Heartbreaking friend

Alright, I been friends with this girl for a long while. Everyone knew I really liked her. Its senior year, and nothing has changed. Granted I don't like her that much anymore but what I gets me angry is that she has never really shown me any respect. All she does is call me or MSN me if she needs something. When I have a problem she ignores me, or if there are other friends I always get the short stick. The worse part about it is, she knows I really, really love her and all she talks with me about are guys she loves, how her life is great and makes fun of me for not having a girl. I really hate her, but love he for other stuff at the same time. It gets me so fucking angry at everything.

Dumbass Friends 102

Man do I have very stupid friends I'm almost to embarrassed to be member of this sinking ship of a group; I feel like abandoning them because I seem to reject my friends from my life; why? OK first when I joined a new group they become obsessed with me as time went on it became better for me with these guys until summer came when I leave them but they are happy to see me again after only making so many phone calls and never answering then you losers claim to call me but Guess what I don't answer back and lie about being gone.

Than at school we all gather around to talk about sports but do I get to have a say in the conversation no they're to damn stuck up to let me in and act as if I don't exist. At lunch I don't socialize with them cause i'm too pissed off to talk so don't ask why I even said about wanting to leave but I lied about my reasons then at Christmas time whenever we made plans to hang out yeah: I ditched because I'm too good to party with you losers, than I got a facebook profile and you were all too stupid to accept my friend requests after I screwed you all out of a fun weekend yeah I didn't even call but you idiots never call me anymore so what's the point.

Whenever I saw your facebook pictures it made me sick to my stomach I was never there with you and drinking, we're fucking underage are you all that fucking stupid. Then in the months I ignore hellos reject offers to hang out and party until all interests dropped so now leave me alone, whenever you do shit and I decide not to come you all question me with whys and annoy the shit out of me do you even respect any of my decisions guess not.

Then I removed a couple idiots from my profile, why? because they suck, same thing with my Ex-Best Friend who can't help his buddy out and talks behind my back; stop calling me buddy to because we're not friends anymore and you only have yourself to blame same thing for the rest of you losers and just before prom my mom makes a bitch out of herselves and I can't go I'm pissed off then you try to cheer me up giving me a ticket and I snapped, WHY? because if my mother was dead I would be half as happy but no you will never know for yourselves so just leave well enough alone and as for a party I scheduled and canceled yeah I knew your plan then you all started bitching and now that it's summer and I've graduated now stay away from me I want to be on my own now so go party and play boring ass beer pong and pretend a Batman doll is real making retards out of yourselves and if your wondering where i'm going it's none of your fucking business.

I see your new pictures of the group partying without me Fine I won't be there for you anymore they don't understand this concept either You're friends aren't going to carry you throughout life and there comes a time to put them aside and be your own man yeah I took that advice the rest of you do what you want and don't ask me for anything cause I'm finished with you shitheads forever.

friends 103

im sick of doing things for people. if we made plans, dont freaking go and change them when it can be avoided...it just messes up everyone elses day...and dont say your are my best friend when you keep hanging out with another friend at dont tell me about it..i have news for you..i dont care! i have others things to do...

and to the other friend..you annoying woman...if i do something to help you by picking someone up..why do you go behind my back and have someone else do it?! do u not want me to meet them first..i dont get it!! you have a million other things to figure out, but no..lets not think about that..lets change the favor i was gonna do for you..you're so freaking stupid..i hate doing things for you..but you are so incapable of doing them yourself.idiot.

loser friends 104

So recently my best friend has been hanging out with this guy. I dont care that she has other friends...it just bothers me that they go and do these things and then talk about it while im around. Like why?!?!?! This guy actually had the nerve to say "you should have come." well..you should have freaking invited me, asshole!! and then they talk about where they are gonna go next. Assholes...its so rude. They act like they have been friends forever. He tells me things that my best friend does and does not like..well, i freaking know what she does and does not like! I just dont get it! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Friends 105

My friends and I were supposed to go out tonight and party. We were all going to go down to a concert and then go clubbing. My car is in the shop and they said they would come pick me up. We had this arranged for a week. I call them today to find out when they're coming to pick me up, and one of them says "We're already in the car on the way there and we're following someone for directions, so we can't turn around." I was so damn angry and I kept trying to call them to find out where to go because I knew of plenty other ways to get there because I just want to go out and have fun, and none of them are answering their phones. They all said they wanted me to hang out with them, and I was the one who made all the plans for tonight, and now they go and pull this bullshit. I'm so fucking pissed and I want to bitchslap every one of them.

Friends 106

My so called "best friend" pretty much threw me under the bus once he got a girl friend, even though this girl is a total psycho! She broke his heart 3 or 4 times already, but came crawling back to him after I told him to stop talking to her. I picked him up off the asphalt after she kicked him to the curb, but the second she "misses" him, he's back to being her bitch. What made things even worse was that she told him that he wasn't allowed to hang out with me during nights and weekends, and he agreed to it!!! I finally got sick of his bullshit and stopped being his friend, but the really sick thing is that he probably thinks I'm the jerk for not being happy for him now that he's with his "dream girl." What a piker.

religious fanatic ex-friend 107

I've been friends with this girl for close to 20 years and all of that is over. It's over because she had been trying really hard to convert me to her religion, she's been trying to make me a Jehovah's Witness. Every time we had a conversation about something, she would start spreading the gospel. She got even more persistent

after my father died 9 months ago, that's where I had enough of it. She used my grief and my guilt over the event as a way to brainwash me. I never complained to her about her preaching, I just let her talk about her beliefs out of respect. She doesn't care about me, she's more concerned about being in good standing with her fellow JWs at the Kingdom Hall. What kind of friend would do that?

friends 108

Ugh, so I've been home all summer from school and got to hang out with old friends... fun right?... No! I get walked all over! How dare anyone try to tell me when I'm taking them home if I drove. Hell no, gas is out the roof! And especially don't expect me to after you cuss me the fuck out! No, I don't play that way. I'm sick of getting walked all over and being mocked for it. Ironically, now that I finally stood up for myself with one friend, everyone is trying to get me to forget about all. No! How can you mock me for not standing up for myself, then tell me I shouldn't? No, especially when you talk the most crap on them! That's ridiculous! Now you are buddy buddy again with this person and haven't talked to me in over a week... that's cool, I guess they are better then me despite all you tell me. And how dare you stand me up? You said to come over so I did, and where were you? You could of just answered the door and told me to leave. You knew I was there! You don't live around the corner. That's ridiculous. I hope yall are happy. I'm sick of each and every one of you! This whole summer I spend like everyday with yall, and not my other friends. O well, I guess you live and you learn. Now I'm alone because of this crap. I can't wait to go back to school and get away from this bull.

Would-be friends 109

I have (or should I say had?) a "friend" I used to be quite close to. Well, she moved far away a while ago only to tell me MONTHS later via IM. I thought, "all right, maybe she was in a hurry or something, it's okay" and let it pass. We (barely) kept in touch online until one day she tells me she's coming back for vacation; I give her my phone number and wait for her to call me.

She calls me all right, telling me that she will call again in two days so we can see each other.

She NEVER calls, leaves WITHOUT another word and now I am left in the fucking dark!

Now, I ask, is that a friend? No, I really don't think so. You know, friends like seeing each other. Friends give themselves to the other a bit.

I am SO freaking angry right now.

inconsiderate friends 110

I was friends with a married couple and they used to call me to do things other than help them. Lately, they only call me when they need my help or my parents truck, other than that, they don't call. My dad told me they were taking my friendship for granted & using me to only help them, but I didn't want to believe him, but being the idiot I am, I learned he was right the hard way. If they were really my friends, they'd call to do things other than help them. I don't mind helping friends, but these former friends of mine are selfish, inconsiderate and not realize that their actions & behavior negatively effects others. If this is their idea of friendship, they can go to hell. Hopefully I'll get to tell them to their face the pain they've put me through. It'd be nice if they thought of others instead of themselves and actually call when they say they will and were considerate & non-selfish. Little do they know, they just lost a friend or should I say they just lost a slave.

Friends & Myself 111

(Rant about my English as much as you want)

Thanks for the fuckload of problems everybody seems to have and feels the urging need of telling me SUPRISE! I seriously don't give a crap. Thanks school to give me the shallowest moments of my life. And most definitely: screw me for telling my mum (hello? am I suddenly brain-dead or something?) about these things... how old am I, 4?

I don't want to listen to every crap of these morons and still it manages to stick in my head. NO sure, people are starving to death, having some fucking diseases, people whose lives are REALLY fucked up but ohhhh..... I get to listen about some retarded relationship problems...

If it's not my classmates, it's the TV, or the government, or fucking celebrities, or racist bastards, but they all have their unique way of annoying the hell out of me.

Thanks so much...

Friends 112

Im damn angry, so I got a best friend and we have other friends to chill with and stuff but usually its us goin out. Well I got another friend who has been a super bad friend recently, and its saturday and wheres my best friend? Chillen with the friend who does him bad, treats him weird, and makes him PAY FOR EVERYTHING AND THEN SOME. Its like okay..thats how you wanna do me, fine I got it just leave me stranded all day at the house when we where supposed to go out today, and chill with some other loser too.

selfish friend 113

me and my friend love panic at the disco. they were apparently on tv. i asked the channel. she wouldn't tell me, because apparently, she doesnt get that channel and if I was to watch it she'd be jealous. SO DAMN SELFISH! NOW IM SO DAMN ANGRY!

Friends suck 114

Kendra is being a bitch. I don;t care how much justification she may or may not have, she doens't have the right to put people down when they speak their minds about something. It pisses me off that I'm not allowed to be myself around her or really anyone else in that damn group, because I'll 'offend' them. Go fucking cry about it. I am so dam sick of caring, because they don't. And then she gets all butt hurt when I stand by the people she puts down. Well fuck you miss pissy pants! If I'm not allowed to have my panties in a twist then neither are you.

I really respect her, and that's the dam clincher. I used to care about her a lot. And I guess I idolized her in a way, and now I'm realizing how bitchy she can really be. So that's my fault, but it still sucks. What really gets me though is that the way we act around each other hasn't even changed, so we were never that close anyway. Go ahead and ignore me you prick.

Second Kendra peeve: "I don't do decisions." Admitting the problem doesn't make you all bad ass, because when you boil it down, she's still a fucking wimp who has no back bone and can't make up her own damn mind, which I know works well.

Moving on to the broader spectrum: the fucking group of IB girls who only care about how fucking fun they cna make life. They are so condescending, I'm ashamed I ever agreed with them. IB isn't worth anything, and yet they think their shit doens't stink. I say again that I can't say the damn truth around them or I get ostracized. Fuck, even when I don't, I still get ostracized. "Oh, I want to stay in touch with everyone!" What a fucking joke. I'm just realizing how selfish they really are. Damn, people suck ass.

Best Friend 115

i don't even know where to start. There are just certain rules in a friendship that you know just exists, one of them being "not dating your best friends ex" and I'll even go as far as saying "you don't date a girl you know your best friend is interested in." I guess the rules of friendship don't apply to the nobster. After being in so many bad relationships, what does that fucker do? He decides to grab up the girl i have feelings for. Oh yea. That's not the bad part. What pisses me off the most, is that he knows. He knows i have taken her out, he knows i really like her, he knows it so well that he hid what he was doing from me. I had to find out from someone else. I confronted his ass about it, and he blatantly denied it. AHH, son of a bitch. And he is supposed to be my fucking best friend.

Fake "friends" 116

I hate friends who constantly feel this need to prove themselves to you. My friend "Rachel" and my friend "Felicia" are seriously always either judging or competing with me. I sometimes wonder if I just give off that vibe. I never assume any one can be jealous of me, just because it's so arrogant to assume that--but as our relationship progresses it seems that they make these passive aggressive comments toward me. What the heck?! I always try and give people the benefit of the doubt and just stay mellow in social situations, but I am beginning to see a darker side to my friends. I would avoid them, but our lives are so intertwined...what would you do.. I feel attacked in this subtle yet irritating way. I am so frustrated.

Aside from that, my friends never leave any little thing alone. IF I EVER mention anything that sounds 'juicy' or points to something that should be confidential, they bring it up EVERY TIME I SEE THEM. I am so sick of them blowing everything out of proportion. It's like they have nothing better to do but take someone they think has something special and try and bring them down. They are so threatened by anyone who doesn't want to be apart of their little group.I wish they would grow up...

And another thing...
I HATE girls who wear those stupid northfaces, spandex butt pants, and silly ugg boots. Get the hell out of here. Seriously, find some style.

Best Friend Dating Ex 117

My best friend of ** freaking years decides to start dating my ex 3 weeks after we break up. 3 WEEKS! Now I can't even talk to her she makes me sick. How could she do this to me? Do I deserve it? People suck butt.

