My one friend is pissing me off. When he wants to go out somewhere, and you already have plans, he whines and cries like he will die if you don't go out with him that night.
Last week we went out, and hit some night clubs, and I did real well with a few women. I wanted to do the same on Friday, and when me and another friend called him, he was like I don't know, I don't feel like it. Well litchi don't want to hear it. Friendship is a two way street, and it can't all be about one person's needs. In the past my other friends and I just never bothered calling this guy, because he is such a pain, but he usually ends up calling us when he needs us. Who needs enemies when some of your so called friends are such losers. Plus he always gets wasted and wants us to buy him drinks when he has pissed his money away.

friends? 2

I've been going out with my friends for years now. but anymore it's all bullshit. for example, we were all supposed to go fishing. what happens? they end up going and leaving me in the dust. the next day they tell me 'oh you said you didn't want to go' BULLSHIT ASSHOLE! FUCK YOU!

"friend" 3

I'm DAMN ANGRY at me "best-friend", let's call her F, (she reads this site and I'm scared she'll realize it's her). What a BITCH! I wont go into specifics, but we've been friends for about seven years, and she treats me like shit! She says and does terrible things to anyone who catches her at a bad time, and puts it all down to depression! BULLSHIT! She's just a spoilt little baby who needs a good kick in the ass, and I'm the one who's gonna deliver it to her if she ever give me shit again! RARR!

Friends 4

I am sick and tired of having to listen to my friends, and yet, not having them listen to me! What the hell is up with this bullshit?! I'm seriously thinking of chopping down my list of friends, because I have always thought that they are supposed to listen and to be open minded with each other. I'm not talking about disagreeing here, I'm talking about flat-out ignorant ignoring.

Fake Friends 5

Don't fake friends make you angry? My so-called best friend f*** my boyfriend because she was mad at me. She didn't even have the nerve to tell me, he did. So when I confronted her about it she lies to my face and say she didn't do it. I know she did it because I use to think that she was that type of person but never wanted to believe it. I cut both of them off.  WHAT ARE FRIENDS FOR, REALLY?

my group of friends 6

Those assholes! I have known them all of my life and this is how they treat me! I know every secret about them, everything that know one else knows. I know some of them better than there own dicks do. and they treat me like a sack of shit. Assholes.

First I get a note bitching about how I am stupid and am ostracized from the group for 5 damn months. then they bitch and cry about how all of them miss me. well then they go and do it again. mother fuckers. I see what I am to you. FUCK YOU ASSHOLES!

Ex friend 7

Debbie and I were close friends, at least I thought we were. Debbie was someone I could talk to about everything. Then I discovered that Debbie had a super sized ego. She had took personal stabs at me on an old web site she used to have. She pointed out that my life paled in comparison to hers and that no matter what I do and how hard I try to succeed, I'll always fail.
When I confronted her about the comments she said about me, she had the nerve to lie to me. She claimed that she looked up to me as a mentor and role model, If this was true, she wouldn't have talked shit about me.

backstabbers 8

I am furious right now at the backstabbers that I have the misfortune of knowing. They can't wait for you to walk out the door so they can talk about you behind your back. I am sick of them, and at least I learned yet another lesson. Do not trust ANYONE. The ones you think are your friends will more than likely talk about you when you leave the party. bastards.

Friday Night 9

I'm so angry because I'm sick of people making arrangements to do something then canceling. Then I'm stuck home on a Friday night cleaning the whole fucking house. Everyone else is to damn lazy to get of their ass and help or even maybe at least put their dirty dishes in the sink when they're done. I have to do the laundry, I have to feed the dogs, I have to wash the dogs, I have to clean the house. When will they ever shut the fuck up!?! Ok, I'm done now I guess but I don't understand how this is going to make my Friday night any better.

Friends (except not) 10

I'm so sick and tired of pleasing a bunch of immature, small town folk just because I thought they were my friends. I donít see why I have to stoop down to their level just to make them happy (and make me miserable in the process). Weíll you know what? I donít want to go to your stupid Ďgroupí parties anymore!! They really sucked anyway. I donít need to sit there and participate in what they THINK is socialized. I donít need to be part of your little clique!! Just because thatís what sustains your life doesnít mean I need it!! Ha!!!

My friend's husband 11

My friend's husband is so fucking stupid. He thinks he is the only one who knows anything, he is mentally abusive to her and their children. He admits that he is most likely an abuser, but doesn't see anything wrong with that. He threatens her, breaks her stuff, breaks the kids stuff, cheats on her, and is so full of himself. He insists there is nothing wrong with him, it's all her. His wife is pretty and works hard and takes good care of the kids. He is a skinny, butt ugly, self-satisfied little prick. Thank God he has had a vasectomy and cannot have any more children. Josh, you are nothing but scum, one day maybe you will realize that, when you are a bitter old man living alone with your swollen liver.

Deadbeat, shithead, idiot so called friends 12

About a year and a half ago I moved to a small place out in the country. It was perfect -- quiet, no shitheads directly above us playing their stereo at 2 am, you could sunbathe naked without worrying about the police too much, ok so the post office out here kind of sucks, but hey nothing is totally perfect.

Key word it WAS perfect. Then our friends moved in next door. At first I was all for it -- hey, fuckin great!!! At least if I got an emergency, or need to borrow a cup of sugar or two eggs-- I know who my neighbors are!

Today I hear from my landlord and landlady that my rent is going up to $425 from the $350 I had been paying a month. The reason I was given is that the property taxes on the land were increased so they needed to up the rent just to meet the mortgage. They were apologetic as hell and kissed my ass up and down -- so I said what the hell and chose the rent increase.  

And my so called friends? These slobs have not paid their rent in months. Its a good bet that the landlords will not be able to meet their increased mortgage with just our rent coming in -- and if they get foreclosed, we will ALL be out of there!!!! Not only that but my one friend is about to stupidly quit her job -- the one I helped her get!!! Will someone PLEASE talk some friggin sense into these slobs?! STUPID! I better not be the one who ultimately has to suffer because hey I know you got a paycheck coming in and we all like to have a good time but sometimes certain unpleasant realities have to come first. Like... PAYING THE RENT!!! I shouldn't be the only one to take this large penis up the ass. Help.

my so-called friends 13

I've been friends with these girls for about 4 years and they used to always want to hang out and just talk. but now we r seniors in high school and they r to cool for me cuz i am in cross country. every time we make plans they flake or anytime they say they will call they flake. i don't even bother worry about them calling anymore cuz i know they won't.

after cross country was over they begged me to play soccer so we can spend more time together and become better friends again. so i play soccer they don't ever talk to me unless i go up to them or unless i am having problems with my bf. they always make plans to hang out with my friends right in front of me and not even invite me. they make plans but then ditch me to go to a party and get drunk. its annoying. i'm always stuck at home cuz they always flack. it really sucks when u walk right by the and they won't say anything unless u say something to them

Best Friend 14

I am in the process of setting up my best friend's Bachelor party. First off he is getting married to a ugly, fat, lazy, smelly, dirty, fake blonde. Because I am the best man, it is my responsibility to set up his bachelor party. Well he has some people in the wedding party that I don't know and he expects me to invite them and doesn't give me any info (phone#, e-mail address, etc). So now I'm going to look like the asshole because my best friend the asshole that getting married to a mean fatso won't give me any info. WELL FUCK YOU, looks like these stupid people you want me to invite can take a fucken cab instead of riding in the limo. And if you can't handle it, then good fucken luck thumbing for a cab too, cause everyone else thinks your being an asshole too. I would say kiss my ass, but it's not dirty hairy and smelly like your future wife's is!

Lisa 15

Hello, you mean whore. Some friend you were. It was okay to hang out with me as long as there was no loser guy in sight you wanted to fuck. Friends don't break plans with friends when someone with a working penis comes along at the last minute.  But you weren't really my friend, were you. I was leftovers when the guys didn't call. I was just someone to get drunk with and listen to all about you.

Friends also don't allow loser guys to come live in their apartments without asking their rent-paying grocery-buying roommate if it's a problem. You told me to move the fuck out and I'm glad I did. And like an idiot, I still tried to be friends with someone undeserving like yourself. How do you think it made me feel when you told me very casually "Fuckface and I need couple friends now, not this single friends bullshit". Or when you introduced me to your real friends as your "ex-roommate", not your friend. I was always the ex-roomate. When I moved on to a better life I could tell you weren't happy for me. In fact you didn't think I had it in me, did you. Yeah bitch, you're my ex-socalled loser friend.

Backstabbers 16

2 Weeks ago we had a General Assembly to discuss issues and elect the new staff of our club. Unfortunately, I couldn't attend. They didn't get the Quorum so they planned one last Thursday. I did attend to this one and to my surprise, It wasn't a standard Assembly... It was a "let's bash on <me>" assembly. Turns out they planned this 2 weeks ago... So I'm there listening to them... and I couldn't take it anymore... I threw every argument possible to make 'em shut up. It's only AFTER that assembly that someone came to tell me this whole thing was PLANNED OUT by people I thought as my friends... You know WHO your friends are in these situations...

Donna of La. 17

To think, at one time - I actually believed you to be a good friend. GOOD friends don't stab you in the back dear. GOOD friends don't laugh at your mistakes. GOOD friends don't blab your past to everyone and make you feel like shit. I don't care what everyone knows about you ... however, MY life is not an open book. Remember that you dumb blonde horsey faced bitch. Oh, and before you tell another person how stupid or crazy *I* am .. keep this in mind .. *I* am not the one who got knocked up by a jobless crack addict who got his rocks off on beating up on his "significant other".

One of my best friends 18

I am not happy with her at all! She blew me off last weekend for my other friend who had already made plans with me, she calls to talk about NOTHING, and she's always following me around school like a lost dog. She can't decide who she likes and she skips to a new guy on her list at least once a week. It's really stupid! And my ex "liked" her (I put in quotes because all he wanted was... well, you know) and she didn't have the guts to tell me, AND she was writing letters to him. He asked her to skip school to do stuff with him and she thought about doing it. I'm so sickened by her most of the time. She's so pathetic that the only way she finds she can flirt with a guy is by getting hurt in front of him. I call it "pity flirting". If the guy feels bad for her, she likes it! UGH!!

ranting, raving lunatics 19

My beef is with ranting raving lunatic mother hens who think that they are your damn parent and can tell you everything. what to eat and when, when to go to bed, etc, etc, etc...

Case in point--my one friend, i love her to death but she talks my damn ear off so i can only take her in small doses -- then she wonders why I'm so "crabby and miserable". How about "you never fucking shut up" for an answer honey. She rants and raves about everything: toilet paper, paper towels, etc, etc.....Little wonder my attitude toward you lies in the shitter. Just like my mother used to say. rant rant rant rave rave rave. Just because i came to work for you doesn't mean I have to kiss your ass incessantly. so there!!!!! Thanks Anger Central.

Friends 20

My friends always treat me like a second class friend. I never feel good enough around them. Like I graduated from college last year. I got nothing from them, hardly even a congraduations. Some of them graduated this year, my friends gave them presents, taken out for dinner, and a night of partying. That I was expected to help pay for. Now they seem to be ignoring me for no good reason. They did this before with another girl. They just ignored her completely until she just went away. I'm angry with my friends.

Pathetic Idiot 21

I fucking can't stand my best friend. She says the most stupid things. I'm sure you've all met someone who leaves you completely astounded... well, Kerri is 10 times worst. Every god damn time someone makes a joke, we have to explain it to her. I so sick and tired of educating her. i.e. She doesn't understand why she makes bad grades. Well maybe, it's because you don't study, don't listen, and generally, don't care! YOU FUCKING DULT! She is always like, "Ohh, I get it!" like five minutes after the fucking joke. When she leaves the room, everyone just kind of looks at eachother and stares in complete disbelief. I just wish that she wasn't so fucking ignorant.

upstagers 22

one of my friends is always trying to upstage me!! and when she tries to she always lies to make herself look better! she exaggerates WAY too much!! like she's dating this local celeb when she wont even go on a double date to prove it, and I even caught her in multiple lies!! she is always insulting me to make herself look better, and she is a hypocrite B****!! so now I let that word out that she's lying and all her friends know she lies, so, lets see how long it takes for her to find out!!!

