Sexist dad 101

My little sister was teasing me about not knowing about the stolen generation, so I told her to shut up and she tells dad and he says 'I'm sick and tired of your crap. Any more and I'll cut off your hair'.

The next day my little sister just gave my big sister an innocent hug and what does my big sister do? SHE KICKS HER!! My little sister told dad again and dad says to my big sister 'She deserved it, huh?' and doesn't do anything to her. CUNT!

Unexpected company 102

Well I'm not really angry, just annoyed about my dad's girlfriends' daughter and her Grandkids came over unexpected. Sometimes I don't like when they come over. My apartment is really small and I don't have any where else private to go in my home to keep away from them, I don't like feeling this way but it's how I feel.

 CrEePy uNcLe 103

I am SO angry at that slimy, self obsessed, manipulative, horny, old, self righteous mistake of a man UNCLE SEVY!

I look up to him as a father for months, hell, for YEARS, and then he gets it into his head that I have a "crush" on him (oh, the ego!). So he tries to make a move on me! In the end, I end up having to talk to fucking detectives and cops and having to move from NEW YORK to ARIZONA of all places! SO then HE has the NERVE to be angry at ME!!! The exact words describing how he felt (oh, poor dear) were "accused of something that the accuser is almost as guilty as, not that I'm expecting any show of character...betrayed" ?!!? WHAT? ARE YOU KIDDING ME! SURE, JUST GO AHEAD AND CREEP OUT ON ME LIKE THE TWO FACED WRINKLY SLUTTY DICK OF A FUCKING RELATIVE THAT you are and then have the AUDACITY to accuse ME of having NO CHARCTER! and who is the betrayed one here? SERIOUSLY!? ooooh... we will NEVER... EVER... speak AGAIN... :)

siblings 104

i know it sounds petty but i'm nearly 17 and i have alot of younger siblings... except its about 2 of them. they won't listen to anythin i tell them to do and its driving me insane and my brother, he goes to his dads house and when he comes back he is a little sH*t due to his other brothers and it sucks cos it takes so long to get him back to normal and all my friends don't believe me and stupid stupidness.

My father 105

My brother and I started giving him a large sum of money a month each to get back on his feet after losing his job. He never did anything except drink, eat junk food and gain weight to the point that he can barely walk.

Now he complains that he can't find a job because he can't walk. He's using our money for his retirement, and I'm cutting into savings to support his ass.

I used to love him, but now I just can't stand to hear his voice or see his face. He's borrowed and taken money during his life from anyone and everyone that will give it to him. Friends, relatives, girlfriends.. He maxed out all his credit cards and then declared bankruptcy walking away from $35,000 in debt. And whenever he gets any money of his own, does he save it for his retirement? Pay back any of the people he "borrowed" money from? No, nope, he just goes and buys himself a new car or a hot tub or some other toy.

I hate my job, and want to move away from this place, but I can't, as long as I need to support him. I'm actually dipping into my savings to support his ass, and he's living better than me.

I'm to the point where I just don't care anymore. I'm going to tell him I will pay 6 more months and then cut him off. I don't give a damn if he is on the streets, it may make me evil, but the suffering I'm going through, the swallowing of my pride, the excuses, lies and laziness from him that I have to deal with makes it seem like a good deal.

Let the world condemn me for not supporting him, I welcome it!

My Dad. 106

Wanna know why I'm so damn angry? Well I've fucking graduated this year and next year I'm off to University. Now I wanna go to a private one but dad can't afford it. That doesn't make me mad.. but what does is that he's not doing anything about it. Except whine. As if I don't have enough shit going around right now. Moreover, he disagrees with every major I come up with. He's gotten REALLY annoying lately. And that's why I'm fucking angry.. THAT IS WHY.

Drama Queen! 107

There are 2 of us posting this. The woman we are angry at is a sister to one of us and a "so-called mother" to the other. She is such a drama queen! If she's not getting attention she's not happy. She is 54 years old and has always preached about how holy she is and said that people who get tattoos and piercings have a one way ticket to hell. Now she went out and got a tattoo and used money that she owed our 73 year old mother/grandmother who lives on social security to pay for it! She did this because she has a new "man" who she's been seeing on his weekend furloughs from prison and he has tattoos. She always bitches about one thing or another and rubs it in everyone's face about how much she has "helped" them when she hasn't really done much of anything in her life except bitch! She brings in over 5000 dollars a month and blows it all on junk. She has a huge apartment building full of shit and a storage unit full of more shit. After she blows all her money, she starts "borrowing" money from our mother/grandmother! She yells and screams and curses at us and when we try to ignore her or ask her to please drop it, she gets even louder! She does this in front of her grandkids and doesn't even stop when one of them starts crying. This person is a true BITCH! She didn't even raise her own kids....her mother did, yet she tells us all about our own shortcomings as mothers. Please put a curse on her and make her have to sit in a room and listen to Cradle of Filth (my favorite band) at full volume on a huge sound system until her head explodes!

Thank you,
2 pissed off people

My family 108

I'm SO FUCKING PISSED because my mom doesn't do anything but sit at her desk and work and work and work and thinks that's the key to being a good parent. She doesn't cook, buys the same things and the same movies and does the same work over and over and over and over and whines about it and turns a blind eye to my little brother who is in junior high and is smoking hash and weed all the time and trying to have sex and feeling girls up and shoplifting all kinds of shit all the time. And he's a prick with anger issues and doesn't give a shit about anyone but himself, and she never says I love you or shows any affection and it makes me so mad because everyone is convinced their life is righteous and justified and it's not.

Dad 109

You like to argue with me about asking you nicely to please be quite. Who the fuck does that?!

You can stay up all night long, just be fucking quite! I donít hear the sister when she comes home because she is quite. She is considerate of me sleeping in the basement. I have a job you donít and you still donít see why you canít make all the noise you want. You slam everything you touch and stomp on the floor everywhere you walk. You are absolutely losing your mind. Get a job and stay busy because you are driving everyone around you to a breaking point. Well my breaking point has come. Iím moving out. Good luck with the mortgage you jobless bum.

I feel better already... Ahhhh uh thank ya

My sister 110

She is the most selfish person that I've ever met. She constantly asks for favors, without returning the favor. It's so bad that she looks at you like "Scoff...are you actually asking me to do something for you?" She milks my parents for everything. I wanted my parents to get a condo in a cheaper area, but my sister convinced them to stay in the area so that she could continue to get free babysitting from them. She expects my parents to babysit whenever she needs it and doesn't even pay for their gas or compensate them in any way. And, she gets short with them whenever my parents can't babysit. Here's the kicker. She doesn't even work. She's a stay at home mom that needs to have babysitters multiple times a week. Not to mention whenever she comes over to my parents house, they take whatever they want and leave a mess for my parents to clean up (e.g. dirty diapers on the floor, crumbs, books and toys scattered everywhere). It's just inconsiderate. I feel sorry for my parents. They deserve better.

games and baby sisters 111

oh my god i wanna kill my baby sis she knocked over my nintendo wii and now no games work......... its nearly my only form of recreation.......and now its all gone

im also really annoyed about always having to clean up after my baby sis and that my parents wont beleive me when i warn them for thing like this someone please listen and respond

Aunt being rude and controlling 112

Because my aunt insulted me and my siblings... and we are the ones blamed!!! I have to be nice and not cause a stir when she banned my uncle from visiting us. But she can say THAT.. and no one does ANYTHING. WHY OH WHY does my family sit back and LET her control everyone like this?? I AM NOT GOING TO SIT BACK AND TAKE THIS ANYMORE. I am angry and hurt, and I have a right to voice it!!

My stupid brother! 113

What is his damn problem? ALL HE EVER DOES IS SMOKE POT! ALL HE CARES ABOUT IS POT! IT'S ALL THAT MATTERS TO HIM ANYMORE! Why does he even need an "escape" from life? He has a damn good life! I can't stand when he does these stupid things! CAN'T HE SEE THAT HE'S JUST HURTING HIMSELF AND HURTING ME?

*Note from Anger Central
The Webmaster's brother was absolutely out of control as a youth. 1 marriage and 2 kids and he became super responsible dad. He was the last person the family expected to be come the responsible adult. There's hope yet.

family 114

Where to start?, ok, the beginning. I'm 29 and up until this july (08) had'nt layed eyes upon my father. Mum left him when she was pregnant with me. It was'nt the easiest of childhoods, mums an alcholic, and when drunk i was the aim for her torrent of abuse, but hey i made it thru. When i was 17 mum had my little brother (who i love dearly), his dad ran off with another women then topped himself. Then she goes in2 re-hab, and u guessed it meets another alcholic. My brother childhood has pretty much been messed up by all this. ok back to this summer- late july i recieved a message on facebook from my long lost father. It turns out he lives 20mins from me. long story short- they're back together and getting married on new years eve, and im suppost tp be happy. Not only did i have a shit childhood but when he turns up2 reclaim his place in my life, they shack up together. Ive been on medication because im finding the whole thing to hard to deal with alone. The thing is- they know, they dont give a damm. im not putting on a spoilt little girl routine, its hard to describe but i feel like im not me, im on the outside looking in, and it so hurts. All i ever wan ted a youngster was to have my dad, and now hes back i still dont have him , doubt i ever will.

My sister!! 115

My sister is sooo...ugh! Okay, if I ask my little brother (who is six years old) to do something such as get water, she will get all pissed and say, "Don't order him. Do it yourself." Then, like two minutes later she'll make me do all these things for her. Every Saturday I do her laundry, and basically everyday she's a real ass to my mom. I can't stand it! If both of them come home, she'll say, "Hi, Dad!" and she won't greet my mom. If my mom leaves the house, she won't say bye. What's wrong with her? She's only 17! Why the hell can't she be as nice to my mom as she is to my dad?'s pissing me of like hell!!

my brother 116

do 18 year old boys inherit some sort of asshole gene the minute they turn 18? and how is it that parents never notice? my asshole brother gets home late every night, sleeps in late thus completely ruining any plans we might have made and then gets away with it! how hard is it to be up at a decent hour for a hit of tennis, which has been organized for 3 days? but no instead, lets get up late in a bad mood and not even try so i get angry...and of course it's all my fault, the darling angel would never do anything wrong, at least in mum's eyes :(

My family 117

I'm so fucking pissed at my family. My brother is the biggest fucking waste of apace it's not even funny. He's 23 fucking years old and still lives with our mom. He doesn't work, he doesn't do anything, all he does is play xbox all fucking day and then he complains that he doesn't have a life. If my Mom starts bitching at him to get a life he yells at her and threatens her. How the hell is this ok? My mom's kind of a bitch too. She thinks she's so awesome because of all the expensive clothes and shit she wears. Everytime she sees me she tells me I look like a fat slob, I'm not even overweight I just don't waste my money on clothes the way she does. And if my hair isn't perfect when I see her it's the end of the fucking world, she won't shut up about how shitty I look. My dad's a fucking prick, he thinks giving us money is all he has to do. I don't want your damn money! I just want a decent family and for you fucks to listen to me when I talk and stop ignoring me!! My 2 sisters are turning into my mom and it's annoying as fuck! I'm not going to talk to anyone in my family ever again!

The sociopathic CUNT I once called my sister! 118

It's been quite awhile since I sat down at this site and wrote a good angry rant with violently tearing-out-your-hair type vibes. Well sit back Mr. Webmaster because this one is going to be a freakin DOOZY.

