOU for their bad treatment! Also she has multiple sclerosis, and may lash out at you about her poor health (seldom apologizes to me, yet she’s so nicey-wicey to you and your family), or heavily scolds you when you fall out of line with the pet chores. I’ve managed to successfully take care of 6 dogs, plus some pet rats, working like a slave at age 12.

Worst of all! Try dealing with a cruel stepmother from HELL!!! Who abused you not only emotionally, but backdoor physically and sexually! Tries to bully you into cutting your long hair to her ideal short length. Every weekend, always nagging about how bad your packed clothes look, despite not going anywhere fancy, (It’s wrinkled! It looks sloppy! It’s got a dot-sized stain! etc.) lecturing you for 1/2 an hour about it until you’re all worn out. Eventually, takes it all back with “But this is all your mom sent! So...what are we gonna do about it?”

Try having this bitch watch you like a hawk, even in the most intimate moments. First, she orders you to shower (despite you taking a complete one yesterday, and not even feeling dirty the next day). Then she thinks it’s OK to babysit you in the shower (AT FUCKING 12!!!), to come back every 5-10 minutes, pull back the shower curtains, exposing your naked body for her to peep at (she defends herself with “Hey! I saw you naked when you were a baby!”), and boss you around on what to do next (as though you’re too stupid and can’t be trusted to shower on your own as an adolescent!). And if she saw a broken scab on your body, she liked to nosily point it out on me, in a tattling voice, "Have you been picking there?..." (fucking she-devil bitch!)

She even patrols you for underarm hair, taking it upon herself to make you to shave it off when you didn’t want to, (it was hardly visible, and I never wore sleeveless tops during this time, what with all the acne) and resulting in a painful rash the first time. And all your mom did in the wake of this was blame you, yell at you for letting her harp you into it, and threatened to get mad at you all over again if it happens again, basically showing no support for you. When you bring hair removal cream, the bitch stepmom refuses to use it, complaining “it takes 4 minutes!” (as if that’s too long for her!) and tries to make you shave again, denying that you got a rash. So you both argue back and forth for 5 whole minutes (you have no choice because remember Mom’ll just lecture you again if Stepmom wins Round 2). Gasp! For once in her bitchy life Stepmom finally gives in to using the cream, but as a sore loser still throws a shit fit: “Ah! You’re just being stubborn! Shaving will be a lot quicker!...(blah blah, and many more complaints)” For the rest of her shower sittings after that, she then acts like she knows how to use the cream better than you, constantly pointing that it says to “do a test streak first!” making you leave it on for as long as 8 minutes, (probably just riling me up so I’ll go back to her opinionated shaving) when you knew 4-5 minutes was all you actually needed everytime.

To hell with my dad! He bailed out on my mom before I was born, and married this monster of a stepmom, whom his loyalty lays entirely with, always siding with her, and letting her have her way like a spoiled brat. If someone puts her in her place, then she goes running to Dad for support, like a scared little girl running to her daddy! (not me of course!) For someone who speaks English as a 2nd language, she is a professional on whining, nagging, and putting others down in English (she’s from Mexico, but all her relatives treat me so nicely, so what gives?).

So, Nicole, don’t think you know somebody’s life on the outside or while they’re in school. You think your life sucks and theirs doesn’t? Well, they just might be living it equal to, or even worse than you. So you had no right to “punish” an innocent classmate like that, treating me like SHIT, when I’ve done NOTHING to you to deserve it!

Why couldn’t YOU have left instead of Andrea and Nicholas (both of whom were so nice)? The day you finally left the school (for reasons I don’t know) was the happiest day of my life! I hope you lost those good looks over time, you evil CUNT. If some bad guy came along and wrecked you within an inch of your life, I ain’t feeling sorry for you...SKANK!!! You’re just trash, and nothing more than white trash! Have a shitty rest of your adult life! Ya WHORE!!!

Thank you so much for letting me get all this built- up rage out! I know I will be gradually posting more within the time. This one was quite long, so I had to abbreviate numbers once in a while. Hopefully my writing is neat and clear enough for you to understand.

*Note from Anger Central
OUCH! :)

Old best friend 64

My stupid ex-bestfriend returned my sims cd to me almost a year ago and today I decided to whip out the game again. I had to reinstall it and to my delight i realised that she had taken the manual so I can no longer install the bloody thing. Fuck you, bitch! Also Im glad that you have lost weight but you're obviously still not happy with yourself as you're always sour-faced, have no friends and liking stupid negative shit about me/all the other people you fucked over. I nearly wanted to forgive you, but you're way too fucked to bother with. Also don't smile at me.

so angry at P still 65

I am so angry still , I didn't have many friends at school but I had her. She knew I was moving away didn't come to say goodbye . I was in love with her....

Years later those feelings were still there I found her on facebook...and her profile picture indicated that she was dateing someone else , so I left her alone for 3 and a half years then in a fit of madness brought on by to little sleep , contacted her tried to be friends - she was engaged and I tried several times to offer support or encouragement if she was down or had a problem but she was happy so I never told her, and she ignored me! didn't respond t my messags or anyting! After a long time I gave up nd wlked away , it stil hurts becase I loved her , she was the clossest I had to a friend, how could she do this to me!!