Anne 23

This woman acts all nice and sweet when I meet her. Just turns out she is the psycho bitch from hell. We are having a ball when she tells me that she can't have a relationship because she needs to build a commune some day. WTF! Apparently having a boyfreind is a total and complete distraction from everything else? As if! Where is she from, Planet Bullshit? Later that night she gets drunk, and like the slut she is, makes out with me. So I'm thinking she's changed her mind, right? WRONG! She just wants to get laid and uses alcohol as an excuse, although she's too much of a LIAR to admit it. So I get ticked and walk off. Two days later we make up we are freinds again. She acts weird. First she's all like, hey what's up, but then she starts acting like she don't give a shit if I come or if I go. So I go. Three or four days later she's screwin' this other dude everyday! Why? Am I not good enough? Well? Let me know cause I'm dying to hear! The next week I figure, well I'll give it another try, but NO she won't talk to ME! I'm not good enough! I walk in her direction and I swear SHE WALKS AWAY REGARDLESS OF WHAT SHE IS DOING EVERY GODDAMM TIME! I mean, she could be doing open heart surgery and leave the person to die rather than stay around me. Then I hang out with a freind who just happens to be a girl and she immediately thinks we are doing the wild thing, and next thing I know she's saying how I'm terrible because I don't love her anymore. Of course I love her but she's a cold neurotic slut! A few months later she's "in love" with the guy next door. Geuss the commune went out the window, huh? Good going Anne! Great way to make me kill myself!

My stupid ass friend 24

One of my "best friends" is this stupid asshole who thinks he is God's gift to women, which, as a woman, I can say is definitely not the case. He's so arrogant, he thinks that all girls fall in love with him the moment they see him, saying things like, "It was love at first sight. Well, maybe for her." Who actually has the ego to say such things aloud and in the presence of other people?? He's also one of the most selfish people I know. For example, he wanted me and our other friends to help him clean out all his junk from his house, but when I asked him to help me wash my car, he refused. On top of his egotistical and self-serving attitude, his favorite insults are those degrading other races, women, and the sick. In particular, his favorite insult is to call someone the nickname of a guy who recently got diagnosed with a brain tumor. What a fuck. Once, when we were in high school, he took this girl out to dinner before a dance, but told her that she couldn't order anything over $7.00. Guess the price of what he ordered... $16.50. Asshole. I feel this friendship is over.

Nikki & Chrissy 25

I'm angry because I am being taken advantage of by two women. They always come over and expect me to buy them things and take them out to dinner, which I don't even really mind doing. They expect me to just lend them money for whatever it is they spontaneously want to buy or do. I've seen where they live, and it's a shithole. It's not my fault I went to prep school for 6 years and my family is pretty well off, but I'm not just a bank account. It makes me feel like shit when I get used for my money, and then they never bother to call me or even say thank you. They take my things without asking, and it really bothers me. From now on I will only associate with those of my social class or above. People who are white trash are really not worth dealing with.

My Health Nazi Vegan Friend 26

I have been friends with this woman for almost seven years. She is GREAT. I love her very much but she's been after me to go vegan (I don't eat meat, pork or poultry but still eat fish). Give me a break, already! I'm healthy, in great shape, drink water and eat veggies like there's no tomorrow but according to her I'm still abusing my body because I eat dairy. UGH! I wish she'd STOP. The other day she gave me a lecture on the "dangers" of fish. SCREW that! I'm not giving up sushi or grilled salmon for anybody!

so called friends 27

I'm sick and tired of so called friends who stab you in the back and go talking shit behind your back when you get mad because they change their plans at the last minute -- and who appoint themselves lord and master of your personal life anyways, whether or not you want or need it. To (name withheld) I hope you die and burn in hell, bitch!

Friends 28

I just overheard a "friend" -- let me call her Jane -- calling me a douchebag for taking too long in the shower. I thought it would be okay to use it since no one was awake when I got in. But Jane is under the impression that I'm a douchebag nonetheless. I hope she gets pinworms for calling me such a nasty name.

Terry and Kara 29

Terry and Kara are incessantly hateful, hurtful little bitches. Not only do they insult me to my face in front of colleagues whose opinions I really care about, they also talk about me behind my back to anyone who will listen. They call me a talentless prima donna and a whore. I don't want to be friends with people who treat me this way, so I don't consider it a huge loss, but they still get to me by talking about me behind my back with people who I know and respect. Terry and Kara, you obviously don't hate me the way I hate you; if you did, you'd just leave me alone. You obviously want to see me suffer somehow. That's why you piss me off, and that's why I hope it blows up in both your faces!

Backstabbers and liars 30

I am angry at what I use to call "friends". They aint no fucking friends cause one of them use to hang out with me just cause he was bored. He was "there for me" when I needed him. Fuck, I never needed him. He was there to use me cause he didn't have no one else. I was stupid cause I didnt see that from the start. Now I aint there no more, he met couple of people, got jelaous cause I moved, and he's saying shit behind my back telling people I am a loser, no life bum, and shit like that. Well I got something for you. FUCK YOU ASSWIPE LITTLE PIECE OF STINKING SHIT!!

Friends & Birthdays 31

Up until the last year, my friends & I had a decade long tradition of taking each other out for birthdays. Of course, they decided to cancel it right before my b'day last year. One friend was nice enough to have me over to her house the day before my b'day (last year) for dinner, which I appreciated, being that I'm single & have no siblings/parents in this state.

What pisses me off is one of the friends who decided to cancel did so after we shelled out money to take him out. And then has the nerve to mention at our Christmas gaterhing this year that he's taking his other friend out for his b'day (which is 10 days after mine). Another so called "friend" in this group completely ignored my b'day. Even though I've always made sure he had plans for his b'day. These 2 suck as friends.

So, tomorrow's my b'day and I'll be spending it at work and then at home by myself (though I will get some take out from my favorite Italian place and a dessert from my favorite bakery). Note to self: Get some new friends. Seriously, that's a resolution this year. I'll take classes, volunteer, whatever. It's obvious I need some new friends. Ones who will celebrate my b'day w/me. I don't think that's too much to ask from one's friends. Especially as I'm always there to celebrate my friends' b'days.

EX-best friend forgets B-day 32

Today is my birthday right? Well, my very ex best friend, who recently moved to a different city, has YET to call me, email me, or acknowledge my birthday in any sort of way. I have always made a big deal over his birthday and made it into a special day for him. However, he has not said, written, etc... to me for three weeks. I purposely didn't remind him of my birthday, just that I was having a party at a local hangout. He didn't acknowledge that at all.

I am so sick of him forgetting I even exist anymore. Ever since he took this new job I haven't been good enough for him. He doesn't want to hang out with a LOWLY teacher while he is now a college professor's assistant, never mind that I am making MORE than he does and that I have a better degree than he does, and it didn't take me 6 years to get it, the stupid idiot! I am so sick of being his little lackey. Frankly, he can just go to HELL!

*Note from Anger Central
We can top that one. The webmaster's OWN FAMILY, (with the exception of his wife), forgot it was his birthday last month, including both of his parents.

friend 33

So my friend decides we should go out on the weekend, and then she cancels on me. She had an ok reason, I guess, so I was nice about it. So we reschedule for two weeks later and she fucking cancels on me again, using some pretty lame excuses. I pretended that it was ok because I didn't want to start a fight, but I'm not feeling so understanding and nice anymore. Just really pissed and really hurt. Next time she suggest we go out, I'm just gonna tell her to forget it.

So called friends 34

Recently, I had to take our little dog to the vet because he was in severe pain - he was diagnosed with arthritis and a slipped disk in his back. He was given the necessary medications to make him feel better and to help him heal - along with the instructions that we could not allow him to be active for the next 3 weeks. My rant has absolutely nothing to do with the chore of trying to keep a 10 year old dog, who now has the energy of a puppy - quiet and calm - as I am truly grateful that he is going to be well again soon. My anger is, however - directed towards the twelve people who quite obviously could care less as to how this situation is affecting me.

 ANYBODY who knows me is well aware of what this little dog means to me - he's - well, like my son - I can't have human children - I therefore have 4 legged  "children". When all of this started 5 days ago - I had sent an e-mail out to eighteen people ... out of those eighteen .. only 4 responded (I'll let 2 people off the hook here, one email bounced - and the other person is constantly traveling, rarely having a chance to sit down for e-mail).

 Well, to those twelve people - you're now on my "shit list". Think back for a minute ... did I ever not respond to something that was troubling you, no matter how small it seemed? Did I ever not help out when I could? Did I *ever* give any of you the impression that I am not a true friend? If I remember correctly, there were quite a few times when I, or my husband had bent over backwards for some of you. Some may think I'm being a bit harsh, others may have the attitude of "oh, it's *only* a dog" - well, that little dog IS a living, breathing being - complete with feelings and a personality .. the only difference between you and him, is that he can't speak. I mean come on - even the guy at the cigarette shop asked how the dog is doing and he barely knows me!!

To those twelve people - don't ask me to do a damned thing for you anymore, don't ask me to help you move, don't ask me for advice, don't ask me for help with your computer .. don't even bother to ask for a shoulder to cry on - if you can show that sort of disregard for a *member of our family* .. I suggest you look up the meaning of the word "friend" - oddly enough, it appears that our dog understands the concept better than you do.

a person 35

It's amazing to me sometimes how one can be so wrapped up in their own causes and agendas that all else around is either wrong or not logical to them. They seem to skate around on smiles and fake behaviors. Sometimes, we don't see these people for who they really are until we ourselves have been burned by their manipulative ways. I call these types of people poisonous snakes. Now granted, labeling is not a good social practice in general, but I truly believe that sometimes, it's the best way to wrap it all up...really nail a description for someone's everyday frame of mind and behaviors. A poisonous snake sneaks around...looking rather harmless. Poisonous snakes don't make huge loud movements...they are still...quiet. For one who had never seen a poisonous snake, nor knew anything about them, they very well may be fooled into thinking they are harmless. They may pick it up...attempt to 'hang out' with the snake. The snake will crawl around their home, keeping relatively itself. Then one day, when the snake feels the sudden need to strike, it will. The unsuspecting victim will be bitten and poisoned. The snake will crawl away almost as if nothing has happened. He will crawl back to his hole and seemingly wait for the next unknowing person to take him in, or foolishly befriend him. I guess this is part of growing up. Learning how to identify the poisonous snakes around us. So why am I angry? I took in a poisonous a friend and as a roommate. His true self came out over a silly disagreement on how bills were paid. He showed a lack of respect, decency, social grace, and concern for other people through all this. He filled up his bag with shit and flung it all over the place until everyone around us was covered in it. They all looked around and saw him holding the bag. That's how it goes though I act like a poisonous snake, be prepared to be treated as such. He's a low life. He has no regard for others. He lives in a bubble. He sees no need to apologize because his opinions and perspectives are correct and true. Anything contrary is bullshit to him. He claims to be a left-wing, open-minded democrat. His words are silent compared to his actions. He is close minded and chauvinistic. Anything outside his routine and comfort zone scare him and make him strike. He's a small man...with no apparent concept of loyalty or concern. How does he do it? Has he so totally convinced himself that there is nothing wrong with his mind? Is his sickness that progressed? It must be...FUCK YOU ANDREW! FUCK YOU AND YOUR POP-TARTS, YOUR FROSTED FLAKES, AND YOUR WORLDS OF WARCRAFT. YOU'RE A NASTY ASS, GAMIN' ALL DAY BITCH! GROW UP! THE WORLD DOESN'T COWER TO YOUR EVERY WHIM AND NEED. YOU'RE A SPECK ON THE BACK OF THIS UNIVERSE LIKE ALL OF US. YOU ARE NO BETTER. YOU SEEM TO BELIEVE YOU ARE SOMEHOW SUPERIOR TO THOSE AROUND YOU BECAUSE OF YOUR POSSESIONS....OR BECAUSE OF YOUR SELF-RAISED POSITION IN SOCIETY. IT'S PEOPLE LIKE YOU THAT POISON THIS WORLD. WAKE UP YOU PIECE OF SHIT...NO WAIT...DON'T. IN FACT, JUST STAY WHERE YOU ARE. WE'RE ALL BETTER WITHOUT YOUR FUCKED UP LOGIC. IT MAKES NO SENSE. LIKE THIS WHOLE DEMOCRAT TRIP YOU'RE ON. YOUR ACTIONS SCREAM REPUBLICAN...YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT MEANS TO BE ACCEPTING AND LOVING OF OTHERS. YOU CLAIM TO BE LIKE GHANDI...GET FUCKED. EVEN GHANDI HIMSELF WOULD PROBABLY SMACK YOU. CATCH AN EDUCATION YOU DUMBSHIT! JUST GO HOME AND GAME...YOU'RE SMELLING UP MY AIR. Oh yea, and for the record, I can't stand Jamie. You two belong're both small minded snakes...but that's another rant, for another time - :)


I have shittty friends my one friend is really pissing me the F*** off! shes hanging out with the person I hate with a passion I use to be friends with this person I hate and Im the one who introduced them but I knew my friend longer then my ex friend knew her and now Im no longer friends with him and he talks shit about me to my friend and she doesnt do shit! about it Its so obvious that the only reason my ex friend is hanging out with my friend is because hes trying to get back at me but my friend is so oblivious to that. she actually thinks he wants to be her friend...and you wanna know the real fucked up part of this little ordeal my friend is now making plans to move in with this asshole! Whenever I call my friend if she with my ex friend she wont even answer the phone..Every single day I put jup with the same shit! and you wanna know what else is really fucked up my friend once tried to accuse me of of treating her like shit!