I finally managed to get rid of Lance A. Boil (thank God) and settled down to a good career, married a halfway decent man and am now fighting in the trenches to get my children back (though they never should have been taken in the first place!) So I pretty much am the winner in that arena, there. Best revenge on earth is to live well.

Until your guiltless, remorseless, no-conscience, sociopathic fucking retarded slut ass BITCH of a sister comes along and chides you on all the problems in your marriage and then you come to find out SHE IS THE ONE CAUSING THEM!!!! How do I mean this? The self-appointed marriage counselor (who happens to be living in a freakin shelter, has four kids by two different guys, and has no high school diploma, no GED, and no visible means of self-support) comes along and tells me what I need to do and how i need to do it, bla bla bla. Then I come to find out she is actually texting, emailing, and chatting with my husband in a SEXUAL MANNER!!!!

I will forgive him soon enough (soon as I pull my foot from his ass) but forgive her? I'm sick of getting betrayed BY MY OWN FLESH AND BLOOD.

ALL I TRIED TO DO, WAS HELP HER ALL THESE YEARS well now I am completely done. I have no sister. She is dead to me. If tomorrow she was found dead under a bridge, I would attend the funeral just to make sure she was really dead. I seriously would not piss on her if she were on fire. Cock tease my husband will you you crazy unstable bitch!

Yes, I am quite pissed.... thank you Mr. Webmaster for listening to me rant.

P.S. if you should read this you worthless fucking whore... PLEASE stop sending pictures of your bastard retarded whelps, to my husband's phone, he truly could care less!!!

baby daddy 119

I'm not just angry, I'm seething red hot fucking livid because this know all (know fuck all) bully, psychopathic, paranoid, skunk smoking waste of fucking DNA caught me at a vulnerable period in my life, has taken the best years of it and still refuses to die! This crazy, mailicious bastard has promised me every year for the past 7 years that it would be his last and the boring, domineering decomposing cunt is still here. How can there be justice in the world when perfectly productive and positive people are expiring whilst spawn of satan like him are still drawing breath? I've had it, I really have, he's supposed to be terminally ill and according to medical science should be pushing up fucking daisies by now. How is it that I'M fucking ill and still expected to be there taking shit from this breathless prick? I can come to only one conclusion, he must have caused me some brain damage all those years ago when he was still physically fit enough to terrorise and beat me. I need to wake the fuck up and ship the fuck out. He has the fucking nerve to call me selfish because I dared to object to his vile manner, well he can just go fuck himself right up the shitter, the sad string of piss, because no one else is going to do it for him. His mother is a jackal and his father satan's foot soldier, you should see the rest of the brood, godless fucking morons straight from the bowels of hell. What the fuck did I ever do that was so bad to deserve the misfortune of knowing these fucking inbred bastards? Deliverance please!!!

Family 120

I'll admit, this is going to sound whiny, but oh well, I'm just a bit upset. So here we go:

I left the PNW in 2006, returned in 2009. Older one "Promised" to split money (Pension payments to deceased matriarch) with self and younger one when I did. Whoops! "I'm scared they'll find out!'

"Return it" I say. "But I don't know who or where!" she wails. I found out in one week. Liar!

So time goes by. Thankfully I move out. She's never returned it and spouts how great it is to be a "Christian"..Oh I believe, I do. But I don't waste time with her, why should I? Hypocrites bug me a lot.

So why am I upset? I return and celebrate her 50th birthday. I also let her kids know "Happy Birthday" (Though I didn't really give a rats ass about them) when their time came...

So what? Well, today was MY BIRTHDAY...Yes, and not a single card, text or anything..I mean even a single text would have sufficed and even if it had been from the kids, it would have been fine!.

But no...I guess she's got some hair up her asshole (I have had that happen..Painful yes!) and so, no nothing..nothing at all...

Sooo...I could easily turn her in..Oh shit what that would do to her, and family (This would be a felony) but I'll not waste my time. Nope, I'm going to move north and then get a new phone set up (I am on pay as you go and this works great!) and then I shall "Dismiss" what was my family.

No more will I wonder "Will they write, call or visit me?" Nope, no worries there, no concern if they're having a good, bad or great time. I won't care or worry.

I'll be to live as I wish and not as they have tried to push me into their slots of bullshit, hypocrisy or stupidity.

I'll be free....(Thanks I feel much better)

My Family 121

I'm angry because of my family (as you can tell from the title). They all fight and pick fights and i've had my sister hold my PRIVATE notebook IN MY ROOM and say "Hey, i'm touching your stuff!!!", just to get me angry. I'm just so sick of them all and i can't stand to live here anymore! I've tried running away before but they always manage to find me and it's driving me nuts!

My Sister 122

I am angry at my sister because she is an immature, stupid, lazy, selfish fatass that doesn't do shit for herself. I'm the more smarter and successful one in our family. The bitch is 17 yet acts like a fucking 10 year old. Every single fucking other weekend she's dumped off at my house. The bitch eats virtually EVERYTHING in my house. When I ask her about her weight she blames the meds she's taking, I'd like to tell her, "Weight is caused by what you eat you fat bitch!" She watches bullshit gayass shows that are meant for a fucking 12 year old teenybopper. I hope she grows up soon because I'm on the verge of insanity here.

B*tch family 123

My sister always wants her way and is such a b*tch!!!and my mom never wants to deal with her so always gives her her way and im f*cking tired off it! I always end up the one taking the sh1t cause my mom thinks she has to punish someone...everyone knows that im not the 1 in the wrong, yet i get sh1t! i often wanna stab them!!!

dad's girlfriend's daughter 124

This girl is driving me crazy! She is impossible to get along with, I have tried and tried to make peace with her but she just won't have it. We'll call her kelsey. Whenever I go to my dad's house, she's doing any number of annoying things. She's a lazy pig and I have never ever seen her take her dishes to the sink, run the vaccum cleaner, or anything productive. Her room is a complete shit hole. The last time I was in her room there was carpet fresh that had been sitting there for (I kid you not) 3 MONTHS!! There was also dog shit, dog piss, rotting food, and dirty clothes lying all over the place. We each have a chihuahua (brothers, they were bought at the same time.) And she never cleans up after her's, and thinks he can do NO wrong. Her dog bit her little sister bad enough to where it was bleeding. What would a normal GOOD big sister do? Maybe punish the dog and try to help her little sister? FUCK NO. This is what she said to her little "You little bitch, if you get my dog in trouble I swear I'll beat your ass" I was absolutely FUMING. Who talks to their sister like that? Especaially over a dog? Her dog bit me one time also, when she wasn't home. So I went and told my dad, and he beat the thing senseless. The other night I was over at my dad's house and he was rinsing the dishes , and he wanted me to come help him, which I didn't mind doing at all if it wasn't for the fact that Kelsey was sitting on the couch like a little princess not doing anything. She has the biggest mouth in the world and constantly has to have everybody's attention, and her mom tries to take up for her saying "ohhh she's been through alot , her daddy doesn't want her, you just have to look over the things she says". Fuck no I won't look over what she says and pretend it didn't happen. She's 17 fucking years old, not 5, she doesn't deserve to be felt sorry for. I don't blame her dad for not wanting anything to do with her. She thinks she's hot shit because she can wear size 00's, even though she doesn't have any ass or boobs. And her face looks like she's been hit by a truck. One time I was extremely angry with her to the point where I was crying and sitting on the porch waiting for my dad to take me home, when my brother came out and told me something he should have never told me when I was that angry(I have a bad temper problem) he said "kelsey kicked lucas(my dog)and hurt him" Well I flew off the handle and stomped in the house to kick her ass and probably would have went to jail for beating her severely if it wasn't for my dad who held me back and had to drag me to the car. So in conclusion, kelsey is a worthless piece of shit and I hope she reads this.

Tired of being the "NICE GUY" 125

I have been helping my son while he is outta work, and we were supposed to be finding an apartment together as to make it easier on us. Well I pay their phone bills (400. 00 a month), give them money to do laundry pay for them to go to concerts and cookouts and pay for my sons clothes and bought him expensive games and the systems to go along with it, well come to find out all of a sudden now that i have done all this for him and his new family not too mention that i take care of his kids from a previous relationship financially when holidays birthdays and such come up he dont do nothing. I am just really fuckin angry and dont know how to start telling him no i wont do it anymore?

Aunt and Uncle 126

I am so fucking angry at my aunt and uncle. Yeah you know who you are. I send you a wedding invitation and you tell me you can't show up because you're putting your son through school. That's understandable, but then come to find out that you can afford to take a trip to Florida and throw a Fourth of July party. So apparently your precious trip to Florida that you could have SKIPPED one year to come to something important is so much more important than my wedding. Then my aunt tells me "I'll send you guys something eventually", did I get ANYTHING from them, NO a card would suffice but you didn't send one of those either. At least ONE of them could have shown up, but nope. The wedding was better without them anyway, thanks for being so selfish.

stepdaughter 127

My stepdaughter makes me so angry! She acts like she is so much better than everybody else. If she would just take a moment and look in the mirror she would realize that she doesn't need to have such and overinflated opinion of herself. I'll be happy when she goes back to her fathers!

Family 128

So, this year I celebrated my 49th. Fine and dandy if you think celebrating by your self is great. The past 2 years I gave money and gifts to sisters and their sprogs. Well, this year I get a phone call 4 days AFTER my birthday.


Thank you and have a nice day! (I feel so much better now)

Stupid girls 129

I am so angry at my sister. I asked her to the local barn dance which was last friday. We have been messing around for the last month and I thought that we were together. Well she says she is going with someone else. So I end up going with my cousin Sue-Ellen. Well when i get there she is with our fucking brother and they are freak dancing and making out all over the place. Fuck. Then to top it all off I have to listen to them going at it all night. Why is family so inconsiderate.

Stupid People 130

I am angry at my stupid sister. For years, I have been labeled the "black sheep" and rebel in the family, and yeah i can understand if they think that coz i come from an asian family and I am more modern and actually choose to have a life of my own. As a price, I had to take all sorts of nagging and talk downs and warnings, such as "you look like a prostitute" when i go out at night.

My sister was a said compared to me. She wouldn't disobey my parents or pushed the bounderies, explore the world... in other words, experience life and let it teach you lessons so that you will mature and grow. She had no backbone, is easily manipulated and fooled, and so fucking naive but always pretended she knew what she was doing, she was smart and wouldn't listen to warnings. My mom was always reluctant to let her go and explore because of her "refuses to be taught" attitude. But she was considered a said coz she was all into religion and all that, which is fine, but made me look more of the devil. This was fine with me as i got used to it and knew my limits.

Then she finally got to leave the nest and work in Mauritius as a nurse in a private hospital... the first time she can take charge of her life... she's 27. She had a long distance bf for 7 years who I have been telling her to leave as he seems to be all talk but no action. She met an old acquaintance in Mauritius and they started to date. I told her to break up with her bf and not cheat on him, but she didn't seem to have the backbone to - saying she didn't want to hurt him. Like yeah, cheating on him is way better than just coming out with it clean.