Alicia ex-friend 66

Remember that rant about the foolish senile mother picking up a weirdo stranger and the ranter concluded how "that was 1000 times dumber and more naive than the trust I had with this girl in my dad's neighborhood!"? Yeah, that angry ranter was me, and I'm here to now rant about that neighborhood girl...

I used to know this girl that lived in my dad's neighborhood, who became my friend, Veronica (a nice girl), but she moved away before I could give her a proper goodbye. Then I befriended another neighborhood girl, Alicia (who would be a traitor). I can't quite remember how we became friends in the first place. Did we become acquainted when Veronica gathered other fellow neighborhood girls to listen to some Britney Spears (her classic teen songs, before she became the slut she is now)? Or maybe I had been guilty of "talking to strangers" (as Mom seemed to take it) when I had asked this girl whatever happened to Veronica. Well, Alicia claimed Veronica moved away (much to my dismay), and I thought I might move on with Alicia as my new friend (idiot me!).

I'll have you know that at age 11, I was somewhat of a closet South Park fan (Mom permitted me to watch the show with her, but Dad's side of the family never knew this secret), and I only revealed this to classmates who admitted liking the show too (we kept this out of earshot of the nosy, priggish, religious teachers who would bitch at us for chatting about something "not-Christian-like!"). Well, Alicia's family appeared to be SP fans as well, when I visited her house, and they had a toy set of Cartman, Kyle, Stan, Kenny, and Chef.

So later in the day, on the curb, we're conversing about SP related stuff, when my step-cousin pries into the conversation, asking what we're talking about. And Alicia openly admits, "Oh! She just wants this Kenny T-shirt!" I didn't what my SP secret being found out by either my Dad's family, or my stepmom's, so I nervously urged her, "Don't tell him!" And she snootily retorted, "Why not?" Then as the conversation with him goes on, she shamelessly revealed that I watch South Park. Fearing the secret would reach adult ears, I frantically denied, "I do not!" And she has the nerve to ridicule "Oh! You do! OK, now just play along..." What's this?! Is she tossing me aside for my better looking cousin? (Puberty wasn't kind to me, I had heavy acne, glasses, and was basically an ugly-duckling nerd) I wish I could have just beat that bitch's face in and curb-stomp her for this, or at least tell her off good and bitter for betraying and stabbing me in the back like that.

Well, Dad finally returned home from walking with my baby siblings in a stroller, and thankfully, no adults in that family heard the secret; Jimmy didn't tell anyone either, thank God. I stopped seeing that girl right then and there. When Mom learned about my "friendship" with this girl, and disclosing the SP secret with her, she got really mad at me for basically "talking to strangers" (as I was so hazy about how we became friends in the first place). She threatened to call up Dad to discuss this situation with him (probably convinced he wasn't being careful about my safety), and I begged with her not to (fearing wrath/punishment from angry parental figures). Well, she then spared me this, and from there on out I never spoke to that girl again. I hated her! I was furious that Alicia not only betrayed a secret I naively trusted her with, but also condescends me while doing it, as though she never cared for me in the first place.

I guess this past memory has made me somewhat wiser now. Today, I'm more cautious about who I make friends with and how. Often I think twice before I reveal any secret to them. I know I have trust issues due to many misfortunes in my life that I try to overcome.

Fuck you, Alicia! You didn't know how good you had it with me. We could've been great friends, and you threw that all away just to get in my step-cousin's pants (slut!). You'll just throw someone onto the discard pile, when you think there's a higher card to pick up. If I find out something bad happened to you the evening after you betrayed me in front of my step-cousin, I won't be feeling sorry for you. Oh! And that first impression I noticed from your mom? She acted like such a typical lazy, white-trash, alcoholic, chain-smoking grouch from the impression she gave...

Liz of 8th grade 67

Liz of 8th grade makes me angry. I just can't understand this 2-faced, split-personality bitch. One moment she's all super polite and friendly to her friends, "Hi Miranda! Hi Katie! Oh it's so nice to see you today!" (blah blah) and sometime later, she's acting like a total grouch for no apparent reason. All I did was quietly sit next to her at lunch, and she growls "Could you not sit so close to me?!" As if, Liz! I gave her a pretty fair share of personal space on that picnic bench; it's not like I was rubbing shoulders with her...THAT I would understand. When I told Mom about that rude moment of Liz, Mom had the nerve to defend and explain away Liz's behavior with bullshit like, "Maybe she got her period, and she fears people will notice the odor..." Bullshit! Since when did females (with all their clothes on of course!) ever get a menstrual odor that peers can detect? And that's still no excuse to treat her friends like that!

Amen to Katie for putting Liz in her place at one point. After Liz gave another one of her rude "Don't sit so close to me!" shit-fits, Katie draws the line, and tells Liz off with "We're not sitting with you anymore, Liz!" Then Katie and all the other girls, picked up their food, moved over to another table, and Katie concluded it with " to the hand, Liz!" Meanwhile I stayed with Liz at her table in the hopes of setting my own example as well. I was kind of hoping to give Liz the silent message of, "Notice how I'm still sitting here with you after the other girls left. Will you appreciate it and treat your friends better after this?" Liz doesn't speak for the rest of the lunch period, nor does she later thank me for staying at her table.