Friends Betrayal 118

I am so angry at my friends because I feel totally, completely left out lately. They never care to invite me anywhere and they're so careless about how I feel about it. I really dont like when people who I trust tend to leave me for last! I CANT STAND this stupid snow storm! Im stuck at home and EXTREMELY BORED >:0

getting takin andvantage of 119

Im so sick of people taking advantage of me. friends always telling me there problems and not listening to me about mine.I bet if I droped of the face of the earth they want to find me so I can do somthing for them. Im sick of people always fighting the only time there not is when they are a sleep and a couple told me they dream of killing the people they fight with. My friends say they care about me but they use me to do something. EVERYONE I know comes to me and ask for for somthing advice talking to people the word no never comes out of my mouth I just want to scream it but I can't it makes me angry because I so busy workin on other peoples life I don't have a chance to live mine. Is my life just about them I hope not because wil go crazy before I get old. It seems like no one cares about my problems but it always about them. I hate people always telling me there love life I don't know what told them I was comfortable hearing it But hello I don't care this what my mind says to me as longs as my friends are happy I will be that is so wrong I breaking I have to help the person I love be with one one he loves and that's what bits the most he my best friend and I nothing but that in his eyes I keep saying I quit but it ne ver works I keep fighting and that's what makes me angry

Ex-friend 120

He's a rude, narcissistic idiot. He's horrible for no bloody reason, and completely out of order. He refuses to grow up, and refuses to be civil. I don't care about him hating me, but there's a limit to how much I can handle and he's completely overstepping it. I can't see him without him being rude and therefore me getting angry, and he's in my friendship group. How the hell am I meant to see my friends now? He's being so selfish and so out of order. It's HORRIBLE, and so is he.

A Friend's Trust 121

I'm so damn angry because my friend leaked out my secret through Facebook. I can't believe that she has no brains for doing so. I've given her the privilege to know my secret and yet she betrayed me by telling the whole world about it.

relationships 122

even while i am seething with anger and am so very confused, i feel like questioning anyone who might know. why is it that whatever you try to do to help someone, backfires and you are left like 'huh? what just happened?'
if u cant criticize your best friend cz u care 4 then and want them to undo something they are doing wrong, and you have to deal with a horrifying aftermath...what the hell are you supposed to do?
turn away?

maybe it's me or maybe my best friend is a class 'A' ass! :(

i can neither understand why i should not be telling him off for the stuff i think he does wrong, nor can i deal with the absurd manner in which he reacts!

People who are too competitive for their own good 123

I have a 'friend' this 'friend' is always making everything we do a competition, whether it be with shared friends, work, school marks, WHATEVER!! At the moment, we are doing a debate together. I told her exactly what the team split was but the school internet crashed over the weekend so she couldn't get it. So I rang her and emailed her the team split. She said, oh. i've already written my speech. I asked her if she wrote about the part that she was meant to (her entire speech) and she said. 'a little bit' I NEARLY SCREAMED! I also found out via my best friend that she had emailed her while I was explaining the Team Split to her. SHE WASN'T EVEN LISTENING. why do i even bother? because now she has wrecked our whole debate because our first speaker has no points, because the other girl has taken them all. i can't get angry with her because she gets so bloody snaky with me and refuses to even talk to me. she even rang my mum and was SNAKY TO HER AND AGRESSIVE. it has gone to far. why doesn't she just apologize and BE NICE FOR ONCE AND NOT COMPETITIVE. she thinks that if i correct her at all, i am trying to look down or speak down to her.

grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr i am soooo pissed off.

Third wheel 124

I've just come to the point of utter frustration being the third wheel in my house that i'm sharing with my friends- a couple. I'm so sick of their soppiness with each other and the baby talk, and the petty fights, and them sneaking upstairs when they feel horny- laughing at my 'ignorance' when they come back down....it makes me feel like a fucking grandmother. Don't get me wrong, I do not want what they have. It's not jealousy I'm feeling. Infact seeing how they act sometimes, has made me sure that all I want is something casual! I don't want to be dependent on another person, which is what they think I DO want...it's like they take pity on me for not having found "the one", which makes me even more angry. I can't talk to any of my other friends about this, I've tried. And so, here I am >.<

Friends 125

I'm so fucking pissed off at the immaturity of high school. Every friendship seems to be like a competition for who has MORE friends, or who goes out more, or who can PARTY more or who can do whatever damning thing she deems to make her better than me. it ALL SEEMS LIKE A CHORE. And resorting to stealing my friends is so fucking low. like really, how mature are you? Trying to get me jealous by rubbing it in my face every time you go out or chill with one of MY friends is so manipulative. And fucking one-sided friendships are bullshit. Trying to maintain friendships or whatever is too god gamn difficult apparently. so you know what? IM NOT GOING TO TRY ANYMORE. I'm so sick of being the only one who seems to care or the only one who's mature enough to not take part in your total bullshit. You all need to grow the FUCK up. And honestly, ignoring me when your older friends are around is total bull.

Friend 126

Ever since my (now) best friend Cori moved in my (old) best friend Sammy changed. We used to be best friends, but once Cori moved in she completely changed. You see Cori is really pretty and in fact she has guy problems such as; spanking her butt, flirting, and asking out. Cori gets very annoyed too. So about 1 month after Cori moved in Sammy started acting all cool instuff like putting me down and being really mean, she kept on talking about people behind their backs all the time. So when i started hanging out with Cori she talked to me about it and that's when i finally noticed why she was being so rude and obnoxious, it was because she was jealous of Cori so she was constantly competeing with me about who's boobs are bigger and how prettier she is and how she's going to ask this one dude out, even though I tell her they will say no because she doesnt have a chance but she asks them anyways and of course they say no. What really pisses me off though is when i say who i like and she says oh i know right and she automatically starts flirting with him the next day, its like WHAT THE FUCK!!! Another time i was hanging out with Cori, she told me that Sammy has been saying crap about her. I was like ohh nuh uh that bitch has crossed the line. I dont talk to her much anymore. :[

Fake Friends 127

I am angry because some people, supposedly your 'friends', say they love you, say the miss you, say they can't wait to see you... then they stab you in the back. It makes no sense. Why bother to say so many nice things when you don't mean it???

Stupid, Uncaring Horrible Friends 128

i am so angry at people in general. ive never had a decent fucking friend, i cannot trust anyone!

people just fuck off on you. then your stuck on a bloody island with nothing but the memory of all the stuff you did for them and the sudden realisation that they never did didly squat for you and just used you and abused you.

my so called current 'best friends' owe me at least $20 each. they dont include me in anything and just today they both got off the bus with not so much as a GOODBYE!. Then they wonder why i dont talk to them much, or ignore them (purposely) at school. (we are 18 btw)

seriously though, no wonder i like to fucking stay at home. its because nobody invites me anywhere anyway.

being ignored and then talked about 129

so i think i have some friends. well at first they're pretty nice but then it's like i disappeared! and so since i'm being excluded i would like to know what's going on. I ask my one friend whom I THOUGHT was my best friend. She would always reply with "oh...nothing." So she invites me to this party. I'm being ignored and so is this other girl. We get sick of it and leave and we heard from someone at the party that as soon as we left she started talking shit about us both!!! The person whom i thought was my best friend started the whole conversation. Why do people thrive on being STUPID?!

"Friends" 130

You show up when they need you, you offer all the support you can, and you tolerate all the shit they can drag up from the scum pits of life. They'll never return any of these gestures. They'll just seek to drag you down with them and ruin what little good time you have in life. The only difference between friend and fiend is the letter "R".

Friends 131

I hate all of my friends. I've had so many friends in the last year. They're all the same. People are so simple it pisses me off. All people ever care about are their own egos. This world is crap. I see no good in the world. Everyone is bad. Everyone. Selfish pricks who only love themselves. Guess what? Your personality is not special. Your everything is not special. Your commercialism is nauseating. I wish I could live in Europe where they understand life. TV is not life. I'd rather be alone then have low quality friends who only want to sit around and watch movies/TV. NO I don't want to come over. NO I don't want you to come over and sit on my couch and care nothing for what I have to say. All you want to do is talk at me. Just like the TV...wonder where you pick that up from. I listen to you talk for 15 minutes straight then finally shut up. I don't even know what to say to you. I had a comment to your conversation 14 minutes ago when you started but I either forgot or it sounds mad to go back that far in the conversation. I hate my friends.

friends 132

Okay the reason why Iím so pissed is this one friend who every time we go to hang out I let her pick out the time so there wonít be any problems, but when that time comes around she always does one of two things. One: say her mom wonít let her (even though she checked it with her mom days before) two: doesnít show up and doesnít even tell me she isnít going to show up! God I hate it! I just want to go over there and tell her this. ďYou know what the world canít wait for you, Iím sick as hell of it and I just want to put it out there, your mom needs to decided what she is going to let you do!Ē

so called friends 133

i worked my backside off to make a successful business with my so called friend and then my son died i was off work for a few months and my friend? was going through a divorce and he saw my being off as a perfect opportunity to run the business into the ground with friends like these

Uncaring, Useless Friends! 134

God forbid someone would actually care about me..oh no god forbid! seriously it's like when you have a problem or alot going on your friends don't wanna bother with you..they dont give a f**k!...HOW COLD CAN YOU BE!! I'm there for my friends when they need me but when I need them it's SEE-YA! OMG I hate people!..Seriously friends are useless!

Pissed Off! 135

friends can be so damn callous, uncaring, selfish and just plain rude...you go out of your way to say "hello" or "how are you?" and they either don't respond or talk about themselves..god forbid they ask how your day was..and if you are having difficulties in your life presently they go "oh well" or "that sux"...geez have some f***ing compassion..

Friends are the worst 136

I'm so sick of all of my fucking friends I'm ready to die! All of my friends are major assholes, but I can't really blame them for being assholes because they are raised that way by their fucking parents. I try to be nice to people and respect their beliefs but when you believe in something so obviously bullshit and moronic, it's hard to keep biting your tongue every second of the fucking day. I live in a certain state in the midwest where 90% of the population is a certain religion (I'm sure most people will know what state I'm talking about). 99% of the people I talk to daily are of this religion and if I do anything against one of their "commandments" I won't hear the fucking end of it for weeks! Just because you fuckheads are so easily brainwashed doesn't mean other normal people give a fuck about any of it. If I want to swear, drink alcohol tea or soda, or go shopping on Sunday, or masterbate LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE! I hear daily that I'm a horrible person and that I'm going to hell. Oh Yeah? I hope I'm going to hell because there won't be any of you fuckers around because you're all so god damn perfect. I need to get the hell out of this state and meet some normal healthy people. Fuck all of it.

ex-best friend 137

She has changed...and not for the better!

We'd known each other since my last two years in high-school and she seemed to have multiple personalities. She met my fiance, brad last year and decided that he was no good all because he doesn't talk much...what a bitch! She doesn't know him from 'adam' as they say. From then on she called him rude and said he was anti-social...he most likely has sleep apnea...and because of this he takes a lot of deep breaths (what she refers to as sighing)...she always took offense to it like an idiot and thought he was implying that he was bored during conversations when we visited she and her husband...can we say moron? She constantly tells me that my future marriage will not work out...what the hell does she know? i realized she's probably jealous of me for a variety of reasons...but especially because brad and i will have a real wedding next spring...unlike she and her husband who didn't when they got married several years ago. She told me on the phone that she never did anything to hurt me...BS!!! She basically caused me nothing but misery, with the exception of a few occasions when she actually acted caring, concerned, or nice. I don't need her as a friend anymore!!! I'm content with my fiance and my family...she can piss off!!!

My friend ripped me off majorly 138

My friend or so I thought, has been ripping me off for over a year, and he's trying to counter sue me in small claims court for work he did that was not authorized. I gave him allot of money and he has not done the job I asked him to do. He says he has, but he never once gave me a progress report, except for lies and more lies. When I finally confront him on it, all of a sudden I am the one that owes him!? I go to court on September 23rd, and I'm afraid he will win because he really is that manipulative and sneaky. I really need some help on this one. I gave him money, he has not done a satisfactory job, at all.

Stupid Ass friends 139

My friends are the biggest pieces of shit on the planet. I fucking hate them. I don't even see them anymore because I feel like when I do see them, they just insult me the whole time. What the fuck? I never did anything to these fuckers except be the best friend I could be. I was always there for them and I always invited them to everything. Suddenly no one wants to hang out with me anymore unless I'm around anyway and then they insult me the whole time. When I do call them because I'm desperate they don't answer, then I'll see them a few days later and they'll say we need to hang out sometime. I tell them I called the other day and they always have some bullshit to say like, I lost my phone, my phone was off, and the stupidest one yet, my phone doesn't go out of it's way to let me know I missed a call. How stupid do you think I am? I know that phone is brand new and every phone they make these days lets you know when you missed a call you FAT BASTARD!! I hope he dies, he's the worst one. I want to go piss on his grave. He fails at everything he does and no one likes him anymore anyway. FUCK YOU!