And within 6 months, she was pregnant with this guy. So he said he'd marry her, which was annoying coz i have been planning my wedding already so it complicated things for my family. And HOW DID SHE GET KNOCKED UP? Coz she got drunk, hooked up and and got knocked up. She knew she wasn't a strong drinker... plus she had gastritis so she'd puke and put up a drama if she drinks.

Whatever. Now my sister is a cheap cheater, who got knocked up by a guy I've never even met, gets drunk and knocked up and is now getting married coz of that. She would always whine about mom being too strict, well for good fucking reason! i got the same treatment, but hey I got my head on right thanks!

Plus she'd have the audacity to say he's a good guy. Well if he's a fucking good guy, why would he be banging a drunk chick who you know has a bf?! And how is she going to maintain his respect for the rest of their lives? Hey, she cheated to be with him, so she can't exactly bag him for cheating in the future?

Needless to say, I am fucking disappointed in my sister. My own sister is a cheap, lying cheat who got knocked up by a some other guy coz she was drunk. Hello? Your a fucking nurse? Get a condom or a fucking pill?!



My father is ungrateful. He doesn't understand what I'm giving up to make BOTH of my parents happy.

My nan is sick so my mother is overseas looking after her so who gets stuck looking after the kids? Little ol' me. I have 5 sisters- 2 are below school age so I get stuck looking after them. Forget the fact that it is the last week of school before my exams (which are worth 50% of my final mark which determines whether I get into university), forget the fact that today is my last day of school full stop, forget the fact that teachers are threatening to not let me graduate because I'm missing "important stuff" I MUST be at home- which I would appreciate if thats all there was to it. I COULD stay at home and look after my sisters if that was all I had to do, and if I got a little bit of appreciation. BUT I'm also expected to cook dinner,do the laundry, do all dishes, watch my sisters 24/7, walk, feed and look after 3 dogs (2 of whom are puppies with behavioural issues) AND somehow I have to fit exam revision into that!

Today I was on the verge of snapping!I was woken up at 5.30- had to clean up the entire house including vacuuming and breakfast/middle of the night dishes .Then I had to go to the bank for him and to do that i needed to get a lift with my aunty. Which I did. Then- to be polite- I went to lunch with her. That left 2 hours until the older kids got home and in that time I fed the dogs, brushed one dog, hung out 2 loads of washing and folded about 3 baskets of laundry peeled about 20 potatos and made a full garden salad and pasta bake! And what gets said when he gets home? Why didn't you put on another load of washing? ARGGHH!! I could scream. Did I mention that this morning I also cleaned the bathroom?


Selfishness 132

I'm so damn angry because my father (or sperm donor) is a dick. He's so damn selfish he believes his own lies. All he cares about is money. Well, someday he's gonna be a sad, lonely old man with nothin but paper money. What a life. His loss. He's a piece of shit dad anyway.. what kind of father offers to give up rights to his four daughters if he doesn't have to pay child support?? YEAH!

Mother 133

I have spent my whole life trying to be the girl my mother always wanted. Yet it's NEVER enough. When I was in 5th grade she started telling me to watch my weight. She would weigh me and take my measurements. Most girls who are about to hit puberty and pudge up a little. It's perfectly normal. From that day on I've been weight conscience. Even when I struggled with anorexia and lost a ton of weight and wasn't even healthy. She said you are looking good just 10 more lbs to go!

She hates my job. She's never worked more than a year of her life. She was a teacher then had kids. She doesn't know how to survive on her own. She's not even sure what bank they go to. I love what I do. It's stressful and crummy at times like ANY job. She always asks when I will get a real job. Make something of myself. She had such high hopes for me. I have great pay low hours lots of vacation time. I don't have health insurance so for her that makes it a not a "real" job

My whole life I went to Church. It's what we did. It's how we lived life. I hate church. My mom thinks it's the magical cure for everything wrong in my life. I have not abandoned my faith just going and hanging out with peple that are so closed and cliquish they have no room for someone new or different. Why should I go? I'll just sit there feeling empty and going through the motions. I can't think God would be into something that's not whole hearted.

Lately she has stopped lecturing and turned to ranting about my brother who just moved out. She just goes on and on about how he needs to find a church cause it will be a great support group. I wanted to say if they will even make him feel welcome. She hopes he won't turn away from God like I have. My mom had such high hopes for me.

IF I ever try to mention these things and how hurtful she's being, she gets all upset like I've hurt her feelings. Then she'll just say she never did those things and how I just have this crazy messed up memory of my life. HOW CAN SOMETHING THAT DIDN't EXISTS have shaped my life so much. Great now I'm crazy

Thanks mom...because of you I'm a crazy fat failure who doesn't have a real job oh and I'm going to hell. I hope someday you will wake up and see what you are doing to me!

Fathers and Careers 134

I know I don't know everything. But that is my dad's comeback on everything that I say. That's his view, he is always right. But this is what angers me. He thinks he is right about this one little (major) thing but he is wrong.

It all started when we received our senior schooling timetables, the office must have got all of them wrong, because not a single person had all of their subjects.

I had the worst hand dealt. I was in one of the four classes I had chosen and I was angry. They put me in Chemistry, Biology and Law. Now I don't mind those subjects but I knew that I would change them first thing next year. But when I told Dad he didn't sound angry like I did. He was glad. See Dad has high hopes, he wants me to become a lawyer or a nurse. I want to be a teacher. He doesn't agree with this as teachers are the lowest paid university graduates. He said "Why don't you become a nurse or a lawyer?"

I say "Because I really enjoy Cooking and a teacher is better than chef."
He retorts, angrier now "Jade, listen to me, teachers get sh*thouse money, at least biology and chemistry and law will get you somewhere, like as a nurse of lawyer. You get big bucks for those jobs, nurses because they work overtime and lawyers because of their rates"

I defend "But I don't WANT to be a nurse of lawyer, those subjects don't interest me as much as cooking does,"

He says "Fine then, suit yourself. But I'm just saying you'll never live in a nice house as a teacher"

I get angry and say "Well dad, if the salary for cleaning up sh*t and vomit with your bare hands was in the $100 000's, would you do it, knowing that you hate the job and hate coming to work?"

He says his famous line sarcastically "Whatever you know all the answers,"

Am I in the right for wanting to pursue a career purely for the passion I have for the subject or is my dad in the right for wanting me to aim higher and thinking only money-wise?

Lard Waffle adopted sister 135

I gave birth to a beautiful little boy 2 months ago. I gained 30 pounds during pregnancy due to waterweight and hypertension. I diet and exercise I just have 10 pounds to go for my ideal weight... Ok now shamu gave birth a year ago and weighs 400+ pounds. Saw a pic of me my mom hung up of my husband and me and has the nerve to say "wow she really needs to start exercising more" Hmm I am a SRA in the USAF I'm working on a bachelors degree, and have a 2 month old son yet I still find time to exercise, even with helping my husband edit EPRS (SSGT) So Why the heck does the excuse keep coming up she has no time, Unemployed, last checked homeless, and lazy. arrg and if you call asking for money since mom won't give you any or if I have to hear that mom had to put padlocks on the cupboards to prevent you from eating the food specifically for the foster kids I'm going to beat the fat right out of you.

*Note from Anger Central
First, congrats on the birth of your son. :)
Second, Anger Central would like to thank you and your husband for protecting our worthless feather merchant butts from evil terrorists.
Third, might we suggest taking your "sister" to the beach? Maybe Greenpeace will roll her into the ocean with the rest of the whales. ;)
(Although, there is a chance of a Russian or Japanese catcher boat putting a harpoon into her if she is rolled back into the surf)

selfishness 136

I have a so called brother who has taken my house because I fell ill and my Dad took over the payments, then he sold it and I got have the profit, my brother got the other half. My dad set up a business 20 years ago and last year he gave it to my brother. A year ago I thought I came to work for my dad's company and found out last week that my brother sacked me because I couldn't get on with him, he fucked up jobs and needed to be told, he didn't like it. Two days ago I got my wage docked because I took my wife to the airport when my brother has days off all the time and still gets paid. I fucking hate him my dad and for that I'm going to move away with my wife to a better place because they are not nice people.

Brother 137

I'm angry at my brother because he threw away one of my objects therefore I slapped him in the back of his head we got into an argument and out "mother" blamed it on me whatevs.

Bratty Stepchildren and Annoying grandmothers 138

My almost 4 year old stepson is such a brat. I've been involved in his life since he was 1 and 1/2 because his mother is a deadbeat druggie. He can't stand not being the center of attention. If his dad spends any amount of attention to me he gets upset and does anything he can to get attention. His grandmother only fuels the brattiness by carrying him around like a baby wrapped in blankets, letting him sleep in the same bed with her, feeding him absorbent amounts of sugar especially before bedtime. She once had an hour long argument with my husband about how she thought her grandson needed more chocolate milk, candy, and free time. Ummmm, all that kid has is free time!!! He goes to preschool 5 days a week because we both WORK! But the grandmother thinks it's a sin. "He should be with me instead. It's terrible that he's in there until 4 or 5. You need to make other arrangements." Um yeah. Sorry we work and our bosses aren't going to be ok with us leaving work early because you think it's a sin for him to be playing with toys and children in a safe, structured environment. Ohh I guess you'd rather him be in your smoke filled house hanging around your other son who happens to be a druggie who lays around the house while you pay his bills. Yea, that's a great alternative. This little brat cries all the time. He cries when he doesn't get his way. He cries when he's tired. He cries when you look at him wrong. He cries when you correct him for doing something bad such as climbing on my expensive furniture or kicking my dog. Ugh I can't wait until he's old enough to go to military school!

Manipulative Family & Friends 139

I'm so fucking angry because for years while trying to raise my family, I had nothing but grief from their Father the biggest asshole in the world! On top of lesbian friend whom I stuck by through everything even while she was in the closet and couldn't come out...undermined me with my children...examples, buying fast food when I didn't want them to have it! Always giving them money. Dropping us when ever she had a new lover and not accepting the fact that you drop friends over lovers! There's more...when your lover and your best friend don't like each other, you don't drop your best friend, you stay out of it and accept it as they they are cordial. You also don't allow your lover to be rude to your best friends children and let them get away with it and then turn it on your friend! Life can be a living hell for those of us who's supports end up being ulterior motives by those we trust! Unfortunately in the end those of us who trust and don't manipulate end up alone because we just don't use your two faced nasty manipulative ways to get through life! Fuck all of you...Ron, Lucille, Nancy, & Maxine...all two faced all manipulative and you can all kiss my fucking ass. When we die...and we all do...we all die alone. Live with your shit because I won't feel guilt or responsible for what isn't mine anymore!!!

my retard of a sister 140

It doesn't exactly break my heart that you lost your fucking baby. You see, I could give a shit less.

Before anyone else calls me a heartless bitch let me explain something. THIS WAS CHILD NUMBER FIVE who would have been born to a woman with no high school education, children by three different fathers, and a tendency to take the kids and walk out then hit the man up for support. And she expects me to feel SORRY for her? Wake up and smell the friggin coffee!!! people have spontaneous abortions every day its called NATURE and had the kid lived it would have had severe fucking problems you would have been ill-equipped to deal with. holy shit stop texting me looking for fucking "support" I have a terminally ill husband that plus i am raising a dead woman's kids!!! and i was supposed to have gone to the Middle East with my unit but that didn't happen! i have enough on my plate with out trying to play Oprah Winfrey to your sorry butt. you want love and sympathy get a fucking dog, because I have absolutely no love and no sympathy for you and i am still mad you sent my husband pictures of your lopsided tits.

your misbegotten whelp is better off dead than having to look at your ugly ass of a face every day and calling you mommy. and should you read this and threaten to commit suicide again please follow through this time and stop teasing me with my dreams i.e. not having to deal with your sorry ass ever again. please go crying to mommy i am not your fuckin mama i am not your sister I am nothing to you I am done!!!

