fat slobs 1

I've had it with fat asses, everywhere I look there's always some 2 ton balloon hobbling their big lazy triple-ass in "skin tight" pants!! It's revolting. No, bitch you're not "booty-licious" and you sure as hell don't look fine. You look like you should be air dropped into a third world country and used as blubber to keep people warm! Where do you come off as being people, anyways? The smallest percentage of fat people are like that for LEGITIMATE reasons. The rest have nothing to blame but their gluttonous, fat asses.

Your fat ruins this world, you boost taxes with your disability claims, you consistently waste TONS more resources than the normal person, and you're ALWAYS bickering about unfair treatment! Shut up! You know what's unfair? Watching your BALLOON 70 GALLON ASS yell and scream like a baby about things you somehow deserve! And maybe the next time one of you massive whales decide to sign up at my gym, maybe you should consider staying there for more than 11 minutes and never showing up again!

I hate you fat pigs


I'm angry at the fat people who call me anorexic just because I'm skinny. It's not my fault I'm skinny and you aren't. If i was freaking anorexic I wouldn't have any definition or muscles on my body. It's not my fault that you have fat rolls on your thighs or that you can't see your feet. By the way way if I was anorexic I would get help and listen to what my doctor said just like you should when your doctor tells you to stop shoving food in your mouths and get some exercise. And if you are so adamant about telling everyone being fat is a disease then go get some freaking help. Find out why you eat so much food and don't exercise then fix that stupid problem. So before you go telling me I have a problem, which by the way I don't my doctor tells me I'm very healthy, go fix your own. Do it with a dietitian or a therapist I don't care just stop blaming me for my nonexistent problem and see your own.



Fat people 4

I fucking hate fat people. I have a roommate who is 5'1" and I'm 5'9". Whenever we go clothes shopping together, I would try out something that's my size, like it, and then buy it and bring it back home. I wear a size 2 and apparently, she says she wears the same size too. But she is totally lying, that bitch weighs more than me!! Anyway, today I bought a cute pair of jeggings and they were a bit tight on me so I was planning to return them. I left them out on my chair and then my fat ass roommate stretched them the fuck out and now they're fucking like sweat pants. GOSH!!! That's $20 wasted. Fucking fat ass, if you don't fit, then don't try to wear it!!

Fat Fucks 5

This rant is just like a lot of the others on this site - all the time you see and/or hear about these fat hunks of shit that somehow find the time to stuff their fuckin' faces full of food and wash it down with oh-so-healthy diet Dr. Pepper or whatever the fuck. Yeah, like a two liter of diet Dr. Pepper is going to balance out the king-sized Mickey D's number two combo you ordered. Fuckin' lardasses.

The other day I was at the Super Wal-Mart (of course) with my buddy and we saw this heifer of a lady riding around on one of those motorized carts that people with disabilities should be riding, not Lardy McFatasses. She had about eight inches of ass-fat hanging off of either side of the seat. I was surprised it could hold her considerable girth. I bet if it could have talked, it would have been screaming, "Get the fuck out of me, lady, you're killin' me!"

G**damn, people, being so fucking fat you can't walk more than fifteen feet without fighting for your next gasp of air is just plain fuckin' pathetic. It also pisses me off. If these fat fuckin' fucks would GET THE FUCK UP OFF THE COUCH AND GO DO SOME G**DAMN EXERCISE or at least PUT THE MUNCHIES DOWN, OR BETTER YET THROW THEM ALL AWAY AND SPEND SOME MONEY ON FOOD THAT IS GOOD FOR THEM AND NOT JUNK, then they wouldn't be in this situation.

And they always have their excuses in their pudgy hands. "Uh, I got a thyroid problem, durr...." or "Oh, it runs in my family." Right, so you're descended from a race of fatasses? Surely to God they're not all as big as you. If so, that gives your family name a real nice shiner.

My brother's girlfriend is a lardass. Sorry, but dammit all, she is. The other day it was really hot here in my neck of the woods, like 88 degrees, so of course she had a pair of ass huggers and a pink sleeveless shirt on. It was not a pretty sight. I could hardly stand to look at her. I don't say that to be hateful, I don't say ANY of this to be hateful, but fuck, man, if you're so fucking fat you have jelly rolls hanging out at the bottom of your shirt, or your shoulders look like you have a couple bags of cocaine strapped to them, THEN IT'S A BIG (FAT) PROBLEM. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

I should also say that, hell no, I ain't no perfect human being. I'm about 5'10", 130 lbs, so no I'm not big. I'm the exact opposite of a lardass, I'm a skinny ass. I have no problem admitting to this. Which brings me to something else I don't like: Fatties that will not admit to, under any circumstances, that they are fat. They're either chubby, curvy, or plus-sized. Bullshit. Fuck's sake, people, if you're 5'6" and weigh 265 lbs, like a certain someone I know, YOU. ARE. FAT. Admit to it, deal with it, do something about it.

That is all.

Fat People 6

okay well theirs this girl at my school who thanks she is a size 2 whn more lik 22. she always putting on the too little fuckn clothes like eww.... enstead of a 3x she put on a LARGE shit its disgusting lik really.... Then she where's a size 11 shoe i see here big ass feet smashed up in them to little shoes having them shits leaning on boths side's. SMH!!!!! all i gotta say is bitch bye some bigger clothes cuz your swag not ugly bu their are bigger clothes made for you bigg girls thats not so fuckn bad... dnt watch wat the skinny bitches where gosh yuh make tht shit look reeall fuckn nasty=(


fat people 7

First off: dont get me wrong, I believe that all people, fat people included, deserve respect because theyre human too. BUT I HAVE TO RANT. Anyone on the internet these days has probably heard of the Fat Acceptance, or FA, movement. It basically tells people that its PERFECTLY FINE to remain fat and obese, that you can be healthy at any size (total bullshit!), and cheers on anyone who has the guts to post a picture of their fat ass on the internet, praising their "amazing confidence". Fuck that. Promoting obesity and fatness in general is equatable to the just-as-unhealthy online community of pro-ED thinspo. The motto of the FA movement must be "Ignorance is Bliss!" because they seem to be completely content stuffing their faces while claiming that theyre in great shape, they enjoy excersize, eat healthy, ect. Im callin' bullshit on that one. Oh and on a sidenote, I swear to fucking god if I hear another person say, "Marilyn Monroe was a size 16, and she was a beautiful sex icon! OMG WHATS HAPPENED TO SOCIETIES BEAUTY STANDARDS?!?1? BIG IZ BEAUTIFULL!!~*~*", I'm gonna scream. These people really dont seem to understand that the clothes size number system has changed since Marilyn Monroe's day...a size 16 in her day is a modern day size 8. Get it through your fucking heads, people.

One of my good friends who also happens to be fat has recently become involved in the FA movement (can you really even call it a movement when it only exists on the fucking internet???). I recently went over to his house for dinner, and it became obvious why he, along with most of his family, was fat: a quick look through his kitchen explained that. And I sure as hell know he doesnt get any exercise. I KNOW he could lose the weight. I KNOW he could do it the healthy way, and I KNOW he would look so much better if he lost 100 pounds. Im angry at the FA movement for telling all fat people to sit comfortabley and ignorantly with their weight no matter what, that they dont ever need to change. WRONG. They say that they exercise, eat right, claim "but im naturally this fat! i was born this way!" when in reality, no fucking body is naturally obese, and only a small percentage of you fat people claiming to have "health issues" are being honest. The rest of you have no excuse. Yes, you would ABSOLUTELY look better if you lost the weight, im almost certain that its a fucking fact that if you got rid of your double chin and jelly rolls, all you fat people would be attractive. Double chins and jelly rolls are unpleasent to look at. Rant over. DAMN THAT FELT GOOD :)

Fat people 8

My sister in law hates me. Why do you ask? Because I weigh 105 pounds and she weighs 325 pounds.

I tried being nice to her but she hates me. I have been treated like shit my entire life for being a skinny girl. I was always underweight. Guess who treated me like shit? Fat people. The same people who act like they get bullied for their weight bully people of the opposite spectrum. It drives me mad. Lose some weight and do not treat me like garbage because you can not keep your eating in check. If you are naturally fat you can exercise and maintain. You don't have to be tiny like me. Overweight is okay. OBESE IS NOT! Be nice. Here's your reality check.

Fat People 9

Okay so I found this website by typing in "why can't i find any damn information about health online that isn't about all you fat bitches and bastards that just whine and whine about being so FUCKING fat. Just go die already and get the bloody hell off the internet" Into google.

I don't have anything against overweight people specifically, the same philosophy I apply to them as I do everyone(myself included) Everyone's entitled to screw up their life whatever way they want. What makes me angry is when their self-life-screwing gets in MY WAY.

I am offiical sick to death of hearing about fat people, about the global problems of obesity, about how *I* can't eat what *I* want cos it's now gone and replaced with "healthier" food. Well guess what, for me, less calories isn't healthier, cos I'm thin not fat and I don't care that you are, I know I'm selfish, I should concider others more, but when I can't turn on my computer without seeing pictures of fat people and add's for weight loss and can't turn on the TV without seeing fat ppl crying and running and can't go anywhere without hearing people moan and moan about needing to loose wieght, then really WHY SHOULD I CARE!

Maybe the only thing worse is ppl who aren't fat but are always dieting. I mean what the hell, I had a friend once who was always trying to cut down on what they eat, and It's so annoying, and I have to put up with it cos it's aways girls my age and I just want to shove food in their mouths cos no matter how much you say "I'm not anerexic" you stil need to eat and no matter how fat you thin you are you're not!

I personally don't care what I eat, I eat whatever and I have always looked fabulous and thin, i suppose im lucky or somthing, but It also means that I have no sypathy for all the calory counting, weight loosing or not weight loosing-but-still-in-my-way-and-taking-up-more-space people out there.

I don't care how you slowly kill yourself, smokers can polute the air just so long as it's not MY AIR and the same goes for fat ppl, I don't want to here about it, I don't want my life to be affected by it, and if you have the nerve to get your life in my way and openly not care about it you will see what kinda phyco I become when ppl piss me off.

Ironically you will also see what kinda phyco I become If you say anything hurtful to my younger sister regarding her weight. She's my little sister and It's my job to hunt down the people that hurt her and kick their stupid bitch asses.

Fat People 10

Fat People it's easy to see why no one likes you because all you do is take up space in the world and are just nasty pieces of human waste. You do nothing but complain about your weight rather than go on a diet, you think McDonalds and Burger King is on the food guide pyramid for you instead of eating soups and salads, also you CAN fucking walk stop trying to make so many goddamn excuses walk your fatasses.

Fat Lazy Mothers make me angry because they would rather sit on their lazy asses all day and watch tv, expect's the Father to raise the kids by himself and make dinner and worst the kids go out all over the streets and can very well get in trouble and the fat mother could care less. To all fat Mothers why even have a kid if your too lazy to raise it also make your own goddamn food or fucking die you lazy fat cow bitch.

Also Fat people who drive pisses me off because mostly in Kentucky Fat People don't give a shit about anyone else on the road they just want to find the closest fast food restraunt to shove more pounds of food up their fat faces. I remember looking for a place to park at this restraunt and then some fat bitch came roaring out of nowhere wasn't paying any fucking attention and kept going almost causing me to wreck they act like they can't hear a horn honking at them because they can't stop thinking about food this bitch is lucky I don't have a gun in my car i'd shoot het through her window and burn her ass Fat people if you are to stupid to pay attention to other drivers on the road then you don't need to be driving at all.

Fat kids who bully othgers kids at school pisses me off. Just because your a fat worthless F making student doesn't mean you can take it out on other kids. If you fatasses ever bully any of my kids i'll come to the school and beat the shit out of you and i'll fucking kill your worthless parents if you even think of suing me all because your little fat bully is a retard who needs to be disciplened fuck all fat kid in school they can all die.

Another thing that pisses me off are fat people who go to Walmart park in the Handicapped parking spaces; I mean really do I see crutches or casts or neckbraces on you NO all I see is 500 pounds of fat and lazy these idiots even park in the fire lane too which you cannot leave unattende or you'll get a ticket or towed. Fire Lane is for the Fire Dept who park their if a fire breaks out in the store and if the Fire Dept can't put a fire out because your blocking them then you fat fucks deserve to go to hell all because you care about no one but yourselves. By the way stop Hijacking the electric scooters because war heroes who looses a limb in battle or those with limited mobility need tose scooters far more than you fat lazy motherfuckers if I worked at Walmart i'd tell you to get out of the damn scooter or get out of the store

Fat people who skip lines at restraunts and stores they act like they can do whatever they want really most of us stand in line waiting for something and you fat fucks cut in line and act like everyone else wasn't there and then you get angry at the store clerks who tell you to get in the back of the line. You fat fucks can wait on your goddamn lunch and dinner like everyone else

Fat people make me so Angry I just wish we can send them all to one big FAT deserted island and then nuke them then all of life's problems will be solved bye bye fatties.

Fatties 11

I'm 6'4'' and 330 lbs. Im fat because I have been lazy greedy fuck. but I'm chaning that, i jog 6 miles every day, and i have worke dup to 200 on the bench pres. I eat well, and I dont stink. I dress in FITTING clothes, not baggy ass rapper clothing or tight as emo shit. And I dress well, in nice clothing, such as dark silk clothing with button up shirts under shirts cologne etc. My height and muscle help to make me look less like another lard ass and more like a 'buff' man. I still have some problems getting women, but now that i have stopped being a fat fuckin leech on society's back, and started taking care of myself, I CAN get women. i happy with what i am now and I am becoming.