My friend is upset that I am having a baby. 140

You know this still fucking erks me. This is a lovely letter I recieved from my little buddy. Obviously she doesn't want to be my friend anymore. This may have happened in JULY but instead of people being happy that I was having a baby this is the response I got from my buddy. AND YES, I AM PUTTING THIS UP BECAUSE IT PISSES ME OFF AND I HOPE IT PISSES YOU OFF TOO~!!


July 21, 2009

I tried calling but you werenít home so Iím going to write this down while itís still running through my head.

I thought I could make it work but I canít itís been about 3 months and I can say that I donít see our friendship working out anymore. Iíve been thinking about it since around June 21. Instead of feeling happy with our friendship like I used to during the past 14 years. Iím becoming more and more annoyed, irratied and unhappy. Things just canít be the way they used to be. You have become more stupid over the past few years and there is nothing I can do to fix that. It was hard enough to be your friend during school because you were so stupid but itís becoming to hard. Iíve always been dealing with your antics while you have done nothing but bring me down. You shouldnít have friends. You ruin their lives just like you have ruin mine.

I do have some advice you should listen too. Itís up to you to take it but this is for your best interest. First itís terrible that you are bringing a child into this world. You, yourself have always said how bad the world is and now youíre having a baby. I honestly need to tell you that being your friend this long has made me realize you have no parenting skills. You are not responsible, you behave like a 5 year child and you procastinate. Youíre better off at giving this child up for adoption or aborting it so it doesnít have to deal with your immature shit. Even a mother on the street makes a better mother than you. I know you said it be great so your sister can educate the child for school but that proves my point. Youíre going to pawn your child off on other people. You are not a responsible person. Your sister has no training with younger children. She doesnít even have a child of her own so how would she be able to educate it? Your sister wanted to become a manga artist. Only Japanese people can be manga artist, also she doesnĎt even have a job in the comic industry which makes her just as much as a loser as you. It also helps proves another one of my points. Your family is too stupid to even help you raise a child. Itís doomed from the beginging. The best option would be to abort the baby. End this cycle of family stupidty. Your boyfriend really seems like a winner. You sure do know how to pick them. If you canít tell thatís sarcasm. You just make bad choices. I know how much you use to talk about suicide and if the chance comes up you should take it and do this world a favor so you donít screw up again. You canít fix being a screw up, if you leave the world alone you can end the horrible cycle. Say you do have the baby. Adoption is the next best thing. There are people who want a baby who will love it unlike you. Having a dumbass for parents is the last thing your child needs. Like I said before end the cycle now that thing should not be allowed to live. If you get sad you can drown it in the tub or yourself.

Honestly, I had already moved on when you disappeared last summer. I feel that itís time to move on again. With the way things are going I fear that if would get much worse before it even started to get a little bit better. You always take ideas from me because youíve never had an ounce of creativity in your body. I made you act. <Deleted>, <Deleted>, <Deleted>, <Deleted>, they are all my ideas that you just act out. I became immensively annoyed at whatever you thought you were doing for <Deleted>. I have never liked him and it was only your unfunny humore that he entertained someone like yourself. You would have done nothing with your life if you had never met me. I have always been a creative genius and you have stolen what I have done hundreds of times. No one likes you anymore because you are washed up and old.

At a point I did think about continuing our friendship and the suffering I would have to go though but you know how I mentioned that something bad usually happens to me around late summer/fall? Well I was wondering about it and think that even if our friendship were to continue something important would happen later on to make it fall apart. Itís time to truly say goodbye and just go on living life apart from each other.


*Note from Anger Central
Yup, that was a nasty Dear Jane letter. Obviously this person has some real serious issues. Telling you to have an abortion? Regardless of your stand on the issue, that's a really personal and very tough decision. Just ask Kourtney Kardashian. She got pregnant and all her "Friends" said to just get rid of it. She decided she couldn't.
Also, we deleted some of the names since they were odd enough that the people could be identified.

Friends 141

I hate this bitch who totally invites me to go to fashion show, then calls me up an hour before we are suppose to leave after im all ready and look awesome and says that she is to sick to go. i said "ok i hope you feel better". i start looking on twitter and my best friend post an update that says "having the best time at the fashion show. i was so pisses off at this bitch for doing this to me. I want to tear her fucking head off. and she looks like a slob with no sense of fashion. why would she even want to go to a fashion show? i hate her. oh and she shows her gums when she smiles and it looks so ugly. what a totally bitch. I HATE HER!!

*Note from Anger Central
Two things.
First, you are furious which is good for us. It mean content. You should have used those words instead of hate.
Second, next time you see your "friend" just causally mention that when she knife's people in the back, she might want to avoid broadcasting it to the entire world. ;)

A colleague's success 142

An classmate in university that has an air of arrogance about her, thinking herself above me in terms of finance, moral ground, and intellect has just won a prestigious academic competition.

I am so fucking angry

Crush 143

I am so damn angry at the serendipitous nature of love. Or lust. Or Desire. Whatever fairytale you buy in to.

We're friends, for years. You are the only boy I can trust. You are like a brother to me, you look after me, you care for me, unlike anyone I've ever met. And then, you go and decide to be in love with me. But you're not happy with unrequited love are you? You have to tell all my friends, but of course beg them not to tell me. Come on. You KNEW I would find out. And now, we're not even friends anymore. You didn't want me unless I loved you as much as you loved me.

Now you've gone to university, and I finally love you. But you don't want me.

Are you trying to make me want you dead?

pushover friend 144

I was all excited about finishing up my finals and looking forward to spending a whole free day with my friend, when guess what? She cancels because some idiot she hangs out with in another town about an hour away has to move in two days. Why? Because the idiot wracked up a 10,000 energy bill and they are finally shutting it off. Apparently, she's been in debt to the electric company for years. So I have my plans for relaxation have been flushed because some moron wasn't responsible enough to take of business. And to top it all off, she has two little kids that my friend is now going to watch for the whole weekend that she was supposed to go partying while the moron works. Why does it feel like I'm always getting the shitty end of the stick?

pushover friend 145

I was all excited about finishing up my finals and looking forward to spending a whole free day with my friend, when guess what? She cancels because some idiot she hangs out with in another town about an hour away has to move in two days. Why? Because the idiot wracked up a 10,000 energy bill and they are finally shutting it off. Apparently, she's been in debt to the electric company for years. So I have my plans for relaxation have been flushed because some moron wasn't responsible enough to take of business. And to top it all off, she has two little kids that my friend is now going to watch for the whole weekend that she was supposed to go partying while the moron works. Why does it feel like I'm always getting the shitty end of the stick?

Friend 146

I have the textbook definition of a poisonous friendship. It's great when we hang out--talking a mile a minute, finish each other's sentences, always have a great time together (typically with crazy results that we both talk about months afterwards). But she's incredibly flaky. I know she constantly backs out of plans with a mutual friend, but she's also done it to me on numerous occasions. Including Thanksgiving dinner, telling me the day before. She blames her over-protective parents, but this only works for certain circumstances. The things she says for excuses rarely ring true because they're never mentioned again, or she accidentally says something at a future time to counteract her alibi. She says she volunteers every weekend with her family, but this is never spoken of again, and seems confused when I bring it up. She's working at a hospital over the summer three days a week, but again, this part-time job seems to disappear. She always says she wants to hang out, often even making plans herself, but then backs out at the last minute. It definitely makes me second-guess our friendship--is it really one-sided and I'm too naive to realize? Do I just remind her of her hometown and she doesn't want to think about high school anymore? I ended up cutting her off completely when I was in treatment for an eating disorder because our relationship was just so toxic--I was working through a lot of stuff, and simply couldn't deal with her any longer. Since then, I typically don't talk to her during the school year, but occasionally talk and hang out during breaks. But even then she goes back to her old ways--and it forces me to be nasty. Trying to plan a small new years get-together, which she suggested, I talk about possible plans. She immediately replies with the set-up to back out if necessary: I know how over-protective her parents are, hopefully they won't drag her to some lame party instead, haha. Pissed, and normally the 'peace keeper' I end up replying fairly curtly. I told her there was no way in hell I'd let my family 'drag' me anywhere, considering I'm legally an adult that has been away at college for the last two years, and that if she thought that would be the case she ought to just pull out now because I needed a decent head count for the party. Then (and here, I was catty, and I resent it) I said that if she didn't want to come, she might as well say it outright. She texted me back that day saying her dad was such push-over and said it was fine as long as she could sleep over--since he likes me so much. Odd that he never seemed to like me all those other times I asked her to hang out. So I might have been a little mean, but at least I was effective. It does make me question though: what the hell is the point of having a friendship with someone if you have to twist their arm just to hang out with you? So that's why I'm pissed off: I feel like I put so much more into friendships than my friends do. If I don't organize it, nobody would hang out at all over break. I know all my friends birthdays by heart, and always send them a card and usually cookies (if I had more money, I'd buy a real gift, but hey, I'm a starving college student). Am I just weird about friends? Have I watched to many chick flicks? Anyway, fuck friends, they rarely have your back. I didn't eat lunch for four years, much less eat anything else in front of them, and it never once occurred to them that there might be something wrong.

Naive optimistic people 147

I dated my first boyfriend for near 5 years. For a long time, I thought we were meant for each other, and we were planning on marrying. Ended up we were meant to be friends, not lovers - unfortunately took us that long to work it out. Even so, we remained friends and parted on good terms. About 9 months after we broke up, I had my 'best friend' come around to my apartment to tell me my ex had been around to her house to confess his love for her. She also liked him to.

Why I am mad? OMG if you like each other GO OUT. WHY do you want my permission? Yes, I think you are a bad person if you do that to your best friend. LIKE I am going to say anything different. But what makes me seethingly enraged is the fact she had the gall to say to me she was 'never' attracted to him when he was with me. WTF!!! Why would you date a guy you 'weren't' attracted to for 5 years and screw up a friendship with your best friend because of it? IDIOT! Personally, I'm either attracted to someone, or I'm not!! Pretty sure that is how it works - there isn't a third category of 'wasn't attracted, now attracted'. You were always attracted! Either admit you're a moron of a person and a best friend and go out with him, or if you still want to consider yourself not a jerk don't go there! You can't have both. Idiot!

Finally why they are jerks: telling me that it is 'going to get better' and this is the 'worst' of it. Actually, the worst of it is the fact I bothered investing so much time and energy into eternal dooshbags. You guys can do or say WHATEVER you want to make yourselves feel better about making a decision that has completely changed my life - but it ain't going to ever change the fact that I think you are both complete selfish jerks. Live with it!!!! Ah! And leave me alone to get on with my life! Without either of you in it!

A "friend" who has never acted like a friend 148

So, the two people I consider my best friends are twins. We'll just call them A and M. We are in the 11th grade now and have known each other very closely since 6th grade. I'm pretty sure if it wasn't for me, they never would have really found anyone, because they moved here.

Anyway, M has always given me problems. He never does anything for me, or even puts a single bit of effort into our friendship. Seriously. I can recall many a birthday and Christmas gift I have given them separately, out of the love I have for them both. A is a great friend! He and I get along great, he will try to lighten things when I'm down, and he is what I consider to be the best friend I've ever had (so far). But M is different. In a bad way. I can honestly only recall a very vague memory of him actually starting a conversation with me first that was about a serious matter. Even then, it must not have been much because I remember moments like his between people I love very vividly. I swear to God if I didn't know any better I'd say he wants nothing to do with me. He definitely doesn't make friends easily though.

Now here's why I'm mixed with angry and sad right now: I hate having to put up with M just to spend time with A. All I will say is this- M, you know who you are, if you're reading this, pay close attention- the sheer amount of pure arrogance in your treatment of me and of all your other friends has got to stop. Stop being so goddamn conceited all the time- you are NOT always right, and the times that you just happen to be right are not PROOF that you are always right!! It's not supposed to be competition, it's supposed to be a friendship! And you are lucky you have that brother of yours because, if it wasn't for him, I would have been done with you ages ago, if not right now!