Husband's buddy 37

I shall never ever forget the time - my hubby's buddy Dan was invited to our house. He was staying over b/c he lives a stretch away from us.

Well this particular night Dan was drunk as heck - both of them were but he was obviously more so - they had been out all day playing pool & stuff - np - gave me time to hang with my GF! So I made spaghetti & meatballs for us. Keep in mind Spaghetti is one of my favourite foods. Now this was summertime, & Dan had on a pair of shorts with a tee shirt.

So we're all sitting around in the living room & out come the plates of everyone's spaghetti dish. So I go to take a bite & almost cried out in horror. There was Dan's testicles hanging out of his shorts. :_O !!!!!
I didn't say a word - my hubby never noticed & if he knew he would have surely said quite loudly to Dan: "For the love of F**K DAN! Would you put your goddamn gotchies on?!"

I pushed my plate away & my hubby noticed that b/c he knows how much I love spaghetti & meat balls. He says: "Honey are you quite alright? You look a wee bit pale?" I just said "I don't feel too good honey - I feel a bit funny".

He bought it - god bless him too. I totally lost my appetite to eat anything the rest of that night. In fact I think I just took my drink outside & enjoyed a lovely cigarette.

I'm still haunted to this day of catching a glimpse of Dan's nether regions at the dinner hour. I don't think I've eaten Spaghetti & Meatballs since.

It was one of the most repulsive things I've witnessed. I'm sure there are worse things than that - but I really did not need to see Dan's Balls when I was about to eat my spaghetti & meatballs - thank you very much you disgusting excuse for a homosapien Dan. Dan wonders why he hasn't found a nice lady friend yet. Dude - you have a LOT of work to do. For starters - try brushing your teeth regularly & getting the 4 inches of callous buildup off your funky feet. Then maybe you might find someone who could tolerate you.
UGGGGHHH!!! *Shudder*

Friends? not. 38

Alright, so I'm grounded for like 2 months right? Well my CLOSE group of friends all the sudden during/after I'm grounded decided "hey! we don't like you anymore! you're gay!" And I'm like 'WTF' So now they don't include me in anything ,talk shit about, me lie to me about what they're doing this weekend (e.g. "hey what r u doing this weekend?" "oh nothing" .... next day .... "DUDE THAT PARTY ROCKED, you weren't invited loser") WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH THAT? WHAT THE FUCK? IT PISSES ME OFF SO MUCH THAT THEY DECIDED TO ALL THE SUDDEN FUCK ME IN THE ASS LIKE THAT. WHAT THE FUCK? WHAT THE FUCK? I THINK ONE PERSON JUST DIDN'T LIKE ME AND GOT THE WHOLE GROUP AGAINST ME. FUCK YOU WORLD! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU FUCKING FUCKERS! FUCK YOU WORLD

Kathy and Vincent 39

Once upon a time I considered you decent people. Then I got to know you and discovered that you are two of the most self-centered, egotistical, borderline sociopathic individuals I've ever met.

Your pettiness and childishness over the entire last year and half is insane. Seriously? Do you think you own the fucking world? Telling people who they can be friends with, trying to make me feel unwanted by people I consider family? Not gonna work. I know you've had success with this method before, but I'm a hell of a lot stronger than you.

You two infuriate the hell out of me, but at the same time, I feel so sorry for you. You're lives are so pathetic that you think that SCA is the best you can get? I really hope at one point you develop some depth and get some counseling to deal with your issues, regardless, I hope you give up soon and realize that this is a battle you can't win.

Vincent, I don't love. I don't think I ever did.  Kathy, are you sure you aren't pregnant? Cause DAYUM...lay of the cookies otherwise.

Friends 40

I love how friends are so fucking selfish. You spend all your fucking time trying to be a "good friend" and biting your tongue, and then as soon as you can't stand taking any more of their bitchy shit, you are the most detestable living creature alive! Oh... and the classic, "OF COARSE you should go out with the guy I've been in love with for the past year. Don't feel bad. Oh, you fucked his brains out?? That's fine. Go right ahead. I'll just be hanging in your FUCKING CLOSET when you get home!!!" get my point.

my friend from Arkansas 41

why does she act like she likes people? Amy doesn't like anyone but that cheating husband of hers. That's what's so funny, he's supposed to be a supervisor of a construction site and he's using that as an excuse to continue to screw around on her. I don't need to do anything to her, he's taking care of that. Don't get me wrong, Shawn is a good looking guy and I'd fuck him in a heartbeat, hey there's my answer to her being such a shit, I'll fuck her husband.

Backstabbing Asshole 42

I hate that my idiot ex-friend (who just so happens to be male) is regurgitating the intensely private details of my personal life to my boss at work -- we're all mutual acquaintances. She subsequently brings up things in conversation in this very deliberate way while staring my way intently. They're the sort of comments everyone else seems to miss, but I get it and I know exactly what she's referring to. It disgusts me, but I can't say anything about it because it's too embarassing. That's why my ex-friend is a really big asshole--he has no regard for the trust I placed in him when I told him everything about me! What did I do to him to make him treat me like shit!?

friends 43

this is a general fuck you to the people i have met over the past year. so much unecessary drama has taken place over some stupid, insignificant bullshit and you know what?..... i'm getting it out now and building it a special place where i can visit it to spit on you. so shut up.

i don't hate anyone, but you all piss me off so much. fuck you to all the guys who i've met who have so graciously taken away parts of me i may never get back. my integrity, dignity. fucking go to hell with all you chauvenistic bullshit that women cannot be trusted. i have met shady women yes, but people in FUCKING general lie about bullshit when it comes to benefitting their selfish asses. i have met so many dishonest men to count them would be a waste of my time.

and while we're at it, to the person who dared to tell me she "hates liars", go to hell you unfaithful bitch. you sat there and judged me for all my actions and not even six months later your whorish ass is cheating on your boyfriend of two or three (who really gives a fuck) years. and all the bullshit where you came crying back was a fucking waste because you were a pussy when it came to dumping him you had to go across a fucking ocean to do it. i should have never let you sit there in your allmighty fucking throne and have the nerve to call ME scum. fucking whore. shut up.

and to the one i "betrayed". i am sorry but i didn't feel like i had to be punished for fucking ever about it. your sneering faces, talking behind my back. i made a fucking mistake. karma bit me in the ass already so you could just back the fuck off. it's a crying shame to hear about your once righteous ass was tweaking up on shit and saying you don't fucking do it. not to mention that you started palling around with a friends husband. and you get mad at ME for seeing a guy that didn't even consider himself to be your boyfriend? guess you and i aren't that different are we? shut up oh and about the guy that i had wasted a year of my fucking life on. who do you think you are getting mad at me? what have you done besides cause me grief? you are a fucking leech. a bottom feeder, a freeloader. you use people to get what you want and fucking suck them dry (although most of the time you prefer to get sucked yourself) your selfish ass couldn't get up from the television to find a fucking job for like 9 fucking months!!! your dad had to pay every cent of the fucking rent which your lazy ass should have paid. you worthless piece of shit. you vile a putrid pile of scum. you sit there and act like everybody's friend to make them feel sorry for you (and open their wallets) i may be fucking promiscuous, and never should have let you in, but i am not a whore for what i did. a whore is someone who sleeps around for money. and running off with your new girlfriend from state line across state line, you fucking whore, so she can do your laundry and her daddy can hook you up working as a handyman around a fucking resort, makes you a fucking whore. a whore of the worst kind. and i pity her as well as thank her at the same time. on one hand she got you out of our lives (though trust me, your memory is unfortunately branded beneath my skull for the rest of my life) on the other she will have to put up with your sorry, pimpled ass for the rest of both of your miserable lives. fuck you. and you sit here and criticize who i'm seeing now. did it ever occur to you how much happier i am now that you're out of my life (apparently you hate to see me happy, oh well) i'm so fucking happy i wish you would come back just so i could celebrate you leaving again. run bitch, run.

and finally, fuck me for holding on to this for so long. fuck me for spending so many nights (six months ago) crying in the fucking rain in a parking lot in Oceanside over losing you. fuck me for letting so many people get underneath my skin. fuck me for posting this blog, for not getting it out sooner, such as six months ago, but instead wasting my energy on this. "this" means nothing. and fuck you for judging me based on this blog. shut up.

*Note from Anger Central
We are NOT a BLOG! We do not use blog software to write this nor do we want to. We may look bloglike, but we were here long before the weblog came into being. :p

Friends 44

I am so damn angry because my friend is a backstabbing bitch who snuck around behind my back calling and emailing and planning to meet up with my now ex-boyfriend. She's jealous, insecure, ugly, selfish and has done this to so many people she just lost her last friend. I won't be driving her to any more of her abortions the next time she gets knocked up from her one night stands.

Rude Nuptials 45

I am angry because my "friends" think that it is a privilege for me to spend $1000 just to attend their pretentious wedding. They have been so f*$@ rude and obnoxious since their engagement. They have overtly worried that the clothes we will choose will not be good enough (fine, then don't invite me). They have wanted approval on engagement and bachelor parties that people wanted to throw for them (fine, we just won't give you one since none are good enough). They have become so obnoxious and think that we should be EXCITED to be around them. HA!

I just want to tell them where they can shove it. Or maybe to slap them a few times...that would be satisfying too.

Friends that are Immature 46

I'm angry because my life-long friend is also one of the most immature. She's entering her eighth year of an undergraduate degree and lives at home. I lost both my parents at a very young age and have been on my own for the last five years. I have to listen to her lame crises and bite my tongue so that I won't look like an overbearing and 'holier-than-you' type of person. But, really, she is furious with me because my ex-bf (who I don't want to hang out with) comes over uninvited and ditches her Saturday night. I NEVER EVEN WANTED TO HANG OUT WITH HIM IN THE FIRST PLACE. I NEVER WANTED TO GO OUT. I WAS HAPPY DOING LAUNDRY AND WATCHING TV. So, you immature brat, mind your own fucking business next time, leave me alone, it's not my fault he didnt' call you. To be angry with me because i "stole" him away from you? Lame. Completely lame. God, would you please grow up already? Or why don't you call me when you learn how to do laundry? Or maybe when you realize that your spoilt-brat ass isn't the most precious in the world.