I never stank, never ate like a pig, never was out of breath after five minutes, but i was lazy, overate(didn't stuff my face, just simply ate very large, unhealthy meals),I never was a sweater, and I event ried to dress well. I took care of myself in most areas, except in my weight. I'm a nice guy, i always try to help everyone I can and 99% of the time I accept people for who they are, and keep my mouth shut.

But what I can't fucking stand are NASTY, STINKY, GREASY, LARD ASS PIGS. There are a lot of nice gusy are like me, nice good guys who take care of themselves and make the best out of their obesity. Stinky fucking pigs give those good guys a bad image. it's very hard for good guy liek that to shatter a girls misconception that he is a stinky fat fuck, and show them that he is clean, nice guy who doesnt stuff his face. fat lard asses make good guys look like shit.

Fat lard asses also increase prices for health care and plane tickets, and irrate the shit out fo me with their goddamn equal rights bullshit. I can't tell you how many times ive heard a fat bitch screaming at an amusement park or airport because they cant ride or have to buy two seats., They yell and scream and bitch and moan about how its not fair and equal rights. You dont get equal rights, nast fatties aren't equal to slim people, nor are they equal to fatpeople who take care of themselves. You ask anyone int h world if they would save a skinny productive member of society over a fat lard ass who leeches the health care system and increases everyone's taxes, and they'll save the skinny guy.

Fatties who stink and eat like pigs also ruin my day. I fucking hate it when I''m on the buss and some fat fuck comes and sits by me, i may way 330lbs but i dont take up 2 goddmn seats, i take pup my one seat, and when i dont sit down I dont make people gag with my smell and looks nor does my ass rub them ass I sit. no one wants to smell you, no one wants to see you in tight skin bearing clothing, and no one wants to be touched by you.

if you're fat, then do all other people, including other fat people, a favor by taking care fo your goddamns elf. Stop amking us look bad. Stop making us put up with your nastiness. Stop expecting equal rights or special treatment just because you didnt take of your body. i dont expect hat shti form anyone, and I dont get that shit form anyone, neither should you.

Fuck all you stinky lard ass bitches and shit smelling assholes. Go lose some fuckign weight. if I can do it so can you. Fat fucks.

Living with fatties 12

I am so pissed at fat people! I have a lot of fat friends and some of them are cool, but most of them suck! What's worst is having to live with one. Right now my roommate on my study abroad trip is a total fatty. She literally stays in her room all day, lying on her bed and playing on her computer until 4am. She bitches about being tired AND being unable to sleep - girl, it's because you don't MOVE! And you keep ME up in the process! (I have class at 7am... she doesn't.) There is the miraculous moment when she leaves - to make food in the kitchen. The other day a friend was over and we were studying for class - within 20 minutes my roommate made TWO huge dinners for herself. My friend couldn't believe her eyes.

This girl whines about her weight too, mostly blaming it on her medication, claiming "she has the same eating habits as ever." Somehow I doubt biweekly medication is causing her to be 70lbs overweight. She's super short too so it's pretty bad. I try getting her to run with me, go to the gym with me, eat healthier foods with me, or just not eat at all... nothing works. She insists on blaming her pills, not realizing that continuously stuffing her face isn't going to fucking help anything.

After two months of constantly keeping me awake with her stupid videogames I told her I couldn't sleep. She didn't do a damn thing about it. She dirties a shitton of dishes every day, leaves garbage everywhere, never cleans ANYTHING, including the nasty shit stains she leaves in the toilet bowl. Fucking disgusting! And now she's pissed that I'm never in the room to hang out with her (FYI she's socially awkward as hell) because I actually have friends and I want to enjoy my time in a foreign country, not just sit in my room and gain weight all day. She's taking it out on me by slamming doors when I'm taking naps, purposely telling people I'm not home when I am, using all of my shit, and generally just pissing me the hell off.

Short story long, I hate living with fatties! This isn't the first one I've lived with, but hopefully it'll be the last! I know fat people can be cool, but it's almost always the case that they're just like this girl - dirty, rude, inconsiderate, jealous, awkward, annoying, and fucking no fun at all to live with! Lazy bitch, get up and MOVE and stop making those awful sounds when you eat your fifth pot of pasta for the day!

FAT people 13

I work at a large store, we have electric carts for the disabled! When you sit your lard ass on it and it does not move then I sit down an it works fine you should know the reason. Also when I tell you sorry the electric cart has a weight limit (400 llbs) dont get pissed at me and use it anyways.

fat people 14

ok so ive been working this shitty job for a really long time now and i see alot of really fat ass people and its funny but now its getting horrible.i work with a man who is at least 400lbs and always always has at least 2 pizza boxes from pizza hut or some shit pizza place he always smells like shit and the worst thing that makes me super pissed is in the middle of my shift i like to take a shit but what do i always find all over the toilet seat?! SOME NASTY AS FAT FUCKS SHIT! like WTF dude?! is your asshole that fucking huge that it rubs on the edges of the toilet seat? i just want to show him an be like dude fuck you ya nasty fuck wipe that shit up after you ruin the bathroom. another thing that really pissed me off today was when i was at walmart there was two huge shamu sized bitchs walking in front of me side by side waddling slowly i thought to myself damn if this was a snail race the snail would of won 2 mins ago. i was on my lunch break and didnt have 3 yrs to fallow behind them and by the size of them they didnt have that much longer before they had a heat attack. so i squeezed myself between them and said thanks. fucking fat people piss me off so much its unreal im glad i found this site to see im not the only one who gets pissed at nasty ass fat fucks

Fat People 15

Fat people are the reason why our medical bills are so expensive. Also, I'm sick and tired of the movement to accept "fat". I will not accept "fat". "fat" is a choice. Also, this whole concept that people balloon (women particularly) after having children as being acceptable is completely ridiculous. It's a fallacy to believe this is normal. EXERCISE! Make it a point to exercise with your significant other! It's a great bonding activity, keeps you looking and feeling good, and prevents heart issues, GI issues and other diseases such as diabetes. I'm tired of my insurance premiums being so high because other people can't get off their lazy ass.

Fat People 16

I'm so sick of fat people. I have been made fun of my whole life for being skinny. Through all of elementary school I was made fun of for being so skinny. As I got older it only got worse. Girls are always so mean to me because I'm thin. Skinny people are supposed to love their bodies because that's what is attractive, thin. Not fat. I am a very lucky thin person. I have a crazy metabolism and I can eat whatever I want and not gain a pound. Unlike fatties I can blame genetics. My moms side of the family is mostly Spanish so everyone is tall and thin. I don't have to do anything to stay thin but I'm constantly made fun of for being tall and thin and looking like a model. But I hate my body and I blame fat people because I have been conditioned my whole life that I am ugly for looking ideal and normal. I always get made fun of for being anorexic or bulimic but I've never tried to stop eating in my entire life I love food! Fat people have no reason to hate skinny people. Skinny people have a right to hate fat people. Skinny people EARN their "thin privelages" because they work for it. Fat people don't do anything but sit sit sit and eat eat eat and sometimes waddle. Thin people are sexy. I'm sick of hearing fat people saying "curvy" woman are better in bed and no how to please a man. A man isn't pleased with the smell that cones from the bacteria inside your hard to reach fat roles, a man is not pleased to be crushed by you on bed, and what sex do far people have they're put of breathe within 5 seconds! Thin people are the attractive and superior people. Sorry but we are. We're smart enough to know how to take care of ourselves (I would if I needed to) we can dress in anything we want, fatties please, you cannot wear thin people clothes some thin women wear skimpy outfits because they can get away with it IT LOOKS GOOD ON THEM. Thanks fat people on welfare who take hundreds out of my hard earned check. Thanks fat people for smelling soooo terrible and making weird breathing noises when you walk. Thanks fat people for making me hate my ideal thin body and making me feel ugly. I'd still rather be skinny than fat and stinky.

Fat People 17

Fat People anger me! I know so many of them that try and claim to be attractive enough to wear tight clothes and hit on who ever they want! NO WRONG! Like, you go to an anime and comic book conventions and you have fat-asses wearing the skimpy outfits. THANKS YOU JUST KILLED THE CHARACTER FOR ME! ALSO! Im on a dating site trying to find a great girl and the only hits I seem to get are from the whales!!! NO I WILL NOT DATE YOU. Hell, a fat chick THING got on the bus the other day, the bus sank and started rocking as IT walked to ITs seat!

Fat People At Work 18

Fat people at work really piss me off for two specific reasons:

  1. They keep complaining about their lardness and then try to blame it on the fact that they are sitting down for work almost the entire day. Yeah, chubbies? So am I! Oh wait, I forgot. I don't want to be a land-whale so I work out after work and don't eat donuts and pizza every goddamn day.
  2. The cafeteria is in the next building over and is connected by a long, wide hallway to the building our office is in. Normally this wouldn't a big deal except when the fatties are three abreast heading back and forth (some of them eating while walking before even getting back to their desks!) Excuse me, you mushy-butted fat fuckers, but I would like to get to eat my lunch in a timely manner and get back to work without spending half my lunch break feeling like I'm stuck behind a tractor trailer going 5 miles an hour up a steep hill in a 55-mph zone!

Fat People 19

I am angry at fat people because I am 5'7'' and weigh 103 lb I have been skinny my whole life. Fat women don't want to be friends with me, my very presence makes them even more insecure. The worst part is the ones that go, "How are you so skinny? Oh my god, look at how skinny she is!" etc. I have never once in my life walked up to a fat person and said, "Oh my god! You are so fat! Like how much do you eat? You must eat like 50 cheeseburgers everyday?! Have you even seen your feet?!" Because I am not a rude person, skinny people have feelings too and I am sick and tired of comments about my weight from morbidly obese people!!

Fat People 20

I'm angry at fat people for their laziness. The lazy tub of lards need to get off their wrinkly asses and GO FOR A FUCKING WALK. I did, and I feel amazing! At the beginning of the summer, I weighed 182. I was so sick of being fat, feeling self-conscious around my skinny, beautiful friends, not being able to wear a cute bikini at the beach, and constantly teased by my classmates, that I worked my ass off and starved myself all summer. I just weighed myself today, and I'm now 148. I'm not giving up here, though. 115 is my minimum goal. Now whenever I look at a huge tub of lard, I feel sick to my stomach and want them to do some damn push-ups! STOP BEING LAZY AND LOSE THE WEIGHT. ITS POSSIBLE FOR YOU TO DO IT, YOU LAZY BITCH

Fat People 21

I'm fucking sick and tired of these fat guys hitting on me and being perverted toward other slim girls. No one wants you! I don't want you! You're fat and disgusting and you clearly don't know what hygiene is. Only fat women that weigh what you weigh would be attracted to you, you sickos. I hate fat guys. There's a reason why you'll never get a date. Stop trying to get hot chicks. Stop trying to pick up us skinny girls, because we think you're hideous, creepy, and revolting. And I'm so fucking sick of fat girls saying "OMG REAL MEN LIKE CURVES!!1!" We all know you're just fucking jealous that you're a cow and we're slim and good-looking. I'm sorry, but even the most gorgeous fat girl isn't pretty unless she loses weight. So stop calling us boney and stop hating us because we're beautiful and you look like a fucking sack of potatoes. Idiots.

Fat People 22

I'm angry because Americans have decided that it is okay to be fat.

I am in my late 20s and I work as a school teacher. Back in the 80s there was only one kid I can remember at school who was obese. Now most classes have at least two obese kids. And keep in mind this is in a fairly middle class suburb.

Due to anti-obesity efforts all of the vending machines have been taken out. The cafeteria is no longer allowed to serve dessert and to make it worse the "vegetables" are cooked for hours on end which means no flavor or texture.

But what made me really lose my temper was the elevator. The elevator was for disabled kids and custodians to use. But now the school has started to give obese kids keys to the elevator because going up the stairs is too hard. You know if going up the stairs leaves you out of breath maybe your body is trying to tell you something...

Oh and on a side note last time when I was in Wal-Mart I saw something revolting. There was this elderly man walking with a cane down an aisle when all of a sudden a morbidly obese man on a fat cart yells at him for walking too slow and getting in his way. I wish the managers in our stores had the balls to kick these fatties off the scooters and give them to actual disabled people.