And you see, anonymous reader, the thing is that if he does ever read this, his first act will no doubt be to puff himself up on the inside and blame me and, ignoring all his past actions or evidence I may have presented, go on a rant of his own about how stupid I am and then insult me in other forms while ignoring the problem at hand. He will do his because, once again, HE ALWAYS THINKS HE IS RIGHT! He will never even consider that maybe he caused harm in some way through his attitude and actions in this relationship... because he's knows he is ALWAYS RIGHT! And if he were to read the section you are now, he'd become pissed off because he knows he has been shown up, so he will just try to write something against me to show everyone in the website how right he is and how wrong I am. In real life, he goes far enough to make physical threats if you dare even closely proof him wrong- especially when he knows it. But, once again, he will inevitably convince himself that everyone on the earth is an ignorant fool except for him! FUCK YOU M!! GET A CLUE, SNOB, YOU'RE NOT PERFECT! IT'S OBVIOUS TO EVERYONE WHO KNOWS YOU THAT YOU'RE FAR FROM PERFECT!! Learn to be a friend, asshole. >:,(

Anything you can do, I've done better 149

I have this friend that thinks she's awesome. That every single thing she's ever done was so..."GODLY" and "perfect". There were days when she invited me to go riding with her, so she could show off her "extravagant" horse and how seemingly "so much better" she was at riding than I was. When we got there, she'd completely flake on riding by making up shit like "oh, I'm too sore to ride" or the ever famous "my horse doesn't want to go for a ride, so we won't ride". What the fuck. In all the years I trained horses, NOT ONE OF THEM was allowed to get a break because they didn't FEEL like going for a ride. If they were injured, or lame, that was a completely different story. She also tells me how "great" she was at riding and all of the "expensive" saddles she won at shows were in storage in another state. HOW COME, IF SHE'S DONE ALL THIS SHIT WITH THIS HORSE AND WON ALL THIS SHIT, HAVE I NEVER SEEN ANY PICTURES?! Given, there was just ONE of her riding someone else's horse around poles, but what horse rider can't do that? I was in a fucking class with her, and I saw how much she got yelled at by the riding instructor. Hell, if you are that high-end of a show person, you would be used as a example for the other riders. But no.

She decided recently that she is going to sell all of her "show" tack. I asked to buy some, but she told me her cousins were going to sell it, because it's all worth "way more than you can afford", and that she doesn't want to have it sent up here. I finally realized that all along she has been feeding me a big bunch of shit. She uses her made up show-career to rise over my hard-earned training with horses. Sure, I never did anything with the horses that brought big bucks, but everything I did with the horses made me feel like I was some-what of an accomplished horse-woman. Bitch, you telling me all of your bull-shit just to make you feel better is NOT going to get you anywhere with me. I'm not going to train your spoiled rotten witch of a horse, and I am not going to let you even think about touching your butt to a saddle on the back of my horse. Do me a little favor will you? GROW THE FUCK UP.

"Friend" 150

Iím tired of being used by my, so-called, friend. I donít mind hanging out, but you only invite me along because I have a car. When you didnít have a job, you wanted to go somewhere, and I didnít mind taking you I ate the gas money. Now Iím laid off, you have a job and you, ďforgetĒ that I need gas money! You say youíre not using me, but how come whenever I canít come to an event you send out a mass email on Facebook saying that the event is canceled even if nearly everyone who replied to the email said that they could make it? Who are you to volunteer my car? How about this, when you start paying for the bill and repairs then you can volunteer my car any time you like. Iím not even the only one in our group with a car anymore! The difference between me and some other people is they donít care if youíre broke; theyíre going to ask for gas money regardless. Maybe I should take a lesson from them, huh?

Also, Iím not your charity case! I stay home because thereís nothing to do but club and drink around here. I do neither. I like being at home. Why? Idk, I just do. I donít HAVE to go out. You live in the city so thereís tons of stuff for you to do. You actually like going out. At first I thought thatís why you were asking me to go places with you but you know, when you start treating people like helpÖand theyíre not even fucking getting paidÖthat leaves a bad taste in peopleís mouthsÖparticularly mine! All the spaces for people I ďneedĒ in my life were filled before you came and they will remain full after you leave.

And if you give one more back hand comment about my weight Iím going to fucking back hand YOU! Damn! I know I need to lose weight. You teasing me isnít helping. Iíve been teased about my weight for YEARS. If teasing worked I wouldnít be fat now would I? In fact, if it worked youíd be able to look back from the time you started these rude comments to now and notice Iíve lost weight instead of maintained itÖwhich I was doing even before you became my ďfriendĒ. Either youíre insane or youíre just a douche. Iíd say youíre a douche.

My ex friend 151

she is so selfish and fake its unbelievable she lied to her boyfriend and said she was on the pill then she totally trapped him by getting pregnant on purpose then she admitted when she was drunk that she only wanted a baby so she didnt have to work now she couldnt care less about her son she goes shopping and spends all the money meant for the baby on herself shes always wearing new clothes and the kid always has the same tee shirt and jeans on. she makes out shes this total goth but shes not she goes onto peoples pages on myspace or whatever and copies information and photos and passes them off as hers she writes down bands on her profiles who she has never heard of just because they are meant to be cool, she lies about what bands shes seen live and shes just so fake. It makes me angry because I genuinly do like the bands I write on my profiles and I am into the things I say I am but everyone thinks im fake because she is she also copies my style all of the time and if i say im doing my hair a certain way she does it and passes it off as her own, she goes through my profile pages and adds all of my friends who she doesnt even know and copies the bands and films I like magi you are so fake!!

Toothless Girl 152

How can one defecate in public and not be considered an animal? Just ask "Gappy". On several occasions I have witnessed this, but this is not the only fodder for my hatred. A thief, liar, unashamed whore and sad excuse for a "friend". Untrustworthy, do not let into your house. I have already endured jewelry loss, missing underwear, and such under her guise as a "friend" "just popping over for a laff". No man or woman is off limits to her sexual endeavors. The sanctity of a relationship means nothing to her, you are just a prize. Did I mention chronic nymphomania and exhibitionism? And on the animal note, Toothless has been known to bite in attack, her "friends". And yet this fucking troggmuttslutbag is doing better financially and socially than I. FUCK YOU WHORE I'm a good person who always at least TRIES to do the right thing and "Gappy" rips through like an obese cyclone and reaps the accolades. On that note, I hate karma too because it doesn't seem to be as vengeful as made out to be. SCREW YOU ALSO, KARMA.

There is so much more to say, but I am so angry I can barely type.

In short, "Gappy" is a tramp who angers myself, and many. If approached by her, run. I surely hope ALL of "Gappy"'s teeth fall out.

*Note from Anger Central
Have you tried the good old fashioned yet very effective "Get the F**k away from me!" yet? If that doesn't work, get a restraining order and if she violates that, have her arrested.

friend 153

everybody say that the bond in the group of girl is stronger than boy do. Girls always help each other. But i've already tired of this! i've dissapointed. they are always think that i always be there for them, but they may not be there for me. Leave your homework in your room, I will deliver it to you. Just change my nickname as you like, and I won't be angry. Always tell your sad story and I will listen carefully. But if it a good news, it's no need to share it with me. I hate that they always use me for their sake. Because i always looks happy, it doesn't mean i'm okay with it. I just try to be a nice friend. NOT A SERVANT. and you borrow my camera. don't bring it back when i need it. and you give back by PUT IT ON THE TABLE IN THE DINING ROOM. YOU STUPID, we live in a big boarding house, everybody can take it anytime!

i don't need your apologize. really. I am mad. so leave me! I can find someone better.

oh, and if I try to express my anger, you will be angry too. WHAT KIND OF FRIEND IS THAT?

I can't stand it anymore.

Guys who can't tend to the barn! 154

I hate my friends baby's mother. She's like 6 years younger than us and has that I'm never gonna get out of the hood mentality! She grew up in one of those families that all live in the same apartment complex and parties every night they can't. She has a child who was born autistic to a dead beat dad who is in and out of jail like it's a resort. She's a pretty girl but has the most hideous spare tire belly ever. Like she prob wieghed in at about 140 when he met here and 30lbs. of it was that tummy. This girl has this man by the balls, and it sickens me. My heart hurts just thinking bout how much puss this gut used to get and he settled down with this cow. When he does muster up the minerals to come hang out with us she blows up his phone, he puts on that front like "I don't wanna talk to her" but than the calls start bombarding his phone. After the 10th missed call comes the texts. After 20 texts the calls with the voice mails start. Like 5 in a row. Then he calls back.... She wants food. Omfg! And not just food the classic fat girls favorite! Mcdonalds! Oh and she wants it now. Forget the fact that we watching football, you gotta TEND TO THE BARN MY FRIEND! grow some stones son!

my ugly friends 155

my stupid friends are so fucking thick. they put on sweet smiles when talking to other people and teachers and act like innocent little do gooders. they are manipulative and slimy. they bought a cream bun and all sat round it at dinner time and ate it all together with different forks. it was dinner time at school, they went all the way into town on the bus and back to get a cream bun. why the fuck didnt they eat it on the bus. i'll tell you why. they thought 'oh how cute will we look eating this cream bun' i wanted to throw the cream bun across the room and watch it splat all over everyone in our year.how dare they. they're is nothing worse than girls trying to be cute. they are pathetic and live their lives for reputation. i am breaking all ties with them and have just deleted everyone off my facebook apart from 6 people that are worthy of me. and when they say 'why have you deleted us' i will simply answer 'because my dears, i hate you'. from now on i am number one.

Suppose to be a special friend 156

I just met this guy , he told me that he just got a divorced and he can't get invlolved in a relationship at this time so he just want us to be friends , so i was okay with it , i was being so nice to him , he asked me to write him a letter every morning and i did , he said that he really likes it when he recieves a msg from me every morning and he's consedering me as a special friend , then suddenly he changed , he's been ignoring me for no good reason , acting weird & not texting me back so i asked him why , he said that nothing was wrong but he wasn't feeling comfortable of our friendship moving to a relationship ! WTF !! who said anything about having a relationship ? i never asked for a relationship ! i really don't get it , stupid sick asshole ! but this is what u get from being too nice to the ppl ! screw him mother fucker!!

The guy I'm falling for! 157

I've been friends with this guy since he broke up with my enemy cos we love ripping on her but now I'm falling for him and since my last relationship, when the idiot cheated, I just don't want to fall for a guy right now! I HATE THIS!!!


Okay so I have this friend. Let's call her em. She's been my best friend since highschool and i love you to bits. She's the person i wan as my bridesmaid. she means everything to me and i love her to pieces. BUT LATELY...

wow what a stupid, inconsiderate, unaware bitch you've turned into. YES THERE IS A WORLD OUTSIDE YOUR OWN LITTLE WORLD YOU"VE CREATED!! GoD! Ever since we've moved to college all you can think about is 'socialising' & 'fitting in'. In case you've forgotten we're actually here and paying a lot of money to get A DEGREE! So yes, socialising and hanging with friends and having fun is all still really important and i love to do it too but really! WORK IS IMPORTANT TOO YOU STUPID BITCH.

AND you're so FUCKING dependant!! you can't even go to breakfast in the morning without someone there with you cos it's so 'stressfull' otherwise. GROW THE FUCK UP and get some INDEPENDANCE WOMAN! oh and while we're on the topic of meals how about you actually attend some once in a while? oh that's right, because you're so self obssessed all you think about is how that potato will make you look.

And heaven forbid you have to go to a lecture or do something 'new' for the first time without any help. I'm so sick of 'sussing stuff out' with you, and the one time i ask you to do something similar with me you just 'forget'. well get your memory checked SUNSHINE!

and OMG these new 'friends' of yours? WTF. L is the biggest load of vile, evil, scum-sucking witchy-bitch i've ever met! How she ignores me and is so conceited and shallow. And she's such a bitch to me and you totally fail to see it! i have been your bestie forever and this spawn of satan is bitchy to me right in front of you and you say 'oh no but she's still your friend' HA.


what a fuckhead. and together you are all total idiots who obssess over how they look. 'omg i'm so fat, omg this omg that.' nice. and you wonder why you don't have boyfriends. well maybe if you all GOT OVER YOURSELVES you would.


next time you ditch me bitch i'll tell you all this and more.

much love (note sarcasm)
from a GENUINE person

ps what the hell am i supposed to say when you ask me if i bitch to my boyfriend about you? do i ask you if you bitch to your mum about me? no, because that'd be AWKWARD and it's OKAY TO VENT LIKE THAT! stupid blind dumbass cow.