For the rest of the school year, she would continue her Jekyll & Hyde attitudes. She taps a pen obnoxiously in Science class, and when I (along with a boy and other tablemates) politely ask her to stop, she viciously smart-mouths us with "I don't have to!" Even when the noise got beyond irritating, annoying the hell out of all the classmates, it must've taken that damn teacher at least 5 full minutes to finally make Liz stop, and we kept harping the teacher "Make her stop!" to which she pretended not to hear us. If this were a violent cartoon or even a horror movie, nothing would thrill me more greatly than to stab Liz with that pen: poetic justice. Or realistically better, I should've just grabbed that pen from her and flung it across the room into the garbage. That'll teach her! Along with the teacher that took too damn long to set some boundaries with her...Thank God that Liz bitch transferred when we entered high school. With Liz not having to bother us at the high school campus, her ex-friends and I solemnly agreed at how hypocritically 2-faced Liz was to everyone.

I'll never understand that bitch's mind. What makes someone like that tick? No! Don't make any excuses that should somehow exempt her from responsibility! Is this what people consider bipolar disorder, or perhaps borderline personality (don't quote me on these psychological disorders; I'm not an expert)? Now, Liz did have swollen-looking cheeks (non-physical abuse related) and wore shin braces (with sneakers that had built in high heels!), which I could say she definitely had some kind of disability. However none of that disability stuff is gonna push my sympathy buttons for her. The way she treated her friends, I could just sigh and shake my head solemnly. Wherever she is now, she better have straightened up that bitchy attitude... Otherwise that Ms. Hyde attitude just might border on the Lizzie that had an ax and gave 40 whacks, if you get what I'm saying... (Ouch...)

Fed up with Friend's Bullshit 68

I'm so tired of trying to make an effort in trying to be someone;s friend when you try to do stuff for them all they do is show how unappreciative they are. I've been friends with this guy for a year now and at first he did stuff for me but then it really began to get on my fucking nerves when he wouldn't leave me the fuck alone and give me any space, now all of a sudden he acts like a spoiled baby and everytime we make plans to hang out he always says he's busy but that's a fucking lie. He's always liking other people's facebook posts and not mine, ignores my messages on purposes and every time i confront him he claims i'm abusing you. Dude you're a fucking pussy is what you are. Everytime you have problems and we have fights you always expect us to move on whenever I tell you that you are the problem and that you need to grow the fuck up and take responsiility, you get butthurt over it all because you refuse to accept to take responsibility for getting pissy and moody at me just for wanting to talk. Do you really expect to have a successful life at all when you avoid problems by moving on from them and yet they keep happening all because you refuse to acknowledge what your issues are and accept taking responsibility for them. You always say you'll change and stop acting like a dick and do stuff like you used to and you never followed up except follow with your constant habits of making empty promises and making plans behind my back knowing it'll piss us off just to prove you are a fucking dick; and this happens when we plan to hang out you always find some bullshit excuse to hang out than change your mind and do stuff behind my back without telling me, I swear i'm getting this close to punching him in the mouth and beating some goddamn sense into his fucking brainless head. I swear he really knows how to push my buttons and piss me off, that I swear I really REALLY WANT to beat the goddamn fucking piss out of him because i'm at the point where I just want to hurt him so goddamn bad, if he doesn't want to change his attitude than i'll beat him into a senseless pulp.

Betrayed 69

It's hard for me to ever call somebody a friend when they block you and never give you an explanation why. I met him a few years ago and hung out with him and other friends but then soon after he had a break up and moved out of town and never explained what happened. Then he moved back to town after another break up without explaining what happened. Then he decides to act overdramatic all because of some stuff that was happening at events, and refuses to talk and go to those events which is stupid and selfish especially after we made plans to go together. He doesn't want to talk about certain things because they pain him, dude please grow up. Than after we exchanged gifts to eachother last Christmas he stabbed me in the back by blocking me without giving me a reason at all, what the fuck is wrong with you. That is unforgiveable, I don't understand what I ever did to you but if you're going to betray me like that after everything I did for you than you go burn in hell you fucking stupid sack of shit.

Friend that Plays Victim. 70

I'm so angry at my now ex best friend for how he ruined a friendship by acting like a total asshole and the fact that he had the chance to prove how good of a friend he thinks he is but instead he threw it all away because he just doesn't know when to stop. Yes we did grow close over time but I guess I was a bit of an asshole when I wouldn't join them on skype one day but then they had to make me feel bad about it by shoving it down my throat of that retarded Wizard 101 Game a fucking kids game that only retards play. Not only that but around the time they were intentionally trying to leave me out of shit on purpose and always had the "sorry we forgot about you" excuse or "We didn't have time."