What an Obese Bitch at School Did to Me 23

I am angry because I was nice to this girl at my school. She's obese and I was nice to her in the learning center and encouraged her to keep up with her developmental math class. She kind of started to like me, and since she's fat, she's always putting herself down. I told her not to do that. I also told her that a lot of guys are into fat girls. That was a mistake, because then she really started to follow me around and wanted my number even though had a boyfriend, probably assuming I was one of those guys. I finally decided to nip things in the bud so as not to lead her on, and told her not to call me or text me anymore (I had reluctantly given her my number after she begged for it but had NEVER called her back). Well, she got pissed off at me and went to campus security and TOLD THEM I HAD SEXUALLY HARASSED HER. As you can imagine, this both shocked and angered me! The school is obligated to investigate such claims, and this was very stressful as I was taking biz calculus over the summer term and under a lot of pressure to get an "A" in it. She's the biggest fucken liar on the planet for claiming that, and a giant KUNT, too. She was always telling everyone at school that she was raped, including me, so she clearly has sexual issues, but why do that to me? She then started saying I was telling everyone about her being raped to get back at her for going to security. First of all, that was ANOTHER LIE and not even possible since everyone I knew already knew about her rape (wonder if that is even true) because she had told them all about it last semester. I really hate this obese bitch. Even though everyone who knows me knows I didn't sexually harass this disgusting, hairy, scabby faced bitch, it still did damage to my reputation because instructors and staff now treat me differently in subtle ways which pisses me off (I can't just come out and bring it up but I know they all know.... it's a small school) and I was turned down for a job at the school after this happened which REALLY pisses me off since I was totally qualified and have great grades. I had to interview with the Dean of Students, and he's the one who investigated her claim. I'd really love to flush her scabby face in a used toilet and let a bunch of toothless homeless men piss on her to show her a little pay back. I wish she would just do the world a favor and off herself. She's such an obese fucktard anyway, and can't even pass developmental math without cheating. I should have turned her in for bragging all Spring semester for cheating, but chose not to. The joke is on her though, because she recently bought a wedding dress FOUR SIZES TOO SMALL because she THINKS her current boyfriend is going to propose soon. I have news for the fat kunt, she is NEVER going to lose four dress sizes in a year, or five, or even ten. She's destined to be a white trash, ugly, nasty, scabby faced bitch FOREVER. I can't believe she would make up such a nasty totally unfounded lie because I told her to quit calling me, especially WHEN SHE HAS A BF. As for her fattiness, she doesn't have a muffin top, it's a mountain top. She has insane rolls of ugly fat and none of her clothes fit because of her continuous weight gain. She's always pulling a shirt down, and half the time her pants remain UNBUTTONED. She just tries to wear long shirts and sweaters to cover up the fact that she's outgrown her pants to the point that they won't even button or zip up all the way. I would normally feel sorry for such a person, but I don't for her, especially because she never tries to lose weight and always takes the elevator and accused me of such a serious offense. Physically, she is just as gross as her lying personality. Her hair is greasy and nasty and she literally gets these scabs on her face! I don't know if it's herpes or what. I wish I had never attempted to be NICE and encourage her to do well in math. Yep, I fed the troll, and now I'm paying the price. I just wish she would do something about her hairy arms. The hair is so thick and dark on those porpoise arms of hers, and it's really nauseous to look at along with her fetus face. I guess my consolation is that she will never graduate from a four-year university (we are at a 2-year school now). NOT EVER! She is destined to be an underclass, overweight bitch her entire life. And when she does die, her family will have to order a double-wide coffin if they expect to fit her in one. I wish I could slap her so hard for what she did to me, making up a lie like that just because I told her to quit calling me. Like I would ever wanna tap your ass anyway, you OBESE KUNT. Dream on!

Fat girls 24

i'm angry because they have the confidence to just be fat. to just exist.

and here i am 5'3 101lbs hating every inch of myself. its not fair, but i guess thats life

Fat people 25

I am angry at fat women who think they are god's gift. I dated one once and when I mether she was a little chubby which was fine by me, she was working out at the gym and trying to lose weight. She also had a number of emotional issues, which I have since found out a lot of fat women have. Seems to me that they eat and eat, then feel guilty, then work out to get a guy, and once they have snared him their fat butt just gets fatter. This one asked me to pop her boils under her stomach, and when I was concerened about her fat lazy ways and the impact it had on our love life, i was told by her that I shouldn't be so nasty and "just push the fat aside" to mae love to her. This was the end of it for me. I can tell you what, even when she got together with her firedns, who were also fat, it was like a big therapy group where all they talked about was how the world was nasty to fat people, all the while gorging on junk food and stuff. It makes me want to puke, and the idea of BBW they espoused is a total farce. Trust me, I will never date another fat woman as long as I live. Thanks for the rant.

Fat People 26

I am gianormously fat and I am angry with the majority of fat people. Why? Because if I have to get off my fat ass every day to work my 2 jobs, every other fat person should get off their asses and work too. It's not only fat people that take advantage of the government, there are plenty of normally sized people that do too. I'm sick of my taxes going to all the assholes that decide to make welfare their career because they are fat, druggies, or have chosen to have a litter of children. The next time you're at Walmart instead of picking on the fat person, why don't you thank the welfare mom for allowing you to pay for her and her children's medical care, housing and food. You're also going to be paying for their education, but I know you're all happy to help out.

I know I eat too much and am lazy when it comes to my body. I just don't need to be reminded of that fact by strangers ("I'm a fat ass? Oh holy Hell I didn't know that. Thanks for informing me.") I am very considerate of other people in public places, never block aisles, and never have a negative attitude towards "skinny" people unless they start shit with me first. I have encountered more than a few normally sized people that are the rudest and laziest people. The fat, rude and lazy people just stand out more. Those are the ones that piss me off because their actions and attidude cause people to automatically assume that I too am a "burden" on society.

Angry at fat people for making so much noise 27

Okay. I understand that being fat is your choice. I honestly would not care if it did not affect me. But you know what? It does. Fat people do everything LOUDLY. Okay, so, here are some tips on eating: Close your mouth when you chew. I'm so damn tired of listening to the fat lady in the next office over from me chomping on chips, fries, sandwiches, ANYTHING, at all hours of the day. And yes, it is so loud I can hear it from my office. It's disgusting. It sounds like feeding time at the petting zoo. Okay, next, you sound like a windmill when you walk. Shoof shoof shoof shoof. I AM TIRED of hearing your massive haunches rub together in your strangely shapeless jeans-patterned stretch pants. Third: You sound like a bellows when you breathe. Huuuuuhhh HOOOO huuhhhh HOOO. For Christ's sake, get an oxygen mask. And lastly, I don't know if I mentioned how loud you are when you eat. Oh wait, I did? Well I'll say it again: CLOSE YOUR MOUTH WHEN YOU CHEW. God, it's disgusting. I can't even look at you people.

Fat Woman in the store 28

Thank you,

Fat Lady with the giant ass crack hanging out of your pants, for showing my child your bright red thong and tramp stamp as large as a billboard, while you bend to the lower shelf for the last box of non name brand pop tarts. (just because you can buy more for less money doesn't mean you can eat more for less calories) You have shown my daughter that when your ass is that huge it has a tendency to eat your underwear... or did you just get hungry while shopping? And instead of that butterfly that was so big it would wrap all the way around my waist and touch wings... You should have gotten a warning for the public maybe a WIDE LOAD sign maybe a beeper and some orange flags comming off your hips.... beep beep beep GET OUTA THE WAY ITS BACKING UP!!! do you need some mirrors while your at it?

And thank you Fat tramp stamp lady's son for looking like the stay puff marshmallow man from the movie ghost busters. My 6 year old daughter is now afraid to eat sweets for fear she will become stay puff marshmallow girl... And Finally Thank you Husband or Boyfriend or what ever you are to this fat family for NOT tucking your 400 lbs of fat rolls in while you zip around the store on one of those store use only motorized carts. I really wanted to be hit with your blubber as you sped past almost knocking me into the junk food shelf and forcing my daughter to jump behind a frozen food glass door for fear you'd send her flying as well. awesome just awesome, I can check that off my bucket list now....

Thanks to the fat family I get to answer the many questions of a 6 year old..."why are they so fat mom? What happened to that lady's underwear? Why does it look like that man is wearing a pool floaty under his shirt?" and last and my favorite one......."Mom why does that boy have boobs like yours? I thought only girls got boobs, daddy doesnt have boobs." (Yes it is true my 6 year old thinks boobs is a fun word to say so when she gets a chance or reason to say it she will, and she cannot understand why a boy only a few years older then her had boobs bigger then mine which are not small in the least.)

As long as there are fat people in the world There will always be a shortage of cake and an abundance of space in your local gym. lucky for me I like to work out alone!

Fat People 29

Fat people make me sick!! I am a nurse and I am sick of moving your fat asses around on hospital. Seriously 200 kgs??? We had one patient that was so fat we had to bring in scales from the local zoo to weigh him!! Lose some weight fatties or for gods sake stop winging about your weight problems!!!

fat people 30

Damn, I am angry at fat people. I was married to a fat man for almost ten years and it was hell. He got up to almost 300 pounds and had a stomach that was big like he had at 2 big watermelons in it. He left poop streaks in the toilet bowl for me to clean up. I despised eating meals with him especially spaghetti; he would just slurp it down and not even chew it. My son (not his) told him food would taste better if he would chew. He would get indignant,and get indignant about anything said to him. Seems to me that fat people take things so personally. They are easily offended when no offense was meant! Fat people will steal your food and if meals are not enough they will sneak out buy food at the nearest fast food restaurant. I use to find wrappers all the time from Burger King in the vehicles. Buffets was his greatest joy, he would mound his plate like a mountain. It was embarrassing to see all the trips back for more food. Fat people have a big problem and I want no part of it. If you are fat then the problem is this -- fat people are just freaking gluttons. I will never date nor marry another fatty again! Blah!

vain fat people 31

I am angry with vain fat people, because they think their better than everyone. Their douche bags to everyone and take no ones feelings into consideration. I myself know a extreme obese person and they consider themselves the spawn of jesus christ! The only thing your a spawn of is Mcdonalds grease and the lard companies. You fat oily cellulitous shamu swines need to realize your not sexy, your not hot, and when you try to make everyone feel bad for you, do us all a favor instead of hogging down 400 quarter pounders and spending money everyday on cupcakes, use the money on lipo or get a membership to a gym. Then hey once you look good go ahead andbe vain then, if your a fat cow go eat yourself or go roll off somewhere. Thank you and have a pleasant tomorrow.

Fucking Fat Americans 32

Not a god damn thing medically wrong with them, other than the fact they don't like eating salad.

Then when I'm at Disney Land and have to wait 2 hours for the rides, these fat lardasses in their little fat-wagons get to go straight on up to the front of the queue, simply because they don't know how to NOT eat double fucking cheeseburgers.

Get off your fat fucking ass and start walking tubby.

vain fat people 33

The person who basically called me fat for "buying cupcakes everyday" needs to sit down. First of all, I only go to CRUMBS once every two weeks. Second of all, I exercise every day (yes, just because I don't have a gym "membership" doesn't mean I just sit on my ass taking up space) so even if I DID eat like a pig it wouldn't matter. Third of all, I am not even a normal weight, let alone overweight. The nutritionist that I am seeing (you know, someone with a degree, not ur shallow dumb ass that watches everything I do rather than open a book) actually is trying to get me to PUT ON WEIGHT, so how do you like them apples? Okay, let me give you my exact stats that show that even if I am "vain" I have a reason to be: I am 5'10.5 and 129 pounds so yes I am not FAT in the slightest and you are a jealous bitch that hates on my apparent comfort with enjoying food once in a while.

Fat People 34

I'm angry because I have a friend whose girlfriend is a fat girl. She works hard, but somehow she doesn't seem to GET how weight loss works. Every time I am at my friend's place, she is drinking huge amounts of soft drink, eating bacon or fast food. Woman, no wonder you are so insecure, you're setting yourself up for failure.

Maybe it's people's stupidity about how to manage their bodies that gets to me. Diet and exercise is important, and it's not hard or expensive to maintain. I take the slightly more expensive route to good health; I train in marital arts, go climbing and have a gym membership. I make use of these things daily and buy a lot of fresh instead of canned fruit and veg (I am, unlike her, a student on only one income; she has a full time job and also gets extra income from my friend), and she has the gall to say my weight loss is water weight! People, if you are fat, do fun exercise and make it a passion to eat right, if you have no motivation to do this, then fuck you, don't complain and DON'T SPEND MONEY ON RETARDED GIMMICKS.

That felt good, thankyou Anger Central!

Fat asses 35

Hey, I get it. People are built differently. Some people are big, some are small. Still, a person is not meant to be 350lbs. YOU ARE A FAT ASS. Loosing weight is hard, true. But there is no reason you can't work towards it and quit taking up so much space. Some people have medical conditions, granted. That doesn't give you a free 'fuck it' pass and the right to a motorized wheelchair.

And yeah, I thin. I fucking worked for it. And it doesn't mean that I'm an idiot or a slut.

fat people 36

I can deal with their disgusting smell, I can live with their filthy rolls of flesh spilling out of their too-small tank tops; hell, I can even forgive their sometimes total disregard for other peoples' feelings. But what I can't understand is how they just happily take away government funds from disabled people who really need it. Everyone's heard of and seen the whales who take up handicapped spaces at Wal Mart and hog the motorized carts that others actually need. I don't know how they live with themselves, when they roll by easily on their little cart and see an octogenarian who, even with a walker, can barely stand upright. And I don't understand how they can buy and eat MASSIVE amounts of junk food, KNOWING that it'll definitely land them in the hospital one day. And their bills? The bills that they can't pay because they're too fat to work? Guess what, fatso? WE pay them, because you lazy fucks are too fat to work. Because you're too fat to work, you can only afford cheap food. Because you can only afford cheap food, you get too fat to work. It's a vicious cycle, and guess what? It's all. Your. Fault.

People who have to work 70 hours a week just to support their family have to give away a chunk of their hard-earned salary to pay for your deep-fried butter and the bypass surgery you'll have to get after you OD on corn dogs. Seriously, how do you live with yourselves? It's not even that hard to lose weight. I'm sure you've heard of Bree Boyce; she lost 110 pounds- around half of her body weight- in less than three years.

Wonder why everyone hates fat people? Well, there you go. You can quit lying to yourself and you can stop hanging around yahoo answers, begging strangers to tell you you're not fat. Because you are. And you'll stay that way until you get off your lardy ass and start either eating right, or exercising.


lol that felt really good. :)

Fat people 37

This country (US) is full of PC douche-bag patsies writing garbage about how people who discriminate against fatties are insecure. So because I feel disgust when Jeremy-McFatFuck across the street farts, eats, and belches as he waddles taking out the garbage, then I'm the problem?!? Gee, how insensitive of my gag-reflex.

To all Fat PC douche-bags:

Stop peddling the 'fat and fit' bullshit. Stop saying 'real men like curves'. And don't ever, EVER think for a nano-second that my self-esteem is so low I'd actually stoop low enough to fuck you. I'd jerk myself off with a hand full of tacks before touching your greasy, shitty, cottage-cheese filled ass.

How's that for PC?