*Note from Anger Central
Last posting of 2009

Sister 141

I so so fucking damn angry because my sister won't let me watch my fucking damn t.v. because she said it had her fucking name on in after she drew on the damn thing and i my fucking ass fags of parents are letting her keep the fucking jackass because they dont want to deal with this fucking mess. goddamm those fuckers.

*Note from Anger Central
First posting of 2010

It's My Family, Dammit! 142

I am really pissed off right now. I got invited to a family function and had to leave early to job hunt. No one else is out of work right now, just lucky me, yet I was pronounced rude for leaving early and not sitting around on my ass watching some fucking inane, gross-out, cloyingly sexist buddy comedy with the rest of the family. Fuck that. I have a brain. I don't want to waste my valuable time watching your unfunny, woman-hating, knuckle-dragging cinematic fuckwittage. I need work and money so I can support myself through grad school like a proper grown-ass woman. It's my life. I answer to myself. I have my reasons for doing what I do even if you don't like them. Maybe if some of you walked a mile in my cheap-ass, Payless brand shoes, you'd fucking get it instead of standing in judgment of me.

brother 143

My brother has always leaned on me even though i am a year younger then him. He just seems to keep messing up his life and the only time I hear from him is when he is in a jam. I've helped him through so many hard times and when the going is good with him I never hear from him at all and I just feel like I'm over it. I just do not understand what his thinking is. We are middle aged adults but sadly I never see him making his life better, ever. It bothers me that I care so much because he knows the type of person I am and will play on my sympathy. This is causing trouble in my marriage and even my daughter is annoyed with it. No matter what is going on my brother always has a way of diverting the attention back on himself in some way. I lost everything I owned during Katrina, he didn't but somehow he made up this fantastic lie that he had cancer so I would send him some money (I was displaced at the time). As I reflect on all this I am speechless that he would stoop so low when I was clearly at my lowest. Now our older sister is very ill and when I called him to tell him he simply stated, Yea, I ought to be in the hospital myself! I couldn't believe it. He lets his girlfriend ride a bike to work (in all kinds of weather) then complains when she cooks something he doesn't like! He's my brother....but he's a loser and I am embarrassed of him. I cannot see any light of day for him. He lost his only child in 1998 and ever since has used this as an excuse to get high and not work even though he was prone to this behavior before his son was killed. Ten years later...he has not made one attempt to change. I'm in the medical field and pulled strings to get him into rehab, helped him get disability......he's blowing his disability checks on himself then calls me sounding all sad and upset because he "never has no money"....Brother I am not buying it this time. I found out he blew 6800 in a back pay of disability......when he owes me thousands.....this cut right through me because I am in no way financially able to help him but I would sneak money to him without my husband finding out WHY? because if felt sorry for him!!!! I HAVE to quit with this pity......remember: Being a compassionate person does not give anyone the right to think we are weak..........or even stupid......shame on you users of us nice sympathetic people!!!! Shame on you!!

brother 144

how to stupid little brother is 16 and i'm 19. He's AWESOME at one of the best in our academy. Nothing in the world troubles the little dickhead. I know it's good to be a happy person, but he's just nuts. The dumbass ONLY thinks about himself and having fun, doesn't even think about other people or the consequences of his actions. I hate him and i hate how he's making me sound like an angry old man, fucking hell. I wish i could be as carefree and confident as him, and i'm soo fucking jelous, it pisses me off to the max that i'm jelous. fucking prick

Family 145

I am angry at my family.

Dad, Im sorry if I have more to worry about than when I'll be able visit, or call.

Mom, I'm sort if I'm not the verbally virtuous Jesus-freak (no offence to Jesus-freaks) you were looking for when you found out about you fucking unplanned pregnancy. I'm sorry I cannot do everything around the house by myself. I'm sorry all I do is make YOUR fucking life harder. SORRY for being depressed. So SORRY life isn't perfect. ALL YOU DO IS COMPLAIN. And sigh. Sigh, sigh, sigh. I swear all people care about is themselves, and no on is willing to pretend. I pretend. I try so goddamned hard to be there for everyone, while still being myself. But they just take and take without appreciation or understanding. Being happy for everyone. Smiling for everyone, listening to their boring stories even as they interrupt mine. When I am 18, I am out of here. I am exhausted. I feel like I have to give up on everything I want for my family. Assholes.

Brother 146

I'm writing this because of my brother, because of what he's done and what he's put all of us through with his behavior.

My brother has single-handely managed to all but destroy the very fabric of our family. He's always been a spoiled brat and a self-absorbed, single-minded, narcissistic asshole that knew everything, was never wrong and had an ego the size of a hot air balloon. He's always been the one to live beyond his means, take others for granted, waste his time on this Earth and completely disregard other people's feelings, possessions and efforts for his own.

Well, big shocker, he finally fell flat on his ass. Big time. I'm not going into the details here, but he got himself into very deep trouble because of his carelessness and his arrogance. His selfish disregard for other people has caused our parents to be dragged knee deep into this quagmire with him.

So what do they get, in their twilight years where they should be enjoying life and having fun before they grow too old and frail? They get to piss away their time and money defending him, visiting him and living in utter humiliation because at this point everyone else has no doubt found out about it.

Oh of course he still has friends who support him and I have to watch my parents do the same, but I can't be part of it. Yes, he's my brother, but after what he did, seeing the physical and mental toll it has taken on my parents and what it's done to the family, I can't forgive. He's taken years off both of their lives, he's financially ruined them, whether or not they know it, and they will both die poor and ashamed long before he ever gets released.

That saddest part of the whole thing is that my parents and other people support him, treating him like he's the victim of some universal injustice that randomly befell him. I'm not that naive, I know better, but my incredulity has practically turned my own parents against me.

That's right, against me, the one who isn't in prison, the one that hasn't done anything wrong. The one who has a good life and is a good person that never did them wrong. I'm becoming the bad guy for not supporting my brother, who did this horrible thing, humiliated the family and ruined both of my parents. Can you say irony?

It kills me that I've lost the respect of my parents, the pride they had in me and the ability to ever have a normal conversation, a normal interaction with them or anyone else in my family again. I have to watch them both decline in health, fall apart mentally and physically as this mess takes its ever increasing toll on them.

Of course nobody at work knows about what he did, and they treat me no different as of now, but I suspect that one day that will change. When this is all over and he's sentenced, it's going to be in the papers. I have a nagging feeling in my gut that one of my colleagues will find out and connect the dots. After that, I'll have forever lost whatever small amount of respect, admiration or even envy in the work place. People will never look at me the same again and every one of my interactions with the people "who know" will be forever poisoned.

And yet, despite all this, I'm the bastard for not supporting him. I'm the uncaring brother who seems to have abandoned his sibling in his time of need. I'm the one that my parents are ashamed of for my decision to stay out of this mess.

I really feel sorry for my parents having to deal with this, I feel sorry for them believing in someone who only cares about himself, but my brother? No. He's dead to me for what he's done. There are some things you can't and shouldn't forgive.

So no, I won't feel sorry for him. I'm not going to support him. I'm not going to be miserable and think about him and his plight on a daily basis. If that makes me a monster, fine. At least I'll be a monster who can make it through the day, stay focused at work and be happy in his life.

my fiances children 147

I'm getting engaged to the most wonderful person, the only thing is that his children from his pig ex, are rude, mouthy, lazy and disrespectful! They dont clean after themselves, are constantly trying to pick a fight with me, they dont even practice goddamn hygiene. I HATE them so much sometimes! I give and give, well no more, screw them the lil fucks!

My Double Standard Family 148

I'm so angry at my family for everything! I try to stand by them, to make things right with them and walk through the door with a good attitude but they just walk all over me! They gave everything they had to my sister, including their love. No matter what I do, no matter how hard I try, they are never satisfied by what I do. But my sister does everything right. She went to a $40,000 a year private school and 2 more years for grad school and they love visiting her and cheering for her team, they even wear her school's shirts and tell everyone how great it is. Then, I went to a cheaper school and had a 3.96 GPA and they tell me how lazy I am and how they can't afford my college and they never support it but when I wanted to switch to a still public, but slightly more expensive school they flipped out and wouldn't let me go. They never get excited about anything I achieve and when will it be enough?!? Everytime I've ever brought it up to them they call me selfish and say I should care more about my sister but no one has ever taken the time of day to care about me...ever! It tears me apart to know that no matter how badly I want it, I will never have loving, supporting parents. My boyfriend said that I need to learn to live my life for me because my parents lost out the second they refused to notice how amazing I am. Thank God for him!

Fat Family!!! 149

My dad meets this skinny pretty girl, and then we hit this recession, she loses her job gets hella fat and ugly. She also had 9-year-old son who weighed the same as me and im 17. We went to Tahoe for vacation and instead of doing anything they just wanted to stay at the hotel cuz they were too tired. Next day we go to a Mall and after 2 stores they are too tired and have to go HOME!!! Damn it such a waste of a vacation!

anger at dad 150

i am revising for my gcse and he dosent give a damn about it no no no all he cares about is how to reduce his stupid fucking house workload, i brought the clothes in from the garden that was my job i did that but then he tells me i have to fold them and dry the wet ones back again but its going to rain so i can do that you stupid argghhhhhg and then i had to do that stupid chore as well and then go back to my studies which i am not up to at all, its broken my concentration arghh he always feels the need to be the boss of the house the controller, argh what a dickhead he is sometimes..

Bridal Party 151

I have chosen my 4 best friends for my bridal party. Then my fiance talked to his mom and she is upset that I did not include his sister. I am not close to her at all. She is so awkward and not very nice to other girls. I just think it would be uncomfortable for my bridesmaids and myself to have to pretend to be nice to her when she is so cold and weird. She is also very fat, and I hate to be blunt, but ugly too. I want nice pictures and all my friends are petite cute happy girls and then there's her. The store where I want my girls dresses to be from don't even have anything that would fit her, and she won't let me help her out with her style either. I just don't want to include her. She has no friends, and says she wants me to be in her wedding. I would feel uncomfortable with her in my party. I realize there are other things I could include her with, but the family pressure is still there. Why would you want to be included in a wedding out of pity? Or by guilt? I am so frustrated, thank god for this site! I can't tell my fiance my true feelings why I don't want her. I just tell him that we're not that close and it may be uncomfortable for her to hear party stories from my ladies. We're having a small wedding so I don't want more than 4 bridesmaids anyway. I even considered not asking one of my girls to make it work. But why should I sacrifice my real friends who mean so much to me.

My dad 152

he is such a jerk and he doesnt give a rat's ass about how hard i work for him and i was making his card he and he just blew up for no what the hell! i try my hardest for him and he doesnt care!!!

Hypocrite Grandmother 153

I am so damn angry at my fat ass hypocrite grandmother for so goddamn many reasons. Let me vent a few.