Bullshit then they always say it was a mistake or blame it on their computers why messages never got sent; seriously how many more fucking excuses are you going to give me. Not to mention his constant habit of breaking promises every single time he makes them; he promises to do something, he promises to hang out and guess what all he does is break promises and then when I asked what happened, he takes his fucking depression out on me for no reason and gets moody with me and then says "Life's not fair, woe is me, leave me alone." I didn't do a goddamn thing to you and you decide to take your problems out on me all because you want to act like a selfish spoiled little baby and have a woe is me attitude with me.

Then you apologize to me and say you wasn't feeling good, well guess what when I got mad at you, you decide you can't take it and then when I tell you about how much of an asshole you acted like, you get all defensive about it and have the nerve to think we should forget about it, how about you fucking take some ownership of your own problems and learn to control them and maybe we can move on but no and guess what they keep happening all the time.

Then when he blocked me after I tried to say hi and he gets all pissed off at me saying I was spamming him I decided I had enough and then after I told him how pissed off I was at him; he threatened to take legal action me claiming I was abusing him; are you out of your goddamn mind; number one you were the one who decided to take your bad day and depression out on me and I was sick of it and then you go and play victim saying I was abusing you.

You know what if that's how you are going to act then you know what you don't deserve any friends at all if you can't take any criticism and want to play victim and act like the world has something against you; you seriously need some goddamn counselling because you are obviously troubled and you take your troubles out on those who try to be good to you; you really need help, badly because you may end up taking it out on the wrong person and they would beat the shit out of you, and you really need your ass beat for how much of an asshole you've been acting, not to mention just a few days before, he gotten his videos he worked on taken down unfairly by youtube and when I showed my support to him, he embraced it, but then days later he would go and take his fucking mood swings out on me.

Worst of all, after we made up and he said he would start acting like a true friend again, he clearly couldn't keep his promise at all, as he would duck my messages on purpose, then say he is still upset over this long message I sent that I would never have said to him if he hadn't pissed me off that day. Oh my god, get the fuck over it already, Jesus Fucking Christ get this retard some help, not to mention I gave him a shoutout and he blatantly ignored me and when I told him about it he said I ruined his day; no dumbass you ruined my day all because I was trying to tell you to correct your mistake and what do you do, you get defensive and instead of correcting that mistake you instead act like an asshole.

Not to mention you promised to do something for my birthday and what did you do; not a goddamn thing, all you care more about is your audience on Youtube which is about 80 subscribers rather than tell your friend Happy Birthday and do something for them and be a good friend to them, but no you fucked that up, and why should I be friends with you anymore if you are going to ruin my birthday and break a promise; dude you really made me mad, so mad I really want to beat the fuck out of you, because there's only so much anyone can take. I remember one time you said you haven't acted like a good friend and acted like a dick and yet you continue to act like one and make me feel bad and make everything seem like my fault and the fact that he's to spineless to accept his own mistakes and correct them really makes me want to break his fucking neck.

then after we made up one last time, you promised to make a better effort and at first you made me believe you was going to change but nope you just can't and won't do it, you continue to duck my messages, show any support, get moody, defensive, caring more about your views on youtube then your friends, called me a sore loser when we gamed and then worst blocked me all because you think I get mad at you all the time, no dipshit I wouldn't get so mad at you all the time if you stopped taking your depression and mood swings out on me, kept your promises since you clearly can't keep one if it saved your life, owning up to your mistakes, and stop playing the victim all the time; you obviously have a problem with me and have had a problem with me and you are too much of a goddamn pussy to admit that you do; so you know what have a miserable life, you obviously don't want me in your's and I sure as hell no longer want you in mine and you know what since you think friends grow apart, then I hope you lose every single friend you have in your life because you have a problem with me and clearly don't want to be around me, and I hope somebody does the same to you like you've done to me, and don't you dare beg for my forgiveness because i've cut all ties with you, and lastly, I really do hope you fail at everything you do in your life because you never keep your promises, you get defensive over your own bullshit, you refuse to let go of shit and expect me to do the same when clearly you refuse to, you play victim all the time, you never compromise, you never show any commitment, you care more about your views on youtube than doing stuff with your friends, you never show your friends any support when they ask you for help, and anytime you say you'll change you never do so for those reasons I hope you fail in life and that karma will hit you and then make you see everything you have done wrong, so fuck you loser.

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Loser Anthony 71

I am so angry at this loser Anthony who i used to go to School with and after years of dope smoking, bad grades, disrupting class, and being a total loser he starts spamming facebook with his fucking annoying posts and shit telling everyone to go fuck themselves for not saying Happy Birthday to him. Well fuck you to asshole I have no interest in saying Happy Birthday to a loser like you, you can go fall into a black hole for all I care you fucking loser. You talk shit all the time about how great you think you are, you have no job all you do is sit around smoking dope all day and come on facebook to spam us with your annoying ass posts. You know what fuck you Anthony you are a fucking loser I wish I had blocked you a hell of a lot sooner since all you do is talk about how great you think you are; I hope that next joint you smoke burns your house down and your computer along with it.