I hate how people are PROUD to be fat and overweight, then ask dumb ass questions like "Y AM I FAT". It's cause u eat the wrong sh** and don't exercise. I have a friend who had a thing for me, but after I started working out and getting in shape, I got a bit "shallow" and suggested him to work out and eat better. He's proud of eating unhealthy and being the way he is-fat. It just pisses me off cause people don't at least TRY to get into shape and eat the right food. Honestly, when I look at him now, I get disgusted. It's pretty gross.

Jealous fat people 39

I am so angry because I am tired of fat people calling thin people anorexic over the Internet. I live in New York where there are hardly any fat people, but I am tired of all the Fat Acceptance Movement crap going on. I used to have a high metabolism and it's catching up to me, but the reason I'm thin is because I run track during the spring, swim and run during the summer, and do a lot of walking and heavy lifting in school during the winter and summer. I'm not even that skinny. I have hips and a butt, but I am thin enough to fit in size 1 through size 5 pants. Stop putting me down to feel better about yourself. Fat isn't healthy. My friend is a doctor in a hospital and she had to pronounce a man dead the other day. He and his family were morbidly obese Weight does not determine my personality, so dont call me a skinny bitch. You are the bitch for even commenting. Weight also isnt genetic. If your parents are fat, most likely you are imitating their eating habits and it's making you fat. So do something! My family is on the curvy (curvy as in wide hips and big boobs with small waist) side, and all the weight goes to our butts. We work to prevent out asses getting massive. It's not impossible.

Fat People 40

I absolutely despise fat people! Especially when they give us healthy people shit. So yeah, I don't smell, I don't walk like a snail, when I breathe the whole street doesn't hear and I don't need to shove something in my piehole every goddamn second! There is that fat girl who is constantly hitting on me. She's like 5' 4'' and weighs at least 200 pounds. She wears super short shorts and too tight top tanks - too much lardy flabs and eurgh it's so disgusting. She eats too much and never works out so I invited her to the gym one day. She came with me, worked on the treadmill for LITERALLY 10 MINUTES and began to huff-puff. While she sat, ate a doughnut and watched me working out, she said I was so lucky that I had a skinny body. It's not luck fatass! I'm 5'9'' and 126 lbs. I always eat healthy and work my ass off, so this is what you earn with working! Plus, she even dared to ASK ME OUT. Come on. I only date girls who are healthy and athletic like me, what can I do with a someone who looks like a whale on my arm?! She said I was a sizeist and that's right, I reject you! I'm a beautiful, skinny, athletic girl and I reject to be seen with you! Dear fatasses all over the world, stop asking people out who are out of your fucking league and LOSE WEIGHT. Looking like a... A... Thing made of smell, lard and sweat isn't what human body is programmed for!

Fat People 41

OMGOMG so i went to go see Skrillex live in OKC. Everyone was having a good time, until... BOOM BOOM BOOM!!! this fat bitch comes out of noswhere and stomps da fuhhh outta my foot >:( I scream in anger, but due to the speakers no one could hear me :( i tell her to move...you know what she does? she rubs her armpit sweat all over my beautiful filipino face D: i try pushing this fat bitch away...but instead, she breaks my pinky toe. WTF

Fat ppl hating skinny ppl 42

I'm angry at fat people that hate skinny people. Why do overweight people think society is fed up with obesity and irritated with what's known as 'fattitude'? Because many fat people are unhappy, angry, and bitter, and it shows in how they deal with the rest of the world. I myself have been punched in the face 2 seconds after walking into a tavern by a large woman who accused me of 'looking at her boyfriend'. Riiiiight. That disgusting slob guzzling beer in the corner? Mmm. The lard hanging off his body and draped into the seat beside him - oh so very attractive. I was actually blinking in the sudden darkness of the bar, crazy fat lady. I wouldnt consider your blubbery boyfriend for an instant - the reason you punched me is obviously because of how insecure you are when you compared yourself to me and how your gross bf might be comparing yourself to me.

Then there's the constant dirty looks. Does my very presence offend you? Than don't look at me. No need to broadcast how patheticly jealous and bitter you are by nailing me with your, "Oh god, what a slut" looks. I don't dress in revealing clothing, nor am I a promiscuous inividual. Perhaps the reason skinny aka normal people are getting upset with overweight people is that we have all had these nasty experiences with them. I'm not saying all fat people have a bad attitude, but I will say that at least 30-50% of them do, and thats a fact. However the whole thing is - this is a skinny person's world. If you don't like yourself - change. Don't be pointing the finger at the normal people of the world because you literally don't fit into our version of society. Fatness is unheathy, it's (in most cases) easily preventable, and it should be shunned. Thats exactly why we dont put up with fattitude - all you overweight people made a choice to give up on yourselves and when I see a fat family with HUGE kids it is so, so sad. Stop perpetuating obesity in your poor children - its very easy to ensure they eat properly, with regular sized portions. Dont force them to be the fat kids in school that get teased and ridiculed for their parents failure to provide them with a healthy lifestyle. I think if children are noticably obese a home visit by the authorities should be required by law. It should be criminal to have such fat children - than maybe the parents would stop buying crap 'food' for them and take a nice family bike ride or a walk after supper instead of plopping down in front of the TV and munching on snacks all night. My mother was overweight and us kids were perfectly normal and healthy. Why? Because she loved us enough to provide us with a healthy lifestyle, regardless of her own choices. I know a family who has a HUGE mother, giagantic son & daughter in law, and three very, very fat children under the age of six. It starts with you, parents. Your fat ass grandkids learned from your kids, who learned from YOU. See how that works? Its an evil cycle that can be broken, and it starts in the grocery store. The ouside aisles with lovely cuts of meat, fresh produce & dairy, bread, etc. - this is FOOD and that's where you should be shopping. Anything thats raw and unprocessed is good for you. The inner aisles : processed cereals, kraft dinner, canned items - this is NOT FOOD. Its instant fat. All of it is processed garbage which is disgustingly unhealthy for you. Stay away from that crap! If you really want to rejoin/join society and be normal, buy the right foods, cut down your portions, go for a brisk (not strolling like a lil old granny) 1 hour walk everyday and you'll shed the weight that's holding you back. Society chooses to ostracize fatness for a reason - its not normal or healthy, and despite what some may claim, it can be extremely hard on your body, and can become life threatening. Heart attacks, joint replacements, fatty deposits in arteries and around your organs - that greasy fat WILL shorten your lifespan. To all those people that say "Oh theirs no proof that fat equals unhealthy" - grow a damn brain! Of course its unhealthy! Talk to your doctor about the risks you run being obese, think of your loved ones that need you more than you need that next meal at the drive-thru. Stop hating us normal sized people for being what you aren't and come join us. You'll be a LOT happier and perhaps next time I walk into a tavern I wont be punched in the face by some bitter member of the obese world. You could be rocking these jeans too if you got off your ass and tried to do something other than fume over how great I look. Down with fattitude!!! Down with obesity! Down with fat people that hate normal people! Look at yourselves before judging us, and stop gobbling down everything in sight long enough to give yourselves that much needed reality check. A diet wont help you, a 3 week ab crunching plan wont either. Its not just a 'diet' people, its a lifestyle which anyone can choose to adopt. Get with the program and shove your nasty fattitudes where the sun don't shine.

fat people 43

i work in nyc...and i take public transportation...i hate it when fat people take up more than one seat...and they put the headphones on and bury there face in a book so they can't hear the people complain...not that anyone does complain.....fat people eat to much and smell and are disgusting...and on the subway train they take up to much space....they shouldn't ride during rush hour...today this guy was taking up two seats and no one would sit and the corner seat because its to close to his body fat...so three people had to stand so he can remain seated....fat hunk of shit....i hate fat people....i do....and yes i'm somewhat thin...compared to them anyway....

Fat People 44

Fat people suck! I had to have my thyroid REMOVED I had.hypo thyroidism( meaning I GAIN weight) I am 5'9 and 145 lbs (slenderfor my height) so YOU HAVE NO FUC*KING EXCUSE!!!!! And why.oh why when a disgusting fat bag walks 3.....yards can you HEAR them breathe from 10 feet away? Almost as if you can HEAR them getting fatter! I dispise disgusting fat bags! Then they have the balls to gi to.moter vehicle for.a HANDY CAP PERMIT! REALLY? Gods forbid they park at the end of the lot and burn 5 calories.Your back hurts because ur fat, ur knees hurt because ur fat, ur chest hurts because u bleed butter and sweat bacon grease! Now go goddamn tie urself to a truck a twinkie tied to the end of it and stop running ur far obyss of a face.....

fat people 45

You think youve heard it all but when your trying your best to gain good clean muscle in a gym with your skinny friends "boom, boom" here they come the FREAKING FAT ASSHOLES who will tell you that you should eat more if you wanna be swoll like them all i wanna say is bitch please you aint swoll if my skinny ass does the same work that you do even though you outweigh me by a whopping shit you not 98 pounds so thats 150 vs a 248 pounds and we are both the same height what does that tell you YOURE NOT STRONG BECAUSE YOUR BIG YOU FAT FUCK YOUR JUST OBESE this is what makes me angry I am done...

Fat People  46

I am so fucking tired of some fat folks, especially those big-assed bitches who weigh 200 plus pounds and think they are hard ass and scary because they resemble whales, wear makeup and speak obnoxiously loud. In reality they look like total retards. Don't get me wrong, I am not a hater and normally I do not hate on anybody because of their weight, race, nationality, sexual orientation, religion or whatever; though fat bitches DO piss me off when they mouth off and act totally fucking BOLD towards others mainly because they're FAT and BIG. Well, I've got news for you...

You may look like a cow with two double chins, wear tight fucking clothing that CLEARLY DO NOT FIT, and have an annoyingly bulky voice that flaps outta your fat lips, this doesn't necessarily mean you can't get your ass whooped by somebody who's skinnier, leaner or have more curves!

Seriously fat witches, if you want to stop being so bitchingly miserable and pathetic, then get off your fat, bitter asses and LOSE SOME GODDAMNED WEIGHT.

Fat People 47

I'm angry at fat people because they are disgusting. I used to be a fat fuck, 325 pounds and I now weigh 170 and still losing weight. I am living proof that being a fat fuck is a decision people make. It's not even that hard just don't shovel your face with processed shit because you are too lazy to spend 2 minutes washing lettuce.

It makes me sick when fat fucks raise fat fuck children robbing them of a childhood. Do those disgusting slobs have any idea what they are doing to their children? What the fuck feeding your baby coke in a bottle and fucking greasy fries.

I'm angry at the disgusting 400 pound fuck that used to work with me, he smelled like he shit his pants and had mold growing underneath his D cups. He never did shit but waddle around and got pissed off when you asked him to work.

I revile fat women who treat me like shit because I don't find them attractive. Being fat is disgusting, not attractive. If you describe yourself as a BBW, do me a favor and get your fat ass into the excursion you drive because it's the only thing you fit in and drive off the nearest precipice. You are not beautiful, you are a Big blubbery woman and make me sick. I was disgusting when I was fat, but I chose not to be. Quit making fucking excuses for your lack of mental capacity.

You fat fucks make me so angry I want to explode because now that I am not one of you it's impossible for me to find a shirt that fits. they are all cut to fit your disgusting rolls, I'm 6'3 and a large shirt has enough room in the stomach for me to put a small child. You are an eyesore, always making excuses for your self destructive behavior. I have more respect for heroin addicts than I have for you.

Fat Feeders 48

I am angry at the people who feed the fat people who are so fat that they cannot get out of bed to feed themselves. They should be charged with attempted murder or manslaughter because effectivley that is what they are doing ! The government is not exempt either because where i live the government just hands out benefits and that gives them the rope with which to hang themselves and yes it is long enough to get around every last chin they have. If someone is bedridden through obesity then the person shopping for them and feeding them are responsible for buying healthy foods. give them their meal go out and shut the effing door, they can holler as much as they want you wont be there to listen. also when the health service says there is no money for cancer treatments they should consider leaving out some of the over indulgent treatments that they give to those who wont help themselves, example being the fat tubs of lard that literally eat themselves into their houses then have to be prised out

of the building by the whole fire brigade and ambulance service only to be given a bigger house and do it all over again. Shame on them for eating up the health service budget along with everything else. dont bang on about human rights either. if you overfed your dog eventually you would be prosecuted. Then there are the gastric band brigade who have it done on the health service and still eat so it all stretches back. The health service needs to limit the amount of help a person has so at a given point they have to stop and take responsibility themselves. hell i need to lose two stone myself but if i wanted surgery i would have to fund it myself. shame on you all. woe is you my ass you need to be left at home with healthy food rationed to you at intervals until you can get your big ass out of your pit to do something about yourselves. there are the genuine cases that cant help it, but for the rest , they are on the freakin band wagon costing the nation of hard working tax payers a fortune, and ultimatly, those who dont get the cancer treatments and such like through lack of funding, in some cases, their lives

Fat People 49

Man I can't stand fat people. They always want to sit there and say they cna't help being 'overweight'. "It's because of a medical condition or genetics." Yeah they can never admit they're FAT either! Fucking losers. I'm not talking about fat people who legit have a REAL medical condition that causes them to be obese, I'm talking about the fucking idiots who think eating healthy is only ordering one big mac, the ones who think exercise consists of walking to the fridge or lifting their arm to shove food in their fucking mouth...the ones that take up one and a half seats on a plane, squashing you the entire trip. I'm tired of you fucking fat asses blaming your obesity on ficticious medical issues. Stop saying it's not your fault! IT IS YOUR FAULT. Obesity IS NOT a disease, it's a choice. I'm a counselor in a drug rehab facility, and I get so tired of everyone always bashing drug addicts saying their addiction is their fault, it was their choice to use drugs, it's their fault they get in trouble with the law, etc...Well you know what obesity is a choice too - so why the hell can't we throw all the god damn fat ass mother fuckers in jail too?! Being a drug addict and a fat ass takes both start out from a CHOICE. If we can throw drug addicts in jail for "being a harm to society"...then we should be able to throw fat lard asses in jail: because their jsut as much a harm to society!! For all you fat asses claiming you're fat due to medical problems...have you ever stopped to think that maybe you have medical problems because you decided to be fat? FYI you fucking idiots: the leading cause of type 2 diabetes is being FAT. One of the leading causes of obsturctive sleep apnea is being FAT, you can get osteoarthritis from being FAT, one of the leading causes of hypertension is being FAT, heart disease - yep you can get that from being FAT too. Stop whining that you have medical conditions, you wouldn't have medical conditions if YOU hadn't caused them yourself! Lose some fucking weight, stop eating like a god damn whale, and get off your ass and exercise. Stop making normal sized people accomodate your fucking fat ass. It's not our fault you're fat, and we shouldn't have to deal with it. Stop talking about diets you have no intention of going on, stop lying to yourself and everyone else. YOU'RE FAT BECAUSE YOUR A FUCKING LAZY PERSON WHO WON'T DO ANYTHING TO HELP THEMSELVES. Us "normal people" aren't healthy because of genetics or because we just got lucky...we're healthy because WE CHOOSE TO BE. Stop bitching about being fat, I'm tired of hearing it! Lose weight or shut the fuck up!