First off, this fat bitch is always stuffing her fucking mouth with what ever she can find. She has diabetes and has to take medicine but she fucking complains and wonders why she has to take the medicine. She falls all the fucking time and hurts herself. And she completely fucking denies that she falls because she is so fat. She constantly has some sort of gas and noise coming out of her. Witch is utterly disgusting.

OK, second reason i am pissed the fuck off.

She is the biggest fucking hypocrite in the world. All of my family have some sort of problem, if it be anger, depression, etc. Especially me, my mother, my grandmother, my grandfather, and my cousin. My fat grandmother is always saying how i got my problems from my grandfathers side of the family and she always is saying that they never realized that they had a problem. But yet this fucking bitch doesn't even realize that she is just fucking like him. Also im on medication for anger. When i dont take my medicine i get out of control. And this bitch is always saying how i NEED this medicine cause i have "ANGER PROBLEMS" this is what she diagnosed me with, "ANGER PROBLEMS". But anyway, her doctor prescribed her fucking Prozac 2 years ago...yea pro-fucking-zac. And she hasn't taken a single pill because she says she doesn't need it. I fell like fucking punching this bitch right in her fat ass face. Thank you for listing.

My irritating brother 154

My stupid brother pisses me off, he is so damn lazy, he will go into the kitchen, make a sandwich, take one bite, decide he isn't hungry, and leave, with the sandwich sitting on the counter (or whatever surface he may of been making that sandwich on) and then who gets to clean it up, me, nobody else will do it, so I have to, I have no problem with cleaning up the house, and cleaning my own messes, but why should I clean his messes, he sits on his ass all day doing nothing and whining about everything like the spoiled brat he is, while bringing report cards full of D's home every freaking term! I mean, you could take the time to study and then maybe you would fucking know what 2+2 equals, and holy shit, it's like every hour of the day, my mom is getting calls home from his teacher, about just about everything, and my mom doesn't punish him at all, I mean, cmon, do you want your son to be homeless, or even worse, stuck with YOU for his whole life, all while making messes for you to clean up, consisting of sandwiches with a single bite taken out of them. Seriously, how many family's are there where the teenage son is doing 100% of the housework. It's even worse that so much housework is needed to be done, thanks to this kid.

Thank you for making this site exist, I feel way better now.

My 'Family' 155

I'm angry because my parents are divorced, and my mom does drugs, and my dad is a past child abuser-- and Oh yeah, he has custody of me. We've moved 7+ times in about 2 years. He always has me drop my life and expect me to start a new one and live peacefully with these slut bags he gets with. I hated every one of them, and I hate the one I have to live with now, too. She's a fucking cock sucker! Her Grandson/Granddaughter live with her, and her Granddaughter acts fucking 5! Her grandson is a stoner who is never around the fucking house and stole my Xbox. His girlfriend is a huge ass to me and her cunt Granddaughter is always telling her stories about shit I did to her and of course she believes her. She tells on me for stupid shit like 'I gave her a dirty look' and yet her brother is a fucking asshole to her. They emotionally abuse me all the time and team up on me, and I'm about to fucking kill myself because at this point I want to live with my druggie mother. At least she cares if I kill myself or not! I fucking hate my dad and the bitches he gets with! I'm done, and if I get screamed at one more time by this fucking family I'm blowing my brains out.

Hypocritical Siblings 156

I don't accuse myself of being normal. Heh, I'm not even the fun, quirky kind of unusual. I have never once wished for anyone else's understanding or acceptance of who I am. If someone chooses to look past my odd tendencies, great, if they choose not to like me because of my habits, wonderful. I could really care less. What really gets under my skin, though, is when my self-centered younger sister has ridiculed me for the some years now about how I choose to present myself, yet now she's imitating me. At first it was miniscule things that irritate me. Suddenly taking interest in something I have always loved that she used to call stupid. Claiming to be an expert on something I'm always raving about. Copying my trademark hairstyle. You just brush it off and look the other way. Then, she started claiming my ideals. The majority of my family is Catholic, she included. All of a sudden she claims to be as Agnostic as I am when the other day she was asking me why I don't appreciate 'God'. It's a hard thing to ignore, someone trying to use your beliefs falsely to create their own picture of individuality. But I kept my mouth sealed. What really sends me over the edge is probably that even though she is obviously trying to be more like myself, she continues to scorn me. Somehow, although all these things are my customary ways, she has deluded herself into believing that she is above me, perhaps a more true form of what I am. It utterly infuriates me.

my mother 157

All my mother cares about is her baby! She rejects my dad's and my idea for a vacation, saying that it costs too much money. Now, I would respect that if she didn't buy 30 dollar diapers. And I try and work as hard as I can; I cater to her every need, and talk to her when she has problems. I try to be the best I can be, but I never get rewarded in any way. And the idea for a vacation: a 3 night stay in a cheap hotel for $115 in the area I was born. Not asking too much, right? And it's not like we're poor! Both my father and mother have decent jobs. We don't even have to pay rent! The baby isn't even born yet, but she buys tons of onesies and diapers, and bottle warmers. The list goes on and on. And she never even noticed when I went through a three-month period of cutting. She never noticed that she wasn't the only one struggling through all of this. I just don't understand any more.

My Mother 158

I f***ing hate my mother! She made me sleep on the floor last night because "I was being too loud." Then, this morning she doesn't say anything, like maybe she was a little unreasonable. She tells me I can't go to town today, even though she agreed to take me weeks before. And then, she gets all happy and says that I can go to her doctor appointment to hear her precious little baby's heartbeat. And when I'm there, I'm supposed to ooh and ahh. But of course I will go, to make her happy. And I will say, "aww" when I hear my baby brother's heartbeat. And then when we stop for lunch, I'll pick the cheapest thing on the menu at the restaurant that I agreed to go to only to make my dear mother happy. And man my back hurts!

My DAD 159

He is one of the Most paranoid motherfuckers. He can't let me do any fucking things. For example, while i'm outside, he phones me every 2 fucking minutes interrogating me about every fucking shit. man, when i'm in the house, he takes away the internet cable every day because hes afraid that i'll get corrupted on the we; what the fuck is that; all i look up is games and wikipedia. Man, because i'm overweight by about 20 pounds, he becomes fucking paranoid whenever i ate a lot. He dosen't believe that i excerise a shit load, adn that i don't eat lunch every day. Reason pleases? Hes fucking hypocritical. He is one of the fattest fuck ever. also, he refuses to let me have a single dollar. whenever he gave me money, he always checks it every day. If he found suspicious money,he always confisticaed it. without money i have nothing. i live in the ghetto. Last word. better watch the fuck out or you'll be sorry.i'm not afraid to start a revolution and hang you in the town square

my nephew 160

i am pissed at my nephew because he keeps trying to get me in trouble. and i dont know why. i've always tryed to be nice to him. ive never said anything meean to him. i always lied for him so he wouldnt get in trouble. annd then one day he turned. like everybody else in my life does. my instict is to be spiteful back. but something tell me that thats not the way to go about it. im going to continue to be pissed off until i find a silution for this. i coulod wish so many things right now but jesus help me is my only one.

brother 161

I am angry at my brother, hes 20 years old and sleeps all day (like hes a baby or something). He then gets up at 7pm - after ive been out working hard and just want to relax and sleep - and starts shouting on his xbox at young people who are trying to enjoy a game and will not listen. He annoys me so much because he thinks that since he's the oldest he has more say in everything.

My Stepfather 162

Ever since i was 6 years old, the lives of my mother, sister and myself have been under the tyrannical control of my delusional stepfather. The man is 54 yrs old, but he behaves like a 2 yr old when anything is not perfectly formed to fit his opinion: any questions, added opinions or comments to his ramblings are constantly deemed as intentional dissent and as rebellious. He needs to understand that he is imperfect like the rest of us, and that the fact that he graduated from West Point does not make him superior to anyone, including the people in his own house. While attempting to understand his lecture, he is constantly condescending and irrational in his reasoning for being so upset. He gets his panties in a wad for minuscule things that a healthy person would let roll off there back. But the worst offense he has committed is that he has transformed my mother into someone compassionate and loving, to someone disconnected and autocratic. He has broken her down to a subservient level so that she is controlled by him, and my sister and i are, in turn, controlled by her. Both of them need to take a step back and listen to themselves; they need to understand how there condescending speech and actions undermine the foundations of a healthy family entity. But they will not; because THEY are the parents.

My Father 163

Why wouldn't I be? He makes me really goddamn mad, I feel like strangling him sometimes. For one, he speaks with his mouth open like he's some sort of three year old, he doesn't wash his hair with soap, and he never brushes his teeth. Then he comes telling ME that I'm the messy one for leaving a cushion on the floor. Sometimes I just wish that he'd get a hold of himself, and stop being such a goddamn child.


Because my aunt lives at our house, for over 2 years. WILL NOT get a JOB, WILL NOT create any means of an income, and WILL NOT find a place of her own. She PAYS for nothing, BROKE my computer, doesn't pay rent, doesn't drive, doesn't do anything, she has no education and doesn't DO ANYTHING EVER! The most important thing to her TV. Yet my parents let her live her. SHE IS RUDE and DISPRECTFUL to my mother (her sister) and fights with her and insults her daily and called my sick father a retard and other horrible things. YET, they still allow her to live here. I can't take it any longer. Although my mother cannot stand her living with us, she wil not tell her she needs to leave or anthing. She has long out stayed her welcome, and I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!

Father 165

I am so fucking pissed off at my father. It's like living under totalitarian rule. No say in any fucking matter at all. He can't hit his kids so he makes up arbitrary rules when he gets angry, and his ego is so fucking big that he won't admit that he's wrong once he calms down. Living with bullshit bedtimes and wake-up times and strict schedules which serve no purpose but fuel to the fire of his ego. Confirmation that he really is in control of the situation. Don't like it? Eat a dick (don't take that the wrong way, it's a figure of speech, he's an insensitive prick, but he's no pedophile.) Today I destroyed a wicker basket with a hammer because I didn't know how to talk back to him. Now I'm short a laundry basket, and am going to have to explain to him why there are pieces of wicker basket all over the floor. I feel like an asshole. But I don't feel like I'm an asshole as much as I feel like he's a condom full of gonorrhea. Go fuck yourself, you weird little man. I love you, but I wish I could smack you straight across the face. Maybe someday I will, but until then, this website will have to do.

Family 166

I'm getting so sick of the way my family acts like it's some huge goddamned inconvenience and personal affront that I got married and moved 75 miles away, where I found a job that I really like. It's like they have this expectation for all of us to live within a 30-mile radius of each other and always be available for every family gathering. Moving away really opened my eyes to how flaky and weird my family really is. They plan things at the last fucking minute and expect everyone not to have any plans. My wife and I plan things weeks or months in advance, and my mom acts like it's such a big disappointment that I'm not coming to her sister's family Christmas party that she announced barely 2 weeks ago. I don't even like my aunt much anyway - she's so snobby and acts like my wife is beneath her. My mom is so passive-aggressive and my sister always sucks up to her and says whatever my mom wants to hear. My dad just sits back and accepts it all. My brother is totally fucked up - married a crazy controlling bitch because he wanted the stability and social status of marriage, then popped out a baby and bought a house they could barely afford because it's just what you're supposed to do in the town where I grew up. It's like they all think I'm the weirdo because I finished school, got a job I like, got married, left my home town, and am completely self-sufficient. I'm the only nearly-normal person in my fucking family!