"Friends" 47

I'm so pissed at this ex friend. We used to get along great, have fun, talk a lot and went to the same school as well. She moved into town and called me up needing some help getting settled. In addition to helping her get settled, pick-up her shipped items, help scout for new apartments, store her furniture/things between apartment moves, talk & go out with her to help her beat the depression of moving to a new city. She'd call me out at least once a week. As soon as her boyfriend moved into town (I've known her for 5 years, she's known him for 1.5) she stopped calling unless of course she needed my help. Brilliantly played BITCH, not only did you use me, you've flushed down our years of close friendship for the latest guy you're fucking. I should mention that after her boyfriend moved into town, she called maybe once to go out, then cancelled last minute - for no good reason, promised to call next week, but then never called for 3 weeks. 3 months pass from hearing from her and then i get this rushed call from her at work, requesting that i act as a reference (not a job reference though). in being as shallow as she is (she must pick this up from another friend who's an extreme bitch - let's just say to be her friend, you've got to be willing to show that you'll spend money on her, in return she'll flirt with you or grace you with her acknowledgement) calls me up to go out, as a "thank you". i don't understand where she socially went berserk to believe that friendship = she asks me for a favour and she "pays" me back by agreeing to hang out (and doesn't hangout between). What the fuck? Is she trying to gain record title of being the shallowest BITCH of a friend?

Idiots 48

I am so mad at these dickheads that I thought was friends. I have covered for their stupid ass so many times it isn't even funny. What pisses me off the most about one of these jerks is he is so fucking 2-faced. He acts all sweet and shit, and everyone says what a great guy he is. Psychopaths. (I'm not gonna get into what made me so mad, because I'm not sure if this site is completely confidential.)

My best friend 49

Right, I am so fucking pissed off at my best friend at the moment. She is one of the laziest, most self-centred bitches I've ever met. She has no sense of responsibility whatsoever, if you ask her to do you a favour, she wont do it unless you do something in return or theres something in it for her, whenever she gets a detention (which is a lot) she wont go and then ask me to vouch for her so she wont get in trouble. Jesus christ, she shits me so fucking much, sometimes I just want to wring her goddamn self-obssessed neck. She is lazy and leaves everything to the last moment and then asks me to do it for her, the fucking lazy cunt, then when I refuse to do her work, she runs to someone else in the group who is fucking stupid enough to pity her. She cant do anything on her own, even to catch a fucking train into the city, which is ten minutes away, she has to go with someone else and gets them to buy her a fucking ticket, the bitch can't even walk to a teachers office without someone to go with her. She is so fucking clingy, you would think she didn't have a mind of her own. Also, she sucks up to people like you would not believe, to get someone to like she will act like them, type like them, dress like them and listen to the same music as them, then she has the fucking ego to say she doesn't care what people think of her, YEAH FUCKING RIGHT! If she doesn't shape up next year (which is when we begin our senior years at school) I am going to kick that bitch to the curb. In closing I would like to say, she is a burden, shes lazy, and frankly is a desperate slag. She should get a fucking life.

To the fat happy back stabbing mole 50

well sweetheart now that your so damn happy with your obviously blind boyfriend, im sooo glad that you think that it's okay the completly dogg all of your friends, geez who would of thought it was such a damn effort to stop and say hello once and a while in the street, what annoys me the most u ass kissing mole is how when hes not around your sooo eager to know whats the hot goss in the group so you can go back and run your mouth to your fool and his friends make us look bad, and yet the whole time your pulling the wool over thier eyes cos your nothing but a dirty backstabbing slut yourself.

friends who talk behind your back 51

I thought I had the best friends on earth... we would all hang out everyday... eat and drink together... basically do all the stuff really good friends do... until there came a day when all that changed.

My friends and I made plans to go to a resort for the weekend last year, just after christmas. On the day of the trip, I woke up with a SLIGHT headache which I attributed to waking up early in the morning (I woke up at 5:30AM) and so I decided to igore it and hoped it would go away. It did go away during the day as we all got into the 4wd and began our journey to the resort. On the way, we stopped over at another resort to freshen up and it was at that resort, my glases fell off and into a deep dark pond I had been looking into. Of course, my mates and I all had a good laugh about it and joked about how much the short sighted fishes down in the pond would appreciate it. We continued our journey and finally arrived at the resort. We dumped our luggage in our rooms and headed down to the beach to go kayaking. It was here when all of a sudden I started feeling chills run up and down my body. I realized with a shock that I was coming down with a very very bad case of the flu and I decided to head my kayak back to the shore. Since my body had become so weak, I ended up crashing on the shore with the kayak going over me and the process badly damaging my right arm which had already been injured a while back from a basketball injury.

My mates all thought it was hilarious that the kayak had gone over me and really didnt pay any attention to the fact that my arm had been injured severely. I was in excruciating pain and I was expecting the least my mates could have done was helped me to a doctor.

From the shock of being run over by an extremely large and heavy kayak and the fact that I had fallen into the sea, my body temperature began to rise steadily and the flu began to get worse. Hurt and bewildered by my friends behavior, I slowly walked away from the beach to the swimming pools where there were deck chairs and I lay down in one of them wondering why my BEST friends were treating me like this. Then my friends all came up to me we all headed back to our room. I was still hurting very badly not only from the kayaking injuries, but from the way people whom I once thought and respected so much were treating me.

Upon reaching the room, I took an aspirin and lay down for a while to let all the pains subside. By the afternoon, my temperature had come down slightly and the fever has lessened. The pain in my arm had subsided quiet a bit and I began to feel a lot better. We all headed down to a restaurant for dinner and had a good meal and then headed off to a nightclub for a night of fun. We had met up with a couple of girls at the resort who wanted to come with us and we picked them up and headed for the nightclub. We reached the club and started to dance a bit and I had a glass of dry vodka. This was actually my biggest mistake. The vodka reacted with the aspirin and I suddenly found myself extremely drunk from ONE glass of vodka (I normally do not get drunk) but still able to make out what was happening around me. So, I decided to enjoy myself and dance with a few of the girls. My mates (who for some reason do not dance as they think its uncool) saw me dancing with 2 girls and called me off the dance floor to stand around with them like dorks. I stood with them then started dancing again. One of my mates met up with one of his friends and started talking to her and my other mate was busy talking to some other guys. So, I continued to dance and drink my vodka.

By 1AM, we headed out of the club and my body felt like it was going to fall down a deep well. I found it hard to walk properly and speech was becoming difficult... the aspirin was reacting!!

My temperature started rising again and my throat felt like it was being filed with a sander. We got back to the hotel and I was out like a light when I hit the bed. The next morning my friends spent time poking fun at me about what had happened to me at the club and I explained my condition to them but they kept laughing at me all the way while we returned home. I was shocked by my mates behavior. I had thought this day would have never happened to me. I was so sad that people whom I considered my brothers could make fun of me so much... little did I realize that the worst was yet to come.

As soon as I reached home, my dad saw my condition and shot off with me to hospital where the doctors pronounced my condition as extremely serious. My temperature had gone up from 37 degrees Celsius to 39.8 degrees and my body was burning up.

While I spent the next few days recovering, my friends went around telling all their mates about me and making fun of my vodka/aspirin reaction and also told all their work colleagues as well. I am someone who is fairly well known in my country among my peers and everywhere I went, people laughed at me. I went to picnics at the beach and people asked me about my vodka/aspirin incident and pulled fun at me... my friends had done such a good job of embarrassing me that when I try to explain no one is willing to listen to my version of the story and instead I am now being laughed at by everyone.

I actually found out from another friend ( a real one and not like the losers I had for friends before) who had spread the lies about me and my friend didnt believe the story and told me about it straight away. I am now facing serious problems among my peers because of the damage done to my reputation by people I once trusted and respected. Because of their desire to gain status among their peers, my friends made a fool out of me and made sure everyone else thinks this as well now... with the exception of the guy who I just mentioned. I find it hard to go anywhere now because people laugh at me behind my back and cant even sit down with my peers because they all make fun of me... all this... achieved by my friends to gain a reputation amongst their peers... I dont know what to do anymore and have been forced to hire men who will this week go over to my friends places and force them to apologies publicly or be beaten up in public...

Trader Girlfriend 52

We've been friends for 9 years and it ended very sudden, once I found out that she made a pass at my husband to be and try standing me up on my own wedding day. Very toxic person, who needs someone like that in your life. Rule #1, don't hit on your bestfriends man, and Rule #2 (actually just a FYI) you could never pull the spot light from me anytime anywhere. Continue to drink yourself into a coma -- you deserve it.

Best Friends for Life 53

Right. so I've been friends with this girl for four years. It doesn't sound like that long right, but when you've not lived for that long four years is actually quite a long time. About a quarter of my life. So I always thought we had this amazing bond. We were best mates and everyone agreed. Then this other girl came along. Sweetest girl imaginable, another of my besty mates. One itty problemo though. She could be fucking annoying when she tried.

She didn't even try to be annoying it was like her whole persona thing. She was religious and don't get me wrong, that didn't piss me off but her fucking holier than thou, nicest gal attitude you could ever meet sure did. Sometimes she'd make a comment about something and it would be blatantly wrong and if I disagreed or pointed out the truth she'd accuse me of always arguing with her. Then it was bad old me and how annoying I was, bitch bitch bitch. If she couldnt accept that side of my personalit why couldn't she just fuck off? Of course she was just too nice to be ever annoying.

The Girl 3 comes along. G3 was also very nice, and enjoyed along with G1 and myself taking the piss, in a friendly way out of G2, strictly among mates guys! But G2 (holy girl) doesn't seem to mind when Girls 1 or 3 do it, just when I do it. I, who was the original fucking part of the group is actually pushed out.

But I'm totally oblivious to this, it happens when I am FUCKING ILL. I send a nice, matey email to all the girls. Then, knowing that G2 never checks her emails, and knowing her password I log on to see how many unread mails she's got. OK, I'm not a saint, and I had no right but I saw this one email from G1 (first best mate of four years), now, I hadn't had anything from them even though I'd been ill so I read it, to see if it mentioned me.


G1: what was the matter with you yesterday?
G2: u no hu was annoying me
G3: lol. It was nice not having her here yesterday, gave us all some room to breathe.

OK, now I know I'm neurotic but truthfully sometimes I go home and fucking cry. I hate my life and I think I'm depressed but I sure as hell aren't going to tell anyone. I always trusted them and thought they loved me despite my faults and all that bullshit. They don't know how fucking blue I get and they don't even try. Sometimes, the way I act I can see myself and I think, what the fuck am I doing but I can't stop myself. It's not like G1 is Miss Popular and I've prevented her from making new friends, does she not want me to alk to lessons with her and loser boy R? I thought friendship counted for more than that.

I was naive. I thought they were my friends. And what THE FUCK does she mean, some freedom. As far as I am fucking concerned I trusted them and have never done anything to G1. Now I remember, when I feel vulnerable I don't tell them, I just trust on them for some compassion. But obviously that was asking too much. I can not think of fucking anything I have done and if they hate the way I act sometimes they can not or refuse to try and understand me.