Liza the Crackwhore 72

I am so angry at this lazy ghetto trash bitch who acts entitled like she's better than everyone. One we was playing a game on Discord and she starts insulting everyone and when it was time for a challenge she said she didn't feel like doing it. Well here's an idea if you don't want to do it, get of the server than but then she starts insulting everyone based on their profile pictures when yet she looks like some fat prostitute. She also keeps running her mouth all the time about how one girl with a Harry Potter Profile Picture or any based on fictional work would never get laid and question everyone's sex life. bitch how about you shut the fuck up just because you've been sucking the dick of every lowlife pimp in the brothel doesn't give you the right to questino anyone's love life, some of us have morals unlike a crackwhore like yourself. How about you take your lazy fatass offline permanently and go do something with your life but on second thought the only thing you are is a fat worthless hooker that acts like you're better than everyone talking shit all the time, you act like you're owed something much like every other ghetto trash lowlife just like yourself who thinks the world owes them something rather than going out in the world and making something of their lives but instead chose to act stupid all the time.

Liza you are a disgusting lowlife ghetto trash crackwhore and without saying anything racist but you are without a doubt deserving of being called the N word. You are an obvious failure in life and you need to get off the internet since it's obvious you only come on just to brag about you sex life of giving Pimps every STD in your filthy sewage system you call a figure. I hope you get thrown in Jail because that is where you belong and I hope the inmates stuff you in your Cell, fucking lowlife crackwhore.

Really Annoying Friend 73

Right now I'm just so fed up with my friend, he has to be the most annoying person on Earth, he clearly hates my other friends who i've been closer with for a lot longer than I have known him for. He gets easily jealous of them, talks a lot of shit about why they are not supportive of me, he tries to drag me into shit that I want no part of, he is always spamming my messages and when I don't respond he asks why i'm not responding, he's always bugging me to make youtube videos whenever I don't feel like it, he's always talking about how my other friends suck and how they are conspiring against me, he causes way more harm than good, he is a very poor listener, he never pays any attention to what he does, and is a complete and total pain in the ass, and in all honesty i'm getting really tired of his shit.

I mean seriously he has become so clingy to me and acts like if i'm his only friend, anytime I hang out with two of my best friends that I have known for years he gets instantly jealous. We try to invite him but he says he never wants to hang out with them and then says shit about them saying that they aren't my real friends and only use me, and says they never show me any support and monitors over all of our social media which he has no business doing because what we do is only our business, but he wants to create drama everytime we're all around eachother. We tried to get him to be our friend but it seems like he just wants me to himself and he's acting very selfish, we even asked him to game but he refused to join unless they were gone and when I say i'm done when they are done, he won't stop asking me to game with him and when I say no he gets upset at me saying i'm not a true friend.

He also constantly bugs the shit out of me to livestream and make YouTube Videos when I have a life of my own to live. He acts like it's going to affect my subscribers. I tell him I don't feel like it and he won't stop fucking asking me to make one or to stream until I finally do so. Whenever I do try to make a video, he keeps spamming me and it ends up messing up my video, and he asks why i'm not responding to his messages? It's because i'm making the video that you wouldn't stop bugging me to make and now you're messing up the video because you don't know when to stop; I swear he really gets on my nerves so much that I really just want to punch him in the face and beat the fuck out of him because of how irritating he really is.

He has very poor listening skills, he tried dragging me into some online community game before and I hated it and never wanted any part of it and he keeps trying to get me to keep playing and I tell him no and he continues to drag me into them. Some asshole started cyberstalking and bullying him and I told him to block him but he refused and guess what it kept happening to him. He's always showing me drama all the time to try to get me involved and it's really starting to exhaust me all because he just won't leave well enough alone. He also nearly got himself killed in a car accident all because he wouldn't stop texting me and his phone battery was very low and I told him to stop messaging me and to message me when he got home but as always he doesn't listen and ended up nearly getting himself killed in a crash all because it just kills his soul not to message me he acts like if he doesn't hear from me it's the end of the world for him.

He's really putting a burden on me and I really don't know if I want to continue being friends with him because it's just draining me and it's causing problems for all of my friends. I believe he needs counselling or something because I honestly just can't take this anymore with him and his annoying habits, he really is a total pain in the ass.

Travis 74

I am so angry at Travis because nothing but drama follows him and it's putting a burden on everyone around him. It all started when his ex caught him cheating on her and after that nothing butt bullshit and drama followed. Number one he refuses to let go of her and move on, he's always following her and refuses to let go of her and move on with his life.

She's also done some bullshit behind his back and also cheated on him too and fucking Travis was fucking crying and he began shunning everyone out of his life including friends. I decided I have had enough with this Goddamn Soap Opera with him that's been going on for months.

I finally decided to just walk away from their constant every day drama I don't want a damn thing to do with it. Travis and his ex are nothing more than a Goddamn Soap Opera and i'm sick of it, he won't just let her go and move on with his life and she's nothing more than a bitch so you know what fuck them; thankfully I found some new friends and can finally let go of this drama and you know what Travis you only have yourself to blame for why you are such a loser.

Stalker Friends 75

I am going to share a rant about my High School experience and why it pains me and why you should avoid toxic people that will make you feel extremely uncomfortable. It all started when I showed a unique talent that I can do and that really warranted some unwanted attention by this group of skaters who just wouldn't leave me alone.