Fat people 50

My husband and I were sitting outside our local frozen yogurt joint enjoying a nice cold treat. NOT something we do every day, or even once a week. Its a treat. This big fat family walks by us as they enter for frozen yogurt. The young child says, "yay where are we, this isn't ice cream!" to which fat mom replies, "no this is frozen yogurt! you can have as much as you want!" My husband looked at me after they walked in and commented on how sad that was. I replied "babe, there is a LOT of sadness in this world, but most of it doesn't involve eating too much. most of it involves starving to death." no sympathy from me for parents who look at their 150lb 12 yr old and blame the world instead of admitting their own mistakes.

Fat People 51

I am angry at fat people because:

They are seemingly everywhere. They take up valued space in hospitals, seats, walkways and line ups.

They are outright repulsive. I like to see that my surrounding are filled with happy and healthy individuals and contributing to societies prosperity; NOT lazy fools too stupid to stop themselves from becoming yet another costly fixture in crowded hospitals dripping with people that do indeed need actual medical care.

I hate fat because it is preventable, curable, reversible yet the people who are overweight do nothing which is exactly why they are the way they are -because of sloth, indifference and lack of self love. How can I respect or love a group of people that cannot do either of these things for themselves. It is ok to hate on fat people if they are not actively seeking to improve their situation. Why? Because we all have only one body and to see someone treat their temple with such abuse is repulsive and naturally infuriating as there are people quite literally STARVING to death in other countries.


Fat People 52

Fat people make me angry because i am one. I have been dieting and excersizing for a month and have lost 16 lbs. I dont hate skinny people. I hate how my fat ex husband and my fat friends wont get on the health train with me. It annoys me. I have one fat friend that will work out with me then goes home and eats boxes of cookies. I hate going out to eat or going to dinner with any of my fat friends now because they order bad food and try to tempt me with bad food with phrases like "reward yourself dor doing so good on your diet" and "a little bit wont hurt you!".....bitch it will hurt me and it will kill us both! I love my fatty friends but i dont love being a fatty. I am only 35 and too young to be so sore and out of shape and tired. I hate that the ones i love choose to continue to neglect themselves.

Fat People 53

WHY are there so many fat people in America!?! Listen tubs, you're fat because you can't stop stuffing that black hole on your face with food!! You're not fat because your parents passed on the "fat genes"! You're not fat because "the Oreo people put too much fat in the cookies". YOUR FAT BECAUSE YOU EAT TOO MANY!! Here's a hint, if you can't count how many cookies or slices of pizza you've eaten on your fingers, learn to control your pie hole. Your not fat because of us skinny people, so stop giving us dirty looks. AND STOP COMPLAINING about having two plane seats! It's your own damn fault that your lard sack can't fit onto one seat! There's this whale at my school who has no idea she's fat. The other day she was like, "Why is everyone at this school either really skinny or really fat!" as she points to someone whose skinnier than her. "I'm medium!" she says. Listen lardass, your BMI is 38. YOUR OBESE, and your only twelve years old.

fatties 54

I am well angry with fat people. Not limited to just the hugely obese, but all fatties. I really fucking am. Total lack of respect for your body - you are so lucky if you've been blessed with a fully functional body, and are free of disease etc. DO ALL YOU FUCKING CAN TO PRESERVE IT. WHEN DID IT BECOME OK TO BE SO FUCKING FAT?! And why is it ME in the wrong for having this opinion?!!?! JUST LOOK AFTER YOUR FUCKING SELF.

Fat People 55

Iím irritated by fat people. By ďfat peopleĒ I donít mean people who are 20 or 30 pounds overweight. That can happen to anyone. Iím talking about the super fatties who are 300 lbs or more and are so fat they have trouble doing normal things like getting in & out of a car, getting out of bed, etc.

Here is my list of things I hate about fat people;

Fat people are physically huge and take up way too much space. They are clumsy, bump into things and knock things over like a giant in little-people land. They also expect the whole world to make room for them and get out of their way. They donít see themselves as too fat to fit in an airplane seat. In their minds, the airplane seats are way too small and they need to use 2 seats, not because they are too fat, because they are ďspecialĒ.

It also pisses me off that fat people today are provided with a convenient excuse. They think they can say they are fat because they have a ďdiseaseĒ so itís not their fault. They pretend like it is impossible for them to lose weight. That is blame-shifting and itís total bullshit. Put them in a food restricted boot-camp program for 8 weeks and theyíll lose the weight.

Some fat chicks actually think they are hot & sexy but they are just a sad joke. Their bodies look like 300 pounds of chewed up bubblegum. Thereís nothing attractive or sexy about that.

They all smell bad. I mean fat people reek with body odor from the bowels of hell. Think about it, normal people have two armpits and one butt-crack. Fat people have the equivalent of 50 armpits and 20 butt-cracks because of all their fat rolls which trap stink and sweat just like an armpits and asses.

Fat people make obscene and irritating noises. They constantly breathe hard, like they just ran a mile. Even just sitting at a desk, they are always out of breath and gasping for air. They also make disgusting sounds when they eat. They crunch, chew and lip-smack as they shovel food in their mouth. Most of them have no manners either and chew with their mouth open, burp and leave food all over their face without using a napkin. Food is like sex to fat people so they eat with way too much enthusiasm. Itís like theyíre having an orgasm when they eat and they grunt, moan and oink like a pig in ecstasy.

A lot of the super fatties have no shame or embarrassment about their enormous size and feel they are entitled to special rights and privileges over normal sized people. They use handicapped parking spaces and electric scooters simply because they are too lazy to walk like the rest of us. It makes me angry that fat people think their self-inflicted disability is equal to war veterans who have lost arms & legs in combat.

Itís really too bad that modern society has forced everyone to accept fat people. All of us normal sized people have to bend over backwards to accommodate them and we also have to pay higher taxes so the government can pay the ones who are too fat to work. Itís also annoying that they make clothing to fit these people too. If you go to Wall-Mart or Target, they actually sell clothes that are XXXXXL (thatís 5 Xís).

I donít think fat people should have any conveniences at all. They have defiled themselves so they should suffer the consequences. No disability, no government money no consideration at all. If youíre too fat to wear normal clothes, you go naked. If youíve made yourself too fat to walk or work, youíre out on the street where you can die in the gutter like a giant worm. If youíre too fat to fit in a normal size seat on public transportation, get out and find some other way to travel.

Fat people 56

I am disgusted by fat people. I had a couple roommates for a while. They lost their house and were staying in a motel so I opened my home to them. After a month I had to tell them to stay off the furniture. They broke the end off my couch, smashed a camping chair and an actual lazy boy recliner and ruined the bathroom floor in the basement because they couldnít see their penises and pissed all over my floor. They were not allowed to use the upstairs bathroom.

I get yelled at by fat patients all day who tell me my MRI magnet was made too small and itís my fault. Then they want to have me pull them up. Their fat asses canít get off my table without me strain my back to help them. Then I get to hear them tell me how lucky I am and how I donít know how hard they have it. I watch my diet and exercise daily to be this fit so itís not luck!

I had a patient complain in writing about me to the teaching hospital I was working at because it made her feel bad when I explained to a student who was doing her X-Rays that she needed to increase power on larger patients to get good images. I actually had to apologize to this fat fuck and a couple days later I see this same fat patient who was on disability and made me apologize to her walking out of a 7-11 with two cases of beer and bags of chips. I wanted to hit her with my car.

I work in a clinic filled with overweight women. This in itself blows my mind as we are all medical professionals and should know better but these women make comments everyday about their weight and the entire lot orders fast food every day for lunch. They have the nerve to tell me to eat a cheese burger once in a while and I would feel better. Are you kidding me? I hike 20 miles a weekend and ski and sky dive and every outdoor activity you can imagine and they spend every Monday talking about the place they went to dinner at over the weekend and how they watched this movie or that show while drinking. There are plates of cheese cake and sodas at every station in the clinic. If I need a snack, I grab a protein shake or an orange. They eat bags of chips like their life depends on them.

I come from a fat family. Most of my relatives are fat and they all think I am sick. Like medically sick because I am fit. They try to force feed me when I am around them then tell me how lucky I am. I have the same genes they do apparently except you will not find a single bag of chips in my home.

As a medical professional, there is only a small and I mean small as in less than 1% of the population with an actual disease that will make you fat. Diabetes does not make you fat. Type 1 is a horrible thing but if you exercise and monitor your levels and eat accordingly, you will not get fat. Type 2 is the result of being fat to begin with. So donít blame it on that.

A thyroid condition wonít make you fat if you cut your caloric intake to just what your body needs and balance complex carbs to protein. If you have hypothyroidism and you eat donuts, your body will store the sugar in that. If you have that and you only eat fruits and whole grains in just the amounts needed, you will not give your body anything to store. Itís that simple.

99% of the obese people in this country are that way because they donít exercise and they eat crap. Once in a while I will have a burger when my daughter comes to my work to have lunch with me and I feel like crap the rest of the day. I canít imagine living on this crap. We are going to be paying for all this. As these people become unable to work, we foot the bill for their choices so to claim itís their choice is near sighted.

These are just a few of the reasons fat people make me angry! The rest of the reasons seem to already be covered in the rants I read here.

Fat girls 57

As I am reading the rants on this site on fat people I'm thinking holy shit. Anywho, I don't really care about fat chicks to be honest. I am a tiny girl, and so my clothes are around medium to small depending on where I get my stuff from or if it was on sale. But when a fat chick wants to try on any of my small clothing I get pissed. Cause I look at my body then I look at theirs thinking, "WHAT THE FUCK BITCH?! YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TRY ON MY DRESS" I was letting a smaller friend of mine try on my stuff then I walk in on the fat girl trying on one of my expensive pinup dresses that are meant to frame my small body and make it snug. The skirt part looked like a fucking belt when she put it on. I've never been so disgusted. Later, I tried on the same dress and checked for damages. Thanks to her fat ass I have to adjust the dress every 12 fucking minutes because she has now stretched it out. I have never been so miffed. It's ridiculous. Right now she is wearing one of my crap as we speak, I hope it rips and she has to pay for it then realize that she is too fucking big for my fucking clothes! I'm sorry but it is a tiny pet peeve of mine to see bigger girls wear clothes that are way too damn small for them. I can't stand it more than anything else. God damn, just stick to the large size until you dramatically lose weight and are capable of fitting into my dresses without stretching it out or making yourself look easy.

Fat "Ladies"! 58

As a former fat person (used to weigh 220 pounds in my teens, now I'm a size 6 at 29 years old), it really gets on my nerves when fat people bitch at me for being skinny. I've been there, I was fat, but I did something about it!

I work a plus size store and I hate it when the first thing a fat woman says to me when entering the store is "skinny people aren't supposed to work here!" or, better yet, "where's your bathroom?" UGH! First off all, if this skinny girl wasn't here then who would go and fetch everything you want to try on while you bark demands while sitting in the customer seating area? Certainly not you, most of these women can't even walk a few feet without huffing and puffing and breaking a sweat!

  1. I don't appreciate that you go and try things on and then leave a pile of clothing in the fitting rooms for me to clean up because you can't bend down and pick them up yourself.
  2. I don't like that you use our restroom and then leave a disgusting mess in there.
  3. I don't like that the clothes you just tried on are already WET because trying on clothes is considered a work out for you.
  4. I HATE IT when these "ladies" ask for help in the fitting room and they don't bother to put on clothes. Don't wanna see you in your bra and panties right before my lunch break!!!!
  5. I don't like that when I try to be nice to you and tell you that I USED TO BE FAT you automatically assume I had gastic bypass. Diet and exercise, bitch!
  6. I hate that in the summer you're all especially grumpy. It's not MY fault it's hot outside!

It's time for a new job.

Fat People 59

Obese people make me sick and angry! By Obese i mean Fatty Fatty Boom Booms that are so fat that they can't walk anymore but waddle like clumsy walruses, their neck has disappeared so it looks like their head is directly glued to their body, and all they do is eat, sleep, eat, sleep. These guys have 0 respect for themselves, how can they let themselves go to the point they need somebody to wipe their ass after shitting tons of greasy fatty foods they are gorging on!

The "Subtypes" of Obese people that piss me even more:

- people from the so-called Fat Acceptance movement who try to persuade the world that being XXXXXXXL and going a motorized vehicle to do 10 meters in the supermarket is perfectly acceptable (and also the chubby-chasers/feeders members, encouraging this behavior). They are usually the fat self-righteous bitches on tv that cant shut their trap about how they are confident in their disgusting bodies (they will only shut up when gobbling down their 3rd KFC family value buckets).