Then there's my wife's own fucked-up family. Her grandmother and her dad haven't spoken to each other in years because he got sick of her telling him how to raise his kids and basically trying to control his life, and the grandmother acts like spending any time with him is an act of treason, so we can't ever mention him around her, and we have to kiss her ass because we're due a huge inheritance when she kicks off. It's so stressful whenever we visit her grandmother because we feel like she's constantly judging us as to whether we're worthy heirs. She changes her will about once a month according to whether she's pissed off at someone for not kissing her ass enough. It's an awful thing to say, but we'll all be better off when she's gone.

stepson 167

My stepson is a sly little know it all wanker! He is 12 years old and walks around with his chest puffed out like he is 30.

I don't have all day to explain why I dislike him so I'll just say- I can't stand the little tosser. I wish his mother would get her act together and take the little turd until he is through this annoying, I'm to cool for school stage!!

Arguing with mum 168

fucking point in her nagging shouting at me? end up punching myself in the face 7 times almost knocking myself out then stabbing myself in leg with a kitchen knife now sat on bed with head ache fuk sake!!!!

Selfish Family Members 169

I am SO OVER my husband's family. My sister-in-law was supposed to come over for a photo shoot on the 27th (I'm a photographer)and she never called or showed. A week later she apologizes and says that she had family in town, 3 weeks later she asks to reschedule. The very same day my mother-in-law calls at 9:00 a.m. and leaves me a message that she'll be there at 10:00 a.m. DOESN'T ASK TO COME BY BUT TELLS ME SHE'LL BE THERE. She calls at 11:00 a.m. to say that she's not sure what time she'll be there if at all. I home school 2 out of 3 of my children, am a part time college student and run my own business but for some reason my husband's family acts as if I sit on my ass all day pining for their return. They think that because I have don't have a 9-5 job that I am available for them 24/7. Then, when they babysit our kids they always tell me that the can't see how I get anything done! To top it all off, the very same day, day two of my diet to try to lose the 50 pounds I gained after having 3 children, my husband picks up a box of brownies and a gingerbread house. Makes me wish that I had chained smoked in front of him while he quit smoking.

 My family 170

Okay well i'm pretty angry.

I need £20 quid for christmas presents for my friends and boyfriend, so i asked my mum for it, she said yeah, but only £20 no more and if i needed more than tough. Oh yeah, i'm yasmine and im 15 years old. My mum said if i did the dishes with my 13year old sister, Anisa, she would give me the money, and anisa could go out on friday.

Okay so i said to Anisa

'Ill wash the dishes all you have to do is put the things away that are on the draining rack.'(this was like 12 culterly, only one plate, gravy boat and 2 cups, easy right?)

5minutes later i'd run the water with soap and needed the rack empty. has my sister done it? no she bloody well hasnt shes sat watching frigging baby programs with our youngest sister, Keira.

So i say 'Anisa hurry up i need the rack and im going out in a hour!' (i was going to the boyfriends house, and wanted to shower and get ready so i could get there before he goes to band practice, which was in like 3 hours)

So Anisa, very irritatably puts the stuff away as slow as she can, so i get cranky.

'Anisa just hurry up, dont even put them away just move the stuff off the rack and onto the counter THEN put them away.'

She now sees im getting peeved so she purposely goes even slower and doesnt put them on the counter, she puts them away but taking one fork at a time.

Well im due to be on my period, so im not in the best of moods and she knows how to piss me off. So i say


What does she do? oh she gives me this smug smile and carrys on being slow.

Well that was it. I punched her hard in the arm and screamed 'JUST HURRY THE FUCK UP!'

She slams the cutlery draw shut and guess what she does? Oh she frigging tells my mum ive punched her. By the time ive got upstairs to explain what ACTUALLY happended. (because i knew it would be, 'Yasmine punched me for nothing really hard') Anisa came downstairs crying saying ' MUM SAID YOUR NOT GOING ANYWERE AND YOUR GETTING NO MONEY! ' really smuggly.

So i just about control myself enough not to rip her eyes out, the stupid little tart, and go to tell my mum WHY i punched her.

My mum just shouts to me your going nowere and getting no money, she did nothing wrong.

So i go downstairs VERY MOODILY, and Anisa is watching telly again!


And she goes to get the gravy boat and drops it, then i get the blame for 'rushing her'

So i am now upstairs, grounded and murderously angry!

My family are fucking retards!!!

So ive concluded as soon as im 16 im outta here, and refuse to come back untill anisa has left home (:

my selfish sibling 171

our relationship is very one-sided. i always have to understand her situation, do her a favor and all that shit. just because she has this measly call center job she thinks she is the boss. she always wants me getting annoyed, and she would take all of her freeloader friends, party at our house and make me look like a sad, antisocial loner.she never even says sorry when she is wrong.

My fucking siblings 172

I am soo sick of my siblings. My whore of an older sister and younger brother team up to bully me. They've basically with all their tormenting made me paranoid and screwed up for life. And my parents ignore them when they bully me and if I yell back at them, I'm the idiot! My sister is an manipulative bitch who takes all her troubles and throws them on me, she's five years older than me. I hate them!!!!

My family 173

My family are so GD backward, closed-minded and idiotic I cannot take it anymore. My fucking uncle interrupts me EVERY fucking time I log on. I take care of this old asshole and never hear thank you and have no privacy at all. He fucking checks what is in the garbage for shit's sake. My sister is a church lady who is so fucking self righteous and self centered it is ridiculous. Her way or no way? Fuck her. She wants to "dumb me down" and make me an old fat cow like she is. No fucking way. I was born into the wrong family.

Family 174

I married my wife not realizing what kind of person she was until too late. She came from a family of highscool dropouts. As the years went on, I found out she smoked, I found out how loud and trailer trashlike is. Her children are all liars especially the youngest. They have all done drugs-the middle boy and youngest girl do them on regular basis. The youngest one has stolen my jeep more than once along with other stuff around the house. The oldest girl's latest lie that I know about was a lie to her mother about wanting a divorce from her white trash husband so my wife would buy her a car. Daughter promised to make payments but hasn't paid the first. She uinstead buys lottery tickets and cigarettes. They all complain about colored people being loud in public yet when they scream out in laughter in public, and hoot and hollar obscenities, they wonder why people around them roll their eyes. This happen most recently at pizza hut. My wife won't listen when I stress the importance of setting a good example and setting limits for her kids. I have said many time that the youngest one was going to involve us in a lawsuit sooner or later. Well sooner came too soon she has no drivers liscence yet hit a pedestrian while driving a friends car. They all talk like they came from the trailer park, but this is understandable being that none of them finished highschool. I coul go on forever, but I feel I've gotten enough off my chest for now.

Stressful Family Members 175

Fuck my grandmother the big fucking drama queen.

Whenever she encounters a negative situation, no matter how large or small, she has to stress herself and everybody in her life out to the point of tears, rage, and frustration.

For the past few months her son (my uncle) stopped talking to her again. My grandmother gradually acts more and more stressed as time goes on, until Christmas rolls around. She gets a present from her son, and my grandfather and her decide not to open it due to him not calling. She is now so filled with worry that she is now clingy to me and my now busier work schedule due to the holidays.


God fucking damn. And for the record, I haven't missed a day of work ever.

my mother 176

I woke up this morning feeling really really angry. I am so angry! In my family, you weren't allowed to be angry. You weren't allowed to be sad. If you were angry, parents disappeared and you felt like an orphan, if you were sad, you were labeled as deprressed. My mom is big on labels. I have spent my entire life feeling like I have to take care of her. Feeling like as soon as I showed her how unhappy I was, or any emotion at all really this family would blow apart. And so recently, I have been showing her. I have been having these arguments with her where I just let it all out. Stuff I have been carrying around with me for years. Stuff I have been frustrated about and stuff that has put me in the position that I am in now, by building up over the years. I am so angry at the fact that I had such extensive medical trauma as a kid and that my parents just pretended like I was fine. I am so angry at them for ruining my life. They just let me go to school and be picked on and they did nothing. I've spent a lifetime being ignored, and trying to be a fake person that my mother approved of, but at this point, it's either I get through this and become who I need to be, or I continue not being fully present in my life and being a pent up little imbicile who is so afraid of the world that I hide in a cave as soon as the going gets tough. Because that is what she is like. That is why I have had to be so strong, because she made me this way--because when the going got tough with my health, which it often did, she disappeared, and even if she was there, she was emotionally gone. I have been carrying so much for so long, and even now,her radar is so off, she is so frightened by any kind of emotion that isnt happy, that she is labeling me as dangerous, she is afraid I will hurt her, for years--since I was about two, she has had this feeling, but I have never hurt anyone. It is so sad that she has not been able to really be there for me because of this irrational fear, and it is even worse that even though I haven't ever done anything really bad or that hurt anyone, now I think that about myself. She has labelled me so many times as depressed and dangerous, even though I am not and have never been either, that now I am afraid of having these emotions myself. And this total lack of support has made it difficult for me to make good friends ( I still dont have any), or to get a job, or to believe in myself in any way. I've suggested that she go to therapy but she thinks that she is fine and it is just everyone around her that is awful, dangerous, etc. I pity her because the world is such a big scary place to her, but then again, I hate her for it, because it means that my sister and I have to tiptoe around her all the time, and coddle her and take care of her. She labeled me as "Difficult", labels again, when I was just me being a child! what child is not difficult at times? She has never been able to see me. And recently, I have been between jobs and staying with her, she kicked me out of the house. She knows that I am going through some serious health issues right now, but of course, al she thinks about is herself--I am not equipped right now to take care of her emotionally at every turn, so she wants to kick me out because I am not the sappy sweet little daughter she keeps hoping I am ( I am sometimes that, but ALL THE TIME??). She started calling everyone, including my therapist, like as if it was my kindergarten teacher, and telling them how dangerous I am in order to get attention. I dont want to have this kind of relationship with my mother, but that i what I have. She is a pathetic piece of shit that has ruined my life in so many subtle ways, and then leaves me a card that says how much she cares, after kicking me out of the house. All I have ever wanted was for her to be there for me, so I didnt have to be so scared and deal with so much on my own, but her response is always to want to be as far away from me as possible. She will die so unhappy and alone when she gets old, but she is bringing it on herself. I hate her for that, too, because of course I feel guilty, and like I want to be there for her, but I can't take care of her like she is a baby when she didnt even give me the tools as my mom to take care of myself.

Brother 177

I flew home from the UK specifically for his 18th birthday, only for him to be a completely different person. Self centered and disrespectful. Makes me wonder if i should just give up on hoping for 'happy family'. Can you just forget your family if they make you so unhappy all the time when you put so much faith and hope into wanting them to make you happy?

drug addict son 178

My dumb ass son was an academinc scholor in high school- attended UC Berkeley, flunked out cuz he decided it was more fun to eat fucking pills all day long. Oh I'm so depressed, Oh nobody likes me ! Fuck You!!! You wasted all my money, I'll be paying off your god damn tuition loans for years. You been in jail cells, rehabs, sober houses , halfway houses, friends couches, you even "married" on old gay man so you could steal from him. Your little sister wants to go to college, but I don't think I can afford it because I have wasted so much money on you. Everybody that tries to help you gets shit on!! It's impossible for you to tell the truth. You have fried your mind so much that you have no concept of reality. The best place for you is on the street or in jail. Remember how it felt to beg with a cardboard sign on the side of the freeway? Isn't that enough to scare you straight? You are tearing your family apart and I don't care what happens to you anymore!! You're not depressed, you weren't molested as a child, you are not bipolar - you just love the feeling of being high -nothing else matters to you - NOTHING!! You don't care about anybody anymore. I'm sick of it. I don't want to ever see or hear about you again. Go eat,smoke, snort, inject you drugs. Enjoy it, you idiot cuz it's your life. Get the fuck away from me.!! When you are on drugs You are evil, obnoxious,selfish, and disgusting. You had a good life - what the fuck is wrong with you!!