Let me start off by naming some of them there is Shane the fucktard who I went to middle school with and he's annoying as fuck, he's always interrupting class, always picking on and bothering me every single day, he's always asking me for money just so he can buy drugs and I say no and he would not stop harassing me every day, calling me an autistic retard and that just proves the kind of person you are. Using autism as an insult must make you feel like you're a big man coming from a 5 foot 5 and skinny blonde boy who was clearly dropped on his head when he was born and never does their schoolwork and a low GPA and flunked the 8th Grade the first time. You really act like it's cool to insult anyone by using Autistic Retard? I've also confronted him multiple time and he starts playing victim by saying i'm being mean to him. He's always shouting Penis in class and it really gets on everyone's nerves, he's always wanting attention and acts like a fucking 2 year old. He seriously needs to Grow The Fuck Up, needless to say this loser finally dropped out of school halfway through Sophomore year and good riddance to him but let me share what else these losers have done in the past.

Then there's this asshole named Andy is always getting in my face all the time starting shit with me every day always trying to start fight with me, is annoying as fuck, always throwing shit at me. The one thing he did to really piss me off was when he also called me an autistic retard where I fucking punched him and he throws a fucking frosty at me and then I threw a bottle of Gatorade at him and he tries to attack me with his Skateboard before a teacher stepped in and I told what happened and that Andy had provoked me and after that I did not get in trouble and then Andy tries to apologize but I told him to get the fuck out of my face you fucking loser.

Then there's Andy's obnoxious brother John who is the worst of them; this guy is nothing more than a creep and a stalker. John is extremely annoying, he's always getting up in my face all the time I try to ignore him and he starts following me through the hall and I tell him to get the fuck away from me and he even follows me into the restrooms. What's worse is he demands my address and phone number and won't stop asking me to hang out with him and I tell him no and he refuses to leave me the fuck alone and then starts poking me and I screamed at him at the top of my lungs to LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE YOU GODDAMN ANNOYING ASSHOLE. Then he pushes me onto the floor and grabbed my student handbook and then got my number and address from it and I told him he is not allowed over and do not call me and then days later he shows up at my door so luckily my mom told them I was at my Dad's which was a lie because she knew how uncomfortable I am around these losers that is until they officially crossed a line that should never EVER be crossed.

John and some weird hippie girl named Carie then tried to look up my dad's phone number and then they nearly got my dad put in jail because he was on the phone with a teenager whom I wanted nothing to do with and I was so pissed I threatened to take legal action and reported them for constant harassment and stalking.

Be careful with who you hang around at school because you never know if they may be a bunch of psychotic losers.

Lisa 76

I'm done trying to be friends with this stupid Womanchild who is in her mid thirties and acts like she's still 13. I became or tried to become friends with her years ago but she wants to act like I don't exist and no matter how nice I try to act towards her, she ends up pissing me off.

We met at a Retro Game Shop during a Pokemon Battle and we played for a bit and I thought we would get to become friends but she ignores my messages on Facebook and acts like i'm some creep and I get so pissed off at her she tries to defend herself saying she is too shy and wants to be my friend, but if you were than why do you keep fucking ignoring me? You complain all the time on Facebook about being single and not having a boyfriend. I don't want to be her boyfriend but she keeps ignoring me when all I want is to talk to her and be her friend and she keeps treating me like i'm some creep and it really pisses me off.

She's also a massive attention seeker too. She's always whining and crying everytime she doesn't get to go to any Comic Conventions i mean your fucking 35 Years Old it's time to grow the fuck up, I do go to them sometimes but I don't ask fucking people for rides on Facebook to them, especially if I already made plans to be somewhere else. Yes She agreed to come to a friend's birthday party and then tried to ask for a ride to a convention that was happening that same weekend I'm like is going to a convention more important to you than going to a friend's birthday party that you promised you would attend.

This fucking bitch seriously needs to get her priorities straight and is another reason why she'll never get laid because having a boyfriend and if she had one and her boyfriend wanted to do something she would be whining and crying online because she couldn't get any rides to fucking DragonCon while her boyfriend is trying to make plans for a party now that isn't fair, conventions are something that takes a lot of money that people with Jobs can afford to go to that normal people could only attend a few times a year and you get all upset when you can't go. You make empty promises to the people who go out of their way to give you a ride, and in reality you do it just to get attention; you want all of the attention and likes, so you can continue to look down on others.

She really pissed me off when she got a shoutout from one of my favorite actors and bragged about it when that shoutout was supposed to be for me and I was so angry I sent her every angry message telling her how she didn't deserve a damn thing and since then i've been very cold to her. I tried not to be rude to her in person when we were at the Retro Game Store for an event but she acts like she doesn't want me around her and then she starts asking for rides to conventions on my comments and doesn't bother to say anything about my posts and I tell her not to spam my comments and she starts crying about it and I tell her to shut up and grow up.

I even asked her to send me some well wishes while my Dying Grandma was in the Hospital and she ignored me and that was unforgivable as I told her that I hate her damn guts and I blocked her permanently. Lisa you really are a selfish bitch, you ignore me all the time and don't even care about me at all, I tried to be your friend but it's clear you don't want me around so guess what i blocked you and don't go crying cause I blocked you, you fucking deserve it, I asked one thing from you and you wouldn't fucking do it. I hate your damn guts and I really hope you get COVID-19 you attention seeking stupid bitch.