- (usually obese) parents with obese children: these parents are killing their children - not only in the physical sense with teaching them bad eating habits, but also on the mental wellbeing with these kids usually having low self esteem as they are picked on at school for example. These parents will not recognize that their eating habits are killing their children.

- people who give food to the fat tub of lard (not necessarily as a fetish) that is stranded to the bed cause they are so fat! like parents, spouses etc that give all those chips, fried foods, cookies, sodas to their beloved fatties stranded in bed. If the "blob" can't get out of bed to make some food, feed them some steamed veggies. If fatso doesn't like it: tough shit - if you are that hungry then you will eat it.

- obese people who think they can get away eating all that shit and have a stomach surgery later on!

I suspect that the only use lard-asses will ever have will be if ever there is an apocalypse: if we need to resolve to cannibalism, or cut their bellies open and sleep in there if we are stranded in the cold (like the Luke Skywalker - planet Hoth scene) or if we need bait for Zombies!

Ignorant fat people 60

I get that fat people are angry that people judge them and shit but when they make fun of skinny people THEY'RE DOING THE EXACT SAME THING that skinny people do to them. It's ficking hypocritical. I weigh 90 pounds and I wish I did weigh more. People call me boney and gross and well news flash it still HURTS. it goes BOTH ways. I can't help It. NOT EVERY SKINNY PERSON IS STUCK UP AND MEAN. open your goddamn eyes. you're NO better.

Fat Slobs at the Pool 61

I am a middle aged man. I stay fit and work hard to stay that way. I live in a community where there is a public pool. I seem to be the only person that weighs less than a metric ton! It sickens me. These fat lazy slobs waddle their way down to the pool. It's amazing how people let themselves get that way! Tired of hearing about their poor health! Duh! Wake up and smell what makes you fat, every time you open the fridge! Or drive to the closest fast food restaurant!

Being fat is not a handicap! It's a choice! If you're gonna be a fat slob, stay in your filthy home and out of my eye site at the community pool!

Fatties Suck 62

I consider myself a kind person, but I have had it with fat women constantly being cruel to me because I am a physically fit, attractive woman. My disgustingly obese sister-in-law is as mean as she possibly could be to me. She first started making fun of my weight, calling me "anorexic," or "way too skinny." According to her, "she has more to love," lmao! Who really wants to love that? She's married to a developmentally challenged man...I think that sums it up. When her comments about my (healthy) weight didn't bother me, she started stooping even lower and began calling me even worse things, the worst of all was that I was a bad mother. This is coming from a woman who has two young children (also both extremely over-weight). She has the nerve to call me a bad mother, yet this disgustingly obese slob could drop dead at any moment b/c of her weight. Good mom? I think not. The way I look at it, she or any other fatass would think I was evil if I were to call them fat, yet these obese women think it's ok to call thin women anorexic or too skinny? If you're going to be fat & are too lazy to do anything about it, then you better at least be a nice person b/c if you're a fat slob & you're mean, you're pretty much worthless. Honestly, I don't know why people give fat people the time of day, to me they're just a HUGE waste of space. Oh, and my whale of a sister-in-law is in college (when she's able to get her fatass off the couch to go) & she's always talking about how she's going to get a great job when she graduates (w/ an associates in social work, lmao), I'm dying to tell her that NO ONE will ever hire her looking the way she does (she may bathe once a week), let alone provide her w/ a chair that could support her! Oh, and when you're a fatass like she is, NO ONE cares about all your medical problems...you brought them on yourself. Lastly, I can NOT stand it when I go out to eat & there are fat people eating nearby, my appetite is ruined, so please, if you're a fat piece of lard, eat in your own home, no one wants to watch you nasty fat people feed your fat faces. Fat people SUCK, period.


So it was my FIRST time at VALLEY FAIR, I was waiting at this ride for 5 mins for this fat piece of shit to try and fit into the seat belt, did she not see the weight limit?! GOD I was disgusted by her heavy breathing, she complained and said the seat was too tight and that the seat belt has shrunk a size. Like WTF, GO ON A DIET. We watched as she switched seats and the same thing happened! She left angrily and said "This ride is for the children only then" LIKE LADY, I'm a teenager who can sit in this. JUST FUCKING GO ON A DIET AND JOG FOR ONCE YOU LARDO. GOD. I'm not the skinniest person, I'm overweight but not obese, I actually lost 7 pounds already, but I swear to the god, certain fat people just anger me. I have some BEST FAT FRIENDS, and I love them to death! But some fat people just need to read the LIMIT SIGNS.

Fat People in General 64

My insurance premiums nearly doubled last year because I'm a smoker. Fine, whatever, hope i dont get sick. What pisses me off is these fucking lard asses who dont pay a dime extra for their insurance. Yeah smoking is bad, blah blah, i get it. But is it really worse than being 400lbs overweight? I work in a pharmacy and i can tell you that the number one health problem we address is obesity. These fat fucks ride around in the automated carts with their asses hanging off both sides like saddlebags from hell. WALK you fat cunts! Not only that, usually they ride around eating like the world is their personal movie. Can you not wait until you get home lard ass? They ride around in these carts, eating chicken wings and twinkies, their oxygen tanks the only thing in the basket that dont contain heart-stopping cholesterol and sugar. The fat fucks come to the pharmacy with a Mt Dew in one hand and a Ding Dong in the other to get their insulin and say "I dont knos why my blood sugar is up." One guy came for pain killers, he was at least 200lbs overweight, and i heard him tell his buddy that he thinks lifting a bag of mulch might have fucked up his knees. No you fat piece of shit, lifting a buffalo everytime you stand up is what's killing your knees. Then they have the nerve to tell me I'm too skinny. Why is that ok for them to say when i cant say "Daaaaamn you're fat." And did it ever occur to you fat pieces of shit that you've ruined my fucking appetite and it's a wonder i'm not anorexic by now? I hope insurance companies open their eyes and see where the money is truly going and make Jaba the Slut pay for every goddamned pound that she or he is overweight. Fuck you slap-legged, lard ass sacks of shit.

fat people 65

I am so angry at the fat lady who had the audacity to sit her ass right by my left knee on the metro the other day! She was clueless as fuck that I was sitting right there near her and she smelled like crap too. She also had all that shitty, tacky makeup painted all over her face that made me want to barf! How in the hell do people get THAT big?! Honestly if you ever wish to sit your big, 300+ pound ass of yours on the metro again, you better consider taking a shower or at least getting some sort of weight loss surgery, so you can do the rest of us normal people a favor and not gross us out by your unsightly appearance!

Fat People 66

Fat people really piss me off, they say they want to lose weight but you see them eating 3 burgers everyday with 5 Tango bottles and a fat ass hanging out with double tits.

What the fuck is up with this world? Why can't we use these idiots to feed the lions at the local zoo?

Fat men hitting on me 67

I'm overweight. I've always been overweight. But I've also been athletic. So even though I suffer from the battle of the pudge, I fit perfectly fine into theater seats, airplane seats and have no problem sitting in a booth. I am not not a fat tub or lard that refuses to work out. I hit some ups and downs, but I quit smoking last year and that was harsh on my eating and weight. I got through it and now I'm back in the gym and I'm back to eating healthy. I've started to lose weight and inches from eating clean and healthy for the last two and a half weeks. Not easy with everyone else in the world pushing bad foods in my face, but whatever. I'm determined to make my fitness goals a reality.

But fat guys. They walk around, or waddle, lazy, smoking cigs or drinking tons of beer, constantly overconfident to make up for their insecurities and then they hit on me. I am not morbidly obese. I'm so sick of good looking men mostly dating skinny minnies and then fat asses hitting on me like the have a chance in hell just because I'm not a size two. Give me a freaking break already. I'm not attracted to you and no amount of personality or flowers or jewelry or money could ever make me want to cuddle up to your sweaty, gross tubby fat ass.

What are you fat asses thinking?

That because I've got curves that I'm your soul mate? Dream on, you have no better chance with me than you do the tiny blond on the beach. Date a female shamu if you really want to get laid.

Oh, what's the matter? Not attracted to girls with more fat rolls than a bakery? Well the same goes for you too!

I'm not going to let you kiss me, touch me, fuck me or marry me. I'm not gonna let you plug me or pop out your gross little kids that are gonna eat pizza pops and cake for breakfast!

I dont' want you looking at me. Date a girl your own fucking weight! You can't be 200 pounds and expect to date 120 pounds, well you can't be 300 hundred and expect to get 200 pounds either buddy!

It's so gross. Sending me text messages, sending me so called slick come on lines. Give it up. Put down the bacon.

I'm not going to date a guy who eats cake for breakfast while I struggle to make a egg white omlete with green bell pepper and whole wheat toast. I don't want to push myself to go the gym, while you push yourself into a more comfortable position on the fucking couch and I definitely don't want to roll up to walmart on cookie special Saturday into the handicap stall. I'm not going to shower in expensive special made showers and bathtubs because you can't fit. I can ride all the rides at the amusement park. I can go to the store and buy proper foods. Get loss fatties. I'm not into you.

Fat people who don't think they're fat 68

I don't hate all fat people, especially the ones who aren't very overweight and have a good attitude about it. What I DO hate is the fat fucks who are so deeply lodged into denial about their weight that they have the balls to INSULT OTHER FAT PEOPLE. What the fuck!

Better yet is when they show off their huge tits (which are mostly slabs of fat) and act like they're god's gift to mankind, ignoring how gross they look in the skintight clothing they force themselves into.

I love seeing fat people who start a diet or going to the gym INSTANTLY begin attacking fat people, like they're fucking "enlightened" suddenly. And even if you're an ex-fatty who's a normal size now, nothing screams insecurity like insulting fat people.

The post above this one (#67) invoked this. This chick is 200lbs which is fucking huge and she's offended that fat men hit on her. UH. She's one of those horribly delusional blobs that thinks that she deserves an attractive partner when she puts no effort into being attractive herself. She mentions going to the gym, but obviously the numbers (and attitude) speak for themselves.

These people need a serious reality check, because they're the second worst tier of fat people, right behind the 500lb scooter-driving 'disabled' assholes who don't work and steal from the system.

PS: If you're fat, DON'T GIVE DIET ADVICE. You obviously aren't smart enough to take it.

fat people 69

With all the men, women and children in the third world countries dying slowly and painfully from starvation, how the fuck can any of you pigs find the nerve to continously binge on enough calories that could feed an entire family for a week in one sitting? It's absolutely disgusting. I've had enough of "I have a slow metabolism!" "it runs in the family!" " I'm an ectomorph" because they are not excuses for being clinically obese. How about you step away from the que at KFC and go for a fucking walk? Instead of gorging on 10 greasy cheeseburgers for lunch why is it somehow impossible for you eat something substantial, fresh and nutritious? You know, what's it called? ACTUAL FOOD. Not that processed garbage you can't keep your piggy hands off.

And please stop bitching about how fat you are, especially when you're gulping down two energy drinks and an entire bag of chips as a snack. Stop pestering me what my "secret" is to staying slim when you already know the fucking answer.If you're that jealous, then stop making excuses for yourself and do something about it. Stop giving me dirty looks, stop making snide comments about my figure to your other fat friends. It's not my fault that you choose not to treat your body with respect, so stop taking your insecurities out on other people.

If you simply can't resist being a gluttonous pig, then do the world a favour and stop breathing. You're a burden to the health care system, tax payers and the 12 nurses that have to roll you over just to wipe your filthy arse.


why are the fatties so incredibly determined to stay deeply embedded in denial ? the facts speak for themselves ... obesity is epidemic, as is the diabetes and the back problems etc. that go along with it. here's a wake-up call ... when you are undergoing surgery, having a stroke, or taking expensive meds for the rest of your life, all the denial in the world isn't going to help you . you are NOT "CURVY" or a "BBW" , you are a sick animal that only slightly resembles the human form. guess what ... your fat was brought on by YOUR eating habits and YOUR inactivity. your fat is your problem, NOT my attitude toward your fat.

YOU made yourself that way ... genetics played only a small role (otherwise all of our parents and grandparents would have been fat too ... they weren't) . by the way, i am not talking about a few middle-aged pounds ... if you are 100 lbs overweight YOU HAVE A SERIOUS FUCKING PROBLEM !!! don't think so ? then strap on 100 lbs. and trot around the block ... go ahead, we'll wait. fatties require more space on airplanes, at concerts and sporting events, and use more than their share of resources, period.


Fat, obese people 71

Fat people are disgusting. I have no problem with those that are trying to get thin, like ones at the gym working out or those that watch their diet and try to do some kind of out door activities and make an effort. I also feel for those that have medical conditions that impede their progress and prevent them from being the best that they can be health wise.

Please don't make a tendentious effort to say how you're over eating because of x y and z. Do you think you're the only person in the world with problems and emotional issues? Everyone has them, some more than others. Instead of over eating like a pig why don't you try and make an effort to get to the root of the problem? No amount of doughnut eating is going to change that.

I do have a problem with these rotund, humongous fat women who think they're hot and wear all sorts of revealing and 'sexy' clothes. What the fuck? Are you kidding me? You look like a whale for fucks sake and all that cellulite and thunder thighs are not helping either. Why do I have to be subjected to looking at that? It makes my eyes want to die. Disgusting. No, you're not hot. You look pathetic. They also have the audacity to look at me up and down with a very disapproving look. I worked hard for this body and I'll wear what I like and unlike you, I do look good in these clothes so deal with it. It's not my fault you have no control and will power and decide to stuff your face with whatever is around the vicinity.