They are not my friends, but I have no one else. I can't turn anywhere else, I have to stick with them. They've obvously bitched about me. They know I'm insecure, neurotic and paranoid. This has destroyed me. The bottom has fallen out of me, everything about them that ever meant anything to me is gone. I feel lonely and I hate them because of it.

so called 'friend' 54

i'm angry when a person who is supposed to be your friend ditches you for their boyfriend, and totally cuts you from their life! My friend N (who is female)used to talk to me all the time, always hung around with me, and we used to have great times going out. Then she gets a boyfriend, and she basically stops talking to me. It's like she doesn't need me anymore. Everything we used to do together she does with her boyfriend now. She was never my friend. All I ever was, and all I will ever will be is someone 'on the side'. I try talking to her, being nice to her, and all that, and she just doesn't care. As long as her relationship with her boyfriend is working, she doesn't give a toss about how I feel. I'm not important to her anymore. Stuff her. Her loss.

fake-ass "friends" 55

I am sorry I have to refer to you scum as my "friends". I know you are really not and haven't been for a long long time. I really got sick of all you guys's whinen' about your pathetic sad-ass lives. This is when you all sit around doing your stupid ass shit. I had to listen to all you guys talk shit on each other and bitch about all your shit all the time. You know why I was so nice and didn't say much about anyone else? It's not because I was nice it's because I know you guys have a problem running your mouths. you are a gay mommas boy. fuck you. But hey you know everyone says that about you and I never said nothin like that for a long time even after all the shit you pulled I loved you man. I don't hate any of you, you are just snots off a snot rag. I can't belive I wasted my time around you guys. And thought about you guys for such a long time I guess I just don't have a life. don't worry about me girl I know you won't and I erased you off my phone. Your probally glad. You probally saw the number on the caller id and was like what the fuck cause you are lazy.because I seen you do it to other people. At least you used to have somebody in your life who gave a fuck which is more than I ever had. so I don't want to hear no shit...Especially since your wierd-ass loser boyfriend that you cry about using you calls me up like he knows me, trying to get me to bring him a cig. I don't know the guy but I'm sure you guys already sit around and said enough shit about me for him to think I'm a moron. Mabye you guys were trying to set me up I don't know it's weird as hell. You guys are lame back-stabbers and I'm sorry I wasted my happiness on your lame ass's. I never tried to tell you guys what to do and I never judged you. Now I will you herion addicted losers. I don't feel sorry for you. I think my life has been alot harder than your guys. FUCK YOU. HAve fun all you backstabbin fucks. Even if I rott in a cave by myself I'll still be better than you losers. If you guys think you are cooler than I am becasue you all sit around and do your shit...I really am poor and more ghetto than you. Not some spoiled ass from the sticks trying to be cool. You guys don't even know half the shit I know, and still I tried to love you guys and I don't know why. If I had half the shit and less the struggle like you than some of you I would be a fuckin milonnare. I know you guys think I'm too nice and all this stuff. I am a worse fucking bitch than you. I am a mean ass bitch and I'm alot more cunning than you and alot more evil than you think. Fact is I could talk some real fucking shit on you guys if I felt like it. But you know what adois' and leave me the fuck alone like you'v been doing. Have fun with the real fuckin' psyhco whino fuckin sex freak. I hope your kid grows up to be an ugly stupid moron,after all even still I have people trying to tell me about you like I give a fuck after a million years. Well thats what they all say about your ugly your boring as a rock. Yeah! I bet so. You should be a gay porn star thats what good looking stupid people do. Don't open your mouth unless its for a cock, cause you guys all say that about each other too. I am so sick of hearing about it. I am so fucking sick to death of you people. If I half to hear your name come up again and have to listen to all the shit people think about you and how I would really get along with your wife I'm gonna puke. I don't know your wife at all I don't know you and you guys are really needing to shut your mouths I don't like any of you guys anymore I'm sure you don't care anyway. I don't care if I die alone and miserable beacsue I got born in the wrong state. You guys will lay down when the shit hits the fan and don't come to me fucks.

Rejection 56

I don't know anything more painful than being rejected by someone. For some reason this seems to be a theme in my life and I am about goddamned sick of it. I am sick of caring whether or not someone likes me back or not. I think I have some fucked up psychological issues (obviously!) but right now I'm just pissed off that I am so depressed about feeling rejected. The latest rejection having to do with meeting a "supposed" friend of mine last Friday night. He calls, invites me to this bar. I even talked to him en route to the bar. I pull in about 10 minutes after the last conversation and voila, his car is gone and so is he. Poof-- disappeared into thin air. AND he turns his fucking cell phone off to boot. Unbelievable. Now, the history with this guy is that I (unbeknownst to him) have had a huge crush on him for the past five years--we've been friends on and off--we go thru periods where we don't talk or hang out and then we start talking again and hanging out. He has a strong history of blowing people off out of the blue with no explanation, but I (stupidly) never thought that I would be the victim this time. So I emailed him a few times wondering why, blah blah you think he even had the common decency to give me a fucking explanation? Fuck no. So now not only did I GET blown off at a bar, I am GETTING blown off on the fucking email too!! Goddammit man--I just want an explanation. Yeah yeah, I know---just let it go and go on. Well, I try to ignore it but I am getting fucking OBSESSED with it and its driving me fucking insane. Not only am I pissed off because I got/am getting blown off, I'm pissed off for feeling pissed off and now I'm getting pissed off because its so fucking depressing. Why am I such a weak fuck to get sucked into this sea of retarded juvenile behavior? I can't stand it. I check my goddamn email every five minutes to see if theres any response, I check my cell phone to see if theres any call. I feel like someone blasted a hole in my chest with a shotgun. Is it any wonder that a scorned lover is your worst enemy??

R.S. in Columbus, Ohio 57

Thanks a lot motherfucker for inviting me out on Friday night to a bar and then LEAVING before I get there and turning off your cell phone. You fucking asshole. You are a twisted, mannerless, ingrate poseur who needs their ass kicked--by a woman. You treat good women like shit and treat all the trashcan sluts like princesses. You can't even stay and have a few drinks with me--when you are the DICK that invited me lets not forget, but you can keep going back with "little girl" everytime she flat out cheats on your sorry, pussy ass. You have zero spine or opinion of your own. You are uneducated and your "artistic" talent is non-existent. Who cares if you designed the company logo and everyone creamed their pants about it--thats just b/c you work with a bunch of stupid, untalented dolts--not hard to look good in that environment. Thats why you stay there. Because you are a lazy piece of shit. Its too bad a large penis was wasted on you. I hope it rots off from all the disease I am sure "little girl" will pass onto you. You are a complete social retard--you live in your own version of reality where consideration for other people is not an issue. Its all about you. How dare you leave me at some bar I've never even been to in a shithole part of town. FUCK YOU RIK.

My former best friend 58

That I have been there for her for 2 1/2 years whilst she has suffered domestic abuse, and now she is still back with him after another violent incident and has turned abusive to me. Everything that is wrong with her is my fault and I have to keep out of her face. I twist everything round and of course she does nothing wrong. Best of all - I have used her but funnily enough not the other way round. I am so drained of the emotional support I have given her to be told all this is gutting me. She was very angry too and it's not surprising given where she has been for the past 2 1/2 years. But I just want to say thank you for allowing me to publicly declare my anger. I deserve to be treated better than this.

Inconsiderate Friend 59

I am angry because I invited you to share in a moment that was special for me, my family and my friends and you overshadowed it by bringing up something of the past that could compromise my future happiness. If you needed to direct my attention to some feeling you had, you could have done so in private. I am really angry that you came to my wedding and expressed your feelings in that way, even though only you and I knew to read between the lines. Only you and i knew what your expression meant!! I am still very angry! Because you made me doubt whether I had gotten over you. And that was very UNFAIR!!

thieving/deceiving "Friend" 60

Ever have a friend that steals from you, then lies about it to your face after you've caught her red-handed? To get back at you because shes so embarrassed, she decides to call your current boyfriend and spill secrets about your past lover while at the same time telling him and others that she has a video of you and the ex doing the deed. Pretty harsh. Try losing a bestfriend and a boyfriend whom you loved more than anything, within the same week. a year and a half later , and I can still rage because I'm left with the question of, What the heck did I ever do to you?

Going back on what you believe 61

I am fucking angry at my friend because she gave in to something she was really opposed to because she was tired of being the good girl. That is a bullshit fucking reason and gave the establishment what they wanted all along. Fuck.

My backstabbing "friend" 62

I am so fucking fed up with jealous, immature girls. Don't get the wrong idea...I am a girl myself. Not a petty one. Well i am shy ok! Whatever! So i have a flaw. JUST ONE FLAW. I'm working on it!!! Should i kill myself just because i'm SHY?! IS IT THE END OF THE WORLD? NO! Still my friend harps on it like CRAZY . Everyone likes me , and the attention hungry UGLY SLUT can't understand why! Well MAYBE it's cause i'm pretty, nice and LOYAL! She takes advantage of my only weakness and the sad fact is that i HAVE to bear with her for the next 2 months!
I am gonna rip her apart after 2 months!! I did whatever i could (turned her friend against her & all that) but i'm still SO ffffucking MAD!

Fucked up ex-friend 63

Eight years ago I used to be friends with this stupid bitch. I'll call her "Kristina". She was hands-down, the worst "friend" I ever had. She was one of those toxic friends. She always belittled me in front of other people and when we were alone. She was fucking bossy as hell. And she would steal my things. One time she stole my Mariah Carey cd, even though she had her own fucking copy of the same cd. I guess she thought she lost hers so she took mine to replace it, the cunt rag.

This girl had obvious self-esteem issues, that's why she always criticized me and belittled me, to make herself feel better. And god, was she needy! She was always coming to my work trying to talk to me while I was working. She'd come over to my house uninvited all the time. One time she came over and barged into the bathroom while I was taking a shower and tried to rip the shower curtain off. She was so fucking immature. She had a younger brother who was just as annoying as she was. And god was she ugly! She looked like a man in drag! She was tall, like 5'7 at 16. She had scraggly, thin, badly bleached blond hair, no ass (her ass looked like a damn pancake), she didn't know how to do her make-up, she looked like Alabama trailer trash. Oh, and since her butt was non-existant, she always talked about getting a pair of padded underwear to fill it out. And her family was racist. To rebel against this, she'd date nothing but black guys. And she'd try to act black by talking in slang. And she was so spoiled! She always wanted her way whenever she hung out with me. One time she was over and my mom was studying for a test. Kristina kept bugging me to go ask my mom for a ride to the mall, even though I really didn't want to go anywhere, and even though my mom was busy studying and I didn't want to bother her. Ugh, she was so annoying!

And she was cheap as shit. She was so stingy and cheap. She always wanted gas money out of everyone, even out of this one girl we hung out with, even though the girl had no job and no money. One time Kristina and I went to a fast food place and Kristina ordered some stuff for herself. Then she turns to me and asks, "What do you want?" I assumed she was treating and I wasn't terribly hungry so I meekly said, "Oh, just a 59 cent burrito". And she's all, "Um, I'm not paying for it." I was SO EMBARRASSED! Fucking tightwad. She couldn't buy me a 59 cent burrito?! Look at all the shit I did for her! So I ended up getting nothing to eat and she sat there and ate her whole meal in front of me. She should be so ashamed of herself!

Stupid loser friend 64

She is soo darn annoying! She can't even take a cab on her own and then she acts like she's very then says i don't know how to get any place...W-T-F!
That's why i'm not picking you up anymore BITCH . Next time be greatful if anyone gives your sorry ass a ride. Stupid, ungreatful, pathetic, cowardly cunt.

Fucking ditcher 65

me and one of my best friends used to hang out all the time and have a great time we wouldnt really make plans we would just hang out and whatever we did was always fun until this one week for like 6 days she stayed at her other friends house and suddenly she ahd no time for me ..she suddenly stopped calling me and when we actually made plans she never showed up and when i called her about it she told " oh i forgot " but then it turned into "im to tired" she couldnt have called me and told me i wouldnt have been left stranded because she was also my ride...being forgotten really made me feel good and when we talked about it she admitted to being a bitch for ditching me but a few days later she told me she ditched me for her boyfriend that she magically got 5days earlier...what gets me the most is that she didnt even tell me about her boyfriend i found out from someone else..and now for some reason shes lashing at me for getting mad at her ..she told me that she cant spend ervey singl secong with me and i understand that but being toatlly cut of for almost a week is not cool;..... and now she wants to hang out becase she feels bad but im to fucking angry to ....FUCK YOU

Lisa and Frank 66

I'm not sure whether or not I'd call these people "friends". My husband has known Lisa since high school, and they were posted at the same naval base several years ago (she was still single at the time). Well, here recently we ran into her back where we live, both out of the Navy, and she's now married and has children (and one on the way). She and my husband exchanged phone numbers, and we've gotten together with them on a couple of occasions so far. Now, these people are happy and generous, but I have serious problems with general personality issues (and probably emotional issues to boot).

First: They're BAD PARENTS. We invited them to our house one day, and my house is not childproofed. It hasn't been since my daughter was a baby. Well, they came and let their kids destroy the house with nary a 'no' in sight. No sense of discipline at all. This makes me ANGRY.