Ex Friends 77

I have been holding a grudge for years against a group of assholes who did me wrong and believe me I have so much hatred for them that believe me they deserve every bit of karma coming to them.

So I met these assholes when we had art class together and I did sit near them until art art teacher paired me with them together in an art project and I guess that was how we became friends. I never thought much about them and sure we did talk but in all honesty I was honored when they asked me to sit with them at lunch where I met the rest of the assholes. Sure we all got along and became close during Junior Year but let's just say after summer vacation ended these guys assholes showed their true colors.

Sure they were happy to see me and to think months ago they were always happy to see me but then out of the blue they started excluding me from everything. Like for example I ask them what their weekend plans are and they said they was working which was a lie I would see them on Facebook going to Sporting Events and never did they bother to ask me to come with them.

Then at School I get angry at them and they act offended because I was mad at them after lying to me about their weekend plans and then they try to act apologetic and they ask me if I want to hang out with them and I told them all to go fuck themselves I got other plans. But that was a lie just to get back at them for lying to to me.

I could have left them sooner but I had no other friends so it was more of a take them or leave them situation for me and believe me I wanted to leave their sorry asses but I had to deal with their bullshit before the end of the school year.

Now let me tell you more about these assholes so you'll know why I hold such deep and personal vendettas against all of them.

First there's Tyler one of the so called friends who I made back in Art Class who was the one who invited me to sit with them at lunch who later on turned into a fucking asshole for no reason whatsoever. More like Two Faced Tyler who always takes their side every time we would have fights when the rest of the group were being assholes to me so why is it my fault you two faced asshole? Not to mention he would also make me feel bad by saying i'm not cool enough to hang out wit hthe rest of the losers, if i'm not cool enough than why did you ask me to join in the first place? Fuck you Tyler you fucking two faced asshole and now let's talk about your dumbass cousin.

Moving on to Tyler's Dumbass cousin Lake; that's right his name is Lake like what dumbass would name their kid after a body of water? Well Lake happens to be the son of the Local News Sports Director and a School Teacher but their son is a black sheep but let me explain why I have nothing but venom towards Loser Lake. Lake acts like a douchebag and clearly acts like he wants to be my friend and then talks shit about me behind my back. He brags all the time about me the best at Mario Kart which is bullshit because i'm a gamer and he's not and I challenge him and he declines because he's too chickenshit to know that I can beat his ass in Mario Kart. Then he goes and acts like an asshole to me by saying i'm everywhere all the time and then acts like he doesn't want me around whenever I wanted to talk to him and then later on he starts becoming annoying towards me by saying hello to me and I purposely ignore him and he says i'm an asshole well guess what Lake it takes an asshole to know an asshole.

Then there's Mason another backstabbing asshole who's a shittalker and a shit starter.

Then there's Logan who's always grabbing my nipples because Logan is nothing but a fucktard who's going to get these hands if he ever touches me again. Needless to say Lake would take Logan's side when I choose to defend myself from Logan and his nipple fetish because Lake is nothing but an ass backwards dumbass who was dropped on his head after he was born.

Then there's Adam who unfriended me for no reason on Facebook and lied to me by saying he didn't do it. If you didn't do it than why don't you refriend me then or better yet grow some fucking balls. Oh yeah that's right you lost your balls after you got your ass kicked and got taken to the Hospital over your breakup fucking Soy Boy Cuck Adam.

It's safe to say all of them are assholes and you know what's bullshit after Tyler and Lake actually wanted to make ammends and make peace with me well guess what they unfriended me from Facebook and to this day I have held a vendetta against every one of these assholes

Yeah they never wanted me around, they would sometimes ask me to hang out with them but I would always reject their offers because whenever I wanted to hang out they would always lie and bullshit me and post facebook pictures to shove it down my throat.

Well guess what Assholes I don't forgive and I don't forget and one day Karma is going to bite you all on the ass.

Dickhead Darius and Cunt Krista 78

I am so enraged with my former friend Darius and his stuck up slut sister Krista and how they act like they are better than everyone on Planet Earth and are a couple of narcissists.

Darius I went to High School with him and he always talks about partying and shit like that, in fact his whole life is a party and will always rub it in everyone's faces.

Darius actually thought I was cool and when we started talking on facebook and he would make some sort of plan to hang out and call me at a certain time and he never does so I call him and he neve answers my phone and then hours later I message him on facebook asking what happened and he responds by saying he called me and I never answered him.

Which is bullshit because I received no calls from him and call him out for lying and he gets really defensive when I call him out for his dishonesty.

Then when Darius finally started to hang out with me, he's always particular about what games to play. He won't play Super Smash Bros or Mario Kart by saying they suck but he'll only play Call of Duty which I say suck and he gets very argumentative and starts shoving it in my face, especially since he thinks rock music sucks and talks about how Rap is better and I say rap sucks and he gets argumentative and will always bash on anything I like just to be a stuck up egotistical asshole with a massive superiority complex.