My grown-ass sister 179

Because she's purposely making it difficult for me to live at home. She knows that if I want to go to college I have to save money and live at home, and she's purposely trying to get me to move out again by being unreasonable and selfish. I'm angry at her for being so damn self-centered, she got used to being the only child at home, and she wants to keep it that way. She is also jealous of my infant niece, which is pathetic because she is an adult, and needs to stop being so attention seeking. Her attitude just makes me so damn angry.

sister 180

im so fucking pissed of at my sister. she is a total immature bitch. my brothers wife just had a baby, and my fat sister thinks the baby is hers. she thinks she knows everything about everything, even though she is fucking 13 years old and doesn't know anything. she actually gets the shits when she doesn't get to hold him first when they come over. like, fuck up. i fucking hate the bitch, wish she would get the hell over herself, and fuck off. she is always in a bad fucking mood all the time, pissed off becuase she is a fat lump of crap and her life sucks and she has no friends, so she takes it out on fucking everyone. fuck off, bitch. she is a whiny, fat useless piece of shit and i hate her. my life was so good until she was born. fuck her. little brat.

my stupid, annoying family 181

Prior warning: i WILL cuss a lot in this, even though I'm christian, just 'cause that's how i feel. oh my f*cking gosh i am soooooooooo f*cking p*ssed right now. lately my dumb fat *ss 18 year old sis has been feeling so sorry for herself about how she's like 200 lbs or something and a senior in high school during prom season. she went to ONE store four days ago expecting to find a dress she saw THREE YEARS AGO!!!!!!!!! and in her size..? I'm not trying to be mean, but at least I'm not doing this to her face like my mom would.

My mom treats her like sh*t all the time, but treats me, her youngest and the "angel", like I'm the only one that matters--unless my dad's on a working trip, (which he does a lot and acts childish and annoying enough for all the days he's gone in the three days he's actually home) in which case she treats me like sh*t and as if i never do anything for her and am just a mooch.

Back to my sis.

Honestly, i love her to death, but she rarely shows she feels that way too. All she does all f*cking day is sit on her *ss watching TV and playing video games.

So today, I'm upstairs trying to get started on my homework at 8:30 pm, and realizing i forgot my pencil bag downstairs. I'm about to go get it, when she stands outside her room holding something made of black fabric. It's a hood, like for a jacket. I've never seen it before. Since SHE had a jacket with a removable hood (not the one the hood she found belongs to) so much I. I deny it, and say that the jacket she thinks it belongs to is a different material. After proving it, i say "silly" and playfully pretend to slap her. my fingers barely brush her cheek. BARELY. And suddenly, she's throwing the hood at my face (its like, very poor quality polyester, and it feels really gross), which hurt, by the way, and she's shouting "MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! STOP HITTING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!!!!!!???????? STOP IT!!!!!!!!" As she storms away, close to tears for some reason, I'm standing dumbfounded, mouth agape, holding the hood. The place the hood hit me is stinging, and the room is ringing.

Answer me one question, really quick:


i understand if she's stressed--so am i--but at least take a bad situation with some grace, will ya?


P.S. of anything i said sounded hypocritical, it was just worded horribly. I'm really stressed right now.

Nuclear Families 182

I'm angry at the clones that rushed out, got married and started a family before they were socially and economically ready to handle the responsibility. Did you think that raising a family was going to mirror what you see on tv or in the movies? Now your entering your 40s, your living paycheck to paycheck with no hope of obtaining anything other than debt because you were too stupid to get an education or too lazy to put in the time to elevate yourself and now your want to look at me with hate because I'm not the moron that you proved to be. Sorry to tell you but your not the special little snowflake you thought you were

Father 183

The sick ass left everything to his only son and left out all the daughters. For shame, his son only takes care of the palm oil estate he s going to inherit. And left the caring of dad to my sister.

Now that he s dead, my brother demands to have all of dad's saving account

the estate itself is already worth millions and my brother now wants the cash as well

go to hell the two of you, father and son. may you rot in hell.

Fresh People 184

I'm angry but If I tell someone, I look like the jerk, let me explain:

I had some reletives move in with me, and It was all good, hugs and kisses, they were new to the country and western society (from africa)

So they start to get settled in, I help them out with stuff (showing them around town and shit k) they don't know english well, but they are not idiots, they have been on earth longer than me (older than me derp) but they act like they can't even walk up the stairs without me holding there hand

Im 15 years old, I have exams that will practically dictate my life for the next 60 years in a month, and these guys are always in the way

Everytime I move they stare at me, I can see them in the corner of my eye, never relenting, I mean what the fuck

They are such nutjobs, they use the excuse of living abroad for most of there lives to act fucked up

One of them is 16 years old, a girl, she is SIXTEEN and watches barbie, yes the fucking cartoon, its embarassing, I havnt had my friends over (who used to come over regularly) for long because I don't want to introduce them to these animals of people.

The other one is like 17, a boy, I got over the girl, but this one is the real problem.

My mother is a great woman, she battled in court for years before we had the money to even support them, to come to live with us. I love my mum so much and I support her always, so when she finally succeeded to get them in her custody the entire family was happy ofc

The boy that my mum struggled to get, He is the laziest bastard you have ever met, he HITS HIS SISTER IN MY HOUSE!WHAT THE FUCK! he shares my room (UPROOTING MY FUCKING LIFE, I DONT MIND) he DOESNT EVEN GET OUT OF BED TO BRUSH OR SHOWER, THE FIRST THING HE DOES IS REACH OUT MY LAPTOP WHICH HE KEEPS CLOSE TO HIS BED AND LOGS ON, HE USES THIS ALL DAY LONG, INTO THE NIGHT, when I am trying to sleep! HE SKIPPED SCHOOL, (which he was fucking lucky to get into) TO BE ON MY LAPTOP NAKED IN BED ALL DAY! (can tell he will be on benefits on his arse)

Its like he doesn't understand what my family went through for his well-being.

Am I in the wrong here? I feel guilty for doing this - but I'm so angry I have no one to talk to.

My sister who is 14, she was so sick of this she went to sweden to my aunt for the easter

I just hope to never see this guy again when I move out, (moving out ASAP)

love you mum is you see this sfee xx

Family of Retards 185

I'm 16, I haven't used drugs, I drink on occassion, never been drunk not for lack of trying, I have a fucking weird obsession with death, I throw myself into odd fantasies. A neighbor told me and his younger brother to get in a bed naked together, then he jerked off as he watched. I was four, they moved. When I was 6 to 9 I was constantly molested by the neighbors who took the other one's place. When I was 7 some jackass in a car flashed his disgusting dick at me. And when I was 11, a girl on my soccer team molested me. I have always wanted to go to college, major and English, and become a professor. Now for the current point of my anger: my brother. He was abused by my mom when he was younger, about 4 years old to 8. Then she left. Early high school he starts smoking weed, drrinking booze, taking acid and who knows what else. He goes to rehab 4 times then moves in with my grandparents in the middle of nowhere. He steals my grandpa's beer, bourbon, and moonshine. He drinks bottles of cough syrup, and he steals my grandma's pain pills. He bitches at his girlfriend for not making him food, not changing his game when he's right next to the game system, and for any other lame ass reason. And another point of my anger is directed towards my grandpa and my dad. My brother decides he wants to join the Air Force, mainly for the signing bonus. My dad and grandpa shit themselves with happiness. They give him tips, they coo over him like a fucking baby who farted. They're soooo proud of him. Fuckkk, they don't even care about my shit. A little attention and praise for NOT stealing 2000, yea 2000 dollars from our dead great uncle to buy drugs please. Fuck it, give me some attention or take me home to our actual house. Not my grandparents you lazy fuck of a dad, who bums money off of his parents because he won't get a job. Let chill with the bitch who does care, please.

Out of Control Aunt 186

My aunt has a 10yr old that lives with my grandma because she is in the military and a single parent.Her child is spoiled,mean,selfish and has no discipline!Today her son refused to let other children have a turn p[laying with a remote control car at a track,including not letting my 4 year old daughter play.The other adult (owner of the track) even said he needed to share,so the child purposely ran the battery out and the others didn't get a turn.Little jerk!I yelled at him that that was a mean thing to do and he did it on purpose.She said nothing to me at the time but did this evening.She insisted that I was wrong to yell at him because he is only 10 and "children make mistakes".Our family has approached her to tell her the concerns for his future and she freaks out on everyone that we are all wrong.She also has let the 10yr old believe he is more powerful than any adult to the point that his teachers and principal hate him.She also says my grandparents have no right to discipline him!!How can you take care of a child (especially one that is a few states from his mother) without disciplining him??She believes everything he says no matter what.He lies.He steals.He's mean to other kids.She uses money to buy him friends.I'm so sick of it!!Problem is she raised me from the time I was 15 and is more a mother to me than my own.I have come to the conclusion we were just not meant to be around each other.I will not let her son be evil to my daughter for any reason.Oh yes then she insists that my parenting is bad and she is doing it right and everyone is wrong..?Nutter.

Dumb ass stepson 187

I am so damn pissed at my stepson here's the deal this kid is 25yrs old and lives down the road my wife and daughter invited him and his redneck ass girlfriend to Easter dinner so my ass gets up at 6 am to make smoked pork ! And my wife spends a small fortune on the rest of the food. Last minute this bastard child cancels .but get this they are going to her mothers house this bitch has been married 6 Fucking times and is now single. Wtf? And she is some beat down looking nasty hilljack white trash! So the next day my wife starts getting shitty texts from this dumbass . So I did some texting myself. And I get a reply fuck you ! He wants to stomp my face ! No fuck you 25 yr old child bastard boy ! He didn't even show up to see his mom for mothers day last year stay the fuck away from us until you cam be human

siblings 188

I'm angry at my Fucking sister she is such a Fucking bitch when she is with her friends I sware to god she is a little cunt mother fucker! I just wanna beat the Shit out of her everytime she decides to act like a fuckin Cunt Bitch!