Next: Lisa could NOT remember my name to save her soul. I have a fairly simple name, not common but not UNcommon, but she kept calling me by a different name; so much so that she actually had the audacity to ask if she could call me by this different name because she can "remember it better" (this different name had a FULL EXTRA SYLLABLE!!!!). This also makes me ANGRY.

Third: Frank is either the greatest bullshit artist who ever lived, or he's a compulsive liar. Either way, I find it difficult to associate with people like that, because I never know if the next thing going to fly out of their face is the truth, or just another bullshit lie. I abhor compulsive liars.

Fourth: They're receiving food stamps and WIC illegally. Frank has a 2nd income they're not reporting to the government in order to receive food stamps and WIC. My daughter's medicaid, which I'm receiving LEGALLY, has been investigated 3 TIMES by the state, yet they've never once been investigated for defrauding the GOVERNMENT. And then Lisa tells me I SHOULD DO THE SAME! FUCK THAT!

GOD I HATE THESE PEOPLE!!!! Okay, so maybe hate is a strong word, but I can't stand to be around them! AAAAAAGH!! Still trying to figure out how to tell my husband I do not want to associate with these people anymore, especially as generous as they've been. But that makes me think more.... Are they being generous to try to bribe us into friendship? I don't think they have any other friends, at least not locally. God these people suck.

Asinine Friend 67

I've been friends with this one person for a very long time. The problem with him, however, is that he's an arrogant, vain, little bitch. If you don't do everything that he would do, your an instantaneous piece of shit in his eyes.

Whenever I tell him I play video games or when I talk about video games, he looks at me like I just said I fuck donkeys in the ass (no pun intended). He thinks he's so much more superior than everyone else. I remember when I was playing video games with him one time, I asked him how to do stuff in the video game. He gave me the biggest rash of shit and acted rude as all fuck. Ya, no wonder you don't like video games: it brings out the worst in you.

The little disgusted face he makes, whenever what you're doing isn't pleasing him, pisses me off. He thinks he's such hot shit. EVERYTHING is such a competition for him, some of them reaching the absolutely inane. This is probably because he feels insecure cause he's a short little prick.

I remember in the beginning of the school year, when we had history class, whenever he got a better score than me he would rub it in my face. Later in the school year, when I started getting the highest scores in the class, he got all "Who the hell cares?" on me. Well obviously you do moron cause you're a little arrogant twat whenever you do well.

He's a little vain prick that just pisses me off. Unfortunately I'm a person that doesn't cling on to anyone, and considering he's one of my better friends, won't do so for him. He's constantly doing stuff with other people and never invites me. Although I wouldn't want to be around him and his other friends because their candy ass tools and assholes. I hope he drags his head out of his ass at some point, as many people have told him to do.

fake people 68

People get on my fucking nerves. There are people who are supposed to be my friends, but they keep on hurting me deliberately. They say and do things to piss me off. sometimes i jus want to scream or tear their hair out. anytime i say things i want to do, they beat me and do it. I have now learnt not to tell anybody anything, they will turn it round and try to beat you. No wonder i don't have friends, people in general get on my fucking nerves; they should be wiped off the planet.

My supposed 'friend' has beat me at something and she doesnt stop throwing it in my face. She's a sly one, she doesn't do it directly to my face. She will tell someone in front of me how she has accomplished this and that. she jus doesnt stop talking.

I really wish i cud explain it in more detail, but shes very inquisitive and if I post anything more revealing, she will pick it up. She's a manipulative bitch who acts like she's sooo nice. It makes me wanna puke.

my fukin ex best friend 69

i am so dam mad cause i told my friend that i like this guy and the next thing she goes off hitting on him. all my friends hate her.she always backstabs. and she took away two of my boyfriends i am so happy shes leaving

Supposed Friends 70

Ive been friends with this girl for 5 years now...we were like best friends all last year. We get to highschool and shes fine, all of a sudden she starts being a bitch to me....i let her copy homework, cheat of my tests. Today i ask her for an answer on a test so i dont fail..her response was "i know the answer i just dont wanna tell you...i was like WTF. I asked the kid right near her for the answer and as hes about to tell me, she sais "dont tell him i dont want him to do better than me"..all i had to say was wow....

The same kid i asked the answer for... who ive also known for a while, is being a fake ass bastard just to impress this girl..So my 2 best friends are being assholes to me.. I really wish it wasnt illegal to walk up to somebody and punch them in the face

Bully uk 71

I'm so angry with you for hurting her, she did nothing to any of you but you had to keep on at her, taunting her, making her think she was worthless.

The worst day of my life was getting that call telling me what she'd done. My little sister was a wonderful, loving person, she shouldn't have been treated like this. No-one should ever be subjected to the riddicule you put her to.

I'm angry with you for making her think that taking her life was the only way out of this. & I'm angry with myself for not being there to help her. You took my baby sister away from me, my darling, darling little sister. Some of you had been her friends, why did you do it? I'm more angry than I know how to handle, I'm even angry with her for leaving us like this & not telling any of us what was going on. But no most of my anger is aimed at the 6 COWS who seemed to make it their mission to make my little sisters life a living hell. How could you be so evil towards her?

my best friend 72

because she uses everyone around her and when she is done with then she just throws them away! why it has taken me 7 years to realize this i will never quite understand, but i hope one day she wakes up and realizes that almost everyone doesn't like her anymore and maybe that will reform her ways. please god, get to her before an angry man does.

"friends" 73

Here she is emailing her shit and I'm all, blah blah blah. She needs a good kick in her ass. And if she pisses me off even more I swear I'm going over to her house right now and give her an ass whipping! And I sent her a song called I Hate you, and you know what that little bitch ahd the nerve to do? Say I am childish! I least I don't act like a 23 year old stripper! GRRRRRR

And just becasue I am a month younger then her, that still doesn't mean I can't go to jail for kicking her sorry lieing ass! She keeps saying the same old shit line over and over and fucking over again! "ooh get a life waaah waah waaaaah!" You know what, Box-Mouth, FUCK YOU!!! AND BY THE WAY, YOU NEED TO LEARN HOW TO SPELL YOU WHORE!!!

Bad Friend 74

When no one liked my friend lets call her bitch, I was there for her i was the only one who would even talk to her. Now she acting like she's better than me when everyone is make fun of my big boobs she joins in with them. That pisses me off because I always stick up for that bitch. Now i'm leaving for Chicago in 6 days and i every time a call to see if she wants to hang out she doesn't answer. I've only talk to her once since school ended and that was a MONTH ago. Trust me if you every she meets this bitch you'll know that she is a spoiled stuck up motherfucking hoe.

Friends 75

With a "friend" like you, who the hell needs enemies, right? I'm sick to death of fair weather friends. Act like you're my best fucking friend one minute, then the next be a complete dick because you THINK I LIKE somebody more than you? What the hell is up with that? Move into my house, take up my space, eat my food, use my stuff, and then go around talking shit about me and my husband because you don't like the way we live? THEN YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE MOVED IN, YOU DUMB FUCK. I'm glad you're gone, I'm glad you're out of my life, and I'm glad I never have to deal with your rancid attitude again. You quit your job with a nocall noshow and then you have the audacity to call ME immature because I'm pissed off at you for being a dick? Well you know what buddy? If your friends could only hear the shit you say about them behind their backs, you'd be homeless in a fucking heartbeat. Not to mention the fact that you're a liar and a thief. Nobody would want to associate with you anymore. It's no damn wonder your mom won't take you in, you two faced sonofabitch. I hope your friends finally realize just exactly what sort of "friend" you are, and sooner than I did. The fewer people you associate with, the better. FUCK I'm angry.

Loser Friends 76

They have ruined my life I joined this group 2 years ago and I thought I was leader these faggots think otherwise. Yeah they seem to use for entertainment rather than just part of the group yeah and when I didn't want too you would annoy me until i did.

Then when school started again I had rage in my eyes from the abuse you bastards put me through and now yeah new members a few Who I Really consider true friends. All you ever want to do is smoke and tell me to go look out for you well tough I'm nt your watch dog.

One year earlier you only paid one visit to my house but I pretended I wasn't home so take a hike and don't come back. I also remember you guys saying we'll be at your house tonight yeah and you don't show up and time and time I give you guys my address and you forget are you guys that forgetfull.

Oh and I remember you all bumming money off of me like bums and you won't stop annoying me until one of you has a dollar in your hand I'm not that rich you motherfuckers especially that one annoying kid who I really hated who I'm glad left.

Now you all are ignoring everything I say and I half to listen to your bull shit stories that I don't want to hear you go to parties and never invite me (like I would want to go anyway) and think I'm retarded; now you have caused me to go even more beserk than I am all ready.

For months you've seen a different side of me i've came to school pissed off had rage in my eyes and ignore you all whenever you say hi to me (thats for ignoring me) and lied about my anger until I finally said I don't like you all no more get out of my life so you coninue to torment me calling me a retard,to one of you throwing a frosty at me, pissing me off in every way shape or form.

Then days later one of you guys apologizes (for nothing) and say be my bud again so I only held a temporary truce and are you sure your brother apologized for throwing a frosty at me well apology not accepted and to you fuck the truce i'm not your friend you and your brother can go masturbate with eachother and to the rest of the group you can kiss my ass (except some of who I still consider true friends and I know who I'm talking about) and when school is back im going to say this in capitals  FUCK YOU ASSWIPES I QUIT; SEE YOU IN HELL.

arrogance 77

Ok, I've got this friend, we've been friend for over 6 six years. The past few years he keeps getting more and more arrogant, and he is fucking good at it. Everthing has always got to be a competition with him. Me or none of our friends can relax around him, and if he loses at something, then there's ALWAYS A FUCKING EXCUSE. Like we used to run track in High school together, and out of our best times i beat him, and he has the nerve to say, well my knee was hurting really bad that day. He doesn't do it loud and obnoxious to where i can shut him up and tell him off, no he's subtle about it so if i do say anything then it will just make me look like an ass. and this is only an example. Then he is always wanting everybody to pay for him bc "he's in college, and can't handle a job." Well you know what mother fucker its the fucking summer get off your ass and off that computer and get one. You've only ever had one job and that's cause your fucking girlfriend's dad gave you one u lazy son of a bitch. FUCK YOU!!!

Friends 78

My friends are backstabbers. I had 3 "best friends". We went everywhere together. They preach about loyalty and honesty in friendships. HAH! I am in a relationship with a man 14 years older than me. Now don't get your panties in a wad, I'm already in my twenties. I confided in one of my "best" friends and told her not to tell the other girls until I have everything sorted out. I wanted to tell my parents in a calm sort of way. This dirty big mouthed whore go tells the other two "best" friends. I had no idea they knew, Finally, six months later, they confronted me about my relationship. Saying that "I needed help". I don't need any of their help! They proceed to threaten me about telling my mother. AHH! I HATE THEM! They lied to me for six months. I honestly believe that even if this wouldn't have happened, our friendship would have ended anyway. It's been a long time coming. They got angry at me and stopped talking to me. So I returned the favor. I think they finally missed me and they keep calling me. I finally answered the phone and they asked. "If you want us to step our of your life, we will." I said "YES!". PRAISE GOD ALL THE DRAMA IS OVER! DIRTY WHORES I HATE YOU!!!! GO GET PREGNANT! DON'T COME CRYING TO ME! I AM NOT GOING TO PAY FOR YOU ANYMORE, YOU BITCHES!

Ahh,I feel better.

A So Called Friend 79

I am not only angry I am hurt. I have (Had) a friend for 5 years now, who I have caught in many lies but always put it off as she is just trying to be better than others, then yesterday I talked to a mutal friend of ours who told me what all she had been saying about me and things she had lied to me about, I did not want to think it was true, then I called her last night and she picked up the phone and hung up on me, she thought the phone was hung up and I heard her bad mouthing me.I called her back and told her I heard what she said and I did not appreciate it.To my surprise she did not walk her kids to the bus stop this morning as she always does, maybe she knows she is busted!! I want nothing to do with her anymore. I am a grown woman, not a child for games.