He also brags all the time about how all he does is win and then shoves it in my face and believe me he's really than annoying and I tell him I can beat him in any other game but he won't play it because he thinks they suck. No dumbass you suck now get the fuck out of my house.

Then he asks me to make him something to eat because he has the munchies from all of his marijuana smoking which i'll talk more about later on but yeah he's always bumming food from me and has at times taken me out to breakfast or lunch which is cool and all but he's always particular about where to eat and it's frustrating especially when he gets argumentative.

Believe me Darius is so argumentative at times when we talk about stuff he's always getting angry at me and tries to make me feel bad and I try to talk in a calm matter and he talks like some angry psychopath like what the fuck is your problem?

His fat annoying friend Christian gets jealous all because Darius isn't hanging around his fat ass and then one day I had to go out somewhere and told Darius I wouldn't be around at the time. After I got back I called him up and then Darius said he made other plans and then after that he goes off on me by saying I lied about having plans that day.

I just had shit to do that day but he gets butthurt al lbecause I told him I had shit to do and came back that day, I mean for God's sake cry me a fucking river there are other times that we can hang out and then he says that once he's moved on during the day than that's that by saying hanging out with me was just a daily offer and since I had shit to do, he acts like me going out and doing something is a reason to treat me like an inconvenience to you.

I did not lie to you, I just had other shit to do that day and to say that I only had one chance a day to hang out with you and if I had other things to do you decide to make other plans and then be a dick about it and say that I lied about being busy? But your sorry ass has lied to me in the past and you get very defensive every time I call your ass out on it and typical you try to deflect all of the blame on me.

Well guess what asshole no one is perfect but you and your attention whore sister are a couple of narcissists who think you're better then everyone and drive around on your expensive Scion XAs in poor neighborhoods just to rub it in people's faces.

Krista is a massive cunt she updates on facebook almost every second posting slutty pictures of herself and talking shit about people and flirting with guys at the club. Shut the fuck up you annoying, clout chasing attention whore; you're not attractive you're a slut and you're an annoying narcissistic bitch.

Back on to Dickhead Darius we did nothing but fight all the time all because he got pissed at me because his car broke down going to a concert that he lied about going by saying he was hanging out with other friends. I tried to tell him something and he gets pissed at me by saying I lied again to him and then starts being a fucking dick to me and even worse threatening me.

Just because your car is broke doesn't give you any reason to be a fucking asshole to me just because I said something and yet you want to threaten me with violence? He also insults my intelligence by bragging about having a higher GPA then me like how the fuck do you even know that? Or even calling me a fucking autistic retard and at that point he was really REALLY starting to piss me off, I should have dumped his ass but since he knows where I live he would come and try and challenge me to a fight but I really didn't want to get the Police involved. All of that Marijuana smoking along with drinking has turned you into a fucking psychotic prick and you need serious fucking help.

Oh and he took things way too far when he threatened to assault my father because he said some things about him. Really you're going to attack my dad because he doesn't know any better? Are you really that desperate for a fight with me because you are starting to cross the line and if there's anything you don't do is threaten my father.

Several months later it looked like things has cooled down and they started to flare right back up when he came over and bragged about being better than me at GTA and when I told him to shut the fuck up he gets all butthurt over it and then accused me of almost breaking his laptop when I set it down all because he heard a noise, when that noise was my fucking neighbors.

Then he promises to come hang out on my birthday and I waited all evening for him to call me or text me and when I confronted him on Facebook he lied to me by saying he sent me a text and believe I pay good attention to my texts and I called him a lying son of a bitch and then he as usual gets defensive and plays victim so I told him don't ever bother showing up at my place anymore that he is no longer welcome in both my apartment and my life.

He moved to California to be with his slut sister and I for one was glad to have him out of my life. His father was involved in a car accident and came back to town for a visit but I really didn't want to see him.

Then a couple more years later I made new friends who I am really happy to have then one day Darius says Happy Birthday to me and I deleted his comment on facebook and then messaged me telling me he was moving back to town and wanted to hang out again.

I tried to tell him about my new friends and he kept deflecting everything I said because everything was all about him, he's never changed at all. I could have blocked the asshole years earlier but I kept him around because the day I made any new friends I was going to shove it right in his face just like he did me years earlier when he shoved pictures of himself at parties and the club to try and make me feel bad.

I had enough of Darius's bullshit and told him I have no interest in hanging out with his sorry ass and that he should never have moved back because I have new friends now and never ever wanted to forgive him or forget the way he treated me years earlier and for that I did the one thing I should have done sooner and that was blocked his miserable ass on all social media and permanently cut all ties with him.

Let me guess Dickhead, was it killing your soul knowing I was making a ton of friends and people were liking all of my posts and shit and you had to come back to try and spoil my fun well guess what I made sure that never happened.

I dumped Darius's sorry ass permanently because he's nothing but a narcissistic, selfish, egotistical, loser and his sister Krista is a Clout Chasing Attention Whore who can't keep her mouth or legs closed. I want nothing to do with any of them and I hope they both rot in the lowest parts of Hell.

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