Stupid friend 159

I'm really pissed off with this one friend of mine. We're close friends but there are times that I'm pissed with her. But her recent bahaviour really make me wanted to shoot something. Both of us are teachers but work in different school. A few days ago she texted me about teaching resources, wanting to borrow some from me. I don't mind giving my resources to others so I agreed. She promised to take it from me in the evening so I waited for her for more then 2 hours but she didn't come. I wasn't really angry yet. So I texted her and ask her why she didn't come. She replied, "Sorry. I was really tired after work and sending my brother to tuition. I'll take it from you tomorrow, lunch time" I was like, What the fuck?! I was waiting for her at my school until 4.30pm when I can actually go home at 2pm! But I keep my patience and agreed to see her during lunch. I agreed once again and the next day, book a place in a Japanese restaurant for us. But once again, she didn't come and only texted me about it a few hours past lunch, saying that she don't like sushi and will come to my house at night. GIRL! SUSHI IS NOT THE ONLY JAPANESE FOOD AVAILABLE IN A JAPANESE RESTAURANT! ARE YOU FUCKING STUPID?! I tried not to get too angry but it's getting harder. I decided to give her another chance and agreed to wait at her but once again she DID NOT TURN UP! I WAS WAITING FOR HER UNTIL 11 PLUS IN THE EVENING AND SHE DIDN'T EVEN TEXT ME TO APOLOGIZE!!!! WHAT KIND OF FRIEND IS THAT!!!

"Friends" who are full of shit 160

I've been your friend since we worked together a few years ago. Remember when no one could stand you except for me? Probably not. Remember when you chased several of the guys we worked with and not a one gave you the time of day? No, didn't think so.

Then you do get married to someone who looks like his parents are first cousins. Ever since then you have less and less time to talk. I understand. New couples need time to bond and all that good shit. Then you have the nerve to say I'm your best female friend. Am I really? Yes, I see the evidence of us being great friends when I call you to congratulate you on the new baby. Hmmmmm, that was about two weeks ago. Don't you remember? You were supposed to call me back. Guess you haven't been bored enough to do so. That's alright though. If your other friends are anything like you, you're gonna be FUCKED! I can do without being your "friend". You know nothing about the concept of friends. It's not all about you. I love how I made mention of someone taking the time to give a shit about me on facebook and you have the nerve to comment on how we need to talk and that you know that I'm probably mad at you. I'm beyond being mad, I've already cut you loose. However, I did laugh a little when I read that. Selfish fuck.

B.M. 161

I have to wonder why it's not obvious to you as to why you're losing your "friends". Since you're completely clueless, allow me spell it out for you. For one, honest - *truly*caring*people* do NOT appreciate being accused of thievery or lying - nor do they care to be made fools of. You did that to both me AND my best friend tonight. First, you accused me of stealing a gown that you had freely *given* to me - I guess you don't remember the night that J and I had rushed to your house when you had plumbing problems (we actually moved *everything* out of the way for you because you were "in pain"). That was the same night you dyed my hair - and said "I ENVY YOU" in a very unflattering tone. That was also the same night that you were rummaging through the closet in the guest room and described that gown to me and my best friend (in detail) and said "I can't put my hands on it right now but, as soon as I can find it - it's yours. I'll never fit into it again and it'll look stunning on you". Hmmmm, guess you were too stoned and drunk to recall that conversation. Well doll face, I have a witness to that gift - and you actually have the balls to call her a liar? I guess since your closet is stockpiled with only the most expensive of designer clothing (courtesy of your late husband, whom I believe would be very ashamed of your behavior) - it doesn't matter to you in the least that I've never once owned a single beautiful gown in my entire life.

Secondly, ever since you did my hair (I ENVY YOU) - you have been acting very strangely towards me. The next time you did my hair (for a friends wedding), you *intentionally* botched it out of sheer jealousy. How do I know this? Because of how you consistently brag about having studied under two people and how it was your dream to be a beautician. Thanks to your jealousy - what was once healthy hair is now fried to all hell. How about buying me a wig you twit?! Here's a good question for you ... why in the HELL are you

even jealous of me to begin with?! What in Heavens name do I have that you find enviable (aside from REAL friends)?! Ah, and then you located the gown you had promised me on a previous visit. As soon as you saw it on me - I could quite literally feel the envy/hatred/jealousy oozing out of you, perhaps even a bit of lust? Hate to burst your bubble hon but, I don't swing that way. Oh yes, of course - the day of the wedding arrived. Again, you saw me in MY GOWN and you spotted the matching necklace and earrings that my husband bought for me to wear. Even worse - you had the balls to *demand* that I GIVE you the jewelry (that my husband bought for ME) right in front of your "friend" when I return "your" gown?! I think not. Great posturing on your part. You're lucky I even fucking spoke to you after that! Have I ever demanded anything of you? No.

Which brings us to tonight. Now, you want me to PAY for something you had GIVEN TO ME? A gown that is at least, by your estimate - 20 years old?? Have I ever, once - asked for anything back that I had given to you? No. Why? Because friends don't do that shit to each other. And you say you don't want to lose a friend. Well, you've done a pretty damned good job of it. Especially right after J got here. You called me, hysterical - because your dog got out, yet again. You begged me to go look for her - J and I did. ONLY because we didn't want anything to happen to the dog (wonder why she keeps running away). You knew I had my cell phone on me. You could have, at the very least had the fucking courtesy to CALL us when someone found your dog and brought her back home. No, we had to call YOU to find that out.

I guess you forgot about the night that me and J froze our asses off, rummaging through 12 lawn sized trash bags and boxes trying to salvage YOUR antiques and collectibles that your "friends" had thrown away (J, almost losing a very expensive ring in the process). I guess you had forgotten about every single time you called me, I was there for you. I guess you had forgotten about trips to the doctors office, the times I had gone to the grocery store for you and the pharmacy pickups and the bank deposits - the money I found in your house that I could have *easily* pocketed (but didn't). Not just me, but - I guess you forgot about the things J did for you too. You will *never* find anyone as honest and caring as me or J - and, figuratively speaking - you've screwed us both. Worst of all, you tried to sabotage our friendship - and of all the things you have and could have possibly ever done, that pisses me off the most. What you failed to realize though is that your little plan backfired. J and I are now even closer than we were before the two of you were ever introduced. Sorry to say that you'll never amount to half the woman she is.

Speaking of honesty - this may sound a bit brutal but, it's true. Here's the difference between you and me: while I freely admit to not being some super gorgeous creature that every single man on this entire planet would desire - you're pushing 60 and you think and act like you're a flipping super model. Do you have any idea how *RIDICULOUS* and *OBSCENE* you would look trying to squeeze into a gown designed for someone with a slight build and a B cup with your one hundred forty something pound body and your grossly dangling flaccid TRIPLE D's? Ouch. Again, hate to burst your bubble but your physical beauty is rapidly fading - and, even though you're still *sort*of*attractive* you need to do some serious soul searching. Why? Here's the big reason: it's not nice to manipulate people with things to do your bidding. What the hell is it with you? Is that how you get off ... by dangling a carrot in front of someone's nose (someone less fortunate than you) and then trying to yank it back? Keep that up and you're going to be one extremely lonely woman. Even though you've never verbalized it, for reasons unknown - it's clear that you thoroughly *hate* my best friend,
which to me is completely unacceptable since she has been nothing but kind to you. I *thought* I knew you, but now it's clear to me that you really are certifiably nuts. By the way - your initials are extremely appropriate. Don't be surprised when you try to call only to discover that your phone number has been blocked. Next time you need a shoulder to cry on - call someone who gives a shit because I don't anymore. All of this - over something you had given me. What could have been a beautiful, lasting friendship, was destroyed simply because you cannot see how truly fucking pathetic you are. Take a good long look in the mirror and start acting your age. Over, out and thoroughly sick of your wretched fake friend selfish narcissistic beauty queen bullshit.

Selfish Friend! 162

Okay, my friend's name is David. When we're at school, or with other people, we get along fine and I have fun with him. But whenever I hang out with him at our houses he turns into a selfish A-Hole. I think he's in love with me or something, because he does not want to let go. I'm the kind of guy that enjoys chillaxing at home. But he's the kind of person that needs people around him 24/7. He'll call me and ask me over, and when I say no he tries to guilt me in to it. "Oh, I was just really lonely.... I have no one to talk to". He uses that a lot, and you seem like a jerk when you say, "Okay, Bye!" And then when I do go over his house, he tries to keep me there forever! Last time I went over, he immediately called his dad in front of me. He said he wasn't going to his dad's birthday dinner because he wants to hang out with me. Then he hung up, and told me, "I just cancelled dinner with my dad to hang out with you all night." I felt so awful, and now his dad hates me! And then one day he tried really hard to convince me to come over his house. I finally agreed, and his mom came home. She didn't know I was there, and wanted to have dinner with her son. I said okay, and then David said right in front of her and me, "Sorry mom, he kind of invited himself over." God, I hate him! I always get so angry with him, but when he calls he sounds so lonely and he always makes me feel awful if I don't want to hang out. He has no other friends because everybody gets sick of him, and I just feel so sad and angry about him!

two faced friends 163

i can't take her. she's such a great friend when its just us two. get her near a guy and all hell breaks loose. every single guy is an opportunity to get with and i just can't do it.

if i clearly want a guy, you don't all of a sudden be "best friends wtih him" and he wants her now. seriously WTF. but she "doesn't want him" if that's the case can she tell him that already so i can have him?!?!?! just because i have fucking morals and don't throw myself at guys doesn't mean i should be alone? where's my guy at.

am i ugly? because for some reason she gets everyone. its because she's easy.

and i'm sorry that i'm going to hookup with her brother this summer just to get revenge.

just kidding...i'm not sorry at all.

E. of LA 164

Do you have no morals at all? Have you finally lost what had remained of your fragile little mind? How DARE YOU send your 10 year old Grand-daughter to my home in a feeble round-a-bout attempt to PAY ME in order to find out if you and I are still friends. I saw right through that lie. Do you have any idea how sick and infantile that is? I wish that precious little girl were my own. If that were indeed the case, she would *never* be subjected to your warped and twisted influences. Heh, at least she got the money as I refuse to take *anything* from a child. Funny, she got a fairly large bill for her piggy bank and you didn't even get the yes or no answer you wanted. I know how to be vague, you obviously - do not.

Hmmm, let's see. Have I called you once in the past 19 days? No. Am I still ROYALLY PISSED OFF about what you have done to me and mine? Oh yes. Are you really too stupid to figure that one out for yourself? I'm not one for playing head games like you are. I do not speak loudly when outdoors in order to make everyone in the vicinity aware of my presence. I do not watch your every single move as you have done with me since the 4th of June. In fact, I do not bother to even ask about you much less look at you. I have *never* made a promise and not lived up to it (with the clear exceptions of emergencies) nor have I made excuses for my actions as you have. Should you really have SUCH an urgent desire to know if you and I are still friends - for once in you life, act like an adult and knock on my door. There will be no doubt whatsoever in your tiny mind as to the status of our "friendship" when I tell you to fuck off.

Gabe 165

I am angry at Gabe, because he doesn't know when to take a hint. He constantly comes around knocking on my door, when really, I don't want to interact with Gabe. He always asks for cigarettes and tobacco, when I work for the shit that I have, and he does not. He expects me to take time which I could be using for work or other activities, to answer the door and shoot the breeze with him for an hour. No thanks, Gabe. Go find someone else to aggravate. And when I don't answer my door, either that means I don't want to visit with anyone, or I'm not home, and it does NOT mean come back twenty minutes later and start pounding on my door louder!

Fake Friends 166

Do you just hate people who claim to be friends but from to time they let you down as being your friend? I am sad and angry about some of my friends..They do not treat me right and they take me on face value only. I tried so hard to get into their good graces but they could not be bothered. Some of them do not care whether I am hurt by their actions or words. Others do take note but like I said..they could not be bothered. They just said that I am thinking too much, being too sensitive etc. But I do know and aware that some of them are fake friends..probably they think I am not good enough or probably they think they are too good for me..Whenever there are activities or outings, usually I would be left in the dark..not knowing anything. It's not that I want to go with them all the time but the least thing that they could do is to notify me and ask me whether I want to join or not. At other occassions, if I were to organize something, many of stood me up..could not be bothered to call and say sorry for not coming. To my friends, why are you guys so mean? If you really want to be friends or consider me as a friend, all I want is some honesty and fair treatment from you..if you put yourself in my shoe, do you like to be treated that way? I know that I am not pretty, brilliant and rich but I do have feelings and I want to be treated fairly just like everybody else. Everyone have flaws and I do know that I have abundant of it but it does not mean that you could treat me this way. Is it too much too ask to for you to civil and fair? For crying out loud, you guys keep claiming that you guys are grown ups but this is not what grown ups or mature people would behave! I am really sick and tired of you guys because you guys keep on giving me negative energy and my life became suck! I am not that desperate to beg for your time and effort because I used to be on my own all the time..The reason that I am angry because you guys keep on saying that I need to lighten up and give some space for other people to be in my life but what had happened so far?! You guys are the ones who trampled me down and made me sad and angry all the time!!I hate you all and I curse your life to be miserable! From now on, I could not be bothered about you all and I will move on on my own, if it means I will be treated as outcast by you people..After all, it does not change anything because I have considered myself an outcast after I met you all. Adios!!