"One On One" Friends 80

We all have one, and I am no exception. This friend is one cool cat when it's just the two of you. Like the Dynamic Duo, right? But get a bunch of friends around and WHAMMO!!! Suddenly the friend becomes an overbearing, highly opinionated, argumentative, worldly "I'm better than you" prick/cunt. I know people are different around others, but damn! Enough with the condescending down talk! Stop your goddamn high and mighty bullshit! And don't go bragging to other friends about how we shut down because you've "stole our thunder", or "took our spotlight"! And you damn sure better not bitch about how "we don't like to hang out with so-and-so"! It's because of the very same thing I am raging about! So shut the fuck up, keep it real, and stop acting like you're in high school again, fuckers!

Backstabbing friends 81

I'm angry at my "best friend", Renee. I've known her for 10 years and basically anything I can remember in my life includes her. Renee is like a sister to me, but over the last year she has changed dramatically and I can't do anything about it. She has turned into a total SLUT. She make's fun of me because I am careful with my relationships, and she tells me that because I choose not to have sex until marriage that I am weird and I will get no respect. It's like it annoys her that I am a virgin, and I have no idea why it would. She also had the nerve to tell me that I have no friends because I am so shy, YET I've had all of her friends come up to me and say that they only hang out with her because they like me. They DON'T like her. She has a huge ego. She saw another girl walk by in an outfit that she liked, this girl was pretty and everything, but she said, "I can't believe that she would wear that! It's MY fashion, I would look so much better in it than she would". The outfit that the girl was wearing was something that was thought of in the 80's... yet she think's it's HER fashion, like she owns it. I have actually heard her talk about me behind my back, but she says that I'M a backstabber.

Just because her mom had to work and couldn't take her shopping she tried to break her mom's wedding wine glasses, and burn her mom's wedding dress. She is SO SELFISH. Something that sent me over the edge happened today. Keep in mind I've had to deal with this girl's bullshit for 10 years. I was coming out of school, running 3 minutes late because my teacher was talking to me and wouldn't let me go. I ran outside while it was pouring down rain, and everyone tells me that she was looking for me. I spot her car and as soon as she sees me she zooms away. She knew that I had no other way home and that I was completely stranded. I'm so TIRED of her SHIT. I bottle up all of these emotions and pretty soon they are going to come out at the wrong time and I know that it will be something else that she does. She has a new boyfriend every single week and when she has one for the moment she pretends that she loves them and then dumps them a few days later... and she screws most of them. When she finds out that I like a guy she will find a way to try and date them and make me feel like shit about myself. I have no self-esteem because of this girl, and it is seriously effecting my life. She puts her boyfriends before me, and I MIGHT be able to understand that if she really did love or like them, but she just dates them to be popular. And I know eventually all of this will come back on her... I just don't know when. But when she needs someone to be there for her, I won't be. I've tried to be the best friend that I could be, but I can't do it any longer. I would say 10 years is enough time of trying. I can't take it anymore! I just need to vent and change my life.

friends 82

An am so damn angry when you do a lot for other bloody people like helping them out with money and jobs and then when you are busy or have no money the pricks they just continue going out and carrying on with there life and not given a shit about you and then they have a cry and wonder why your pissed off and that they are a good friend and will do anythin for ya wat a load of crap!!

Ex-friend 83

I am pissed off because I told a friend (or ex-friend) that I loved her and then she went to the cops, the bitch! She won't even speak to me now! Plus, she does all sorts of drugs, and she stole $600 worth of DVD's-- that's not even legal! I even reported her ass to the cops, and they won't do jack SHIT!

my loser friend(s) 84

That's it, bitches. I have had it with you. I am sick and tired of you stupid brain dead whores sucking the life force out of me. Pardon me for trying to get an education and trying to make something out of myself, something you little tarts wouldn't know anything about. News flash: just because I didn't shack up and make babies with every other guy on the planet does not make me a lesbian!!! It makes me smart and NOT desparate unlike two imbeciles I won't mention. Hasn't it ever occured to you that the reason I haven't spoken to you chicks in over five years is because I had had it up to here with being an unpaid taxi service and spineless whipping girl. You really want to be friends 'like we used to'? Try apologizing for some of the crap you put me throught when we were younger!! Accusing me of stealing? Talking about me behind my back? Trying to make me your prison bitch? Fuck you!! And no, I will not help you plan for your white-trash shotgun wedding. That dude will be gone long before whatever rugrat that has the misfortune of being your child is brought into the world - on our taxpayer money. That's right, because her other two illegitimate brats have 'special needs' and she's a single mother who couldn't find anybody with an IQ over 10 to save her life. I won't even get started on the other one, who's been 400 pounds since the day I've met her. She can't have a job because of her 'medical condition' and is on every gov't assistance program under the sun. Hey fatso, here's a hint - maybe if you stopped two huge blocks of cheese in one sitting you might not have a 'weak stomach' anymore!!! Maybe if just realized that her and her child are better off without that dipshit who's too remedial to get a job at McDonalds, things might be better. But what does this genius do? She meets some dingaling on the internet and of course starts 'dating' him and is now talking about moving to New Jersey (paradise!) when this winner completes his house arrest program. God forbid if I don't want to be around bottom feeders anymore!!! I am tired of wasting my life and they should be too. Stop calling me, stop whining to me how no one likes you, get off your asses, and stop sucking the life force out of me!!! I have had it!!!

Wow, I feel better. Thanks.

Annoying ass "friend" 85

AHH goddamn her! She is so damn popular with everyone, so i guess thats why she has a super inflated E-G-O. She judges people just be fucking appearance. She hates people whoare "shy" and "quiet". Why? Because they "annoy her", but apparently she has no problem copying homework from them. I tell my very good friends something, e.g., i joined sci olympiad, or the track team, she butts in, "EW, i HATE science nerds- they annoy the SHIT out of me-- or EW YOU could barely run a MILE... track is for people who KNOW HOW and WANT to run-- i HATE people like that, they should have the shit beaten out of them". Honestly! who asked HER? WHY is she constantly putting me down? and WHY is she always with my closest friends? Goddamit, she calls me a fucking loser for being straightedge- OH, MAAM, i'm SORRY i'm not a fucking pothead like you. Whatever i'm into, "EW, THATS DISGUSTINGLY ANNOYING". She always has a sarcastic remark for me. -____-; Please, will she ever learn to speak when spoken to? SHe ALWAYS argues with what i'm saying, treating me like she's SO MUCH SMARTER than i am, making up bullshit lies on the spot just to support her opinion. I can see her head inflating with every word she says. she's just-GAHH. Worst part: wherever i go, she's there. x___x;;

Friends (Yeah Right) 86

Well, let me start out with how most friends treat me. I cannot stand it whenever I'm in a good mood and they start ranting about how their life sucks and how pissed they are and treat me like I'm a dog. You know what? FUCK OFF! I DON'T CARE ANYMORE! Then acts all immature and dumb whenever I'M in a depressed mood. This is one of many reasons I am a misanthrope. Then another friend of mine (a very good friend) doesn't ever talk to me anymore. Like I no longer exist no matter how many time I try to talk to him. He's got NEW friends now, oh well. Another one acts like he's God's gift to the world, like he owns the moon and shit like that. Acts all rude and pissy with me, like he's so fuckin' tough because hes fuckin' LOADED! I wish I could hurt them, but it is against my beliefs. But I do know this: NEVER TRUST ANYBODY! NEVER TRUST ONE SINGLE HUMAN ON THIS PLANET! It can ruin your life, destroy it, and rub the shattered pieces in your face. I think I'll become a hermit. Thanks for your time, ANGER CENTRAL.

my friends 87

im so angry. and depressed. =( damn. my friends are ignoring me. i dont know why. i tried talking. it wouldnt work. i tried apologizing. it wouldnt work either. im so lonely. i dont know what the hell is wrong. im being ignored. help me. i cant stand this. this has been going on for days. i need firends. everybody needs friends. our clique is still standing. and im falling apart. its either they are not aware of it, of they dont care, or they just want me out of the clique ! RAH! please help me.

backstabber 88

I knew this boy. Who i didn't pay much attention to really. he's a "bigshot" but i didn't really care. One of my close friends had a creepy obsession with him. like had his stuff if she found it and would keep it. Yet she had a boyfriend. So one day he decided he wanted to talk to me, which i said was a huge problem because of my friend. and he knew was a huge probelm because of her and his bestfriend liked me. So we kept it a secret. I knew i should tell my frined even though she had a bf. But i was scared she would freak out because she was that obsessed. so i kept talking to him. but i told one of my frineds so it wasnt a complete secret. this frined i also made friends with my other friend that is obsessed with him. before i made them friends everyone hated her for some reason. but i thought she was nice and got everyone hang out with her. So the whole time i am talking to this boy. she knows. so one day he has a party and i cant go because noone knows about us. and he didnt want to tell anyone. i was just about ready to tell people i was sick of being some big secret. anyways he got really drunk and fucked my frined that is obsessed with him. so my friend that knows about all this calls me and tells me. 2 days later the bitch that has been there for me through all this shit. goes in his room for 2 hours with him at one of his parties and had a "talk" according to her they just talked about me and family and life. so the next day he suddenly doesnt want to talk to me anymore? after a month of talking and coming over and just spending time together and cuddling. just everything. i let it go. and say yeah i understand and we sort of stop talking. 2 days later i find out that friend that was theer for everything is STILL having these " life " convos with him. and talking on the phone? so now since everything was over with him i want my friend to know everything because it was a good time to tell her. right before i go to tell her that stupid backstabbing bitch runs to her and tells her everything liek in a big pitty trip like im soo sorry i kept it from you. i hate her. shes a fake bitch. it was myy job to tell my friend what happened. especially since they had only known eachother for 2 weeks and I made them friends. before i made them friends my friend hated that girl. now i know why everyone hated her before i made her friends. end of story is she is now still talking to the boy she stole from me. and has one of my bestfriends. why do the shitty people always win?? i cant wait for karma to bite her in the ass for putting me through this.

Friends 89

My friends I think are pretty good people. They're studious and have morals. The only thing that I can't stand is how they fall over boys. Everyday they find a chance to peek at their so called secret boyfriends and even aimlessly walk around to find them. I use to follow them but now I just can't stand it. I also hate how they always make stupid sexual jokes that hint something. They're always giggling over something stupid and I just stare at them. -__-

The phone call 90

So today I got a call from one of my best guy friends in Iraq. I'v barely talked to him in the 6 months hes been there, and yesterday was the first day he called me on the phone.

My friend in Iraq Sean calls me while I am heading to the post office, to mail my boyfriend a package, my boyfriend scott lives in florida. I was sending him something "just because" and was trying to show him I care. Me and sean are talking while I try to fill this package out. I think I have the adress wrong so i text scott asking him, h does the whole "why? you cant send me anything," deal... so i send him another saying seriously i need to know. still no real esponse so i need to call him, but i am talking to sean and i dont want to drop our call by mistakingly hanging up on him while i try to call scott. sean says not to worry about it, he will call me in two days. This makes me quite mad. I cal scott asking him, and he finally tells me. I said that I had to get off the phone with sean do call him, and asked why he didnt just tell me. He starts saying why didnt you ask him to call you back? what is army like prison, you only get one phone call?? Least to say I said he was being a dick. And took control of the situation saying "i'm not having this conversation with you right now, i will talk to you later.... bye." Now I am writing it on so I don't have to burden anybody with this lame excuse for a fight. The best part was though, after the fight since I was at the post office, I got to pay $8 to mail him something I made for him, and a book i thought he might enjoy. I was so close to walking out of there.

*Note from Anger Central
If your friend is in Iraq, we think he has other things on his mind right now, like not getting blown up or shot. Those men and women are dealing with major operations right now. They don't have time to deal with a spoiled self centered idiot like you. Why don't you grow up, write him a nice letter apologizing for being a complete ass and telling him to be very careful? If you are expecting any sympathy from Anger Central, you will have a very long wait. You were wrong.


because that goddamn fucker thinks its ok to fucking blow me off and completely disregard my fucking feelings. Everytime i fucking ask the fucker what the fuck hes doing, he just wont fucking answer me. that fucking dick! i dont know what the fuck i did wrong to make him fucking ignore me like this, and i dont even know why the fuck i should care. AAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!!!!!! FUCK YOU SETH!