Another thing that gets to me is when they comment on how lucky I am to be thin or how I'm so thin and I should eat something. I'm not fucking lucky to be thin. I work very hard at it. I go to the gym, I do both cardio and resistance training and I watch what I eat very carefully. As a result I've got a very nice body. Luck has nothing to do with it.

If these stupid, clueless and out of control lard asses stopped worrying so much about what I was eating and gave a damn about their eating habits they would be much better.

This 'big is beautiful' business is a load of bull. No one wants to be big and fat. Clothes don't fit and you feel uncomfortable in your own skin and you feel like a failure.

Fat people 72

What the fuck is up with fat people thinking that they're hot? What the fuck is that? They must be insane. Can they not see themselves in the mirror? What about all the rolls of fat that's spilling out of their clothes? They must be fucking mad.

I also have a problem with women that used to be a size six or smaller and then they gain a few dress sizes and still think they're hot. You're not the same size anymore for fucks sake, stop wearing the styles that you used to wear. You look disgusting. Your thighs look like tree trunks and there is cellulite everywhere. Why the fuck do you think you're still a small size? Are you dim? Can you not see yourself? To make matters worse, they're fucking confident strutting it around. Everyone is staring at them in disbelief but of course they're too high headed to notice. Silly cunts.

Don't give me that bullshit excuse that it's hard to lose weight. You're just lazy, fat slobs who wouldn't walk if your life depended on it. Lazy fucks. I went to Europe for six weeks a couple of years ago for Christmas and as a direct consequence of eating like a pig and shovelling a shit load of food, over the holiday season I gained 12kg in six weeks. That's extreme and I know it was bad. When I got back home I left lethargic and sluggish and I didn't have enough energy. I worked out two to three hours a day, six days a week to get back to size two. So shut the fuck up about not being able to lose weight. Have some will power, motivation and self control and have some respect and pride for yourself for Petes sake you pathetic slobs and go and do what you have to do and lose the weight.

italian fatties and fat people in general 73

I come from Italy and we don't have as much fatties as america has, but they're the same, all over the world. I had bit of issues with my weight when I was younger,it was 'cause we have good foods and in my family feeding a kid means love him/her.But when I realized I was gaining too much weight, I started being on a diet, 'cause I think we all have to take care of our body,it's a God gift. Now that I'm skinny and happy, I can't imagine how can you,obese disgusting pig, can stuff yr face with junk food!!how can u hate yrself so much!?u say u love food..I love food too,but I eat the right things and I exercise,how can u let yr body goin'in that way?!Watching and hearing fat people eating at the restaurant is so repulsive,it makes me sick.And especially I hate when fatties tell me to eat,that i'm pitifully skinny.And I hate fatties' parents!Don't they see that their poor kid had become a whale?!They should take care of him,teaching about good foods and exercise,everything comes from the family.Fatties are just lazy disgusting people with no willpower sucked in a vicious cicle.I hate their constant complain and their stupid attempts to invite u eating like them just 'cause they're jealous of yr body.U want to be fit?just do something,go for it,there's no award for lazy people in this world,just contempt.I HATE HATE HATE FAT. my cousin is 18 and she started binging when she was 4,she used to hide chocolate and staff like that and secretly ate it.Now u can imagine how she looks..her mother doesn't stop her,even if she is horribly obese;my cousin always talks about food food and food and I hate her 4 that and because she's so weak and flabby,and most of all I hate her mother that bothers me telling I'm too skinny and doesn't say a word to that nasty obscene blob that is her daughter!!that's the most gross,horrible,pitiful thing I've ever seen!I prefere to die instead of getting so fat and useless.they should pay extra taxes on what they eat and being forced by the government to enter a rehab program paid by them and their families, so they can understand HOW MUCH THEY COST TO NORMAL PEOPLE.


I never liked fat people in general and I really hate them now 'cause of my mother.I live with her and she's so horribly obese!she stuffs the fridge with every sort of junk food and I NEVER eat at home,'cause she never buys fresh healthy stuff.I can't even seat next to her while she's eating,'cause her chewing makes me throw up.I tried to convince her eating well and exercising 2gether, but she refused,citing thousand excuses.I'm tired of hearing her moaning about aches and problems related to her weight!!I really hate her,she sits on the couch and guzzle all day long...i don't remember ONE healthy meal she cooked.since i started being aware of my body,i chose my diet plan and i'm thin,and she bitches me all the time about that!!!!incredible,she's my own mother!!!And always about fat women:YOU ARE NOT PRETTY IN SEXY CLOTHES,STOP SAYIN'U'RE HOT,U'R NOT CURVY,YOU ARE JUST FAT.J STRING ON YOU LOOK GROTESQUE,LOW JEANS AND DAISY DUKES ARE NOT MADE FOR FLABBY!!!and the worst...I know an obese chick who got depressed 'cause she had 2 miscarriages and she said it was 'cause the doctor didn't do the right exams bla bla bla,but her boyfriend left her telling it was just her fault,it was cause of her weight problems she lost the babies..u know what?he was right!now he's happily married to a thin good-looking woman which takes care of herself,and the fat ex girlfriend still hopes he'll come back to her,that's insane!

Fat Ass Hitting on Me at Restaurant 75

I took my ass out to eat yesterday. As I'm approaching the door, this whale dives outta nowhere with this big commotion just to 'save the door from closing on me.' So unneccessary.

I PURPOSELY had already 2 plugs in my ear, which are connected to my phone. The damn BLUETOOTH is SO EASILY IGNORED by people who INSIST on talking to you even though you are on a call...or on a FAKE call, such as I do all the time! I landed in line right behind him and his party and he kept going on and on about how such a beautiful lady shouldnt have to have a door close on her. The shamu actually said out of his own mouth "I LOVE TO EAT!'His fat black ugly ass.
(and yes I am black)

He kept trying to talk DESPITE seeing and hearing ME talking on my phone! Well here comes the shit...I ended up in same area of restaurant as he and his party. Yall, he would come back from the buffet table, turn the corner by my table while headed to his, BUT place his black, ashy ass hand on the corner of my table! Bitch! You do not put your hand on my table just to turn EVEN IF your overloaded plate is making it hard for you to keep your balance!!

Again...a few minutes later the same thing yall! His shirt was gray and kept going back and forth to that buffet before I even finished one friggin plate! He rounds the corners, places the black ashy hand on my table and I strategically pretend to see nothing and still had my ear plugs in my ears.

I guess the SHAMU was running outta patience. Believe me when I tell you...he came the 3rd time, actually grabbed my right hand...it had my fork in it yall, and I slowly looked up with calm disgust and the freak said "IT just breaks my heart to see such a beautiful woman eating all along..." I put my left elbow on the back of the empty chair beside and slyly said 'now you dont believe that.' I said it twice. That fool looked SO DAMN STUPID cause in my quiet disgust, he had nowhere to run or no way to easily back outa that situation.

So he tried to joke and say repeatedly 'shoooot, he is probably somewhere keeping a close eye on you, he probably is somewhere real close.' I said um hmmmmmm.

That fat ugly gold teeth wearing gray shirt frequenting that buffet every 6 minutes fool!

You know damn well when you are WAY the hell outa your league.

Take those same number of trips on a treadmill then MABEY you can approach me.

Touch me again and Channel 5 will broadcast your asskicking!


I hope this is put under PEOPLE/FAT PEOPLE so that people who are keeping fit can get even angrier! If this is placed under companies or general, they may not see it!

My fucking gym! Ok when I joined I saw a bowl of tootsie rolls on the counter. I looked a little sideways but then quickly dismissed it because the bowl is so small as are the tootsies.

A few months later I see flyers posted about 'FREE BAGEL' every so often. What the hell? What gym is gonna 'reward' you with some damn bread? I got pissed!

They are located beside a pizza place in Dallas Tx. So what, EVERYTHING is located by a pizza place cause damn pizza is everywhere! A couple weeks after I see the suicide shit about bagels I see flyers in the gym talking about 'PIZZA REWARD' every so often at such and such times per month! I could have punched one of the workers right then and there. Oh but yes, all the workers are fit. I called them FAT in the title cause they have to be FAT IN THEIR DAMN JELLY ROLL ASS MINDS TO OFFER SHIT LIKE THIS TO PEOPLE WHO ARE COMMITTING TO HEALTH AND FITNESS! DUMB FUCKS!@

Its gets worse yall. I went in there last week and guess what the fuck they had posted this time??? 'CUPCAKE REWARDS' on such and such date. I AM NOT LYING! I damn near went through the fucking roof! I know how shit works these days so I knew it was no fucking reason for me to go to the same stupid ass staff who is posting the flyers and sabotaging people's efforts and making a mockery out of people who want to be healthy.

That did it. I went home wrote up 4 different hand written 'flyers' blasting their asses! I placed them around the womens locker area hoping others would see it and wake up and get as enraged as I am. I wrote 'why the fuck wont yall reward us with sample size energy bars, sample size protein shakes!" Why the hell wont you put 3 calorie mints in bowl up there so we can freshen our breath after working out instead of damn chocolate ass tootsies!

I Hate those dumb as bastards. If they keep it up and dont quit this shit, I'm gonna start blogging locally blowing their asses up, contacting other REAL GYMS and telling them so they can laugh them to scorn.

Damn fucking fat-minded gym workers! who else would do such a thing but a person who is FAT in their damn jelly roll mind!

Pissed in Dallas, TX!

fat people 77

fat people - I am coming from a pretty hurt place right now, because once again, I've been seriously dissed for living a healthy lifestyle. It's yet another situation in which it's just that one mean and insecure person who almost ruins it for all the nice ones. I should have known when I complimented this woman on her outfit and she just looked away and said, "Well . . ." After all, how can you take a compliment when you virtually hate the way your clothes just can't hide it? My compliment was still sincere, but it's very telling when a person rejects kind words.

I have had it with fat women going behind my back and badmouthing me - a male friend always gives them away, and it's always a fit male person who tries to mitigate things, as in try to make nice-nice about what the insecure overweight person gossiped. I find it interesting that a guy will spill the beans to me every time.

Everybody on the freelance team wants me, except the lady with the weight problem. Every time. This time, I'm just backing out. I'm not going through this again because I am good at what I do, am thin and love to work out, and the fat lady can't stand it. If this kind of thing hadn't happened to me again and again, I'd be giving her the benefit of the doubt. But I just can't take it anymore as a professional in her forties.

I eat vegetables, fruit, lean protein, and take supplements. I power-walk and work out. My boyfriend has pointed out to me the fact that I am an alien in our modern-day world of sloth and overeating.

Some of my dearest friends have weight problems - but they never give me a problem about how I live my life - and I encourage them when they try to lose pounds.

Instead of giving people a problem about their good habits, it might really behoove the overweight to ask thin people just how they do it.

If you're really so uncomfortable in your clothes, you might consider a few great authors who went through the same thing: Shelley Bovey, who went from advocating an unhealthy lifestyle to losing ninety pounds; Kim Bensen, who lost over 200 pounds after a terrible struggle with weight; even the oh, so controversial Susan Powter - regardless of what anyone says, she still speaks from the experience of having lost well over 200 pounds, and all the emotional distress that led to her initial weight gain. You can keep beating yourself up - and taking your insecurities out on thin people - or you can read and empower yourself.

So, I don't hate fat people - it's the behavior that's very hurtful. And unlike many people, I'm not afraid to admit that kind of hurt.

And I'm so f-in p-d off that I'm going to use the hurtful gossip of fat people to get even MORE physically fit. This particular fat person has driven me to a whole new level of inspiration - I thank you for that!!

Fat People 78

I am angry at fat people who call me skinny . I went to my cousin's place for a function and he(fatboy frustrated) started taunting me for being skinny . I am extremely fit and do a variety of exercises and sports . When i told him i run a lot he actually had the nerve to ask me in an underestimating tone "How much do you run?" . It was ok upto this point but then the chocolate cake gorger caught my arm and says to his friends "Hey , try to get as thin as him" . Well guess what lardo ,I might as well clear the space program medical test .His friends were nice guys and they looked at him in pity knowing the jealousy he harbored . Even his family joined in with him in ridiculing me . One is a smoker who cant climb a flight of stairs without getting into a near death situation and the other is limping hag . The whole fat family takes its frustration out on people that are doing good . Oh , i forgot to mention that the cake gorger has no girlfriend and is 29 . The munchers had the audacity to tell me to eat more and get fat . Seriously , next time i see someone tell me im thin and must get fat , ill take off my shirt and show em that they are waaaaay down there in the food chain.

Fat Girls 79

Ok fatties, "a few extra pounds" is 10-15. 100 extra pounds isn't overweight, it's morbidly obese! You complain your back hurts! Well no shit, if I had to carry an extra 100 lbs just to get the mail, my fucking back would hurt too! If your "diet" consists of fried chicken, chinese food, pizza and cookies THEN eat a salad, that's not a diet.

You know who have food menu apps on their phones? FAT PEOPLE Look fatties it's simple... burn more calories than you take in, and you will lose weight Fat chicks, guys don't like that... Need proof.. go through Sports Illustrated, Maxim, Playboy, any magazine aimed at men and what do you see.. Beautiful women! If they put a fatty on the cover it won't sell.

fat shoppers 80

I used to feel sympathy for you all until I had to deal with you almost every day.

Let me tell you, working at a plus-size clothing store for women has got to be the worst job ever.

You all are gross!

When you try clothes on, you leave disgusting aweful skin flakes all over the clothing (eww).

I have women who come in to shop who have ankles so large that they literally look like ham hocks! (not exaggerating one bit).

Some of you are so damn out of shape that you have to ask me for a chair to sit down when you haven't even made it 5 steps through the entrance.

I had one fat bitch who literally shit all over the bathroom and didn't bother to tell us (thanks!!!)

You go around the store knocking stuff over and you don't bother to pick it up (can't bend over!).