Good for Nothing Friends 167

I am just feeling sad and frustrated about my friends..They claim that they treat me as good friend but I don't feel that way at all because we don't do normal things like other people do to tighten the friendship...like outings and spend time together. Whenever I initiates something, they will always give excuses and reasons..I feel frustrated.

One of them accuses me for being overly sensitive and misunderstands everybody. I could agree with some part of it but it is too much too ask for some quality time together? To my good for nothing friends...do you know that you hurt me a lot? When the semester break came, you guys just went ahead and booked your flights back home quickly. The sad part is that I did request for just two days of your time to go for short visits and outings, since from the beginning of the semester we did not have time at all to go out (despite that you guys do have time for other things..) I feel that I always have to beg and persuade you guys to go along but you guys could not care right? If you do care, you will put effort into it..

Now, when I am at the boiling point, you guys are angry with me..Why?!!To J specifically, please don't try to lump me together with T because I hate his mouth and attitude!! He always said bad things about other people that he barely knows and he could not care less what other people thinks..The worst part is that he will try to argue every single details with me..I am sick of it!! I know that you try to be a peacemaker (despite that you don't care what's going on between me and T-you said it yourself)but sometimes you do have to pick side and sometimes you have to take risk and stand by it.

You cannot expect people to sacrifice for your comfort and interest just because you want to keep the best from both of us.Another thing..the claim that you said to me that you treat me as a sister and good friend is full of crap because if you do consider me as such, why do you keep on hampering the issue between me and T? If you feel that you have been torn between us, just go with T and leave me alone..I could not care anymore! In the first place, I have never ask you to choose between us but I have made myself clear that I cannot stand T and please do not ask me to reconsider and if you see me thinking one-sided, so what?!! It's about my life and comfort. At least I am being truthful and firm about it, unlike you always being panic and indecisive all the time (despite that you do told me that you cannot stand him either!!).

I did not intend to create a rift between us but enough is enough! You don't have time for me (yeah...you said that after every classes you always be with me but in reality only for 5-10 minutes and then you just vanish and leave me alone before I could suggest anything)and obviously you are not giving me any priority at all. So now, I could not be bothered and I snapped when I have the chance to be mad with you all (I know that the issue at that point of of the argument was minimal and you are not entirely at fault but I could not care anymore!!) So..off you go with T and please leave me alone!!I don't need your time and attention anymore...I am sick of asking for it. In any relationship, both side have to put effort and don't simply assume that just because we have the same temperament and attitude, we are the same...

It is not always the case. You and I are different human beings. We may agree about most things but our approach may not be identical..You have decided to juggle between two person (Me and T-most of time is T) and I have decided to back off just to give you space and comfort, so please honor my private wish..don't expect me to do things like you..why do you keep asking me to reconsider while you cannot even understand the pain I am going through? I am trying my best to be not angry because I am not angry with you in the first place but I am upset with you because you keep insisting and you refuse to understand my position so I am taking the middle path and still you pin all the blame on me..WHY?!!!

Am I suppose to sacrifice myself so that you guys don't feel shitty at all? I am not responsible for your emotions (since you refuse to understand and tolerate mine)..There must be two-ways of communication..is either you send it or you receive it and this goes with effort as well. If you don't willing to sacrifice your comfort level so please don't request of mine..it's just unfair. If I start to avoid you, so what?

I am just a normal human being and I have crappy days just like everybody else..you can't expect me to be at home or answering the phone just because you wanted to see me (you think you are so damn important is it?) since you have no courtesy to tell me things and answer your calls..So, in the end, I don't need all these crap and and just leave me alone..

Before I met you, I was fine being alone and I do admit that I a bit of a loner but when I open up to people, I expect some priority especially when people claim me as their good friend. Or perhaps it is just a twist of the tongue to mention it but never intend it in the first place I guess...I will leave it to you to think about it and please leave me alone.

Cheating Classmates 168

I'm really miffed at the behaviors of the student body when it comes to work ethic and methods they use to try and get away with it! There's a reason that school faculty tries to teach students, and even though the public school system sucks, at least try to salvage what there is! Being in class is almost like a documentary. Each day, the class starts with a deranged melody of cacophony as the teacher attempts to quiet down the class. Many times, he/she will fail the attempt. The class period starts, and the lesson falls on deaf ears and the cacophony will start once the lesson goes halfway through the introduction. A fight nearly starts, and the teacher diffuses the situation. The noise gets louder, and there seems to be no hint of productivity except for a select few that actually want to succeed. At the end of the period, there is a daily game of fox and hound among fellow classmates, and the teacher attempts to stop the game, only for the attempt to be made in vain. The classroom is a miss at times, and the janitors are already angry about how the room always ends up every day. It's only the average day at school. It's worse during a test. 80% of the class seems to suddenly need to "look around" to see that they can verify their answers with each other, with no success, since the most of the people that study take extensive measures to deny cheating opportunities. I often wonder their true grades if they couldn't cheat in the first place, but I have no need to, since some literally beg to raise their grades to passing so they can play Modern Warfare 2 on their nearly confiscated Xboxes and keep their phones. If you value them so much, take the time to spend 20 minutes studying! It's not that hard to do that, and shame on you for neglecting to make a simple effort! I cannot stand the stupidity of my classmates. I really feel sorry for society, especially the current taxpayers, since they fund the idiots of today and have to deal with them in the future.

Inconsiderate friend 169

My best friend doesn't give a shit about me. She thinks she does, and she thinks she's a super nice person and it eases her conscience--in fact she's always complaining to me (about herself) "I need to learn how to be more mean, I'm too nice to people!" Hah. You wish, bitch.

For example, today we were supposed to hang out, me and her and a couple of friends (one of whom happens to be a guy) today, which by the way SHE invited me to do, and then I call her today and I'm like "so what's the plan?"

Her: "Oh, actually my little sister and I are just gonna go to his house [the guy friend]. So yeah."

Me:(pause) "Okay. Did you tell [our other friend] yet?"

Her: "No." (laughs)

Me: "Okay, I'll text her."

Her: "Okay."

Me: "Bye."

I mean, what the hell. She didn't even think of calling me to let me know that she had cancelled our plans?

I really, really hate her right now. In fact, she's ALWAYS like this, she's the most inconsiderate little shithead. She only really thinks about herself, and the rest of us are just secondary. She's ok with making me keep her stupid secrets, lie to her mom and to our other friends, shit like that. This year was really rough and there was a period of time where she'd call me every night and cry, and it was fucking exhausting let me tell you, having to try and cheer her up when a lot of the time I wasn't having the best day myself. And she's so STUPID, she keeps on going back to this total asshole she dated this year (the reason she'd call me and cry), it's like GOD, woman, don't you learn? I really am just sick of her bullshit.

friends 170

my friends are the most disapointing, lazy bitches ever. it's mainly two of them, and they're sisters. recently, one of them has been hanging out with this girl i don't like ALL summer, let's call her sam. everytime i ask her what shes doing, or who she with, what shes going to be doing later, its all with SAM. sam and i never really got along in the first place, so it feels really awkward when im with her.

anyways, the other day i confront my friend about how shes always with sam, and she fucking denies it! i'm like, "im not the only one who notices" but she seems to think that i AM the only one who really cares that shes always with sam. NOW THIS IS THE PART THAT MAKES ME SO FUCKING ANGRY... she says that were not friends anymore, and she blames it on ME. oh, really? because im the one who always texts you first, calls you, asks what you're doing, she DAMN WELL knows that i don't lik sam very much.. can she not take a break from her? its so great to know that she puts sam on the top of her list and that im now at the bottom..

the other sister, yesterday, started texting me and we were talking. this was after i talked to the other sister, so i was a little on-edge.. anyways, she ends up saying that im not acting like myself, and if there is anything wrong. i say yeah, and she says, and i quote, "dope well imma pce it ttyl". LIKE WHAT THE FUCK? you fucking asked me if anything is wrong, me thinking that you're the better sister, wanting to be nice and offer me support, and YOU FUCKING DUMP ME. IF YOU DIDN'T WANNA KNOW, DON'T FUCKING ASK .


Okay first of all this little piece of ugh breaks my little sister heart cause they were great apparently and promise to hang with her after she leaves. what a load of ugh. Then one day we see them at a mall and we were going to say hi cause we left on good terms and that ugh hugs me like i have a disease and has this face like she wants to runaway as soon as she can. its like am i wasting your precious time.yea right applying some more make up to your ugly face no amount of make up will help u there u need some serious plastic surgery cause its so ugly. or she going to spent all her moms money on some clothes and stuff she absolutely doesn't need. its like donate to a charity not buy an 10 dollar pair of jeans you wouldnt be able to wear next week cause ur ass is too big. o then she had the nerve to facebook me saying i am not a good kisser. how on earth would that girl know. i am probably a lot better kisser than her. i am a great kisser she probably doesnt even have a bf cause she too tall to find one taller than her plus she such a brat that guy wouldnt even want her i bet she hasnt even kissed a guy yet. if i was a guy i wouldnt even be her friend or talk to her. i be like hope off girl stop talking to me and dont you dare touch me with your sweaty hand. how knows where they have been

Facebook Friend Removals 172

If your friends with someone on Facebook and you've known them for a long time and you want to remove them from your friends list than explain why; what did they ever do to you did they not invite you to a party did they not answer your phone calls or are you removing them for no reason at all just to prove how immature you are. If that's the case than you don't deserve to have any friends or success what so ever.

If you don't want to be someone's friend anymore TELL IT TO THEIR FACE! Are you complete chicken shit to tell someone you don't want to be their friend anymore so your going to use facebook to do your talking and not even explain why.

That shows how much of a chicken shit you are to remove someone from your friend's list and than when your friends finds you and wants to beat your ass you try to defend yourself by saying your account got hacked and deny that you were ever on Facebook really if it did get hacked than why don't ypu refriend request them or accept when they tell you; that proves that your a liar and your a dishonest person and you don't deserve any friends at all if that's the way your going to act here's a bottle of milk for you if your going to act childish than you should be treated like a child.

If you don't want to be someone's friend anymore tell it to their face; stand up and be a man because if your going to use facebook to make all your decisions with than that proves that your a lazy chicken shit who will never succeed and make it in the real world. So Fuck you and have a nice day.

My friend is a nasty liar 173

my entire group of friends went of lets say a little trip and i wasnt invited. they talked about it infront of my face forever and bragged and posted pictures and now some of the 56 people who went hate me because i asked simply why i wasnt invited..i just want to let her know karma is a bitch to fake fugly fucks like you and karmas giong to hit you harder than i would.

"Friends" 174

...Well, I've got these group of "Friends" and it was my birthday and so I invited about ten people. No one, not one single person turned up to go drinking with me. And it was my 21st!

Also I have this "Friend" who is going through a rough patch and I have been by her side through thick and thin. But when I'm upset, she just leaves me to handle it on my own!

stupid friend on her phone 175

I have this stupid friend who is always on her phone, like she's glued it. I find it really annoying. She's on her phone when we are meant to be hanging out with each other. Because she's texting someone and making those "important" phone calls, I just feel like she's not giving me her full attention. I just want to grab that stupid phone off her and smash it into lots of tiny pieces!

Sick lying Friends 176

let me start by saying what makes me so dam angry is a dam liar, dam this guy has been my friend for 9 years and this lying ass loser has cost me everyday thing other friends. see what i didnt realize is this lying ass loser is a sick pathological liar. he is a expert liar. and it has taken me 8 dam year to see that behind all the nice oh " God I care about the world shit" that he is a hating loser that really hates to see other people succeed or do well shit even be happy. I was offered a business contract about 3 weeks ago that the partnership would have be that I would on get 50% of my profit from my business because they were private investors, Now my friend this lying ass loser, made up this lie about he had some big real estate deal closing that he would invest and I would only have to pay him 25 percent profit. this lying ass fucking bastered lied,the fucking deal didnt exist, he lied this loser bastered lied. that shit pissed me off so bad i called that lying bastered and told him to stay the fuck away from me before I call his family to have is sick ass commited.

'Friends' 177

why is it that I am the only one that thinks it's important to do what you say you're going to do.

I have a so-called friend that NEVER calls, and that's fine with me, I don't call her either, but I'm so fed up with listening to her say she'll call me and she's sorry for not calling when I see her around town. She must have said she would call me about 50 fucking times, and yet she never does.

One day, she actually calls, (on my birthday) and does the whole 'sorry i never call, we need to do something soon', so i say 'well, when are you next off work?', she says she doesn't know, and yet two days fucking later, I read a comment on facebook from her saying that she's got two weeks off work, bearing in mind that this comment was a general comment, and not directed at me. Needless to say, I didn't hear from her.