*Note from Anger Central
Nice general rant. We had to guess where it belonged.

'Best' Friends 92

What the fuck?! I have two 'best friends' and they both lean on me for the stupidest shit! One (I'll call her 'N') gets fuckin' drunk then calls me wanting to give her sympathy. I don't give a damn if your drunk! She thinks that I will help her through EVERYTHING in her life. No, I won't. My other 'friend' if you could call her that is manic depressive. She goes from happy go lucky to pissed off for no reason. Who's she take it out on? Me! For crying out loud! Why do people take me as a pushover? Do I look like a pushover? God I hate confrontation.

Dumb Fuck 93

I'm angry at this one guy, who's my former friend's boyfriend. HE'S SUCH AN ASSHOLE. He's angry at ME cause his girlfriend and I kissed once, while they were dating, but she no doubt lied about the whole situation. It seems like he's ONLY mad at me. WHAT? What about your dumb cunt girlfriend who returned the kiss? How's it my fault?

She's the one who started the whole fucking thing. She's the one who invited me to visit her class, and practically splooged in her panties when she saw me enter. Then she brings me to the library to find some lame ass book. She acts all fucking affectionate, and what is the message I'm supposed to get from this? She was either on ecstasy or had the super hots for me, and, being someone who never had kissed a girl even though I'm 19, I thought this would be an ideal time to get it out of the way; it wasn't even that great. She even caressed my hands afterwards. How is it my fault this dumb bitch likes me?

Yet, she no doubt told him the story in such a way to make it look like I jumped on her. She's such an fucking snake, and this guy acts like I poisoned the town well. He gives me shitty looks, while hanging on to her like she's the cure for cancer. He either has no respect for himself, or that worthless bitch told him a lie. I'm just angry at both of these pathetic, delusional morons.

I feel like instigating a fight between me and the guy just so I can pound his fucking face in. I just want to choke him and take a dump on his unconscious body, then spit a nasty wad of snot in his girlfriend's face. They are such filth that the shit and snot would probably increase their total worth. These two people piss me off so much with their ignorance. They're so fucking smug too. I just want to bring them down to their appropriate level, as sewege. Both of these people are rotten to the core. ASSCLOWNS!

my best friend 94

i have known this girl since we were like 2. i've considered her my best friend ever since. But she is really smart, pretty, and runs track. And i am chubby with no special talents. i can deal with all the guys i like, liking her and all the flirting, even when she has a boyfriend. But up until late last year she didn't consider me her best friend. Her best friend was this complete bitch, who hated me ever since we met, it was obviously. Then she started to realize what a bitch she was so we kinda teamed up and told her off. then when i feel guilty and sort of apologize she yells at me and makes me unapologize. and then like 2 days later she apologizes and they are friends again. right. and whenever i try to tell her about my problems she'll just be like oh thats nice and change the subject to her. she isnt always like this. but when she is, it just makes me so angry.

"Friends" 95

These are friends? People who forget your birthday, email you with whines and drama? Or a "best friend" who does call, then whines and bitches about her work- on your birthday? Or who call on your birthday (by accident) to cry and carry on about whatever fucking drama they created? I'm so fucking sick of people making excuses to sit in their shit, who only want fuckall crap in their lives, won't do a damn thing to help themselves and think I'm gonna sit there and encourage their loser bullshit asshole tantrums and antics. If you try to steer them in any direction towards bettering themselves, there's a million excuses for them not doing it. And if they do one thing, and it doesn't work out, somehow it's YOUR fault! What a fucking nerve! I'm surrounded by selfish egotistical losers who can't get their heads out of their asses to give a flying fuck about anything but creating more drama!! Fucking Drama Addicts! I've had it with all of you! There have GOT to be people who don't only think about themselves and how they can fuck their own lives up more! And then come running to me, looking to fix you up so you can run out and do it again. All any of you are getting from me anymore is, "I don't know what to tell you," and, "Aw, too bad." I'm done. I'm done caring, I'm done helping, I'm done being sucked dry by all of you fucking vampires. Has it ever occurred to any of you that someone else exists, much less may need YOUR help? No, of course not. All you think about is your own stupid ass. You, you, you, is all that matters. Well good luck with yourselves cuz I'm done! Fuck off, the lot of you!

"friends" 96

Ah yes, my friends Yea there's a lot of good that comes from them, we do have our good times together and I do care about them, BUT there are certain qualities about them that PISS ME THE FUCK OFF TO NO END.

They always make plans, and want to do this, this and this, but when it comes down to doing it they either disappear for some stupid reason like "I'm in a shitty mood" or "i'm too tired", or they fuck around, Fuck Around and FUCK AROUND. If you want to do something, STICK TO IT AND FUCKING DO IT, AND DON'T FUCK AROUND ABOUT IT.

Most of my friends are girls who ALWAYS have to be in a fucking relationship, and throw themselves at every god damn pretty boy they meet through whoever. Christ, you're like a fucking horny schoolgirl with a crush. GROW UP. To top it off, most of said wonderboys turn out to be thugs, fuck-ups or jerks, and so they run to me to cry on my shoulder when the inevitable shit-hitting-the-fan happens. HERE'S THE SOLUTION: STEP ONE: QUIT THROWING YOURSELF AT EVERY FUCKING PIMP, BIKER, THUG, DRUGGIE, MUSICIAN, MISFIT, ETC YOU SEE. STEP 2: REALIZE THE WORLD WON'T END IF YOU'RE NOT IN A RELATIONSHIP. And while they're living their schoolgirl-ish fantasies, everyone else seems to take a back seat. I AM NOT GOING TO BE SIDE-LINED OR TREATED LIKE A THIRD WHEEL while you sit there all into your fucking boyfriends when show up on my doorstep and hang out for a few minutes or hours before running off with captain wonderboy. And another thing: Take your clingy, lovey bullshit ELSEWHERE. And then there's a (former) guy friend of mine (Read: FORMER) who pined and pined over some girl he was head over heels for and forever spewed off a bunch of sappy, hopeless romantic BULLSHIT about her. Just SHUT UP ALREADY! Note to ALL my friends: If you're in a relationship, STAY AWAY, MOTHERFUCKERS. Oh, and when your life is in such a state of chaos that you need to live on my couch, a relationship is at the BOTTOM of your priorities. Also note I am NOT letting you live with me free of charge to chase pecker. Do that shit on your own time out of your own home.

They also know it's stressful for me to be with a group, but despite that they proceed to visit with every Tom, Dick and Jane when we go out or bring their dumbfuck friends or whatever horndogs were chasing them at some bar back to MY HOME. Fuck I hate people with social butterfly tendencies.

And another thing: RETARDED ASS ADVICE. KEEP IT TO YOURSELF. I am not going to pick up and move to another city on the other side of the country because there's better wages (or fucking night life), I am NOT interested in your moronic easy money schemes, and you're not a psychologist or a lawyer so don't even think about acting like one.

There is numerous other things that they do which grinds my gears but this is enough for now.

Annoying Friend/Lab partner 97

What. The. Hell. So I met her a couple months ago from my science research program. She seemed pretty cool, you know. Funny, friendly... whatever.

Then, slowly I realized that she didn't take ANYTHING I said seriously.

I constructively criticize her hypothesis, and it's not like i tore it apart. No, I pointed out ONE major flaw which would fuck up our experiment. She said "*sigh* it doesn't *matter*!", with a tone of mixed exasperation and disdain at me for being a dumbass. Well guess what, honey. I WAS FUCKING RIGHT. If you only LISTENED to me we wouldn't have FUCKED UP OUR EXPERIMENT, AND ONLY GOTTEN OFF WITH A FUCKING B-. GOD she makes me feel like a dumbass. I look forward to the day when I never have to work with her. I'm at my worst when paired with her.

She's always teasing me about the smallest shit, not taking me seriously. I can tell she thinks I'm the biggest idiot. It's like EVERYTHING I say is stupid, she always has to tear apart every little thing I say. For her, it's always "stupid", or "dumb", or "makes no sense". I'm either "cheap", or "lazy", or "wow, that sucked". Honey, you don't know shit about me. I fucking win competitions. I'm a fucking published writer. DO NOT put down my talents. NO ONE ELSE DOES THAT. WHY? BECAUSE NO ONE ELSE IS SO FUCKING SELF IMPORTANT. WHY WHY WHY IS EVERYTHING SO "STUPID" FOR HER? MY PIANO TEACHER, THE NICE FOLKS WHO PICKED ME FOR A $1000 Of AN ESSAY CONTEST, THE PEOPLE THAT BUY MY ARTWORK DON'T SEEM TO THINK I'M A LOSER. SHUT THE FUCK UP, YOU UGLY WHITE BITCH. GO GET SOME FUCKING TALENTS OF YOUR OWN, YOU HACK. YOU NEVER SEE *ME* PUTTING YOU DOWN EVERY SECOND. I DON'T THINK ITS FUNNY. FUCK. YOU.!

Fat Friend 98

Okay, let me start off with my so called "Friend" called Matt, he weighs 408 pounds, AND I'LL TELL YOU WHY I'M SO DAMN ANGRY ABOUT THIS...Okay, when I first met him, he seemed to nice, once December came he invited me to his birthday party. He had 2 boxes of pizza and his friends were all BIG, I mean, not nearly his weight but, dang, He never lets me come to his house because he says "I dont want my friends to hurt you for the wrong reasons, sorry." And I know just the reason, It's because I'm not fat, I KNOW thats the reason because I've known him for 2 years and NOT ONCE invited me to his house, and he tells me "My other friends are over at my house right now, so you can't come" This really pisses me off.

And I really dont like this, just because IM NOT FAT doesn't mean my "friend" Matt has to keep acting like I dont exist outside of school, I am furious about this, AND HE HAS THE NERVE to ask me to carry his FAT chair to fit his ass TO THE OTHER CLASS ROOM ACROSS THE SMALL SCHOOL I GO TO, EVEN THOUGH HE KNOWS MY LEG HURTS, then he laughs about it later, and my teachers are on his side, so I found this website and I said "Oh thank god, I can rant about the people and things I hate, this is my new journal!", AND GET THIS, I let him borrow Kingdom Hearts, he takes it for 1 WEEK and says "Ohh, I forgot to play it, you can have it back." I opened the case and the disk was in the exact same position it was in before, AND he tells me "I'm guna get my own copy."...Many many many weeks pass and he still doesn't have the game, now to me I OFFERED to let him borrow it and he has the nerve to ::Forget to play it::, that is complete bullshit, he tells me "The reason why I'm so big is because this girl in the 3ed grade broke my heart"...My face was red as hell, that has GOT to be the stupid most fuckin retarded reason I have HEARD from ANY fat person, I've HAD IT WITH THIS GUY.

I'VE HAD IT, AND I'M NOT GETTING MYSELF PLUMP JUST TO HANG OUT AFTERSCHOOL WITH HIS FAT ASS, It's proposterious and I cannot stand him, I mean this, I hope he chokes on a creamfilled donut and his greasy pizza he eats every day, I thought of him as a friend and now I'm screaming mad crying because I thought he was the only kid to understand how I feel and what I'm going through in life...Apperently not, so I stopped talking to his smelly ass, he has pissed me off to the point of no return.

Thank you for reading this rant, I'm sure something similar to this has happened to other people, thanks, bye.

*Note from Anger Central
We changed the title a bit to fit in with this section better. The Angry Webmaster

My friend, and a girl 99

The fucking girl that I literally "Love" slept with my friend. Wtf! She didn't tell me this, my best friend did. Im soo fucking pissed!She tried to hide it from me, and we still hang out, she acts like nothing happened.. Fuck it!

My stupid friends 100

I have two friends who are dating, and they want me to drive them around while they make out. Then they get angry when I don't want to hang out with them. Then they lie and say that they wont make out anymore, but they do any way. The guy also got a hand job and a blow job in my back seat.

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