My Sister her dum baby daddy and her kids 189

The reason I been so damn bitter and angry lately because Of my stupid dumb ass fucking sister of mine! shes 30 yet she acts as if she is fucking 15 and thinks that the whole world owes her stupid ass something! she doesn't have a job or a fucking car the baby daddy doesnt have a job either! the only thing that the two cunts have is a car and dumb raggedy foul smelling trailor of theirs and guess whose name is it under??? My stupid dumb sister baby father and how he got it was claiming their kids and using my sister eldest runt child check he has Autism! (but Ill get to that part later)

The reason Why my sister annoys the hell out of me because she has too many fucking kids! and she expects you to be bothered with or help her dumb ass out and when she senses you dont feel like dealing with it or be bothered with she wants to start fights or argue or try dog you out! she brings those loud unruly bastards of hers at my moms place and (of course I live with my mom but that will change soon!) and have we have be bothered with em every time she gets mad at that stupid sorry baby daddy of hers or when she gets in fight with him! or when shes being a annoying as freeloading leech its gotten so bad that its become a domestic dispute especially with the Police and DHR involved in it ! and guess what despite the fact that my sister baby daddy treats her and the kids like pure shit her dumb ass still runs back to him and its like a never ending fucking cycle I'm sick of the drama and bull shit and when my sister is over here my dumb ass mother tells my sister what the Baby daddy should be doing such as getting a job! like What the fuck are your freaking kidding me!? should you be telling your dumb ass daughter what she needs to start doing such as getting a job and get her own car and place so that she can be the responsible adult that she is supposed to be! so that everyone doesnt have to be dragged on to her fucking drama and dumb ass bull shit that she keep gettng herself in to? and guess what the shit doesnt end from there its possible that she could have another fucking baby on the Way! like shit cant get any worse!

And now to the Autistic Obnoxious brat of hers! he doesnt listen or mind anyone he makes these loud ass shrills he wets the fucking bed and curses! he is so damn annoying that I cant take it! he steals he lies he drools! and hes fucking 10 years old! he always complains about every fucking single thing and he constantly acts up my sister barely gets involved in it when he acts up! I have to play referee and make him mind and act right since he constantly fights his younger siblings and bothers them and everyone else! he breaks my shit that I pay for! and I get so fucking tired of being bothered with all this shit my fucking life should not have to revolve around such damn stupidity! Im sick of this shit! if I could go back in time which isnt possible I wouldve shit so that this crap wont be happening!

and those little runts wont mind either they stand there and stare at you and always mess with things they shouldnt be messing with they always cry and throw temper tantrums and its agonizing! and they fucking stink! they always smell like piss and shit!

My mom with her stupid dumb ass litterally babies my sister she does her laundry and does her fucking grocery shopping she did their thanksgiving dinner!

Its stupid! Im tired! Im fed up! Im angry and Im fucking pist off!

Family-Mom/Bro 190

Ok. I'm usually not one to complain, but this site looked pretty cool so I decided to check it out. My mom is a workaholic. I know she's dedicated to her work, and I respect her for it, but whenever I try to tell her something important she starts up a conversation with someone on the phone. That is so damn annoying!!!! When she's not working she sits on her bed and complains about her job. When I try telling her things, she walks out of the room! ahh! My father got all fucked up a year ago and left my family for the neighbor across the street. Everyone knew about it and it was embarrassing. He acts like he is on drugs and repeats things over and over. Basically I hate him because he's the biggest hypocrite in the world and ruined my "family". So we, of course, moved to another neighborhood.

My mom stopped the minimal amount of exercise that she did and now is gaining weight. She complains about that all of the time. She always talks about her stresses and stuff but I have a lot too! I take college courses in highschool along with a lot of AP, I'm have a lot of officer positions. I joined crew this year and love it. She doesn't really support me. She complains about my regattas on the weekend, then complains about the money it costs. Everytime its award ceremonies she pulls up the car and says 'hurry let's go before everyone else." I've told her that I need more support but I think sometimes she inwardly dislikes me because I reach for something she never did at my age.

My brother is fat and he smells super bad. That wouldn't be a problem but he's a total ass. He complains all the time too. I did all the chores and when I asked him to take out the trash he whined. I've told him to exercise and my mom is doing absolutely nothing. I love my brother still and want him to not get diebetes. I feel he is mean because he was a low self-esteem and constantly yells about how he is compared to me.

On the friend side: fucking hate them. Not friends at all. I help out my friends whenever I can, driving them to places, helping them with homework. I don't do stuff that jeopardizes my success though: not that nice. lol. However, when I asked them for one thing, and one thing only, to come watch my speech for class so I could video tape it (I needed 7 people)--not one responded. I felt like crying. A lot bailed on me in the last minute and I had to get strangers to help me! NOT one, even when they knew about my dad, asked me how I was doing--it's been a year and they never say "how's everything going". Just blank bullshit. I'm not a bad person, I'm really nice, kind and funny and do whatever I can do help people!!!I'm beginning to think it's the water, since I'm the only one that doesn't drink tap. I can't wait for next year where I won't be at highschool, just at the community college for my senior year. I want to meet new people and shape myself into a good person for my children.

I want to be a good mom. I actually want to take my kids on vacation, not once every five years to Tennessee to visit the grands. I love them, but please something different. I've never been to the capital, grand canyon, hollywood, new york...etc. Looking back on my family before all this stuff, I've begun to think, what kind of memories do I have...not much. I want to give my kids some. Everything I've been though I've realized that to others I might seem more cynical, but I think it opened my eyes to the people I thought cared about me. I just want to get out.

Stepson 191

I'm so fucking angry that I've met a girl I've always wanted, however it comes with a price! The stepson is 11 year old self centered brat. I tried getting in good playing video games and etc with him, which proved to be wrong, because Iím more of a buddy rather than an adult figure.. He treats my wife with no respect. Barks orders to make him meals, which she does. Iím always holding my fucking tongue. She and her ex have spoiled the fuck out of him. After only one year living with the fuck face Iím thinking about getting a divorce. Life is way too fucking short. I had no clue that it would be this hard dealing with someone elseís crotch nugget. Being alone sucks sooooo bad, however I want to punch the fuck out of this kid and his dad. Wish it was like the lion kingdom I would fucking just eat the cub. LOL.

Seriously, I really didnít know what I was getting into. .. Maybe there was a reason my wife is fucking hot and cool and was available for 2 years? What a fucking sucker I amÖ

Sister 192

She made my mom and dad divorce, constantly sprouting bullshit about how we don't love her. I'm pissed, she's happy.

No inernet 193

I am angry at my parents because when i asked for a graduation present i asked for a laptop because my fuc*ing aunt and her nappy a** kids broke our desktop computer while it was at their house . I currently have to run to the library and log in on the computer 89% of the time i cant geta computer and when i do its only for an hour. So i get a bag that is pretty heavy its felt like a laptop or of the weight of one twenty minute later i open it and......i find some damn soap wtf i was so mad that i had my heart set on this and i didnt get it now i have to worry about how the hell im supposed to do project in high school im sure as hell not going to be at a damn libray why should i have to leave home when i want to use the internet this is some sh*t

Deadbeat Dads 194

Can someone please explain to me how my ex doesnt care to be a part of our daughters life but yet raise his new girlfriends infant son. He wasnt there during any of my pregnancy not even at the hospital but he was there for everything with this girl. Our daughter almost died and he didnt so much as come see her. He met her when she was a month old and doesnt pay child support . he used he to get BAH from the Military then lied and used the extra monthly income for a truck and to take care of his gf and her baby. Hes bought our daughter a car seat that i begged for , a blanket, slippers and a toy shes almost 2 years old. Why do men get away with this and why is his girl just as blind to the idea... is she really that desperate for a father for her own child. She doesnt know who the real father is btw. I guess she feels big and bad stealing a little girls father for her own son.

My grandparents cause too much stress. 195

Dammit, you know I fucking work every weekend from Friday to Sunday, so why the fuck do you keep planning family time on fucking weekends and stress out when there's a chance I won't be able to make it?

All of us have nothing to do during the week, but we can never go then because you claim to be too tired. Fucking bullshit! You do this shit because you get a kick out of drama.

I've been wanting us to go to the fucking downtown mall for ages, but you keep putting it off until I have to work, then you bitch, whine, and stress yourself and everybody else out because suddenly we have scheduling conflicts.

I can't believe you bitch at me for having a job, all while claiming that I shouldn't be pissed off at your behavior because "this is what grandparents do". Grandparents don't push their grandkids fucking buttons.

I can't wait to move out!

My Sister 196

I feel so angry! My sister has been at the heart of most of our crap as a family-every decision, getting together and having children with a man who clearly was a total shit! And yet she had to do it, then spent years bitching all the time and calling my Mom on the phone and depressing her for two hours every morning, only to then never ring back when she was okay. I hate her at times, because she's made me feel so small-because I didn't agree with her, or do it her way! She's a bully, pretending to be all nice, then cross her and damn-you're anihilated. It's double standards all the time. She says she'll never speak to people again if they don't do what she thinks is best, yet her shitty fat useless cunt of a boyfriend makes a big drama because I yell at him-because he was awful to her-then the shit-head goes on to say-oh I just have a problem with how it was said-not what was said and she agrees and totally backs him. He's an arsehole and it's clear she's going to be with him from now on in. And I doubt very much I will go round ever when he's there. I hate her and I hate him, I wish they would both just go away, go and live in another area, it would be so peaceful for us all, JUST GO AWAY you wankers.

Would it kill you to stop acting like an asshole? 197

At home you do nothing but sit in your chair and watch TV all day. You are miserable and strive to bring your entire family down to your level of depression. Nobody can ever be happy with you in the house.

You won't let your husband move to Kentucky. All he wanted was to live the rest of his life where he grew up as a kid. He wants to get out of this suburban neighborhood and live by the mountains where everything is quiet and the scenery is beautiful. When he admitted this to the family, you bragged that you would stay here no matter what, so if he moves the family will be broken up. You are a selfish bitch.

You are controlling over my career choices. I want to spend some time in the computer industry. You are old and don't understand computers, so you repeatedly influence me to get a warehouse job like your husband did in the 1970s. You know what you are doing is bullshit, but you keep doing it because you enjoy pushing everybody's buttons. I don't know how many times I was having a good time with the family, and you intentionally ruin the mood by giving me newspaper advertisements for warehouse work. I'm sick of it.

I'm sick of the way you hold your head up with your hand as you look all depressed. All because I didn't take your fucking advice, so now you feel worthless. You only feel good about yourself if you are bossing others around.

I'm fucking sick of this shit. I'm so tired of feeling apathetic. I'm going to stop procrastinating and actually get a good job so I can move out of this shithole and stop feeling guilty about enjoying my life.

Idiotic grand piece of shit 198

My grandma is such a FUCKING ass. She always wants me to eat more and study more. IM ONE OF THE MOST SMARTEST KIDS IN SCHOOL. Oh and get this, she told my equally asshole mom about sending me to a fucking boarding school and learning more different languages. WTH. And since my parents are also assholes they took my PSP away. Its my only gaming thing and they took it away. Now I gotta get "better" grades so I can get it back. Guess what? I got it back and my parents took it again. This wouldnt even be happening if the old ass bitch died already.

Man child 199

My father is a paranoid, hateful, over sensitive bitch. He reminds me of a child with his constant temper tantrums and complaining. God forbid my mother or myself speak up, otherwise we'll offend him and make him angry.

I could, at age 17, break his spirit and will with cruel, stabbing words, but I choose not to out of what little respect I have for him. You want respect? Be a husband and even more important start acting like man, because God knows you're not.

that no one listens to me! 200

My sister, she's the perfect child and everyone loves her but me. So we live in the same room and we decide to paint it. I was going for a deep red or even a teal she want circus stripes of purple and blue splotches every random spot. So my mom goes with her idea and i keep telling her it will look bad and she doesn't even hear. So i get so pissed off. Screw everyone except for the people on this site you guys rock

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