Two weeks ago, I thought to myself, i will make the first move, a fancy hanging out at halloween with her and watching a couple of films, so I email her, 'do you want to come over halloween weekend?' her response 'yeah sounds good, don't know what days im working' so I say 'let me know what time is good for you' and she agrees, well guess fucking what? It's well and truly passed halloween and I haven't heard a peep from her.

The ironic thing, is that the last time I hung out with her, she spent the whole day bitching about her other friends, and moaning about how they always let her down and never stick to their plans!

I think it's safe to say that I knew it was coming, I just needed to know for sure that she was a waste of time before I cut her out of my life.

Friends who abandon you 178

My two best friends from high school never hung out or liked each other until I forced them to both hang out with me, together. They ended up becoming best friends and completely leaving me out of their lives. Recently they posted online that they are so happy they found their best friend but could not remember why they started hanging out in the first place. I am very angry that not only did they abandon me but they completely forgot who they screwed over in the process of creating their friendship.

Obnoxious Classmates 179

I have been taking the shit that my classmates give for four years now, and I cannot take it anymore. I can definitely see it now, 4 years of hell. 4 years of different classmates, all obnoxious and inconsiderate. Good at math? Good for you. Shut the hell up for those that don't! All I hear from the teacher from you is to quiet down. Hell, I had heard so much of their voice, that I can easily imagine them screaming in agony as I shred them to spaghetti. I don't show it, but I hate your voices. You may be complacent, and just want a nice old conversation of the newest videogame or party that came up, but that can wait. If it's in your best interest to talk, you have your GOD-DAMN CELL PHONES, LAPTOPS, AND OTHER DAMN COMMUNICATIONS DEVICES. SHUT YOUR TRAP BEFORE SOMEONE SNAPS AND PERSONALLY RIPS YOUR THROAT OUT!!!

Selfish Bitch 180

We were friends for years, both at work and then long-distance after you moved away. I busted my ass for you more times than I can count, burned up the phone lines and listened to your sorrows, your complaints about your marriage and the health problem you refused to get treated.

I practically did your homework for you, I got behind on my own work just so I could help you stay afloat. I did this without so much as asking for a thank you or ever showing any sign that I was losing patience of had better things to do. I tried my level best to be nice to you and be the upstanding friend I thought you deserved to have backing you. I was a better friend than you ever had and, as I would find out, far better than you deserved.

What did I get for my trouble? You turned on me like you've turned on everyone else in your life. All it took was for me to one day, one fateful day, make the mistake of telling you the (gasp!) truth -I didn't want to talk about your health issue anymore. Yes, that's right, that was my relationship ending mistake, apparently. I was honest with you. What a horrible thing to do.

Of course, being the great friend that you were, you went off the deep end, almost immediately, and began calling me all kinds of horrible things. You called me a fair weather friend, you said your friendship with me had been a 'twisted waste' and then you had the audacity to suggest I only ever helped you so that I could throw it all back in your face later. Really? You seriously think I would commit all this time and energy just because I knew that one day, years later, I could chuck it back in your face and get a kick out of it? Give me a break.

So once you've ruined our friendship and tossed me aside like garbage, dreaming up some fantasy about how I've never liked you, it was all an act, I was never really your friend, etc., you go incommunicado. Works for me, as I wanted nothing more to do with you after being slapped in the face like that. After all, I was honest with you about something so I clearly deserved to be treated like shit in return, right?

So fast forward a while and it turns out you're trying to find me. I find out you've been calling my parents, who knew better than to give out my number or my address to you. Then you go and shoot an email to me, acting like you want to be friends again. When that didn't yield anything, you vanished again into thin air.

Fast forward almost half a decade and here comes another email. You look like you're trying to reconnect, asking if I've stopped hating you. I never hated you, you cooked up that fantasy all by yourself. So I ignore your email, and three days later you write again, this time saying it's been a week (count much?) and then you unload on me, just like you did half a decade ago. This seems so familiar.

You claim that all along, you've been the bigger person, even though you started it, you perpetuated it and you made sure I couldn't salvage the friendship despite my best efforts when the shit hit the fan.

You tell me you've buried the hatched, but you started the email out by attacking me and my marriage and my wife in your first sentence. The rest of the email you spent calling me names, telling me what an awful person I am. What a piece of work you are. Have you looked up hypocrite in the dictionary before? Buried the hatchet indeed.

I'm sorry, but I don't want anything to do with you anymore. One would think you'd take a hint after being ignored for half a decade and my family refusing to put you in touch with me, but I guess some people just can't figure it out.

I'm not going to dignify your emails with a response because they don't deserve one. Every time I've been goaded into thinking you can be reasonable and rational I have been wrong and I won't be party to your nonsense anymore.

There is a reason you don't get along with any employer you've ever had, any friends you've ever made, any husband you've ever been married to and any teachers or doctors or anyone else. The problem is *YOU* and it has been all along. You refuse to accept that *YOU* are the only constant in all your failed relationships with other people.

Why? You look for excuses to blame your failures or inadequacies on other people, rather than acknowledge the truth. You are poor because you got yourself into an insane amount of debt, not because the world is out to get you, not because other people tricked you into it, not because of any conspiracy by the banks or the mortgage companies. You can't hold a job because you distrust people from the get go and have a big mouth and can't bite your tongue and suck it up, you'd rather quit and/or get fired, both of which you've done enough times that I lost count. You have made poor decision after poor decision, digging yourself further and further into the hole and at every chance you get, all you do is blame it on someone else. You blame the economy, you blame your parents, you even blamed me, it doesn't matter as long as the finger never points at you.

You're a selfish, arrogant person and a borderline narcissist. I don't want people like you in my life, because you are corrosive and bring nothing but misery and disappointment to the people around you. I was so tired of being your emotional pin cushion and you were so blind, so arrogant and so presumptuous that you couldn't see it and then turned on me when you realized I wasn't interested in hearing your broken record anymore. So much easier to write me off than to try and be a better friend or change your selfish ways, right?

I'll say it again, loud and clear, you are a selfish person. I regret the time I spent trying to help you and wish I had done something more productive with those countless hours of my life. You crossed the line when you insulted my sincerity and especially when you ventured to insult my wife, whom you've never even met. Because of that, I will never, ever speak to you again.

Unsupportive friends 181

I'm angry at my friends who promise to call and never do. I am going through a terrible period in my life right now and despite the help and love I have shown them, they have left me high and dry. Not even calling to ask how I am doing.

To make it worse, they still call to ask if i can help them out with something. Hello!! I'm kinda busy dealing with my own grief here? How self-centered can you get?

I'm tired of all this.

fat ass bitch 182

I'm pissed at that fat bitch in the karate club who always pisses and moans about being expected to do the same activities as the rest of the club. She'll stop like two minutes into the warmup run and then just sit there til we finish. Then when we're doing conditioning work, at some point she'll make a dramatic show of yelling "I'm dying!" and flop onto the floor because she doesn't push herself to keep up. The whole time she's making obnoxious sexual innuendos to anything that anyone says, but like 75% of the time they don't even make sense. She'll even show up when she's sick and knows she's not going to be able to do anything just to talk to people. When she does actually participate, she acts like she's so much better than me and pretend to kick me and be like "Haha, I could kick your ass" even though she can barely keep her balance when she tries to kick. She says she joined the club to get a good workout, but she'll sit out half the class and then afterward eat some disgustingly fattening fast food. Ok, I'll admit that I'm fat too, but I've lost 30 pounds since the start of the semester because I actually participate in all the drills and I eat healthy foods. The worst part is that we have a lot of mutual friends in the club, so if I want to hang with them afterwards, she'll always tag along too.

Bruce Almighty 183

Quite obviously, not only do you believe your fecal matter smells of roses - in all likelihood, you think it turns to platinum the moment it hits the water. Let me just say this to you in plain English so you are capable of understanding: you ruined EVERYONE'S New Year.

After having mooched off of us for close to two solid years - I know you much better than you wish. If this house were mine, I'd have a restraining order slapped on your ass so quickly you'd get whiplash. Unfortunately, your brother - my husband smells only the roses: YOU'RE never wrong ... it's always *MY* fault.

There is no doubt in my mind that your intention on New Year was to break me and my husband up so that I would end up in the street, and you would be home free (of charge). Guess what, it didn't work. In his eyes, I did nothing wrong. I broke loose for the first time in YEARS, got a bit inebriated and had fun for a change. Was I flirted with? Yes. Did I flirt back? No. However, what YOU did to SIX people was completely inexcusable ... and if you don't know *exactly* to whom and what I'm referring, you're more of an idiot than I ever would have dreamed.

As for the Woman-child you are "taking care of", the one I had so graciously allowed to sleep here while we went out - you could, no - you SHOULD have at the very least had the common courtesy to tell me about her. She seemed decent enough. Although, she - as holds true with you - appearances are deceiving. I know what's going on. I wonder how she would feel if she knew you were talking trash behind her back ... as you do with every single woman you "take care of". I don't want you OR any of your trash setting foot on this property ever again. Sadly enough though, your brother only smells the roses. Which means I'm stuck with your sorry ass until one of us finally checks out. By that I mean - I AM NOT DIVORCING YOUR BROTHER NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU ARE HOPING I WILL. You have been trying to make me leave since the day you and I met, which is something I will never understand. I have been nothing but kind to you. Our FRIENDS have been nothing but kind to you. I'm sick and tired of my husband taking up for someone that he KNOWS is a loser and evil. I'm sick and tired of my loving husband being USED and DECEIVED by you.

As for the last, I'm not judging you - just stating a fact. I can only imagine the trash you talk about me when I'm out of earshot. But, that's ok, because aside from being your brothers wife - I know who I am, my husband and friends know who I am. I know I'm loved for having a genuine heart and for speaking my mind. Oh, by the way - did I tell you that you're an ASSHOLE? Again, not judging - just stating a fact.

And no ... this isn't all about me. I believe I can say with absolute certainty that I speak for EVERY SINGLE PERSON YOU HAVE EVER HURT.

My fat, lazy, disgruntled friend 184

I'm just so sick and tired of this one friend of mine that I had to vent my frustration somehow. Let me describe him to you: he's fat, always angry, lazy as hell, balding, always broke, and seriously has nothing positive going for him in his life. This pathetic combination normally wouldn't pester me personally, but it's his everyday attitude that destroys my perception of trying to help others in hopes that they will eventually help themselves. The worst part about him is that he uses anger as a weapon against others, to appear like he's in control of his life and to literally dominate you, to negatively express his distorted emotions into your daily life. Another thing that completely sickens me are the noises he emits and the putrid odours he spreads. I swear, he cannot sit still, sleep, eat, or let alone breathe without purposefully letting the entire room know he is there by panting, coughing, choking, snoring, snarling, gagging, burping, hiccuping, smacking his mouth, and sneezing openly. I am not exaggerating. He is 28 years old, lives in his parents basement and has been collecting unemployment for the past 2 months. He has worked steadily in the past, but has no money saved. He eats out every day and spends more than 50% of his earnings on drugs. He does not pay rent. He has a cell-phone that his parents pay for. He owns a vehicle that he purchased himself (amazing!) but his parents pay whenever it needs fixing, and they also pay $700/month for his insurance. $700/month for insurance! I've repeatedly let him borrow money from me, but he rarely pays back the full amount. I've lost count the number of times I've bought him food, paid for movie tickets, bought GAS for HIS car, driven his own mother to work because he's too lazy and still sleeping in the morning, and paid off his drug debts. He's probably returned the favour less than the number of fingers on my left hand. If he buys me coffee and a snack on the rarest of occasions, he will expect me to return the favour IMMEDIATELY. And God does he smell! He always uses the bathroom (#2) and never uses the fan, so that you can smell his despicable stench from across the room. There has never been a single day since I've known him where his anger has not flared up for absolutely no reason and you are seemingly trapped in his tornado of stubborn hate, greed, self-loathing, and depression. His parents enable him by stuffing him with greasy food and making excuses on his behalf, always ready to defend him and still hopeful that he will change and lose 200 pounds. Yes, he is my friend, but sometimes I wish he would take a long hard look in the mirror and at his life and realize he is not yet a complete failure, but absolutely in the process of becoming one.

So tired of it! 185

My best friend always has to be the center of attention. It's so friggin irritating! I dont even understand why we're friends. We're complete opposites. She loves to be in the spotlight, party, get high, etc. I love my job, I love reading a good book on the beach, I'm quiet, etc.

But she recently had a baby at a young age out of wedlock, but she didnt have to get a job or anything. Her parents supported her 100 percent. She takes that so for granted! Even still she talks all the time about how she cant wait to move out, get out of there, etc. And how is going to afford this house? Her daddy's money of course!