I see fat moms who bring in their fat daughters, and I just feel so sorry for their children. You would think that these fat parents would want to save their kids from experiencing their childhood fat!

Worst of all are the super obese (those who wear a size 5x or 36/38W) who have to be chauffered by Access Paratransit. Access comes and drops you off and then they don't pick you back up for 3 hours. We're stuck with you in the store for that amount of time. Everytime we see Access pull up to the store we all think "Oh shit!" because we know something bad is coming out of the Access van.

You think we don't talk about you the moment you walk out the door? We do! You think we wont recognize you the next time you come in? We do! We've even made nicknames for you all.

To all the fat people out there who go out to shop for clothing, PLEASE STOP BEING SO GROSS!!!!!! You will find that people will treat you with more respect if you just respect yourself more! I can't believe you all have let yourself get that fat!! WAKE UP!!! You are KILLING YOURSELF WITH FOOD! Is it worth it?!?!?!?! I feel like yelling this at some of my customer's faces!!! Can't you see what you're doing to yourself?!?

The only positive to my job is that I now know that I will never, ever, ever allow myself or my future children get fat like YOU. Food is not worth the embarassment. It's a horrible way to live.

Fat People 81

I'm angry at fat people. It's so irritating hearing them whine about their weight, but will then complain about a thin person and diss thin people, while saying it's not okay and it's discriminatory to say anything remotely mean to a fat person.

I don't mind a little extra weight and some people do look good with a little extra weight. However I'm talking about the ones that are obese. That eat and eat and eat and complain about their weight but won't do anything about it. Like take a walk or pick up some veggies and fruits.

It's disgusting to see women and men wear clothes that clearly don't fit them. That are too tight. It's not cute.

Again I'm sick of listening to them complain about how overweight/obese they are but they don't want to do anything about it. Because it's just too hard. Like taking a 30 min walk a few times a week is that hard.
I'm disgusted by the fact that obese women will glare at a thin person and make up stuff like oh she must be anorexic because she's thin. But if you were to suggest that maybe they would like to go for a walk with you or try some fruits and veggies or talk about your fitness they get so offended and act like you're the worst.

Enough of the preferential treatment. If they want to be obese fine, as long as you're happy, but you should be paying your own way. If you can't walk through the junk food aisles, you probably have no business in those aisles to begin with. And you want special parking, fine you should have the back spots. A little exercise isn't going to hurt you.

Fat asses. 82

What the hell do you people see in this? I see a woman with a skinny upper body and WHAM!! This enormous ass. It doesn't even look human anymore. it looks like some sick cartoon. Then the woman starts shaking it like she's having sex and every one around her acts like it's the second coming of Christ. Seriously, the girl can't possibly reach her ass to wipe it so it has to reek. Just nasty!!

Fat people 83

I hate fat people who say things like "real women have curves" and "no one wants a twink in bed". You think anyone would want to be suffocated by your fat ass in bed? Fat people reek and have no stamina so sex with them is awful. Also, this "real woman" bullshit makes me angry, don't scoff at people who have more self-control and discipline than you. People aren't suppose to resemble whales so, no, you are not a "real" person you are a fat, repulsive, piece of lard. No one notices you in a crowd so quit lying to yourself. You are only showing how jealous your fat ass is. You are a glutton and that's all you are, you're nothing special.

Fat people 84

I'VE HAD IT WITH FAT PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY! I am sick and fucking tired of hearing their excuses as to why they're fat. Excuses such as like, "Oh, it's the genetics, medication, my thyroid, etc." NO, its because you're lazy and you keep stuffing those big macs into your pie hole. In addition, you don't need to be drinking large sodas from your local 7/11. Here's a tip: If you cut back on the amount of calories you consume in a day, I guarantee you will lose weight. But that would actually require you to make significant diet changes, which most of you won't.

Let's talk about exercise. I never see you tub of lards at the gym, and when I do, you're generally exercising for less than 30 minutes. NEWS FLASH: You need at least 60 minutes of exercise per day(that's my standard, not what the government says) to lead an active life style.
Also, you people disgust me to no end when you take the elevator. You shouldn't have to use the elevator unless you're handicap. What a joke.

And lastly, it infuriates me every single time when I hear a fat ass make a side comment about my weight and how I am a "scrawny twig." Yeah, gee I wonder why? It could be I work my butt off in the gym and eat a balanced diet.

fat people 85

My parents are so fat. I have always been a little over weight like 10 to 15 pounds but not that much. I exercise and try to eat smaller portions, but my parents get on my nerves. My dad and mom says they need to loose weight all the time but yet my dad will sit down and litterally eat half a box of cookies or crackers. It is so infurating I have to leave the room because it grosses me out. When I try to suggest to buy me fruits and vegtebales to eat my mom and dad just say they are to expensive and ignore me. I say maybe we could afford to buy healthier food if we didnt spend all our money on cookies, chips, and nasty frozen pizzas. Also if they would eat less and exercise our money wouldnt go down so quick to. It just really pisses me off that they dont give care about my health or theirs. When i move out i swear i am not buying any junk food at all. If I ever have kids I want to be really healthy and have them grow up that way so they dont have to deal with aggravating parents like I do. It is just aggrevating when you are the only one who cares about your health in your family.

Fat People! 86

I just cant stand the constant complaints, constant excuses of fat people. Let me be clear i am not 95lbs I am a normal weight and I got this way because I work at it every day, by keeping active and watching what I put in my body. I am also not angry at people with a little extra baggage 10 or 20 lbs extra is understandable and food is delicious. I am angry with morbidly obese people who you have to tiptoe around so as to not hurt their fat fat feelings.You are fat, I don't understand why this is a secret! I do truly understand people who have medical reasons for their weight, some pills, thyroid issues can really have an effect on your weight, i get it, but for every person with a ligament reason there is a big fatty eating a jar of Nutella complaining that they have no idea why they cant loose weight! All I see is laziness, there is no secret to weight loss eat less burn more, its boring i know , but it is the only thing with exception to surgery that will help you loose weight. I also can't stand the same people that are SO OFFENDED are the SAME people who on a daily basis are the ones who keep saying how they love their body and how they look, this just drives me up a wall!

Ugly & Fat People 87

I'm so fucking fed up with nasty, greasy haired, smelly, pimply faced, fat fucking girls who think they're actually somewhat attractive. Like when I'm on a social network site and I see a fat ugly whale post a picture with her tits hanging out.. Like does she really think that showing her tits (big tits/ass don't count if you're fat) like a filthy white trash dumpster skank would give guys any possible sexual excitement? NO you dumb bitches need to learn your place in this world, which is nothing. Society doesn't want to look at you eye sores, please do us a favor and stop reproducing. Stay inside and fucking rot in a basement for all I care.

It's a completely different thing when you're just plain ugly but you keep up with your personal hygiene, don't act like a whore in hopes of that making up for your ugliness for guys to give you attention, wear a healthy amount of makeup (not caking that shit on,) smell good, and keep a healthy diet. I have respect for you even if you were born ugly. You're doing everything you can do avoid it and that's all I could ask.

Fat people 88

Fat people are a disgrace. They destory millions of year of evolution and survival of the fittest. They defy Gods design. They sit and gorge themselves on food that has no value. They eat so much they lose the ability to stand. Pathetic. You are truly nothing if you cant even support yourself enough to stand. Its like being a baby, fat people turn back into fat, greay children that crawl out of the womb of creation, rejected and disgustikng to suck the tit of food corperations. Fat people mock humanity and represent he worst of us. They exist only to use. They have nothing they could give back to society that is even remotely useful. Given the chance i wiuld kill every fat, wasted land whale on this entire planet. Fatness is not a disease, its a choice. Its not brave, or "what real women look like", we dont have to accept you, we sure dont have to give you any respect.

*Note from Anger Central
Actually, being fat is a survival trait. In the days of the caveman, when food was scarce, the ones with extra fat lived and the ones that were skinny...didn't.

Fat People. 89

I am so sick of them. I used to be fat but I lost the weight. Now I try to share with them what I did but they don't want to hear it. They don't want to lose. They want special treatment. SSDI, or if they work they want you to do their job because they are fat. They insist on having food parties at work and get upset when you don't eat. They are ruining it for the rest of us. Stealing our money via health care. No one can seriously deny this. Go to any doctor's office. It is filled with FAT PEOPLE. Not old people. Just fat people who have gotten seriously messed up. Now we have to pay for extreme medical treatments to get them under control... like gastric bypass. Then as if that works at all. They spend the rest of their lives getting medical treatment for that.

fat lazy people 90

I know this fat ass 30 year old mother of 3 kids. She lives with the father of her kids, plus her boyfriend. Yeah, they all live together. She has the father do all the housework and cleaning. I don't know how she gets him to do it- she must have some skanky fishy pussy power over him or something. The boyfriend works all the time so is never home. She sits on her ass all day on her phone texting or playing games, making a permanent dent in the couch, while letting her kids run wild and pets piss on everything. She is the most arrogant, self- centered person I've ever met. She can go on and on all day about her favorite subject- herself! Any time a conversation goes one way, she always turns it around and makes it about her. She wears small tank tops all the time and nasty coochie cutter shorts that let all the fat rolls hang out and thinks she looks so "sexy." She even goes out in public like this and it's so embarrassing. Barf. The only reason I interact with her is b/c she is related to my partner and I have to. Anyway, the two girls get themselves up in the morning for school themselves. One is in first grade, the other is in 3rd. They go to school filthy, and on one of them, I had to actually had to get a whole bottle of conditioner and comb out the knots in her hair. It took over an hour. I have done this on two occasions. Her son is a teen and soon will be going to a group home, and all of it is caused by her bad parenting. He has to be constantly hounded by me and my partner when he is over to brush his teeth, shower, etc... it's really sad. Thank God DHS is involved now, and they are monitoring her lazy fat ass. Karma is a bitch! I hope she loses everything.

Fat Bitch at Kroger 91

I don't care if you're trying to cross the street you have no right to tell somebody to get out of the way so you can walk your fat fucking ass to your car. He was just waiting to see if your fat ass was going to make it to your car or he might have been stopping to pick someone up and get their groceries. I'll never understand why fat people half to have such bitter fucking attitudes, not to mention this fat fucking cow nearly caused an accident leaving the parking lot to take her fat blubbery ass home, I think all Fat people need to have a sledgehammer taken to their guts for how pathetic they are.

Fat Driver 92

Hey Fatty, yeah i'm talking to you, the bitch that ran a Stop Sign when I had the straight away. Is your Lunch that more important than the safety of other drivers. This bitch nearly hit me and here I was coming off a hill and this fatass bitch had a stop sign but she went and ran it as I honked my horn but she just kept going nearly hitting me. Fucking dumbass fatass bitch, do you not see the STOP sign in front of you? You're supposed to STOP my God is your Waist Size bigger than your fucking IQ; if you see a Stop Sign and a car is coming down the hill with the straight away than fucking STOP and I hope your fatass chokes on your lunch you goddamn cow.

Fat Women 93

I am so angry at the behavior exhibited by fat people, some fat cow attacked a McDonald's customer all because they put soda in a water cup, really you are going to attack just because some girl half your size isn't giving you their money for soda just so you don't get a pay check to stuff your fat fucking face. First of all the lady had every right to throw a milkshake at you because clearly you fat fucks are just bitter because skinny people look better than you, you had no right to attack the customer, your fatass shouldn't even be an employee if your fatass can't even be professional. Yeah getting enough exercise to beat down a skinny girl how about you use that energy to walk the treadmill and maybe you won't be so goddamn bitter all the time that goes to all of you fat bitter fucks who all deserve a sledgehammer to the gut.

You know what all of you minnimum wage making assholes don't deserve more because none of you can do your jobs right and you act like it's not an easy job bullshit i'm so tired of hearing your excuses quit your fucking job then if you hate it and if you don't like people than guess what people don't like you and I hope this fat cow of a McDonald's manager gets run over by a truck or a sledgehammer taken to her fatass. Fuck all Fat People and to all of you fatties who get butthurt over being fatshamed well guess what get the fuck over it because you deserve to be shamed.

Fat Acceptance...Fuck No! 94

I am so angry at how we are all supposed to be nice to Fat People all because of the Fat Acceptance bullshit created by the Fucktarded Woke Community. I will never accept Fat People because they disgust me and after reading the rants about Fat People on this site all of the things said about Fat People are true. Fat people are nothing but Fat Disgusting Slobs who don't deserve to be accepted.

Really you think it's acceptable to be a fat loser who eats all the fucking time and won't get laid? Hell no I wouldn't feel proud I would be embarrassed as fuck if I looked like a Fucking Planet.

Oh yeah let's all accept more of these fat fucks who thinks it's ok to hog the motorized scooters at Walmart because their fatasses are too fucking lazy to walk instead of letting some crippled old man use them. Yeah I bet he feels like Fat People should accept who they are when their fat lazy asses are riding around in Motorized Scooters, nearly running over shoppers, and have bad attitudes all because they are a bunch of fat disgusting slobs who should be fucking ashamed of themselves.Also another thing that pisses me off about these Fat People rants is seeing Fat Fucks call skinny people skinny, and here's my question to all of you fat fuck apologists, how do you defend and say being fat is acceptable when some fat disgusting slob calls skinny people skinny and get butthurt when they get called fat? If some Fat Fuck calls me Skinny i'll call them a fat disgusting slob and if they want to attack me i'll fight them, i'll punch these fat fucks in their fat faces. Yeah Too lazy to walk the aisles but you want to fight me for calling you fat because it's probably the only time in your miserable lives that you'll get any exercise.

Fuck the Fat Acceptance Movement, Fat People shouldn't accept how they look, they should all feel embarrassed and they should all go on a fucking diet.

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