But I can understand that she went through a bad time a year and a half ago, getting pregnant so young, having a baby, raising her, etc. But now she's happy as a clam. But I've been having family problems for a few months now, and when it got really bad, such a physically fighting with my mother, I started going to counseling and keeping a journal, and my mother and I are trying much harder to fix everything. Everyone was encouraging me and supporting me to get everything back together. Then my "friend" is all of a sudden severly depressed again... she tells me she wants to kill herself or cut her wrists at least once a week...I'm already trying so hard to get better and make my family work, keep my job and go to college all at once. I can't deal with her hysterics all the time! Now she's telling everyone she's so miserable, she hates her life, etc.

I am so tired of it. I'm tired of her always thinking I'm her shadow, I'm not as "cool" as her. Just because I dont shoplift fucking pills to get high off of. Because I dont smoke weed and get so fucked up you cant even pick up your own daughter when she's screaming for you. I'm sorry I don't drink so much that the next morning I'm hugging the toilet.
For your daughters sake I hope you fucking clean your act up. Maybe it would be better to go back to being friendless again. Because a real friend would act better and treat me better than you do!

Fucking idiot bitchass!!!

Brenda 186

First of all, you go around the lab pretending to care about us, acting like a nurturing mother-figure type. This is fake as hell because you are actually a fucking bitch. Second, stop whining that you've worked here for 30 years and haven't been promoted. HELLO??!! Maybe it's because you suck! Maybe it's because you've been here 30 years and I've been here less than 10 and I need to watch out for your stupid mistakes. Honestly, I'm glad for our recent issues. Fuck you. I'm sick of pretending to love you just because it's the game everyone plays. You also smell. How does a grown woman smell like sweaty old man all the time? Get a fucking shower and put on some deodorant, because you make me fucking sick. It's so bad I can smell if you've been in a room recently. Seriously, we're done. Stay the fuck away from me.

fucking "friends" 187

I fucking can't stand those bitches. They sit there and fucking lie to my face everyday, bitches that they are, and only THEN do they tell me that I'm pathetic, needy, and they never want to talk to me again. FUCKING HYPOCRITS. One of them, for God's sake, dated a guy for SHITS AND GIGGLES and dumped him because she got bored. Then she fucking COMPLAINS about missing and loving him everyday for 3 months. And I"M the needy one? FUCKKKKK *NO* I'M NOT. YOU DONT KNOW WHAT LOVE IS, BITCH. YOU HAVE THE IQ OF A FUCKING QTIP. SO HOP THE FUCK OFF MY NUTS, YOU FUCKING CUNT. And the other. HONEY, PLEASE. YOU'RE THE UGLIEST, MEANEST BITCH I'VE EVER MET. AND STOP ACTING LIKE YOU'RE HOT SHIT BECAUSE YOU PLAY FIELD HOCKEY. NOBODY FUCKING CARES. SHE BITCHES AND MOANS 24/7 ABOUT HER FAMILY'S FINANCIAL TROUBLES, WHEN LITERALLY, SHE'S LIVING IN THE BIGGEST HOUSE I'VE EVER SEEN, AND GETTING NEW IPODS AND SHIT ALL THE TIME.

fuck off. all of them. do i need their verbal vomit being showered down upon me every day of my life? HELL. NO.

so, I swear, if I see their faces, if they so much as blink in my general direction, I WILL FUCK. SHIT. UP.


I am angry at people 188

I am angry at my friends because they pushed me into the street and I fell in a puddle of water. My clotes got all wrt and my underwear rode up my ass. I was so uncomfortable but they laughed and laught :(

Friend 189

my friend complains about how our group never meets up etc., yet when we try to organise things, we have to fit them around her, and gets angry if we don't. For example, she told me she was free on a particular Tuesday evening, and so was everyone else, so I booked a restaurant as we all wanted to go out for a meal. However, the next day, she tells me she is no longer free, and gets angry when I told her I had booked a table, and acted like we were leaving her out. Now, we organized another outing, and she tells us about 12 hours before that she can't be bothered to come. Yet I know that if I skip out on something else we are all doing later this week, to hang out with another group I have a much better time with, she will become bitchy and act like I don't care, despite the fact that she is the reason I don't want to go. She has never maintained a group of friends for more than a year, yet doesn't seem to realize that it's because of this attitude. I still do want to be her friend, we have had good times, but she treats me like sh*t, ditching us for her boyfriend even if plans have been made for weeks, and barely speaking to me for no reason. Basically, she needs a massive slap in the face.

Friends that arent actually friends. 190

I love it when you dont answer, really, its my favorite. You make me put up with all of your crap,hear about your guy problems (youre quite slutty by the way), tiptoe around your stupid 'rules' for how I should behave, and the moment something bad happens to me, youre suddenly lecturing me and telling me how stupid I am for doing what I do. I can never win with you , its always my fault. Im tired of you controlling me, manipulationg me, and being straight up mean to my face when I have neverbeen anything but nice to you.

My now (Ex) Best friend 191

My now (Ex) Best friend. I am still so annoyed with with person and its about 1 year since I last had dealings with him. We had been best friends since school for about 25 years.
In the past I have paid for a cruise holiday, and usually always ended up paying the bill for weekend breaks, nights out, etc.

I didnt mind to much as I used to have a better paying job so at the time, it didnt bother me to pay more.

But now circumstances have changed, we are probably on similar salaries. In fact he has more expendable income as hes no children, doesnt have rent to pay as his house was left to him in a will.

However he still expects me to foot the bill if we go out. Begrudges paying his half if I force the matter. How fucking selfish is this guy. The staw that broke the camels back was when he expected that I would pay for him to come on my 40th birthday party weekend away. When I told him he will have pay for his own tickets/etc. He made some pathetic excuse not to go. (I spent a small fortune on his 40th birthday)

Well needless to say ive cut this leeching blood sucking parasite out of my life. Should have done it years ago.

ignored by "friends" 192

I'm sorry but is it really that much effort "friends" to reply to emails or phone back when you say you will? "Hey, am in a rush. I'll reply when I'm back in an hour"...4 hours later and nothing. Thanks for nothing "friends".

"friends" 193

I am so sick of my so called friends only talking to me when they have problems themselves or if they just want to talk about themselves...it's always me me me...well you know what "friends" Friendship is two way and if you don't ever want to care about me, fine. Forget about me. I don't need useless weights hanging over me anymore

Selfish best friend 194

Ashley has been my best friend for four years, when we first met she was this happy and hyperactive teen. She was lucky enough to be born into a very wealthy family and has great parents that are still together. Her mother is really nice and often ends up at my house asking my mom for parenting advice. Ashley is out of control! For ex. Just recently ash left her garbage (chips and other junk food) all over the table. Her mom asked her to pick up her wrappers from the coffee table, Ashley responded "you have hands, pick them up yourself!" she then called jasmine a fifteen year old friend, btw we are both eighteen. Anyways her mom told her not to go out without cleaning up her mess. Ashley starts to swear at her mother" go fuck yourself bitch". Well I don't know about your family but this is certainly not ok in our families. Her mom then hits her on the back of the head and tells her not to talk to her mother that way. Ashley then begins to throw furniture ( lamp into fishtank). She runs upstairs and calls the police, childrens services shows up and now she is telling them that her mom beat her up and beats up her younger sister as revenge. Her mom is in danger of loosing all her kids so Ashley can have her revenge (she told me this herself) This is one example of Ashley bring selfish.

my close friends 195

friends. sometimes, they just soooo freaking annoying. i don't watch national television programs, because they're all terrible. too many commercials, cheesy, and tacky. i won't watch such things! ew! anyway, my parents afford cable, and thank God. my friends don't have cable at their home, so they stuck with some tacky lame shows. and now, everything they do is just talking about some cheesy tacky lame shows!! which i have no clue at all about it! do you have any idea when people around you keep talking something that you don't know? or worse, that you HATE??!! it's just terrible. especially when they're your close friends. even more, i'm the one who doesn't have a clue what they're talking about. so, i'm like abandoned! what kind of friends do that??

what makes me even angrier, is that my friends keep talking about something that they don't want me to know. how does it feel, when you're the only person who knows nothing about what everyone's buzzing about? huh? it feels like hell! aaaargh, i just hate them when they do some kinda things like these. it's like, i'm nobody to them. maybe i am, though. :'((

Jealous Friends 196


My friends have children that are 2 years old and 2.5 years old. I just had my baby less than a year ago. Since having my baby, I have lost my baby weight (15 lbs) as well as other weight that I needed to lose. They've had plenty of time to lose their baby weight but haven't. I want to be a good role model for my child and in order to do that, I have to set the example.

Well now they are jealous! They barely talk to me anymore. And when they do, they are so nasty to me telling me that I try to flaunt myself around them on purpose. WTF?!? It's absolutely ridiculous. I understand that it's hard to lose weight but I AM YOUR FRIEND. I AM YOUR FRIEND NO MATTER WHAT. Whether you're overweight, normal weight, or underweight. It's so stupid how friends can turn against you over something so stupid as weighing less than they do. GOOD GRIEF!

stupid annoying friends 197

Seriously? You claim that I'm your friend and then when I need you, you're no where to be seen. We've made plans with our friends to go out and hangout for the past 6 months. None of them ever happened... why? because your never show up or even have the audacity to even call and tell us that you won't come even though you know that we had plans... really? I had to call you the day before to remind you and then you have the freaking nerve to tell me that "oh you're going to hang out with your other friends to eat and that you sorta already planned it out for a long time.." wow really so stupid

Then whenever you need help like homework or tests then you come to me... I've dropped several hints that you're not being a good friend but then you tell me that im a bitch and that i don't deserve your friendship? what is wrong with you? I've done nothing but help you study for tests that you're about to fail, treat to food with my money, buy you awesome gifts and other crap, and also listen to your stupid sob stories about your ugly bff, how she might be pretty seriously get a freaking life...

STOP BEING SO OBSESSED WITH YOURSELF AND VAIN! I DON'T CARE ANYMORE! I tried to talk to you and tel you how I fee and then you blame it on me? Then you go behind my back and tell me that I'm such a horrible person and that I'm a know it all. This is from the girl who keeps asking me to buy her clothes and gifts even though its not your birthday or a special occasion. But when its my birthday theres no call, no nothing, I invite you to events but you won't go because you have to pay for a present or just to go how cheap can you get i've known you for how long? 5-10 years? and btw most of my friends are like this too most of them want to conceal my birthday but when its theirs they are all like "OMG IT'S MY BIRTHDAY I'M SO EXCITED!!! I WANT BALLOONS!!" seriously you're going to get me to buy you a birthday cake, balloons, and a present just so that you will forget about mine and not even say happy birthday? Look i know that you might be "poor" as you claim but you can go online and buy hundreds worth of clothes everyday and then say that you're poor seriously a ballooon costs $1 thats 1/100 of the amounts that you use to buy yourself a shirt and you can't even give up a little happy birthday? Then you go out and hangout with our friends and you claim that i never came cause i never picked up my phone? Are you retarded? I haven't gone anywhere cause I'm sitting at home waiting for you to call cause you said you would and then you have the nerve to take my idea of going ice skating or to the beach or some other place and say i never asked if i could go when i'm the one who came up with the idea? you're just being a stupid ugly narcissistic bitch

I hope that you have a wonderful life *sarcasm* because I sure won't stay to watch it...

friends of friends! 198

my best friend has a habit of only seeing the good in people and often fails to understand that some people don't get along, like at a party when she tells a guy that she only has met once threw another friend can bring his psycho bitch girlfriend and his mates who decide to try and start fights with everyone. i ended up walking 7 k's home at midnight bare foot and with out a phone because she cant understand that parties need to be planned!


I HATE HOW SOME PEOPLE JUST CONSTANTLY HAVE TO BRING ME DOWN. i never say anything mean to people about something they are happy about or proud of, yet EVERY single one of my "friends" has something rude or discouraging to say to me when i get happy about something.

so called "friend" 200

Your son is a brat because of you!! If you were a parent to your child he would behave differently, you dumb ass!! I am not saying I'm parent of the year but your little fucker of a kid is reflecting off the big fucker of a "mom" that you are! Your kid hits my daughter because he's looking for that attention you're not giving him. not because my 3 year old is instigating it! Put the pipe down and jump into reality!! By the way, you wanna know where your family's money is going? Ask your husband! He's cheating on you, not only that he's spending your money at the strip club! You're such an ignorant woman. Take care of your household. Clean, cook, bathe, do something besides sitting on your nasty fat ugly ass collecting dust and filth. How are you so oblivious, oh yeah it's beacuse you toke all day! Stop calling and texting me about how your life sucks. I honestly don't give a good fuck about you and your fucked up life that you have created for youself! Your a joke!

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